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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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morning february 19. appreciate you being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. i like the way you say friday every week. the big story this morning. continuing problems for commuters to rely on the rails. team torch could get you up to date this morning, but first a cold february morning. meteorologist shiri spear say don't let the sun fool you. >> shiri: don't let the sun fool you. nashua now down to 10. 15 that worcester. 17 in beverly. boston, you are at 21 now, but i would not be surprised for to you take a little dip this morning into the teens. and plymouth and cape and islands temperatures in the 20s to lower 30s. the hot spot. by 7 a.m., teens and 20s and sunshine ruling the forecast. by noontime today, we are up to 35. boston up to beverly over to lawrence. 35 down to plymouth and 33 in worcester. then come the clouds for the afternoon. evening commute mid- to upper 30s.
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tonight as we cool down, we bring in the risk for scattered snow showers. 36 to 42 degrees today with increasing afternoon clouds. we have up to about an inch of snow in your overnight forecast snow in your overnight forecast. we will take an hour-by-hour look coming up. gene, sara, back to you. the big story of the morning the mbta tweeting that major delays will continue for people who ride the rails. the signal issue that caused problems still not fixed. >> sara: we have team coverage >> sara: we have team coverage. michael henrich live outside of south station where crews are working on the problem. but first, julie grauert, information that people need to know to get into the city today. >> julie: sara and gene, when you visit the mbta web site, this is what you will see a giant orange banner that alerts to you the signal system failure connected to amtrak. passengers will be unable to depart south station on many of the commuter lines. franklin, providence, stoughton have access.
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plymouth, green bush, worcester, all of those lines, needham, included, will need to get off to a prior station and transfer to the t to get to south station. i will be tracking this for you all morning long. things are still light north of the pike, south of the pike and starting to see volume buildup over to the expressway. live drive times 237 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. 18 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. working on building some more graphics to clearly tell you how the best ways to get around are. i will have those coming up for you in a few minutes. back to you. and our team coverage continues at south station this morning. fox25's michael henrich is live there now. and michael, commuter there is will really be feeling the impact from the continuing signal problems. >> reporter: it is not going to be a fun morning here in south station for the commuters who
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first reported most won't get to south station. we look at the board, trains that are not expected to actually leave from this rail station. i just traded e-mails with a spokesperson for the mbta, and he says amtrak is making progress on fixing its broken signal system, and amtrak will give the mbta another update at some point this morning. but to get a sense of this impact as many commuters experience first hand an unfom tomorrow theable situation on the platforms as people are trying to figure out how it goes. amtrak is still working on it. working on that signal that electronically controls how trains come in and out of south fox25. the mbta said all along that the situation is simply out of their control. it is in amtrak's hands, but commuters are unhappy just the same. >> the platform is just not a good situation. >> i think it would make life a
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the right information. >> reporter: take a look at these pictures of the signal tweeted out by the mbta. amtrak engineers are going through these thousands of circuits trying to figure out what is wrong. amtrak once again has not given a time table for this situation to get resolved. that out. i, of course, have reached back out to amtrak this morning as well and as soon as i hear back, i will bring that you important update. for now live at boston south station, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> sara: you will want to download the fox25 news app to help you get around today. the alternate routes to get in and around the city. julie grauert will be back with another up with date. >> developing class for umass amherst will go on as normal. police issued a shelter-in police issued a
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news. someone assaulted a student inside the peerpont dorm. after the incident callers to 911 said two attackers left the dorm and one was carrying a gun dorm and one was carrying a gun. officers searched the campus but were not found. during the search, students hid in their harms and looked for up in dates on ocean media. >> i looked up and topping in the door way. before i knew, alarms going off everywhere, and i am getting emergency texts. >> gene: police don't believe students. the victim was cut in the head and taken to a local hospital. a mother and her baby were in the hospital. the woman was carrying her baby across a neighborhood street when she was hit by a car. catherine parrotta live in humboldt ave where this happened before 9 p.m. the driver is the one who actual tee called for heaven. >> he did remain on the scene and police said that they were working to look at any
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area and looking to speak to any witnesses last night. they do say the neighborhood has a history of being cooperative when talking about this, things they may have seen here. the area where this happened in roxbury. if you look down the street you may be able to see still some pyre marks in the area where this accident happened. this was all happening as a mother and baby fight for their lives. this was the scene near 75 humboldt ave near martin luther king, jr. boulevard. police are investigate police are investigating this crash. it happened -- a mother was crossing the street with her 5 crossing the street with her 5-month-old daughter in her arms and hit by the vehicle. the driver mindly got out of the car and tried to help the two and suffered serious head trauma. they were listed in serious condition at boston medical center. police are not sure if they live in this area. police say that that driver stopped. coming up at 6:00, we will tell you about his demeanor and what it was like on the scene. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this morning, there is an
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body found in chem see. fox25 was on the scene as police searched an apartment near chestnut and cherry street. right now there are little information available, but we will bring you an update as soon as we get it. police still searching for a man accused of killing a woman inside a local apartment complex. arrest warrant for 35-year-old kenneth manning of malden. manning is armed and dangerous and several tattoos including a cross on hisback back. he is accused of stabbing colleen russell whose body was found in the apartments in malden. police arrest a driver after he manages to run away from a bad crash in leominster. the driver ran a stop sign and police tried to pull him over an he sped away. a few minutes later found in car mangled split right in half. they eventually arrested him near the market basket. a road rage incident leads flows find a gun on a local college campus.
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the gun found inside of the car at mass bay community college. officers say a student was involved in a road rage incident on route 9. the victim said a man threaten whimd a gun. police used the license plate of the suspect's car to determine that it was linked to a student. 5:8 this morning. donald trump is dialing back his sharp criticism of pope francis. the pope was asked of politicians like trump that support building a wall on the u.s. border with mexico. pontiff said the person with who thinks of building wallings is not christian. trump said it was disgraceful for a religious person to question a person's fate. at a town hall, donald trump took a different tone. >> i think he said something softer than what was reported by the media. he heard one side of the government which was probably by the mexican government. >> gene: trump went on to say he has a lot of respect for the pope and he thinks the pontiff is doing a very good job.
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tomorrow in south carolina. democrat hillary clinton rally rallied supporters ahead of the state caucuses. the latest polls have clinton 1% ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders in nevada. the democratic primary over a week away in south carolina. not a close race. hillary clinton has 53% support compared to saernds with 31%. stay with fox25 for complete election coverage as we approach election day. we will watch the results in south carolina and nevada and results tomorrow night at 10 and 11. today the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia will lie in repose in the great hall. the court will meet for the first time since scalia's death first time since scalia's death. president obama and the first lady will pay their respects but president obama will not attend the funeral this weekend. federal regulators are blaming a florida company for a deadly circus circus accident in new hampshire. a man and his 6-year-old
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when a tent he collapsed in lancaster. a severe storm. walker international events filed properly put up the tent and ignored severe weather warnings. this morning, fox25 investigates. looking at a new concern of a school bus driver accused of driving drunk to put students on board. skyfox was over dudley where school bus his a utility pole to cause fires to fall on to the bus. nobody was hurt, but police arrested scott porier. since the crash, fox25 investigates learned that police are received multiple reports. first student the company that operates school buses in dudley did not register any complaint of the driver and started the process of firing him. traffic and weather together every tense minutes. the commuter rail is a big issue in morning. fair mount, green bush, kingston, plymouth.
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all affected. as far as your drive times. i will have a look at those in a few minutes. shiri? if you were stepping outside. brace yourself. 14 degrees. temperatures hovering in the teens the next couple of hours. 16 at 6 a.m. 17 degrees at 7 a.m. but will be back into the 50s by the weekend. we will time out next. >> gene: now 5:11. a special guest turns out to be a phony. how a teenager tricked people to think that he worked for a u.s. senator. plus a new plan to keep the price down at the pump. but it will cost you more elsewhere. next, how more people may be inspired to shorten their
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[bleep] -- >> sara: wow, if you haven't seen that yet. check that out. the helicopter crashing into the water near the uss arizona in pearl harbor. three of the five passengers on board went to the hospital. a family of four were among those on board. the witness said the pilot likely saved their lives by crashing into the water. >> you flow people here on land, 1 land, 100 people standing right there. we have hurt a lot of people but the pilot looked like he pulled back into the water. obviously you don't know how much control he has of the plane, but looks like he was trying not to land on land because no landing area and people standing around looking
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at all the different sites >> sara: how scary. still no word what caused the crash. the ntsb will spend a team to >> gene: wow. a new federal plan to highways. means driver will pay less on the pump but more on the road. jaqueline fell tell us the price we pay will depend on how many miles we drive. >> reporter: carlos herrera is a contractor and spends three hours a day driving. he is no fan of traffic, so he will pay a toll to jump on an express lane too get somewhere faster. >> i think it was 8:50 for four-mile, three-mile stretch in the middle of rush hour and i used it twice yesterday. >> reporter: a new study from the congressional budget office said the federal government would be better off financially if all drivers paid tolls or mileage fees. the more you drive, the more you pay. the national transportation research group trip says charging drivers for their highway use could mean better
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>> that is probably the fairest way to pay for improving our roads and bridges if you use them, you pay for their upkeep. >> this would replace the nation's federal gas tax. right now about $.18 a gallon. the federal gas tax helps pay for transportation projects. the problem is the, the federal government is spending more than the gas taxes coming in. the study also identifies speed pitches. causing all drivers could raise privacy concerns and high temperatures lower income households. last fall, fire fighters passed a five year, $300 billion highway bill that will last until 2021. well, good morning, everyone, we are continuing to track these ongoing issues with the commuter rail the commuter rail it means that many people will not be able to access south station today because of these amtrak signal failures. among those lines that are
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bush, kingston, plymouth. middleborough, needham and the worcester line. stoughton providence and stoneton frank links. you will treed to go to the transfer points and get on the t to make it to your south fox25 station destination. we will let you know if they made any progress toward getting these line back up and running to south station and otherwise plans for increased volume out there because everybody will be cramming on to the t to get to south station. as for the roads, things nice and quiet out there north of the pike. expressway starting to slow down just a little bit around if you were massbrook parkway and as you approach morrissey boulevard. live drive times. 23 2/4 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and, shiri, morning commuters don't have to deal with any type of precipitation, actually all about the sunshine actually all about the sunshine, but we will have to deal with the cold, julie, because temperatures will be in
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now once we hit the second half of the day, today we pull in the clouds. but tonight it pulls into sdmo. transitions because so mild out there. for the weekend 15 degrees in worcester. 19 in norwood. 22 in plymouth. boston at 21 degrees so absolutely chill in the air and feels like 10. the coldest morning you will work up to this workweek. temperaturewise, 21 degrees. 9 a.m., 26 degrees. we head into the 30s here. 11 a.m. about 2 11 a.m. about 2. peak in the upper 20s to lower 30s and afternoon clouds on the increase. future track through 2:00 will book looking nice and bright and clouds start to thicken up. mostly cloudy skies by the evening commute and any your evening plans, the chance for some of this snow developing between 7 and 10 even locally in massachusetts.
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as a band of snow across the boston area. it transitioning though by 7:00 tomorrow morning to just plain rain because it is going to be warmer. we have got these winds coming up from the south that will get gusty around here tomorrow morning with gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour. strongest gusts up along the state. see how they are coming from the south, that is forming the south winds. keep in mind not going to snow and rain all dave tomorrow. a couple of bands. most of the day also feature broken cloud cover and dry conditions. you can see this with future cast at noontime tomorrow, but during the evening, we bring back the chance of a couple of nurse or builds during the evening hour. because of those chance of khuns. sunday with on and laugh clouds and temperatures incred believe mild out there. and clouds will start coming in late on the day. 40 in boston. 42 in bedford. 43 in norwood.
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39 in plymouth and beverly as well, and then for the overnight forecast, south of that -- south of the pike, let's say, a coating to an inch snow. it is going to be real patchy out there. nobody everybody gets that accumulation but north of the mass pike, there could be a couple of spots, again, as much as two inches. could be slippery conditions for the overnight and into the weekend. 50s both days in boston. 40s -- upper 40s both days in boston. concord new hampshire have 48 decision coming in ten minutes. the ski another and how much cooler in the mountains. sunday into monday, a chance of light snow. monday 42 degrees staying mild. tuesday night the snow comes back and deal with heavy rain or heavy snow during the day on wednesday. that is our next big system to really keep an eye on. back to you guys. the case grabbed national headlines. multiple police officers facing charges relateed to this man's death. coming up how the role another
5:21 am
trials have brought to us cases to a screeching. >>the.
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suspec a teenager is facing felony
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impersonating a senator. police say ohio teen gary salt came up with an elaborate scheme. he went to a high school weeks ago claiming to be the senator ago claiming to be the senator's aide. he said the senator couldn't make it to class and he gave the 45-minute speech himself. the school had no idea they had been duped until the senator returned a few days later. school officials will be happy who they allow inside from now on. someone bought the archives for the books that became the movie "godfather." went for $6 25,000. a 45-box archive filled by books, screenplays and thousands of pages of notes, drafts and manuscripts. many are written in the author many are written in the author's handwriting. the winning bitter wants to stay anonymous. well, 007 super fan a little closer to living the life of bond. james bond. >> sara: i like the way you
5:25 am
the astin martin was bought at a char thee auction for $3.5. a char thee auction for $3.5 million. but parking is pretty much all you can do with this thing. the cars were created without certifications or state. the owner had a to inso cart banning any mod kay paying. >> you prop it up on a wall. you hang it up with, like, some sort of wires and a piece of art. >> i get it for -- i got to drive the thing. imsorry i -- >> all right, so police in the city of brotherly love come up with an interesting way to help kanye west for money trouble. the philadelphia pd posted this on their facebook page. they say they are hiring and that kanye should join the ranks as officer west. earlier this week, the rapper tweeted he is $52 million in
5:26 am
they said k anye could be debt they said k anye could be debt-free in 2122 if if he becomes an officer. the report said if you are not kanye, consider being a police officer. >> gene: a lot of hour times for kanye to pay off this debt. >> sara: getting pulled over for a speeding ticket and there is kanye. a new restaurant for hollywood. yeah, can't figure it out? a harry potter themed place called the three broomsticks. full of english and magical streets. for adults a pub connected to the restaurant call hog's head pub. for those that really know the name of the pub in the book. happy friday and here is to frozen butter beer. >> gene: let me know that you that takes. i know you are a big "harry
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>> shiri: maybe -- what time is it. at 5:00 in the morning pumpkin juice, not butter bear. just kidding that's what the kids do. central and northern new england into the mountains and on the slopes. temperatures 30s to 40s. and into the sunday forecast a little milder at 43 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. a closer look at that local forecast next. the head of the catholic church against into a war of words with donald trump. coming up, the new tone that trump is taking this morning after calling the pop the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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we are live at south station this morning. ground zero if you will for the huge issues that are expected to cause big delays again on the commuter rail again. amtrak is trying to fix the source of the signal problem but no consolation for customers that are facing another day of delays and reroutes. team coverage still ahead, but first. >> we want to check in with shiri, and this is the coldest day of the workweek you are saying? >> reporter: yeah, in fact, right now 11 degrees colder than it was in boston yesterday at this time. if you were chilly yesterday, today it is going to feel even colder out there. temperature-wise, at 21 in boston now, with youer about at risk of dipping into the teens.
5:31 am
peabody, water town headed down to randolph only 18 degrees. in worcester right now, temperatures 15 degrees. 12 in pepperell. as you slide into southern new hampshire, amherst at 13 degrees. we have upper 20s for the south shore right now. sandwich at 3 sandwich at 31. brewster at 31. clouds over the cape and south shore hoping to hold in a lot of of heat. residents see clear skies and chilly temperatures. 9 degrees. noon, 36 with sunshine. in the afternoon, increasing clouds, and by 7 okay this evening, you are going to have to start upping that risk for overnight snow. gene, sara, back to you. we are getting some guide news from the mbta coming up. michael henrich, that most train also go into south station. it appears the situation is resolved. more details on that as we speak. for commuters going into south station, the frustration we had station, the frustration we had. apparently things are looking good right now.
5:32 am
frustrate 24 hours as people wait in the cold on those crowded platforms. we have good news. team team team coverage. julie grauert standing by and michael henrich will have new details from the mbta. first to julie. >> julie: we are talking close >> julie: we are talking closely with michael a tweet he sent out a minute or two minutes ago. mbta tells him all trains will go into south station with a photo. the incidents beforehand from this graphic i just built. the signal problem was affecting the fairmount, framingham, green bush, kingston, middleboro, needham lines. this is where i build this to show you in to get off opinion atowarding could michael, he confirmed that all trains are going to south station. a huge relief for commuters this morning and we will hear more from anymore a moment. otherwise, roads still looking light out there at this early hour.
5:33 am
the expressway or 128 north or southbound. here are your live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 mass avenue eastbound from 495 mass avenue. so minutes on the expressway from the braintree. 2r-7 25 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. but sara and gene, i know michael will be able to tell us more. >> that's right, julie. michael henrich is in contact with the mbta. you just told me as julie mentioned before that all station. >> reporter: right. and i keep refreshing my e-mail to find out. yes, it just came in. mbta con firming that not only will all trains come into south station on a normal schedule, but that does mean that amtrak successfully made the repairs. the e-mail i just received as here. i asked for clarification, wondering whether they operate those switches annually or if the electronic control system that amtrak in charge of that
5:34 am
restored. the spokesperson confirming to me that repairs have been made. big news because here at south station as julie just mentioned station as julie just mentioned, a handful of lines on the commuter rail are expected to come in. as you look at the board, everything is operating on time everything is operating on time. we saw that in our last couple of reports and led to some confusion because we had not been given that update that things have been resolved, so we thought that this was perhaps another lack of communication or break of communication, but it turns out according to the mbta within the last couple of minutes, things are back on scheduled and back on time. to give you a thank background again, this was an electronic signal run, operated and now has been fixed by amtrak that heavily impacted the keolis run. the mbta commuter rail. we will continue to follow this closely. work with the mbta to get you more information and have an updated report as soon as this happening president at south fox25, michael henrich, fox25 morning news.
5:35 am
reiterate, the mbta says all train also go into south station. this is great news. we alerted this on our news app just a moment ago. we will have alternate routes to go in and around the city for you. julie grauert will be back in minutes to follow this developing situation. also developing this morning, classes at umass amherst will go on as norm arizona police search for two men that sparked a campus-wide scare. >> sara: the first time in school history police issued a shelter-in-place order. jessica reyes is live on campus and jessica, the big question is, how does someone with a gun get inside this dorm? >> reporter: exactly, sara. this morning police are trying to answer that question. students on campus that are wake up after a pretty terrifying sight in. the first-ever shelter in in the first-ever shelter in in-lace issued here at u.s. amherst. this here at the campus police department.
5:36 am
trying to answer that question as to how two men made their way on to campus with two guns. a massive police response on campus last night. this all started at about 5:15 after an assault in the peer after an assault in the peermont dorms in the southwest part of campus. police got several calls of a suspect seen running from the door with a gun. two men they do not believe were students assaulted a man inside the dorm. the victim had an injury to his head and he was taken to a nearby hospital. students we talk to talk about the terrifying moments right after the shelter in after the shelter after the shelter-in-place was issued. >> we actually heard screams outside. and there were tons of cops just coming in. fire trucks, ambulances with their lights on. report were so a lot of morning. biggest ones being who these two men are, what they were doing on campus and how they got into that dorm with guns. we are woking to bring you
5:37 am
we understand that police should have an update later this morning at 10:00. coming up in the next half hour coming up in the next half hour, we are hearing from them. live in amherst, jess yes, sir, fox25 morning news. this morning there is an investigation into a dead body found in chelsea. fox25 was on the scene as police search an apartment near chestnut and cherry streets. right now there is not much information available, but we will bring you any updates justs? we get them 5:37. police are now searching for a man accused of killing a woman inside a local apartment complex an n. arrest warrant for kenneth manning. he is armed and dangerous and several tattoos including a cross on his back. man something accused of stabbing 36-year-old colleen russell. her body was found monday night inside the cliffside common apartments in malden. this morning police are still searching for a man and a woman accused of trying to stab a police officer with a syringe
5:38 am
police are looking for.michael guthrow and a woman. they tried to pull him over and he stabbed an officer. when the officer started chasing them he lost control of his car and crashed into two utilities poles. the man that helped the officer describe what they saw. >> his leg was hurt because we tried to pick him up to walk, but he couldn't so i grabbed the leg and a passing pedestrian who was helping us out too grabbed his arms. >> the honda pair was in east boston. the was the was september to the hospital for cuts and bruises. the fires for five baltimore police officers involved in the death of an unarmed black man has been put on hold. six officers are charged in the death of freddie gray. gray died last april days after suffering a spinal injury in a police van. one officer's case ended in a mistrial and now a judge is deciding whether or not he will
5:39 am
other five. the trials will not resume until the judge has made a final decision on that matter. investigators in plymouth are working to find a cause of a deadly house fire. the story was on the fox25 morning news. it happened at a seaside road at ellisville road. the owner 64-year-old robert druid was found dead in the entry way. the state fire marshal says this was not considered suspicious. president candidate donald trump pulled back on his comments about the pope. the pontiff said a person who thinks of building walls is not christian. trump responded saying it is disgracement disgraceful for religious leader to question a person's faith, but last night at a town hall forum in south carolina, the billionaire took a different tone about the pope's comment. >> i think he said something softer than what was originally reported by the media.
5:40 am
the story which is probably by the mexican government. >> sara: trump went on to say that he has a lot of respect for the pope and he thinks the job. the republican primary is tomorrow in south carolina. meanwhile, democrat hillary clinton rallies supporters in las vegas ahead of the state caucus tomorrow. the latest polls have clinton just one percentage point ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders. the democratic primary in south carolina is over a week away. not as close a race there. polls show clinton with 53% support compared to 31% for bernie sanders. stay with fox25 for complete election coverage as we approach election day. we will be watching the results in south carolina and nevada and the results and the results come night on the the fox25 morning news at 10 and 11. the massachusetts senate president is refusing to call for the resignation of a state senator under investigation. last night our last night
5:41 am
as state representative bryan joyce left his house. the fbi did not say what it was about but a joint investigation with the irs in an interview with fox25's sharman sacchetti, president rosenberg said the calls for joyce's resignation are premature. >> reporter: do you think bryan joyce should resign? the investigation is ongoing. everyone is entitled to due process. >> sara: rosenberg said joyce has stepped aside has stepped aside from his leadership positions and is forgoing the extra $15,000 that comes with them. last year joyce made $75,000 in his job as a state senator. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. and i am very happy to report that those signal problems on amtrak have been fixed. this is what i am seeing on their home page 15 minutes ago. and then within the last ten minutes, we got news for the
5:42 am
resolved. shiri. >> shiri: absolutely fantastic news. also good news. sunshine when the sun comes up. but look what is back in the forecast. rain and snow overnight into early tomorrow and again on saturday night. show you when to expect some flakes and when to expect some drops next. a "sports illustrated" cover model and world champion fighter is fired up. why this photo has ronda rawsy so upset. dangerous air bags have more cars on the recall list
5:43 am
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if you were just waking up this morning, there is breaking news for commuters, and the best news from the mbta that that signal issue is fixed that that signal issue is fixed, and all trains from now roll into south station. we broke the details as we got
5:46 am
work overnight was successful. passengers will be able to take their normal trains into work this morning. we have live details all morning with team coverage. so stay right here with us. >> gene: good news there. 5:45. the celtics return to action after having more than a week off with the all-star break. the cs were in utah to face the jazz. the celtics didn't make any moves and staying put with the roster they have. bruins continued their six-game road trip in nashville road trip in nashville. less than three minutes into the game and then later in the first, phillip forsberg will dump that lead and have the rebound pass. and an example of what kind of game it was. fred connolly gets his stick caught in the net and shaft hits him in the chest and he trips into the boards. bruins lose 2-0 and face dallas tomorrow night. two more auto brands are now part of the massive takada air bag recall. general motors is recalling
5:47 am
the air bags can send metal fragments into a car during a crash. if your car is being recalled, gm will tell where you to take your car to get it fixed. good morning, everyone. back to the good news that we are starting with, and the set the commuter rail back on line. the signal failures because of am fraction has been fixed. this is the latest tweet that they just sent out. all south station trains are departing and arriving into south station on the regular schedule. so the detours and issues i was telling but earlier resolve -- hopefully that means you will commute this morning. we do have a new accident on the expressway right before furnacebrook parkway. overall volume is light and not having a huge impact on drive times. north of town things look good on route 1 and 93 south. 2 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston
5:48 am
meteorologist shiri spear joining us. shiri, feels like the sky have cleared to take a weather analogy to the traffic world because this will be so much better for commuters with that signal repair. >> a huge weight off the shoulder and the other good news, sunshine guys. i have got cold temperatures and i have sunshine. i don't have anything coming into play ideal we hit the afternoon. so today, i am going to keep it all about the sun. tonight, snow, tomorrow, it shifts to rain. even right now as you wake up, let's do 15 degrees in worcester. 16 in fitchburg. 19 right now in norwood. it is 21 degrees in boston with the clear conditions. 10-mile-per-hour breeze. and the wind chill down to 10. the coldest morning to tsar this workweek and temperatures working our way to 26 degrees. 33 degrees by 11 a.m. and then into the afternoon we get highs close to 40% in and around the boston area. so we do have a decent day in the works.
5:49 am
starting to inch their way in from west to east as we hit the afternoon hours. pause things up once we hit the evening, between 7 and 10, the risk for snow will move on in and not as you see will be wide and not as you see will be widespread or all evening snow. we have a chance for a couple of bands coming through here and by 7:00 tomorrow morning, and by 7:00 tomorrow morning. very breezy and blustery fashion. we see overnight snow change to overnight rain. still very patchy. middle much the day is looking just fine tomorrow, turns partly sunny. we have dry weather in here. if you have some saturday lunchtime plans, early afternoon plans, thumbs up. they are looking great. once they hit the evening showers, again, here, this is tomorrow night. we have the risk for a couple of sprinkles or a couple of flurries for your saturday night plans. sunday comes along. we have got on and off clouds. i am going to keep it dry until i am going to keep it dry until, again, we hit those overnight hours. high temperatures today 40 in boston.
5:50 am
beverly and upper 30s at the seacoast. 39 degrees in worcester. overnight tonight. south of the pike. a coating of snow to the north of the pike. do see a coating up to 2 inches of snow. as you saw there not a consistent snow, and still depends on where those bands develop. over the weekend a much better chance of accumulation as we hit central and northern new england. high temperatures both days in boston will be in the 50s. upper 40s both days out toward the worcester area. your seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. sunday is our brighter day but once we hit sunday night, the clouds coming in to play. we will have to watch your monday morning commute for some possible snow. so we are ironing out the specifics with that monday morning snow, but monday afternoon, expect some improvements as the clouds break apart. tuesday, we will get some increasing clouds. tuesday night into wednesday, we have got another weather make we are possible heavy inland and heavy rain at the coastline winding down with light snow here on thursday.
5:51 am
while we can and 50s over the weekend while they last. back to you. a school bus full of students nearly hit by a train. the terrifying moment caught on camera. coming up, why the bus driver is blasting the students for the way they reacted. stay with us for our news at 6:00. thousands will hop on the commuter rail and try to get downtown.
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5:54 am
where engineers a school bus driver is off the job after a train slammed into the back of her bus full of students. take a look at this cell phone video south of texas. it was captured by a student on board. you can see just how close that train got to the bus. the district said the driver didn't follow standard protocol didn't follow standard protocols. drivers have to stop at least 15 feet from the track. open the door, look and listen for a train. the school district said they fired the driver; however, the driver's daughter posted on facebook that her mother resigned. she said that her mother was a dedicated driver for 20 years and was bullied by the students and was bullied by the students. new this morning, a state police bomb squad is called in to destroy some hazardous devices found in chatham. take a look what a resident
5:55 am
police station. metal tins with blasting caps inside. the person told police he found them while cleaning his home. the mass state police took the devase out to his facility where they blew them up. a web site is getting a lot of traction after offering americans refuge if donald trump is elected president. >> hi, americans. donald trump may become president of your country. if that happens and you decide to get the hell out of there, might i suggest moving to cape bretten islands. >> sara: that was the man that started the site. he is a radio deejay in canada and started it as a joke and it picked up. he had gotten serious questions of moving to cape bretten, canada if trump becomes president. a deer caught running through store in virginia. the do e pushed open the door and headed right inside for the bourbon. he has good taste. the store posted these images
5:56 am
made a game. post your best caption ideas. the last hunting season has drove me to drink. makes sense if you were the deer, i suppose. >> sara: in that picture i saw one of the deer's friend going the other way. >> gene: was he the lookout, i don't know. 5:56. new this morning a car turned into a little more than a pile of metal. hard to believe anyone can survive this. coming up on fox25 morning news, what had the driver running from the scene after this dangerous crash. plus, breaking news with the mbta. the problem, it is fixed. trains should roll as normal into south station and people don't need to plan for the morning. what the mbta is telling us as news. live team coverage straight ahead at 6:00. an even though we are going to start our day with a lot of sunshine over the next 24 hours sunshine over the next 24 hours, we have a low chance of some snow.
5:57 am
ra i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but
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if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens.
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breaking news at 6:00, good news. the signal issues on the commuter rail are fixed. team coverage. the friday morning commute gets back on schedule. on time, on time, on time, music to morning commuter ears. what we are learning here as we report live from south station about this morning commute. and plus, developing in
6:00 am
boston a mr and her 5-month-old baby struck by a car while crossing the street. what we know about their conditions this morning and the driver who hit them. and a first of its kind security scare at umass amherst security scare at umass amherst. we are live on campus this morning as police update us on the search for two men who got inside of a dorm with a gun. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, 6:00 on this friday morning, february 19. hope your day is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. great breaking news about the morning commute. team coverage in just moments, but first your friday forecast. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center with the cold temps this morning. >> shiri: yeah, cold temps indeed. we are back into the teens. 21 in boston. this is likely the area that temperatures will bottom out starting at 18 in worcester. 13 in fitchburg. 10 in nausea. 15, beverly, and 17 in norwood.


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