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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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what is keeping policet the scene hours after the first shots were fired. the cleanup continues after wild weather toppled trees like this one and knocked out power. the continuing safety concerns this morning. and a trip they will never forget. new details this morning on a story we have been following closely for two days. what passengers say what the airline is doing is not enough to make up for two flights diverted. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 6:00 on this wednesday morning, february 17. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: a and i am sara underwood. a busy morning in the newsroom for sure. >> gene: a team of reporters standing by with more including breaking news. shiri spear is in the first alert weather center with tolder forecast that will lead
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>> shiri: i want to zoom in on the towns and cities. lowell at 32 degrees. 29 right now chelmsford. pelham at 31 degrees. tewksbury at 30 degrees and points south of boston, also donning those freezing temperatures from randolph at 3 temperatures from randolph at 31 degrees to milton at 31 31 degrees to milton at 31. sharon at 31. a ton of the in betweens are going to be down to that freezing point even though you see boston at 35 degrees. 33 in plymouth. worcester down to 30. central massachusetts obviously we have a situation there as well with the potential of some ice. just a couple of flurries moving through southwestern new hampshire. not many reports of them actually getting down to the ground. but by 8 a.m., partly cloudy skies continue with the middle 30s. and by lunchtime lower 40s. into the afternoon we go with the on and off clouds. 38 to 44 degrees 38 to 44 degrees. i will break down the chance for a wintry mix in a couple of minutes. julie grauert with drive-time traffic. >> this accident is brand-new
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route 3 in the lowell area. first one we are seeing so far this morning. taking a closer look though at the expressway, both northbound and southbound right around morrissey boulevard is where i am seeing the heaviest volume. live look right now past exit -- this is the expressway where volume remains steady. over to your live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 25 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on route 128 to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. back to the breaking news since we first went on the air at 4:00. one person killed at a shooting in randolph. >> shots were fired around 2:00 this morning and police got there quickly and made an arrest. fox25's jessica reyes is live outside the bar on main street where it remains an active crime scene right now, jess. >> reporter: it does, sara, the medical examiner just left in the past couple of minutes. police are still out here this morning several hours after this happened.
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attorney right after 5:00, and he did tell us a man in his 20s were killed here and another man has been arrested this morning. it happened right outside the city limits bar as it was close city limits bar as it was closing this morning. police had actually just pulled someone over north main street from here. so when they heard this come over the radio, they rush over here based on the suspect and took him into custody in just a matter of minutes. the police radio calls from the minutes right after this happened were pretty intense. take a listen. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> we have multiple shots fired >> we have multiple shots fired. we have a party on foot running through the parking lot. >> reporter: some pretty dramatic stuff there. to give you an idea where this is, route 128 in randolph right near the holbrook town behind. we know the suspect -- again, he is in police custody. set to be arraigned later this court. in the last half hour the enorm news piece of evidence that for
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reyes, fox25 morning news. and new this morning, crews are still on the scene of a fire templeton that broke out overnight. this is video we got at 3 a.m. this morning of the flames shooting out of the home on boynton road. the record search this morning shows that the house was built in the 1850s sand registered with the national historic society. no word at this hour what caused the fire or if there are any injuries. and check out this mess in wellesley where heavy down pours and high winds took down this huge tree. it crashed into power lines blowing a transformer. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live at the house this morning. stephanie, thing were to hefty there and the there and. >> reporter: after hearing what the family went through, sara, it is not hard to figure out why they decided not to the night inside this house. take a look. the massive tree that was toppled over during that storm
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it fell feet away from this home. now the lights that you see are back on, but understandably that family, well, they decided not to stay the night. >> reporter: devon o'keefe was cooking dinner for the two young children she takes care of and heard a crash. >> just a boom. you i had the kids safe, put them in the basement. called the mom, just did what i could, and turn everything off. it it was frightening, yeah. >> reporter: around 5:30 yesterday afternoon, intense wind toppled this tree and knocked out power along upway road. >> our lights were on until a couple of minutes ago and heard an explosion and saw a flash and lights went off. >> reporter: o'keefe never went through anything like this and truly wondered if she would make it. >> i grabbed and held them close. >> reporter: thankfully nobody was worked. crews worked for hours to replace the blown transformer.
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morning, meantime, you can see some of the lines are down because of that storm. so, again, there is still some safety concerns this morning even though power is back on. in wellesley, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. the wind was also howling in boston where it felt like a hurricane was moving in. incredible. you can see people struggling to walk on beacon street. the wind sent umbrellas flying, and even stopped some people in their tracks. in some places, winds were blowing over 60 miles per hour. and take a look at this new video of what strong winds did in raynham. fire fighters tell us that heavy gusts knock down a brick wall at a car dealership last night. part of the wall fell on to the car in the parking lot. the owner of central mitsubishi on route 44 september us a video of the damage and alerted fire fighters to it. we can tell that you no one was hurt.
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go to the fox25 weather app, receive weather alert for our town. the app is available for free in the apple store and google play. 6:06 6:06. police think a robbery could be linked to other crimes. two people slammed through the front door of hit man firearms in tyngsborough. they got away with four guns. a police officer owns the gun shop and they think it was shop and they think it was connected to a robbery two weeks ago in tewksbury, new hampshire. two people outside wicked weaponly, new hampshire and massachusetts state police are very viewing footage to track down the suspect. an armed robbery ends with a police chase and this crash in malden. the driver was wanted in connection with robbery connection with robberies in malden and revere including one at a 7-eleven. >> police came by, swiped my
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he hit the pit move. i guess he hit the right side of the car. spun him out in a walgreen's parking lot. >> gene: that suspect was taken into custody after the crash. family members and friends remember a local teacher killed by a man hole cover on the expressway. hundreds of people attended the funeral mass for caitlyn clavette in winchester. the 35-year-old was a triathlete and art teacher in milton. she was on her way to work friday when the heavy metal cover hit the windshield of her car. after the crash, crews inspected every man hole along the expressway. state police are investigating how that cover came loose. a fox25 investigation finds how the state does not inspect manhole covers as thoroughly as they should. every manhole cover is checked every two years and no database of every man hole cover in the state. everyone was inspected after
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isn't done. >> more things that are productive that they can do while reviewing the safety of our roads and bridges. >> sara: baker says the state is following federal highway safety standards and nothing out of the ordinary was found when they examined 900 man hole covers in boston. off to a great start at the slots gambling plower. gambling ref rue at plainville increased $1 million from december to january. monthly revenues had fallen since the end of june. on pace to earn more than $160 million in the first year well below initial protection projections. the second winner or winners of the record-breaking powerball jackpot will come forward. the jackpot was worth $176 billion. three winning tickets. a tennessee couple claimed one of the prizes. the holder of the winning ticket in melbourne beach, florida will be revealed and we will put that up on our social media account as soon as we get it.
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in california. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now a 25-minute commute on 93 south as you head from 49 on 93 south as you head from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> i have got temperatures very close to freezing which is why i am warning you about black ice. we will also see increasing clouds this morning. 30 at 7 a.m. 34 by 8:00 this morning and will take you through today's warm-up in just minutes. people are so panicked on the orange line. they broke the window toes get out. what created chaos under ground as we monitor how the trains are moving this morning. plus the fbi wants help with a major terrorism investigation, but apple is
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more 150 people are finally back home this morning after 30 hours of delays. and we have been covering the story since sunday when bad weather forced the flight to land in new hampshire. but that same flight was then diverted again. fox25's daniel miller joins us with more. daniel, those passengers had a rough couple of hours. >> daniel: talk about a nightmare, sara, took those passengers more than 33 hours to get from the dominican republic to new york city. that is a trip that would take about four hours on a direct flight. the first flight from the dominican republic to new york's jfk airport had to be
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hampshire on sunday during the winter mix. now these are pictures from some of those passengers. then late last night. the same passengers were diverted to logan airport after hitting severe turbulence on the way back to new york. >> i have never experienced turbulence like this in my life turbulence like this in my life. >> this is fox25 video of the plane in logan airport right here. passengers again waited more than two hours for the all clear passengers describe the situation on board as chaotic. people were frustrated an even arguing. passengers say they should have never taken off from new hampshire in the first place. >> they let us take off to jfk when the weather conditions probably shouldn't have taken off in the first place. and it was a scary experience in my life. >> i can't imagine in a statement, fox25 delta airlines says the unscheduled landings were made for passenger safety. now airline has offered 12,000
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many passengers, they want to be reimbursed for the entire cost of their flight. thankfully they are all at least home safely right now. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. 6:15 this morning. appear is fighting back against an order from the fbi. federal agents want the company to unlock the cell phone owned by the man who shot and killed 14 people in san bernandino, california in december. the fbi can't get past the password lock screen. iphones automatically erase all day after ten unsuccessful attempts to unlock the device. the fbi is asking apple to take that function off so they can try as many password attempts as possible to get into the phone without erasing the data. apple does not want to lose the trust of their customers. happening in the first time forever, a isis member is going on trial. authorities connected him with a terrorist plot in texas. his alleged co-conspirators
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outside an event feature outside an event featuring cartoon drawings of the prophet muhammed. the suspects watched extremist videos together and planned to commit more attacks in the future. opening statements begin today. the band returns to stage three months. the eagles of death metal performing at the bataclan in paris when extremists open fired killing 130 people at the venue help in say it was their way to stand up to terrorists. armed police guarded the venue last night, but people who were there say everyone was in good spirits. good morning. it is now 6:17. and overall traffic still pretty moderate out there. route 1 movings along in a decent clip. seeing slowing right after the cloverleaf on 93 south. mike moving along fine from framingham through the weston tolls into the allston brighton area. still close this morning right from the braintree split all the way newspaper boston. over to your live drive times,
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eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 20 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 26 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, you are keeping an eye out for slippery spots this morning and be temperatures hovering around freezing for many places. >> absolutely. whatever liquid was left on the ground after yesterday's torrential rain possibly coming to you as ice this morning. let's be careful for black ice. the threat of flurries is pretty low this morning, not zero, but pretty low and the wind threat as well. nothing damaging out there, just some gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour that might make you feel a little bit chilly. 35 in boston. 33 in plymouth and ports mouth, new hampshire. and in lawrence. norwood down to 32. one of my icy spots. worcester down to 30 degrees and keep in mind between boston and worcester, we have a lot of towns and cities in the lower 30s right now. worcester, a little bit of
6:18 am
partly cloudy through the day with a temp around 30 degrees by 8 a.m. 34 by 10 a.m., finally weeding out those icy spots. highs here will be the cool nest only the upper 30s versus spwr like boston at 35 degrees where we have the same clouds moving in this morning where we end up landing the low to mid-40s this afternoon. plus lunchtime, right around, say, noontime, earl ye afternoon afternoon where we will brighten up. with the clouds break unmostly cloudy this morning to nice and bright by lunch opinion is time into the afternoon dealing with sun and scattered clouds. we have a couple of clouds leaking into this area ahead of the cold front and very much used to go along with it and basically falls apart overnight. the central and northern and possibly even western new england have a couple of flurries. i don't think they will be able to really make it into most of massachusetts, rhode island and connecticut and southern new hampshire for that matter. that means tomorrow morning, i
6:19 am
we have high pressure starting to drive the forecast tomorrow, and that means most of us deal with sun. closer you get to the coast, more cloud cover we will find. with the north winds they pick up a little bit of moisture over the ocean and boils down to ocean-effect clouds for the middle and outer cape, possibly a couple of ocean-effect snow showers, plus it is pulling in some of the chilliest air i forecast. the middle 40s in beverly, lawrence, bedford. 47 in norwood. 39 in worcester. and 43 in nashua. to the 20s overnight tonight. whatever melts, it is possibly going to freeze up again and watch the sidewalks in the morning. middle 30s. about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon versus you what get today. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view, 43 today. only a slight chance for a during the day tomorrow, watch the cape for that slight chance of snowflakes. upper 30s are back by friday with increasing clouds. friday into saturday, i am going to bring in a light wint wintry mix.
6:20 am
washout. but i will take you hour by hour through it here, and you will see starting as soon as light mix. your screen. into the day on saturday. very, very patchy stuff out there with a high there with a high of 49 degrees there with a high of 49 degrees, this means it will turn into a couple of sprinkles turn into a couple of come sunday, temperatures will 40s. boston at about 48 degrees. worcester, 45. 50 in plymouth. and 52 in foxborough. partly cloudy skies and the clouds will tend to increase as we head into monday, we will deal with another light, wintry mix. again, very mild, so transition just to a couple of sprinkles. tuesday night into wednesday, that so you are next possible big weather maker. back to you, guys. >> gene: temps look good for mid-february. presidential candidates pulling out all stops to get the most votes. one tweet has gotten most
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how it is ha gone viral and people are making fun of.
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into a grammy party. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take
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college is on the verge of finding a vaccine for the zika virus. the university of connecticut started working on a vaccine weeks before the outbreak. two vaccine makers in connecticut have contacted the research organization to collaborate. they have declared it an international emergency and president obama asked congress for $2 billion to help fight it. a federal panel say not enough evidence to prove that all children need to be screened for autism at early age. it has those in the autism community enraged. they want to make sure that no child falls through the cracks. health officials say they need to know more before they review physical screenings. without the recommendation, funding for toddlers . check this out. this is paul mccartney. cre, why sir paul mccartney being denied a party in hollywood after the grammys.
6:25 am
mccartney, the legendary beatles front man an a group with woody harrelson and singer beck. >> they didn't know woody harrelson. >> at one point mccartney says how vip do we got to get. the party was being hosted by rapper tiga who is dating one of the kardashian sisters. mccartney and his group. tiga said he would never deny a legend like sir paul. >> sara: can you imagine between mccartney and the group he was with, my producer told me they have some 30 grammys between them, and they couldn't get in. >> julie: can't get in. >> sara: that guy at the door must have been fired. to the actress to starred in the live version of the musical "grease." has the attention than more than just her fans. police are investigating actress vanessa hudgens and her boyfriend. she posted a photo in instagram
6:26 am
it carved into rare red rocks at the national frets in arizona. it allegedly happened during a valentine's getaway. hutchen s and her man could face a fine up to $5,000. or in jail. i think that was an honest mistake. >> julie: vandalism doesn't win, shiri. no carving of anything, anywhere. >> shiri: good moral of the story. never wins. winds under 10 miles per hour. that is good news. our winds have weakened since yesterday and a little wind chill. feels like 20s as you wake up this morning. town by town to the freezing points where black ice is a big concern. wittnesses snap pictures as smoke fills a t stop station and passengers escape through window. what chunk of metal two train cars ran over, and what impact will it have on this morning's commute. and just incredible video. coming up next, we will hear welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys!
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complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: now at 6:30, a much quieter day on tap with a lot of trees down including this massive tree that fell in wellesley overnight. a big day for cleanup. good morning, everybody. great to see you. >> gene: like chicago the
6:30 am
happened in oklahoma? the wind -- should known that. julie oklahoma -- sorry, failure oklahoma -- sorry, failure. >> sara: tell us about the roadways, -- >> shiri: winds have died down which is great news and temperatures have cooled down and that is where it comes into play in. i know you have seen a couple of flurries across southern new hampshire. get any reports of those actually get down to the ground actually get down to the ground, i will keep a slight chance of some flurries in that forecast as we travel through the morning hours and these clouds pass through, but we are down to 30 in worcester. 31 in sutton. 31 in boylston. 32 in leominster. currently freezing up across. lexington, 32. walpole, natick all at 31 degrees. boston itself at 35. and we have some temperatures teetering right around freezing for the south shore, fires.
6:31 am
to be careful on the roadway. visibility has improved drastically over the last few hours. fog that is all gone except for the vineyard where we are struggling with visibility. give it an hour and you will see some improvement. noontime, 41, mild and brighter noontime, 41, mild and brighter. by 7 a.m., dry with increasing clouds. i will show you the next front that comes through along with some rain and snow coming back in a couple of minutes. but now back over to julie with live drive time traffic this morning. and julie has her eye on an accident. >> julie: yes, shiri, a new accident on the expressway northbound at south hampton street that will slow you down farce injure drive time is concerned if you plan continue to using the expressway. pike moving along fine from framingham into the tolls to the allston-brighton area. the volume in the freeway, very slow going to exit 13, freeport slow going to exit 13, freeport. 26 minutes on pike from 495 to mass avenue. 24 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the bike. 24 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the
6:32 am
gene and sara, back to you. these pictures show the panic from passengers on the orange line when an emergency broke out underground. they broke a window to escape as the smoke filled the trains. >> julie: happening today an investigation is under way as the morning rush shower begins. it station's michael henrich live at the state street stop. and michael, the mbta was updating us as late as 1 a.m. >> reporter: and they continue to do so sara and gene. the mbta told us since our last report an hour ago the inspections overof the orange line fleet have been completed and none of 1920 cars failed inspections. that said they said out of an abundance of caution, 13 body panels on the train s have been reinforced. this as we take a look at the state street station here, and know that last night, a large metal panel fell off as an orange line train approached.
6:33 am
heather parker show a chaotic scene. parker spoke with fox25 by phone. >> i think it is a given if somebody is kicking glass out of a window, they must feel some sort of panic. >> reporter: parker was on an orange line train approaching state street when a mbta said a 12 inches by 12 foot metal body panel fell off the train car and got run over, slamming into the wall and third rail causing smoke. >> people felt uneasy and were yelling and leaving the station because it was all smoke hey and then it started going. >> reporter: six minutes later the second train ran over the same sheet of metal causing more smoke, and the panic you see in these pictures. the mbta says nobody was hurt, but it understands why passengers like parker grew concerned. >> i don't really know, but i
6:34 am
another -- another bit of infrastructure failure for the mbta. >> and the mbta's update to me within the past hour, they say that the third rail is functioning properly, and they expect to deliver regular service on the orange line today. all this said, all this said, the investigation into why that body panel fell off the train in the first place is under way and continues this morning. and as soon as we get an update, of course, we will bring it to you right away. live in boston, michael henrich live in boston, michael >> we continue to follow breaking news out of randolph where police are investigating a deadly shooting outside of a local bar. jessica reyes live in north main street where more evidence was taken away from that scene. jess, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police hauled a car out of here just after 4 :30 this morning. and we all know this happened right outside of this bar you see right here, the city limits bar in randolph, and police just cleared the scene about 30 minutes ago. earlier this morning as we
6:35 am
killed outside the bar, and another man was arrested. now some video from the scene now of that car being towed from outside the city limits bar. the da would not say what it had to do with their investigation. we only say that it is going to be processed for evidence. now we understand police were here in just a matter of seconds actually, because they had pulled someone over steps away on north main street. when they heard this over the radio, they ran right over here radio, they ran right over here, chased after that suspect and took him into custody right away. now the da was on scene here early this morning. he says this does appear to be an isolated incident and he wants everyone to know that there is absolutely no danger to the public. right now, we understand the suspect is continuing to be interviewed by police. it is not clear what he is going to be charge with, but we do know that he is going to be arraigned later on this morning in a couple of hours over at quincy district court. coming up in just 30 minutes, we are hearing the very dra matic police radio calls that came in minutes after this
6:36 am
live in randolph, jessica reyes live in randolph, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. an apartment complex in malden remains the scene of a homicide investigation this morning. the body of a woman was found inside of an apartment at the cliffside common monday night. investigators spent yesterday at that complex. fox25 has learned the women's car is missing. neighbors tell us they are concerned because they were not told that a crime had been committed in the building. it is scary, you know, you don't think stuff like that happening as they are in the a daily basis. >> the reaction is overwhelming that this happened in our area. >> sara: police don't believe believe the woman was a victim of a random attack. a correction officer charged with trafficking heroin will appear in court. worked at bridgewater correctional complex. he was selling drugs while he was selling drugs while off duty. after weeks of investigation. police arrested him and he will be arraigned in fall river today. in lowell, a man accused of intentionally running over a
6:37 am
21-year-old alvin suoza hit the 15-year-old victim with his truck and took off. the teen was on his bike at the time and the pair had been arguing right before the crash. souza is charged with assault with intent to murder. the teen remains in the hospital, but he is expected to survive. man who carjacked a mother and her baby is in custody this morning. police say robles approached the car at the westgate mall in brockton as that mom was putting her child in the car seat. he flashed a gun, demanded the keys and drove off, but ended up slamming into a pole three miles away in stoughton. he took off running, but police caught him. a witness so saw the chase tell us how frightening it was. >> it was very scary. pulled his gun which was scary and i heard him say put down the gun. >> reporter: police say the gun was actually a pellet gun but as you see it looks like a real one. robles faces several charges this morning this morning. we spoke to the woman on the
6:38 am
daughter are doing okay. police are looking for the person who leave a dog to die in the road. animal control officers tell us they think he was still alive when it was left there. it had sores on its body and officers tell us it must have been terribly neglected. now police want to make sure that the person who did this cannot do it to another animal. >> this dog suffered enough and we want to make sure no other dog has to go through that. >> the dog did not have a dog chip or a microchip. a dog tag or microchip, but they hope that someone will recognize the animal and phone in a tip. one of the captains of the new england patriots will not be returning next season. linebacker gerard mayo has decided to retire after playing eight seasons all with the patriots. mayo was a defense city of rookie of the year in 2008 and earned first team all pro honors in 2010 and faced season honors in 2010 and faced
6:39 am
the last three years. the red sox are launching a new resale ticket web site, red sox replay that allow fans to buy and sell tickets. seller also be able to set ticket prices and donate tickets to the red sox foundation for a tax credit if the ticket isn't sold by a certain day. the site is set to go live on march 1. and like other sites, red sox replay still charge you a fee to sell the tickets. we check traffic and minutes. i can tell thought accident i told but on the expressway northbound at hampton street on the off ramp. it is really going to be cleared soon and not a major issue. that's why our drive time is still 30. minutes on the expressway from the braintree split up to columbia road. shiri. >> and temperatures in the low to mid-30s. let's be careful for some ice on the roads this morning. headed home from work later today will be brighter at 5 p.m. 35 to 40 degrees. i will time that today when we come back. maple syrup members -- the
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america runs on dunkin'. back here at 6:43. republican jeb bush is trying to win over boaters -- voters ahead of the next primary and one of his tweets are going viral and not in the way he wanted it to do. daniel miller explain why is people are so worked up about one tweet. >> daniel: all have to do with a tweet sent out by jeb bush 14 hours ago. it simply says america and what he tweeted, this picture here of a gun. the former florida governor tweeted the photo of the handgun engraved with the personalized en description that read jeb bush. it was posted after he visited a high powered firearm facility where the gun was made. bush said the tweet was a nod to his appearance at the gun factory. >> i went to a gun
6:44 am
lot of jobs are created. >> daniel: but backlash and jokes flooded social media. people posted their own pictures and used the same america caption. we have seen from super heros to food to "star wars" one net to food to "star wars" one network talked about a possible bush suicide. the campaign quickly called that ridiculous. the south carolina republican miami miami -- primary is this saturday. we will continue to follow this story in the newsroom. daniel miller, fox25 news. [coughing] -- excuse me -- >> sara: hillary clinton gets all checked up on the campaign trail. she started coughing during an appearance and took two minutes for her to stop. as clinton struggled on stage, the audience started chanting her name until she could recover. and this morning, polls show that clinton has a commanding lead in south carolina right now with the state's primary just around the corner.
6:45 am
sanders. this comes after sanders won by a landslide in new hampshire. and another big lead on the republican side. the same pole show donald trump up 16% ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio. as president obama said yesterday that he continues to believe that trump will not be the country's next president. president obama says he will woman night the next supreme court justice to replace the late you justice antonin scalia. the republicans said they will try to stop the nomination, but the president said that won't stop him. >> not how our system are supposed to work and our democracy is supposed to work. i intend to nominate in due time a very well qualified candidate. >> gene: the president said his nominee shall receive a fair hearing from the republican-led senate but republicans worry that he will appoint a liberal activist
6:46 am
justice scalia passed away four days ago and now conspiracy theory about his death. scalia was found in his room at a hunting lodge in texas. some say he -- some say a pillow was found over his face but the owner said that is not true. others online say he was poisoned. officials say they found no signs of foul play. his family said they will not do an autopsy. >> all three cities vying for the olympics unveiled new logos. all unveiled designs inspired by their city. pass, i is the eiffel tower. they call it elegant and modern. rome after the coliseum and the u.s. out of the city of angels features just that. la's slogan, follow the sun, and has the colors of the sunset. los angeles replaced boston as a contender for the olympics in the united states after boston pulled out. frightening moment for pope
6:47 am
mexico. take a look he was shaking hands with the crowd when someone pulled out -- knocked time in a child in a wheelchair, the pontiff quickly scolded people for grabbing him and told everybody to stay calm and told everybody to stay calm. pope francis will wrap up his flip mentionco today. desperate parents of kids with uncontrollable seizures are starting to turn to medical marijuana for treatment. it is a controversial but legal treatment here in massachusetts treatment here in massachusetts, and one mother says she is already seeing a difference. >> i know with 1 >> i know with 100% certainly this is helping my daughter when everything else fails. >> sara: her daughter ashley suffered from seizures since he was 5 months old. she credits the drug for what she calls a 95% improvement. at 10, crystal haynes uncovers the challenge parents face in getting a prescription and why some doctors consider this relief too risky tonight on on
6:48 am
good morning, everyone, 6:48. things looking very good on route 3 south of town from 228 in rockland past route 18. not seeing slowing around the split. 24, 95, still moderate volume. it is school vacation week for many kids, so parents will be in a bit of a different schedule. here is a look at the expressway. slow typically in the northbound lanes right around forest brook parkway to columbia road. see that heavy, steady volume. over to your live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to settle. 12 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. something we are watching are some icy roads. we heard reports some problems around the merrimack valley, andover, lowell, so take it slow out there. don't use the excuse of light traffic to hit the gas. >> shiri: no, because it looks real nice out there, julie. this look coming to from you boston this morning. we have the sun coming up and
6:49 am
glinting off the building. and we will get passing clouds from the west this morning. black ice is going to be a concern, especially in the suburbs until about o'clock this morning. light wintry mix friday night into saturday. it is not going to be a washout. i don't want to you worry about that, but i do want to prepare you here for a next, quote, unquote, weather maker. 35 degrees right now boston. we have some clouds in place and things are looking good as the sun comes up. 12-mile-per-hour winds. so much lighter than yerp here yesterday. winds are going to gust at 20, 30 miles per hour this morning. not enough to do any damage. at 8 a.m., 35 degrees. 10 a.m., 38 degrees in boston. we are into the 40s by lunchtime today. brightest time of the day late morning into early afternoon. so we have got this little disturbance coming through this morning. although it did spawn a couple of flurries. they are fading pretty fast. that has almost no energy attached to it. the next front comes through tonight. again, it will be very weak and we will get some clouds coming
6:50 am
the futurecast at 10 a.m., partly cloudy skies. cloud things up early afternoon at 2 p.m. partly cloudy skies. so we are in store for a pretty decent wednesday here. by wednesday evening, a couple more clouds will start leaking in and flowers developing a cross western new england and central and northern new england and the spots more likely in the higher elevations to get one or two snowflakes attached to the cold front. for the rest of us though, it will pass through tonight, bring in some clouds, and also some cooler air for the day tomorrow. highs today 44, boston and plymouth. 47 in norwood. middle 40s up to lawrence over to fitchburg at 43 to fitchburg at 43. same in manchester. coolest sport in worcester at 39 degrees and into the 20s. you got to watch out for things refreezing where they melt today and tomorrow's highs only in the middle 30s. so we do have, again, cooler air that takes over for the day tomorrow. tomorrow is the -- friday, upper 30s are back and will
6:51 am
overnight. starts with light snow and changes over to proposals here during the day on saturday. come sunday, upper 40s going strong over the weekend. skies. both monday morning and tuesday night. we have the chance for a little more of a mix. back to you, guysa. >> sara: all right, the annual westminster dog show crowned its best in show. another adorable pooch that is stealing all of the headlines this morning. the bad we haver seen here that frustrated his owner in the ring. new this morning, fire fighters battling flames early into the morning.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
learned about this home . this morning people across the pond now no he what the salem news is. the salem news mailbox washed up in wales. a group of students found it. they determined it was from salem, mass and saw the witch and reached out to group leaders and that is the case and they reached out to the newspaper to confirm it all. the mailbox ended up in the ocean after accidentally getting scooped up by a snow plow last winter. the city of boston is the
6:55 am
featuring some extreme stunts. check out this incredible video check out this incredible video. two professional skiers are doing their thing all over the city. they zoomed over parked cars on beacon hill, hit the stairs at city hall plaza, and even jump city hall plaza, and even jumped off the parking garage at the alewife t station in cambridge. dare devils said they did run into some trouble with police wind chill filming. >> . >> they realize that we are not ill intentioned that we are trying to, you know, do some skiing and doing something creative with our time. >> sara: the documentary is called "the year of better" and took a year to edit the footage together. an unusual event for thrill seekers is coming to boston for the first time. okay, my goodness. red bull said it will bring plutag to the charles river on august 20. the competition features homemade flying nance dive off a 30-foot platform.
6:56 am
most entries end up plunging right into the water. some manage to fly for a few weeks, and entry weeks, and entries are due by may 13. >> gene: a lot of fun. this morning a new best in show. a 3-year-old german short a 3-year-old german short-haired pointer cj won the honor at the dog club show. cj was the first-ever german short-hair pointer to win best in show. this is -- ario. he doesn't seem to care he is on center stage at the westminster dog show. all he wants are the treats inside his handler's pocket. he didn't win, but he was the crowd favorite. why not. >> sara: will he be back next year to give a shot good. >> gene: if a handler leave the treats out of the pocket. no treats until you are done. revealing the truth about people have put on their food for decades. new at 7:00, how people who think they are using one type of cheese could actually be
6:57 am
all right, and i have got low risk of snow and rain for the next couple of days. not until we hit friday night that the risk is going to go up that the risk is going to go up. i have got an hour-by-hour look next. and next, he is no doogie and next, he is no doogie there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> gene: breaking news all morning with respect police urgent call moments after deadly shooting. what we know about the person arrested hours ago and when the person will be formally charged. >> sara: whipping winds and pouring rains frightening the kids. >> put them in the basement. >> sara: clean-up as temperatures start to drop and decision that outraged the autism this morning, the new doubts about screening. complete new england news this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everyone, and thank you so much for waking up with this on wednesday, february 17th, i'm sara underwood. >> gene: i'm gene lavanchy. quieter day weatherwise and 50 degree temperatures are gone, and shiri spear is here is reports there have been black


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