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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 haz-mat crews take over a neighborhood. weather on the way along with a chance of some rain and snow in a bigger storm for mid-week. only on fox, stealing from an shelter just how the thief struck without ever stepping inside. a -- the reason some are already furious with a red sox star weeks before opening day. fox 25 investigates a computer rail promise that some say is falling flat. >> there is smoke and mirrors between the real late train data and what's reported to public. >> reporter: what happened when we asked riders to track their commute for two weeks. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. a neighborhood returning to normal sent to after the
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them inside for hours. good evening i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> i'm blair miller. we broke the story on our news app tonight. ted daniel has been there all night. this scare started with a call for help. >> reporter: blair, elizabeth, some of the ingredients commonly used to make meth include gattry acid, anti-freeze and drain cleaner. we don't know what chemicals this guy was using but whatever it was it made him sick. the fumes made him sick enough to call for help and that call also brought police. >> reporter: new cell phone video has people evacuated. on the door of unit one a warning from the u.s. department of justice about the drug lab. all the windows opened, a ceiling fan left on. >> there was a fire truck, and police car right in
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they saw around 1:00 this afternoon when first responders were called to the apartment for a suspected drug overdose. attleboro police say they found 52-year-old robert in need of medical care and then after walking into his home they quickly determined why. >> in my never life never thought there could be a door to me. >> reporter: he became sick from the toxic fumes he inhaled while cooking a batch of meth in a small makeshift lab. >> they made entering into the home confirmed that a meth lab was operational. >> reporter: as the state police bomb squad and federal drug agents were notified the people in the evacuated. while everyone else on the street was told to stay inside and shelter in place. nothing shady in that house that you have seen before? >> no, it's not that we pay that much attention it to.
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60, 70 years, nothing out of the ordinary. >> reporter: so the street reopened and residents were let back into their homes this evening after the drug lab was dismantled and the chemicals were removed. new at 11:00, the charges and possible penalties this man now faces. reporting live in attleboro tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. a teenager is fight you are for his life in the hospital after being shot. in it happened in the area of devin street and columbia road. police tell fox 25 that victim is believed to be in his late teens apparently suffered life-threatening injuries. offers also have a person of interest in custody but as of right now no charges have been filed. new at 10:00 don't 41 people arrested at this home after a party got out of control. fox 25's malini basu is live in bridgewater where some of the suspects began jumping out of windows to try and avoid the police. malini?
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right you said it. the students and teens were bridgewater police department one by one we're all. tonight neighbors tell fox 25 they are just fed up. a college frat party at this house on maple avenue ended crashing it. arrested. >> i like walked outside just a bunch of cruisers were lining the street on. >> reporter: some neighbors tell fox 25 the party hasn't stopped in days. >> it has been going three days. >> they were going from the front yard of the house and you arinating in the front yard. >> reporter: the host of the party was done for serving alcohol to minors. >> there were only in college but they don't have
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neighborhood for the other people in the neighborhood. we just want quiet. >> reporter: authorities condemned the house and the students living there were forced to move out. >> they had from carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. >> you're young but you know you don't want to ruin the rest of your life. >> reporter: neighbors also tell us tonight there would be about safe for a while and leave then another pack of students would come in. coming up at 11:00 we'll tell you what one of the students was seen doing right outside of the house. live in bridgewater, malini basu, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 abigail adams middle school in weymouth is cancelled tomorrow so crews can finish cleaning up up after several pipes burst last week. school officials just announced that decision about an hour ago. they say they need more time to repair those damages.
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is set to reopen on tuesday. another local school also calling off class this time over some air quality concerns. the clyde brown elementary school in millis will be closed tomorrow and tuesday. some tests came back with some concerning results in two parts of the buildings. school administrators hope to have the issue resolved and school back in session by wednesday. a murder suspect is still on the loose tonight. malden police are trying track down 30-year-old kenneth manning who was last seen the day after the murder. this weekend russell's car was found in somerville. manning is considered armed and dangerous. so if you see him don't approach him and call police immediately. new at 10:00 a man is under arrest tonight accused of robbings a clerk and attack him with a baseball bat. police say that gidian entered a market on maple street in manchester, new hampshire, punched the clerk and hit him with a baseball bat then ran away with cash.
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own better that crime he told us he was at the hospital to be with his employee by his side. i'll show you a live look at the radar tonight some rain is falling to the south of us. fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking that rain. >> we should be dealing with some improvement as we wake up tomorrow morning. but tonight we're going to be dealing with that light rain out there. as temperatures get cold enough in some locations we may even see a few wet snowflakes mixing in. it's 44 after reaching 53 for the high today. down along the south coast places like new bedford to the cape and islands it's just light rain out there right now. we're going to continue to watch this system that's to our south push to the east. we're actually missing most of the moisture but we will expect to see some areas still deal with the rain for the overnight hours before cooler and drier air moves on in for our monday. i mean we're talking
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should be for this time of year. waking up expect temperatures in 20s to 30s. we've got more wet weather on the way this week unsettled conditions. i'll have the timeline of that storm system in just a few minutes. red sox fans saw ticket prices increase this year after a last place finish. sports director tom lieden joins us now. that's part of the reason some of them are upset to see one of the highest paid players of the team showing up to spring training a little out of shape. pablo sabb devalue is -- $90 million. he showed up today seemingly unrepentant and just as beefy as he was at the end of last season. he hit just 245 with 10 homers last year knocked in 47 runs. that's a far cry from what his $17 million salary would demand. i think most of us would have a certain level of accountable ity and enter this season with something to
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asked today here's what the panda had to say. >> no, i don't nothing to prove. i just want to play well for my teammates and try to do everything i can. i weigh-in all off season so i will be in being position being active so that's what i look snrik that was not what people expected today. ahead in sports we'll hear more on this topic from butch stearns who was in fort myers with sox. later tonight on the "sportswrap" one-on-one conversation with red sox ace david price. tom lieden, fox 25 news. less than two weeks ago -- until supertuesday. nevada and south carolina for the democratic side. no one could have summed up the presidential race better than donald trump did in his south carolina victory speech. he takes that 10-point win on to nevada where the
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>> we starred off with 17 people i have been hit from 97 different angles and now we're down to i get five we'll see what happens. >> reporter: trump leads most pollings in nevada by at least 20 points doubling the support of marco rubio and ted cruz who like in south carolina are basically basicallyified for second. >> the screaming you hear now from the across the potomac is the washington cartel in full terror that the conservative grassroots are rising up. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush dropping out of the race on saturday is putting pressure on other candidates to drop out as well. >> i believe that the sooner we can coalesce the better we're going to be as a party in general. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton is fund-raising in california today. fresh off her five-point win over senator bernie sanders in the nevada caucuses. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my
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some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. >> i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. united states. >> reporter: in south carolina the majority of the polls have hillary clinton up by points bernie sanders will be at amherst tomorrow. join us on television and on-line for how the candidates are preparing and the results as they come in along the way. not all car thieves are alike. locked doors don't stop these guys. >> the back passenger window was smashed in and my purse was taken from the back seat. >> ahead in the next 30 minutes the criminal enterprise that may have been caught on this security camera. plus, a building burns
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this smoke seen for miles. then we come out saw the building. >> the major reason the cause of this fire won't be so easy to pinpoint.
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several anima honest to uber driver is accused of killing sick people shooting them all during what police say was a random spree in michigan overnight.
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suspect picked up passengers while the assault was going off. >> reporter: we had multiple people telling us be careful there's a killer going on. >> reporter: a night out in kalamazoo, michigan turned into a nightmare after police say 45-year-old jason dalton killed six people and seriously injuring two others. >> they weren't targeted for any reason other than they were there to be a target. they were shot multiple times. >> reporter: according to authorities the shooting spree began around 6:00 p.m. saturday and spanned three different locations. the first an apartment complex where a woman was shot four times. she remains in serious condition. several hours later police say dalton opened fire again at a car dealership where two men were shot and killed. minutes later four people were gunned down in the parking lot of a cracker barrel. a 14-year-old girl also shot remains in critical condition it would take police two more hours before catching up to dalton.
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spotted in kalamazoo by a sheriff's deputy the vehicle was followed a short distance and stopped the driver was indeed identified as our suspect he was taken into custody. >> reporter: a source with knowledge of the investigation says police believe dalton an uber driver picked up passengers in between the shootings. he is expected to be arraigned monday afternoon. >> the next most important thing is to reassure that there is no continuing threat for the safety of this community. >> reporter: jeremy roth, fox 25 news. investigation discoveries see no evil at the hands of the show is a true crime series based on crimes where surveillance footage helped solve the case. the episode will show footage from the five aments that alemany drove to. that episode aros tuesday.
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armed attack that led to a campus lockdown at a local university is due in court tomorrow. 19-year-old william mchughen was arrested on friday after he was attacked and robbed inside a residence hall at u.s. amherst. bill cosby ies a wife is trying to fight a court trying to require her to testify. they filed an emergency motion late last night to delay the public testimony. on friday, a judge ruled that camille cosby must testify in the civil suit who claimed that bill cosby -- lawyers say it would create unnecessary media frenzy and the only purpose is to harass and embarrass her. the plans of creating a so-called snake island. hoping on to establish a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an island in the reservoir.
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that the snake also find their way off the island. but experts say there would be no reason for them to do that since they would have plenty of space and food sources. inspectors will begin their work tomorrow at a former mill destroyed by a fire. our camera was rolling today as fire crews in fall river put out hot spots. flames started saturday morning at this mill on weaver street. right now the fire is being treated as suspicious. we won't know for sure until it's safe for investigators on to go. more details now the owner of the gym that's across the street from that mill wanls to thank firefighters who saved his gym from the flames. he's offering all the firefighters in fall river and surrounding towns a free one year membership to their team. they are superheroes every time they show up to work. >> i just want too give back. i think that's the least we can do. >> that is great. as we mentioned investigators still don't know what caused that fire tonight.
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this huge plume of smoke only begins to tell this story. the investigation into what caused the new hampshire neither could last a while. as flames store through a vacant property plumes of black smoke were visible miles away. staff and neighbors evacuationiated. full house customer so my employees leave safely so nobody get hurt. goestown spent hours dousing the flames while crews
10:23 pm
around state route 114 a. we did experience some minor explosions in the building goestown fire chief richard o'brien said ever source workers rushed to the nearby power station to control any electrical hazards. it has had several and office space. the state fire marshall is investigating the cause but officials that i have are no utilities here and no one was at the property when the fire started. >> what happened we don't know. everybody safe. crews have also been dispatched to small fires as
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about two blocks away. moved of the damage at the restaurant is just to the exterior siding. announcing about a year and a half the sale of this 27,000 square foot property to o'reilly enterprises to be redeveloped as an o'reilly another -- auto shop. crews were able to quickly knock it down. is tonight officials a power surge caused an air blower to shut down and that i am pacted a mixture of air and propane that got distributed
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now the problem caused some people to have problem with their burners and customers are not in any danger. similar incident happened at the same plant in december. man is under arrest after he drove his car into a local river. reporting that car was in lees river. the officers rescued from a rock offshore. police say their investigation found that he was driving drunk after hitting several parked cars in the area. question are following developing news out of dane where millions of people have little to no water the government has cancelled school tomorrow. the protestors are demanding guaranteed government jobs. officials agreed today after
10:26 pm
so far at least 12 people have been killed. parts of fiji left in pieces after a devastating cyclone there. so far five people have died. the aftermath is so bad that crews are having some trouble fully assessing all the damage. australia's offering on to help. >> fiji has now opened up about 750 evacuation centers around the island and government there has ordered a nationwide curfew. the commuter rail's on time performance like critics say the public isn't getting the full story. i'm tracking some light rain
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calm and collected a thief helped themselves to an open s.u.v. door but police say it was not your average crime of opportunity. it could be linked to not only a number of crimes here in massachusetts but other states as well. fox 25's jim morelli spoke with police and the victim earlier on tonight.
10:30 pm
running up through the 109 you never like to hear about things like that. midway, millis, medfield all hit yesterday. >> we believe this is a group that is loosely based in florida that travels up and down the east coast committing car break-ins. >> reporter: make that brazen car break-ins. surveillance cameras catch a suspect moving an unlocked jeep then checking out two other vehicles for potential. but police warn locks won't stop this crew. >> they see a bag they want they'll smash the window in broad daylight and take the bag and be gone in seconds. >> bad m.o. on flagrant display. on saturday afternoon we have a yoga class from 4:00 to 5:00. >> reporter: one of the
10:31 pm
>> the my purgs was taken from the back seat. coker had taken her wallet of the purse the owner out of this jeep not so lucky everything gone. the thieves are mainly interested in stealing checkbooks and identity ies that way they can later commit bank fraud. the best defense don't put valuables on display in your vehicle out in the open right in the middle of the day nobody expecting that's when you will usually get hit. >> again the most important part of that surveillance video we showed you is when the two thieves after a lotting that jeep walked up to two other cars and moved on they saw nothing that they wanted in medfield, jim morelli, fox 25 news. the milder weather this week has allowed on for a
10:32 pm
outside and enjoy the great conditions out there. 50 in boston yesterday but take a look at the high temperatures today. 54 in the city of boston average high this time of year 40 degrees. record high 63 than we were the actual normal high for this time of year. we have temperatures dropping back into the 30s in parts of worcester county. we knew we would be pushing on in i want to show you again as we take a closer look at places like boston more tonight or perhaps even new bedford trying to get my system to go here. it will be showing that the timeline of this rain shower that is all due to this area of low pressure that will continue the chances of rain. but moving on out of here by the early morning so by the time you wake up we're
10:33 pm
improvement. when you wake up tomorrow around 7:00 you want to check in it's looking as though temperatures will be below freezing. any showers that we did see that could transition to even a few wet snowflakes as temperatures fall back to low freezing just be aware where we can see wet conditions committee could see some icy conditions as for temperatures during the day not much improvement. by your lunch hour tomorrow afternoon we're back into the upper 30s to near 40 . really the not going see much budging as we head into the afternoon. could be a little bit otherwise it's going to be mostly sunny and fairly dry day early in the morning.
10:34 pm
change a little bit. one will introduce the risk of some light snow late tuesday into wednesday. could cause problems on the roadway on wednesday that will bringny wintry mix to mostly rain. in fact it will turn all rain heavy at times wednesday night into thursday. that may brush with us some light precipitation pretty spotty especially through the interior could see some icy conditions along the coast. now by wednesday midday notice this much stronger system that's developing out of the south. we are talking about a mainly rain event as we head into the middle part of the
10:35 pm
notice the darker chased of yellow sure enough we'll be talking about heavy rain especially late wednesday into thursday we could be picking up anywhere from one to two dches. some ponding as well something we'll have to continue to monitoring. the winds will be gusty out of the south we'll be talking about the chances of some light snow on friday. >> only on fox tonight the money a local animal shelter uses to pay rent has been stolen. as fox 25's crystal haynes tells us the thief never had to step inside the shelter to hurt the care of the animals inside it. >> when theches broke into heidi clark's westport home they took more than possessions. >> they broke a window through the door and reached around. >> they potentially endangered the welfare of
10:36 pm
>> tried to -- but the most important thing was our shelter money. >> reporter: the treasurer at the center for animal rescue and education. and the thousand dollars hidden in a drawer was -- >> our rent money. we have to just keep the shelter up and running. >> both provide medical treatment in shelter upthey're on call 24/7 on saup of that they are also performing rescues. she won't have the immediate cash to bay for it. ruth marshman is the shelter president.
10:37 pm
again. >> she has since put in a security system at home. >> door monitoring when the door opens we we get a text message right away. >> there's a cat out there right now that needs us an' we'll still bring it in but we're going to be hard pressed to be able to pay for the medical. we'll find a way but it's so much harder for us. it is one of the wildest photos we've seen all day long and it's not photo shop. >> apparently not. take a look at this. that's a dog on a roof. ahead on fox 25 news at 11:00 how he got there just what happened moments before a group of local firefighters went in for the rescue. >> the retail world is reacting to the government's strong stance on hover boards. still ahead at 10:00 the warning from one major seller. a gun found where a baby sleeps.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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a dancer is back under arrest tonight. police picked up 27-year-old shannon sampson of rhode island saturday in connection with a robbery in coventry. sampson was also arrested earlier this month for a bank robbery in cranston. in that case officers say they founder in massachusetts hotel room with cash possibly linked to holdup. boston police found a loaded hand gun in a disturbing place at a local home. d.p.d. gave us this picture showing a gun in a baby bassinette. they found when it they were searching the home for drugs. officers also found heroin, cocaine and some cash. both people living in that home were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. hundreds of volunteers doing their part to help with the water contamination crisis in michigan. people in flint have been encouraged to use bottle water for months following lead contamination in their water supply. this weekend the boys &
10:42 pm
comcast to help collect some of those empty bottomles and hand out information about recycling. >> so they drive through they get a recycling bag with some recycling information and how they can dispose of all the water bottles that they're getting a similar event is in the works for cell. a chance of rain and snow for some my timeline on when this precipitation moves you and the and the cooler air moves in. >> first fox 25 investigates the commuter rail's claim of 92% on time performance.
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they're hardly the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
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in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. fox 25 investigates
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rail's on time performance we found commuter trains running late over and over again even after the state lowered on time performance goals. >> riders say delays have a huge impact on their day to day life. investigative reporter kerry kavanaugh discovered some lives are consistently inconsistent, especially when it matters most. the operator of the commuter rail is a private company keolis. in december they said 2015 ended with one of their best on time performances of the year at 92%. but we dug deeper into those numbers that some critics call smoke and mirrors. my morning train was cancelled due to mechanical issues and the next train was delayed by 30 minutes. we asked fox 25 viewers who ride the commuter rail to journal about their commute for two weeks in janch. the newbury rockport line to north station. she reported one significant delay, saying one was enough. >> if it's late it just is a domino effect and i end up being late for work. >> it's dennal of step from up last year.
10:46 pm
sergeant rides the fairmont line from hyde park to south station. >> important for me to say something and have a voice on for people who are out here who felt like they weren't heard. >> reporter: she told us while she had no delays during the two weeks and service is improving she just never knows when she'll be stuck on a platform. that's what happened last winter forcing rail lines to shut down delayed and overcrowded trains became commonplace for weeks there after. that's when the straight cracked down on the mbta and keolis. according to keolis they have improved during peak hours they were on time about 86% in june, 93% in august, more than 94% in december, their best month after since they took over the rail in july of 2014. those numbers are adjusted when keolis is factoring things they can't control like extreme weather or police activity near tracks. >> there is a 60 foot wall
10:47 pm
the real late train data and what's reported to the public. >> reporter: greg sullivan of the pioneer institute which has studied the keolis contract says the issue is transparency. saying the state should hold them more accountable. instead in august they reduced the on time performance goal from 95% to 92% as part of an improvement plan. what does it say to a rider when the state lower the bar? >> that's a step backwards. >> reporter: when fox 25 investigates looked at each line adjusted on time performance from june to december of 2015, we found keolis wean delivering consistently during morning and evening peak commutes. for example, the needham and providence line failed to meet their 92% on time goal during peak times four out of the seven months. the stoughton line missed the mark every single month. we asked to speak direct whether i keolis. they are meeting the goals laid out in the improvement
10:48 pm
overall performance no line has fallen below 92% on time even in the challenging winter months. but not often enough for deidra tripoli. >> it's very rare it's on time. >> reporter: according to information keolis reports it fell below performance targets during peak hours on all but three day sos far in 2016. keolis place -- based that on untime performance. keolis told us under their contract with the state they are penalized for any on time performance below 100%. keolis says its working with the mbta to cut their penalties in half this year. if you have something you want fox 25 investigates to check out e-mail us at fox 25 investigates @fox or call the number on your screen 1877-fox 25-news. >> another news heads up if you news the mbta
10:49 pm
monday. as well as how you access a presume parking spot. that construction will run lew august. new at 10:00 now one of the largest hover board manufacturers in the country is asking customers to stop using their product. this after u.s. consumer product safety commission deemed nearly all hover boards unsafe. they are urging customers not to use the boards until they make necessary changes based on the new safety standards. prices at the pump still holding well below $2. that is down 16 cents. the average price for gallon of regular in massachusetts is $1.77 in new hampshire the average is $1.70. weekend outside great, sarah.
10:50 pm
absolutely as you head into work tomorrow. we have a system that's passing to our south that will provide us with some little bit of rain across the south coast. but also a cold front that will be pushing southward. temperatures were in the 60s and 50s this weekend. it's still in the 40s in boston with that wet weather to the south. so by the time you wake up in the morning it's going to be back into the 20s in some locations. it will be bright as we will watch most of that rain push on out of here. at the bus stop be prepared to bundle up. 20s through the interior, 30s at the coast by the afternoon we're only going to be near 40 degrees in the city of boston but that's typical for this time of year i'll break it down for you coming up on the fox 25 news at 11:00. he is still owed almost $90 million by the red sox so there's good reason why fans are concerned about
10:51 pm
condition of third baseman pablo sandoval. the panda reported on to fort myers today and turned a lot of heads unfortunately for the wrong reasons. our butch stearns there was. >> reporter: on sunday in fort myers david price continues to get the star treatment. and pablo sandoval weighs in with his arrival to camp. trying to put last year behind him. what went wrong for you last year? >> bad moments, for me bad moments. i was up and down. >> reporter: so what about the up and downs of his weight. we were told that the red sox asked him in lose weight he had dropped 22 pounds. >> pablo. >> i don't weigh in all off season. so i just try. >> we outlined we needed to come back in better condition along with that you anticipate there's the potential for weight to be dropped is there but there wasn't a specific number given we just said hey we want to you come in at this weight.
10:52 pm
session with the media sandoval was at times defiant, pleasant and contradictory like when he to prove? >> nosh i don't have nothing to prove. >> but later he said this. >> i'm going to prove to my fans i'm going on to prove to the teammates can i be better defensive player and games. >> reporter: so the panda is better? >> i don't worry about numbers i worry about wins. pablo does know about championships. but not in boston yet. butch stearns, fox 25 sports. thanks butch appreciate it. celtics got back to work on friday uncharacteristically sluggish against the jazz. they were blown out in utah. you know that didn't sit well with isiah thomas. got right to work en route to 22-point game for him.
10:53 pm
evan turner led the deft ballhandling. pick-and-roll. very pretty play. this is evan turner you will see that play right here. check it out. up top and down. my favorite play of the night though check out the loose ball coming up. it will careen down the court taps it back. the celtics back in the win column. we're going have butch's one-on-one with david price from fort myers on "sportswrap" plus, a thrilling finish at the daytona 500. jack edwards and andy brinkley join with us some thoughts on the bruins. the "sportswrap" tonight at 11:30. for good reason concern about the weight of pablo sandoval. a college frat party ends with police crashing it arresting 41 people.
10:54 pm
but first saying i do 30,000 feet in the air. >> before we even landed all the youtube videos they were up.
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10:57 pm
i guess sometimes love really is in the air. a couple recently got married high in the clouds. >> reporter: christy and jim har sen are still on cloud nine after saying i do on friday. but how they said i do is really making sparks fly on social media. >> tagging on facebook strangers and the youtube videos before we even landed all the youtube videos they were up. >> reporter: the two love birds were wed at 35,000 feet in the air on an alaska airlines flight coming from l.a. to seatac friday night. >> love is in the air.
10:58 pm
airlines. me and her new husband planned the whole thing to grand three wishes to her mom billy jo who's fighting stage four cancer. >> my mother means the world to me. anything to make my mom happy. >> reporter: billy jo always want fahd see where christy worked wanted to see where christy lived and she's always hoped to see christy marry the man she loves. >> she wanted to come up because i was happy up here in seattle she wanted to come see seattle and see our house here just have a visual of what our life was like up it really touched me. >> reporter: a place full of passengers looked on as christy made her way down a very different aisle wearing accessories she designed herself. really touch people and make their flight a really fun
10:59 pm
that's what i'm thinking about. so excited great story behind it. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. in the morning the will face a judge. a disturbing discovery that shut down the neighborhood for hours today. good evening everyone i'm blair miller. fox 25 ted daniel has been in attleboro all night. this is the result of a meth lab. yeah the 52-year-old man who lives in the home where the the meth lab has been found has been charged with manufacturing crystal meth as is often the case with these homemade drug labs police say they didn't take any precautions and the hazardous chemicals started to come out he got sick and
11:00 pm
ended upbringing police the window's open a fan turning and a warning from the department of justice posted on the front door. the scene clear tonight but the concern is not. there's no everyone they are found inside unit 1. in need of medical care then after walking into his home they made entering into the home confirmed that a meg lab was operational. they backed out. >> police tell us he became sick from the toxic fumes he inhaled the it was an active


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