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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> minds blowing now 6:00 mine blowing flames fire ripping through a massive mill sends firefighters across southern massachusetts racing. tonight we are action from shocked community as ember still burn. >> tracking our next chance of rain and snow plus how long the mild air sticks around. plus, it is game on. nevada south carolina, you are up. >> nation eyes turn west and south as candidates view for votes next rounds of the presidential primary season. and siren [blank]ing frantic 9-1-1 call. victim near death. >> she asked pee in i all right in the and then downed on me. man thankful session will saved his life.
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is fox 25 news at 6:00. complete new england news coverage. . >> yes we do have breaking new because hillary clinton has been declared winner of the nevada democrat caucuses. total so far, 52.2% for clinton. 47.7% for sander not all precincts are in. but number news outlet's calling it for the former secretary of state. those results coming in in just last hour. hi he expecting former secretary of state to speak at any moment at that podium there she will be approaching. in meantime, as would bring some comments live, there are polls still out in out carolina republican primary. update from the palmdale state just minutes away. >> and massive inferno seen burning for miles away and tonight crews are still dousing hot spots here making sure those raging flames can't did any more damage. they working figure out what sparked those flames.
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fox 25 live in fall river or with crews also working make sure the fire completely out. >> >> yes. investigator may not be able to get into the debris field until as early monday. you can hear those hoses, darkness of firefighters, continue to pour water onto the building. it used to four stories lie this morning, though every single fire apparatus here in fall river xin including other neighboring towns was here. battling this fire. and don't, they are still working on it. >> whole river was orange. it was so intense. it was fire ball. it was just glowing. one city block, i thought it was thunderstorm started i did appears into raging flames just after 3:00 saturday morning >> we heard the building starting to collapse. someone driving by saw first flames. coming out of border city mill 1 beaver street and call 9-1-1. they were eight windows that were fully involved they tore
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it is now empty used form storage. the building has brick exterior. but every thing inside is wood. >> once that starts going. it is almost impossible to put it out. fire raging here in there corn next door at the fall river kidney center. there was very important records inside. >> we were able get records out of there and provide them to the dialysis center so they could be reroute the patients make sure they had effective treatment. he also neighboring mill on west street where including fitness club. investigators could not go all of way on saturday afternoon, because what was left was still smoldering. >> the cause of the fire being called suspicous. until investigators prove otherwise. parts of the building did have power but there was no working sprinkler system. mills are historic part of this fall river community. >> i am used to seeing mill there and now it will be nothing. >> this same mill in fire over the summer when the building was hit by lightning that fire was
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much smaller fire of course. and, fire investigator say they are going working on this through the weekend. all day tomorrow just pouring water they are had are hoping investigator in here as early as monday. to start taking closer look because again right now they are calling suspicous. and until they have before he handle on what's caused it. we live in fall river. fox 25 news. take look. while fire was at its peak, obviously long -- no. is correct. because you could actually see the plume of smoke so big, that it was visibility on the weather radar. and as you can see that plume toss stretch as far as 25 miles at one points. fox 25 first alerting to fire more than 12 mowers ago. we get alerts just like this on your phone. all you have go to app store or google play. and get the new fox 25 news apple ap. it is free. well turning forecast now it was great day to be outside. sunsetting over by conhill providing great show there. storm tracker meterologist, it was very warm day out there >> absolutely.
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degrees above where they should be for this time of the year. yes we hit 60 degrees in boston. no it was not a record. record high is 68. but many people are writing in saying how wonderful it was to get outside. enjoy temperature in 50s and 60s it was cooler for parts of cape. that southwest winds allowed for temperature to be on cooler side. still, 40s and 50 smooze remission some clouds and clear skies but notice some green on here. sure enough tracking perhaps few shrink les. be are seeing dark he shades of blue. or dark he shades of green. places like southern very months as well as west of 91. parts of the better, showers this cold fronts he would may see is off >> that activity actually making to the grounds. this will be pushing on through tonight we will be shifting so, you are temperature trends boston will only be falling back into mid 40s. low 40s by time you weak up with passing clouds and those winds shifting to the west. and are talking mid 30s. still above average. and above freezing.
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see some sunshine more clouds coming back though and i am tracking our next chance a mix and i will show where we have best chance of seeing snow this week coming up in just a few minutes. >> roler coaster. >> in rerace toll top hour. hillary clinton is be been declared winner nevada democratic caucuses. total so far, 52.2% for clinton. 47.7% for sanders. now all pre sinks are in but number outs will those rule just within last hour or so. in meantime, right now in south carolina, the polls still open for the republican primary in palmetto. exit polls putting atrump ted cruze and marco rubio amonged leaders in state. those polls closed in less than hour. >> it is record turn out today in south carolina as the candidates in tight g.o.p. presidential race compete for votes in state's primary. fox news correspondent has
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>> strong finish here in south carolina is seen must for some republican candidates to keep their campaign going. >> as voter head to the polls throughout the state, former florida governor jeb bush is fighting for last-minute votes in south carolina. and possibly the future of his campaign. >> such volatile time to be able to beat expectations would be helpful. and i think we will do that. we see after shaky finish any a new hampshire florida senator marco rubio made final pitch to voters on heels of endorsements from governor hailey and senator scott. >> i am conservative as any one running for the president. but i am a conservative that unite party and i can grow we will win we will turn around. ted cruze spending day in d.c. at justice antonin scalia's funeral. saying again his arguments that the next president should choose the justices replacements. >> this election now is not one branch the government it is two. and this should be a choice given to the american people >> and front-runner donald trump is warning his supports to not
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>> the more we can do it and more we can win by the bigger the mandate, the better it is and the easier your job we are going o have. meanwhile democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton, and bernie sanders, spent the day fighting for win in nevada which close polls this shed the at dead heat. >> >> two parties swapped place next week. republican caucus in nevada on tuesday. and the democrats vote here on saturday. in columbus south carolina. fox news. >> well mean time, hillary clinton is already looking ahead to super tuesday. she opening six campaign offices across massachutes. including one in boston and one in awhoa. volunteers also be out going door to door promoting message. republican john case sick spending day in new england today. this morning he held town hall in burlington very months. heading events in worcester this afternoon. and down south carolina tonight kasich will be holding a primary
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wakefield. john on his campaign trail tonight. we will are live report coming up at 6:30. >> voting ends south carolina tonight at 7:00. nevada caucus and at 10:00. both rays have big implication for sun tuesday. stay with fox 25 on air and on-line for continuing coverage of those results >> and off duty firefighter notices something, and acts. the but to enter efforts were not enough to save woman's life. fox 25 is live tonight naduk warehouse fire left woman dead appears that smoke alarms there were not working. make shalling tells meals tonight. and in fact they say that non working smoke larls common thread in this 12 fire related deaths seen so far this year in the commonwealth. including one that happened here in east center street in naduk. earlier today. now as could you said it was not off duty fire lieutenant who noticed the fire at number 211 on his way to work just after 7:30 this morning his fellow
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moment later and initialer is of was done. home. that's when 73 year old woman who lived there was found. she was in second floor bedroom alive but unconscious. fire crews worked fast to get her out. but they had a one big obstacle to navigate before they could do so. >> there was hole in bedroom where she was located. we had to navigate around the bedroom. we were able get around that hole found victim close to the second floor. window. we had company inside building and outside of the building that were able to extricate her over the ladder. >> that could be someone's mom, sister aunt, adate it could be any one. i mean it is hard. >> and so family friends did come by the house today. but they were too upset to talk about what may have happened inside. meantime, vents tore are looking into what caused the fire. and where it started inside of the home.
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>> college understand arrest tonight after police say they stabbed one of their class mates. it happened last night in new hampshire. >> they were arrested after 20 year old man was found several stab wounds. police aall three are unh students give -- >> and victims is expected to survive. >> local man police custody. accused being part of assault that sent u mass campus into lockdown. fox 25 was there as 19 year old william left the court in shackles. accuse say thing student gun freshman dorm on thursday night. sky fox flu over the scene u mass am hurst shelter place order and police swarmed the campus. later search took officer framingham where car was towed from the ham he home he and another suspect were no shrink ter ps victim. >> we have look ammed at the
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these both suspect being led into by u mass student they knew. >> refrom for med injuries. police have not yet identified the second suspect. >> and merge responds der rushes to save man's lives but still come on fox 25 news at 6:00 many helped save. was his very close -- had very close connection. plus what i willing rest conservative stall worth. emotional comments farom justice scalia's family as that you sands mourn his loss >> and we continue to vol breaking news hifk of course wins the nevada caucuses.
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including her the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... of women... ...protecting social security... national guard... million children... job in the world real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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sea begins race for white house. may get interesting. big events coming up to both sides of ill. fox has stories and more on in week ahead. >> tuesday for more than 300 college football best players most important job interview of their lives begins.
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over course of four days, top college players in nation will undergo series of mental and physical tests to evaluate how nfl ready they are before the league draft in march also tuesday the g.o.p. candidates head out west for nevada caucuses. after wrapping up the south carolina primary three days prior. no time wasted for republican candidates as they were await result us you donald trump has commanding lead with 422% with penelope cruz pay and aruba behind at 20 and 19%. respectively. wednesday, president obama hoped king second. considered great alley middle east. two lead ler discuss the fight against isis. resolving syrian con flinth and addressing syrian and iraqi refugee crisis in jordan. thursday, debate number ten for the republican candidate. big night for the g.o.p. those remains in race for white house will face off university of houston for the final die bathe before march first of super tuesday. day where 12 tastes holding their play reelection >> and speak pryer. on saturday.
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democratic primary. the 59 delegates on the dem testimony i can. they ma prove big influence over the rest of the race. and that's look at the week ahead. fox news. >> and animal control officer on leaf tonight after he wife chained animal cruelty. police internal investigation into david robertson following allegation his wife was running unlicensed kennel out of their home. he they found dozens violation that just pups. one of puppies died. after it was left untreated for serious illness. >> some better day trends and family of victim of the deadly station nightclub fire. 13 years ago today. 100 people were killed. 200 others were hurt. when they caused massive fire at the rhode island nightclub during great white show. per personal >> two local water department worker stepped down from their jobs after al legislation they
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they reporting >> started investigating when they noticed identical test reading from i have the in even though proper testing was not done the city water is safe. >> now your local forecast. from your meterologist and fox weather tracker team. it is hard to talk about snow it is just amazing the fact that we actually above average in snow fall for the months, of february still a little bit below as you can take look at the snow season over my shoulder here. for city of boston but not by much. 25 inches is what we have received so far. a little bit over the compared to normal only about 5 to 6 inches below average. last year, we were closing in on triple will digits. close to 100. boston and over 100 in places like worcester. so, for season so far there are 31.2 inches so we are right on track. perhaps just a little bit below but with temperature like we
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imagine what snow you know it is not stick around. gout is got enjoy the 60 degrees. in boston. that's 20 degrees above average for this time of the year not close to that record that was set back in 1930 where it was 68. but boy fast beautiful. take a look at this. sunset. >> of course this is weymouth just absolutely spectacular when sun sets shortly after 5:00. we have see clouds right here. especially across southeast. we have seen lot of clouds throughout day that wind off water kept things cooler for parts of the cape and island temperature there now in the 40s still 50 in boston. 54 in new bedford. for further north and you go you are seeing some green on hour arar t. in actually indicating, the cooler air that will arrive for the day tomorrow. just by a little bit. in the form of some sprinkles and clouds overnight tonight we will see weak cold front come on through change winds direction as well. and we will see temperature about couple degrees cooler than it was today. but still, pushinger in 50 ye.
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this actually going to be the start of our next system that will be brushing us with risk some rain and snow as we head into the late tomorrow. but notice through day tomorrow mix of sun clouds i wouldn't be by evening. we will see system just to our south. and going skirt along the southern new england, and just provide few rain showers to start because temperature still so mild. may mix. late the model >> continue to stale to south. >> but we do see some slight coating down across southeast. but temperature they will be cooler once that system passes as we head early next week. what we have going on it is 50 in boston. wind out southwest. next 120 hours into. clouly conditions. waking up to some sunshine tomorrow. through the interior, you are going notice temperature in0s but boy do we warm up those winds out of west. climbing 40s across higher terrain. parts of worcester county as
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closer to boston and down across parts of southeast. we will be near 50 degrees. so again, above average just not pushing that 60o mark. last day of february they >> head north few flurries possible across northern new england being. temperature in 30s and 40s. but chance of rain snow, down across the south coast cape and island with best bet but thin is would. really going to see, things changing. cooler start the week then we tracking storm system that has potential shal bringing wintery mix to rain, as temperature warm up to mid to laid part of week i will have break down of that tomorrowing up next half an hour. over to you. >> road rage or medical condition. question suspect in frightening encounter on roads is va hospital. but next long anothering giant of the bench. hundreds mourn lots of antonin scalia.
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expecting hillary clinton has been declared winner of nevada democrat caucuses. total so far 52.2% for clinton. 47.7% for sanders. with 79% precincts reporting. knows results in last 90 minutes or so. in meantime republican vying for votes in south carolina. donald trump marco rubio and ted cruze leading many exit polls one presidential candidate will watch results roll in in massachutes. fox 25 john is with john kasich gain wakefeel this is third new england event just today. >> yes. he has been couple events tonight. >> with two here in massachutes one in very months. governor kasich will be here at this hotel in wakefield to watch south carolina primary rules come: he chose to be here in new england today. >> cover kasich spent earlier part of afternoon worcester people backed haul hear him he
6:30 pm
place finish in neighboring new hampshire primary.
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>> one point every single fire ap a the it us here fall river battling this fire.
6:33 pm
work from distance at first. the whole river was orange. it was so intenses. it was fire ball just glowing. four story mill that spanned one city block, i thought it was thunderstorm started i did as i appearing in raging flames just after 3:00 saturday morning. we heard the building starting to collapse. someone driving by saw the first flames. coming out of border city mill at 1 believe street and auld nine the 4re6 leave this were eight windows that were fully involved. flames tore through the former manufacturering mill. building now empty. used only storage. building has brick exterior but everything inside is wood. >> once that starts going almost impossiblible to put out to. fire is raging here there corn next door at the fall river kidney center. inside thereof. provide them to the dialysis center so this reroute patients. >> firefighters also say it neighboring mill on west street which last several businesses, including fitness club. investigator could not go all way on saturday afternoon,
6:34 pm
mole terring. >> caught of fire is being called suspicous. wise. parts building did have power, but there was no working sprinkler system. mills are historic part of this fall liver community. >> just going to be nothing. >> district chief telling us all of mills were inspected once a year. so they had pretty good idea what's this were dealing with when they arrived on scene non the firefighters were hurt. >> fall river. fox 25 news >> now take look while fired a it peak this smoke it was actually visibility on the weather radar. you can see plume stretches for 25 miles at one point. fox 25 alettering you to fire more than 12 nurse ago. you can get alerts just like this one on your phone. just go to app store o google play. get new fox 25 news app >> great day to be out yesterday sfoochlt sunsetting over beacon hill providing great show >> storms tracker meterologist is very warm day out through.
6:35 pm
that's lot viewers were saying today. sent beautiful pictures lot to get outside enjoy take look at this picture behind me right here. viewer report says, spring like day public garden of course thank you daniel for sending that. signs of sprigs a little about some time coming up here no snow on ground. and fantastic day perfect ava launch your kayak. so just gorgeous thank you so much for sending these pictures o tweeting them to us. and this is wiring on to >> really saw gorgeous sunset. you i boos too nexting for george goes night. here in boston. this from that beautiful night here on boston common sure enough we got temperature still at 50 degrees. in see right now. after we reaching 60 some clouds out there also few sprinkles to the north the we will watch not all of actually make to ground that observation. but we pathing sprinkle or two move on through parts of southwestern new hampshire as well as through kit cut river rail view parts of southern
6:36 pm
>> on through tonight. in shift direction and i lo i for mercury fall banning me 40s but still very mild with cloud cover. waking up to those. that sunshine though. another mild day ahead. before we are tracking the risk of rain and snow. i will break down what you can expect as we are coming up few minutes. near the end of february. spring, is in our sites but we have to keep an eye out for the bad guys. here now this week's mass most wanted. detectives framingham need your help catching some thieves. couple used two different stolen debit cards from one victim. at six different location in framingham and naduk last week. the female suspect was seen inside both burlington store and the mobile gas station. while the male suspect was seen family dollar door. >> both aparty mid 20s this surrendered shows the suspect driving way this silver or gray car. and driving way towards beaver street. e6 contact framingham police if you know anything
6:37 pm
shopped item at the cvs. he then, pulled gun on the officer who confronted him. he look to have medium build and facial hair if you recognize him contact boston police >> and in where these to signatures worked together. steal $1700 worth of designer handbags from arnami. june couple both appear to wearing hats. and female is in vinyard vine white zip jacket they they were in vinyard vine store but they didn't steal anything in that story is. contact the police if you know who these suspect are finally, police elect for women accused recent fraudulent check withdrawal scheme. police believe she driving newer model silver ford fusion. for closer look we have this case posted on our web site . . as for previous cases they come to us law enforcement web site. we also have them up on our web site. for mass most wanted i am bob ward. fox 25 news >> after shooting cambridge.
6:38 pm
responded putnam avenue and mcgee street yesterday afternoonnist mr. tell fox 25 shooting may have started with some sort of fight. victim shot in leg. no word if police have any suspects. >> well meantime there interstate 89 northbound shut down apparently we have a little bit video of that we can show you that 89 southbound had to be shut down for a short amount of time. but we are told from troopers in troop d. >> they accidents. >> between exit 15 and 17. and mean time officer on the cape are hunting for felon more than 30 violent convictions we told you about this man last night. on fox 25 news at 10:00. he wanted on drug charges and yarmouth police tell us considered dangerous. his long criminal had highs assault police officer. >> child rape: >> another driver is now being treated local va hospital for
6:39 pm
>> both -- say the former army med dick suffers post traumatic stress. 25 jeff was in court yesterday accused pulling gun during road rage incident on route nine in wellsly on thursday. court documents show that he told the police he quote messed up. and feeling anxious. >> lawyer told fox 25 veteran witnessed terrible things in afghanistan. >> his response ibltd and his minds to care for those guys. and when they died, because he is that us from vice. >> not being able to help them doesn't go away. now being da and due back in court next months. >> surrendered can toured mayor flood as it happened at the va hospital in gentleman may kay plains look at that video it is time lapsed footage shows that water seeping into facility on valentine days day. sprinkle pipe burst there because the drastic change in temperature. more than be 1,000 patients had to be cancelled or diverted to
6:40 pm
now employees are work fast to help. to treat people into look take then for local host. >> reporting about 300 bottles were board $20,000. were stole e from newton home he recall he recall month. now in addition to a wine, the people took television, laptop and some jewelry. if you anything, contact the police. local man and off duty firefighters rescuing teen to fell through ice today. middle bureau residents heard someone screaming from wood pond today. rushed out. when got they found 16 year old stuck icy water. off duty firefighter also happened on scene and helped pull that teen from water.
6:41 pm
hurt. >> worcester arounds. >> >> market. despite broken bones coming up tonight 6:00 tragic way purpose was hurt >> but look. but first emergency respond der rush safe life in grocery store. >> i took over, assisting with
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i mean all. hospital and now. >> i mean. >> i can't express how much i do appreciate it. >> canned goods ill of food lion might no where you expect miracles to happen. but a miracle was part of the plan, too. >> special. >> i was really, really gone. >> and here i sit. >> those . >> bob cats are on royle in one local town take look at these four cats that captured on cram they were spotted tlurts day on north road in stirling. >> police are ufrjing people in area to keep close eye on their children, and their small animals. could you got see this puppy who recovering an of being tossed out of moving vehicle. this is it four months o bandit. >> suffered broken leg when he throwing under the window moving car. in las vegas area. >> volunteer tears shelter
6:47 pm
although suffered quite ordeal man dit still >> playful purpose hard suffered such tragedy. >> >> and recover take 4 to 6 weeks will up for adoption, one he fully healed. >> happening right now south pacific island. there. >> tropical cyclone. >> hurricane force winds and heavy rain. local already being evacuated and as he eye storm is expected to hit at midnight local time. >> now your local forecast. from your meterologist and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> and as well. and just got completely different story in our neighborhood because today, it was quiet, it was beautiful. and boy lock at the temperature. 60 degrees on with high. average high this time of year
6:48 pm
much felt like spring. a little bit cooler for parts of outer cape. down through island to that winds off water made it feel a little bit colder we saw some clouds drew out day. 61 place like nor woo going to talking about mile condition through weekend i a little cooler tomorrow. but what watching for tonight. passing clouds and splinting will winds will shift but tomorrow, it going to mild. we will see some sunshine. but i am trucking storm system that will brush the south coast with some rain. possibly mix. even bigger storm in our forecast. for middle part of week that's going bring potential not only mix but perhaps some heavy wind driven rain. as well as some warmth to too. out there is on ache. watch. on through. but notice dying out as he push
6:49 pm
so, >> but still staying thick down across parts of cape for those temperature. 40s in so tonight boston. >> following interior. if 30s passing clouds. those winds out southwest, will shift to west. after midnight. still around 5 to 15 miles per hour. so toss not going to be too cold with could you wake up. about freezing in. will help us push that temperature. low 50s in. sunshine start day. clouds and we go on through. we a little he will or today. but still above average. so boston temperature trends starting off lower 40s with that sunshine notice the around your lunch hour that will beginning fill other on in. and temperature get close to 50 degrees mark. taking look at our future cast we also bring in clouds and precipitation somehow when expect that system pass to our south. but overall going to fairly dry day tomorrow. really uneventful. nice hopefully get outside and enjoy. by 7:00 we seeing some thicker clouds down across south. and here it is. seeing rain shield we really
6:50 pm
heads. but notice the temperatures, still in 40s so look to start off this rain. not through overnight hours temperature only back into 30s. cooler to the north. but where the precipitation is mainly confined south cape and island it is mild enough to stay mostly rain. surely we could saw few >> early monday. around 33 degrees. on vinyard. really not amounting to too much. otherwise you are washing up cooler weather as you head into monday. as talking about temperature back near normal. so chance of rain is well some snow neighbor's i canning. about >> more clouds out in notice temperature again, upper 30s.
6:51 pm
evolve. >> i mig gig storm. braying us. wintery mix start as early late thousand day into wednesday before trans significant over to rain as temperature warm up with gusty south winds could pushing near 350 would with win driven rain. this system comes on through so long during vague of events start clear out as temperature dropback where they should be by the later part of weekly have update at 10:00. >> >> just on saturday red sock spring david price. continues to be the focus of pitcher. and catcher work out. big man with big contract.
6:52 pm
far he has the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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is an o full weekends of spring training here in for the myers await rival some biggest names in camp. dave ortiz. pablo sandoval not here yet but big one name is david prize leading pitchers and catchers work out ace. so be it. >> pretty impressive go. . >> team mites. >> right now. very important. to david. it is very important. and, you know it is very hard. you know these are place base pull forever. relationship and in from nims you take away from game nap are going last for rest of my life >> he has been great. he comes in here of jokes around. we have been golfing he pretty good golfer so. he >> above all he is else he good >> about david. and not but good words.
6:56 pm
oh, my gosh. >> price is some day throws thinks next bowl pen. on saturday, he worked on fielding drills. meanwhile, on the mound rick pocello and clay buck hoped as well new reliever carson smith. >> there lot of good pitchers. and everybody brings their different things to table. >> san bran one regular here saturday. taking some vp and some ground balls. and interesting watch the gone farrell david ripple rip, continue develop. >> the more meetings that more. roster discussions that take place. different personal discussions there going to natural evolution to that relationship. >> tomorrow morning, ten 307b -- david price expected to have his next bullpen session. he will throw then. veteran need report by monday three most notable as i
6:57 pm
pab had a rare messes are here. but he taking weekend off spends with his family in miami. >> let's talk about bruins. finally of their 6 game road trip. they are 3 and 2 they headed to dallas and end with winning trip. it is not going to be easy. why? because dallas stars third best team in league buying record. tyler leading them. third in league points with 65. and third league with goals and 31. lined aavenue and patrick king. 8:00, puck drops. that will for fort meyers florida. with red sox i am butch stearns don't forget 10:45 saturday night sports wrap we will all coverage from down here. looking forward. >> so >> tomorrow going to be pretty nice a little bit cooler. >> make. tracking system could wrush parts of south coast. with some rain. hope nullly time line coming up later on tonight.
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i cried, pretty much all day. >> the grammy aftershocks shaking hollywood. >> there are going to be people who will try to take credit. >> backstage with taylor swift after taking on kanye, as adele admits to a break down. her grammy performance left her in tears. >> and she said she was too sick to perform. we uncover what happened. >> she ran through her entire performance twice before the show. plus lady gaga's transformation, sequin for sequin, feather for feather. and josie. >> there was 50 craftsman


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