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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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team coverage of the developing story throughout the morning. first, grab a scarf, sunglasses. meteorologist shiri spear promises a lot of cold sunshine this morning. >> shiri: sunshine this morning but by day's end a little snow. temperature 11 degrees cooler in boston as it was yesterday at this time. the coldest morning of the work the coldest morning of the workweek. we are waking up to only 21 degrees in boston. 18 in dedham. 15 in burlington and wellesley. 15 in exeter, new hampshire. temperatures in the teens. even bridgewater at 19 degrees. 22 right now in plymouth and temperatures also in the 20s down across the cape. to a chilly start to our day. 7 a.m. temperature about 19 degrees. still going to be pretty cold out there but mostly sunny. afternoon will be for a couple of hours in the afternoon increasing clouds. by 3 p.m., 40 degrees. by 7 p.m., 33. the chance for snow just starting, so i am going to give you an hour-by-hour look at some of the more likely time to
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next 24 hours. now now, back over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic julie shiri, commuter rail, major problems because that signal out and affecting people who use the south station. this is you what need to know. self-lines going to south station, franklin, providence, stoughton. otherfairmount, greenboro, needham or worcester lines. you will need to get off earlier and transfer over to the t and you will get to your final destination. double check your line in particular. i will be tweeting out to let you know if anything changes. as for the roads, things nice and light on the expressway. 93 south, route 1 look good. live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 11 minutes from 106 to 128. 13 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. like i mentioned, anyone relying on the trains is bracing for another headache of a commute. fox25's michael henrich is standing by at south station
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fixed this morning, michael. >> reporter: the thing is, amtrak has not released a time table when it will be resolved julie. right now looking at the board at south station and may be a little misleading because everything says on time including lines that are not among the three that we were told and you just reported would be coming in and outside of south station. so we are trying to find out exactly what the plan is here at south station here this morning. i want to show you these pictures here tweeted out by the mbta at the heart of the malfunctioning signal problem. to be clear, amtrak is responsible for this broken equip. amtrak said they lost electron amtrak said they lost electronic control of the equipment that let's trains go in and out. crews had have to manuel -- manually operate the switches. keolis does not control that as followed by fox25 news and
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commuters have been suffering through these major reroutes, delays and headaches nonetheless, and many people don't seem too sympathetic that it happens it is amtrak's issue and not the mbta >> the equipment doesn't seem to be up to date. certain trains, things are falling off of it or doors are not opening. >> amtrak is going through the thousands of six trying to figure out when. they have not released a type resolved. i just reached out to the mbta and amtrak, of course, to see when commuters will get relief. as soon as we get that we will bring it to you at fox25 morning news. live at n south station, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. a very hectic morning. to guide you through it, download the fox25 news app to help you get around the alternate routes to get in and around the city.
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just a few minutes. developing this morning, classes at umass amherst will go on as normal as police search for two men that sparked a campus-wide scare. umass police issued a shelter in place order yesterday evening. skyfox was over the campuses that was breaking during our news at 6 p.m. someone assaulted a student inside peer point dorm. two attackers left the dorm and one was carrying a gun officers searched the campus but the people were not found. students looked for information on social media. >> i woke up and opened my door and cops in the highway with rifles. >> before i knew it, alarms going off everywhere and i am getting emergency texts. >> reporter: police don't believe the suspects were umass student. that victim was cut in the head and taken to a local hospital. a mother and her baby are hit by a car in the middle of the street. both were taken to the hospital
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catherine parrotta is live in roxbury. catherine, the driver who did catherine, the driver who hit them stopped and called for help. >> reporter: he did. and police are determining what happened. let me get out of way and show where you this happened. this is the street where this happened. if you look on the street you may be able to make out the tire marks on the street. the mother and baby are fighting for their lives. the scene at humboldt ave in roxbury as police investigate this crash. it happened around quarter to 9:00 last night. according to police a mother was crossing the street with her baby daughter in her arms and hit by a vehicle. that driver immediately got out of the car and tried to help the two and suffered serious head trauma. >> our prayers to the mother and the 5-month-old girl and hope that they will be okay. >> reporter: the mother and daughter were taken to boston medical center. police are not sure if they live in the area. police are working to determine if the driver was speeding or intoxicated at all but they say he was being cooperative. coming up, the other resources
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that police are using to try to determine what happened here. live in roxbury, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. well, this morning, there is an investigation into a dead body found in chelsea. fox25 was on scene as police searched an apartment near chestnut and cherry street. right now not much information available. we will bring you any updates. police searching for a man accused of killing a woman inside a local apartment complex. arrest warrant for 35-year-old kenneth manning of malden. officers say that plan something armed and dangerous. several tattoos including a cross on his back. man something accused of stabbing 36-year-old colleen russell. her body was found monday night inside the cliff side common apartments in malden. 4:36. this morning police are still searching for a man and a woman accused of stabbing a police officer with a syringe and taking off. police are looking for michael guthrow and catherine murray. police tried to pull him over and he tried to stab an officer and he tried to stab an officer. when police started chasing him
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crashed into two utility poles. the man who saw the officer describes what he saw. >> i know his leg was hurt so they tried to pick him up to walk, he couldn't walk. i grabbed his leg -- and the other pedestrian helping him out too grabbed his arm and carried him over here. >> julie: the officer was sent to the hospital for cuts, bruises and a concussion but is expected to be okay. gnaw report says administrators at a local school failed to investigate the use of a racial slur directed at an african-american student. boston public schools looked at eight racial interests at the boston latin school. and only one violated school policy. in june students held a protest and demanded action against the headmaster. no officials will be discipline no officials will be disciplined as a result of the report. a man that stole skel cal remains from the hope sem at the radio in worcester is being held on $100,000 bail.
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skulls during the execution of a search warrant at the connecticut home of phillip delgado jr. the ceo of google is backing appearle in their fight with the fbi over tracking the san bernandino gunman's iphone. a judge has ordered apple to access informing on the encrypt access informing on the encrypted phone used by the killers. applicantle's ceo wrote an open letter saying doinging so will put the security of tens of millions of americans at risk millions of americans at irs google's ce association backing apple directing to tim cook's letter. donald trump dialing back his criticism of the pope. the pope was asked of politicians like trump that consider building a wall between the u.s. and mexico. the pope said someone thinking of building walls is not christian. trump said it is disgraceful to question a person's fate. but at a town hall in south
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tone. >> i think he said something softer that was originally posted by the media. i think he heard one side story which is probably by the mexican government. >> gene: trump went on to say that he has a lot of respect for the pope and he thinks the pontiff is doing a good job. the primary is tomorrow. hillary clinton rally hillary clinton rallied in las vegas ahead of the state caucuses. latest polls have clinton one percentage point ahead of senator bernie sanders. the democratic primary in south carolina is just to every a week away. not as close of a race there. in south carolina, clinton has 53% support compared to sanders at 31%. stay with fox25 for complete election coverage as we approach election day. we will be watching results in south carolina and nevada and a complete result tomorrow night on the fox25 news at 10 and 11. president obama signed legislation imposing new sanctions on north korea. this follows a recent long this follows a recent long-range missile launch and underground testing of a
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congress approved the sanctions in a bipartisan vote. the expanded sanks to deny north korea the money it needs to develop nuclear warheads. a local congressman will be waking up this morning at a homeless shelter in worcester. last night, representative jim mcgovern checked in with interfaith hospitality network shelter on june street. the congressman hopes to raise awareness of homelessness in the bay state. the second time he stayed at a shelter. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. today our top story are the signal problems on amtrak that are affecting people who use the south station, the lines that run through south station. right now several of those lines are not making it through south station, so you have to transfer long before and use the t. a list of those affected. i will be updating and tweeting you the latest all morning long. shiri. the chance for snow will come back and hit the evening hours tonight. starting out at about 10:00. 7 to 10:00 tonight. a 40% chance of snow.
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increase by tomorrow morning. i will break down when to plan around snow and when you get some rain out of whole thing coming up next. it is now 4 :40. it a story that horrified just about everyone. a father and young daughter killed in a tent collapse. coming up on the fox25 morning news, the changes that could
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the celtics return to the floor after having more than a week after the break. yesterday was the nba trade deadline. the celtics did not make any proves and standing pat with what they have. bruins with their six-game road trip in nashville. predators get on the board less than three minutes into the game and phillip forsberg will double the lead as he knocks the rebound pass to tuukka rask the rebound pass to tuukka rask. bruins are looking slow all night long. an example of what kind of game it was. think of brett connolly. shaft hits him in the chest and guess into the boards. bruins. bs lose 2-0. green grass and bright sunshine. red sox pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training yesterday. guys getting in -- love soaking in these sights. handy ramirez down in ft. myers handy ramirez down in ft. myers. second straight day, and there is work to be done. workout s are he tsunami this morning at 9 :30. tonight, fox25's butch stearns
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you can see him on the fox25 news at 6:00. >> julie: good to head on down there. new englander also love this. ford said one of its new cars is it true? a new model of the fusion has shock absorber systems that detects a pothole. allows to keep the car tires elevated instead of dropping into the hole. some luxury cars already have technology. two more auto brands are part of the massive takada air bag recall. general motors are recalling some saab and sat turn. if your car being recalled, gm can recall you about where -- will contact you about where you can take it to get it fixed you can take it to get it fixed. not on the roads yet, but on the rails with the train. it started yesterday with that signal outage affecting people who use south station and it is lingering and not going yet.
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a helpful graphic showing what path it is take path it is taking this morning if it is in fact going to south station like franklin, providence, stoughton or among the majority that -- you have to get off at an earlier station and hop on the t. the yellow, the red, the orange line to get to your destination destination. double check as you head out the door. check our facebook page and for anything. as for the roads, nice and light before 5 a.m. volume. just about nobody out there yet just about nobody out there yet. live drive times. nine minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 11 minutes from 106 to 128. 13 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. meteorologist shiri spear joining us. and we have a cold but sunny day ahead. >> we do, cold sunny start of the day, julie. things are going to look fantastic out there this morning but i am going to warn you, you will need your hat, mittens because start off in light snow. kind of patchy because not
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snow and a few sprinkles early and late tomorrow. we actually have some decent weather in the myle of your saturday. let's go ahead and make your plans for the middle of the day tomorrow. 21 degrees with clear skies. right now in boston, we have got only a 9-mile-per-hour breeze, and that is creating a little bit of a wind chill at about 11 degrees right now. winds today are not going to be all that active. it will be on the light side. break down temperatures here, not wind chills, but by 6:00 this morning, 21 degrees. by 8:00 this morning, 23 degrees. we do get up to the 30s here in the afternoon. 30 degrees at 10 a.m. 35 at noon today. and with increasing afternoon clouds, really peak close to 40 in and around the boston area. the whole storm system from the middle of the country moving toward us with a lot of warm air. because winds are coming up from the south, it is gathering some moisture over the lake, so that is lake-effect snow. as this comes toward us, there will be a little bit of snow
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definitely not going be too high impact event or a whorp of a system. and in fact it is nice and bright through 1:00 this afternoon. once we get into the afternoon though, increasing clouds from west to east. you will find here at 10:00 snow. it starts at about 7 p.m., and it goes -- the start time between 7 and 10 p.m. but snow will be mostly focused up into southern new hampshire, northern mass. northern and central mass. there is a risk. you can see overnight that boston gets clipped by a couple of those snow showers. between 4 and 7:00 tomorrow morning, it is warm enough to be switching over to some showers. all we get out of it from boston, worcester, southward a patchy coating to an inch of snow. and north of that, a coating to 2 inches possible. and here is high temperatures today. just want to break down the fact that it is going to turn mild. even though we are starting the teens. look at all of these 40s on the map from westborough at 42 map from westborough at 42.
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natick at 42 degrees. even boston today getting up to 40. 39 in worcester. upper 30s in keene, new hampshire, as well as portsmouth and plymouth today. upper 30s, lower 40s. pretty typical if not a little warm for this type of the year. and the forecast, we have got 50s both days in boston. 50 on saturday. 51 on sunday. upper 40s both days in worcester. up to 50 in nashua, beverly, plymouth. 54 on sunday and foxborough even 55 degrees. i am leaning toward that sunday time frame for making some outdoor plans. here you can see 7:00 tomorrow morning, we still have a couple of patchy showers around. middle of the day, clouds break up and they come into play with a chance of evening showers around tomorrow, and then we head into sunday, and this is basically a lot of on and off clouds. it is currently keeping our forecast dry. keeping a close eye on the overnight forecast into monday, and it is the potential for a
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monday morning currently lean monday morning currently leaning toward snow. and then as we headed to second half of the day, dry out tuesday. increasing clouds. and a mix of rain and snow overnight into wednesday. and a period of heavy rain or heavy snow on wednesday before winding down with light snow wednesday night into thursday morning. so that honestly will be our next big storm system that we will start focusing on. the one that is kind of focused around wednesday right now. back to you, guys. a local girl scout doing something nice for our troops. her name is bianca and she stopped by the danville headquarters with cook heys for the fire fighters. raised enough money to send 1,000 boxes of cookies to our troops. job well-done, bianca. neighbors to the north are offering sanctuary should one candidate win the presidential election. still ahead, hue joke about donald trump thrust a little community canada into the
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. take a look at this video. wow, wind causes minitornadoes of fire in missouri. looks like a horror movie. the 50-acre grass fire is still raging. crews say the wind has made it difficult to fight. the national weather service in kansas city is asking people to avoid any controlled burns and
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an investigation into what started a fire that killed a man. it happened at a home in plymouth. we now know that 64-year-old robert grew was found dead in the entry way of his home. neighbors say he lived there with his wife for years. the fire is not considered suspicious. state police bomb squad are called in to destroy hazardous devices in chatham. what the residents found and brought brought into the police station brought into the police station. metal tins with blasting caps inside. the person said he found them in thinks home while cleaning. the mass state police took the device out to their facility and blew them up. a drug dealer registry is being considered by lawmakers in new hampshire. anyone with three convictions of dealing with a controlled drug is put on the list. only law enforcement officials will have access to the list. opponents have concerns about funding and they say it will stop someone in recovery from changing their ways. a sledgetive committee is reviewing the bill. wynn resorts say an appeal by somerville will cost residents and businesses $56
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casino effort is delayed. their attorney filed an appeal on the project. they worry that the everett casino will cause a traffic nightmare and add more air pollution to the city. also claim it puts thousands of workers in jeopardy. free wi-fi into new york city. link nyc. thousands of pay phones remember those are being outfighted for communication hubs, ports, browsing, and a 911 for emergency. they have free wi-fi. the mayor of new york city plans to have five high-tech portals by july. web site getting a lot of tractions after offering americans refuge is donald trump is arrested president. >> hi, americans. donald trump may become the president of your country and if that happens and you it he side to get the heal h he will out of there, might i suggest moving here.
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and he started it as a joke and he got questions from people serious of moving to cape brit man in canada if donald trump is the next president of the united states. a deer was caught running through the store in virginia. pictures. the doe reportedly pushed the store door open and headed straight for the bourbon. good taste. the store posted it on their facebook page and made a game of it. post the best caption. this hunting season has drove me to drink from reed williams. and no wonder rue doll's nose is red. pretty funny. >> gene: not bad. >> julie: do you have one. >> gene: give me time to think about it julie our facebook live video and you can do it all. police are sent in and students are called to take shelter. the incident that sparked a terrifying ordeal as police search for a pair of suspects. >> reporter: thousands of people crowding train platforms
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the broken amtrak equipmen now at 5:00 this morning. the mbta telling thousands of commuters be ready for another rough ride into the city. there is still no solution for amtrak's signal issue this morning. we have team coverage as the morning commute begins. plus, the hunt continues for two men accused of a violent crime in the state's biggest college. students forced to find shelter as armed police swarm umass amherst. >> my friend said she went to the nearest building and hid in the closet. >> what we know about the incident in a dorm that sparked it all. developing this morning, a mother and her baby are in the hospital. they were struck by a car. what police have learned from the driver who struck them in the street. >> reporter: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. and good morning, everybody.
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morning february 19. appreciate you being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. i like the way you say friday every week. the big story this morning. continuing problems for commuters to rely on the rails. team torch could get you up to date this morning, but first a cold february morning. meteorologist shiri spear say don't let the sun fool you. >> shiri: don't let the sun fool you. nashua now down to 10. 15 that worcester. 17 in beverly. boston, you are at 21 now, but i would not be surprised for to you take a little dip this morning into the teens. and plymouth and cape and islands temperatures in the 20s to lower 30s. the hot spot. by 7 a.m., teens and 20s and sunshine ruling the forecast. by noontime today, we are up to 35. boston up to beverly over to lawrence. 35 down to plymouth and 33 in worcester. then come the clouds for the afternoon. evening commute mid- to upper 30s.


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