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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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bucks. complete coverage starts now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everybody, thank you so much for waking up with us. it is thursday, february 18. i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. back to winter a little bit this morning. meteorologist shiri spear and fox25 stormtracker weather center. freezing temps right now. a little chance of snow perhaps. a few towns cindy -- i called you cindy are i did that again -- shiri, you name is, my goodness. >> shiri: for the outer cape there is that risk of snow. we are expecting sunshine. chilly temperatures. 32 degrees in boston. 28 in bedford. so a lot of 20s in the burbs right now. 32 degrees in hyannis. and that is one of the spots that we will have to watch out for a couple of snowflakes. notice over the next few hours, temperatures still dropping by 7 a.m. we will be in the middle 20s from lawrence to bedford to norwood. 29 in boston. 23 in worcester. by lunchtime today, we warm back into the lower 30s.
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degrees in cavr i don't know. afternoon hours are spending right around that freezing mark right around that freezing mark, and we get a little more cloud cover along the coastline and the sunshine inland. boston fairly bright sun and scattered clouds for you and mostly cloudy toward the cape and we will have to watch for the risk of ocean effect snow showers. 28 to 36 for your highs. brightest skies inland. the risk of snow for everybody on friday night and i will time that out for you in just a few. now over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. hey, julie. >> julie: good morning, shiri. i am liking what i am seeing on roads. 128 moving along clear. pike moving along and expressway is wide open. a live look at brighton. 17 minutes from 495 to speen street. 22 minutes from route 128 from peabody to the weston tolls.
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>> sara: all right, julie. orange flames and thick smoke along the shore where one person lost their life inside of this house. >> gene: the story is developing as we are learning more about that victim. fox25's jessica reyes is live at the home in plymouth. and jess, we had a string of tragic fires over the past few weeks. >> reporter: we have, gene. the fire marshal says this is the 8th house fire in less than a month in massachusetts and urging everyone to be vigilant and make sure that your smoke detectors are working to prevent something like this for happening. we know it happened at this home here. this is pretty far back from the road and as you can probably tell, it is still standing but just a burned-out shell of what it once was. now crews were called to the home on ellisville road right before 8:30 last night and in this video, you can see the flames just engulfing this house. we learned one person was trapped inside the home and along with crews from plymouth, fire fighters from bourne and sandwich were called here to
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crews last night that a couple this home. we checked in with plymouth fire fighters just a couple of minutes ago and they said although the fire is now out, they do plan to be here for several more hours watching this scene. the road was also closed and will be closed until further notice we understand. live near plymouth, jessica reyes, fox25 news. this morning the calls are growing for a state senator to step down. the fbi says the lawmaker is unaesthetics cal and even used campaign funds for family parties. fox25's christine mccarthy is live at senator brian joyce's law office in canton where the fbi spent hours for the case against him. good morning, christine. >> reporter: we are live outside canton, outside senator joyce's private law office. just hours ago that the feds actually cleared out of here and spent hours into the night coming and going and this
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will he resign. fox25 tried to reach senator brian joyce at his home as well as the statehouse but got no comment. the fbi spokesman said the bureau and irs for n connection with an ongoing federal investigation. joyce had some ethics issue in the past. in january he agreed to pay $5,000 for using campaign funds to pay for his son's graduation party. last year he came under fire for handing all 40 state senators cold-plated designer sunglasses he got at a discount from the manufacturer. and last month, the governor called for an ethics probe into his relationship with a randolph dry cleaner where he allegedly received tens of thousands of free dry-cleaning. the governor says he is unsettled by the investigation. >> all of news public life take the fact that we have to play by the the rules seriously. i was troubled by some of the
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previously. >> while joyce wouldn't comment, it is unfortunate that recent stories have and to spark an investigation. senator joyce has been cooperate cooperating with each inquiry that has taken to place to date resulting from those story resulting from those stories and believes he has done absolutely nothing wrong. the governor responds to questions whether or not he should resign. live in canton. christine mccarthy, fox25 news. we are just two days out from the south carolina south carolina primary, and the candidates are making a last candidates are making a last-ditch effort to move up in the polls. mary maloney reports. >> struggling to keep his campaign afloat, ben carson resurrected a line from hillary clinton's 2008 presidential bid. >> it is 3 a.m., who do you want answering the phones. >> i can guarantee you more 2 a.m. phone calls than any other the rest of them put together having to make life and death decisions. >> reporter: carson broke party lines saying if he was in
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nominate a supreme court justice in his last months inform office, something that the president vows to do and republican promise to block buy is take the opportunity to nominate someone. >> reporter: marco rubio slammed president obama's plan to visit cuba. >> they are a reprison sieve regime. >> reporter: he boasted about his campaign's divorce endorse spiments got the endorsements of a governor of indian descent who endorsed a presidential candidate of cuban descent and had be campaigning along a african-american republican senator. >> reporter: but marco rubio called out fellow you republican ted cruz. >> i said he was lying because if you say something over and over again and you know it is not true, floss other word for it. >> reporter: cruz focused on someone else, donald trump, saying donald trump's attempt to sue him aren't serious. >> i confess. i laughed out loud. >> reporter: he stopped by breaking out in song i just called to say i love you >>reporter: donald trump participated in his own town hall on msnbc and lashed out against the latest wall street
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cruise the edge. >> i have never done well in the "wall street journal" poll. ping somebody there doesn't like me. >> gene: trump, john kasich and jeb bush will be from a town hall tonight. kasich is polling between fifth and six in south carolina. kasich it hoping to build on the momentum in neighboring new hampshire where he scored a you surprising second-place finish. things are getting closer than ever heading toward south carolina and the nevada caucuses. a new cnn orc poll suggests that bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a dead heat. 48% of likely caucusgoers support clinton and 47% are behind sanders. president obama will be the first u.s. leader to visit cuba in 88 years. expected to confirm the trip later today. you before previously planned visit to argentine into.
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last year the countries restored diplomatic ties for the first time since 1961. the trip is expected to be quick. the president said we only visit cuba if he was allowed to meet with of the castro regime. a local correction officer is pled not is pled not guilty for trafficking heroin. we were in court for steven lebro's arraignment. prosecutors said he sold heroin to an undercover trooper. he was in uniform during one of the sales. the department of corrections has suspended him while they investigate. this morning, police will continue their investigation into a deadly workplace accident in norton. michael hassett was hit by a delivery truck in the back parking lot of the bernie and phil's furniture warehouse. 's father of five and worked at that warehouse. the family that owns the chain posted a statement on facebook expressing their sorrow. the truck that hit hasset is owned by a subcontractor that delivers furniture to the warehouse.
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charges will be filed. a local man rescued from a truck that crashed into the ocean is in critical condition. the 61-year-old you driver crashed into the water near long island. still no word what caused him to go off the road. this morning boston has more money to prepare for disasters. the city has received a nearly $18 million grant from the department of homeland security department of homeland security. the funds from the urban area security initiative will be used to train and prepare first responders, and improve communication between agencies during emergencies. and this morning a new effort on capitol hill that could charge sales tax for things you buy online this morning two new england lawmakers are trying to prevent that from happenings. the senate will take up a bill that will enforce the online tax for purchases made in every state that currently has a sales tax. the union leader reports new hampshire two senator have vowed to fight in this in congress.
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internet tax-free helps drive economic growth. wild temperature swing creating a dangerous situation on our highways. this massive pothole opened on 9 3 north near the exit for sullivan square. mass state police they say helped the drivers of six vehicles to damaged their tires on tuesday night. last night mass d.o.t. crews patched the pothole but state leaders say more need to be done. >> they need to work and making sure it is not just temporary which is important, because it is preventing other cars from getting destroyed, but having fix. >> mass dot said that section is scheduled it have bridge and guardrail work done in the spring, then the road will be resurfaced. good morning, everyone. we check traffic and weather together for you every ten minutes. right now, if you were taking 93 south, you are looking at a 19-minute drive from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures dropping into the upper 20s. about 28 degrees right now head about 28 degrees right now heading in or out of boston. i have got temperatures falling
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so by the time we hit 6, 7:00 this morning, i will show you when the warm-up begins next. 5:10 this morning. a local man has thousands of dollars in credit card debt, but it is not his fault. coming up at 5:30, how an elaborate phone hacking scheme put his personal information in the hands of criminals. plus the government wants appear toll help him crack a terrorism case, and they won't budge. how protesters are lining up
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geico for your boat.
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welcome back. protesters rally around apple as the tech company refuses to work with the fbi to unlock the cell phone at the center of a terror case. apple says they won't cooperate because it will set a dangerous precedent. jackie ivanes has the latest on the controversial debate sweep the controversial debate sweeping the country. >> reporter: the fight between apple and the federal government health government heats up. this as investigators and law enforcement say it is harder to fight terrorism because encrypted phones. >> going forward, we are increasingly blind for terrorism purposes and general law enforcement purposes with the new devices and the continuing effort to make them even more secure against even authors authorizing law enforcement to have access. >> reporter: the court ordered
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iphone used by the suspect in the san bernandino attack. investigators say the information on the phone is crucial to the case and national security. google's ceo defending apple saying it could compromise users' privacy. but some lawmakers are saying there needs to be a middle ground. >> an individual case, but you can't just litigate this on a case by case bases. takes too long and it hampers law enforcement. we need a solution. and we need to solution that protects privacy rights, but at the same time, gives law enforcement the tools they need enforcement the tools they need. >> reporter: but apple says it is not just about privacy. it is about security for the customers. they claim they would need to create soft aware that will make phones vulnerable. >> the government is claiming that no one should worry because it is only going to be used in this one case, but what apple is saying, this is just not a one-dimensional key, but it is basically a master key that is ending up in the wrong hands could really violate the security of everyone's iphone all over of the world. >> reporter: while apple has publicly said it will fight the
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five days to formally appeal the decision. in court, jackie ibanez, fox25 news. >> daniel: protesters who support apple will be organizing more rallies. we will be following this story for you all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. some call it insensitive crime, drivers who misuse disability placards to get parking perks. now fox25 investigates a new way the state plans to crack down on the abuse. >> photocopy of a placard laminated and semi laminated. >> reporter: made their own. >> made their own. >> sara: photocopy >> sara: photocopies, fakes, even placards that belong to dead people all illegally use. sharman sacchetti spent a day police, and it didn't take them long to find people suspected of cheating the system. tonight at 10:00. what some towns are already doing now to put the brakes on this abuse and learn the steps the state plans to make. good morning, everyone. it is now 5:17. still nice and quiet out there
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you can see on our maps, bright green traffic flow means nothing is slowing you down. expressway looks fine. 128 moving along nicely. 93 south at route 1 also clear. a live look at the zakim bridge where volume nice and light on the zakim bridge and over on the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear is going to join us in a minute, but first here are our live drive times 1237 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on 28 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. speaking of shiri, she is tracking near steady temps today. dress for the 20s and 30s. >> yeah, 20s and 30s all day, julie. not often i have the same temperatures in the morning dane who for the evening commute as well, but just so little warm-up. in fact we are still in the process of seeing those temperatures drop. right now 32 degrees in boston. a little bit of a breeze make it feel like 20 degrees. so you should take away 5, 10 degrees when you want to contract wind chill, since winds will not be absolutely
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stick with plain ol' temps. 30 in norwood. 30 in new bedford, next hour, you guy also probably be in the upper 20s. 23 right now in worcester. well. morning. the temperature still dropping, so don't be surprised here between 6 and 7, if we actually bottom out in the lower 20s there. 23 degrees 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 28 degrees for your high. at least it stays nice and bright there. we get a little more cloud cover close to the coastline today in boston, we are going to stick with some upper 20s at 7 and o'clock this morning. this afternoon we get back up to 32 degrees and we do bring in scattered clouds. more so down across the cape and the islands, with high pressure driving today, we have got all the sunshine, but these north winds almost counter acting this warm-up a little bit as it draws in the cooler air and will help stir up some ocean effect clouds impacting the coastline especially cape anne and cape cod in those
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will have to watch out for ocean-effect clouds and even bands of ocean-effect snow showers. at 10 p.m. tonight, a chance of a couple that will impact a few communities over the cape with about a coating of snow. futurecast as we head into bright skies and chilly conditions to get your friday started. friday increasing clouds throughout the day, but not until the evening, probably after midnight that we will have to start pulling in the chance for snow. highs today 32, boston, beverly and plymouth. 33 in bedford. 35 in norwood. but only 28 in worcester. 29 in keene, new hampshire. 33 in nashua, new hampshire. down across the scape and the clouds are the thickest with the slight risk of afternoon snow coming in off the ocean. tonight low temperatures back to the queens and 20s. even boston down to 19 degrees. worcester, 11. keene only 8. but 21 in plymouth and 25 in chatham where the clouds again will be a little bit thicker hoping to hold in some of that heat.
5:20 am
up to about 40 degrees, but with the 40s, we are going to see those clouds coming in from west to east here. your seven-day forecast now with the he weekend falls view. check it out. friday night we will see a develop. this is when we could be facing a coding up to an inch of snow overnight into dead. because saturday is still mild with a high of 48 degrees, we will see it transition over to sprinkles, and ending, and look at that the clouds break apart during the afternoon. on sunday, we have high temperatures coming close to 50 degrees. i have 50 in boston sunday, 52, plymouth. 54 in foxborough. overnight again, we will deal with a wintry mix into monday morning and the next big one tuesday night into wednesday, and a change over to some heavy rain. back to you, guys. >> sara: all right, shiri. a harvard graduate said she was forced to live in a dorm with the person who abused her. how the prestigious school turned a deaf ear to her complaint.
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one of toyota's most popular models is being recalled. toyota is recalling near toyota is recalling lily 3 million rav 4s because of a deadly problem with the seat belts. one person died when the metal seat frame slashed the seat belt in half. toyota will contact if you your suv is on the recall list. soon people may be able to get tattoo and groceries in the same place. whole foods plans to open new stores later this year that will include other types of store experience. according to its web site, those shops can be anything from tattoo parlors to record stores. the store hopes this will attract more millennials and bring in more business as it try tries to compete with other stores that are offering organic food at cheaper prices. comcast is trying to make up for service outage that affected people across the nation. tv and internet services were out for about an hour and a half monday. the company has posted an apology note on its web site and is giving customers a credit for a day's worth of
5:25 am
that credit will be around $2, but cred lits vary depending on how customers were affected. call comcast directly to find out if you can get credit. a brooklyn man lost his wallet during a concert, and days later a letter came in the mail with almost everything he had lost. check it out. >> dear riley flare tee. i found your wallet and driver's license. here are your credit cards and other important stuff. i kept the cash because i needed weed. the metro card, well, the fair is $2.75 now. and the wallet because it is kind of cool. enjoy the rest of your day, cootles, anonymous. >> julie: tootles. at least he was honest, i suppose. the man appreciates getting his credit cards back and found the whole thing a little creepy. >> gene: i don't give the guy credit if you found the wallet, give everything back. don't buy weed and i like your wallet -- nice to have that stuff back, but come on. people may be over the hype of the selfie stick but a new
5:26 am
a sea lion swimming with a selfie stick. a volunteer at the aquarium at the pa civic in california thought it was pretty cool to get video of the animal swimming around in his tab at that time. he wanted the sea lion to hold it in his mouth rather than shoot video himself. gives you a better look at the animal's point of view. looks pretty cool. and you get rewarded with a nice fish julie a job well-done for that selfie stick. >> gene: selfie stick reward. >> a girl who made a song about president obama is cheating on the president, listen bernie it will never stop you are much more than a -- julie it is a little catchy. got to admit. used to be known as obama girl. her new song is called bernie bay. the song is about the excitement surrounding sanders campaign viewed 90,000 times and posted two days ago. >> gene: that's called having
5:27 am
constructive of how to tuesday. >> julie: none of our videos have 90,000 hits. >> gene: maybe shiri, because always songs about weather. >> shiri: if you guys start wearing the '80s clothes it will help as well. and the and risk of snow is real low until we hit friday night and saturday. an hour-by-hour look and a chance of ocean-effect showers coming up next. [whispering]
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complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: we are staying on top of the developing story this morning. flames rip through a beautiful south shore home killing one person inside. we will take you back out to the scene live in just moments where fire fighters are still searching for a cause. good thursday morning to you, everyone. winter is here again. >> gene: it is indeed. meteorologist shiri spear from the fox25 stormtracker weather center, she is tracking some snow, and personally, shiri, i'm crossing off the days left in winter and get to spring. >> shiri: i think it is 31 days. i haven't checked the countdown block. 31 days 31 days away from spring. might 3-b 2 days. the west and north winds that are going to carry in colder
5:31 am
it almost counteracts the sunshine and the warm-up that we would expect. temperatures staying almost steady today. 29 in bourne right now. 32 in marshfield. just a couple of clouds down across the cape. nice clear skies in boston right now at 32 degrees. 30 in malden and marblehead. we have got boxford at 28. natick at 28. 23 in worcester. 26 in town send and 22 in new ipswich, new hampshire. 20s ruling the morning forecast. we will take you to 25 degrees by 7 a.m. this morning. sunshine continues through the day with a couple of colesal clouds. it is the cape though. once we hit that 3 p.m. time frame with 33 degrees. we will have to watch the cape for ocean effect snow showers there and otherwise a cool evening with temperatures dipping back into the 20s. best chance of a snow not so much plymouth but i am thinking hyannis, chatham and provincetown the spots to watch for a little coating today. over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic.
5:32 am
north of the city. julie route 1, framingham into the weston tolls to the allston brighton. looking clear from naponset into boston. you can see volume very reasonable. over to your live drive times. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 10 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. a new type of identity theft that local police want to warn people about that involves cell phones, home phones, and credit cards. fox25's daniel miller is here with more on how hackers racked up thousands of dollars of debt in one local man's name. >> daniel: that's right, gene. this man from newton doesn't know why he was targeted or how thieves got his private passcodes to change his accounts. he says his cell phone suddenly stopped working this week. an imposter managed to steal his cell phone, home phone and credit card.
5:33 am
a three-hour time period, someone bought big ticket items to the apple store on peter's account. he realized his cell phone won't working this week and called his carrier. they told him that the number been transferred to another provider president phone was reactivated. peter received a message from his bank saying that 16,000 was charged on his credit card at the stores in new york city. and then the victim discovered that his phone at home had also been hacked. >> someone was trying to reach me at home to verify a purchase, i won't getting a call at the house. the house phone was being forwarded to another telephone number. >> daniel: since all of the charges were unauthorized feet charges were unauthorized feeter will not be held responsible for him. it won't cost him any money, but it is costing him a lot of time. in the newsroom this morning, daniel miller, fox25 news. dozens of fire fighters batle this fire and heavy smoke
5:34 am
where a family lives this morning. >> the story is still develop >> the story is still developing this morning. and during our news at 11:00 last night, we learned that one person died in those flames. fox25 jessica reyes is live at the home in plymouth where neighbors are telling us about the people who live in that home, jess. >> reporter: they are, sara. we just spoke to a woman a couple of minutes ago. that the point it is not clear if it was a husband or wife who passed away, but tell us the couple who live in this home were wonderful people. they have older children. they have grandchildren, and they say the woman who lives here. this is the home where the deadly fire started late last night. crews have been out here for hours at this point, and they are going to be out here for several more hours we understand putting out hot spots. the fire destroyed this beautiful home on ellisville road. records show it was three floors with four bedrooms and four bathrooms right on the water and last sold number three years ago back in may 2013. we have some video from a couple of hours ago in was the
5:35 am
fire started around 8:30 late last night. you can see it whipping through the home. we understand one person was trapped inside. crews rushed to get them out, but, unfortunately, they did not survive. crews from bourne and sandwich were also called here to help out the plymouth fire department last night. once again we just spoke to a neighbor a couple of minutes ago and she says this was just a wonderful couple. they have children and grandchildren. we are going to be hearing from her coming up in 30 minutes at 6:00. for now we are live in plymouth for now we are live in morning news. a local pop warner football coach faces child porn charges leaving a tight-knit community stunned this morning. students and parents in winchendon say that ken burrick loved his job in teaching children. he is a husband and father and well known in town. local and state police and homeland security searched his home on metcalf street last week. they arrested him after they found images of young kids in their cell phones. the news is spreading through
5:36 am
>> wow, and he is a pop warner coach, i knee, and i am extremely surprised. >> seems like an all right guy. i never thought i would do something like that. >> investigators tell us more pornographic images were found in the chat room messenger called app -- called kik. the app called kik, pardon me. it is popular with teenagers. burwick will be back in court next month. we told but the dangers associated the kik app on monday. you can see my reports on our web site at just log on and search kik, that is k-i-k, the ki k app. a new hampshire teacher is off the job accused of hitting a middle school boy. from his manchester tell fox25 that anita lemay turned her self in yesterday. lemay is charged a i salting a student smacking his land and leaves a mark. 149-year-old was eating candy and reportedly refused to obey
5:37 am
people who know lemay are surprised by the allegations. >> very hard to believe she did anything that was not above anything that was not aboveboard with a student. she is very involved with her family and her kids. we see them lot julie lemay have been on paid administrative leave. investigators will try figure out the motive of a deadly shooting outside of a local bar. police say gregory wright showed up at city limits in randolph with the man to kill a man doing an open mic night there. wright asked the bouncers which door greg scott would leave from and followed him outside and shot him five times. wright is being held without bail this morning bail this morning still no word this morning on what caused this massive fire at a historic building in central massachusetts. could you see flames just shooting out of a home on boynton flowed templeton built in the 1760s and is registered with the national historic saturday and the second oldest home in town. started early yesterday.
5:38 am
third fire the town has seen in the past week. investigators now say 36-year-old woman was the person killed in malden earlier this week. colleen russell was found dead night. police are treating her death as a homicide, but they do not believe she was a victim of a random attack. detectives are now working to find her car, which should have missing. 5:38 this morning. a new search filed find any trace of a missing man in boston. zachary marr of harvard has not been seen since early saturday morning. he disappeared celebrating his birthday. divers yesterday went into the icy waters of the charles river and searched an area near the north station and td garden. skyfox captured this video of the divers shortly after they wrapped up their search. the boston marathon bomber is asking for gnaw legal them a morning to hip him appeal his conviction. dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team filed a motion to replace
5:39 am
federal defender miriam conrad and other members of her team. standard practice for death penalty appeals. tsarnaev was sentenced to death after a jury found him guilty of all accounts from the 2013 marathon bombing. defense attorney judy clark will will say in place to help with the transition. the moth who lived in a house of squalor where three infants were found dead will face murder charges. according to the metro west daily news, a judge has denied a motion to dismiss two murder charges against erika murray. police arrested murray back in 2014 after they discovered the condition of her blackstone home and found the dead children inside. murray will be back in court one week from today. families on a cruise ship end up witnessing the fbi bust end up witnessing the fbi busting a local hacking suspect busting a local hacking suspect. here is what happened. officials say martin gotsfield of summerville launched a cyber attack against boston children hospital all because he was angry with the way they handled
5:40 am
teenager justi na pelletier. she was taken from her parents who were accused of med pedestrian cal child abuse. she spent nearly a year in custody. he and his wife were found on a disney cruise boat. the boat had picked them you up in a small sailboat after they made a distress call. if convicted they face prison time and thousands of dollars in fine. two people caught on camera stealing a snow blower off of someone's drive that by revere. the severe cameras caught twots men pulling up in a white jeep and stealing a snow blower chained to a concrete foundation. police hope that someone will recognize the men in this video recognize the men in this video. this morning a harvard grad is suing her alma mater. she said the school ignored her complaints she was being sexually harassed on campus. alicia leader garage waited last year. she says she was sexually assaulted by her former you boyfriend. after she broke things off, she went to campus officials and they did nothing.
5:41 am
him from the dorm they both lived in. >> i reported the incidents to the administrators. i reported that i was living in constant fear. i asked for help. they refused to act. >> sara: harvard university will not comment on the lawsuit and sent us their statement outlining their sex assault policy. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. looking at a drive time from braintree split to columbia road. shiri? >> shiri: we have temperatures from the 20s to lower 30s near freezing with mostly clear skies. as you head home, same temperatures, but we are dipping down now. i will show you what time the warm-up kicks off next. questions about the safety of a new toy this morning. coming up at 6:00, how fast the foam bullet mrs. fly from this new nerf gun that has people worried for their kids. jurors take jurors taking a trip to lady liberty get a lot more than they bargained for. up next, how sightseeing landed this man in the
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police in new york city have two people in custody they say attacked a tour hoist wouldn't buy tickets to see the statue of liberty. picture taken right after the man was assaulted. police say two people tried to sell the man fake tickets to the statute off liberty. when he said "no" they allegedly punched him in the face. the kentucky man was knocked unconscious and broke his skull, but he is recovering this morning. happening right now, dozens of people young and old are sleeping in their tents in this frigid weather. they are waiting for something that they say will make them happy for an entire year. fox25's hen then live off route 9 in framingham, and michael, everyone woke up in the last five minutes? >> reporter: yeah, they just got in line here. would you think is black friday coverage or maybe a new iphone, something like that.
5:46 am
for a night in 28-degree weather here in framingham for chick chick. yeah, they are really excited about this chicken. they want free chicken sandwiches for a year. they are lined up the first 100 adults at this grand opening of the restaurant at shopper's world in framingham. the address is route 9. and if you know the area you know it is closer to route 30 know it is closer to route 30 here. you can see they are lining up and getting their free t-shirts and ticket numbers and at 6:00 they are going to go in. we spoke with a bunch of people asking why they would sleep in tents in this brutally cold night. and they had some varying answers, but some were pretty nostalgic. >> this is my wife. and we went to the opening of a chick-fil-a a little over ten years ago when we were in college and saw that and said, [ laughter ] some things from the past. so we were here. >> it's been good. it is cold, but as far as winter nights boston, it is not
5:47 am
>> reporter: there really aren't a ton of chick-fil-a restaurants in the area. in 2012, chick-fil-a was blocked in its efforts to build a restaurant in the freedom trail over its views and funding of certain groups, again same-sex marriage. the fifth chick-fil-a restaurant according to the company's web site. today is about this new beginning, the excitement these people have. they are opening the doors at 6:00. we, of course, will go over there and talk with some folks, the winners of this, hoping that those warm chicken sandwiches will warm up their bodies after a night in the cold. for now live in framingham, michael henrich, fox25 news. julie bon appetite. roads looking nice and light. route 3 moving along fine from 228 no rockland past route 18 to the braintree split. 24, 95 still clear as you approach settle. expressway, haven't started to slow down quite yet. i will take you out to a live look where you can see volume
5:48 am
head past the gas tank. here are your live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. is it anyone from 106 to 98. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear. those temperatures actually dropping until sunrise, then they stay steady julie then they stay steady. gently claw their way up. we are dressing now for temperatures that you will feel at lunchtime for the evening commute. for dinnertime, just very little movement of the mercury today. here goes the deal. watching the cape for ocean watching the cape for ocean-effect snow showers. the rest of us see tons of sunshine today as you hit friday night, a coating to an inch of snow in the forecast. mostly outside of 495. it is going to be kind of a low impact event. saturday morning, we get a couple of sprinkles in the rest of the weekend ends up being dry. starting off with 32 degrees clear skies. a little bit of a breeze. the wind chills are in the 20s currently and temperatures actually take a little dip into the 20s this morning.
5:49 am
degrees in boston. 29 degrees here at 9 a.m. by the time we get up to 11 a.m., we are back up to about 31. this is clay mean by slowly crime that climbing our way back. 32 degrees this afternoon with city. we will final a little more cloud cover out near the coastline. turning partly to mostly cloudy turning partly to mostly cloudy. 32 in boston. 34 in framingham today. 32 in shirley. worcester only 28 degrees. 29 in keene. nashua at 32 degrees and same story there. the further inland you go, we are talking just these pristine, blue, beautiful skies pristine, blue, beautiful skies. closer to the coast south shore. we will turn partly to mostly cloudy in marshfield and plymouth. temperatures here in the lower 3 33 in sachbd witch, we hit hyannis, chatham and prop vince town where clouds will be the thickest today. the best chance of seeing ocean-effect snow with these winds coming in from the north. they are moving over the ocean, gathering that moisture, and pulling that cloud cover straight over the cape.
5:50 am
mostly sunny skies really across the board, but we will see those clouds kind of backing across the coastline during the afternoon. afternoon and evening with that best bet for getting a couple of snowflakes across the outer cape. other than the fact that will dwindle and bright skies. temperatures here in the teens. longer start, colder it gets. so going to hit these as the sun comes up tomorrow morning. 19, boston. only 11 in worcester. and then high temperatures tomorrow, a little closer to 40 degrees. 38 in boston. 41 in framingham and nor wood and in fitchburg and increasing clouds from west to east here during the day on friday. friday night into saturday morning we start to see really patchy snow at first and mixing and changing over to a little bit of drizzle because it is so mild. a little warmer and brighter, look forward to sunday but again a wintry mix monday morning and a better chance for know and heavy rain tuesday
5:51 am
back to you, guys. cutting back on sugar with the first male of the day -- the first meal of the day. why doctors say make that coffee order a skinny. stay with us for news at 6:00. following developing news on the south shore where a deadly fire has destroyed a large family home.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
scene rig two women are busted for a
5:55 am
/ ticket that was still outstanding watt the one sold in california. people trying to clean up a strange problem in australia. it has been so dry, that hundreds of tumbleweeds have blowing through towns in southeast australia. one woman said it took her eight hours to clean up the weeds only to have a new batch blow right back in the next day day. a man accused of stalking a famous actress twice in more than a decade will not spend a day in jail. a jury acquitted the ohio man of stalking gweneth paltrow after he admitted to sending her letters and gifts. the same man was convicted of stalking pat throw in 2000 and deemed insane and spent time in a mental facility. during a recent trial, the man claimed he didn't want to hurt or upset paltrow. he just wanted to give her religious counseling. doctors say they have debunked popular belief about marijuana. a new study in the jama journal
5:56 am
that it does not decrease a person's ability for depression and anxiety disorders. a study focus on a smaller group of people. one big problem with the drug, a new study found that those who use pot are more than likely to become addicted to other drugs. if you think skipping the soda and opting for a coffee drink is a healthier choice, think again. the group action on sugar looked at more than 100 hot drinks from coffee shops and man found some contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. that is three times as much as bun can of soda and way over the maximum recommended intake for an adult. looks like i am in trouble, gene. >> gene: rethinking your coffee intake? >> sara: rethinking. >> gene: yesterday he were saying you were drinking to much. >> sara: three cups a day. i will cut back. >> gene: i do the swaim soda. how much ransom a hospital had to phi protect patient
5:57 am
people filled up and drove away without any gas in the tank. the damaging liquid that went in instead. and boston so far this winter getting 25 inches of snow. that is 5 inches below average. we are 13 inches below average in worcester. 20 inches below average in concord, new hampshire. i will show you when we d dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne.
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to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. ever new england. eversource. developing on the south shore this morning, a raging fires that turned deadly. new at 6:00, what a neighbor
6:00 am
who lived here and the ongoing search for a cause right now. >> i was troubled by some of the issues that were raised previously. >> reporter: will he resign? a long-time senator investigated by the feds. this isn't an occupy boston camp. right now more than 100 people including kids are waking up outside and have been there for hours. >> the adventure. the amazing experience it is. >> gene: the price they could win for braving 20-degree temperatures. complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. aed a good morning, everybody. it is thursday, february 18. i am sara underwood. >> i am gene lavanchy. coldest day of the week coming today. temperatures won't go higher than the 30s today, but considering what we had last weekend, that is not bad at all. a team of reporters covering our top stories including developing news on the south shore. but first, fox25 meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center says


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