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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 19, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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first at 10:00, a mother and baby have been hit by a car and there's a very active scene happening right know. well, okay everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. jackie is live with the story. boston police sending their prayers out to this woman and her five-month-old baby girl. she was just crossing the street with the child in her arms when a vehicle struck her. that driver did stop, police tell me, but right now there is no word on if he was impaired or not.
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accident scene and canvassing the area for witnesses to find out exactly what happened here. in the meantime, that woman and child in serious condition in boston medical center. we'll update the story as we learn more. the scene very active in humbolt and roxbury. the developing story the canvas of u-mass amherst is buzzing tonight after reports of possibly two hostile around men inside a dorm. the good news, the all-clear has been given and nobody was injured. we know a lot of parents in our area have children of course who attend the flagship campus. >> fox 25 was on the air speaking with a student locked inside her dorm room when we heard the alarm go off, telling everyone it was safe. all of this happened inside pair pot hall which is a freshmen dorm. themselves inside their rooms for hours. >> we bring you live team coverage from amherst.
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but we begin with john monahan who just learned new information at a news conference that wrapped up about 15 minutes ago. john. >> good evening. this started about 5:15 this afternoon after an assault inside of a dorm on the campus here at u-mass amherst. >> wait for further instruction... >> intruder alert. wait for further instruction... >> this incident, as you heard, initiating a shelter in place across the large campus. police say it took place inside the peer pond dorm in the university. there were 911 calls made of a male suspect with a gun seen fleeing that dorm and a massive police response here as police searched the dorm and southwest area looking for two men. police say the two suspects, who they don't believe are students,
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that victim was a student and received a laceration to his head and taken to a local hospital. the two suspects, however, took off. police say the shelter in place is the first ever issued here on the campus of u-mass. >> we're still trying to figure out exactly why, why the exact motive. but this was clearly not random. we are following up on leads regarding the two suspects. we have confidence right now they're not u-mass students. they were here from out of town to targeting this particular student. >> so the big questions tonight, who are these two men, what were they looking for and how did they get inside that dorm? we'll have updates and answers for you coming up tonight at 11:00. for now, live in amherst, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> we continue our team coverage with malini basu who spoke to
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wait to be given the all-clear. malini. >> mark, but first we're standing just feet away from the dorm which is directly behind us here. one student tells fox 25 he saw officers walk around with guns and rifles in that hallway. student says he heard someone banging on the door saying don't come the out your room, there are two men walking around with begins. students also tell us that the hostile minute were on the third floor of peerpont hall. still at this hour, students living here tell us they are very shaken up. >> we heard it was a possible
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>> i saw a fbi post where a friend told me -- a football post where a friend told me she was hiding hiding in her closet. a fbi post. relatives extremely worried about what's going on and friends. coming up at 11:00 we'll have more reaction from student what is they saw right here on the third floor. malini basu, fox 25 news. we spoke to the chief of the police department and it was interesting to hear how communication has changed in recent years. when it comes to campus security and getting the word out. [ inaudible ] give the information you have and let them know that law enforcement is on scene, no one is hurt, and we're conducting a search and the students are safe and we're gonna keep them safe
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going on there. >> he added the clear information is proven to be more vital holding that knowledge from students and parents. when this story first broke, we alert you had on the fox 25 news app, it's a perfect way to stay in the know when you're not near the tv. it's free to download, search fox 25 on apple and android device. the status of amtrak's problem caused huge delays sparking frustration for thousands of riders. the delays lasted well into tonight and we're told the single issue will impact well. we'll show you the changes commuters need to know about as well as the restless riders who stood like cattle waiting for trains and buses to reroute that's ahead in just a few now to time-lapse video of the sun setting in boston from our beacon hill studio. just a gorgeous sight out there on this chilly winter night. here's the proof, a live look at the current temperatures right now.
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are in the 20s. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now. kevin, we're cooling down and you're tracking our next chance of snow. >> yeah, we also want to talk about a warm-up. that's what's gonna happen. but first the goal... northshore, basically 19 degrees, 28 by 10:00 a.m. in boston, it's going down into the 20s tonight, down to 20 in the city. teens in the immediate suburbs, the western part of the city going to drop down into the teens overnight tonight. we are watching clouds over the outer escape no snowshowers. a couple of straight flurries made it across cape cod today. that's going to be gone.
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from the west i'm expecting very little to actually accumulate but i'll show you the latest information and a timeline when you can expect the flakes to be flying. >> all right, kevin, we'll speak to you shortly. a man and woman are accused of trying to stab a police officer with a syringe and then taking off. michael and jacqueline murphy are the two suspects. it began after the officer responded to a call for a suspicious party this morning. that suspicious party was guthro. police say when the officer tried to stop him, attempted stabbing occurred. the two took off from the scene and after that ended when the officer lost control and crashed into two utility poles. a man who helped the officer described what he saw.
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because he wasn't able to walk. >> police have not named the officer. he was sent to mass general hospital suffering from cuts, bruise and as concussion. we're told he is expected to be okay. also developing at this hour, malden police announce they have a suspect in the murder of a woman inside her home. and they're warning the public not to approach him. this is the 35-year-old, his name is kenneth manning of malden. police say he's 6'2", weighs 265 pounds and last seen in somerville. manning has a cross tattoo on his back, a tribal tattoo on his arm and a grim reaper on his calf. officers say do not approach him if you see him. man something wanted for the murder of 36-year-old colleen russell. she was found dead in her broadway street home in malden having suffered sharp force injuries. call police if you know anything. we are following more news out of chelsea. a body found at a home in the area of chestnut and cherry streets. we were there as police investigated the scene and working to learn more about the
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discovery and will bring it to you when we can. >> m.i.t. police are on the lookout for a suspect believed to be taking pictures of women in bathrooms. last night, a woman reported someone came into a bathroom and took a photo inside. that person ran off and m.i.t. police say they don't know if the suspect is a man or a woman. police say a key to way voiding becoming a victim of one of these scams is to alert and trust your instincts. a road rain incident on route 9 ends in the arrest of a student at mass bay community college who was in possession of a gun. wellesey police say they were approached by someone who says a driver pointed a gun at them and when police policy is followed up with mass bay, they found 25-year-old ion vegan who had a gun in his car and police describe it as fully loaded with 13 rounds. officers say vehicle ban told them about the incident and then arrested on multiple charges. want to get back to the nightmare commute for thousands of amtrak and commuter rail
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next at 10:00, how a single problem that still isn't fixed will impact tomorrow morning's rush-hour commute. plus... >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> donald trump is talking about the pope. next at 10:00, what pope francis said on his plane that got the reaction from the presidential candidate, and then the must-see video. >> scary moment, caught on camera when a helicopter (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy
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problem caused severe delays, huge crowds and
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amtrak, the commuter rail and mbta. when will everything be back on track? this is a brand-new picture. the t tweeted out tonight, showing where the problem area is. that sparked a disastrous ride home. katherine, the problem will impact tomorrow morning's commute.
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no good news for commuters in the morning, and here at the epicenter of the problem inside south station, amtrak engineers are trying to identify what caused this. there's thousands that were affected by the malfunctioning switch and in the meantime riders are trying to mentally prepare for more problems in the morning. >> reporter: the signal for the
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make that a very long ride. >> it took us two hours to get there and normally only takes us 20 minutes. >> reporter: rafeal's problems started this morning when she tried to catch the commuter rail from kingston to south station. >> when we got on the train, the guy said there's no train. >> the electronics broke at south station effectively ending commuter rail service. >> part of it is saying hey, you
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>> reporter: commuter packed t stops likeback bay struggling to find ultimate routes home. >> when you have thousands of people waiting on a platform it's not a good situation. >> and commuters talk about mbta. >> there are no updates at this >> reporter: only made things >> i think it would make life a lot easier if they gave out right information. >> reporter: meanwhile, amtrak engineers continue to check the circuits in that signal, tower 1, hoping to beat the clock before tomorrow's trains pull out the station so the mbta warning commuters to expect more of the same tomorrow morning saying it will be similar routes
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they will connect with the various subway lines in the city. god some good news, again, the subway part of the commuters' ride will still be honored as free by the mbta. news. amtrak take the blame for commuters are taking the hit. in the statement amtrak tells controls of the signals and switches that allow the trains station. traffic controller trying to route flights without radar. professor william metsker says the number of trains coming and going from south station have to be switched manually. >> we're so dependent on the automated system. they're essential and sometimes break down and then humans humans have to take over. >> governor baker said amtrak learned of this problem at 5:00 this morning but failed to alert the mbta an hour later. haun lit up american airlines with several tweets complain about a flight to boston from washington d.c. we'll start you off with the first one right here, it says infuriating when you say we're on time yet 8:30 a.m. d.c. to boston is clearly not leaving from gate 29. we'll move along to the next week later on saying right here, letting us know of a gate change 8 minutes after boarding was to
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tweets to america by saying right here, that the shuttle now departing 8:47, let's see if it actually happens. bet it won't. miss my meeting either way. well, that's her thoughts on commuting. how about the mbta riders, they've been through so much over the last year and today, as well. they saw her tweets and responded and talked about their troubled commute, as well. we'll start it off with matt right here who says if you have a morning completing, it's a good thing you don't depend on mbta or kiol toys get to work. and finally the last one right here, it says not respectful of my time, so now you know how pastors feel every day on the mbta. hashtag karma. the morning team will arrive to our studio a few short ours from now and continue to monitor the situation on the t while you're asleep. when you wake up, be sure to watch fox 25 morning news for the latest commuter delays, and shiri is keeping a close eye on the next chance for snow. fox 25 morning news gets started tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. now let's go to the war of words gaining strength tonight between the pope and donald trump. yeah, you heard that right. the pope was asked about trump while he was on his plane today. and that's when the pope questioned trump's christianity. >> and it didn't take long for the confident presidential candidate to fire back. >> flying home from his visit to mexico, pope francis was asked about donald trump. a person who thinks only about building calls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. trump got the news on the campaign trail. >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian, and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> reporter: in the air the pope was told about trump's plan to build a wall with the mexican border and his criticism of standing with migrants at the border. >> the pope is a very political person. >> they're using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves as the mexican government. >> reporter: thank god, he said, i was a politician because
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person as animal politic cyst. i'm a pawn? maybe i'll leave that up to your judgment. the pope said he would give the businessman the benefit of the doubt. if and when the vatican gets attacked by terrorists i can tell you the pope would only wish and pray that donald trump was president. >> catholic majorities have picked the winner in the last four electorial elections and tonight trump says me no intention of reaching out to the tonight fox 25 is exposing drivers who misuse disability placards to get parking perks. >> and we're uncovering new ways the plans to crack down on this. >> just a placard semilaminated. >> they made their own. >> they made their own. >> photo copies, fakes placards that belong to dead people all
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ahead at 10:00, what some towns are doing now to put the brakes on this abuse and the steps that the state plans to take, as well. but first... >> a crash in pearl harbor. new at 10:00, what went wrong before the moment of impact? we continue to follow breaking
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were hit by a car there's one less way to get over the missouri river. half of the old daniel boone bridge was demolished this morning the bridge for i-64 was built in the 1930s and has bryns. the second half of the bridge will be brought down in the next few weeks. the michelle obama signed legislation for imposing new sanctions to north korea for refusing to stop its nuclear weapons program. lawmakers approved the bill earlier this month.
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deny north korea the money it needs for the nuclear warheads and long-range missiles needed to build them. earlier, our cameras bought senator brian joyce leaving his milton home and yesterday fox 25 was first to break the news that federal agents were raiding joyce's canton law offices. the fbi did not say what the the raid was about, only a joint investigation with the irs. in an interview with fox 25's sharman is a kielty, rosenberg says the call for his resignation are premature. >> do you think brian joyce oughta resign? the investigation is ongoing. everyone is entitled to due process. >> rosenberg says joyce has stepped aside from his leadership position and foregoing the extra $15,000 that comes with them. last year joyce made $75,000 in his job as a state senator. his annual rate is $60,000. an appeal by somerville's
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businesses in massachusetts $55 million every month the wynn casino in everett is delayed. last week the mayor filed an appeal over a permit given to the project. the mayor worries the everett casino will cause a traffic nightmare and add more pollution to the air. wynn also claims that the peel puts the jobs of thousands of workers in jeopardy. fox 25 investigates it uncovered new information about a local school bus driver accused of drinking on the job. police tell us since the arrest, new concern beside that bus driver have been raised. by first... >> we showed you this video three times now. the story behind this chaotic crash at pearl harbor is next. at 5:00 and 6:00, i told you
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>> we continue to follow two breaking stories. a mother and five-month-old struck by a car in serious condition tonight on hum bolted avenue in roxbury. police tell us the mother was crossing the street with the infants in her arms when they were hit. the driver did stop. both are at boston medical center at this hour. both have severe head trauma. our crew is speaking with neighbors on the scene and will have the very latest at 11:00 we were gathering more reaction and details how this could happen and we'll have it four coming up at 11:00. fox 25 investigates has uncovered new concerns tonight about a school bus driver accused of driving drunk. last week skyfox was over the scene of a school bus was wires hanging on it after it crashed
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all of the children made it out safely. the driver though was arrested. fox 25's robert ghoulston reveals why some believe this was not the first time the driver was drunk on the job. >> seth foyer is believed to be four times over the legal limit when he backed kids into a utility pole with a bus. students telling us he drank on the job before. >> he was hitting curbs, stumbling through the bus yard. slurred speech, a lot of things. drinking on the job, the chief telling us today we are looking into the driver's activities before, during and after the incident as it relates to the offense. we are certainly open to anyone who may have information to add and will be in contact with the involved agencies if the situation warrants. the school bus company believes
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reports. >> they have children on the bus so they need to keep the children safe, that's the number one goal. >> reporter: but first student says that's not the case, issuing this statement. we have not received any drinking and driving reports about the driver. we have a zero-tolerance follow that behavior. we have initiated the termination process for him because this is an ongoing investigation. we cannot comment further on the case. >> we tried foyener his home. a man did answer when we called but hung up. the employee is sharing itss and even hopes and how to change procedures. >> we need to make better rules so when someone reports something they need to report it to the police station, not just take it into their own hands. >> we did reach out to the district here in dudley to see if they had gotten any previous back. robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. we going to start out with the temperatures expected to be
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locations. already there in keene new hampshire at 18. worcester you're at 20 degrees already. your temperature is on the verge of being in the teens. by 11:30, you'll be down below 20 degrees. feels like 9 out there with a little bit of a breeze. going down to 14 first thing in the morning. boston already down to 20 degrees. feels like 16 with the wind and down to 20 in the morning, as well. a cold night no matter what, it will stay in the 20s in southeastern massachusetts because there are clouds out there. you'll remember at 5:00 and 6:00 and we talked about it last night, too, there will be clouds offshore because of the cold winds blowing across the relatively mild ocean waters, relative to the air anyways and looking for snowshowers. they were offshore at 5:00 and 6:00 and look at, this they're now onshore. live storm tracker radar shows snow light, but snow anyway, from the sandwich area through barnstable, harwich, austinville and centreville and province town getting light snow, as well.
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ground even though it is very light. be aware that have and watch slippery conditions out here on cape cod and route 6 the area. you're not gonna get inches of snow but could get slippery roads out of that, something we're watching for this evening and coming to fruition. there's a batch of clouds right here. that's the leading edge of the warm air for the weekend. but right now it's not warm so it just gets here and the precipitation coming from those clouds will be a little bit of snow. we'll start out tomorrow morning with sunshine. the clouds and flurries over cape cod, those are go away. everybody will get into the sun right through your lunch hour. the clouds from the west spreading over new england. no snow yet except for extreme western new england in the evening hours getting in here especially at the berkshires. we'll talk about the high temperatures during the daylight hours for you tomorrow. temperatures on the northshore will generally be in the 30s and 40s. those temperatures generally in the 30s and 40s would actually pop up and be really great. here's some of the temperatures can expect tomorrow afternoon
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there we go. 34 degrees for salisbury. 35 for you in rockport tomorrow afternoon. we apologize for the stickiness. tomorrow, again, plenty of sunshine. good-looking day. out here in worcester county. 35 for you in douglas tomorrow afternoon. let's get to the juicy part of the forecast. the snow, coming in tomorrow night. this is not a ton of snow. it's just enough to make things slippery just like out on cape cod, although i through will be a vigorous shot of snow that will come on through central massachusetts by 8:00 tomorrow evening, getting into worcester between 9:00 and 10:00 and 128 by 10:00. into boston by 10:30, plymouth by 11:00, and then finally sliding offshore. remember, it's the leading edge of warmer air so snow and rainshowers on in here because it's getting warmer now, and with that warmer air comes the change-over from snow to rain. it's not a lot of snow but our timeline shows it accumulate to
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two places. i'm giving this a little higher amount just because it's like a vigorous shot of snow that will come on through, but it will be brief and not around long enough to accumulate any more than that. your seven-day forecast, bringing temperatures up near 50 degrees. chasing 50 on saturday and sunday. come back in a few minutes and i'll show you the latest thinking on potential for a storm next week. helicopter crash caught on camera from just feet away. >> you won't believe how close this was. take a look. [bleep] >> authorities say the helicopter was carrying five people when it went down neither usa in arizona and pearl harbor, hawaii. they saved lives by crashing into the water. >> there's a lot of people standing right there. a lot of people looked like they were going back in the water. i don't know how much control he
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trying not to land on the landing area there. just people standing around looking at all the different plates there. coming up, we'll show you how police are going after someone who steals a parking spot from someone who truly deserves it. and then taking on huge waves off the coast of cape cod. >> but first, the mysterious
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leaving people tonight investigation continues over what started a fire that left one man dead. crews battling this massive fire last night at 10:00. it happened at a home in plymouth and tonight we know 64-year-old robert drew was found dead in the entryway of
1:39 am
neighbors say he has lived there for years with his wife. >> very, very nice family. we've known them since they moved here, they've had children, grandchildren and they're just wonderful people. >> this morning neighbors stopped by to leave flowers as a tribute to drew. the fire is not considered suspicious. the creator of a drug dealer registry is being talked about in new hampshire. the creation of one. the proposed idea, anyone with three conviction convictions of
1:40 am
would be on that liss. residents of a detroit suburb say there's a tar-like substance on their homes and cars and driveways. they have no idea where it's coming from and want answers. this afternoon the fire department came out to collect samples. the fire chief says it's not bird droppings but hard to tell what it is. >> concerned that it was a
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it's more of an ash we rode along with burlington police officer
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hours. >> he finds this driver was using a dead woman's disability placard to get better parking at the burlington mall. a quick search back at the car the officer finds the owner of the placard has actually been dead for five years. >> the obituary from june of 2011, potentially five years somebody could be using the placard. >> reporter: a hefty fine, $$505 from using the plaque card and another $200 on top of that from the town of burlington for a television to $705. he takes the placard away from her and shows up and we found it's just one of dozens he's collected over the last couple of years doing this kind of enforcement. some are photo copies, some have the dates changed. others replace the pictures. >> they made their own. listen to this, enforcement efforts like these in burlington pay for themselves. taxpayers are not left on the hook. >> no cost to the taxpayer at all. >> reporter: christopher is the coordinator of burlington's
1:45 am
tells us it's a good deal for the city. >> from july 1st until now the disability act commission has collected $45,000 to go towards the handicap parking fund. >> the program's funded through the parking tickets that we issue. all of it goes to the the disability commission. >> reporter: with the money, the disability access commission was able to improve access here on the birlington town common and pay for two handicap parking spots right in front of the town hall across the street. >> reporter: back in 2013 the inspector general put out this report detailing what he calls widespread abuse of disability placards in downtown boston. >> do you think the abuse is getting worse? >> well, it hasn't let up. >> reporter: the state issues more than 1,000 advices in the past three years for placard abuse. one of the recommendations, the report made, a task force. we've learned that it's now meeting four times a year and plans to release a report at the end of the year with ways that state and cities and towns can
1:46 am
the idea is also backing a bill that would raise fines. >> we feel penalties need to be stiffer. >> reporter: the registry is looking at potentially redesigning the placards as well making easier for police to spot fraud. but until then it's programs like this in burlington that seem to be having success. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. the task force will meet again next april and so far waltham and fall river have also implemented local programs they say are helping with enforcement. you can report placard fraud to the r&b, we have links on our web site, crews rushing to a brookline home after a fire started there this morning. there were obvious fire and smoke damage on the upstairs of the home on orchard road. skyfox trying flying over the home not showing much damage here. the family and two pets were able to make it out okay. but there was one injury. no word on what caused the fire. crews are still investigating tonight. a tractor/trailer crashed
1:47 am
it happened this morning. it left as many as 400 customers without power. but as this afternoon there were no outages being reported in the area. and ford is touting new pothole protection technology on its cars. the v6 sports sedan out with the shock absorber system which stiffens to protect the pothole allowing the system to keep the wheel elevatedded instead of dropping in the hole. some luxury cars including ford's lincoln mkz have similar technology. we have a sweet story for you tonight. a local girl doing something good for her troops. this is bianca. she stopped by danvers fire headquarters with cookies for the firefighters and raised enough money to be send 1,000 box of cookies to our troops. get bianca.
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tonight as a car battery after three hours of the engine running. the tone for this one was set early. nashua on the board and in the first three minutes craig smith was in his 13th of the season, that they would double before heading to the locker room. going against its owner has. no. 20 on the year for him and from there the offense disappears. the bruins falling 3 and 2 on the six-game road trip. they'll face dallas on saturday and 2-0 losers tonight in nashville. no major splashes across the move jeff green reunites with dock rivers and danny ames was explaining his lack of movement and did suggest kelly will lose some time as he recovers from the shoulder industry. jordan mickey has joined the team in utah and appears that they may buy out david levy's
1:49 am
else to finish the season. everyone but joe kelly at practice today. kelly will be there for duty early next week. tomorrow is the official workout but stern is on his way to fort myers. he'll have live reports throughout the weekend and today we had a chance to hear from brach holten. an interesting case. so much talk going into spring training with the sluggers and not a whole lot of attention for the guy who made the allstar game last year. >> that's the way i like it. that's how it's been my whole career pretty much. so you don't take anything for granted, come here ready to work and, you know, i'm willing to play wherever, you know -- hit
1:50 am
win. they won 36 games over four years at harvard. now they have more guys going to the combine than the university of texas. i talked with bowl that this afternoon. >> temporary being that somebody thinks an indictment on texas over the past four years. i think it's a good thing for harvard showing that we're really good players and good guys and guys work hard for a goal. we were going to harvard
1:51 am
pretty cool. here's what we're working on right now coming up at 11:00, a mother crossing the street when a five-month-old baby girl was hit by a car. they were both seriously hurt. at 11:00, we are live in boston where a very active investigation continues on. and students at u-mass amherst told to shelter in place after someone pulled out a gun. what we've learned about the suspects and reaction from students tonight. a single problem you cames massive delays for commuter rail passengers and it's not over yet. next at 11:00, the problem expected for tomorrow's commute. first, how would you like that if you were forced to pay a tax
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new at 10:00, how much cash (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying
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live stormtracker radar shows flurries and light snow falling out there from sandwich over to the middle of the cape out to harwich and up to province town. some slippery spots out on cape cod. a stretch of clouds back there that's pushing towards us that will bring us a batch of snow. latest information in showing the snow coming through worchest during the 9:00 hour tomorrow night. into the boston area and out to plymouth by 11:00 and out to cape cod by midnight, 11:30, midnight for pushing off. at half inch of snow very quickly in boston by 11:00. an inch in bedford. boston up to an inch by about
1:56 am
i'll have the potential for a storm next week at 11:00. >> drivers will pay less at pump but more for driving on the road. >> and it could depend on how many miles we drive. >> reporter: carlos is a contractor, spending about three hours a day driving. he's no fan of traffic, so he'll pay a toll to jump on the express lane to get somewhere faster. >> i think it was 8:50 for a three-mile stretch in the middle yesterday. >> a new study from the
1:57 am
the federal government would be better off financially if all drivers paid tolls, or mileage fees. the more you drive, the more you pay. the national transportation research group says charges drivers for their highway use could mean better bryns and fewer potholes. that's probably the fairest way. >> reporter: this would replace the nation's federal gas tax. right now about 18 cents a gallon. the federal gas tax helps pay for it and the problem is it's spending more than the gas tax is bringing in. >> the study also identifies speed bumps.
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