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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the fire chief tells us that one train began dragging a piece of sheet metal that was sitting on the tracks and that damaged the third rail. that then caused the motors in the train to overheat which filled the tunnel and the state street platform with smoke. when the first car pulled in, passengers were evacuated. the second car that pulled in behind it, witnesses say people on the subway car began panicking and taking out the windows, trying to escape the train. many thought there might have been a fire on the tracks. mbta officials have now confirmed that there was no fire and no one was injured. still we spoke to one witness who took photos of all the chaos and said she knew immediately that something was wrong. there was a loud grinding sound and i was on face thyme with my sister and said
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this train. >> annette says she also saw sparks arcing off of the train as it was dragging that piece of sheet metal. and the biggest question at this hour, where did that metal come from? did it fall from the ceiling or possibly thrown on to the tracks. that's what mbta officials will be investigating in the next couple of hours. for now, though, service is back open here on the o.j. orange line. live in boston, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. a baby taken to the hospital after police were called to a south boston homes if boston police confirmed to us they were called to a home on logan way for a possible drowning of a babiened the age of 1. we're told that child been taken to boston medical center. at this hour there's no update on the baby's condition. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. the winds so strong it took out this brick wall from a car dealership in raynham. power out, trees down, winds still causing a whole lot of issues across the region at this hour. s. >> now we've got a new problem, black ice. we'll get to chief meteorologist
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let's get to malini basu live in wellesey where one family had quite the scare, malini. >> vanessa, you can say that again. that nanny tells me she thought, quote, i was going to die. so they were here cooking dinner when all of a sudden there was an explosion, the tree came down and luckily no one was hurt. here in this neighborhood now, within the last 2 1/2 hours or so, everyone now has the power back up and running. >> it knocked out a transformer line. >> luckily it crashed on the driveway of this house. it happened around 5:30.
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out and put them in the basement, called my mom and turned everything off and it was frightening. yeah. >> devin o'keeffe, a nanny and three young children were home when the transformer line explode. >> there was three loud explosions and then the power went out. >> what did you see when you looked out? just a big tree. smashed right in the driveway.
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without power for nearly three hours. >> our lights were on just until a couple of minutes ago and heard an explosion and saw a flash and the lights went out. didn't see the power go out. when we come up, we saw that all the lines were down. >> reporter: crews wasted no time and cleaned up the mess. >> i'm 22 years old, and i had never seen a tree like -- had it gone the other way, you know, with very could died. and luckily just 30 minutes after all that happen, amman came home and the family felt so much more at ease. the kids did at least. luckily again no one was hurt and the power is back up and running in this neighborhood. malini basu, fox 25 news. kevin, the rain has moved out but now that means the possibility of a slippery commute tomorrow. >> yeah, i don't expect it to be widespread on the major highways but the backroads are icy and certainly the driveways will get icy overnight.
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tonight gusts are still over 20 and 30 miles per hour not nearly as strong and no longer damaging, fortunately. the heavy rain pushed off but left behind about 3/4 of an inch. bottomline is everything got soaking wet. and with temperatures dropping, with the clearing skies tonight, and that's what futurecast is showing here, a few clouds around but a lot of clear sky, too. the temperature is going to drop, down to 29 in worcester for a morning low and even in boston going down to 34 degrees. that means the immediate suburbs are going to be in danger of well. so while it's not gonna be an overnight anymore black ice becomes our least moderate hours. gonna have to watch for that. if it looks wet in the morning, check it out just in case there is some ice. we'll track that temperature drop tonight and our next threat >> reporter: and with the possibility of black ice, make morning news. at 4:00 a.m. for the very latest with weather and traffic. hours, a group of airline passengers find themselves diverted after a night stranded weather again causing a nightmare for these travelers. fox 25's ted daniel is live at logan.
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>> yeah, you may remember passengers were not happy, this at jfk again, that frustration s. >> there were a few bags out, people were throwing up. and in the back, i don't know what was going on back, there but somebody must have been saying things to somebody because some were screaming to >> reporter: flight 9929 this afternoon when the plane hit severe turbulence while attempting to land at jfk in new york. after a number of attempts, a decision was made to divert the flight to boston. this is fox 25 video with the plane at logan where passengers waited more than two hours for the all clear to try it again. >> it was a little shaky down at boston, i think everybody was so panicked that it would be bad again.
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sky high from the 150 plus passengers because weather had prevented them from landing at jfk the night before. instead, they ended up in manchester, new hampshire and spent hours waiting for u.s. customs screeners from maine to arrive and process them. >> they let us take off to jfk when the weather conditions, probably we shouldn't have taken off in the first place. and it was the scariest experience of my life. >> we tracked the flight this evening from boston to jfk and landed a couple of hours ago. in a statement, delta airlines tells us that safety is the number one priority and the decisions were made with safety in mind. that's the latest reporting live at logan airport, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. a homicide investigation is still underway in malden tonight, after police conducted a welfare check and found a woman dead in her apartment. the wop's car was missing from the cliff side commons on broadway. no arrests tonight. neighbors we spoke with are
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>> it's scary. you don't think something like that will happen so close where you are on a daily basis. >> police do not believe this is a random act so there is no general safety concern for the public. a shrewsbury firefighter is out on bail tonight charged with inappropriatedly touching his teenaged babysitter. prosecutors say shaun made several lewd comments to the 15-year-old girl and also inappropriately touched her on several occasions. the shrewsbury town manager says he just learned of the allegations and investigating. the suspect has pleaded not guilty. a man will be in court tomorrow after police say he hit a teen with his truck on purpose. he's been charged with assault with intent to murder in lowell. witnesses tell police a 15-year-old was arguing with susza and susza hit the teen with his truck and then took off. the teen remains in the hospital tonight but is in stable condition. >> reporter: a woman carjacked as she put her infant daughter into a car seat. john monahan is in brockton and
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very far. police spotted the carjacked toyota. the man tried to get away but ended occupy slamming into that telephone pole across the street are. >> reporter: still shaken by what she saw, bonnie bitner says it you a started with a loud crash. >> first we heard the thunk as the car hit the pole out here. >> the toyota camary coming to a crashing halt on the corner of boylston street in stoughton, wrapping around this telephone pole. police say news before 32-year-old jose robles carjacked this vehicle demanding a mother trying to put her infant in the car seat hand over her keys. >> i found out afterwards that it came from the mall with this didn't take them, too records state police saw the carjacked camary and pursued the driver. he lost, it slamming into this pole.
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inside hop out and take off. >> i looked out of the kitchen window, saw her jump out of the passenger side and run up the street. >> moments later police arrived, an officer chased the man yelling at the suspect who was running away. >> pulled his gun, which was scary, and i heard him yell "put down your gun." >> reporter: the suspect tossed his gun into a snow bank. turns out it was a pellet gun but looked like the real thing. >> who knew? the begin looks like a gun. >> we spoke to the mother by phone tonight, and she tells fox 25 that she and her daughter are fine. as for robles, he's now in custody of the brockton police. live in stoughton, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. a tug boat sank today with three people on board. the tug boat started to go down this morning five miles east of dear island. the captain of the boston harbor
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when he heard a distress call. he was closer than the coast guard so rushed to the tug boat's rescue and all three men on the tug boat were okay. but the captain rescued them and says lucky they got there so quickly because of the frigid water temperatures. new at 11:00, a new bedford man is charged with stealing jewelry from a local home. she showed you some of the night. south coast today is now reporting 32-year-oldnal thannial john a mania is charged with breaking and entering and larceny. police say he did home improvement work on the the victim's home in the past. he is. the strong damaging winds pushing offshore. we're left with clearing skies allowing your temperatures to drop. where black ice will be a problem for you in the morning. trying to figure out what the san bernardino shooters were up to, the reason a judge is now asking apple to help the fbi crack the case. and starved, abused and dumped on the side of the road. investigators need help solving
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is. a dog abused and abandoned on the side of the road. >> that may not even be the
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whoever left the animal in middleboro. >> i couldn't believe that somebody could leave the dog in this condition on the side of the road. >> reporter: these are not easy pictures to look at but this is what a stunned dpw worker found on the side of the road on
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shepherd dead. middleboro animal control officer kelly jarback tells me the dog suffered severe neglect. >> the dog is definitely emaciated. unfortunately, it suffered a very long time. >> reporter: kelly believes in life this dog weighed about 50 pounds when it should have weighed up to 90. what's more, pressure sores indicate this dog lived a life of pure misery. >> he wasn't able to move around in his family's home or wherever he was kept, in a kennel or garage, we're not really sure.
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areas and develop these sores, so he didn't have much of an active life. probably when he got sick, he just laid there. >> reporter: when the dog was found here on the side of the road, it was already dead. but in a disturbing twist, authorities now think that when this dog was abandoned here, it was still alive and left to die alone. >> the dog was indeed alive and the evidence would be there was movement from the head and front leg marked in the snow. >> reporter: the dog was with no micro ship, no dog license or id of any kind. but kelly and local police are
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want to find out if the owner has any more animals. this dog suffered enough and we just want to make sure no other dog has to go through that. >> if you know anything at all about this dog, who may have owned it, you're to contact middleboro police. you can leave an anonymous message. in middleboro, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> a judge is ordering a company to help the fbi unlock a cell phone owned by shooter saeed farouk. he and his wife opened fire at a holiday party in san bernardino last december, killing 14 people. the fbi has today it has tried town lock the phone for two months without success. the radar did light up this afternoon. some heavy rain came barreling on through along with some
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tonight behind that wane, we are clearing out and getting reports of that. the stars and the moon out there, the clearing skies are happening. in millis, spots are still 48. the high was 3/4 of an inch out there, in stoneham, frank says temperatures still sway there, as well, to are a 53-degree high. morning low was 28 degrees. quite a rebound today from what we saw overnight weekend forecast this morning, let alone what we saw overnight weekend.
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worcester is down to 38 degrees out there and that temperature feels like 28 with the wind. but the bottomline it is going down to freezing or below first thing in the morning. saying thing to you, fitchburg to keene. lawrence 46 right now.
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temperature going down toindications are it may be a close close pass to us. it will pushes warm air in here. you see that freezing line we like to put on in here, give you an idea whether there could be a rain/snow line. computer models showing snow north and west and rain and snow to the southeast and that's really all question say about it so far. as we talk about it in the days ahead, whether it will be a mist or not, we'll keep you updated on that situation. meanwhile, your weekend in view, 46 on saturday, 48 sound. sounds like a great weekend to get out and play. the rain and snow don't look like anything consequential but out there with flurries and sprinklings and a warm front that's going by that is producing those especially during the morning. by sunday a drier looking day. sunshine to come with it, and temperatures in the upper 40s in the immediate boston area. so a lot to cool down before the next storm.
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and we'll be backtracking it every step of the way. right after the break, the bruins teammates, do they pick him up? and one of the best nights of the year, the westminster dog show. who took the honors in the best in show tonight? stick around. we're back after this. bruins have a fantastic game. 28 saved on 29 shots in columbus. you gotta figure out a way to get it done and the bruins did tonight in overtime. adam has been out since january 5th. blue jackets got a penalty shot. governside gave the jackets an early-1-0 lead. here's gerard's career in a nutshell. two super bowl appearance, one title with the pass. number one back in 2008. defensive rookie of the year. voted to a pair of pro bowls, named first team all pro in 2010 plus an off the field here in boston. his mark has been made.
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wish him well in retirement. also, a little disappointment is good. a lot of experience is even better. deammo was fired after a loss to the broncos in the afc championship game. how much does roger goodell make? let's say too much. he earned $34 million in 2014 according to figures released by the nfl today. a million less than he made in 2013. so took a pay cut. this is enough to turn your stomach. tom brady is plenty rich but you possible. brady's played 16 seasons, total earnings about $163 million. goodell has been commissioner for nine years, he's made almost $18 million more. that is not right on a lot of levels. panda, the witnesses sue, the raleigh fingers of westminster. >> cj! >> give it up for cj, the german
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i liked the shiatsu. c but cj a very deserving pup. >> best part is the smile and squeal coming from over here. a cold start to the day tomorrow. watch out for black ice in the morning, particularly from 128 and westford but even close to 128 you have to be careful first thing in the morning. make sure it's just wet and not icy on your driveways and walkways. i expect there will be some problem spots. cooler on thursday and friday and this weekend warm back up again and snowshowers could come on through as the mild air comes on in. no big storms in the seven-day forecast. we're watching one a little far the out, keep it in the back of your mind. we'll be getting the newest information day by day and keep you posted on that threat.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: best video of the year. paul mccartney, the biggest star in the world in music, denied after an after party. >> what v.i.p. do we have to get? >> denied twice from tyga's grammy party. >> maybe this is not paul mccartney's deal here. harvey: i would know snoop if i saw him and paul mccartney is at least as popular as snoop. >> paul mccartney was nominate for a rap grammy this year. in your face. >> it's in your mouth now. >> taylor swift. the grammy cameras caught after after she just opened the show and she was like i missed that note. harvey: nobody can hear it but she heard it. >> did you see when ed sheeran won his award. >> she goes so crazy.


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