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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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. >> the critical item firefighters managed to save. >> tracking the next chance of rain and snow. how long the mild air sticks around. >> a basketball coach under fire. >> the reason he says his team showed mercy in a 107-point win. . >> now with breaking news, this is "fox 25 news" at 10:00, complete new england coverage. >> we're beginning with breaking news in the race for the white house. two elections are now in the books. in south carolina, donald trump has won the republican primary, and in nevada, former secretary of state hillary clinton has won the nevada caucuses. hi, i'm elizabeth hopkins and both of the races were called early.
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second straight primary win. >> let's go have a big win in nevada and the scc. let's put this thing away and let's make america great again. thank you very much. >> the race to second is close with marco rubio and ted cruz are separated by less than one percentage point. jeb bush suspending his presidential campaign tonight. the former florida governor could not overcome disappointing losses in iwarnings new hampshire and now in south carolina. bush spent tens of millions of dollars during his campaign. governor kasich is not in south carolina but in wakefield, massachusetts where we find fox 25's john monahan and kasich just wrapping up watching the results. >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. this got the crowd fired up and kasich says it's the face
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here tonight have that the supporters. >> to watch the election results come in from south carolina's republican primary. >> and tonight, one more time, we have defied and overcome expectations in the state of south carolina. >> kasich says he will keep on going. that's why he came to new england, why he was in wakefield and vermont this morning and in worcester. >> in worcester, it was a jam-packed crowd. it was just absolutely fantastic. >> kasich also recognized jeb bush and the bush family moments after jeb dropped out of the race. >> jeb is a great guy, his brother, his family, his mother, his father, they're the best. give them a great round of applause for what they've done. >> kasich says he looks forward to running the best race he can. >> it started as a 16-person
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down to the final four. >> reporter: kasich says he will travel the country seeking that personal support and he hopes it will carry him all the way to the nomination in his home state of ohio. live in wakefield, john monahan, "fox 25 news." >> the south carolina primary is next saturday and after the win in nevada, hillary clinton says her campaign will go as far as her supporters can take her. >> this is your campaign, and it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds us back. we're going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so every american can take you as far as your hard work can take you. >> and bernie sanders called clinton to congratulate her on the win and we'll have more
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the losers. >> tonight, the investigation into this inferno continues. powerful video and you saw it here first on "fox 25 news" morning news. we're told the fire at the fallover mill is still burning. >> the fire apparatus was battling this at fall river. >> the whole river was orange. it was so intense. >> it was a fireball and glowing. >> reporter: the four story mill that spanned one city block. >> i thought it was a thunderstorm. >> reporter: started disappearing into the raging flames just after 3:00 saturday morning. >> we heard the building starting to collapse. >> someone driving by saw the first flames coming from the border city mill on weaver street and called 911 and it tore through manufacturing mill with a brick exterior but everything inside is wood. >> once that starts going, it's almost impossible to put
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>> reporter: the fire was raging here, and there was a concern next door in the kidney center with very important records inside. >> we were able to get the records out and reroute the patients to make sure it didn't affect their treatment. >> the firefighters say the neighboring mill on west street with several businesses, including a fitness club. the investigators could not go all the way in saturday afternoon because what was left was still smoldering. the cause of the fire is being called suspicious until investigators prove otherwise and parts of the building did have power, but there was no working sprinkling system. the mill is a historic part of this community. >> there is nothing now. >> the district chief said all the mills are inspected once a year so they had an idea what they were arriving to. >> anchor: while the fire was at the peek, the smoke plume with so big it was visible on
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up to 25 miles at one point. >> we turn to the forecast now, because people are enjoying some great weather and this is the boston common with people wearing light jackets and a sweatshirt and i went out with a cardigan, but you're tracking cooler temperatures for monday. >> you know, it's not too bad out there right now, but we will be talking about cooler weather arriving, 60 degrees behind me, that was the high in boston. look at the temperatures, quite remarkable for february, talk about, we have a weak cold front pushing on through tonight, so that will bring us passing clouds overnight allowing for the winds to shift with a slight cooldown and boston near 40 degrees and clearing up in the morning waking up to some sunshine and the clouds will be increasing,
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system that will bring a mix with rain to some parts of the region. more on that and a bigger storm that could impact the area next week. >> we are here with a report of sports. >> i was trying to rake up the grass making up for my laziness in november. the second day for pitchers and catchers and david price front and center for everyone in attendance, including butch stern, who i will join florida on monday afternoon. price is trying to enjoy every minute with his teammates on and off the diamond. he knows he'll be here for a while. >> i think there is a little bit of disbelief in a new year and a new environment, but it's definitely wearing off. it feels a lot better now than a woke ago.
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forever, so the friendships and relationships you take away are the most important baseball. >> we check in with butch stern and the bruins with dallas finishing a six-game road trip off with a win. >> the final calls from the doomed cargo ship were played panel. the captain is overheard saying the clock is ticking as the ship takes on water. the cargo ship sank during hurricane joaquin in the bahamas in october and three college students after they say they stabbed one of their classmates in durham, new hampshire. matthew gibbons and eric denning were arrested after a 20-year-old man were found with several stab wounds and they are due in court on
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the victim is expected to survive. this is the second day of mourning for antonin scalia led by the supreme court justice's son and we look back at the sentiments regarding the conservative voice on the high court. >> in this catholic church on saturday, many were here to pay their respects to the late justice antonin scalia. bells tolled for several minutes while the hearst carried the justice pulled up to the basilica shrine of the immaculate conception and ball bearers carried it into the basilica followed by a line of clergymen and clarence thomas, a longtime friend was one of the justices attending the mass along with many political
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prebble candidate ted cruz. and the reverand scalia began the mass and with the liturgy and justice thomas did the first read. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. >> reverand scalia then read the homily, where he thank everyone for the outpouring of support. >> on behalf of my mother and the scalia family, i want to thank you for your presence here, your many words of consolation, and even more for many prayers and masses you have offered at the death of our father antonin scalia. >> immediately following the mass, scalia family members left for burial site to say
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>> in the waters of baptism, antonin died in christ and may he share in his glory. >> a web site that scammers often prey upon this. >> we have nothing to lose at this point. >> at 10:00, the success they've had trying to find their way around the national organ database, plus a class project tracking waste and the
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. >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news in the race for the white house. we are closely monitoring the race for second in the republican south carolina primary. donald trump is the clear winner but marco rubio is only a thousand votes shy of ted cruz. however, 99% of the precinct are already reporting? >> a house fire claims the life of 73-year-old woman. and we just finished speaking to that firefighter and joins us live with the story from maddic. >> reporter: lieutenant williamson says whenever you're a firefighter, you're never really offduty, your senses are heightened to potential areas of danger lurking, and that is why he noticed that house was
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take a look at the aftermath in this home and clearly something bad was under way even if no one noticed except someone did. >> i saw smoke kind of low hang. >> this firefighter eric williamson was on the his way to work around 7:30 when the smoke around this fire caught his eye. >> a yellowish dark brown, which is not normal. >> he had no gear with him. he hadn't got to the firehouse yet. he had no back-up and these guys were heading out in response but he knew time was of the essence, so after assessing the property, he busted through front door. >> i conducted a primary search for basement and the 1st floor screaming and yelling. i didn't hear any response from anybody and the basement on the 1st floor were clear and when i got to the 2nd floor, the smoke was banking down. i couldn't breathe. >> moments later, the trucks and crews arrived and made it to the 73-year-old woman in
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she was alive but unconscious and the fire burned a hole at the entrance to the bedroom. >> they were able to navigate their way around that, that hole, and were able to extricate the vehicle from the 2nd floor ladder. >> sadly, the smoke was too intense but didn't make it, but at least she had a chance because he had a keen eye. >> i was in the right place at the right time, i guess. >> the lieutenant wishes the outcome was different and offers his condolences to the family of the woman. the marshalls are saying they it does not appear there were any working smoke detectors inside the home. >> new at 10:00, a community rallies to honor the memory of a 12-year-old boy.
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>> c.j. thompson died after falling in ice in brockton and they were honoring his memory. >> vaccinations are being given to hundreds of homeless people after a man died from a severe bacterial infection that can kill within hours and affects homeless people due to the close quarters and shelters. there is no threat to the general public since you have to be very close to an infected person for hours to get sick. >> a man a attacked a man and officers is in custody. gerald rodriguez was attacked and he attacked three police officers that tried to arrest him and one officer was then taken to the hospital. >> a rhode island fugitive is under arrest after police tracked him down in a local town. they got a tip that john kutu might be in a town and they
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night and arrested him. he's due in court on monday. >> a wanted bank robbery suspect is in police custody after nearly being on the run for a month. they caught up with stacey bradley wanted to the january of a td bank in bedford. he's being held on $10,000 bail and due in court next month. >> students go to school to be taught, but at one middle school in new hampshire, there is a group of student who taught the staff a big lesson on waste. >> some students in this middle school will uncover a dirty little secret. after studying the impact of landfalls, they decided to dissect their own trash. >> to really help them understand and to sort of take a look at when they're getting ready to throw away, what is on my plate before i throw it out. >> they collected trash from each 6th, 7th and 8th grade period and what did we find.
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donate and cartons we can recycle, and plastic forks, spoons, knives and strauss. >> the students asked why there were no recycle bins in the cafeteria? they estimate they throw away 6.8 pounds of plastic silverware each day for an average of 1,212 pounds a year. >> those that bring the plastic silverware can reuse it and wash it off. >> now, they're spreading their message to other students district wide. impressive, right? certainly making a difference in their community. a local gas station forced to close tonight after this crash. it appears the driver was pulling in to get gas on cumberland in fitchburg when the gas pedal got stuck and the inspectors were on the scene to inspect the damage and the gas station will be
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>> a basketball team loses a playoff game by more than a hundred points and the reason the winning coach said his team was not trying to run up the score, and first, a shopping free on someone else's car. the police department trying
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons...
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...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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four of the local beach. a report of a body in the water off rhode island and the body washed up on the beach that matched the description of a missing swimmer, 61-year-old peter buttler. no foul play suspected. we're nearing the end of february and spring is in our
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eye out for bad guys. here now are mass most wanted. a couple used two stolen debit cards from one victim at six different locations in framingham and nadic and they were seen inside the burlington store and the mobile gas station and the male suspect seen at the dollar store and sibra video and appear to be in their mid-20s and 30s and this surveillance photo shows them driving away in this silver and gray car towards beaver street. contact framingham if you know anything. to boston, where this man shoplifted an attempt on the cvs and pulled a gun on the officer. contact boston police if you have any information. these two worked together to steal designer handbags and
10:25 pm
vine hats and a jacket ab ab -- and marlboro police are looking for this woman accused of a fraudulent check withdrawal seem and that she's driving a silver model ford fusion and we have this case posted on and for mass most wanted, i'm bob ward, "fox 25 news." >> we're following breaking news in the past 10 minutes or, so we learned a 68-year-old woman was killed on i-90 south. and the state police say that three cars were involved here. one was taken to the local hospital and the driver was not seriously hurt. the left lane was shut down for three hours while they investigated the crash.
10:26 pm
still in the hospital after being shot this morning. the suspect drove his car into a police cruiser and tried to run away and two officers has been hit. the suspect is 34-year-old jamal funez and in hospital. mayor bill de blasio. >> it was good to see the good shape they were in despite what they've been through. >> they are working to pinpoint on who fired and when and looking into a possibility of friendly fire since eight officers were involved. >> refusing to wait for a call that may never come. the drastic steps those who are waiting for an organ transplants. >> a chance of rain and snow
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weather ahead. >> we continue to track break election news with the race for second place in south carolina is a virtuality.
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. >> a very busy night in the race for the white house and donald trump and hillary clinton are big winners and jeb bush drops out
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out ted cruz in south carolina. we go to our reporter in south carolina tonight. >> two competitive contest in the presidential race as democrats go head to head in nevada and the republicans duke it out here in south carolina. donald trump becomes the first candidate to win back-to-back race this is political season taking the top spot in new hampshire and now south carolina. >> there's nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. [ laughter ] when you win, it's beautiful. >> but texas senator ted cruz is still fighting near the top of the pack as a winner of the iowa caucuses, he's the only far. senator marco rubio making a strong showing in south carolina on the heels of two major endorsements from governor nicky hayley and senator tim scott. jeb bush making the decision to suspend his campaign. >> we all need to work to make
10:31 pm
best days are ahead. >> on the democrats side, hillary clinton takes home a win in the nevada caucuses. >> hillary! >> i am so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> senator bernie sanders congratulate clinton on her victory in the close race and says he's looking forward to future contests. >> it is clear to me and i think most observers that the wind is a our backs. >> reporter: on tuesday, the republican caucus in nevada while the democrats vote here on saturday. in columbia, south carolina, i'm caroline shidally, fox news. >> the massachusetts primary is tuesday february 21st, so you can have your voice heard. . >> well, it was definitely one of those days where a lot of
10:32 pm
the mild condition. there was not much snow to talk bow, even for this month, february is above average for snowfall and we have picked up to 15, doesn't compare to last year where at this point, we had over 60 inches of snow. for the season this year, we're running 25.4 inches. typically, we're in the lower 40s for a complete season total the last were just under a hundred inches. you can't even think of snow on a day like today with 60 degrees in boston, 20 degrees back to normal for time of the year and only 8 degrees shy of the record high. but no record for day today, and tomorrow, we're going to see temperatures just a little bit cooler, but boy, is it mild out there right now with a lot of clouds around and 48 in boston with the 50s in peabody and jasper, new hampshire, maynard, 53
10:33 pm
in the 40s for part of the cape with the southwest wind off the water, it was a little bit cooler but with the cloud cover, the temperatures haven't really budged too much, so overnight tonight, not too bad. i mean this time last week, i was forecasting temperatures well below zero. it's only going to fall back into the 30s for interior with 40 and boston with passing clouds and the winds will be from the southwest with a weak front that comes on through and we'll switch the winds to the west and tomorrow, we'll notice once again the temperatures above average pushing close to 50, not so much 60 that we saw for day today. some sunshine to start the day and the clouds will increase and hopefully it will be a pleasant say and hopefully you can enjoy with low 40s in boston with the sunshine and flew the morning, clouds filtering on in and getting close to the 50 degree mark, we'll see a now more clouds, especially further south where we'll be in the mid to upper 40s and as you travel north, too, look for temperatures in
10:34 pm
even a few snow showers traveling north if you're trying to get one last day of your vacation with some skiing, but as you travel southern new england, it's going to be a mostly dry day, although i want to point out the chance of some rain and if you travel further south towards the coast, the cape and islands, we'll be tracking a storm system passing to our south late sunday night. as it does so, it may brush parts of the southern parts of our area and notice by sunday morning, the cold front that came on through to the overnight hours in the south, it will stall out so as the area of low pressure rides in this boundary, most the moisture in the south but a few raindrops mixing with wet snowflake in the early morning but most of the activity misses us, but what we notice is cooler weather starts in with the upper 30s to near 40 degrees and with the cooler air in place, we have this to
10:35 pm
with the areas of low pressure and get the storm system getting its act down in texas and as this comes this which, it will bring us unsettled weather starting on tuesday through wednesday but looks like it could be an inside runner which means more wet than white, but one to two inches of rain. the 7-day forecast does show the roller coaster ride in temperatures but tomorrow looking okay near 50 degrees and we'll watch the system for the middle part of the week. >> anchor: more and more people are finding themselves in a desperate situation waiting for organs to become available for transplants as their quality of life deteriorates, and now some patients are getting creative as they search for donors on their own. >> i just want to get back to being normal again. >> reporter: normal isn't possible when this is your daily routine, 11 hours of
10:36 pm
28-year-old woman in connecticut battling n-stage renal disease. >> there are days that i can't get out of bed, to be honest. there are days where it hurts to move too much. >> her kidneys can no longer support her body and she will likely spend 5 to 7 years on the national transplant waiting list. >> i feel like i'm at limbo at this point. i can't move forward or go back, so i'm just kind of stuck, you know, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. >> reporter: she's doing a little more than hoping. she recently submitted a post to the online classified site craig's list asking if anyone could spare a gently used kidney. >> i am holding myself back by not putting myself out there. i have nothing to lose, so if there's a chance my donor will see it, okay, i'll do it. >> reporter: a man in new
10:37 pm
rolling advertisement after doctors determined his wife's kidneys were failing. >> this is like a crapshoot. >> joyce gets by on three days a week on dialysis but she'll never get better without a transplant. >> you really find yourself out, who you really are as person when you go through something like, this and where your strengths are and your weaknesses are. and i just pray to god to help me out every day. >> her husband frank says several folks have called in after seeing the ad but so far, they are still waiting for a match. >> every day i leave for work and i don't know what's going to happen, so every time i get a new phone call, it gives me a little hope. >> we have 22 people dying, 8,000 a year because an organ is not becoming available in time. >> the gap for those that have
10:38 pm
them has dropped and this has risen by more than 700% and the donors living and disease is up 155%. the experts say that is partly due to higher rates of diabetes, the most common cause of kidney failure and point out a lot of donated organs simply can't be used. >> we have about 1% of the u.s. population that dies every year. of that 1%, only 1% die in a manner that would allow them to be an organ donor so we have a small number of potential donors to begin with. >> so even if ashley norton can't find her own organ or frank can't find a match for his wife, they hope to find a donor for someone else. this is after all, about helping strangers. >> if nothing comes out of this than more becoming organ
10:39 pm
someone, i will be very, very grateful for that. >> yes, i am doing this specifically for my wife, but if it helps anybody else, it makes it so much better because karma is a beautiful thing. >>. >> next at 10:00, a landslide trapped a city with 250 people unable to leave the area, but first, a basketball team wins
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the reason the we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making
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tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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. >> a major defeat on the basketball court after a girls basketball team falls 108-1. gillmore academy against 13 seed northeastern ohio college prep school. the coach of gillmore academy says that his team didn't intentionally run up a the score and gave the other team every in the to bring up theirs.
10:43 pm
man to man to a zone at some shoot. they took 28 shots but they went 0-28. >> that's got to hurt. >> northeast ohio prep school said they're proud of the way their team handled the game despite the loss. >> well, no way in and no way out, that is the situation for roughly 250 people that live in elk city, idaho. this landslide left 1500 of debris, rocks and trees on highway 14 so the residents of elk city are trapped. there is no way for people to get to them for now and no word when the highway will be re-opened and luckily, no one was hurt. >> tomorrow's weather is mostly dry and temperatures are cooler and a storm system
10:44 pm
we'll see how it affects the region into monday. >> thank you for i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in
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