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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, thousands of people are waking up this morning with no resolution to issues on the rail. more delays and reroutes are expected once again. we have team coverage as this big story develops all morning. students forced to take shelter as police swarm a campus. >> my friend told me she actually went to the building and hid in the closet. >> gene: this morning the man >> gene: this morning the manhunt continues for a gunman accused of attacking a student at umass amherst. we will tell you what we know about the incident and the dorm that parked that sparked it off. a mom and baby are in the hospital. both were hit by the car. what police are learning from the driver who struck them in the street. complete new england coverage starts right now, this
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>> gene: good morning and thank you for joining us bright and early on this friday morning on february 19, i am gene lavanchy julie and i am jewel. the big story that continues on the rails. major delays are expected this morning. i will be monitoring the impact on your ride and team coverage from south station. but first it is a cold friday february morning. meteorologist shiri spear says dress for the teens this morning, shiri. >> shiri: a little good and bad news. the good news nice and clear out there. a lot of sunshine. the bad news is, it is going to be a cold morning. 14 degrees right now in worcester. 16 in bedford. 17 in lawrence and beverly. 12 in nashua, new hampshire. 21 in boston and 22 in plymouth 21 in boston and 22 in plymouth. it is cold out there. the clouds that will help from the south shore to the cape and islands will hold in a little bit of heat this morning bit of heat this mornings at 6 a.m. and teens to the north and west of boston. a very slow warm-up expected by noontime.
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into the low to mid-30s. we still have tons of sun out there, and during the afternoon we see the clouds increase and by 5 p.m. the drive home from work the mid- to upper 30s and you can see things cooling down you can see things cooling down. as we head into the evening a risk of snow showers. 36 to 42. increasing afternoon clouds and a coating to 2 inches in your overnight forecast. show you when it all show you when it all melts to 50-degree highs over the weekend coming up. gene and julie. julie, take to you live drive time traffic. >> julie: start with the issue >> julie: start with the issues because of the amtrak signal failure. many are able to access or depart south station until further notice. we are there for you through 10 a.m. as soon as we get service, we will be sure to let you know. a look at the lines affected, fairmount, franklin, green bush, kingston, middleborough, a needhamham, providence, stoughton. all on the right side. arrival stations. station.
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are accessing south station. otherwise you need to use the t to get to quincy center, jfk, new market, various red and orange lines. roads, very light. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. nearly 24 hours later the problem still not fixed and following the situation closely all morning and bringing you updated details. many who rely on the t should leave their homes extra early aged bingt paging more than the commuter lines. flooded with commuter rail passengers that can't make it to south station. all the changes are making many riders frustrated. >> took 2000 hours that normally take 20us minutes. >> thousands of people waiting on the platform, it is just not a good situation. >> they tell fox25 they kept receiving conflicting information when train also
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this morning amtrak taking the blame for the commuter track nightmare. amtrak said they lost control of the switches that let trains to enter and exit the station. william mesmer said when electronic control is lost trains coming and going from south station have to be switch south station have to be switched manually. >> we are so dependent on the automated systems. sometimes they break down and flames to take over. >> gene: governor baker said amtrak learned of the problem at 5:00 an failed to alert mbta until an hour later. an update from the governor who ho will join us live during our 6 a.m. newscast. download the fox25 news app. the alternate routes to get in and around the city. julie will be back in just a second and will have an update at that time. >> julie: yes, i will.
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will go on as normal as police search for two that started a scare. a shelter in place was issued last evening. skyfox was over the scene. someone assaulted a student inside the dorm after 5:00. after the incident, callers to 911 said two attackers left the dorm and one was carrying a dorm. officers searched the campus but the men were not found. during the search, students hid in their dorms and checked for updates on social media. >> i woke up and opened up my door and cops in the hallway with rifles. >> before i knew it, there were alarms going off everywhere and i am getting emergency text. >> police do not believe that they are umass students. that victim was cut in the head and taken to the hospital. a mother and her baby are in the hospital with serious injuries hit by a car in roxbury. police were collecting surveillance video from the area. the mom was carrying her 5
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hear humboldt avenue. the driver of the car stopped and tried help the mother and child and immediately called police. this is what police told us as the story was breaking at 10 p.m. last night. >> our prayers to the mother and the 5-month-old girl and we hope they will be okay. >> gene: this morning that baby is at boston medical center in serious condition. she is said to have significant head injuries. police are still investigating. so it is unclear if the driver will face any charges. we are on the story all morning we are on the story all morning. live report at 4:30. this morning an investigation into a dead body found in chem found in chelsea. fox25 was on the scene as police search an apartment near cherry street. no information is available. we will bring you updates. search is on for a man accused of killing a woman inside an apartment complex. kenneth manning of malden. he is armed and dangerous. several tattoos including a cross on his back.
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36-year-old colleen russell. her body was found inside the malden. take a look that the video. police arrest a driver after he managed to run away from this bad crash in leominster. the driver ran a stop sign and police tried to pull him over but he sped away. police found his car mangled splits right in half. eventually arrested him near the market basket and sears town mall. police are looking for a man and woman accused of trying stab a police officer with a syringe and taking off. police are looking for michael gutreau and jacqueline murphy. police tried to pull him over officer. when police started chasing them, an officer lost control of his car and crashed into two utility poles. the man that stopped the officer describe what he saw. >> i know his leg was hurt because when i tried to pick him up to walk, i wasn't able to walk. the person that was helping us
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carried him over here. >> julie: the honda was last even in east boston. he was sent to the hospital for cuts, bruises and a concussion but he is expected to be okay. this morning presidential candidate donald trump dialing back his sharp criticism of pope francis. the pope was asked of politicians like trump who support building a wall on the u.s. border of mexico. the pontiff said somebody who thinks of building walls is not christian. trump said it is disgraceful for a religious for a religious leader to question someone's faith. last night trump had a different comment. >> i think he said something softer and he heard one side mexican government. >> gene: trump went on to say that he has a lot of respect for the pope and he thinks the pontiff is doing a very good job. hillary clinton rallied supporters in las vegas.
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just 1% ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders in nevada. the democratic primary over a week away. not as close a race there. the latest polls out of south carolina show clinton with 53% support compared to sanders with 31% tampa stay with fox25 for complete coverage as we approach election day. we will be watching results in south carolina and nevada. we will have results tomorrow night during the fox25 news at 10 and 11. today the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia will lie in repose in the grand hall. the court will meet for the first time since scalia's respects. president and are the first lady will pay their respects but the president will not attend the funeral this weekend attend the funeral this weekend. refuse refusing to call for the resignation of a state senator under investigation. our cameras caught brian joyce leaving his home. fox25 was the first to break the news that federal agents were raiding joyce's canton law
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the fbi would not say what it was about but a joint investigation with the irs. in an interview with sharman sacchetti. senator stanley rosenberg said the calls for joyce's resignation are premature. >> reporter: do you think that brian joyce should resign. >> the investigation is on going. everybody should from due process. >> julie: last year, joyce made $75,000 in his job as a state senator. we track traffic and weather together over ten minutes, and today that means we are watching the commuter rail like a hawk. here is the information you need to know. check and see if your train is affected, if it is, in fact, going to south station like the franklin, providence and stoughton line or if it needs to get off at the previous and earlier station and take the t to get to your south station location. shiri. >> shiri: a cold start to our friday morning starting around 16 degrees. 17 next hour and the hour after that.
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i will take you through and an even better weekend warm-up next. ten minutes after 4:00 this morning. a school bus full of students is nearly hit by a train. the terrifying moment. and why the bus driver is blasting the students for the way they reacted. and a new plan to keep the
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it may this morning fox25
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new concerns of a school bus driver accused of driving drunk with students on board. skyfox is over dudley where a school bus hit a utility pole causing wires to fall on the bus. nobody was fox25 learned that police have received multiple reports that pouler driven drunk before. an employee who does not want to be identified talked about another occurrence. >> he was hitting curbs. stumbling through the bus yard. slurred speech. >> julie: first student did not receive any complaints about the driver and they have already started process of firing him. a new federal plan to repair crumbling bridges and highways. drivers will pay more at the pump but not on the road. the price we pay depends on how many miles we drive. >> reporter: carlos herrera a contractor and spends three hours a day driving.
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will pay a toll to jump on an express lane to get somewhere faster. >> i think it was 8:50 for four >> i think it was 8:50 for four-mile, three-mile stretch in the middle of rush hour, and i used it twice yesterday. >> reporter: a new study from the congressional budget office says the federal government would be better off financially if all drivers paid tolls and mileage fees. the more you drive, the more you pay, the national transportation group said charging drivers for their highway use could mean better bridges and fewer potholes. >> that's probably the fairest way to pay for improving our roads and bridges. if you use them, you pay for their upkeep. >> reporter: this would replace the nation's federal gas tax. right now about $.18 a gallon. the federal gas tax helps pay for transportation projects. the problem is, the federal government is spending more than the gas tax it is bringing in.
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bumps, charging all drivers to use roads could have privacy concern and concern and -- hurt lower income households. last fall, lawmakers passed a five year, $305 billion highway bill that will last until 2021. good morning, everyone. we are going to deal with more major delays on the commuter rails this morning because of that amtrak signal fall your that is affecting a variety of lines. depending on where you live, your -- the plans to make it to south station will differ slightly. this is an important graphic. it shows you which commuter rail lines are going to south station. right now it is franklin, providence, stoughton line. those will make it there, a fairmounted, green bush, kingston plymouth, middleborough, needham, worcester lines, those you need to get off earlier at one of the stops indicated on the right and get on the t to make it into south station. as for the roads, they are looking light and early out
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and concentrated on the commuter trail morning. the live drive times. 15 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joins us now. and shiri, if people are wait and shiri, if people are waiting to catch trains, what are they looking at in terms of temperatures out there. >> temperatures this morning are going to be cool, julie. in the teens out there. when the sun comes up it is going to go to work and warm us up nicely. tonight, we have snow moing in. by tomorrow it will change over to rain because we do really works. 14 degrees right now in worcester. 19 in norwood. 21 in boston. a look at your hour-by-hour forecast. with those clear skies, we are still losing heat. i wouldn't be surprised to see us take a little dip into the teens in boston around 6 a.m. 8 a.m. 24 degrees. noontime, 34.
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increasing afternoon clouds from west to east. that is what future cast really highlights. through noon or 2:00, still going to be mostly sunny and then we hit the evening commute. we hit the friday nighters. your plans out there this evening at 10:00, and not just the clouds but even the risk for some snow, even around 9 boston area we have a chance for overnight snowflakes coming in, and by tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., we made a switchover to rain because it will that be warm over the weekend. accumulation will be very scattered, fairly light out there, but most of you do have the potential of getting a coat of snow. by tomorrow afternoon, clouds. not done quite yet, because saturday evening a chance for a couple of sprinkles and flurries. saturday may not be my pick of the weekend because a chance of early rain, late rain. in the middle. the middle of the day the best time to makeout door plans. if you wake up on saturday morning we will have partly cloudy skies around. on and off clouds for your sunday before sunday night into monday. we have to bring back that
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rain. highs today 40 in boston. 42 in lawrence and bedford. 43 in norwood. 39 degrees in plymouth. 39 in worcester. and 39 in keene. and that coating to an inch of snow to the south shore up to boston to worcester to the north of that, a coating to two inches possible. remember you just took a look. it will be pretty scattered stuff out there. it will be happening mostly this evening and while you are sleeping and comes through as a little block. better chance of acouple nation central and northern new england over the weekend. and you can see just incredibly warm with 50 degrees both days in boston. 47 both days in worcester. 48 both days in concord, new hampshire and hang on to a couple of 30s on the map in northern new england. seven-day forecast always in view. checks out like this. 40 degrees today with increasing clouds. overnight we see a little bit of snow. tomorrow, pwhoud some midday break in the clouds, followed by evening like i said sprinkles or flurries.
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by monday, though, we do have a risk of early morning snow. this is not set in stone. we are having a lot of disagreement between the tools right now and i can tell that you it looks like we are going to wrap up by tomorrow afternoon if it does come to fruition. we are working on that part of the forecast. and we have got our wednesday -- the next big weather maker starting as a little bit of a mix tuesday night switching to heavy rain on wednesday and ending with a couple of snowflakes headed into wednesday morning. back to you. >> julie: shiri, talk to you soon. this may make you a little seasick. rough seas off the cape. the coast guard posted this on their facebook page. a chatham boat taking on huge waves during training. the surf hits the deck and pushes up the top of the boat almost covering it in gichbt waves. it has been watched thousands of times online. the battle between apple and the fbi wages on president other big tech giant that is get can apple's back to keep
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a speci gene said it right, jeepers creepers. if you haven't seen this yet. a dramatic helicopter crash, crashed into the water near the uss arizona in pearl harbor. three of the five passengers on board went to the hospital. a family of four was among those on board. the witnesses say the pilot saved their lives by crashing into the water. >> you know people hit on land, there were 100 people standing radio threat. he would have hurt a lot of people but the pilot looked like he pulled back into the water. obviously we don't know how much control he had of the plane, but looks like he was not trying to land on land. not landing area but people looking around at all the sights. >> julie: no word what caused the crash. the ntsb will send someone to investigate. the death of an unarmed black man, the trial has been put on hold. five officers were charged in the death of freddie gray.
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receiving a spinal injury in a police van. one officer's case ended in a mistrial. a judge is deciding whether or not that officer will testify against the other five. the trial will not resume until a judge made the decision on that matter. a teenager is facing felony charges this morning for impersonating someone who works for a senator. police say ohio teen gary salt came up with an elaborate scene. he went to a high school a week ago as the senator's aide. he said the senator couldn't make it to class and gave the 45-minute speech himself. the school no idea they were duped until the senator came. school officials will be more careful who they allow inside. a school operate a school operator is out of a job. you can see how close the train got to that bus. district says the driver didn't follow standard protocol. drivers have to stop 15 feet from the track, open the door and then listen for a train.
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>> we were all screaming and moved forward, and everyone was just really freaking out, and really terrified at the moment. >> gene: the school district said they fired the driver. and the.driver's daughter said her mother resigned. her mother was a dedicated driver for 20 years and was bullied by the students. 007 super fan is a little closer to living the life of bond, james bond. this astin martin was bought at a charity auction for $3.1 million. way above its starting price. the car is without any safety features and certifications to be street legal. the new owner had to sign a contract specifically banning any modification that would allow it on the road gene-o gaenz that is no fun. >> julie: no fun at all. >> gene: no fun. the catholic church gets no n a war of words with donald trump.
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after ca now at 4:30. get ready for another day of headaches on the rails. signal problems continue for amtrak. we have team coverage. the detours this morning. as work goes on to find a fix. plus a first of its kind campus. the search for a gunman this morning as kids return to class at us amherst. developing this morning a mother with a baby in her arms struck by a car. how they are doing and the investigation that kept police on the scene late into the night. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good friday morning, everyone, it is just about 4:30 on february 19 on february 19. i am julie grauert. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. big problems plaguing the commuter rail 24 hours after they started and those problems
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team coverage of the developing story throughout the morning. first, grab a scarf, sunglasses. meteorologist shiri spear promises a lot of cold sunshine this morning. >> shiri: sunshine this morning but by day's end a little snow. temperature 11 degrees cooler in boston as it was yesterday at this time. the coldest morning of the work the coldest morning of the workweek. we are waking up to only 21 degrees in boston. 18 in dedham. 15 in burlington and wellesley. 15 in exeter, new hampshire. temperatures in the teens. even bridgewater at 19 degrees. 22 right now in plymouth and temperatures also in the 20s down across the cape. to a chilly start to our day. 7 a.m. temperature about 19 degrees. still going to be pretty cold out there but mostly sunny. afternoon will be for a couple of hours in the afternoon increasing clouds. by 3 p.m., 40 degrees. by 7 p.m., 33. the chance for snow just starting, so i am going to give you an hour-by-hour look at some of the more likely time to


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