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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tonit fox25 getting answers. >> 'sthe amtrak single issue that caused chaos this morning will not be fixed in the evening commute take a live look at pictures from sky fox and possibly won't be fixed come the morning either. it's also affecting the subway. right now you can see crews working to get this problem solved soon as possible. hi everyone i am mark ockerbloom. and i am vanessa welch. we been on top of this breaking nuisance a morning show. thousands of people who take these lines are still affected tonight. here's what we know right now only two commuter rail lines are operating out of south station those of the province attleboro and stoughton lines. passages who ride those lines can use south station. everyone else in other lines
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should avoid south station. the t cisco to other alternative stations and those include jfk umass, bay forest hill quincy center and braintree. fox25 with the team coverage tonight. we'll start with kerry cavanagh who started talking to frustrated drivers this morning will be rerouted all day. got some answers from keolis which once the commuter rail for the tea. >> kerry: it has been all day long but actually the mess behind me is an improvement over the last hour at the back bay station. where commuter rail writers are colliding with the t wright is trying to get home tonight. this line these crowds these folks here trying to get home for the day the results of one broken switch that created a ripple effect still being felt right now. critics from the unusually quiet south station to swap nbta stations from summerville
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amtrak signal created a disastrous domino effect pretty writers thursday morning. >> saidthis is wild they should reimburse us. signal that broke down is supposed to guide trains in and out of step south station without a commuter rail train had to find another place to go overloading he stops like the orange line back bay. >> 'scommunity took the frustrations to social media showing the result of the rerouting. leslie with keolis private company that operates a commuter rail says the situation is largely under
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signal. we checked out the day with amtrak which provided no estimate on when the repair would be done. for commuters the reason that is less then a solution and today was nowhere in sight. another wave of passengers here in the back bay lining up trying to get on their commuter rail lines out of the back bay one of the alternate stations today you heard some passengers asking we going to get a refund for this. mbta says that amtrak issue not one in their control they were however offering free transfers from the commuter rail onto the t line for those that had to do those alternate routes. we're going to be through throughout the hour another live report to let you know how things are flowing here in the back bay. cracks it seems like every week we have another issue with keolis or the t so what went wrong this time. talks 25 is digging deeper into the signal issue and getting
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fox25 ted daniel continues our coverage with that part of the story. >> reporter: vanessa amtrak takes the blame but everyone takes the hit. around 3 o'clock this afternoon mast are put out the message that only two of the 12 commuter lines would be leaving south station this afternoon but take a look. a lot of people did not get the message and this place is absolutely packed with people trying to figure out what to do. station. boston's largest transit hub crippled for more than 12 hours affecting the right in and now the ride home. governor baker says amtrak learned of the problem at five this one but failed to alert the mbta until an hour later. ask for when the problem might be fixed earlier today governor
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nobody knew. we can't just say to people were working on it. in a statement amtrak tells fox 25 it lost electrical control of the signals and switches that allow trains to enter and exit south station.william is a professor of mechanical engineering at tusk university who specializes in train travel we asked him to explain the problem in a way everyone could understand. essentially it's ability to tell one train went to go and when to stop so that they don't hurt the people don't get into a conclusion that's what they lost in trying to repair. live pitch and a lot of people showing up here at south
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that will not be leaving here this afternoon. they are being moved to other stops the trains will be leaving from. the pa announcer we're hearing from him every couple of minutes i honestly feel bad for him as he goes over all the changes the list is long and painful. head of pr for keolis is catching flak for her own tweets about travel delays she was on the passenger end of a commuting issue. lit up american allies with several tweets to complete about a flight to boston from washington d.c.. untreated first up right here she had this to say. infuriating when you say were on time yet the eight 30 flight 29. a few minutes later. she says, letting us know but gate change eight minutes after boarding is not respectful of my time. and then she has one more right
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shall not parting at 847 let's see if it actually happens i bet it won't miss my meeting either way. mbta writers let's talk about those books they've gone through a lot course last year and now today as well. they're very social media savvy tore into her about her own tweets that morning as they suffered through another troubled commute. tweeting first of all force saying if you have morning meetings, it's a good thing you don't depend on the mbta commuter rail keolis to get to work. another writer, says not respectful of nighttime so now you know how nbta could kill us passages feel every day #. finished up right here. sums it all up she says in this right here, really? this proves you really and truly don't get it. own it, solve it stop always using amtrak. today's problems major commuter
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here showed the first a terrifying scene on the orange line tuesday night as smoke took over the state street stop. a panel off of one of the trains got run over causing's box and smoke after the incident the t inspected panels on the entire orange line fleet secured several of them. we have been sending you alerts throughout the day is a story developed and we will continue to do so as new information comes into our newsroom. be sure to download a free fox 25 news up for the very latest alerts breaking news. will continue to monitor the situation during the next couple of hours right here on fox25 be sure to also check our website for the latest on those delays and updated train schedule. chill in the air as a sunsets over boston will be another clear and cold night that's a beauty right there. tomorrow when you wake up low teens single digits.
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lemanowicz in a fox25 weather center. how could we talk in here. coldest we've seen since monday we've had a nice stretch of weather this week tomorrow morning and those single numbers and teens. tonight is clear. my beacon hill studio the one place we talked about yesterday about getting some clouds perhaps some snow showers cape cod notice the clouds blowing around cape cod mostly across the outer cape again we talked about yesterday one degree shift and that wind one way or the other blow the snow bands off the caper back onto the tape still be watching backsides to see if any snow showers will appear over you right now the sting offshore. clear skies tonight was to going down to 15 degrees the city you know the be some suburbs to be colder than that. northwest of wooster especially getting into the single numbers ipswich north shore going down to 19 under clear skies and even boston going low tonight to 21 degrees under clear skies.
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the city of the new needham or northwood bedford you going to be in the teens there as well. what a few of those cold spots dropped to the single numbers even as close as 128 over looking at you. these are the clouds and couple of snow showers to make it across cape cod the once were watching right now otherwise clear skies for the morning check this out. some out stuff to roll in here during the afternoon ahead of some warmer air coming this weekend bring light snow tomorrow night to will time that out and talk about any accumulations that will occur here in new england. be a police officer hostile ice night after a police pursuit comes to a crashing end. this was a wild scene take a look here. please say the officer was hurt when he crashed his cruiser into a utility pole in neighboring chelsea. bob ward on the scene all day and bob this crash happened during a police chase. >> bob: that's exactly right that's what we are hearing this
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8 o'clock this morning but this is where it ended in chelsea on marginal street. this is where the cruiser crashed and now police are investigating how this all happened. a revere police cruiser crashed into a utility pole in neighboring chelsea. this is the end of a police pursuit that started miles away in revere on park avenue. francesco ortiz for the crash he and other nearby workers rushed to pull the injured officer out of the cruiser. cell phone video obtained by fox 25 shows a scene. as the officer was rushed to mass general of boston police are trying to put the pieces together. according to revere exhaust on park avenue whether officer was dispatched to check on quote a suspicious party. the officers chased the card to chelsea where he lost control of his cruiser and not one but two utility poles. right now you're looking live pictures of those two utility
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these crews have been here all day fixing those polls. putting them back in place and restoring traffic here on marginal street but it's been kind of a mess tonight. also tell you that that cruiser was chasing a white car that white car continued down marginal street and sources tell me it was last seen in east boston. no word if the driver of that car has been located. we are hoping to get an update on this entire investigation as we get it of course we will bring it to you. >> 'sa truck goes off the road and ends up in icy waters new tonight police describe the dangerous race to rescue the driver trapped inside. >> donald trump taking on one of the holy spirit in the world. stay with us as we continue to follow breaking news it's affecting thousands of families trying to get home tonight. amtrak signal issues caused huge issues on the morning commute is still not fixed.
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rail trains are canceled it's also to the mbta subway system. thousands of commuters dealing with this nightmare. sky fox pictures of crews working to get those signal issues fixed their list of all the camps and trains the updated schedule on a website. i was before the republican presidential debate is a battle heating up between gop hopeful donald trump and pope francis. trump's already gone after ted cruz marco rubio and jeb bush a lot of people didn't see this one coming. >> tonight trump is feuding with his holiness george coley live in washington dc and george what sparked this battle. >> reporter: donald trump is not known to back down from a fight with any political opponent especially feels he's been attacked unfairly and now he can dive pope francis to that list asked about trump's views on immigration on his flight home following his visit to mexico just after hours of
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for those who die trying to cross it.pope criticized joe people the stance that is resident he would build a wall along the entire border to stop mexican immigrants from coming into the united states. a person with things only about building walls wherever they may be located, and not building bridges, is not a christian. i'm a very good christian because the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump is a christian. okay? he's questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it but i am a christian i'm proud of it. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. trump a presbyterian when on to defend his immigration policy so united states seemed to be tough from people crossing the border illegally. >> 'spresent all bomb has signed legislation imposing new sanctions against north korea refusing to stop its nuclear weapons program. overwhelming approve the bill early this month. expanded sanctions are designed
5:18 pm
it needs to develop nuclear warheads the long-range missiles to deliver them. >> 'sthe cold day out there going to be open cold night coming up with temperatures dropping from this point on the sun going down set the stage for potential light snow to work its way on in here i want to make sure i emphasize that. it is 28 already in worcester so you know you're going to fall into the teens from here at least sunny skies go down this evening is like 17 low temperatures will be at least 17 more likely 15 in the city go outside the city is going to closer to 10 there will be some towns that report single numbers by first thing in the morning upper single numbers but still cold 32 in boston already freezing 23 is what it feels like 33 was the high going down to 21 by the morning
5:19 pm
like 23 with that breeze out there you're going down to 18 is going to be a cold night no doubt a cold start to your day tomorrow. couple things to watch. first of all is clear over much of new england but most of the clouds out here something we talked about yesterday is that wind going across the water producing streets of clouds and potentially some snow flurries. that's happening out there right now it's offshore have to watch to see what these wins do it they turned the little bit toward cape cod will start to see some snow showers on the cape. it's not a big concern but i don't want you to be surprised to see flakes flying out there cape cod during the evening hours. and then this is. the clouds to our west associate with a warm front some more air heading toward new england's only going to get that as we can. before it gets here in a cold air these clouds are going to move in ahead of the front and also those clouds a few snowflakes are going to fly. here's a timeline on all of
5:20 pm
there are the clouds in a couple of snow shows 20 clip cape cod this evening. that something i'll be watching for you. then clear through the morning sunshine to the middle of the day tomorrow and here come the clouds for the afternoon toward the evening.snow breaking out in those clouds too. because of that warm pushing toward us. so will put that up in just a moment as far as high temperature tomorrow it's going to be fairly mild temperatures in the 34 topsfield bitter cold of the vehicle started going to have this is all relative i mean starting single numbers in teens getting up to the mid- 80s is pretty nice. into the metro west area that them up to 38 foxboro west at 36 degrees. in worcester county 38 worcester before auburn 35 melbourne huge rebound will going to have in the south shore area 87 middleboro 41 and attleboro tomorrow afternoon. let's pick up during the evening here comes a snowflakes flying into worcester county by
5:21 pm
band of snow come through for part of the area push into boston by 11 o'clock to cape cod by 1:00 a.m. and then offshore is a warm air comes in rain and snow showers continue during the early part of saturday morning before start to see some sunshine. again not talk about a lot of snow coding to an inch of snow mostly cases west of boston but it is going to be a little bit will be a little slippery late tomorrow night and early
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. icy rescue police dive into action to save a tractor driver and set the stock offices got the call the truck it looked off the road into the water to heaven yesterday. water was only 39 degrees but that didn't stop them from going in. >> it was a frantic and frigid rescue. a driver had gone off the road and into the icy waters. >> at that point it wait for anything else. i left the station and headed down to the scene. this was. and what to expect. he doesn't live that far away. >> offices kevin and alexander were seconds behind.
5:25 pm
was under. he was seatbelted in. >> with all three in the water up to the next, they acted fast. they cut the seatbelt and drag them into shore. he checked to see if anyone else was inside but the water was too cold to stay in more than a few minutes. so three waves of offices went in and out of the 39 degree waters before learning there was no one else. the officers tell us every day bring something different just never quite like this. >> we were both scuba divers so i'm not a stranger to the water. >> incredible job driver identified a fairhaven officer thinks he could have been submerged in the water for up to 18 minutes. i see you tonight still try to figure out why caused the accident. >> crews rushing to brookline home after fire started there
5:26 pm
scene shot some video some obvious fire and smoke damage and the upstairs of the home on orchard road. sky fox flying over the home not showing much damage there the family into pets did make it out okay but there was one injury. >> we have one fired injury a cut was hand taken to the hospital. >> still no word on what causes fire crews are still investigating. >> a man rushed to the hospital from this home after falling more than 10 feet swaps got rescuers worked to secure the manikin to the salem hospital the man was conscious when he was taken from the home. no word on his condition tonight. >> all power restored after a tractor-trailer crash should have a power pole. it happened in the town of albro new hampshire on route 101. early morning crash left as many as 400 customers without power. but as of this afternoon there are no outages being reported in the area.
5:27 pm
their way to a better parking spot. >> the amount of misuse for handicap parking is out of control. fox25 spent a few hours with police it didn't take long for them to find people miss using disability placards. we uncovered the state is now planning to do to crack down on this crime. >> state senator targeted an infidel raid of the senate resident answer when asked if senator ryan joyce to reside. >> trouble on the tracks that star this morning and it
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
breaking news from following all day long for your amtrak signal issue caused a chaotic morning commute well will not be fixed now during the evening commute and possibly not for tomorrow morning. that means dozens of real trains are being canceled it's also affecting the t as well. you're looking at live pictures from sky fox workers are working right now to get
5:30 pm
>> hello everybody i'm mark ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch. fox25 catherine i live in braintree keeping an eye the situation there. >> reporter: here's the worker round for commuters if you see their behind me that is where the red line stops coming in from downtown. then people will get off that train they will walk through the braintree station down the platform and here they board is committed real trains which actually they've stopped and had waiting for more red line trains to come in to maximize the ridership on each commuter rail that is leaving the station. some people did have to wait in the cold for their rides. all this over the second time today that many commuters had to do this it came with some challenges we caught the early crowd slipped out of work to try to beat the rush on the red
5:31 pm
missed the schedule updates set up at the mbta around 4:00 p.m.. then he went to the wrong red line stop jfk umass got off too early because of the conflicting information. >> i check on my app it says the picking up people in south station so i could've stayed at work. >> this is really frustrating. >> now after that initial rush things seem to be moving more smoothly down here in braintree we are continuing to see some delays on the time that a posted here will go to stay here on the platform continue to monitor the ride home for the people writing the commuter rail. again we could see issues all night and into the morning so be sure to wake up with fox25 will monitor the situation and bring you the latest on any cancellations or delays. we get started tomorrow at 4:00
5:32 pm
>> commuter rail issues with the trains are happening reverent crossing and framing him went haywire you see the crossing arms august erupt light was still flashing in the sirens still going off. because of that nearby traffic light was still red the cars study go anyways be causing a dangerous and often times chaotic mess. >> people don't know what to do so you'll have it be intersection just a jumble. reverent company now florida controls the lights and this isn't the first time those lights have malfunctioned. framingham police said they have to call the company at least twice a month to get them fixed. >> will cure a beautiful sunny day in the mass avenue ridge over the pike but it was still pretty chilly out there even though the sun was shining today and kevin i'm hearing it's going to be a really cold morning tomorrow. temperatures for highs today only made into the 30s boston 34 was to never even got to freezing today and you know
5:33 pm
the sun is starting to go down boston still holding onto the freezing mark at 32 but look at cambridge and watertown both a 31 woburn has slipped to 30 go northwest to the local area who codified temperatures in the upper 30s chelmsford carlisle northwood kings brought 29 degrees northern worcester county again upper 20s here 27 fitchburg 28 for you in leominster. so overnight tonight most places dropping into the teens 20s in southeastern massachusetts only a few more clouds out there as well. but some single numbers are likely going to be found in northern worcester county into southern new hampshire. yes a cold start to the day set the stage for snowflake to fly. speaking out after one of its members appointed to leadership roles is now the target of a federal investigation. fox25 the first to break the story that the ti rated brian joyce's law offices now political reporter sharman sacchetti joins us live. you spoke with the senate
5:34 pm
>> sharman: i did just one day ago we were the first to break the story about his law offices being rated now calls for senator joyce to step down are growing louder but the senate resident told me tonight it's too early for that. state senator brian joyce pulled out of his driveway and cameras. it's the first time the milton democrat has been seen publicly since we broke the news about the fbi rating is canton law office in a joint investigation with the irs. do you think brian joyce ought to resign? >> the investigation is ongoing everyone is entitled to due process. i spoke with said resident stanley rosenberg who appointed joyce to leadership roles including a system majority leader. rosenberg says joyce's stepped aside for those positions. he maintains calls for joyce's resignation are premature. do you think of public
5:35 pm
even a higher standard? >> public officials are definitely held to a higher standard and we expect that as public officials we also have due process rights. last month we told you the governor called for an ethics probe into whether or not joyce took advantage of his relationship with a randolph drycleaner to get as much as tens of thousands and free dry-cleaning. also in january the office of campaign political finance announced toys had agreed to pay nearly $5000 for using his campaign funds to pay for son's graduation party. last year joyce came under fire for handing out goldplated designer sunglasses as gifts to all 40 state senators. we asked the senate president if he spoken with joyce and he told me he's in touch but not about this. >> do you think you should come out and address this? i'm sure he will over time in his own way. >> open checkbook this state senator brian joyce salary in
5:36 pm
his annual rate is $60,000. coming up at six hear from the activists who confronted rosenberg today at the statehouse because he wants him to expel joyce from the senate. >> a road rage incident on route nine and then the arrest of a student at nasa community college who was in possession of a gun. wellesley police approach with someone who said a driver pointed a gun at them and when police followed up with mass bank they found 25-year-old i big and who had a gun in his car. office is a big told them about the incident and he was then arrested on multiple charges. >> trust a man sentenced to two years behind bars for refusing to provide information in the murder of a 17 boy. daniel pled guilty to criminal contempt of court the 22-year-old would not testify in front of a grand jury. three other men are also facing
5:37 pm
shooting the man on the street that killed 17-year-old lyon morrison prosecuted say that morrison was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. the popular teen called dues by friends and family with a hockey player and a boys and girls club member. his 19-year-old friend was also shot but survive. >> tonight investigation continues into what started the fire that left one man dead. we showed you video of cruise battling a massive fire last night at 10 o'clock. it happened here at home in ellisville road in plymouth. tonight we know 64-year-old robert jude was found dead in the entryway of his home. neighbors they lived there with very nice family. we've known them since they moved here. they have children.they have grandchildren. and they're just wonderful people. >> this morning neighbor stopped by to leave ours as a tribute to drew the fire is not
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5:40 pm
>> sleepless in present obama historic trip to cuba next month as a next step to further open up relations with a communist country. there's only so much the president can do without cooperation from congress. >> reporter: present obama making his street with a tweet announcing the first presidential visit to cuba since 1928. it comes just days after the
5:41 pm
signed an agreement allowing regular commercial flight cuba. we see as a means of pushing forward this normalization process. but a process that can only go so far without congress. most americans are still not allowed to travel to cuba most american company's still not allowed to do business. trade embargo the limits traded tourism congressional approval to be lifted and are still strong critics of the president's policy in congress like florida senator marco rubio. today a year two months after the opening cuba the cuban government remains as oppressive as ever but now that access to millions of not billions of dollars in resources big american businesses the opportunity and cuba delta southwest and american airlines all tell us a bit on flights to cuba.the only countries on earth we can't buy a coca-cola are cuba and north korea. i asked coke they like to return to cuba in a statement
5:42 pm
interested in doing business everywhere we are allowed to operate. >> there are bills to just about the house and the senate to remove the trade embargo but they haven't gone anywhere white house said they're looking at still more executive actions to further loosen restrictions on trade and travel. >> clouds blowing across cape cod watch to see those snowflakes hit the cape tonight also tracking some snow across the entire area tomorrow night. >> photocopied disability placards police in the even had cases of drivers using dead persons placard. >> just a photocopy of a placard laminated or semi-laminated. they made their i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest
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breaking news amtrak says
5:45 pm
massive delays this morning will not be fixed tonight and could be an issue friday morning. that means dozens of commuter rail trains are canceled it's also affected mbta's subway system you're looking live pictures you're right now people trying to get home tonight. thousands of commuters are dealing with this nightmare this is again a live picture of the back bay as people try to get home. >> live look from sky fox continues try to get that signal issue fixed we have a list of all the canceled trains and the updated schedule on her website. will keep watching for any other issues and bring you a live update straight ahead at 6 o'clock.police cracking down on drivers still parking spot. the going after people who misuse or abuse disability parking placards. >> fox 25's political reporter sharman sacchetti. >> sharman: we rode along with burlington police officer william for just a couple of hours. it didn't take them long to spot one.
5:46 pm
using a dead woman's disability placard to get better parking at the burlington mall. it's a hefty fine $505 for misusing the placket plus another $200 on top of that from the town of burlington for a total of $705. he take the placket away from her and he shows up and we found it's just one of dozens this collect of last couple of years doing this kind of an for smith. some are photocopies some have the dates changed others replace the pictures. >> made their own. so they're using a handicap placard to park for their commute to work. back in 2013 respected general-purpose report detailing what he calls widespread abuse of disability placket in downtown boston.>> in fact the state issued more than 1000 violations in the abuse.
5:47 pm
potentially redesigning the placards as well to make it fraud. but until that it's programs like this one in burlington that seem to be having success. >> burlington has its own task force to crack down on the fraud and now so does a statement coming up tonight at 10 sharman discover some of the ways estate is going after people try to cheat the system. >> numerous safety issues for the ted the collapse killed two people in new hampshire last killing a 41-year-old man a six year old daughter. osha concluded walker international events failed to properly put up the tent and ignored severe weather and high wind also found hazards that put circus employees at risk of electric shock burns and cuts. osha has proposed more than $3000 in fines again the circus operator. wild white in the waters off cape cod. new at five coast guard posted this video to the facebook page. shows database boat taking on
5:48 pm
circuit is the deck and pushes the blood of the boat right in the air video has the watched about 47,000 times. >> fish and game officials have approved of, hunting and tracking season in new hampshire. 5 to 4 vote approved as many as 50 permits through a lottery process. rapid growth of cats encouraged some residents to seek a hunting trapping season what others say the growth is a positive thing. season would start at the end of this year with this december trapping in january hunting. but it would require further legislative approval. >> more seals swimming south from mid winter vacation these totals of ice seals taken recently along the south shore officials at the new england aquarium to the safe distance away from the seals we should keep your dogs on leashes and take pictures but from a good distance away. >> never made it to freezing place like western orange today boston the 34 just above using. setting us up for cold night up
5:49 pm
flying at this. this going to be some light snow coming across let's discuss it first of all 20 in worcester right now. temperatures fall into the teens overnight tonight like 17 with the breeze going down to 15 first thing in the morning acura fitchburg unit 30 right now and feeling like 19. in your temperature training down to 16 overnight but everybody's going to go below freezing tonight 20s in southeastern massachusetts teens much of massachusetts but they'll be some towns that drop below 10 degrees into the single numbers. one thing we talked about yesterday with the winds blowing across water producing clouds potentially snow showers to couple of snow showers offshore that far away from the outer cape right now just takes a little shift to the wind to bring them closer and since our some close blowing across cape cod want you to be aware you might get to.
5:50 pm
but maybe a couple flakes of clouding cape cod that's our looking for tomorrow night. this man the nose no showing up in here. when and where that might be watch how it the rain develops that's what's going to happen is as warm air tries to make it into new england through our cold air. when that happens you got the clouds and you can get precipitation too. i'm expecting some light snow to come out of it. through the morning i have sunshine for your lunch time as well here come the clouds from the west and noticed the snow on her doorstep the evening hours. this is not heavy snow were not talking about shoveling this one.but we are talking about possibly some slippery roads out there late tomorrow night. that's why have to caution about this. during the day it's fine. 30s to around 40 degrees real nice looking day sandwich at 37 surely it 40 fenway park about 41 degrees tomorrow afternoon.
5:51 pm
of that band of snow into worcester county about 9:30 tomorrow night tracking this would tomorrow evening during a newscast and then boston by 11 o'clock during our love o'clock news will be talking about the snow falling in boston down to cape cod and offshore though still be some rain and snow showers around notice rain and snow showers the green in here because were now into the warm air front gone on past us. will track those as well be much of the snow going to be to the north and ski country they will take a bit amounts were looking at from a futurecast data half inch in boston to an inch in worcester so basically according to an inch ab some places just in southern new hampshire southern vermont little better now. most significant amounts will be to the north. seven day forecast 40 and saturday 48 on sunday you get the flakes of warm air tries to push on in here through this weekend weekend always in view
5:52 pm
coming up behind those flakes and yes i'm still tracking the possibility of a storm next week will tackle that were next. >> adults in massachusetts get a little more sleep than most of the country new numbers from the cdc shows 5.5 percent of adults in massachusetts reported sleeping seven hours or more each night. that's a little bit better than the national average of 64.9 percent of adults with more than seven hours of sleep a night. cdc says one in three americans don't get enough sleep not enough shut i can leave to obesity and disease and stroke. if you've ever wondered about the impact on too much sleep the cdc has an answer for that too. it says no evidence exists showing health dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain... ...and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. usps about two pick out thousands of new vehicle some is currently 30 years old. recent study from efficacy groups occurring americans future energy says postal service could waste $2 billion if it again buys custom-made vehicles to last decades. postal service internal auditor suggests staggering replacing plan agency lost $5 billion just last year. >> low hanging fruit for them to save money.postal service spokeswoman said the agency still analyzing its purchasing
5:56 pm
popular models is being recalled. toyotas recalling nearly 3 million raft force because of a problem with seatbelts. model user from 2005 two 2014. one person died when the middle seat frame sliced the seatbelt and half. toyota will contact you if your sub is on the recall list. >> general motors recalling cars into brands due to airbag issues. sobs and saturns are still outfitted with the cut airbag and slaters. to cut it and played his could explode with too much force during a crash and that part of a larger industrywide recall effort. there several years and models each brand gm will contact orders about that recall as well. and is touting some new pothole protection technology on its new cars. 2017 fusion v6 sports sedan up and with special shock absorber system that system stiffens when sensors detect a pothole. that allows system to keep the wheel limited instead of dropping into that hole. luxury cars including ford
5:57 pm
technology as well.>> casinos looking to use new technology to target younger gamers. massachusetts looking into whether casinos should be allowed to offer slot machines incorporating videogame and arcade like elements anti-gambling activists are concerned machines could be more addictive than traditional electronic games. advocates it's too soon to pass judgment because the machines are still in development. >> new toy town it's no joke check this thing out. it's so new north rival chaos rhode island toy maker hasbro says fires foam pellets about 60 miles per hour 40 round magazine. some pairs a word the speed of the pellets could leave more than the lead marksman will be in stores next fall cost about 70 bucks. >> this morning while you were sleeping and warm bed perhaps
5:58 pm
roughing it in camp city. it wasn't a protest it was for a free treat these people lined up to be among the first to eat at the new chick-fil-a restaurant in framingham. their persistence paid off. first hundred people in line one a free chicken sandwich every week for one year. >> i got here at 3:40 yesterday afternoon. it was totally worth it. >> you might remember in 2012 chick-fil-a was blocked in its efforts to open a restaurant along the freedom trail boston over its present use of it same-sex marriage. a commuter nightmare. the right to work and now home turned upside down. the lack of communication and also conflicting information for different sources. fox 25 keeping you informed through every alert. i want to show you this map we titillated out by the mbta that shows you how to get to south station without using a commuter rail.
5:59 pm
affecting thousands. >> with breaking news this is fox25 news at 6 complete new england news coverage. >> breaking right now live look at, base station a lot of company here folks sea people all try to get home on the commuter rail. as we go live to sky fox right now the amtrak rail switch that is been a major rent in these plans today they are trying to figure it out and try to fix it the trouble is affected the subway system the issue is been lingering since this morning will not be fixed over the next few hours and could cause trouble into friday. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch this is going to be a huge headache for anyone who uses the tea we been on top of this entire morning news. >> you can see all these lies right here all of them coming out of south station thousands of people who take these lines are still effected tonight.
6:00 pm
only two commuter rail lines are operating out of south station. those serving the providence attleboro and stoughton line. passengers who write those lines can use south station. everyone else on other lines at it of luck tonight they should boy south station the t says go to other alternative stations and those include jfk umass back bay forest hills with the center and braintree. we have team coverage tonight from the cause of all these get home. off that coverage. >> kerry: all day the crew actually kind of depleted in the last couple of hours at this hour commit a rail right is trying to get home tonight. this is the result of one broken switch that triggered a ripple effect still being felt by folks right now. >> the controlled chaos that began this morning stymied rail


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