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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 18, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, developing news on the south shore. dozens of fire fighters battle heavy flames that destroy a large family home. what investigators are searching for at the site of this deadly fire. a state senator under investigation for using campaign money on his family. crawls growing for him to step down. a local community stunned when their pop warner coach is arrested. >> seems like an all right guy. i never thought we do something like that. >> julie: the popular app for teenagers that the coach was using for child porn says police. complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4:00 on this thursday, february 18.
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morning, i am julie grauert. the cold is back. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with the potential for some snow. >> shiri: a little bit of snow and that snow will be contained to the cape. most of us seeing nice, clear skies like we are right now. 32 in boston with 20s lawrence, bedford, norwood when you wake up. 25 degrees in worcester. a chill in the air and the fact that temperatures are cooling down there not make things more comfortable. by 6 a.m. low and mid-20s. boston dropping down to 30 degrees. as we carry you up to noon, our warm-up is under way. kind of a meager warm-up. 31 at noontime in boston. lower 30s in the burbs. at or below freezing for many of you through the afternoon hours. 5 a.m. and for -- 5 p.m. for the drive home from work, we are teetering right around -- teetering around 30 degrees. we will see more clouds develop especially down across the cape.
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of an ocean effect snow showers of an ocean effect snow showers. the rest of us are looking fantastic. 28 to 36 degrees. a little cool but the brightest condition inland. couple of scattered clouds at the coast. a chance for ocean-effect snow. when that wraps up in just a couple of minutes. . >> julie: julie route 193 south moving along fine. pike is clear through framingham through newton into the allston-brighton. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 495 to the leverett connector. 4:02 this morning. the state fire marshal is investigate investigating a deadly fire at a waterfront home on the south shore 37 shore shore. we know that one person was killed in that fire on ellisville road in plymouth. we have been on the scene since last night and this morning the situation is still developing. neighbors tell fox25 that a family with older children lived in that home.
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night and brought under control around 11:30. fire fighters from plymouth and you bourne were called to the scene. we have a reporter on the way to plymouth. a live report at 5:00. this morning a state senator under investigation by the fbi and the irs claims he did nothing wrong. political reporter sharman sacchetti broke this story on our web site and fox25 cameras were in canton all day as federal agents raided the law office of state senator brian joyce. the raid is part of an ongoing investigation involving the milton democrat. charlie baker called into the ethics probe of the relation ethics probe of the relationship between joyce and a randolph dry cleaner that a randolph dry error that provided tens of thousands of dollars of free dry cleaning. campaign funds to pay for his son's campaign party. a representative for joyce would only give thus statement, it reads, it is unfortunate that recent stories in the media seem to spark an investigation. the state gop has called for him to resign. we will be following this
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bring you any details as it happens. a local pop warner football coach faces child pornography charges leaving a tight-knit community stunned this morning. students and parents in winchendon said he loved his job and teaching children. he was a husband and father and well known. local police and homeland security searched his home on metcalf and arrested him after they found pornographic images of young kids on his computer and cell phone. the news is spreading through town and they can't believe it. >> wow. a pop warner coach. i am completely surprised. >> seems like an all right guy. i never thought we do something like that. >> daniel: investigators said more pornographic images in the app kik that is popular with teenagers. we told you with the dairngs associated with the kik app on monday.
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in-depth report on our web site right now at log on and search kik app. a new hampshire teacher is off a job accused of hitting a middle school boy. police in manchester tell fox25 that she turned herself in yesterday. anita lemay is charged with assaulting the student for smacking his hand and leaving a mark on his wrist. the 14-year-old was eating candy and reportedly refusing to obey her. people who know lemay surprised about the allegation. >> we find it hard to believe she did anything that was not aboveboard with the student. she is very involved with her family and her kids. julie lemay has been on paid administrative leave since the incident. a court date has not been set. we are two days out until the south carolina primary and the candidates are making a last-ditch effort to move up in the polls. some slammed president obama. some slammed each other.
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mary maloney has more. >> reporter: struggling to keep his campaign afloat, ben carson resurrected a line from hillary clinton's presidential bid. >> it's 3 a.m., who do you want answering the phone. >> i can guarantee you his more 2 a.m. phone calls than anybody else, all the rest of them put together having to make life and death decisions. >> reporter: broke party lines claiming if he were in president obama's shoes he would nominate a supreme court justice in his last months of office, something the president vows to do and republicans promise to block. >> i probably would take the opportunity to nominate someone opportunity to nominate someone. >> reporter: marco rubio slammed president obama's plan to visit cuba. >> they are a repressive regime >> they are a repressive regime. >> reporter: he bolted about hi campaign's diverse endorsement. >> i have the endorsement of a governor with end yant descent that endorsed a presidential candidate of cuban des sent and campaigning alongside a african-american senator. >> reporter: called out fellow republican ted cruz.
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you say it is true and you stay over and over and there is no other word for it. >> reporter: cruz focused on someone else donald trump saying that his attempts to sue him aren't serious. >> at one point i laughed out loud. >> reporter: he broke out in song i just called to say i love you >>reporter: donald trump was in his own town hall and the poll. >> i have never done well in a "wall street journal" poll. i think they don't like me. >> daniel: they will all be in a debate tonight. john kasich is coming to massachusetts. he is polling between four and sixth. he is hope he is hoping to build on the momentum he gained in neighboring new hampshire where he got a surprise second-place victory in the state's primary.
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and on saturday. president obama is the first president to visit cuba in 88 years. the white house is expected to take the trip. it will take place in march before a previously planned trip to argentina. the trip is expected to be quick. the president said he will only visit cuba if he is allowed to meet with proponents of the castro regimes while he is there. this morning, police will continue their investigation into a deadly workplace accident in norton. michael haslet was hit by a delivery truck in the back parking lot of the bernie and phil's furniture warehouse. he is a father of five and works at the warehouse. the family of the chain posted on facebook expressing their sadness and sorrow. the truck that hit haslet is hit by a subcontractor who delivers furniture to the ware delivers furniture to the warehouse. looking whether charges will be filed. the driver of the truck that crashed into the ocean is
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fair haven police pulled him from the water. the 61-year-old crashed into the water. no word what caused him to go off the road. the boston marathon bomber is asking for a new legal team this morning to help anymore -- to help him appeal his conviction. dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team filed a motion to replace federal defender miriam conrad and other members of her team. this is standard practice for death penalty appeals. tsarnaev was sentenced to death after a jury found him guilty of all counts stemming from the marathon bombing. attorney judy clark will say in place to help. a mother who lived in the how fast squalor where three infants were found dead will face murder charges pap cord together northwest daily news, a judge has denied two motions to file murder charges against erika murray. they arrested her after they discovered the condition of her blackstone home and found the children dead inside. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out the
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outside a local bar. gregory wright showed up at city limits with plan to kill a man doing an open mic night there. drake scott would leap from and follow him outside and shot him five times. wright is being held without bail this morning. still no word this morning what caused this massive fire at a historic building in central massachusetts. you can see the flames just shooting out of the home in templeton. it was built in the 17 60s and registered with the national historic safety historic society and the second oldest home in that town. the blaze started early yesterday morning. the fire chief says is the third fire the town has seen in the past week. it is now 4:10. a local man is the victim of an elaborate scheme involving a cell phone, home phone and his credit card. the newton man said his cell phone suddenly stopped working and he called his carrier and the number had been transferred
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after the phone was reactivated a man received a message from his bank that $16,000 was charged on his credit card at stores in new york city and the victim discovered that his home phone line was also hacked. >> if a merchant was trying to reach me at home to verify the purchase, i won't getting a phone call at the house. the house phone was being transferred to another. julie he doesn't know why he was targeted. since the charges were unauthorized he will not be held responsible for them. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. the live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 in peabody to the tobin bridge. shiri? >> temperature-wise right now starting the day in the 20s. 28 degrees outside. 26 at 5:00 this morning, by 6 a.m., 24, we are losing steam. we will tell you when we bottom out and when the warm-up starts next. >> julie: shiri, talk to you soon.
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forced to live in a dorm with the person who abused her. why the prestigious school turned a deaf ear to her complaint. dozens line the street outside a apple store but no
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coming u this morning art vis s are planning more protest to show support for apple. the company has four more days to file an appeal or comply with the judge's order to
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san bernandino terrorists. the fbi wants the company to give access to the phone's data give access to the phone's data. apple will fight the order. the company fears complying with the ruling will open the door to give government access to encrypted information. the white house says they are not asking apple to redesign its product. people rally people rallied outside a apple store in california. snowden tweeted the fbi is create creating a world, with citizens rely on apple rather than other side of around. he called on google to stand with apple. he is living in exile in russia to avoid facing prosecution in the u.s. this morning, boston has more money to prepare for disaster. the city has received a nearly $18 million grant from the department of homeland security department of homeland security. the funds from the urban area security initiative will be used to train and prepare first
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communication between agencies during emergencies. there is a new evident on capitol hill that charge sales tax for things you buy online. this morning, new england lawmakers are trying to prevent that from happening. the senate is expected to take up a bill that will enforce the online tax for purchases made in every state that currently has a sales tax. the union leader reports that new hampshire's two senators have vowed to night in congress. they tell the paper keeping the internet tax-free helps drive economic growth. some call it a crime, drivers who use disability placards to get parking perks. fox25 has unveiled new ways to crack down on ate spwus a photo copy of a placard laminated or semi laminated. >> daniel: photo copies, fakes and even placards by dead people are all being illegally used. sharman sacchetti spent the day with police and didn't take
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of cheating the system. tonight at 10:00, what some towns are already doing to put the breaks on this abuse and learn the steps the state plans to make. it is 4:17. we check traffic and weather four every ten minutes. right now on the expressway, you are flying. 128, northbound and southbound looks good through dedham and needham up to wellesley. pike clear, and this is what you will encounter over through brighton. 12 minutes from 106 to 128. 23 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, you can expect a clear, cold commute today. >> absolutely correct. so even a live look in boston. pretty quiet yet conditions, julie. it is clear but chilly. we are down to boston at 32 degrees. a little bit of wind making it feel like 25. so the winds aren't going to be whipping all this much today, but any bit of wind on top of these freezing temperatures will make it feel 5 to 10
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25 degrees in worcester. we have mostly clear skies as well. 13-mile-per-hour breeze. wind chills down to 14 right now. at 6 a.m., your temperature drops another degree to 24 degrees down to 22 at 8 a.m. and then warm-up takes off. so 10:00 this morning, 25 degrees. notice highs here in the early afternoon, only getting into the upper 20s versus somewhere like boston at 32 degrees. where temperatures, again, are going to continue to drop until 7, 8:00 down to 28 degrees. that freezing point, so basically what you find outside now, what you are dressing for this afternoon as well. we really don't have much today. we have sunshine ruling the forecast in most towns and cities, and you will notice more cloud cover over the ocean more cloud cover over the ocean, and across the so we are going to bump in scattered clouds across the coast. especially cape anne and cape cod. ocean effect clouds and even the potential for a potential
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and winds coming in from the north directing that right over the middle and outer cape. we will have to watch that. narrow band will bring a coating of snow to communities. so chilly conditions when you wake up tomorrow morning. again, most of us are talking nice, clear skies. your friday morning is looking bright and beautiful. but then friday afternoon, here comes the changes. take you through it, because by evening, we will have clouds planted in place, and the further north you go, the better chance for encountering some snow showers. it doesn't look all this wet here saturday -- excuse me friday night into saturday, but there will be a couple of snow and rain showers around. today, though, talk about a beautiful forecast. 28 in worcester. a little bit cold, but we have sunshine. sunshine in nashua at 3 sunshine in nashua at 33 degrees. bedford mostly sunny at 33. sun and scattered clouds in boston, beverly and plymouth at all 32 degrees. we have lower 30s. middle 30s across the cape and islands. a little bit more cloud cover there and the slight chance of
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lows tonight, we are dropping back into the teens. every morning we are getting a little colder. tomorrow no exception. a chill in the air. high temperatures tomorrow do wind up in -- in the mid- to upper 30s. 40-degree reading lawrence, bedford down to foxborough tomorrow. and the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. wanted to quickly break down four the risk of overnight in snow transitioning to a little bit of drizzle. northern new england getting a lot more than we will until southern new england. late in the day, the clouds start to break apart. sunshine start with sunshine, high 50 degrees with increasing clouds. another watch of light, wintry mix overnight into monday morning, but the next big weather maker comes to town tuesday night into wednesday. back to you. frustrated homeowners can't that is clogging their homes.
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pictures say it all, what is causing a panic over tumbleweed. a man arrested is found
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pope francis has wrapped up his visit to mexico and on his way home to the vatican this morning. his last stop was to the city of juarez. he held a mass along the mexico the pope call it is a humanitarian crisis and offered a blessing to both sides of the boardy. three ranchers from the same family are facing all new federal charges. cliven bundy and his sons are accused of organizing the occupation of the national wild occupation of the national wildlife refuge. cliven is arrested last week and held without and held without bail because cobe a flight risk. he faces charges for his standoff with federal officials two years ago. the 69-year-old could spend the rest of his life in prison if he is convicted. police in new york city have two people in custody who they say attacked tourists of trying buying tickets to the statue of liberty. two people tried to sell the man fake tickets to the statue
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they punched him in the face. the kentucky man was knocked unconscious and broke his skull, but he is recovering this morning. the death of an unarmed black teenager has sparked a potential new law in missouri that thank will put body camera that thank will put body cameras on police officers. >> please let body cameras a source of truth in missouri communities. >> julie: that was the mother of michael brown, the black teenager shot in ferguson by a police officer. she said that bill will help police gain back trust in their communities. if the bill passes, police will have to wear the body cameras while in uniform. a harvard grad is suing her alma mater. the school ignored her complaints she was being sexually harassed on campus. alyssa weeder graduated and she said she was sexually assaulted with her former boyfriend and after she broke things off, she went to campus officials and they did nothing. she said they wouldn't move him from the dorm they both lived
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>> i repeatedly reported these incidents to administrators. i reported that i was living in constant fear. i asked for help. they refused to act. >> daniel: harvard university won't comment on the pending lawsuit and says that the statement outlining their sex assault policy. now 4 :26 now 4 :26. family ended up witnessing the fbi bust a local hacking suspect. martin got sfield of somerville launched a cyber attack against boston children hospital all because he was angry with the way they handled the case of connecticut teen justina pelletier. she was taken from her parents who were accused of medical child abuse. she spent more than a year in federal cuffed. when goat word that federal agents were looking for him, he took off. he and his wife were found in a disney cruise boat. the cruise picked him up off of a small sailboat after he made a distress call.
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thousands of dollars of fines. two people were caught stealing a snow blower out of someone's driveway in revere. the homeowner said the security camera caught the two men pulling up in a white jeep, they steal a snow blower that was chained to concrete foundation. the home is on revere road. police hope that someone will recognize the men in this video recognize the men in this video. this morning people are defending a local teacher off of the job for smacking a sfintd i would never expect her to be a person who would do something that wasn't poss i have to students. >> daniel: coming up how a piece of candy sparked the investigation. new at 4:30, new clues from the murder of a local woman hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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developing now at 4:30, this is breaking on the south shore. the waterfront property that is now the scene of a deadly fire. a pop warner coach is arrested. the popular app for teenagers police say he was using for child porn. more than 100 people are
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weather right now. >> it is an amazing experience. >> daniel: why they are willing to spend hours in the cold for something that only costs a few bucks. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: as our floor director said, it's worth it. >> julie: it is worth it. stay tuned for that story and find out why people are waiting in line in this kind of weather. good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. thursday, february 18. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center this morning. shiri, winter is back, and these folks waiting out in the cold, all they are waiting for is just a taste. >> shiri: just the taste of something warm and very delicious. what we have right now. winds coming in. and this will pull in some cooler air, so that means temperatures this morning cooler than yesterday, cooler than the day before. 30 degrees as you wake up in bourne. 28 in plymouth.


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