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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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weather right now. >> it is an amazing experience. >> daniel: why they are willing to spend hours in the cold for something that only costs a few bucks. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: as our floor director said, it's worth it. >> julie: it is worth it. stay tuned for that story and find out why people are waiting in line in this kind of weather. good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. thursday, february 18. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center this morning. shiri, winter is back, and these folks waiting out in the cold, all they are waiting for is just a taste. >> shiri: just the taste of something warm and very delicious. what we have right now. winds coming in. and this will pull in some cooler air, so that means temperatures this morning cooler than yesterday, cooler than the day before. 30 degrees as you wake up in bourne. 28 in plymouth.
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boston, good morning starting off the morning at 32. the temperatures still dropping the temperatures still dropping. 30 in woburn. 36 in norwood. 27 in lowell. temperatures down 26 degrees in barre, 25 in worcester. 28 in town send and 29 in bedford, new hampshire. and we have got a mostly sunny forecast through the day, so 7 a.m. temperatures continue to drop into the middle 20s and most spots, boston below freezing. noontime, 32 degrees with plenty of sunshine by 3 p.m. 33 degrees and where we have clouds across the cape. we have the potential for ocean we have the potential for ocean-effect snow showers popping up later today as well and by 7 p.m., 25 degrees. the chance for snow will be extremely limited and in most spots including boston and inland location where is it is all about the sunshine today. cape an ne as well as cape cod. the best chance for picking up snowflakes. a closer look at that hour-by a closer look at that hour-by-hour forecast in just a couple of minutes.
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drive time traffic. >> reporter: 4:3 1 is great time to be out on the roads. you will be all alone on the roads. and into the allston-brighton area with a handful of cars through brighton. 24 minutes on the pike from 49 5 to mass ave. 29 minutes on 23 south from 495 to the leverett connector. this morning the state fire marshal is investigate marshal is investigating a deadly fire on the waterfront home on the south shore. we know that one person was killed in that fire on ellisville road in plymouth. we have been on the scene since last night and this morning the investigation is still developing. neighbors tell fox25 the family that have older children lives in the home. the fire started late last night and brought under control at around 11:30. this is the 8th deadly fire in the area in just a few weeks. a live report coming from the scene at 5:00. a state senator under investigation by the fbi and the irs claims he did nothing
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sacchetti broke this story on our web site and fox25 crews were in canton all day as federal agents raided the law of state senator brian joyce. the raid is part of an ongoing investigation of the milton democrat. charlie baker called for an ethics probe of the relationship between joyce and the randolph dry cleaner that provided tens of thousands of dollars of free dry cleaner. he admitted of using campaign funds pay for his son's graduation party. a representative said it is unfortunate that recent stories in the media appear to have sparked an investigation. this morning, the state gop is calling for joyce to resign. we will be following this investigation all morning and bring you any breaking details as they happen. a local pop warner football coach faces child porn charges leaving a tight knit community stunned this morning. student and parents in winchendon said he loved his job and teaching children. he is a husband and father and well known in the town.
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his home on metcalf street last week. they arrested him after they found pornographic images of young kids on his computer and cell phone. the news is spreading through town and residents can't believe it. >> wow. he is a pop warner coach. i know that. i am extremely surprised. >> seems like an all right guy. i never thought he would do something like that. >> reporter: investigators tell us more pornographic images were found in the chat room messenger app called kik. it is popular with teenagers. will be back in court next month. we told you about the dangers associated with the kik app on monday. you can see gene lavanchy's in-depth report right now on our web site at our web site at just log on and search kik app. a new hampshire teacher is off the job accused of hitting a middle school boy. from his manchester tell fox25 that aknee lemay turned her self in yesterday. lemay is charged with assaulting the student for smacking his hand and leaving a mark on his wrist.
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candy and reportedly refusing to obey her. people who know lemay are surprised by the allegation. >> we find very hard to believe that she did anything that was not aboveboard with her student not aboveboard with her student. she is very involved with her family and kids. we see it them a lot. >> julie: lemay has been on paid administrative leave since the incident. a court date for lemay has not been set. we are two days out until the south carolina primary and the candidates are making a last-ditch effort to move up in the polls. mary maloney has more. >> reporter: struggling to keep his campaign afloat, ben carson resurrected a line from hillary clinton's 2008 presidential clinton's 2008 presidential bid. it is 3 a.m., who do you want answering the phones. >> i can quarantine you i had more 3 a.m. phone calls of all of them put together making life and death decisions. >> reporter: carson broke party lines saying if he was in president obama's shoes he
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justice in the last months of office something that president obama vows to do and republicans plan to block. >> i would take the opportunity to nominate someone. >> reporter: marco rubio slammed president obama's you visit to cuba. >> they are a oppressive regime >> they are a oppressive regime. >> reporter: he bragged about his endorsements >> i got the endorsement of a governor of end yant descent who endorsed a candidate with cuban descent and who will be campaigning alongside a african-american senator. >> reporter: he called out ted cruz for lying. >> if you say something over and over again and you know it is not true, there is no other word for it. >> reporter: cruz focused on someone else, danvers, saying his attempts to sue him were not serious. >> at one point i laughed out loud. >> reporter: he broke out in song i just called to say i love you >>reporter: donald trump participated in his own town hall and lashed out against the latest "wall street journal" pool in gives cruz the edge. >> i have never done well in the "the wall street journal." "the wall street journal."
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street journal" doesn't like me street journal" doesn't like me. >> reporter: i am mary maloney. >> donald trump, john kasich and jeb bush will participate in a town hall on cnn. john kasich is coming to massachusetts polling between fourth and sixth in north carolina and will spend primary day holding a town hall in worcester. kasich is hope kasich is hoping to build on the momentum he gained in new hampshire where he scored a surprise second-place victory in the state's primary. led hold a town hall on saturday. president obama will be the first u.s. leader to visit cuba in 88 years. the white house is expected to confirm the trip later today that will take place in late march before a previously planned visit to argentina. last year the countries restored diplomatic ties for the first time since 1961. the trip is expected to be quick. the president said we us have it cuba if allowed to meet with opponents while he is there. police are continue their investigation into a deadly workplace accident in norton. a father of five michael haslet was hit by a delivery truck in
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bernie and phil's furniture warehouse appear. posted on facebook expressing their sadness and sorrow. police and fire fighters began the investigation right after it happened. the truck that hit hasset is owned by a subcontractor who delivers furniture for the warehouse. police are looking into whether or not charges will be filed. a local man rescued from a truck that had crashed into the ocean is now critical condition. fairhaven police pulled him from the struck yesterday afternoon. the 61-year-old driver crashed into the water. no word this morning what caused him to go off the road. the boston marathon bomber is asking for a new legal team to help him appeal his conviction. dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team filed a motion to replace miriam conrad and the other members of the team. standard practice for death penalty appeals. tsarnaev was sentenced to death after a jury found him guilty of all counts stemming from the 2013 far in on this bombing.
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will stay in place to help with the transition. the mother who lived in a house of squalor where three infants were found dade will face murder charges. according to the metro west daily news, a judge has denied a motion to dismiss two murder charges against erika murray. police arrested murray back in 2014 after the they discovered the condition of her blackstone home and found children inside. mary will be back in court one week from today. investigators now say a 36-year-old woman was the person killed in malden earlier this week. colleen russell was found dead at an apartment on monday night. police are treating her death as a murder, but they do not believe she was a victim of a random attack. detectives are working to find her car that should have been at the but are now missing. police fail to find any trace of a missing man in boston. zachary marr has not been seen. he disappeared celebrating his birthday at the bell in hand at
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divers went into the icy river to search -- they searched an d garden. skyfox captured this video of divers shortly after they wrapped up their search. a wonderful day for red sox nation. this morning spring training officially begins. pitchers and catchers report to ft. myers today. week. a few position players are also at the place. balls. moving to the infield after season. baseball season getting closer every day. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. here is a look at some of your live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south as you head from andover area down to the zakim bridge and leverett connector. right now overall roads nice and quiet. shiri. >> shiri: we might be talking baseball but no spring-like
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26 to 32 now and on the way home from work. so breakfast drive, dinner, we are all talking similar temperatures. we will show you when temperatures finally get back on track to the 50s when we come back. a dreaded part of the drive this time of the year. as the temperatures rise, the potholes grow. coming up, a fox25 investigation. why those tire tractor-trailer traps won't be fixed in boston. how about a tattoo with your organic lettuce. your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is
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happening right now take a look at this, people are wait look at this, people are waiting in tents with frigid weather waiting for something that will make them happy for a full year in in framingham, these people say it is cold but it is worth it. >> reporter: [whispering] julie, we have to keep it down here. they are sleeping out here. yeah, they are sleeping out here and they are this tents in the parking lot in the back of shoppers world. some of them must be asleep. look at this, dozens of tents out in the middle of the night. what is it, 28 degrees here in framingham right now? but they are all here because the first 100 people to get here, the first 100 adults to get here for this restaurant opening, those to brave the cold temperatures overflight actually get a free chicken sandwich meal per week for a meal. and we ask them straight up, hey, is this worth it.
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i am wondering this myself. i am a complete amateur in red sox gear while others turned out in tent. free chicken for 52 weeks. that's the reason report the chick-fil-a restaurant is the fifth installment of the fast food chain in the commonwealth. chick-fil-a in 20 12 was blocked in its effort in the freedom trail in boston over its views against same-sex marriage. today at least in framingham is a new beginning where all these people hope that a warm chicken sandwich will keep them warm on this very cold night. we are here in framingham, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: all right, michael, thank you. soon people may be able to get a tattoo and grocery get a tattoo and groceries in the same place. whole foods plans to open new stores later this year that will include other types of shops to revamp the grocery store experience. according to its web site. those shops can be anywhere from tattoo parlors to record stores. the store hopes it will attract more millennials and bring in more business as it tries to
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offering organic food at cheaper prices. comcast is trying to make up for a service outage that affected people across the nation. tv and internet services were out for half an hour monday. the company has posted an apology note on its web site and giving customers credit for a day's worth of service. the credit will be around $2 bucks and the credits will vary depending on how customers were affected. call comcast directly if you can get the credit. 4:46. we are tracking weather and traffic together for you. expressway, one of those rare times when you can hop on the expressway and not be slowed down at all. 128 looks good as is 95, approaching 128. pike wide open from 495 in the weston area and then into the allston-brighton area. nice and light volume through brighton. the live drive times. 11 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128 128. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector.
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from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. joining us now. shiri, it is cold out there, but not as cold where we are saying, hey, heat up that car. it is going to be painful to drive in, that is not what we are saying. >> i am a fan of the seat heat another matter what. maybe throw that on. but temperatures are pretty normal for this time of the year. yes, it is chilledy out there and sun for most and watching the cape for snow once we slide into the afternoon hours. we have a coating to an inch of snow in the forecast friday night before we transition to some sprinkles here during the day on saturday. and then the rest of the weekend ends up being dry. not a bad weekend and in the works not a bad day today. today will be pretty nice other than the fact it will be a little chilly through the day. 2 now boston and you will see temperatures take a little dip down and get up to 32 this afternoon. other than the fact a little cool out there, it will be bright and beautiful, especially like worcester at 30 -- at 28 degrees this afternoon.
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32 in lowell today. 31 in manchester, new and in boston up to 32 degrees. but the closer you get to the coast, the more clouds you find find. we could tap into mostly cloudy skies over rockport and cape anne just for a period this afternoon and the same across the cape especially hyannis over to chatham and provincetown where temperatures get up to 33, 34 degrees with mostly cloudy skies, and the slight chance for ocean-effect snow showers as you travel toward the west. it will brighten up and got 32 in plymouth. 35 in brockton this afternoon. this is the big picture now. a little bit of cloud cover over central and northern new england that is pushing out a couple of flurries. keeping us dry. and north winds though, and this picks up the moisture over the ocean, and it is able to trigger a little bit cloud cover across cape anne and cape cod this afternoon. so the big picture is going to be a sunny one, guys. it is looking fantastic today and even this evening. nice and quiet. a few more clouds across the
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will see a couple of those ocean-effect snow showers flirt ocean-effect snow showers flirting with the cape at times flirting with the cape at times, straight into the evening hours here. it will wind down around midnight tonight kind be a quick coating to an inch in a couple of cities over the cape. it depends on how the winds steer those bands of snow. tonight i have got low temperatures back into the teens. pretty cool out there with a low of 19 in boston. 11 in worcester. 12 in fitchburg, 21 in minimum mouth. a little milder southeastern massachusetts, but tomorrow, at least we do see a little bit better a warm-up at 38 in boston. even 40s in lawrence and framingham and norwood over to fitchburg at 41 degrees. and some mid- to upper 30s for the cape and islands. so friday, it is all about the sunshine to start. but then the increasing clouds in the afternoon. once we hit saturday too, we are going to have to keep that chance for some rain and snow in your morning forecast here on saturday. at 48 degrees, it is going to be mild both days this weekend.
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looking good. but friday night, it is going to be pretty late that we start town. in fact after midnight most likely, and then into saturday morning, since it is so mild, it transitions to a couple of sprinkles by the afternoon. you can see it is brightening up a little bit here, and we will tap into that same sunshine as we get your day started on sunday. high 50 degrees. over the weekend several spots getting up to 50 including boston sunday, 52 in plymouth on sunday. 54 in foxborough on sunday. 40s on monday. we will start with a light wintry mix, and the next big one will be sunday night wednesday. back to you. julie shiri, talk to you shoon. a man gets hill wallet back with something missing. what the good samaritan took for himself before giving the wallet back.
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suga welcome back, everyone, two women are busted for a strange valentine's day theft. these women stole giant teddy bears and chocolate from a grocery store. police pulled them over with the teddy bear in hand. >> daniel: our producers are laughing julie and recovered the stolen good. >> daniel: that will make you smile. the second winners for the biggest billion dollar powerball jackpot.
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from melbourne beach, florida. they opted for a lump sum payout of $328 million before taxes. they didn't tell any of their family or friends they won until this week. and even now, things still don't seem real. >> we were on the plane here, and i couldn't believe -- i said this is really real, you know, it's just so overwhelming. >> daniel: both plan to keep living their normal lives. the only winning ticket that is still outstanding was sold in california. a scare from the air. a small town is covered in a tar-like substance. people in michigan found the substance covering their homes, cars and driveways on sunday. the fire department checked the fire department checked it out but have no idea what it is out but have no idea what it is. >> it's -- we would like to know what it is and who is going to clean it up. you get government involved, and everybody passes the buck. >> julie: the sun to next to the air national guard base and in a flight path. the base is expected to send a team to check it out julie and
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people are trying to clean up a strange problem in australia this morning. it is so dry that hundreds of tumbleweeds are blowing through towns in southeast australia. one woman said it took her eight hours to clean up the weeds only to have a new batch blow in the very next day. >> daniel: incredible. a man accused of stalking a famous actress twice in more than a decade won't spend a day in jail. a jury acquitted the ohio man of stalking gweneth paltrow after he admitted sending her letters and gift. the same man was convicted of stalking paltrow in 2006 and deemed insane and spent time in a mental facility. he said he didn't want to hurt paltrow but just to give her religious counseling. you this in morning, one toyota's most popular models is being recalled. toyota is recalling 3 million rav 4s because of a deadly problem with the seat belt. one person died when the metal frame sliced the seat belt in half.
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your car is on the recall list. a new study in the medical journal jama of psychiatry said marijuana does not decrease risk of depression and anxiety. the findings contradict an earlier study that focus on a smaller group of people. one big problem with the drug. those who use pot are more likely to become addicted to other drugs. if you say skipping a soda and having a coffee, think again. drinks at coffee shops contain 25 teaspoons of sugar, 20 times as much as one can of soda and way over the maximum recommended intake for an adult. >> daniel: tibl julie 25 tea >> daniel: tibl julie 25 teaspoons of sugar and sipping it over the day will give you -- >> daniel: would you be bouncing off the walls julie that is way more sugar than you are supposed to have. the first southern primary
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developing news at 5:00, developing smoke and flames on the south shore where one person has lost his life. neighbors tell me this morning of the family who lived here. a state senator is under investigation for using campaign money on his family. the big question is morning, will he step down. plus, more than 100 people are camping out in 20-degree weather right now. >> the adventure of it. the amazing experience that it leaves. >> gene: why they are willing to spend hours in the cold for
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bucks. complete coverage starts now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everybody, thank you so much for waking up with us. it is thursday, february 18. i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. back to winter a little bit this morning. meteorologist shiri spear and fox25 stormtracker weather center. freezing temps right now. a little chance of snow perhaps. a few towns cindy -- i called you cindy are i did that again -- shiri, you name is, my goodness. >> shiri: for the outer cape there is that risk of snow. we are expecting sunshine. chilly temperatures. 32 degrees in boston. 28 in bedford. so a lot of 20s in the burbs right now. 32 degrees in hyannis. and that is one of the spots that we will have to watch out for a couple of snowflakes. notice over the next few hours, temperatures still dropping by 7 a.m. we will be in the middle 20s from lawrence to bedford to norwood. 29 in boston. 23 in worcester. by lunchtime today, we warm back into the lower 30s.


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