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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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fbi spokeswoman only tell us the fbi and the irs are conducting a court authorized activity in connection with an ongoing investigation at the milton democrats private law firm. moments ago we caught up with the governor on it. >> is in public life take the bag with the play by the rules seriously. i was troubled by some of the issues that were raised previously with respect to the senator's relationship to some of the folks in his district. >> nobody came to the door when i went to senator joyce's milton home for comment earlier today. and i tried tracking him down the state house office as well but he wasn't there either. in his camp of array taking it was by surprise. >> but this is not the first time brian joyce is made news for scandals. in january the officer campaign lyrical finance announced he agreed to pay nearly $5000 for
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sons graduation marred party. /you came under fire for handing out gold plated designer sunglasses and gives to all 40 state senators sunglasses he got a cut rate from the manufacturer. and just as much we told you about how the governor called for an epic ethics probe and whether not joyce took advantage of his relationship with a randolph drycleaner to get his much is tens of thousands of dollars in free dry-cleaning. >> joyce had enough scandal that is taken to hiring a public relations pro to handle the media calls. when i reached out to her, she told me he would be talking with and instead voted along the statement from his lawyer. it reads it is unfortunate that recent stories in the media appear to have sparked an investigation. senator joyce's been cooperating with each inquiry this taken place to date resulting from those stories and believes he has done absolutely nothing wrong. you see back here live in canton outside his law offices
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senator as his law office tonight the mass gop is calling for senator joyce's resignation. >> what senate president stanley rosenberg saying about all this? >> well interesting late enough he put out his office put out a brief two line statement it essentially saying that this was something that they would cooperate with the federal government the senate would cover cooperate with the investigation certainly but we expected he might say something more we haven't heard from him. that. >> conservative group is calling for senator joyce's resignation late this afternoon they put out a statement in which part says quote no public servant should use this in an office as a one-stop shop for personal enrichment. i just laid a bleeder should begin the process of expelling joyce they did in 2014 with disgraced former rep henriquez.
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convicted of assault charges. >> we continue to track breaking news new hampshire teacher been charged with assaulting a student. walks 25 heather hegedus has been going over all the details released by police and heather just the within the past 15 minutes. >> heather: the schools as a teacher is now on administrative leave while police have charged with simple assault. this happened at southside middle school in manchester who have recently. it was all over candy of all things this is a teacher 82-year-old anita lemay from manchester. manchester police a 14-year-old male student allegedly caused a disturbance in a classroom while eating candy and was refusing to listen to lemay. that's when lemay accused of knocking that candy out of that boy's hand which apparently left a mark on the boys rest. paraprofessional witnessed the incident remove the student for
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principal and reese service officer brogden with the manchester police detective lemay admitted that the ticket that physical contact was made she then turned yourself into police this afternoon. >> a court date has been set superintendent at the school i just spoke with told me the parents have been notified and a substitute teacher has been filling in. district says it remains an active investigation and they're unable to comment further. >> fox25 learned defense team stepping down for the appeal of his boston marathon arming conviction. incorporate defense team filed a motion to appoint a different federal defender to replace mariam conrad and the other members of her team. it's turning to the clark will stay in place to help the transition. >> take a look at this and all-too-familiar scene for many of us. our crews came across several cars damaged by potholes along the stretch of 93. new at six tonight 25 crystal
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being done to make sure more drivers do get stranded. >> we know potholes are nothing new to drivers in new england but after half a dozen cars become disabled, on i 93 new questions are being raised as to when this stretch of roadway will be fixed. >> after a 50 degrees swing monday into tuesday this massive pothole caused several cars to become disabled on i-83 northbound near exit 28. mass state police tell us they responded to six vehicles with tire damage touring rush hour last night. >> i spoke to say that this is the latest incident in a frustrating daily commute. i showed the now past pothole to senator a member of the joint transportation committee. >> senator for he tells me that stretch of i 93 is part of a multi-million-dollar interstate maintenance
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and reservice the highway from boston somerville. in a statement mass .says quote due to the work in this area there have been on occasion a rough road surface and other pavement issues. >> mass.also tells fox 25 as a spring season approach contractor will recommence the deck and joint work in april and that is expected to continue well into june. once that is completed the paving work will be scheduled to occur late in the summer. >> in order to file a claim for damages against the city state you have to prove they knew there was an issue and didn't do anything about it. while motorist with a permanent solution to this problem, ask. says it's contractor will continue patching holes on i 93
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>> kevin the next few days looking a little ideal for even more potholes to form unfortunate. >> the potato black ice overnight same idea eating that melting during the day of any snow that left over out there. and then you get freezing at night in fact out there tempt is already dropping into the 30s look at this high tempter was there was only 38 today that the average high temperatures this time of year is 39 that's pretty close austin was about that today so anything out there still melting today want to refreeze by temp just dropped down below freezing in worcester already into the 30s in boston at 39 degrees inspecting worcester to drop right to the 20s for all the towns out there worcester county. on to the north shore same idea going into the 20s tonight refreezing and in boston even in the city right at the shoreline below freezing tonight as well.
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ice out there to be contending with in the morning but also ideal for pothole formation snowflakes in the forecast socially when you can expect those picnics investigation underway after person was hit and killed by delivery truck and burning and feels furniture warehouse in norton. sky fox overhead shows police and firefighters at the scene on east main street after it happened about 1:15 this afternoon. police have identified the victim as 63 old michael hassett an employee at the warehouse. the truck is owned by subcontractor that delivers furniture for the warehouse. >> also breaking widget in men under arrest tonight for child pornography. please tell fox25 they found digital evidence on his home computer. he has been identified as ken barack. tonight the worcester telegram is reporting the men as a pop warner football coach at
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story right now and will bring you any new information as we get it. >> crews search the one of austin for young men missing since saturday. zachary more of harvard hasn't been seen since he was celebrating his birthday the bell and hand television in boston today for the first time dive teams rate icicle what is at the charles river to the bridge searching for clues. sky fox captured this video of divers shortly after they wrapped up the search. >> a man accused of carjacking a mother and her infant at gunpoint appeared in court today josi robles was arraigned on charges of armed carjacking and armed robbery. police a robust approach the woman at the westgate mall in brockton as she was putting her child in a car seat yesterday a pellet gun demanded the keys and then drove off. but ended up slamming into a pole about three miles away in stone. he took off running police caught him.
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an orange light train last night raising alarm among passages talks 25 covering the story for you around the clock. the t is been inspecting trains after that smoky scare. fox 25 elizabeth hopkins to from boston were committee said today they like to see more workers and more places in case another incident like this happens. elizabeth. >> reporter: they would and as to that inspection the mbta want you to know how carefully they have plans to go over the cars on the orange line to make sure an incident like the one were about to show you doesn't happen again. >> dramatic video shows just what happened when smoke appeared on the mbta orange line. he told me what he heard and saw. >> at about 8:30 tuesday night panel came up an orange light train lending on the third rail and creating sparks and smoke it affected to trains and terrified riders who kicked out windows to get to the platform. >> we requested interviews
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department of transportation they told us that no one would department. and sent us the statement which reads in part, followed last night incident involving two online trains the mbta is immediately incorporated and more exterior check of body help hardware is put up regular maintenance work on orange line cars. >> these are those exterior body panels the only powder the type of traits that run along the orange line. bt aces every eight or nine would still examine those panels along with bolts and rivets. mbta believe the panel that led to sparks and smoking has fallen off when passing the just deteriorated mbta says they admittedly stepped into action. abundance of caution the body panels on the entire orange line fleet were checked immediately after the incident. as result of the inspection crews for the secured team panels on 120 cars.
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the issue of staffing apparently riders were saying they did not see any mbta workers on the platform here at the station. when we asked him about this though they would only reverse back to that statement which talked about the fact that everything about this is under investigation and everything including staffing is up for assessment. >> is a disturbing accusation. harvard graduate says a university did not do enough to protect her my sexual assault. harvard university graduate claims she was sexually
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the they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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race for the white house suffolk university usa today poll shows surprising outcomes the democratic republican it's go head-to-head in the general election. fox 25 carey, joins us live now with the hypothetical matchups. >> is still unclear who will emerge on both sides to win the party's nomination but this new poll is looking ahead to november and the potential matchup. what they found may surprise you hillary clinton not faring well against any of the top republican contenders. paul found if hillary clinton becomes a democratic comedy she loses to john casey rubio ted cruz and donald trump. if bernie sanders becomes the democratic nominee he beat ted cruz head-to-head but the vermont senator loses to marco rubio john casey and donald
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however is margin of error in all of this raises poll doesn't show any landside victory for any candidate if you want to view the hypothetical margins of victory pedro website. >> talk about big money donors ahead at 6:30 will tell you which local person has given away more than 1.5 dollars this election season. >> local community mourning the loss of one it's firefighters. died after a snowmobile accident 30-year-old eric of seabrook member of the volunteer fire department have default to have it for 13 years. lost control of a snowmobile and hit a tree monday afternoon he died at the scene despite efforts from fellow writers. >> police working to track down burglary suspect to cut cable and phone lines. happened early this morning douglas at the family could be a center and another business
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police say the suspect cut cable phone lines before breaking into both places anyone with information is urged to call douglas police. >> new at six not happening. company says there just isn't enough snow so but the tour is on hold for now. mild temper is taking a toll on that business. it doesn't look like any major snowfall on the way. >> at least not for the next five days or so we're watching something for next week but tempers out there certainly cold enough we won the snow right now after mild day boston had 39 not cold enough there but inland anyway out with the county seeing some of those colder temperatures was to anyone right now already below freezing feels like 21 with the wind chill and going down into the low 20s for a temperature overnight. check out lawrence appear there valley 36 going down to about 26 overnight tonight. bottom line it's going to be cold everywhere.let's check out hyannis. going down to the 30s tonight into the upper 20s there as well.
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going to refreeze tonight definitely concern of lack ice is there one more time. not much falling from the sky tonight in leicester northern new england to a few clouds. through the morning wake up to sunshine perhaps on cape and but certainly out to cape cod and the islands of the winds blow across the water produced some of those clouds as the day progresses might see if you don't like start to play in some locations that would be exact where these locations are which way the wind is blowing from one degree east or west of the trajectory to cast showing here also push the snow bands east to west. either way it's not a huge concern just something to keep in mind as far as high temp just tomorrow right around freezing and topsfield rockport 33 salisbury beach only 28 for high temperature tomorrow. metrowest area dedham 34 32 in natick off to the north 31 in
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foxboro at 32 degrees or afternoon. worcester county 31 city. auburn at 29 and 28 to the north and fitchburg tomorrow afternoon and finally check out the south shore brockton at 33 coast marshfield in plymouth both at 33 tomorrow afternoon. not going to be a lot of melting going along with temperatures that close to freezing. huge concern but some you have to watch forest about the door first thing in the morning sunshine start today on friday keeps it going to lunch time. they do on the day some clouds do to increase warm front pushing toward us and it's friday night into saturday morning when expect possibility for some stuff to form so this will take us a little farther into the future there are the flakes even some rain drops in southern new england it's a
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seeing any snow break out across the area is not a huge concern not that one anyway but it's in there and i want you to be aware of it. seven day forecast includes that weekend and view with temperatures warming up to the weekend behind that warm front so the next chance of some substantial precipitation snow or rain doesn't come until next week. a storm coming from the south and up the coast line make its way very close to southern new england. computer models show us the same kind of trajectory being that close to new england it would push warm air far inland and that means we have a snow rain situation snow are with rain closer to the coast where exactly inside for 95 and 120 too soon to know keep this on the back of your mind storm going to be watching for the next seven days to see if it's going to track on in here. >> looking to reduce the number of laces except food stamps where they would like to be ebt free and the surprises wrong.
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6 pope delivering the math long the us border.speaking which is right across from paso texas. the 200,000 catholics may across the border to watch the popes speak in mexico. the triple the us custom agencies have each day. >> the money from the urban
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be used to train appear first responders for emergencies. past funding focused on improving medication between agencies and running with responded drills. >> developing to the fbi wants to go to the phones of the san bernardino shooters apple ceo is saying no. in the battles now heading to court. >> apples going up against the federal government in the case could have huge legal implications. apple ceo tim cook says he will by a court order requiring his company to help the fbi recover data from an iphone that was used by one of the san bernardino terrace. the ruling requires apple to help the fbi disable the security feature which erases data from the iphones after too many attempts to unlock it. with a feature disabled vets confide tries many times they need to unlock the phone. but cook says he's fighting the order over privacy concerns.
6:25 pm
beyond the legal case at hand. >> cell phone logs have become more problematic for criminal investigators in the past few some law enforcement officials are hoping this ruling will make it easier for them to get court orders to help pass the locks. >> but it can be a tough sell with something you should be able to override the privacy features they pay for. investors tell fox iphone essential to this case and possible peer connections overseas apple now has five business days to formally respond to that rolling. >> capturing the attention of wanted hacker edward snowden earlier this afternoon he tweeted out quote the fbi is
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rely on apple to defend the rights. rather than the other way around. massachusetts fugitive arrested at the coast of cuba by a disney cruise ship. ahead in our next half-hour the crime is accused of motivated by a high-profile custody battle involving this teenage girl. live to norton were our crew has just arrived at the scene of a deadly crash that happened right in this parking lot. >> what we're learning about the victim just minutes from now. >> this woman is suing the very university she graduated from just a few months ago. i repeatedly reported these incidents to administrators. i reported that i was living in constant fear. ahead at 6:30 average response to the troubling accusation
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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fbi and the irs or vista getting state senator brian joyce. >> federal agents raided his law office in canton this morning and they are still on the scene tonight. joyce is based in the past over possible use of campaign funds. the governor easily called for an ethics investigation into the white joyce is receiving fry tree dry-cleaning services and now their new calls for him to step down. >> manchester new hampshire teacher accused of assaulting a
6:30 pm
police of the student was causing disturbance in a classroom while eating some candy and refusing to listen to the 52-year-old teacher. that's when officers say anita lemay knocks a candy out of the teens and left a mark on the students wrist. another staff member saw what happened and removed the student reported lemay we will have a live report from manchester new hampshire tonight at 10 and 11. >> breaking news out of norton a man is dead following this crash outside of a purchased or. fox25 just arrived on scene and jackie police just confirmed the victim is an employee. >> that's right mark police test identified him as 63-year-old weikel hassett a long time employee of bernie and nails happened around 1 o'clock this afternoon hassett was in from foxboro working in the back parking lot of the story was hit by a delivery truck driver. the truck was owned by any hds subcontractor the delivers for that company i just got off the
6:31 pm
representatives they said they just found out about what happened here they weren't ready to comment yet. but several employees were walking around the scene today shocked at what they were seeing they declined to go on camera. police were also unavailable for interviews but did send us a press release saying that accident under investigation by the buddha county district attorney's office. so far we've not been able to ask about the id of the driver that had any kind of record or they were impaired. we've also reached out by phone email twitter to bernie to see if that message of condolence for the victims family so far they have not replied. >> randolph meningeal tonight been held without bail domestic's work to piece together a motive for deadly shooting. the victim loved to wrap and make videos. fox25 robert gholston talk to a family and to have no idea why this happened. >> office is one of the side of the parking lot when those first shots were fired the rain appear that the one man dead outside the bar another man
6:32 pm
cars. >> the scene was intense as randolph police moved in after nearby offices are gunfire. police say drake scott was shot in the head and killed. he was 23 and love to wrap he even made videos like this one. >> police say scott was doing open mic night at city limits and randolph last night when gregory wright showed up with a plan to kill him. police say wright asked about his which door scott would have to delete used to lead to the faults got upset and shot him five times at close range. the first offices on scene caught right he resisted. >> a woman writes randolph home would not comment. >> according to court records one witness told police she heard a man inside the bar say the kid who killed my family member is here and he is going
6:33 pm
>> flowers and candles were left at the scene by some of the victims friends. the suspect is being held without bail. >> two people hurt tonight after a frightening crash in waltham scene on salem street just after four this afternoon. it appears a car launched over hard real before crashing into a dumpster to bj's wholesale club. told people inside which was to the hospital we don't how badly they are hurt they were trapped in the car for about 30 mins. >> mass pike in brighton ride home a lot easier than it was his time yesterday.dryer two. kevin no wind rain toward about tonight but you are tracking the box possibility for some snow later in the week. >> look at these high temperatures today upper 30s to mid-40s all above average across the area. quite a stark difference. look at all those no pictures from a year ago. corrupted 95 inches of snow at this point last year.
6:34 pm
their own catherine giving us a beautiful shot of today as well will nice-looking day out there in temperatures above average all across the board that tonight there falling anything melting around the yard today is temp is going below freezing in wooster boston 39 overnight tonight going to keep getting chillier and getting freezing. down there wooster 22 degrees watch for black ice anywhere to watch that ipswich north shore going to 26 even the city of boston tensed a little warmer it will but going below freezing 20 degrees under clear skies first thing in the morning again watching for some black ice lakes and raindrops in the forecast though and next substantial storm is in the offing check those computer miles. >> local man wanted for leading an online campaign to hack to the hospital computer system is under arrest tonight. beds said he went to great
6:35 pm
he was wanted here in massachusetts but as blair miller reports he was found in rescued in international waters by a disney cruise ship your cuba. >> federal agents say it all stems from his new england girl justina pelletier who made national headlines in 2013 when she came to boston children's hospital for treatment. the hospital cues to parents of medical abuse. a juvenile court judge had given custody of the child to the state of massachusetts. ruling against the parents justina was eventually returned though to her parents custody. the us attorney now says martin god's field of summerfield was not happy with how the hospital handled the pelletier case.he appeared in federal court today accused of orchestrating wide spread computer hacks against children's hospital in the name of anonymous. in this video posted on youtube agents it was him who created it in 2014. threatening more attacks against the hospital. according to the federal
6:36 pm
problems disrupting day-to-day operations and research being done at the hospital. agent say god's field was aware of a federal investigation against him. they said he left massachusetts and turned up off the coast of cuba in a sailboat. a disney cruise ship rescued him and his wife the charges against him are serious and if convicted he could spend years in prison and face $250,000 in fines. >> men accused of potential running over teenager with his truck did not guilty in court today remains behind bars tonight. roscoe is a 21-year-old calvin sousa got into an argument with a 15-year-old in a picomole friday night he then allegedly hit the teen with his truck before taking off. susan employee says client is fully cooperating. >> mr. sousa as soon as he found out about this katie turned himself in. he came in off the street wants to face this head-on. he knows what he's up against. >> tonight the victim still in the hospital but is expected to
6:37 pm
held until a dangerousness hearing next week. >> the race for the white house now spending by super packs and outside groups hitting mega numbers in the presidential race but so far the money spent in hopes of losing both top 200 million. more than three times what had been set by this time in 2012. one of those donors is barbara lee of cambridge founder of the barbara lee family foundation. she is noted $1.6 million to liberal super packs. >> this is a very small price to pay for the kind of access and clout this money can purchase. >> donors can spend unlimited amounts of super packs contributions darkly to candidate campaigns have a limit of $2700 per election. >> search on tonight for the suspect who attacked a local delivery driver from wass saying restaurant was making his delivery on in lowell.
6:38 pm
walked up and hit him on the back of the head with a metal pipe suspect took off with food and some cash. the victim said he saw a young man towards east merrimack street. >> warning for police after person at a gas station was hit by a stray bullet it happened in new bedford or bedford new hampshire police said the person hit was not seriously injured and police investigation revealed the bullet was likely fired from a long way off. police believe this was a case of someone being careless while hunting target shooting so now they're asking anyone who's outshooting to make sure they know what's behind the target. >> 74-year-old woman robbed at knife point local supermarket police say a man used a knife in attack yesterday in salem new hampshire. later in the day lawrence mass state police pullover car that matched the discussion from the victim. lycie search found several items from the victim's purse along with a knife.devon max
6:39 pm
held by state police and police charged in new hampshire. >> smoldering ashes blamed for setting for people to the hospital. carbon monoxide detector going off at a home on school street last night just before eight when they got the readings inside the home nearly triple the safe level investigation revealed smoldering ashen the place caused the problem.>> a panel discussion underway about the threat of the zika virus. held at harvard and will feature infectious disease experts doctors and new york's health commissioner. zika is a mosquito borne illness found in several countries that especially dangerous for pregnant women. so far massachusetts has only seen one case here and a person who traveled internationally. >> federal at the crackdown where people can use stamps. that's because the us the aces people using food stamps at restaurants and congress did not intend for that to happen. pizza shops are especially known to score the rules. some pizza restaurants have
6:40 pm
steps because pieces primary ingredient is do or bread. taxpayer watchdog david says taxpayers may not be getting the best bang for their buck. >> to make a pizza cost a dollar or two dollars to buy it cost eight or nine dollars. the usda proposed changes mean that only 50 percent of the sales can include food that's cooked or heated on-site. >> major work about started one of the busiest t stops ahead at six a big issue it may create for people hoping to get to work on time. >> harvard graduate is suing the university the way she claims the university did not protect her after she was being sexually assaulted on campus. >> let's take a look at what's trending.right now the most
6:41 pm
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student is filing suit to protect the women. >> list leader 2015 graduate of harvard university said filing a lawsuit against harvard public speaking of was one of the hardest things never had to do. harvard has institutional culture of ignoring and silencing people like me. and if a lawsuit leader claims she was sexually assaulted by another student a man dated and after she broke things off, she
6:44 pm
actually harassed her. leader claims report abuse to ignored. i repeatedly reported these incidents to administer it. i reported that i was living in constant here. i asked for help. they refused to act. >> i'm not surprised because i had cases against harvard dating back to 2001. boston attorney litigation force harvard to create current new sex assault policy. lawsuit. and what good is a policy that reads rate but is it and force. that's the issue in this lawsuit. not so much that harvard doesn't have a good policy, that when somebody went to use it, it didn't work. >> harvard university will not comment on this lawsuit but in a statement it outlined its sex abuse policy. >> corrections officer charged with trafficking heroine
6:45 pm
today prosecutors say stephen lebron of swansea sold heroin to indicate state police trooper fall river several uniform. he was employed at mci bridgewater at the time he was arrested on friday following a weeklong investigation. >> desperate parents of kids with uncontrollable sages are starting to turn to medical marijuana for treatment is a controversial but we got treatment here in massachusetts. one mother says she's already seeing a difference. >> i know with 100 percent certainty, that this is helping my doctor would every single thing else fail. her daughter ashley suffered from seizures that she was five months old. she credits a drug what she called a 95 percent improvement. tonight at 10 fox 25 crystal haynes uncovers the challenge parents facing getting a script and why some doctors considers relief too risky. that's tonight on fox 25 news at 10. >> another mild february day out there another it seems like just a few days ago we were in
6:46 pm
actually we were picked tonight it's 31 in worcester going down below using one more time out there. freeze cycle is crystal talk to this evening about those potholes and that certainly the issue when you have these freeze thaw cycles but you got that black ice to form there was still some out there today 21 what it feels like in worcester with the north wesley would call low you're going tonight 22 degrees you first wake up in the morning so will be icy in spots not everywhere but there will be some spots in your walkways drivers that will be icy in the morning. that's the cycle that we've been in feels like 30 appeared lawrence 26 in the morning for low temperature last february just cold all the time didn't need any warning. when you attempt is like this 39 austin in the evening and no ice you worry about what's going to happen in the morning step outside it's only 28 degrees.
6:47 pm
on that. that's a one weather threat that i'm concerned about put on moderate threat for the area during the night tonight and first thing in the morning. as far as floor is there will be some mostly cape cod that's where the low threat same with the wind start to gust tomorrow afternoon northwesterly winds blowing across the harbor and onto cape cod that's going to produce some of those snow flurries. cold front coming on by couple of house with its snowflakes to the north huge concert just be some reason northern central new england that's much here in southern new england that's going to wait that when she to happen the clouds blowing off the water and toward cape cod. and by the afternoon some of those produce some snow flurries see the offshore here and watch with a start to appear here on cape cod around the falmouth sandwich areas tomorrow evening. not everybody going to see a snowflake tomorrow afternoon on
6:48 pm
snow showers and. the way the wind is going to be setting up blowing across the water. high temp is tomorrow 36 in bridgewater 34 sandwich 34 nantucket so cold for snowflakes if they do materialize north and west between shirley saying low freezing garden looking down the road pieced friday fridays going to start a great plenty of sunshine clear skies lunch hour gorgeous day no question about it. clouds doctor roll on intern evening hours and during the evening watching for pushing towards a warm front produce those clouds eventually some snow showers and light snow. mainly north of the massachusetts turnpike appoints northward not going to be accumulating snow more than say a coding of snow in some areas. that it warms up through the morning with a warm front going by. that way for northern new england by later on the day on saturday so milder air moving in get that from those maps but also from the seven-day forecast your weekend in view see the front coming by early with the rain and snow showers
6:49 pm
high temp job saturday in the 40s and on sunday in the 40s again pushing 50 degrees this weekend. way down the road to next week tuesday and wednesday watch storm come up the coast again from the south and then push toward southern new england on this path which is the one our computer models are worst king on this one is going to push warm air in here produce snow inland rain the coast between. wait too soon to see where exactly what is going to be or how much it will produce looks like potentially significant storm here in southern new england. head's up construction work starts on monday on the mbta parking garage in braintree. that means your parking spots will be available at a garage that usually fills up by 7:30 in the morning construction also going to affect the pickup and drop off traffic patterns as well as how you access the premium working spots.
6:50 pm
august.>> food fights taking they're one of that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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red sox players eager to get to work still shy of a week into the whole team is due in fort myers. daily parade of arrivals continue today mayors on the field and all eyes on the big fella as he gets used to playing first base transition isn't as easy as some may portray to be. hanley knows it's going to take focus to take hard work but is comfortable.>> we are also on mba trade watchlist 24 hours from the deadline nothing yet from the celtics but his reports indicate the south will be the favorite to land out over she talks to to move him. we will stay tuned.
6:54 pm
for leonard johnson you may remember him as a guy who like to dance a little bit when he made a big play for the patriots he didn't play in the playoffs even though he was active he was released today by the pats that release is over $230,000 in salary cap. it's been a tough year at the height the bc football best teams have been taught to put it nicely. but there are significant rays of hope and chest helping hockey team ranked section in the country was the number one. butch stearns was with the eagles. >> probably want you wouldn't think about great. i would say unified. perfect is another word to describe this year's bt women's hockey team.
6:55 pm
32 and oh overall weather so good? that's great about them they make each of the better. this friday and saturday dbc place home at providence when both become the first women's team in hockey east street to post a perfect regular season. >> incredible accomplishment officials with kind of on this from the preseason opted i think it's a great step for program. >> for all the success of this hockey program these lady eagles have much bigger goals than a perfect regular season. that's not our end goal. what is your end goal? >> national championship. >> were not finished yet. we got to get a star.
6:56 pm
sports. what they're trying to do is incredibly difficult than a phenomenal season last year favorites went to national championship and they lost in the worst of four. to regather regroup and put a season like this together again it's a big deal. we wish them the best. check them out. alex carpenter. >> seven-day forecast right here shows it to be cold out for ice in the morning. some kind of connection there ice. 34 degrees high more often watch out for the lack ice. already below freezing up there was the county after melting today whatever snow you had left some flakes flying early saturday morning not much maybe a coding north of the pipe that something or keep a close eye on the stove in the offing later next week what about
6:57 pm
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the grammy aftershock shaking hollywoodtonight. >> is kanye west trying to steal your fame? >> taylor swift is dodging the kanye controversy. and rumors of a melt down came to light. she said she was too sick to perform. >> she ran through her entire performance twice just hours before the show. >> and lady gaga couture. we're with her stylist fashion week. bowie transformati sequins and feat and fashion advice from an expert. >> 50 crafts minnesota working


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