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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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over questionablyse of campaign funds originally call for ethics investigation into why joyce was receiving free dry-cleaning services. there are calls for him to step down. >> political reporter sharman sacchetti was first to break this on our news app and has been canton all day long sharman investigators are still out there. >> sharman: they're still in his offices where we've been all day long here in canton on washington street. the f walking in and out of those offices all day long as i first reported brian joyce he's not talking tonight but his lawyer is and he says he wrong. >> our cameras there hour after hour as fbi raids state senator brian joyce's law offices in canton. fbi spokeswoman would only tell us the fbi and the irs are conducting a court authorized activity in connection with an ongoing investigation.
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nobody came to the door when i went to senator joyce's milton home for comment earlier today. and i tried tracking him down at the statehouse office as well but he wasn't there either. at his canton law offices, the site of a ray taking neighbors by surprise. >> but this is not the first time brian joyce has made news for scandal. january the office of campaign political finance announced he agreed to pay nearly $5000 for using campaign funds to pay for son's graduation party. just last came under fire for handing out goldplated designer sunglasses as gifts to all 40 state senators sunglasses he manufacturer. and just last month we told you about how the governor called for ethics probe into whether or not joyce to get advantage of his relationship with a randolph drycleaner to get as much tens of thousands of dollars in free dry-cleaning. >> choices had enough scandals
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relations to handle the media calls. when i reached out to her, she told me he would be talking with me and instead afforded long a statement from his lawyer. it reads, it is unfortunate that recent stories in the media picked up spark an investigation. senator joyce's been cooperating with each inquiry that is taken place to date resulting from those stories and believes he has done absolutely nothing wrong. >> back your life outside his law offices in canton, you can see senator joyce probably displays the title of senator above his name here. and his law practice and we did reach out to the public relations firm also to see if joyce ranks he ought to resign. we never heard back. we do have a camera at the statehouse right now and we are trying to speak with governor baker. we will bring that to for 6 o'clock. >> is a measure we first alerted you to the store and our app to get breaking news weather traffic and other important information downloader fox25 at it is free for apple and android devices.
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and chester new teacher accused of assaulting a student during class. police say student was causing a disturbance in a classroom while eating candy and refusing to listen to the 82-year-old teacher. that's when officers say anita lemay knocked the candy out of the teen's hand and left a mark of a student's wrist. the staff never saw what happened and removed the student reported lemay. she's now facing simple assault charges. >> investigation underway right now after a person was hit and killed by a delivery truck at bernie feels furniture warehouse in norton. sky fox overhead shows police and firefighters at the scene on east main street right after happened around 115 this afternoon. sun chronical reporting the person hit was a warehouse employee.>> witches and men under arrest tonight after child pornography police tell fox 25 they found digital evidence on his home computer.
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reporting that the man is a pop warner football coach. our crews are working right now to get more information and will bring you that info is as we get it. >> also breaking tonight fox 25 learned that dzhokhar to dyer's defense team standing down. court paperwork defense team filed a motion to appoint a different metal defender to replace miriam conrad and the other members of her team. defense attorney judy clark will stay in place to help with the transition. >> gunfire outside of a randolph bar shots fired when officers were just a few hundred yards away dealing with another call. when police arrived on scene one man was dead and another was running to a parking lot ducking behind cars. fox25 robert goulston live in randolph now. >> robert: the suspect showed appear with the plan to kill. they say he either went inside the bar asking some of the employees at this is the only door that the person he was
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>> the scene was intense as randolph police moved in after nearby offices gunfire. police say drake scott was shot in the head and killed. he was 23 and loved to wrap even made videos like this one. police say scott was doing open mic night at city limits in randolph last night when gregory wright showed up with a plan to kill him. police say right as the bouncers which your scott would have to use to leave and then falls outside and shot him five times. the door. >> a woman at right randolph home would not comment. according to court records one witness told police she heard a man inside the bar say the kid killed my family member is here and he's going to get dealt
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>> and some of the flowers and candles left here at the scene. wright has a long criminal history including conviction on gun charges. he is being held tonight with no bail tonight at six share a little bit more about this developing story. >> after several days along with snow and rain the skies of cleared up it is a cool clear evening here in the city with a gorgeous sunset. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz with a chance though the next chance of snow. >> everybody wants to know when the lakesflakes are going to fall. 40s boston 45 worcester 38 for high temperature that means is a lot of melting out there if you still had some snow so the usual nightly concern attempt
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ice first thing the one just like you had to this morning. it is clear in eastern massachusetts at the clouds rolling in from the west a cold front pushing on through the partly cloudy overnight on average some time to be fully cloudy other times totally clear only place will have to watch for clouds tomorrow that once the sun comes up cape cod perhaps even kate and some ocean effect clouds and snow flurries coming across. temperatures in tonight in worcester dropping down to 22 under clear skies thing in the morning and boston you too will be blow freezing going down to 29 degrees by 5 o'clock. when will the flex arrive? looking like early saturday morning will talk about that but you can expect to fall here doing good. >> passages getting us a new look at some scary moments on the mbta's orange line saw smoke that in taking chances. they kicked out windows and try
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you saw this as was breaking on night. tonight we know what sparked the scare fox25 elizabeth hopkins gather new information about what went wrong and asked why does it they feel safe tonight. elizabeth. >> reporter: i tell you guys woman stopped me as i was standing here and she told me strategy is with the orange line we do know what happened with that incident yesterday it was a panel that fell off the looking into all the trains that are going to be very closely monitoring the cars and the equipment there but we also wanted to know what writers want to know. about where mbta workers were on the platform when pressed they would only say that the entire incident under investigation but that may not be good enough for rightist who experience what were about to show you. >> dramatic video shows just what happened when smoke appeared on the mbta orange line. on this train told me what he
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do you feel like it safe? >> no. we requested interviews with the mbta in the department of transportation. they told us that no one would be made available from other department and said as the statement which reads in part, fallen last night incident involving two orange line trains, the mbta is immediately incorporating a more thorough exterior check of body panel hardware as part of regular mittens work on orange line cars. these are those exterior body panels. the only out on the type of decades-old traits that went along the orange line. but we want to know about scaffolding on playstation so they rarely see mbta workers inside and don't recall seeing them on the platform. during the incident only mbta
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bus driver take the train after shift said she contacted dispatch and told passengers to remain calm while helping them off the train. like to see more workers like that stationed along the line. >> coming up tonight at six it is clear that the mbta now wants you to know just how meticulous they have been since last night and plan to be in looking over the cars and the equipment on the orange line. details on that coming up for you in just a moment. in the meantime live in boston elizabeth fox hopkins. search for a missing man from harvard massachusetts we learn today offices were in the water looking for the 22-year-old scene at the bell and hand near hall and saturday night. >> reporter: today for the first time boston police harbor patrol and dive teams rave the icy cold waters off the charles river to the vacant bridge
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sky fox right here capturing video of divers shortly after they wrapped up the search of the water. mars from the central messed town of harvard 's family and friends have been passing out missing persons flyers ever since his disappearance. it helps someone would anyone would know something about where he may be. he was last seen in surveillance video outside the bar just before 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. he stepped out for a smoke and left his coat inside. now those who know zachary worry because he didn't have his coat during last weekend's subzero temperatures. continue following the store bring you any new developments as they come into us. >> harvard university graduate filed a federal lawsuit claiming she was sexually harassed on campus.she reported nothing was done. >> also ahead a man wanted in
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right now pope francis holding mass on the mexican side before the mess pope for a long portion of the rio grande were separate us and mexico. people mexico. airline officials say the crew noticed a laser beam being pointed at the plane. fortunately that plane and it safely and no one was hurt. >> a big battle brewing tonight personal privacy versus national security. fbi asking apple for help to get access to the phones of the san bernardino shooters. apple refusing to cooperate with the fed's request. george coley breaks down the debate in congress why some say
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>> reporter: privacy advocates praising apple ceo tim cook he's fighting a federal court order debating access to the iphones of one of the san bernardino shooters. >> falls paradigm it's out security. this is really about security versus insecurity. patrick of the cato institute side with apple he says of yourself unsecured features unlimited everything you keep on it from financials to help location would be accessible to hackers. we need to be employing encryption as a standard and it cannot be weakened by the government. effectiveness. fbi director said easily and continues to them from identify in salt following terrace. >> they understand the problems we have getting court orders to be effective when they using these mobile messaging apps especially that are and to end encrypted. >> one built house others on the way that you with a lot tronic a quick action they
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expectations privately. in november congresswoman suzanne of washington state told us delicate balance between personal privacy and the civil liberties. >> but also make sure again that we are not providing additional access to others. >> august responsible for weighing that balance when they return from recess next week. >> what he does to the privacy right noted x nsa contractor key figure in the privacy debate defending apple student to the fbi creating a world where citizens rely on apple to defend the rights rather than the other way around. also called google to stand with apple snowden said that week from exile is living in russia to avoid facing prosecution here in the us. snowden leaked government secrets and some say national security at risk he's been called everything from a patriot to a whistleblower and a traitor. >> boston adding nearly $80 million in grants from the department of homeland security. money from the urban purity
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prepare responders for emergencies. past funding focused on approving communication between agencies and running first responder drills. >> temperature fluctuations we've been having are causing potentially dangerous situation in the main river. this photo shows an ice gem that's formed in the kennebunk river causing it to overflow under front street. icy rivers thought chunks of ice can't get stuck in pilot bridges or other obstructions causing the kind of flooding. it's definitely a problem this time of year especially in northern england. we can sit here in southern new england from time to time. got that swing it's amazing. the high temp johnson in boston was 12 degrees. the morning low was -9 this is pretty amazing to see this jump. by tuesday 54 degrees in by tomorrow 34 for hybrid going up and down. whether roller coaster certainly looks like one will be gravid out. clouds are rolling in this
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with a cold front pushing our way most of that associate with the great lakes don't expect anything in southern new england couple of snow showers in northern new england overnight tonight. so some clouds and some clear sky from time to time just depends on which hour you looking up at the sky. there will be some more clouds in the outer cape and islands during the day tomorrow will be watching for those ocean affect cloud streaks to come across and some of the screen if you well. as far as your temperatures tonight though the only issue is the still some snow it has some of my yard much less is causing the pavement to be wet you know you're going to have the freezing situation again tonight was to down to 32 already for instance despite the sun feels like 24 clear skies dropping down to 22 overnight tonight. to be that like this out there
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thing in the morning is not going to be a widespread problem.partly cloudy skies feels like 30 in boston down to 29 in the morning. city of boston you're going to have some refreezing of that melting overnight. let's check out the south shore on cape cod. feels like 34 with the wind that won't make it freeze this will going down to 29 degrees tomorrow morning low temperature. icy first thing in the morning sun comes up melts on the way for the most part although it's going to be much cooler day behind a cold front coming through tonight. and there are the clouds and watch them snow showers popping up your from time to time. hard to say were second with those going to pop up really depends on the wind and just a tiny shift in the wind pushes that over here or over here. but the idea here is there going to be clouds and snow showers on cape cod during the afternoon tomorrow likely because of the winds picking up from the northwest everybody else will be in sunshine and beautiful day just a cooler day
5:21 pm
or clouds start to roll towards friday afternoon into friday night that's when we get some snow. high temperatures tomorrow will be much cooler 36 cambridge brookline 36 quincy 36 for you at newton. north shore exits county to be 33 in essex 35 ipswich. 34 degrees tomorrow afternoon. seven day forecast weekend in view showing a woman weekend coming up after a chilly day tomorrow. friday will be mild near 40 degrees overnight tonight to saturday that's a warm front and that's going to produce tangible little bit of light snow showers not expecting much
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investigation underway into the death of a baby who drowned in a bathtub. the 10 month old little girl rushed to the hospital last night from his home in local way south boston. this morning police confirmed she died.we're still working tonight to get more information on exactly what happened but police tell us it appears to be a tragic accident.
5:25 pm
mother if it appeared court today was a robles was arraigned in charges of armed carjacking and armed robbery. robles approached a woman at the waistcoat mall brockton as she was putting her child in a car seat yesterday. flashed gun demand keys and drove off a end up slamming into a pole about three miles away in stoughton took off running the police caught him. >> men accused of running of a teenager with his car pleading not guilty in court today prosecutors say 21 york calvin susan into an argument with a 15-year-old bike in lowell friday night he then allegedly hit the team with his truck before taking off. the victim is still in the hospital tonight but is expected to be okay. susan is being held until a dangerous hearing next week. new at five police working to attract a burglary suspect to cut cable and phone lines it happened early this morning and douglas at the family convenient center and then at main street.
5:26 pm
cable and phone lines before breaking into both places anyone with information is urged to call douglas police. >> corrections officer charged with trafficking or when we did not guilty in court today. prosecutors say sold heroine to an undercover state police trooper in fall river several times. and once while he was in uniform. lebron was employed at mci bridgewater at the time arrested on friday following a week long investigation. >> new at five police say a man used this not to rob the four-year-old woman have been nice to market basket in salem new hampshire later in the day lawrence asked state police pulled up a car that match the description from the victim. police a search around the items victims purse along with a knife. he was arrested and being held by state police antilles charged in new hampshire. >> boston police urging people to be careful. reports of an irs scam. officers say the call is pretend to be irs agents and threatened to arrest people for
5:27 pm
as a reminder here the irs says it would never call and demand immediate payment over the phone threatened arrest or ask for credit card information. something we can all relate to it breaks your heart when your son or daughter is sick. one local mom said she no choice but to turn to controversial treatment to help stop her daughters uncontrollable seizures. it's legal here in massachusetts and coming up at my constipation and belly pain... ...feel like a raging storm.
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ivy school turned a deaf ear when she told officials to such arrest on campus. now she's filing a federal lawsuit fox25 bob ward to live now from came with the story. it's not the first time in his face an accusation like this. >> bob: because under federal law universities like harvard must act in step in when a
5:30 pm
complains of sexual abuse or harassment. this former student claims she reported what happened to her the school ignored her and now she's taking harvard to court. >> harvard has an institutional culture of ignoring and silencing people like me. this is alyssa leader 2015 harvard university graduate federal lawsuit she claims she was sexually assaulted on campus by another student she was in a relationship with after she broke things off, he and his friends stalked and harassed her. leader said she didn't fear on campus she claims she went to the school for help but was ignored. i repeatedly reported these incidents to administrators. i reported that i was living in constant fear. i asked for help. they refused to act. >> federal law requires universities to take action to protect student when they report sex abuse and harassment. leader's lawyer says harvard
5:31 pm
>> he was her she was forced to live in the same dorm to work in the same workplace commissary the dining hall of the dorm with her assailant. after she reported the abuse. harvard will not comment on this lawsuit but the statement said the continued tablets of sexual harassment and assault at harvard and on other college campuses across the nation is deeply disturbing. harvard response fairly purposely to every allegation of sexual assault among students faculty and staff. >> coming up at six hear from a prominent boston attorney who actually sued harvard university a similar matter and that lawsuit helped create the sexual assault policies that harvard has right now. she is closely watching this lawsuit. i'll have that for you coming up at six. >> more details on 2014 harvard law school was founded
5:32 pm
sex discrimination law.after an investigation that took years the department of education office for civil rights bill to comply with title ix's requirements of a prompt and equitable response to complaints for sex assault and harassment. after the violation harvard law school agree to revise its policies to comply with the law. >> snow and rain nice to see the sunshine today woburn. mild afternoon and kevin it sounds like this guys are still clay for a few days. >> for most of us mark and days being of keyword in their few clouds around tonight but it will be mostly clear and that's because of cold front pushing on through produce a couple of clouds snow showers go to our north though you'll see that the futurecast. no flying they'll take every flake they can gamble scare areas. notice the clouds out there over cape cod the wind is lowing right across the water and onto cape cod it's going to
5:33 pm
across every once in a while those clouds can actually produce of you snow showers as you see out here. some of those are going to clip cape cod tomorrow afternoon. especially. high temperatures going to be mild enough that it's going to not the eight living situation is going to be in the 30s but still to be someplace out there. look at the temperatures today 32 degrees in wooster already are down to freezing melting happens today that's going to refreeze not just for you in wooster pretty much where in southern new england all the way down to nantucket below freezing overnight.if you had some snow that melted say watch out for black ice late tonight first thing in the morning seems to be a nightly warning to go along with potholder forming will talk the next for some actual acute leading snow 70 forecast. >> local man wanted for leading an online campaign to hack hospital computer systems under arrest tonight. the feds said he went to great lengths to avoid being
5:34 pm
he was wanted here in massachusetts but as blair the report he was found in international waters. by disney cruise ship. your cuba. >> reporter: federal agent said all stems from this new england girl just who made national headlines in 2013 which he came to boston children's hospital for treatment. the hospital to the parents of medical abuse. a juvenile court judge had given custody of the child to the state of massachusetts. ruling against the parents justina was about to return to her parents custody. the us attorney now says martin god's field of summerville was happy with how the hospital handled the pelletier case.he appeared in federal court today accused of orchestrating wide spread computer hacks against children's hospital in the name of an ominous. this video posted on youtube ages it was god created in 2014. putting more attacks against the hospital. according to atul affidavit the tech cause his problems disrupting data today operations and research being
5:35 pm
agent say god's field was aware of a federal investigation against him. they said he left massachusetts and turned up off the coast of cuba in a sailboat. a disney cruise ship rescued him and his wife the charges against him are serious and if convicted he could spend years in prison and phase $250,000 in fines. >> local high school hazing case could be heading to corporate family of a former chelmsford high school student asking the town for $300,000. wallowing allegations the student was assaulted with a broomstick at a football camp in 2013. the family's attorney claims a school was negligent in their handling of the situation. the lowell sun reported today the town does not believe there is merit to the claim and has no plans to respond to the letter. >> search on to the suspect protect local delivery driver driver from restaurant making delivery on the street in lowell and that's when police say a man walked up and hit him on the back of the head with a
5:36 pm
with the food and some cash. afterwards the victim said he saw a few young men running towards east merrimack street. >> new at five police working to track down the man in the mask. he's accused of walking into a gas station on union avenue framingham just before noon today threatening the clock with a knife and then stealing cash. he left the scene on a children's bicycle.right now this manchester new hampshire woman wanted in connection with the egg robbery 25-year-old stacy allegedly robbed the td bank on south river road in bedford new hampshire on january 19. she allegedly walked into the bank and demanded cash. she also allegedly claimed to have a weapon. she never pulled one out. >> ready construction work is starting next monday on the mbta parking garage in braintree. that means fewer parking spots at the garage that usually fills up i 7:30 in the morning. the construction also going to affect the pickup and drop-off
5:37 pm
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scary situation for passage on board two planes their planes collided in the runway.
5:40 pm
the detroit metropolitan airport. airport officials in american ellen's plane is getting ready for deicing when it the tale of a southwest plane. no one was hurt and no major damage was done to either of those planes. the second one is from last months record breaking 1.6 and other powerball jackpot finally came forward this afternoon. when is paul schmidt maureen schmidt a married couple from melbourne beach florida maureen bought the ticket with numbers she's been playing for years. they opted for a lump sum payout of $328 million before taxes and they did tell any of the family of trends they want until this week. taking it all that time to set up their legal plans. even now things still don't seem real. >> pinch me. i couldn't believe this is really real. just so overwhelming. >> he plans to retire and buy a new truck. maureen simpler she said she simply must a massage. >> both say they plan to keep living their normal lives.
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>> to the campaign trail now we're polls show hillary clinton as a commanding lead in the south carolina right now head of the saturday primary scene imposes 18 points ahead of bernie sanders this comes after sanders won by a landslide in new hampshire. on the republican side the very same poll shows donald trump up 16 point set of takers marco rubio.ted cruz barb beckett donald trump over the of a lawsuit. trumps lawyers said cruises campaign a cease and desist letter over campaign ad that shows trump telling a former meet the press host that he is pro-choice in every way. south carolina today cruz said he welcomes the lawsuit from trump. >> trump says his views on abortion have evolved since that interview 17 years ago and
5:42 pm
>> president obama first visit the supreme court on friday to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia as eliza repose. scalia died on saturday he joined the court in 1986 longest serving justice. vice president and his wife will be at school in his onset of present obama will not be there. >> couple clouds couple snow flurries around new england tonight most of those going to be to the north but there is a chance for some more snow on seven day forecast will show you when the plates of the plates are expected to fly. a local mother talking to our crystal haynes about her controversial decision to use medical marijuana to treat her
5:43 pm
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treatment here massachusetts. she's already seeing a difference. >> reporter: stacy this daughter ashley was diagnosed with syndrome which was five months old. the reform of s he causes wrinkly delivery taking seizures youtube shows that some kids go through during an episode. stacy tells me when powerful antiseizure medication fails she turned to medical marijuana and found success. ashley's seizures were reduced by 90 to 95 percent. we been going to this for 10 years now. 13 pharmaceuticals later, so i know. with 100 percent certainty that this is helping my daughter when everything else failed. >> medical marijuana legal in the baystate with more than 19,000 active patients. the state has an published
5:45 pm
children have marijuana id cards that they are difficult to come by. two doctors have design of the prescription and the american medical association massachusetts medical society and american academy of pediatrics all oppose using the plans as treatment for any illness calling it unproven and even dangerous.>> giving apparent bag of leaves of crude oil extract is not a good way to treat medical problems in children. >> i sat down the state's only doctor willing to prescribe mail it medical marijuana for kids and the clinicians who are against it. tonight at 10 you decide is as treatment hurting kids are helping them. >> federal panel says there's not enough just to prove all children need to be screened for autism at an early age. this has activist and the autism community enraged. advocacy groups of the
5:46 pm
sure no child falls through the cracks.but it'll help officials say they need to know more before they officially recommend universal screening. >> without funding or without the recommendation for funding doctors screen toddler's funding that could become. >> panel discussion getting ready to start about the threat of the zika virus in our community is being held at harvard and will feature infectious disease experts doctors and new york's commission of zika is a mosquito borne virus found several countries. especially dangerous for pregnant women so far massachusetts has only seen one case here. new england college at the forefront of finding a vaccine for the zika virus boston globe reporting researcher at yukon already started on a vaccine it's working with two vexing makers in connecticut. world health organization has
5:47 pm
national health emergency and president obama has asked congress for nearly $2 billion to fight it. >> we're just 31 days away from the startups ring but spring has sprung in florida. red sox getting in some swings and taking ground at spring training in fort myers red sox read these videos today just getting warmed up. kesha wondering if 73 degrees and sunny at camp today they've had some cold weather there and stormy weather too. nice of them to get a break look at this beautiful picture set in. mostly clear there are some clouds that are moving away we need to talk about those. this is a cloudiness trying to move on and call for pushing toward us see clouds in the next few hours the snowblowers coming in with front are going to be swinging to the north a couple of them clipping the northern part of the berkshires i don't expect those to make it into worcester or boston
5:48 pm
a couple of lakes by that's about it. when cape cod you're going to have to watch for them all happening. northwesterly winds up loud start to blow this way but some of those coming across cape cod produce some clouds and potentially some snow showers. averages right now are down to freezing in worcester near freezing in southern new hampshire out to northern worcester county boston well above raising as is cape cod and the islands that will change tonight. it was to where you're freezing now going down to the 10 degrees by 22 degrees oc clear skies same for you boston most of the clouds sliding by to the north but you'll get some in boston clear out dropped to 29 first thing in the morning. back to freezing cold temperatures reach all the way down to cape cod in the islands that means anything it melted today snow trying to melt my yard perhaps on your yard as well.
5:49 pm
refreeze tonight watch for that black ice once again. these are the clouds from time to time snow shower like that one right there through hellmuth up to provincetown even mine not going to be exact locations necessarily at the wind shift to the tiny bit one degree east to west it's going to blow these hands of snow in clouds east or west as well. we'll watch with that wind sets up tomorrow but general ideas that you get some clouds and you get some snow showers and flurries out there cape cod perhaps even the south shore watch for cape and as well tomorrow afternoon.up from these not going to be acutely snows but some flurries. everybody is going to be sunny and clear during the day tomorrow. on right will see some clouds to push toward us with the warm and that's our next chance for some light snow to break out across the area. tomorrow high temperatures on the south shore will be a little cooler than we see that about normal for this time of year.
5:50 pm
would situate tomorrow was the county staying in the low 30s and to guard 31 fitchburg at the oxbridge you get the 34 tomorrow afternoon. seven day forecast show the weekend of view that's looking warmer after the cool down the next couple of days. friday a little milder after the very cold start only in the teens friday morning turn your attention to the next week that's our next threat for storm are computer models showing the storm system forming in the south making its way up the eastern seaboard intensifying offshore just offshore. the issue with that is the more warm air gets involved you see that freezing just northwest of boston if this verifies as a final path of the storm you'd have heavy snow inland heavy rain closer to boston where exactly that will be of course it's too soon to say that something were watching for the next week. of course will keep you updated with each successive computer models. >> exciting morning now the local zoo welcomed a new kid to
5:51 pm
this is chewbacca. he was born yesterday morning at the franklin park zoo. he is a nigerian dwarf goat and weighs in at a healthy four pounds. chewbacca and his mom can be found at the zoo franklin farm. >> adorable goat. >> if you are joining us we are on top of every detail. on a story that still unfolding at this hour you saw first here on ox 25. fbi and irs rating the state reps office all day ahead at six the governess take on this
5:52 pm
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new online shoppers you want to hear this many state financial park shopping online so you can for the sales tax. there was a renewed effort on capitol hill to require online nationwide. >> reporter: just blocks from the us capital leah daniels low. >> our prices are 100 percent the same as the internet. they've asked me if i could wave sales tax for them and they bought my store instead of online. she says online retailers that don't charge sales tax have an unfair advantage. >> i can compete with that. for years now congress is contemplated making at the law nationwide for online retailers too. senate expected to revisit the issue this year and take up a bill that would require online retailers collect sales tax for purchases in every state that has a sales tax.
5:55 pm
represent internet company like facebook and paypal that oppose nationwide internet sales tax. 18 of the top 20 retailers collect tax brevis estate. he argues most big retailers already charge sales tax even amazon does and about half of all states. small businesses already been clobbered by main street clobbered by walmart in their own neighborhoods. turn to the internet is only way to survive. i don't see how they could survive the onslaught of new regulatory a national sales tax. the loser right now businesses like hers when customers to do for the taxes and by online. healthier by skipping soda going to starbucks you may want to rethink rings a new study found some starbucks drinks have as many as 25 spoonfuls of sugar in them. that's three times more sugar than one can of soda. more than three times the maximum adult daily intake
5:56 pm
association. starbucks says that is committed to reduced advantage sugar and the drugs. >> some of the parmesan cheese in your fridge is maybe made of wood.we're talking about a company called castle cheese incorporated which the bladder grade parmesan for craft in the walmart store brand. the bottles are labeled as being one of present cheese but the fda found that less than 40 percent of the cheese is actually cheese. investigation uncovered in additive made of wood pulp was used above the legal limit. >> story of new york tonight trending online and has an awful lot of people talking. new york and lost his wallet during a concert but they play stranger returned it. that's not where the story ends riley clarity enjoyed a night out manhattan when he got home the booklet he realized his wallet was gone. days later a letter came in the mail. almost. dear riley i found your wallet
5:57 pm
your address and here's your credit cards and other important stuff. i kept the cash because i needed weed. the metro card because well fares to 75 now. enjoy the rest of your day tootles. anonymous. raleigh called the good samaritan pot smoking modern-day robin hood he appreciated getting his credit cards back but said it little creepy the strangers all of his personal information and knows where he lives. >> breaking news federal rate on a state senator. the sweep of his camp. presidential election getting tighter by the this hour of breaking down the eye-popping result of a new poll. >> major pothole concerns after half a dozen cars fall into a sinkhole on i 93. tonight we asked lawmakers when the stretch of roadway will be fixed. >> the role this cruise ship played and ending a manhunt for a man accused of hacking boston
5:58 pm
>> with breaking news this is fox25 news at six. complete new england news coverage. >> following breaking news state senator facing a federal investigation tonight sky fox today capturing fbi and irs agents going into the office of democratic senator brian joyce. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> sharman: that's right as they are still inside as we first reported earlier today. i have been here all day long. and they continue to keep walking in and out of this office here we can tell you that brian joyce has refused to talk to us. but his lawyer says he believes he has done absolutely nothing wrong. >> our cameras there hour after hour as the fbi raids state senator ryan choices law
5:59 pm
fbi spokeswoman only tell us the fbi and the irs are conducting a court authorized activity in connection with an ongoing investigation at the milton democrats private law firm. moments ago we caught up with the governor on it. >> is in public life take the bag with the play by the rules seriously. i was troubled by some of the issues that were raised previously with respect to the senator's relationship to some of the folks in his district. >> nobody came to the door when i went to senator joyce's milton home for comment earlier today. and i tried tracking him down the state house office as well but he wasn't there either. in his camp of array taking it was by surprise. >> but this is not the first time brian joyce is made news for scandals. in january the officer campaign lyrical finance announced he agreed to pay nearly $5000 for


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