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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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only two commuter rail lines are operating out of south station. those serving the providence attleboro and stoughton line. passengers who write those lines can use south station. everyone else on other lines at it of luck tonight they should boy south station the t says go to other alternative stations and those include jfk umass back bay forest hills with the center and braintree. we have team coverage tonight from the cause of all these get home. off that coverage. >> kerry: all day the crew actually kind of depleted in the last couple of hours at this hour commit a rail right is trying to get home tonight. this is the result of one broken switch that triggered a ripple effect still being felt by folks right now. >> the controlled chaos that began this morning stymied rail
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from the unusually quiet south station to swap mbta stations from summerville to boston a single broken amtrak signal created a disastrous note that pretty writers thursday morning. >> the signal that broke down is supposed to guide trains in and out of south station without it commuter rail trains had to find another place to go overloading he stops at the orange line back bay. >> committees took their frustrations to social media showing the results of the rerouting. >> leslie with keolis private company that operates the
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is largely out of their control says it's amtrak signal we checked throughout the day with amtrak which provided no estimate on when the repair would be done. for commuters the reason matters less than the solution but today was nowhere in sight. >> you heard the piece their love commuters want to know are they going to get a refund today for all of their frustrations that you can see still persisting at this hour. mbta said the short answer is no because they say this is a problem out of their control because it's an amtrak switch. how many workers are you seeing hoping all those people behind you? >> there a lot out here both from keolis private company that operates the commuter rail also transit police we go behind me you can see them right here leading down to the platforms we've seen them here all day long every hour of the day even in the down times here to offer advice people from
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that's definitely a marked improvement over last year i don't think they had these people up here before. >> certainly need the help tonight. >> ted daniel at south station will only providence attleboro and attleboro line passages should be going in ted you spoke with a trade expert today about what could causes switch problems. >> reporter: all day and as we speak people arriving here at south station only to find out you can't get there from here the word went out around 3 o'clock this afternoon that only providence stoughton attleboro would be departing from here but as you can see by the crowd not everybody got >> commuter rail passages where trouble getting into south station this morning faced with a new problem this heading out.
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fox 25 lost electronic control of the signals and switches that allow trains to enter and exit south station.situation is like an air traffic controller trying to route flights without radar. >> mechanical engineer william tusk university professor says a limited number of trades coming and going from south they should have to be switched manually. >> their essential but sometimes a breakdown and then humans have to take over. it's an amtrak issue and governor baker is not happy about it.>> to have this happen to find out about it at 6 o'clock in the morning to be scrambling around 20 figure out how to people deal with their morning commute is not the preferred route for any of us. i get the frustration believe me. >> back to life picture now is it amtrak issue but everyone is
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the trains that are getting out of south station right now are experiencing delays because with the automation down, they are having to switch the trains manually as they make their way out of boston. >> kitchen block of her own tweets about travel delays just yesterday leslie who heard from a little bit earlier was on the passenger end of a issue lit up american airline several trees to complain of a flight to boston from washington d.c.. the start you off right with the first with this is how it began. infuriating when you say were on time yet 8:30 flight is clearly not leaving from gate 29. letting us know the gate change eight minutes before door reporting was to start was not respectful of my time. >> and lastly, she treats this, departing a:47 let's see
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won't miss my meeting either way. how about the mbta writers how much of they dealt with over the last year and now today today's events they are very social media savvy if you didn't know they tore into her about her tweets this morning as they suffer through another troubled commute. in fact we have match he treats if you have morning meetings it's a good thing you don't depend on the mbta commuter rail or keolis to get to work. another tweet came in --this one says, not respectful of my time? so now you know how mbta keolis passengers feel every day. # karma. and finally we wrap it up with sarah who sums it all up by saying, really? this proved he really and truly don't get it. own it, solve it, stop always using amtrak as excuse. >> not only is keolis dealing with angry passages also
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running in the red. statehouse news reports the company lost $30 million in its first year working with massachusetts. the main reason is quote unforeseen operation costs. in 2014 keolis one eight your bid to one of the commuter rail getting paid 2.7 nine dollars. morning team was there every step of the way with up to the second traffic updates and live reports with this news first broke today. makes you turn into a tune into fox 25 morning is starting at 4:00 a.m. to see if there are additional switch or track issues doing the right commute. as we take another look at the crews working hard to fix that switch signal that's causing this fiasco, a reminder that our team of reporters is going to continue to follow the breaking news throughout the rest of this hour and the night. be sure to stay with fox 25 are
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>> storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and for the coldest morning of the work week tomorrow. could be cold out there tomorrow for sure in boston barely above freezing here's a couple things i'm watching clear out there now temperatures dropping overnight down into the teens and 20s some towns that hit the single numbers other thing i'm watching is just offshore cape cod here there some snow showers starting to show up we talked about this yesterday how there would be winds blowing across the water produce streetscape clouds potentially some no showers cape cod ocean effects knows staying offshore as far as the snow showers but the clouds tipping cape cod may watch closely see if the going to make under the cape this evening of a tracking that for you. next thing is this a band of clouds coming out of the midwest associated with the war front pushing away. a warm front and i'm talking
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air can get in here is producing clouds produce a band england tomorrow. putting together when i expect for some snowfall from this it's not very much but it could make it slippery out there straightahead picnics investigate uncovering new concerns about school bus driver charged with driving drunk last week sky fox over the scene of the school bus with wires hanging on after he crashed in dudley all of the children made it out safely. the driver scott poirier was arrested fox 25 robert goulston is live. >> robert: fox 25 investigated has learned police have received multiple complaints since that crash last week that this driver may have in drinking and getting behind the wheel before. one company employee telling us people to try to speak up about it. >> scott poirier accused of being four times over the legal limit and police and he backed a bus full of kids into a
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this employee of the school bus company first student want her identity protected when count telling us he drank on the job before. he was hitting curbs stumbling through the bus yard slurred speech a lot of things. fox25 investigated has confirmed police received multiple reports as a crash about four poirier revisit drinking on the job the chief telling us today we are looking into the driver's activities before during and after the incident as it relates to the offense. we are certainly open to anyone who may have information to add we will be in contact with the involved agencies if the situation warrants. school bus company employee believes the bus company did not respond to previous reports. >> but first student says that's not the case issuing the statement we have not received any drinking and driving reports about the driver we have a zero tolerance for that behavior. we haven't initiated the
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because this is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment further on the case. >> we tried poirier at his home a man did answer when we called hung up the employee assuring the concerns and hopes it helps change procedures. >> they need to make better rules. we did reach out to the school district here in dudley to find out if they had caught many reports but we have not heard back. >> update right now breaking news out of umass amherst at this hour. student newspaper daily collegiate reporting sheltering place in the area. pothole the us alerts gunmen on campus hostile man with a gun one scene by people all the may be other people involved no shots have been fired but there was a shelter in place. at umass amherst. several thousand students from the new england area in massachusetts. >> road rage incident on route nine and in the arrest of a
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college who was in possession of a gun. wellesley police said they were approached by someone who said a driver pointed a gun at them and when police followed up with mass they found 25-year-old ryan beacon who did have a gun in his car. officers say big and told him about the incident and that he was arrested on multiple charges picnics ahead at 6 o'clock the way your bank account could shrink you get new car. >> a police chase in chelsea lanza revere police officer in the hospital after he crashes his cruiser into a utility pole i will have the latest.
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updating situation developing out amherst the university of massachusetts amherst campus alert put out by the school verbatim on twitter says hostile armed person reported pure pot all freshman dorm you mpd on scene permit is secured please shelter in place. going to put another tweet out that says suspect as a white male wearing dark colored shirt gold chain reports of second involved party white male wearing a gray sweatshirt we have no reports of any gunfire at this point again umass amherst tweeting out on its website hostile armed person reported report hall and perhaps there was another person as well continue to
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calls to find out what is going on here. the daily collegiate reporting is a shelter in place in the area of pierpont hall could umass crime alert there is a gunman on campus hostile me with a gun cnet your part hall there may be other people involved again on twitter thinking maybe a second person involved no shots fired but right now. we'll keep you updated picnics more breaking news right now involving amtrak switch issue affected thousands of commuters this morning it's still not asked at this hour. several train either canceled or delayed tonight. were told the issue could last into tomorrow morning. some of the commuters cannot get on the commuter rail not taking the red line. our team coverage continues right now with fox 25 john monahan. he is outside the umass station in dorchester. another place commuter rail riders are being asked to go to because they have to catch the
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>> john: that's right mark jfk umass designate stop for people at a delta middleborough and lake commuter rail take a look right now people lined up here waiting for the train that was due in here at 6:03 it's running behind schedule as most of these trains are this afternoon. telling us tonight that they are raising three big things but the commute is very long it's very crowded and very frustrating. committees normally take one train to and from work having to have a red line train to catch the commuter train. any of those as i just said running late some very late. tonight five:12 to middleborough arrived at 5:34 more than half hour behind schedule this all after unexpected delay on the way to work so many committees telling commute home. today delay came up so they were many headed out to the office rerouted to the red line switch problem popped up. that turned rush-hour commute
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>> ongoing problems signals right now means that they are no guarantees that the trains will be running tomorrow morning so some commuters have told us are planning on not taking the trains at all but driving to work. >> tonight one man under arrest accused of trying to break into one outdoor store in kingsborough. this is 28-year-old john of hudson new hampshire. police and he was nabbed after breaking into four marine in kingsborough last night. this comes just days after police reported gunshot burglary right down the street at admin firearms. and that that the police report for cuts would take it and no that case. >> teacher accused of hitting bill. we learned anita lemay charged
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eating candy refusing to listen to her. she allegedly smacked his hand weaving a mark on his wrist this morning she was released on personal recognizance. she will answer the charges in court next month. >> mashpee superintendent ryan found not guilty of rake into a student's home he has been on paid leave since november. this week he went on trial for trespassing. for entering students home to confirm her residency in town the cape cod times has a judge acquitted height of all charges yesterday because of a lack of evidence. mashpee school committee will meet next week to discuss hides employment status. >> at or below freezing already all the way southward to nantucket. it's going to be a cold night out there when you see that during dinnertime so let's track some of the temperatures norwood at 30 degrees already with their one of the cold spots at 26 right now. let's go to wooster check out
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with the breeze you have out there going down to 14 in the morning just that temperatures down another degree because how cold it is already boston and 31 at this hour lawrence you at 29 degrees with the breeze you feel like 20 not much but enough of a chill going down to 18 in the morning so there will be many teens will be a couple of single numbers around wooster especially northern worcester county but colder spots like norwood have a chance of going into the upper teens or per single numbers pardon me definitely into the teens overnight tonight. people watching since yesterday talked about this winds shifting out to the northwest and ringing in these clouds streaks of clouds across the cape. i wanted to see if any of the snow showers making out to cape cod not really seeing them here but we use a sensitive storm tracker doppler radar you find a couple of specks of blue and white in here that is a snow flurry activity.
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not much of anything i will keep watching to see if any more significant snow showers make their way to cape cod but so far the sting off of the outer cape over the fishes. clouds off the west warm front pushing our way this is going to produce them snow force tomorrow night not a lot but it will produce be going tomorrow night for your plans friday night into early saturday morning there are the snow showers and clouds trying to make their way to cape cod this evening let's keep a close eye on that you wake up sunshine in the morning and to the middle of the day the clouds are on the way they come thickening up during the afternoon across the area and there is the snow on her doorstep. we'll get back to that. high temperatures tomorrow first out to the north and west of boston and ipswich 40 in andover for the one lowell 40 in nashua pretty nice doesn't it. even warmer this weekend off to the west of boston hopkinton at 41 here to worcester county
6:22 pm
30s and 39 a couple of 40s like fitchburg at 41 degrees tomorrow afternoon. relatively mild for this time of year but a cool off in the evening be cold enough for the span of snow to come across. make it into worcester during the nine to 10 o'clock hour than boston 10 to 11 o'clock and then to cape cod and finally offshore but as a ghost by the warminster to come on in some rain and snow showers start to appear. clearly not something you going to have a lot of snow with a warm front pushing by her in southern new england is a futurecast data hour by hour by 11:30 a coating of snow that's why it can be slippery when telling you about it now because you'll be shoveling this but off to the north and inch even couple of inches higher elevations of the vermont and new hampshire from this one but most thing
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nothing and southeastern massachusetts the storm system. seven-day forecast
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umass amherst at this hour there's a young report of a gunman on the umass campus the school alerted the white man with a gun was seen pierpont
6:26 pm
that may be other people involved as well keep his police say that the perimeter has been secured students are being asked to shelter in place. gunmen been seen on the umass amherst campus students asked to shelter place. making some calls working our sources are going to stand top of this break is to get you an update to this as we get some new information. >> tonight the pope and presidential candidate donald trump in a war of words. >> george coley joins us now from a washington bill with more on what started these verbal jabs. >> reporter: donald trump is not known to back down from a fight with any political opponent especially because he's been attacked unfairly and now he can add pope francis to that list. the pope was asked about trump's views on immigration on his way home following a visit to mexico just hours after he prayed at the us-mexico border for those who die trying to
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gop front runner stance that as president he would build a wall along the entire border to stop mexican immigrants from coming into the night states. a person thinks only about walls wherever they may be located, and not building bridges, is not a christian. i'm a very good christian because the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't christian. okay? and he's questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it i am a christian. i'm proud of it. okay. for religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. trump a presbyterian on to defend aggression policy saying i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should
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breaking news out of umass amherst at this hour report of a gunman on the campus there the school alerted that a white man with a gun was seen pierpont hall freshman dorm in the maybe some other people involved. campus police in the perimeter has been secured at this moment but students asked to shelter in place but gunmen seen on umass amherst campus students being asked to shelter placement take a look at some tweets coming from the school bit earlier made us aware of this exact was going on out there.hostile armed person reported in pierpont hall you and pd on scene perimeter secure please shelter place a
6:31 pm
suspect as a white male wearing dark college or a gold chain. reports of second white male wing ratio call just came in i still have to play that for you now. >> intruder alert.wait for further instruction. hostile intruder alert. wait for further instruction. so that is what the students are hearing the faculty the people campus at this hour you can imagine it umass amherst enrollment in the thousands that is a lot of people a very large campus. let's go to the dining hall area that's located in this section right here. you can see if we pull this apart a little bit pierpont hall located right here this is berkshire dining commons residential life over here if you pull it down this way familiar with their at all you'll know that the football stadium is right over here so this is the area that they're looking at right now. this is where they telling students to shelter place or anyone else who might be on campus.
6:32 pm
alerts going out across the campus for children in the area any students in the area adults in the area to shelter in place. will continue to update you on the story as we will 6:30. >> also breaking right now at 6:30 crews to working hard to fix the switch issue it's been affecting the morning evening commutes for thousands of people today. we do have team coverage for tonight fox25 ted daniel's life itself station were only a few trains are running tonight. but let's start with fox25 catherine or jim she's in braintree tonight talking with confused writers about this mess. >> reporter: were here on the commuter rail platform we were told that the next train will be coming in about 10 minutes in fact i see it coming down the track right now it'll pull up behind us but as you can see just a few folks are waiting
6:33 pm
end things are running a lot more smoothly than they were this morning. keolis mbta employees have been here on the platform helping commuters to get on the rate chain. there was initial confusion however during the first rush this evening many tell us they left the office early because of the problems this morning only to find the mbta had released conflicting information about where to go. after writers hopped off the red line here they had to wait up to 30 cold minutes for the commuter train they said it was still better than it was this morning. >> so this morning we got on the train in kingston to take the t when we got on the train the guy said oh there's no more train to go to south bay station where to get on the red line in the red line was packed. really packed and people couldn't come in who were getting on other stops. >> that commuter told me her normal ride into south station about 20 minutes she says this morning it took two hours however some commuters have told us the only silver lining
6:34 pm
were not charged for their transfer from the red line. >> had back to south station ted daniel it appears a crowd there have finally started to thin out things moving along at all? >> a little bit rail passengers were trouble getting into south station this morning though vanessa are still having a problem getting out with only that essentially one line opened this evening. if you have been with us since five you can see the crowd has been not as many people but the ones that are here and the ones that were talking with all day today absolutely irate. in a statement amtrak tells us fox25 they lost electronic control the signals and switches but allowed trains to enter and exit south station the situation is kind of like an air traffic controller. who was unable to communicate
6:35 pm
have radar.that means the limited number of trains coming and going from south station are having to be manually switched and that is taking extra time. >> i do feel like they tried a little bit more with communications but this is an example today of how it's kind of bail. >> amtrak alerted the state around six this morning about an hour after it found out about this problem. so this is been going on now for more than 12 hours. the big question tomorrow morning there hoping the problems will be fixed by the morning commute but that hasn't and completely addressed yet. and we will be watching and waiting stay with fox25 throughout the night for that information. >> now we want to get back to the breaking news we've been
6:36 pm
umass amherst. we do have a student on the phone with us right now. >> real quickly that the shelter place order at the campus is now gone campus wide. not just around pierpont hall ringing right on the phone with us this is megan she's a freshman from ulrike and megan let's talk about this. you're an adjacent building right now you're part of that lockdown but you tell us right now you're safe? >> yes i am. >> i'm in the dorm thought i heard of us and we heard sirens it was like.
6:37 pm
>> we are getting reports that there is an armed gunmen in pierpont hall that is why you all been told to stay exactly where you are. do happen to have any friend you know anyone who's in pierpont hall right now? >> no not right now. want to go back to what you said a moment earlier i believe you said did you say you thought you possibly heard gunfire at one point? >> possibly. my rooms on opposite sides of pierpont but my neighbors outside our dorm be my roommate ran out we think it's gunshot were not sure. can you see pierpont hall from your window?
6:38 pm
sign of activity right now?>> my dorms on like the opposite side pierpont only have a view of like the middle campus don't see anything out there at the moment no picket have you had our asian the floor come up and tell you to shelter placed in the building alert you to any? >> no. >> we've been following social media and allow students reporting that they are just extremely scared right now. how are you feeling with all of this happening nearby? >> were okay. i feel very safe. they're doing a good job of
6:39 pm
going on. >> for people that maybe just joining us right now set the scene outside your window if you're able to look out the window. what can you tell us about a police presence we understand the building is surrounded on the perimeter as far as pierpont hollis concert at the moment. >> outside my window i don't have a clear view i do see cop cars but i don't have a clear view with the moment. >> what are the other people on your floor how they dealing with it everybody kind of harlingen rules of writing this out the moment? >> yes. >> what about people who may be off campus perhaps at the grocery store and i'll be
6:40 pm
a law enforcement will make them aware of what's going on. are you reaching out to friends on phones to connect with one another? >> some friends are off-campus but. [indiscernable] >> we know that you said the top of the interview heard some sirens that the school set off those emergency sirens how else to the alert student said there was an armed gunmen in a pierpont hall? >> i also get like a text from umass we also get email. >> megan parsons freshman from billerica currently in a lockdown campuswide megan stay
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
the campus of umass amherst the reports of an armed gunmen inside pierpont hall is one of the dorms on campus. all students on campus canvas what is been told to stay exactly where they are and to not move across campus right now police are interviewing witnesses and they're trying to find out more about this situation.
6:44 pm
>> shelter in place for the entire campus now started up to throw pierpont all but then expanded course is a perimeter got wider and wider now involves the entire campus if you've ever been to umass is exceptionally large campus. by comparison to other schools but it's got here will start with a tweets verse cayman these are from umass amherst. these are reports again not verified at this point the report you mpd on scene permit is secured please shelter in place. a suspect alert right now a white male wearing a dark colored shirt gold chain reports of second involved party white male wearing gray let's go appear bring this up to a bigger screen for you as well. you mpd with interviewing witnesses investigate following reports for armed been a pierpont continue to shelter in place. we have that there and basically what i said before. the entire campus is now an area there's been shelter. this is where were talk about right here.
6:45 pm
can't call berkshire dining area as well right here. we talked with student recently from here megan parsons from billerica who said she thought she might've heard gunfire wasn't sure what it was but she stayed in her dorm sheltered in place.this entire process put in the campus alert system. putting it to the test and she said that they first heard sirens the emergency sirens campus wide they knew something was up she then said they got an alert on the phone telling them there were reports of an armed person in pierpont hall. next thing you mentioned ock they were told to stay in place just in that area and then as you said they expanded it campuswide students being told not to go anywhere while police investigate these reports. hostile as he also sent to one of their tweets as well police said the person is hostile gunmen reported in pierpont hope it at one point talk about possibly another person with that individual so we're going
6:46 pm
plays out we continue to monitor the developments to twitter of course the amherst school umass amherst putting out these tweets as well. continue to talk to our authorities are sources in the area. update us on what the latest is as well. for just joining us umass amherst possible gunmen pierpont hall down by berkshire dining comments. >> quick update on what's going on outside it's cold night out there no doubt about it temperatures drop down below freezing most locations that was in the boston area digital lois down into the 20s 28 there carlisle 37 degrees worcester county temperatures are in the 20s here as well. lower 20s known fitchburg at 24 degrees in southwest of boston when you come 95 is dedham at 28 showing walpole checking at 27 degrees right now. it is clear out there to at the satellite picture you don't any clouds on the they are the blowing across cape cod snow showers for the most part have been offshore couple of stories on cape cod that is it.
6:47 pm
will be dropping down into the teens by 10 o'clock 14 by 6 o'clock in the morning when the sun is coming up on the north shore and ipswich going down to 19 clear skies file into boston a few clouds go away though on a clear night going down to 21 in the morning teens and immediate western suburbs of boston couple of single numbers on beyond 128 it was the county as well.clouds cross cape cod the islands those will end by the morning watch these clouds approaching us during the day tomorrow but sunny at least through lunch time tomorrow. your high temperatures have a 42 in foxboro and in walpole tomorrow afternoon little cooler along buzzards bay the cold waters of the suspect. worcester county temperatures going to be general in the 30s to about 40 degrees. this is a snow band expecting tomorrow night. wide snow after mild day will coming toward us going to be cold enough by the evening for these to be flakes flying
6:48 pm
elevations expect according 20 of snow here through worcester during a 10 o'clock news and through boston during our love o'clock newscast tomorrow night not tonight for tomorrow night this all slides offshore notice mild air changing snowflakes to raindrops at southern new england. rain snow situation by then and just showers first batch of snow will be the one that's going to produce any kind of accumulation not very much hour by hour takes you through midnight tomorrow night notice a half inch or so in boston nearly an inch and worcester getting an inch overnight by 5 o'clock in the morning that wouldn't be it couple of inches in the higher elevations in central new england perhaps as many as three inches in northern host new england and the scare areas out that way. seven day forecast keeps your weekend and view mild weekend in coming up you gotta go to the clouds and snowflake that will fly early on saturday with some rain showers and snow
6:49 pm
the day saturday expect sunny to be a dry day with images of 50 degrees tracking the possibility of a couple of storm systems later on next week when it looks like it'll miss us during the monday time for this one takes us into tuesday wednesday and the storm system trying to the bus and again the latest information keeping this weaker further offshore but that would mean it would be colder to so we have to do is watch this every single computer model run just like we do with all the storm
6:50 pm
stone but someth we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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us mba trade deadline come and gone celtics comprise no different today and we were yesterday relatively uneventful day in mba and big names rumored to be on the move have in fact stayed put. the talk of dwight howard
6:53 pm
rockets cast hawks hung onto those guys danny confirming the obvious he did not see a deal that was worth making it this time remains the celtics a better team in the long so they stand firm and forge ahead as is. what is that mean for the future? this is a board that you may want to pause on the dvr. it's not going to get there. got the ticket topic this year could be very high the celts onto it they also two other pics in the first round both somewhere around 20 and get this celtics have five second round picks the have to do some dealing in the summer but they've a lot to work with so they are in good position. meanwhile likely up for the couple of weeks because of that shoulder injury jordan mickey has joined the celtics in utah with a base of jack's tomorrow night. meanwhile official red sox pitchers and catchers have reported for duty along with a
6:54 pm
got to fort myers early tomorrow is the official first workout which stuart is on his way to fort myers will have live reports what the weekend today brock holds among those who spoke with the media just in case so much talk about the young outfielders and the sluggers on the corners in the infield but not a lot for a guy who made the all-star game last year. >> that's way like it. you know that's how i always been my whole career pretty much so you know you don't take anything for granted you come here ready to work you know i'm willing to play wherever hit wherever in the order as long as we win. that's all that matters. >> were in florida with the sox some of the best college football players from that area will be headed to indianapolis for the nfl combine among them appear layers from harvard and veronica the thai and all-american this year and so was cold turning he's 66 303 pounds offensive tackle two of known each other since high school the roommates now here
6:55 pm
been invited to the combine. get this with two players harvard is sending more players to indianapolis for the combine then university of texas. i was with cole this afternoon. >> rather than being an indictment on texas for the past four years i don't know but i think it's more of just a good thing for harvard it shows that we are recruiting really good players and good guys guys will work hard work for a goal it's funny ben and i are both from indiana we grew up in the same state went to harvard together we played a little singer all-star game in indiana that we first met we been going to harvard together we became roommates now going to combine so it's pretty cool. >> we wish them the most of best of luck. the best retirement deal ever. five-time pro bowler jared allen calling it quits today check this out. i just want to say thank you for an amazing 12 year career. this was a part where i ride off into the sunset but seeing
6:56 pm
>> that is how we all should do it when the day comes. that's a look at sports. back to you. quickly. seven day forecast one last update was timeline expect light snow tomorrow night cold temperatures have out there potential storm in the city next week i see you back here
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