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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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riders struggling to get into the city right now autoi taking the fact playing by the rules seriously. >> christine: senator investigated by the feds. >> daniel: app that man used to find potential victims. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning. it is now 9:00 on thursday, february 18th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. get to issues on the commuter rail in just a second, but first, meteorologist shiri spear is in the stormtracker weather center with cold weather ahead. good morning, shiri. >> shiri: good news boston up to 31 . we have gone up one degree in the last hour and moving in the right direction. still just 23 in worcester, 27 in nashua, bedford 29 , 30 in
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now, we do have mostly sunny skies but from time to time today we do get a couple coastline. so down across the cape, notice lunchtime temperatures still just 31 in boston, still just 27 in worcester, so it is going to be a very slow, very small warm-up today. then at 5:00 p.m. for the drive home from work, keeping it pretty quiet here with partly cloudy skies at the coast, sunshine inland, you will want your sunglasses for any of your travel plans today. the one exception will end up being the cape where we get the clouds than anyone else and get ocean effects snow showers. highs today 28 to about 36 . i got more widespread rain and snow and weekend forecast. we will take at that in a few. more back to you guys. >> daniel: breaking news we rail. a signal issue has basically shut things down at south station. being rerouted to back bay station. julie, you have been following
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6:00 newscast. what's the latest. >> julie: i will get you up-to-date right now, south station are to consider new transportation. fair dense, stoughton, middleborough, lakeville, many issues are being caused because of this signaled failure. we are also seeing extreme delays right now northbound on the red line in moderate southbound delays because of that additional traffic because of the south station is not accepting trains right now. here is map is to how you can still get to the south station area. take the orange line to oak grove, transfer downtown crossing to the red line toward ashmont braintree. do also want to bring you live drive times, twenty six minutes eastbound 495 to mass ave, 27 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike, 35 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. we have been tracking these delays all morning, but we have
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from commuters since this news broke, and we see it immediately on social media. people have been tweeting the frustrations over the past two hours. >> daniel: most of them will be late to work yet again and let's go to sara underwood with the very latest. >> sara: every time we see issues with the commute you see it on social media and see them on twitter talking about the frustrations the past two hours, and most of them, as you said, will be late. this is brand-new video from back bay station. this arrived into the newsroom the last few minutes. see large number of passengers making way to the orange line. our photographer says it is simply a mad house out there. >> ten minutes but not this time i thought we had the problems all solved.
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the commuter rails but red line trains are packed. forest hill is busy stop for the commuter rail and orange line, here is picture. there was nowhere for passengers to go. take look at just how many people crowded on to the platform hoping for a train this morning. and as julie told us earlier, people can get around the delays by riding the orange line, but wow, take look at this. viewer sent us these pictures of the overcrowding on orange line platforms in the back bay. people who would normally take other lines are trying to get on the orange line to get around the delays. so again, trains heading from worcester and framingham to south station are being stopped at back bay. other commuter rail lines being stopped at various red and orange line stations. so quite a morning, daniel. >> daniel: that's right, sara. problems are also affecting trains as far as signals are concerned. they were actually causing traffic jams on the load. michael henrich live at one of
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framingham where the signal problem causing chaos 30 minutes ago. >> michael: daniel, folks didn't have to go to back bay station to find delays. it was in the backyard right next to the commuter rail station. this is concord street right where it interacts with waverley street, and commuter rail tracks run over this area here. we have the regular signal crossing, lights and sirens and arms. when we showed up about half hour ago, we were stuck and all the red red lights leading up to the intersection were red. the reason those lights were still red, even though the arms blocking the intersection and protecting the tracks went back up, the siren and lights of the railroad crossing were still going off. that meant instead of turning green again, the regular traffic lights stayed red, but the cars
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of course, they got frustrated, they started crossing over this train track area while the lights were red. the sirens were going off, meaning they wouldn't know whether a train was really coming or not. so it is a very dangerous situation and within five minutes of our first live report, framingham police showed up and then another train went by and the signal issue seems to have resolved itself. in the last 15 minutes another train has come through here and the signal worked properly, but we are going to continue to keep an eye on it considering what we went is 30 minutes ago. live in framingham, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: see how big of problem it is during the morning commute. >> julie: affecting roads, rails, everything. keolis, company that runs the commuter rail trains is on the phone. can you tell us what's happening out there?
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we know that and would like to pass apologies to passengers. amtrak signal problem, and there's been no traffic in and out of south station this morning, trains stopping at various stations around the network where passengers are transferring to the subway system, but very crowded conditions on the roads and on the one say system and we know there's a lot of delays we have been urging passengers since early this morning. if you don't need to go into town, try to avoid it. if you can seek alternative method of transportation, please do so. we do not have an eta yet. they have not provided when repairs might be finalized and we share the frustration because we know it is just been a mess out there. >> daniel: what is the best advice for people trying to get to work? >> patience.
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people that need to get somewhere this morning, but the reality is is the signal issue is significant, and as a result, you know, we are doing our best to get passengers to the subway. we are directing people as safely as possible to very crowded station, but please, folks, everybody is doing their best. this is one of those situations where everybody is just, you know, kind of getting it together. we apologize. we share the frustration. these oustages create so much difficulty for everyone, and we know that people are very frustrated and we apologize. again, please, everyone, you know, so far folks have been pretty good about things, and we have to get through the commute. >> julie: leslie, any sort of compensation that will be provided that are stuck because
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>> i don't know the answer to that. again, this wasn't amount track's issue, signal issue, that halted traffic in or out of south station and started very early this morning, and, you know, passengers are being able to transfer at no cost to the red line and orange line and that was taking place, so, you know, we are telling folks be patient, give yourself extra time, and if you can avoid going into the city this morning, that's probably a smart move. >> daniel: leslie, thank you for the information this morning. >> julie: we will send any breaking news alerts as they come in. we will be here updating the situation throughout the rest of the newscast and always online at and on very social media platforms. >> daniel: follow more breaking news for you right now. revere police officer is badly hurt during this crash in chelsea. this is a picture of the scene on marginal street as you can see the officer crashed his
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the officer was rushed to mass general with serious injuries. we asked chelsea police this crash happened during a pursuit and not able to confirm the information at this time. of course, we will keep you updated on breaking story as more information becomes available. daniel: incredible site as home engulfs and sadly one man never made it out. jessica reyes joins us live outside the home where, jessica, firefighters are still investigating more than 12 hours later. >> jessica: identified him as bob drude and neighbors say he has lived in his home with his wife for several years. crews called to the home on
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around 8:30, and see the flames in this video just engulfing this home here. along with crews from plymouth, firefighters from bourne and sandwich, they were calling to respond as well. earlier this morning we spoke with neighbor that was close with the couple. she is just devastated this morning. >> very, very nice family. known them since they moved here, children, grandchildren, and just wonderful people. they are always -- they take part in the community. >> jessica: flowers as tribute to drude, and this fire not being considered suspicious, but even so the investigation does continue here this morning.
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fox25 news. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and includes breaking news out of south station. amtrak issues have led south station to be closed down. no trains getting through south station and seeing severe delays on the red line in both directions. i will have another look at how this will affect your commute in just a few minutes. first, here is shiri. >> shiri: temperatures 29, 30 , but very slow warm-up that will take us 30 by 10:00 a.m. and even chance for snow comes back into the picture next. >> julie: a lot more coming your way this morning. the president about to make
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>> julie: federal agents raid offices of locality lawmaker pulling out boxes of evidence. this is latest string of scabbeddals involving brian joyce. christine mccarthy is outside joyce's office. >> christine: quite a scene in canton yesterday and all night as agents came and went and question remains will senator joyce resign? >> you don't expect hear things like this. >> christine: neighbors of senator joyce shocked and
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>> all of us take the fact that we have to play by the rules seriously. i was troubled by some of the issues raised previously. >> christine: federal investigators spent hours at joyce's private law office in canton leaving late wednesday night and fbi and i.r.s. are involved in ongoing investigation. joyce held leadership roles at the statehouse including assistant majority leader. he serves avon, braintree, canton, milton, randolph, sharon, stoughton, easton, east bridgewater and west bridgewater he agreed to pay back money spent on son's graduation party and governor had investigation into randolph dry cleaner who has given him thousands of dollars and free dry cleaning. his attorney denied any wrongdoing. it is unfortunate recent stories investigation. senator joyce has been
9:17 am
date and he believes he is doing nothing wrong and governor called short of an investigation. >> hoping the ethics commission would do an investigation and i still hope they do. >> christine: we will bring you any updates throughout the day. christine mccarthy, fox25 news. >> daniel: sitting united states president will travel to cuba and documenting premium outlets' historic trip and joins us live from washington d.c. with details. governor, jacqueline. >> reporter: president actually tweeted he will travel to cuba next month. tweet says it is to advance progress and efforts that can illinois -- improve the lives of the people. it comes as president establishes relations with cuba
9:18 am
we are expecting more details from the white house later today the last and only sitting u.s. president to visit cuba was calvin coolidge in 1928. now, at town hall yesterday gop presidential candidate marco rubio said the president shouldn't go to cuba until its free of what he calls its repressive regime. >> problem with the cuban government is not the communist dictatorship, it is antiamerican communist dictateorship. >> reporter: dipaolamatic talks continue, congress has no plan to let the trade embarring -- lift the trade embargo that has been in place since 1952. >> julie: continue to deal with breaking news on the commuter rail. amtrak signal issues mean south station should consider alternate transportation today because no trains are stopping at south station. it is affecting a variety of commuter rail lines. it is also affecting the red
9:19 am
southbound delays because of the issues at south station. we seen people tweeting out pictures of packed conditions at the back bay station because that's where whyure being allowed off since no trains are stopping in south station. here is map is to how you can still get to that location. orange line to oak grove, transfer downtown crossing to braintree and very problematic because of the signal outage at south station. here are live drive time, 24 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 23 minutes osprey from the braintree split to the peek, 31 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and, shiri, people that are waiting outside at back bay trying to find you transportation are doing so in very cold weather. >> shiri: yes, cold out there, and wind chills more of an issue here the last two hours. 31 right now in boston, but you factor in that northwest wind at
9:20 am
feels like it is only 20, so ten degrees cooler when start considering the wind chills out there now. thankfully we have the sunshine, whole lot of nothing happening in the skies right now, so as long as we can keep it nice and sunny which we will in boston, one less thing we will have to worry about here. but this afternoon we will pull in scattered clouds in the city itself, 32 and you can see evening by 5:00 p.m. back down to 30, 20s back by 7:00 this evening and somewhere cooler worcester right now at 23 , wind chill 11, so you can see that there's quite a difference as you head into some of the higher elevations, further inland where temperatures are cooler, obviously wind chills will be a little lower as well, temperatures in worcester only climbing into the upper 20s these afternoon but stays sunny all day long. we do not pull in same scattered clouds across the interior and in fact, we got sunshine controlling the weather pattern through noon time today. afternoon you will start seeing some of the scattered clouds impacting coastline, coastline
9:21 am
cape. now, cape ann and cape cod more likely spots to get snow showers and as far as the even forecast goes, more the outer cape that's likely now, but we will keep the eyes peeled in couple communities there and see the north winds really just keeping the chance for snow over the cape tonight. rest of the area seen nice quiet conditions, very chilly by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. cold he was morning of the workweek tomorrow and that's after today will be the coolest afternoon of the workweek. tomorrow we have increasing clouds from west to east, but at least temperatures will be higher once we hit the afternoon next best chance for snow showers, 9:00 p.m. on friday. these seems a little early to me, actually expecting a little closer or even after midnight here as we go into friday night and saturday. see highs today up to 32 in and around the boston area. teens tonight and then tomorrow upper 30s to lower 40s with those increasing clouds. 7-day forecast with the weekend
9:22 am
night into saturday morning that we got the risk for a little bit of light snow looking at about a coating of snow to the north and west, 495, transitioning to driftle because of the temperatures, going all the way up to 48, going to be mild this weekend. saturday afternoon clouds break apart. we start sunday with sunshine, get up to 50 on sunday with increasing clouds, another light mix on monday morning, but the next significant storm tuesday night starting as a little mix but switching over to heavy rain back to you. >> daniel: coming up they have kept a secret for weeks. the florida couple who won that record setting powerball jackpot have come forward. what they are doing with their winnings. >> julie: but first, is this they're one of that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in
9:23 am
and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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9:30 am
you can see people are shoulder to shoulder within the hour. we have learned a major issue with amtrak has made a disaster of the commute this morning. we will continue to keep our tabs on this for you all morning long. >> julie: i would say good morning but i don't know how good morning it is. >> daniel: people still trying to get to work. >> julie: thursday, february 18th, and cold morning to get to work. >> shiri: it is. winds have kind of picked up a bit last two hours and start with a breakdown. jump ahead with current win speeds and coming to the north and west and sustained winds 15 miles per hour in boston area, back to worcester, and it is creating these wind chills currently feels like 20 in boston, feels like teens to the north and west of the city. here is look though at actual temperature readings from 32 in plymouth to 32 in marshfield and 32 in taunton, looking nice and bright now boston just below freezing at 31 , but lots of
9:31 am
wayland to woburn, all in the upper 20s right now, worcester at 23 , tyngsborough at 32 but nashua, new hampshire next door only at 27, so day planner today involves morning sunshine. by 3:00 p.m. we slide up to 33 , so that the means that we are going up by couple degrees today and lucky to go up 5 today, and this afternoon watch the cape in particular for thicker clouds and even the chance we get ocean effect snow. the chance will be greatest hyannis, chatham and provincetown. back to you guys. >> julie: shiri, all of these problems stemmed from amtrak signal issues started around 6:30 and those south station pound passengers have been unable to get to final destination, and it is affecting a variety of commuter rail lines orange line and red line seeing severe delays northbound and southbound.
9:32 am
orange line to oak grove, transfer to downtown crossing to the red line toward ashmont braintree to still get to the south station area. look at drive times, 21 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 25 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: right now traffic coming in and out of south station and back bay at stand still. this is video from back bay station, and large number of passengers making way to the orange line. our photographer says it is a mad house there last half hour from keolis. that company manages the commuter rail. she told us right now there's no timetable for when the problem will be fixed. >> we do not have an eta, amtrak not provided any sort of eta on when. repairs might be finalized, and again, very frustrating morning for passengers and share the
9:33 am
has just been a mess out there. >> daniel: we asked her if riders will be reimbursed and right now they are transferring to subway stations for free. commuter rail in framingham is one seriously impacted. michael henrich, you moved there and got information about what went wrong. >> michael: just the last five minutes i got off the phone with framingham police and say csx, freight rail couple responsible for the intersection i want to show you in the video again has so many problems. concord and waverley streets. arm rails of the railroad crossing went back up but the until lights and the sirens were still going off, and that meant that the traffic lights in the surrounding intersection all turned yesterday. the cars didn't care.
9:34 am
over through the red light, over the tracks and thisy didn't know if car was coming and caused dangerous situation. csx was able to reset or infection the signal system in time. all that said, framingham station here part of the overall issues that we are seeing throughout the commuter rail station all the way to the issues over at south station. i spoke very briefly with a couple people on station off-camera before they boarded the last inbound train just about ten, 15 minutes ago, and they said in spite of all the warnings -- in spite of the electronic signs overhead, they wereun aware the train would not reach to south station. so still people boarding unaware with the massive issue going on, and we will gather what we can. michael henrich, fox 25 news. >> julie: every time there are issues with the commute, see it immediately on social media.
9:35 am
frustrations the past few hours. red line trains they could barely sit in the doors at quincy adams station. very busy stop for the commuter here is picture. to go. take a look at just how many people crowded on to the platform hoping for a train. >> daniel: as julie told us, people can get around the delays by riding the orange line, but take a look at this. viewer sent us these pictures of bay. people normally take other lines are trying to get on the orange line to get around the delays. remember to stay with fox25 all day as we keep you up-to-date on commuter rail and send out any breaking alerts as they come in and have a full report tonight on news at five and 6:00 p.m., and also always online at and our social media platforms.
9:36 am
now, revere police officer badly hurt in crash in chelsea. this is picture of scene on marginal street. the officer rushed cruiser into utility pole and rushed to mass general with serious injuries. we asked chelsea police if it happened during a pursuit, and they were not able to confirm that at this time and we will have more information as it becomes available. julie: elaborate scheme from newton man being scammed. his cell phone stopped working and he called and they said it had been transferred to another provider and then found out $16,000 was charged on his credit card in new york city and also discovered his home phone had also been hacked. >> if merchant trying to reach me i wasn't get phone call at the house. house phone was forwarded to
9:37 am
>> julie: victim doesn't know how he was targeted or thieves knew his pass codes. since they were unauthorized he will not be responsible for them. >> daniel: fbi bust a local hacking suspect. here is what happened. officials say martin gods field of somerville launched cyber attack because children's hospital's handling of justinea pelletier case. when he got word he took off and he and his wife were found on disney cruise boat. the cruise had picked them up off a small sailboat after they made a distress call. if convicted he could face prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. >> julie: continue to follow new developments from deadly fire overnight.
9:38 am
the identity of the man killed from flames. outside the home the friends are sharing memories of man devastated by the fire. jess? >> jessica: yes, very, very sad situation for neighbors. we learned last couple hours 64-year-old man died inside this house while trying to get out late last night right after the home caught on fire. we know he was 64 years old. plymouth county d.a. has identified him as bob drude. they tell us he lived here with his wife. the fire destroyed the beautiful home on ellisville road and three bedrooms and four bathrooms. shot after the fire at 8:30, see it whipping through the home. we understand drude was trapped inside the home. again, in entryway, crews tried to get him out, but sadly he did not survive. the plymouth county d.a.'s
9:39 am
considered suspicious. however, they are still investigating this morning what may have caused this fire. for now live in plymouth this morning, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: this morning investigators are trying to find out motive. police say growingry wright showed up with city limits in randolph and plan with open mic night there. they asked the door which door drake scott would leave from and followed him and shot him five times. wright is being held without bail this morning. daniel: colleen russell was found dead this week in an apartment at the cliff side commons on monday night. police are treating her death as homicide, but they don't believe she was the victim of a random act. detectives are working to find her car which should have been at the complex but it is missing. >> julie: boston marathon bomber asking for a new legal
9:40 am
appeal his conviction. dzhokhar tsamaev's defense team filed a motion to replace federal defender marion conrad and other members of the team. this is standard practice for death penalty appeals. dzhokhar was sentenced to death last year after jury found him guilty on all counts stemming from the 2013 marathon bombings. defense attorney judy clark will stay in place with the transition. julie: mother who lived in house of squalor where three infants found dead will face murder charges. judge denied motion to dismiss two charges filed against erika murray. they discovered the condition of her blackstone home and found the dead children inside. murray will be back in court 1 week from today. julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and includes the breaking news on the commuter rail about signal issues at south station. amtrak passengers who were planning to go through south station are being advised to use alternate transportation because
9:41 am
south station on amtrak trains right now. we will have more of this on all of social media platform and throughout the day. shiri? >> shiri: temperaturewise we have barely moved. 24 to 32 , mostly sunny, and we got almost identity temperatures as you head home from work later today and hour-by-hour with increasing clouds and chance for snow next. >> daniel: strange substance turning up all over homes and towns and why the military may have to answer for the mess.
9:42 am
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>> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news with the commuter rail. >> julie: for the past few hours it is problematic and seems to be getting worse. karry kavanagh at back bay station and joins us on the phone. karry, what are you seeing? >> reporter: seen a sea of people coming and going and seen cries of frustration and people
9:45 am
lend vice where they can and spoke briefly with a passenger that's trying to get on amtrak train. she has been standing here an hour and no idea when she will be taking off, and a lot of transit police right now in the back bay station trying to keep people calm and moving smoothly, and right now inside the station it is, but there are a lot of people here standing around just waiting to figure out how they are going to get to where they are going, julie. >> daniel: we noticed a lot of people tweeting pictures, karry of the situation. anybody from keolis or commuter rail telling them to take off alternate transportation or to get out of there? >> reporter: we haven't heard. a couple trying to get out of town and don't have any
9:46 am
orange line moving a little bit letter than the last hour, but some folks walking out of the station and probably hitting the roads testimony point trying to get entirely altin the form of transportation, but definitely frustrating morning for many, and it is evident on their faces. >> julie: sounds like people are moving. if not slowly, they are not just jaam packed and stuck? >> reporter: not at station level and crazy lines backed up with the train tracks, trying to get down there now. >> julie: karry kavanagh, we appreciate your insight and look forward to hearing more of your reports throughout the day on the social media platform and tonight on the fox25 news at 5:00. >> reporter: thanks, guys. >> julie: new this morning one of toyota's popular model being recalled. toyota recalling nearly 3 million rav4 because of deadly problem with the seatbelt.
9:47 am
frame sliced seatbelt in half and toyota will contact you if your suv is on the recall list. julie: police in new york city have someone in custody on tourists that wouldn't buy tickets to to the statue of liberty. two people tried to sell the man fake tickets to the statue of liberty and when he said no they punched him in the face. he was unconscious and broke his skull but he is recovering this morning. >> daniel: people in michigan found substance found covering substance covering cars and homes and driveways and they have no idea what it is. >> everybody is concerned about it, what it is and who's going to clean it up. get government involved and everyone wants to pass the buck.
9:48 am
team to check it out. >> julie: amtrak signal issues have affected all people that would be using the south station today, so anyone planning to use south station should be seeking alternate transportation. it is overwhelmed back bay station, residual effects because of these amtrak until issues. like i mentioned red line southbound delays. look at map to take the "t". take the orange line to oak grove transfer at downtown crossing to the red line toward ashmont braintree if you're still trying to get into the area of south station. 13 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 18 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist, shiri spear, joining us now. shiri, we will be hovering in the 20s and 30s today. >> shiri: at least ends up being mostly sunny today, there are a couple exceptions i will
9:49 am
night expecting a coating of snow especially in southern new hampshire and 50s back to the weekend which means we will warm up. both days, in fact, going to be very mild out there, but only 31 right now, 16 miles per hour, breeze making it feel like it is only 20 in boston and witch right now, but temperatures are barely budging, so we got the lower 30s that carry us into the afternoon. it stays pretty bright though. the afternoon does bring some scattered clouds back to the coastline. you could see the little bit of cloud cover penetrating boston, brookline, norwood, all in the lower 30s. today 32 in lawrence and bump into sunshine keene at 29 and even manchester, new hampshire at 31 and further inland you are, the fewer clouds you got. it is just the nice bright sunshine, scattered clouds in hull at 32, marshfield 33, plymouth 34, but the clouds will be third quarter hyannis -- thicker at hyannis and chatham
9:50 am
showers and trying in bands to form well offshore right now, but as the winds, cold winds travel over the milder ocean water, it is causing these clouds to develop and that's where the potential of some ocean effect snow will come from even here at noon time, we have clouds backing up to the coastline, continues on and off through the afternoon hours. boston very slight chance, so we will get snowflakes and cape ann and cape cod for potential and clear skies continuen land and take to overnight hours where the cape getting in on clouds with the slight risk for coating of snow. lows tonight will dip down into the teens. longer it is dark colder it gets and hit these and rock bomber no. bomber no. 2 bottom as sun comes up tomorrow morning and these are commuter temperatures and high temperatures tomorrow climb into the upper 30s in boston, worcester lower 40s in norwood, framingham, lawrence, up to manchester, new hampshire, so at least warming up what you will find though is from west to
9:51 am
during the day tomorrow and friday night into saturday, light mix that develops, starts as flurries and snow showers, points north and west of boston and as we are so mild here we change it over to drizzle saturday morning, clear on out saturday afternoon and sunday 50 before we get another light mix sunday morning and bigger mix tuesday and wednesday. >> julie: we continue to follow the mess at commuter rail as thousands of people are stuck
9:52 am
9:53 am
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>> daniel: problem with amtrak system and orange line and right now thousands of people are late to work and showing you these pictures from tweets all morning the two biggest "t" stops impacted here are south station and back bay. the globe reporting about 40,000 people get into the city each morning at south station. it is a school vacation week right now, but as you could see, all the platforms are still packed. orange and red lines are jammed up inside and outside on the
9:55 am
now stretching across the charles. this is the red line stop at davis square and look at twitter few minutes to see the pictures like this shared and retweeted over and over and over again. things are starting to move now, but karry kavanagh told us live from back bay, everyone looks really frustrated. i can imagine so, julie. >> julie: tears in lives and this is what you need to know. amtrak signal issues have caused major problems at south station, not able to get in on commuter rail or out. so best bet to take the "t" and seeing delays on red line, on the orange line. here is how you take -- this is what you take on the "t," orange line to oak grove and transferred to red line and take that toward ashmont braintree and how you get around the situation right now and you will not be alone.
9:56 am
everyday, and they be trying to do the same thing you're trying to do. >> shiri: temperature below freezing and wind chills in the 20s. feels like it is about 20 right now in boston to the north and west of the city and chilly out there and handful as we travel into the afternoon. mostly sunny skies, watching the coast for a couple scattered clouds later today and increasing clouds by friday night, going to bring us light mix into saturday morning and this weekend it is so warm with highs close to 50 that we will see it quickly transition over to just a couple saturday sprinkles clearing out by the end of the day. sunday we start with sunshine, increasing clouds and begin deal with light mix on monday morning around 40 both monday and tuesday afternoon and tuesday
9:57 am
to rain wednesday 48 and heavy rain at that and latest information come in later which is straight up rain on wednesday. >> daniel: be sure to join us at five or six and lots of questions to answer and how all of this hand and took so long to get people moving again. mark, vanessa and kevin, that's tonight at 5:00. >> julie: thank you so much for joining us today. we will be back here tomorrow
9:58 am
we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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a crew braving bubbling hot lava to rappel into an african volcano. a cat is stuck in freezing weather for daze. >> 33-foot electrical pole -- >> see the heroes who jumped in when the fire department wouldn't help. we are joined "right this minute" -- >> youtube star's interview with rtm is suddenly interrupted.


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