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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, breaking news this morning. a deadly shooting outside a local bar. the investigation under way right now randolph. smoke billows from an orange line train causing panic and chaos. the frightening experience that caused passengers to kick their way out of a window. whipping wind and pouring rain rips down a tree in front of a family's home. >> it is very scary and i look out and have the kids safe and put them in the placement. >> julie: the cleanup for customers around the area as temperatures start to drop. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage, this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, 4:00 on this wednesday, february 17, i am
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>> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. the rain is gone. we have a much drier day in store. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center. shiri, a little colder out there which could mean we could see some black ice. >> shiri: fwhint wet conditions on the roadway. whatever it out there, into central massachusetts where worcester right now at 30 degrees. fitchburg at 32. a lot of the in-betweens down to that freezing point. keene at 28. the spots a little further inland away from the coast where we have to watch for black ice. the good news is, the wet weather is done. all i have right now are partly cloudy skies. as we travel through the next couple of hours. temperature-wise at 6 a.m., i want to point out we still have the burbs close to freezing points north and west of boston. boston getting down to 35 degrees, so i don't expect in the city itself. as we head to noontime, will
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30s to lower 40s. 31 at noontime in the city it 31 at noontime in the city itself and in the afternoon highs to peak in the 40s and just involves a slight uptick in the cloud cover here. highs 38 to 44 degrees. watch out for the potential of black ice this morning inland and we have those partly sunny skies this afternoon. the chance for some flurries overnight for some. i will break down the areas where that is a risk coming up. julie back to you for live drive time traffic julie shiri, we will keep an eye out for black ice. nothing is slowing you down. pike looks good through framingham, newton and the allston-brighton area. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. nine minute on the expressway from the expressway to the pike from the expressway to the 4:02 right now.
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this morning in randolph where police are investigate police are investigating a deadly shooting outside a bar on north main street. as you just heard, police were close enough to the shooting for it to be picked up on radio traffic. a photographer was at the very achetive scene just before 1 -- active scene just before 1:00 this morning and police had the area around the city limits saloon closed off. fox25 has learned that the chief of police was called in at this early hour as the story breaks, but cannot release many details while the da's office investigates. we are live in randolph with the latest breaking details in 30 minutes. new at 4:00, crews are still on the scene of a major fire in templeton. it broke out overnight. a photo of it shooting out of the home on boynton road. the house was built in the 1850s and registered with the national historic society. no word at this hour what caused the fire or if there was any injuries. happening today, the mbta is launching an investigation
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on the orange line. the tunnel filled with smoke around 8:30 last night at state street. this is cell phone video of people running out of the train people running out of the train. t officials say a side panel fell off of the train on to the tracks, hit the third rail and caused the smoke. the second train following behind it also hit the panel create creating even more smoke. look at this, passengers on the train kicked out windows and crawled out because the train wasn't at the platform yet and the doors were locked. witnesses say it was chaotic. >> you think it is a given if somebody -- if somebody is kicking glass out of a window, it must feel some sort of power it must feel some sort of >> julie: the mbta says even though there was no smoke, there was fire in the tunnel and everybody was able to get out of safely. those trains were able to get out of service and the orange lines will be following as normal and we will be following throughout the day. strong winds wreaking havoc on city streets and this
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cleanup. incredible wind that came in just like shiri forecasted. the storm sent winds whipping across the state. you can see people struggling to walk on beacon street. the wind sent umbrellas flying and even stopped some people in their tracks. in some places winds were blowing over 60 miles per hour. take a look at this video of what strong winds did in raynham. fire fighters there say heavy gusts knocked down a brick wall at a car dealership last night. we saw part of the wall fell on to a car in the parking lot. the owner of central mitsubishi sent us a photo of the damage and we alerted fire fighters to it this morning. we know no one was hurt. now 4:5. a local family will have to remove what was left of a giant tree that nearly slammed into their home. the high winds caused the tree to fall into the driveway of a home. the winds ripped down power lines and caused a transformer to explode.
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familiary were inside at the time. >> i looked out and had the kids safe, put them in the basement. called the mom stand what i could. >> julie: power was restored in the neighborhood late last night. the family who lived in the home spent the night with relatives. we will have cleanup all morning. go to the fox25 weather app, severe weather alerts and forecast for your town. the app is available for free on itunes and google play. 4:06. more than 450 people are back only after weather diverted not one but two of their flights. >> i have never experienced turbulence like this in my life life. >> we followed the story the flight to jfk had to be diverted on sunday because of the winter mix. late last night the same passengers were diverted, that is, to logan airport after you hitting severe turbulence on
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this is fox25 video of that plane at logan airport where passengers again waited for more than two hours for the all clear. passengers say they should have never take off from new hampshire in the first place. >> they let us take off to jfk when the weather conditions probably we shouldn't have taken off in the first place. and it was the scariest experience of my life. >> daniel: in a statement to fox25, delta airlines said the unscheduled landings were made for passenger safety.the air for passenger safety.the airline has offered 12,000 sky miles to each passenger, but many passengers want to be reimbursed for the entire cost of their flight. happening this morning, a correction officers charged with trafficking heroin will appear in count. steven babro e selling the drug steven babro e selling the drugs while he was off duty. after weeks of investigation police arrested him yesterday afternoon. embe arraigned in fall river. in lowell a man accused of intentionally running over a
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formally charged. calvin souza hit the 15-year-old victim with his truck and took off. the teen was on his bike at the time and the pair were arguing before the crash. he is charged with assault and attempt to murder. he is in the hospital and is expected to survive. the scene of a homicide investigation. the body of a woman was found inside an apartment at the cliff side common yesterday night. police spent yesterday at the complex. the woman's car is miss can. neighbors were concerned because they were never told that a crime had been committed in the building. >> it's scary. you don't think of something like that happening so close to where you are on a daily basis. >> the reaction is overwhelming that this happened in our area. >> daniel: police do not believe the woman was the victim of a random act. a man who carjacked a mother and her bear are in country. jose robles approached the car at the westgate mall.
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child in the car seat. he flashed a gun and demanded that they drive out but ended up slamming into a pole three miles away in stoughton. he took off running and police caught him. a witness who saw the chase tell us how frightening it was. >> it was scary. it really was. he pulled his gun which was scary. and heard him yell, put down your gun. >> daniel: police say the gun was actually pellet gun, but as you can see, it looks like a real one. robles faces several charges. we spoke to the mother on the phone. she said she and her daughter are doing okay. this morning police say robbery at a local gun store could be linked to other crimes. two people smashed through the front door of hitman firearm in tyngsborough and got away with four guns. a police officer owns the gun shop. they believe this is connected to a robbery two weeks ago in hookset, new hampshire. surveillance video from that incident show two suspects
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reviewing surveillance footage to track down the suspects. police in middleborough are looking for a person who left a dog to die on the side of the road. this white german shepherd was found on the lakeville middleborough town line. but animal control officers don't think it was still alive when it was left there. had had sores on its body and officers tell us it must have been terribly neglected. police want to make sure the person who did this does not do it to another animal sprinkle this dog suffered enough and we want to make sure that no other dog has to go through that. >> daniel: the dog did not have a dog tag or microchip, but police hope that someone will recognize the of an mall and call police. family members and friends remember a local teacher killed by a flying manhole cover on the expressway. hundreds of people atented the funeral mat for caitlyn. the 35-year-old was a triathlete and art teacher in milton. she was on her way to work when
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roof of her car. after the crash they investigated every manhole along the expressway. state police are investigating how that cover became loose. fox25 investigates that the state does not inspect manhold covers as thoroughly as it should. all man hole covers are expected to be checked every two years but no database. all man hole covers were inspected in boston after her death. we asked governor charlie baker why it wasn't done. >> other things that are more productive we like them to do while reviewing the safety of our roads and bridges. >> daniel: baker said the state is following highway safety standards and nothing out of the ordinary was found when the highway examiners examined more than 900 man hole covers in boston. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a look at your live drive times. a 13 a 13-minute commute on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. shiri? >> shiri: mostly clear skies,
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many of you at risk for seeing black ice as temperatures get down to freezing by about 6:00 this morning. i will show what you time the warm-up takes off and a lake week cool down in the works when i come back. a bad day at the salon for one woman. how a haircut landed her in handcuffs. and research into a rapidly spreading virus.
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this morning a new england college is at the forefront for finding the vaccine to cure the zika virus. according to the globe, a he researcher at the university of connecticut started working on the vaccine two weeks before the outbreak. two researchers have contacted to collaborate. they have declared the zika virus an international health emergency and president obama has asked congress for $2 billion to fight it. general electric is fighting the federal government over plans to clean up a river in massachusetts. the globe reports that ge sent a letter to the environmental protection agency in which it objects to new regulations involving pollution of the riff involving pollution of the riff. in the 1930s to the 1970s, a ge plant dumped toxins into the river between pittsfield and lennox. the company said the plan will cost more than $650 million and will spend $500 million to clean two miles of the river
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the bruins are glad to have a couple of key players in the line-up. adam mcquaid in action since january 5. patrice bergeron playing after missing the last two games. he tied the game at 1 in the first. his 22nd goal of the year. the bs get the bs get the game winner. louie erickson finishes the scoring sequence. win 2-1. linebacker gerard mayo has decided to retire after playing patriots. he was defensive rookie of the year in 2008 and earned all-team all-pro hours and faced season-ending injuries during the last three years. right now. we are watching any black ice that may form in some of the spots that dropped to freezing because not all -- there is roads. right now volume nice and light. 4:16
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very easy going conditions as far as volume is concerned. 128 moving along fine through canton, norwood, dedham and needham up to the pike. pike itself looks fine from 495 through framingham, the weston area. a live look through brighton and take through for a minute. the live drive times as well. that live look i was looking at. flashing lights out there, and things looking very stress-free things looking very stress-free. let's check in with shiri for a look at our forecast. shiri. >> shiri: hey, good morning. happy wednesday. keeping an eye out for black ice this morning. if the temperature in your town consult the fox25 weather app. if the temperature is down to 32 or lower, there is a lot of lingering moisture on the roadways at risk for icing over. take it easy on the steps, on the sidewalks, on the roads this morning. black ice will be our biggest concern. into the boston area, it is not going to be quite cool enough. we will keep that as a moderate weather threat.
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the winds will not be damaging winds. we have winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour during the course of the morning. 34 degrees right now in boston. seeing some nice, clear skies there now. we have got winds at 8 miles per hour. there is a tiny bit of a feels-like temperature. a little bit of a wind chill down to 27 this morning. i am not too worry i am not too worried about wind chills because most of you seeing winds at or even under 150 miles per hour. let's break down those temperatures by 6 a.m., 35 degrees. 8 a.m., 36 degrees. by 10:00 this morning upper 30s by 10:00 this morning upper 30s, and we are into the 40s by noontime. a mix of sunshine, scattered clouds. both ends see a little cloud cover. we have a little bit out there now especially into the worcester area, 30 degrees. partly cloudy skies. but we will temporarily brighten up before the clouds come back this afternoon. temperature-wise in worcester below freezing and around 10:00 this morning and high temperatures get a little stuck. upper 30s for you guys. upper 30s to 40s for highs
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even a little bit above average for the time of the year. the middle of the day sunshine looking nice and bright. a cold front that will be sagging toward us here but by the time it arrives and moves through, not much umph to it. not a lot of moisture and juice not a lot of moisture and juice. at 7:00, a little more cloud cover flowing for the evening hours and keep it nice and dry and as this cold front moves toward us falling apart across central northern new england, just don't make it into our area very effectively. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. high pressure will be driving here and clear things out. a couple of things come into play the fact we have these north winds and cooler air moving in means that we do have the potential for some ocean the potential for some ocean-effect cloud cover and snow showers for the outer cape. the rest of the area -- i would say from the middle to outer cape. the rest of the area will see sunshine. a little bit more cloud cover the closer to the coast you
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the futurecast here tomorrow afternoon, we will actually see those ocean-effect clouds. but cooler air will take effect. and the coolest day of the week and the coolest day of the week. high temperatures middle 40s beverly, boston, plymouth. bedford at 45, 38 in worcester. 40 in keene, and 41 in hyannis. tonight we will have temperatures back into the 20s, folks. cool overnight but nothing unusual for this point in february, and then for the day tomorrow, only 32 in worcester. freezing all day long. we get just above freezing with more middle 30s beverly, boston and plymouth. a 10-degree cooldown from this afternoon until tomorrow afternoon. best use of snow is out in the cape. seven-day forecast is always in view. partly cloudy tomorrow. high is 34 degrees. 30s are back on friday win creasing clouds. late night, a couple of snowflakes into saturday where a little bit of drizzle at times. 49 degrees. a little more cloud cover
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sunday a 48 and mostly cloudy as get into monday. that looks light but a bigger system late tuesday into wednesday. back to you, guys. this morning apple is fighting with the fbi. coming up new this morning, why the tech giant say it is won't help investigators crack open a terrorism case. plus, a teenager is in trouble with the law for opening his own medical practice.
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new this morning, apple is fighting back against an order from the fbi. federal agents swamped the company to -- want the company to unlock the cell phone owned by the man that shot and killed 14 people in san bernandino in december. the fbi can't get the password lock screen open. iphones automatically erase all data after ten unsuccessful attempts to unlock the device. the fbi is asking apple to take function to try as many pass function to try as many password attempts without erasing the data. apple said they don't want to lose the trust of their customers. happening today for the first time ever, an alleged isis supporter is going to trial.
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of providing support to isis. his alleged co-conspirators were shot and killed by police outside an event featuring cartoon drawings of the prophet muhammed. they watched videos together and planned to do more attacks in the future. opening statements begin today. a band returns to the stage in france for the first time in three months. the eagles of death metal were performing at the batacrane in paris when extremists open fired killing 130 people. it was their way to stand up to terrorists. armed officers guarded the venue but everyone was in good spirits. a woman in california is facing attempted murder charges all because of a bad haircut. the woman went to a barber for the airport and the man gave her this short saved look. the barbie said she left looking happy but returned 20 minutes late we are a gun. she pointed a gun at his head and pulled the trigger three times.
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and the barber called police. a judge is take a judge is taking into consideration what would happened happened had the gun worked. sound like a movie plot but a teenager in florida is facing very serious charges for posing as a doctor. the 18-year-old even opened his own practice. authorities went undercover to investigate after receiving a number of complaints. the teenager performed a physical exam on an agent and then was arrested. the facility claimed to be an alternative medical center and urgent care facility. a new hampshire man is facing charges for expose facing charges for exposing himself on a college campus and guess what, it was not the first time. police made the arrest after investigating reports of indecent exposure at a bathroom. the 30-year-old has been convicted of indecent exposure twice before in massachusetts and maryland. being held on 20,000 bail. an armed robbery ends with a police chase and this driver wanted in connection with robberies in malden and revere
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yesterday afternoon. witnesses describe the hectic end to the chase. >> and police car on the right side, came by, just swiped my car, and he took the -- that car out. he hit the pit move -- i guess he hit the right side of the car, spun him out, put him in the wall green's parking lot. >> daniel: the suspect was taken into custody after the crash. three major cities all vying for the 2024 summer olympics have unveiled new logos. all three designs inspired by their cities. paris's logo is a 24 that modeled the eiffel tower. the city's mayor called it elegant and modern. rome did theirs out of the coliseum and la is just that, follow the sun, an angel with the colors of the sunset. los angeles replaced boston as a contender for the olympics in the united states after boston pulled out. following breaking news, police rush to gunshots taken here from blocks away.
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into a deadly shooting outside a local bar. plus, new at 4:30, skiing on the streets of boston.
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how two new englanders now at 4:30, breaking news outside a local bar. the investigation under way right now into a deadly shooting. we are live with what police are doing right now at the scene. a man flashes a gun at a mall parking lot and gets away with a woman's car. how a woman and her baby escaped a carjacking unharmed. friends and family say goodbye to a woman who died in freak accident on the highway. what the state is doing to make drivers. complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good wednesday morning,


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