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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> completeew engnd news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us on this monday morning, february 22. i am gene lavanchy. >> sarah: i am sara underwood. happy monday morning to all of you. back to school for kids here in massachusetts. and we are off to a good start this morning, and we are expect this morning, and we are expecting a warm-up later today expecting a warm-up later today. >> shiri: a warm-up that takes us to 40. we don't have the 40s and 60s. but we are starting off at 36 degrees in boston but not all this cold. we are still cooling down as these clouds are clearing out cooler air. 32 in beverly. 32 in worcester and 28 in keene 32 in worcester and 28 in keene. we are all dry right now. we did have a little bit of shower activity move across the cape and islands, but now moving on out, by 7 a.m., you can see increasing sunshine and temperatures in boston about 30
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the burbs down to freezing. a little chill. 37 in worcester. 38 in boston and lawrence. 41 in norwood. upper 30s to upper 40s for lunchtime today. a lot of upper 30s on the map as you head down coming from highs 38 to 44 degrees. nice and bright and also seasonable. i have a midweek warm-up i will go with you. now julie grauert with live drive time traffic. good time to head out. >> shiri: 5 a.m. is part of that magic hour. route 1, 93 south look good. pike wide open from framingham through the newton area and moo brighton. what you will see through brighton, light volume. 11 minutes on the pike. 18 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 228 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. sara and gene, back to you. >> sarah: new this morning, a local starbucks is dealing with this mess from a car going right through the wall. jessica reyes treated out the
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minutes ago. this coffee shop is usually opening right about now, but not today. >> fox25's jessica reyes is live along route 1 in norwood where contractors are assessing all that damage. jess, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, gene. you can see there is a contractor covering up the big hole in the wall right now. right behind that truck, there is an enormous hole where the driver plowed into the building and bricks and glass shah ruin all inside this starbucks. ing at video right at 12:30 after the driver drove into the side of this building. police tell us that he stopped running and came down here to help out the norwood police department with k-9 units to try to track this person down. gave a call to the norwood police department about 15 minutes ago and they said this suspect is still on the loose at this hour. now where this driver hit the building is actually the seating area. there are a lot of tables and
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driver hit. so it is very fortunate that this place was not open when this happened. at this point you can see they are getting ready to board it up. it is unlikely, of course, that is starbucks is going to be open today. in the past five minutes or so, we have seen people show up here looking to get their coffee because it is supposed to open at 5 a.m. we will be back with another look at what is happening here, and their progress in just 30 minutes. live in norwood, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. developing right now, police are questioning a person of have in the death of a 16-year-old boy that was stabbed outside a busy store in dorchester. fox25's catherine parrotta is live on columbia road where catherine, at least one officer remains on duty nearly is it hours after the boy was killed. >> reporter: yeah, with police continuing to investigate the circumstances of this incident. the officer still need the scene at columbia road here. you can see the police officer
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there has been somebody there ever since someone arrived. everything that unfolded across away. police have identify police have identified a person of have. now all of this happened in broad daylight around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police found the 16-year-old victim near the corner of columbia road and devons street. at first police thought he was shot but later realized his injury was a stab wound. the teen was taken to boston medical center but did not survive. police have not identified him by name. not the first time that police have responded to the area. just about two weeks ago, police were dueled an area devon street to respond to a shooting. during that incident, police fatally shot a man who wouldn't put down this gun. devon street is that you see right rite there and you can esay lot of stores there including a convenience store right there on the corner. police mentioned they would be looking for any surveillance camera video that may have
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we will see if we can find out more about the person of have or the victim. live in dorchester. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. and also new this morning, one person was taken to the hospital after the two. car accident in revere. one of the cars rolled over just before 1 a.m. on lieper bank highway. no word on the condition of the toer driver. a new hampshire man will be charged later today with robbing and attacking a store clerk. police say that he attacked a clerk at a market on maple street in manchester, new hampshire. the clerk triggered the alarm when the suspect ran off and police were able to catch up with him and rest him. an attleboro will go before a judge to face charges for cook meth in his home. police were called to the home on knight avenue yesterday for a possible drug overdose. frums this making the meth made him sick. police evacuated self-homes nearby nearby as the state police bomb squat dissonantled the bomb squad. neighbors were shobingtd neighbors were neighbors shocked what was
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>> i lived here my whole life. never thought this would be a meth lab going on right next door to me. >> sarah: the neighbors were allowed to go back to their home. the suspects will be charged with making meth. calling for the headmaster of a boston school to be removed. the boston chapter of the naacp met to discuss the harassment of students at the boston latin schools. reports by boston public schools said administrators did not properly investigate the alleged abuse of a student. no administrators were disciplined. school leaders tell the "globe" they look forward to working with civil rights leaders. two local schools are closed because of safety issue. the collide brown elementary school in millis will be closed today and tuesday. school officials say air quality test came back with concerning results in two parts of the building. abigail adams school in weymouth will also be closed today. several pipes burst at the
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weymouth schools need to continue cleaning damaged area before it is safe for students to return there. coming up at 5:07 this morning, presidential candidate bernie sanders will be campaigning in massachusetts. the democrat will address students at umass amherst 37 students at umass amherst students at umass amherst. it voters at the commonwealth go to the polls in eight days. as fox25's blair miller reports, this weekend was a turning point for several white house hopefuls. >> reporter: no one could sum up the presidential race better than -- than donald trump did in hiss south carolina victory speech. he takes the ten-point win to nevada where the republicans caucus on tuesday. >> we started off with 15 people and hit by 97 different angles and down to 5 and we will see what happens. >> reporter: trump lead the polls by 20 points, polls by 20 points. marco rubio and ted cruz like second >> the screaming you hear flow
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washington cartel in full terror that the conservative grass-roots are rising up. >> form florida governor jeb bush dropping out is putting pressure on other lower tier candidates to drop out as well. >> i believe the sooner we are going to coalesce the better we will be as a party in general. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton is campaigning in california fresh off her five-point win over bernie sanders in the nevada caucuses. >> i am so you thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. thank that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the result of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states.
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fox25 news. a local superstar is lending thinks support to republican presidential candidate marco rubio. last night in las vegas. actor donnie wahlberg gave his endorsement to the florida senator. wahlberg said he does not see eye to eye with marco rubio but he trusts the senator. on stage, the dorchester native says endorsing the republican is a big change for him. >> i am going to be very honest right now, i have never, never voted for a republican presidential candidate. >> sara: wahlberg said of the leading republicans, he believes marco rubio is the one candidate the democrats do not want to run against in november want to run against in november. and super tuesday is just one week from tomorrow. fox25 will have continuing coverage of all the presidential candidates. voters in 14 states including massachusetts will make their white house pick on next tuesday march 1. joins us here and online for up to the minute election results.
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u.s. supreme court will return to work for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. the eight remaining justice also begin hearing arguments starting at 10:00. scalia died earlier at the age of 79. chief justice john roberts is expected to mention scalia's passing from the bench today. we track traffic and weather togged every ten minutes for you. taking the expressway, an eight taking the expressway, an eight machine-minute commute. shiri. >> shiri: temperatures dropping to 32 degrees outside now under mostly cloudy skies. and 1 degree at 6 a.m. and only 30 at 7 a.m. that is the end of the clouds. we will chime out the warm-up and the clearing skies next. 5:10 this morning. a wild house party puts more 24507b people in cuffs. how police were finally tipped off stages into this rageer. plus, the big national story this morning.
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deadly rampage. hear from that passenger who was in that driver's car as innocent people were murdered
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back here at 5:13. happening today, police say this uber driver went on a weekend. this morning he is heading to court for the first time and will answer to murder charges later today. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with more on this random
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>> gene: -- >> daniel: yeah, ran doll dalton is accused of killing six people. it started at an apartment complex. >> to kill, to shoot somebody. >> that man witnessed the first shooting. no one was killed in that attack. but four hours later, dalton open fired again this time killing a father an his teenage killing a father an his teenaged son at a car dealership. minutes after that, dalton shot five people in a restaurant parking lot killing four of them. jason dalton was on the clock as an uber driver when it happened and one man who was in that car wendallton hours before the shooting said he knew something wasn't right. >> maybe a mile from my house. he got a telephone call. after that telephone call, he erratically. we were kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along, and then finally once he came to a stop, i jump out of the car and ran away. >> daniel: that man said he
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him off the road. a source with knowledge of the investigation tells cnn this morning dalton picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. and investigators think he was looking for even more fares after the final attack. now uber said dalton had passed a background check. they issued a statement extending their condolences to the victims and their families and offering to help with the investigation. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. boston police find a loaded boston police find a load loaded handgun in a disturbing place inside of a family's home home. attention. the gun was in a baby seat. they found it searching a home for drugs. officer found heroin, cocaine and cash there. both of people living in the home were arrested an charged with drug trafficking. good morning, everyone. checking your weather and traffic every ten minutes. fine. moving along the expressway at
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a decent pace as you head to 495 past 128 and into boston. 93 south route 1 also wide open right now. live look at the zakim bridge. traffic nice and light as you make your way. live drive times. it minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin tampa 18 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center. and shiri, beautiful warm weekend, but temperatures back to normal. shiri spear temperatures back to normal. not the 50s, not the 60s but rather the 40s. right around 40 degrees in fact this afternoon. tuesday night, we get a little bit of winter weather. we get a coating to 2 inches of snow on top of that a little bit of ice. i do see some impact going into the wednesday morning commute. but then it turns very warm and simply wet here wednesday into thursday with warming temperatures. right now 32 in worcester.
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33 in manchester. 37 in norwood. we are waking up to 36 degrees in boston. we have early morning clouds in place that will clear out by 8, 9:00 this morning. just sunshine. and this really gorgeous and this really gorgeous-looking day. temperatures middle 30s 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 37 degrees. we get up to 40s as we roll into the -- that will be generalityly speaking the rule this afternoon. futurecast, highlighting those nice clear skies. we are zipping in and out of future cast because really not a whole lot to talk about other temperatures. 40 in boston and plymouth and lawrence. 47 up to nashua, new hampshire, but upper 30s in spots like worcester, beverly, portsmouth, as well as spots like provincetown and chatham at 36 degrees. tonight we drop back into the teens and the 20s with mostly clear skies. so we will be cool, but typically cool as it should be in late february here as you
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and tomorrow's highs will be in the upper 30s. and name is beverly and ports mouth is. 40 in bedford. 38 in worcester and 38 in plymouth. increasing clouds because we have winds coming in off the water dragging in that moisture water dragging in that moisture. we will see clouds increasing from the west here. very slowly throughout the day. you get that little bit of morning sunshine, but here you can see this cloudy set-up cloudy but dry. not until the evening that bestart bringing in the chance for some rain and some snow. i would say by 7:00 at night, area south of the mass pike should be prepared for a little bit of snow. pretty quick changeover to rain over southeastern massachusetts over southeastern massachusetts, and where we see after we get a little bit of a coating although mostly rain here from the mass new hampshire border southward, still going to be cold in central and western mass, northern mass, southern new hampshire, merrimack valley, and those are locations that will see pretty slippery conditions for the wednesday morning commute. all this warm air come
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we see a changeover to scatter we see a changeover to scattered showers during the day in wednesday. 7 a.m. those showers will turn into downpours and heavy rain. and the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. 42 degrees today. 38 tomorrow with those increasing clouds. and we get some of that icy, kind of wintry mix as we head into wednesday. wednesday about -- ooh, back over to that. wednesday 48 degrees with temperatures again that are going to be cool enough as you wake up to get some slippery conditions. if you want the specifics on that, the areas in pink are where we see those icy roadways especially along to the north and west of 495, so lowell, worcester, nashua, salem, exeter, new hampshire, those are spots where we have got to be real careful heading out there wednesday morning. into thursday, a very wet but also a windy forecast. heaviest rain is slated for wednesday evening into thursday morning.
5:20 am
miles per hour, or even stronger possible and watch the south coast for possible flooding. stays blursy rear but mostly dry into weekend. under a chance of 30s. bold thieves are busting into cars right in the middle of the day. the video that could be key to cracking this case and the small things they are after once they get inside the cars. some fans will do anything for a piece of their favorite star.
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5:23. a massive cyclone for through fiji and a look at the damage left behind. the death toll from the storm has risen from five as we reported last night to 18 now. the winds topped out at 175 miles per hour make miles per hour making this the strongest storm on record to hit the southern hemisphere. 6,000 people put into evacuation shelters after their homes were flooded and destroyed. boston lawmakers will make a push to ban pet stores from selling animals from commercial breeders. they say those animals are abused and neglected. a city councilor said it will cut back on breeding animals in
5:24 am
the bill will be unveiled at the mpsc hospital. this dog got stuck on the roof of a porch. happened in chatman street in greenville. the dogs. fire fighters were just rescue the dog when the owner came hope and was able to coax the animal back into the house. a great reminder to secure your doors and window it is you have pets. all right, gene, a shark swims a little too close for shore and someone there waiting to want to take a selfie with it. check this out. what is he doing? >> julie: my gosh. shark by the tail. surf. a bunch of people are watching this entire thing, taking pictures. not trying to save him. take pictures. the man got it on shore, he bends down and he did put the shark back in the water and let it go. last week a baby dolphin was brought on shore to take selfie
5:25 am
selfies with it. the dolphin died. they wanted this guy to get in trouble for abusing the animal. >> julie: i feel uncomfortable watching that. let it go, people. check thought little girl's reaction when she found out that president obama will not be in charge much longer. >> he can only serve two terms, and his time is up. >> no! no! >> julie: the little girl's grandmother post this to facebook. they have the same birthday. the president commented saying once he leaves the white house they will be a citizen and always celebrate their birthday together. >> sara: he is so good at commenting on that little video commenting on that little video. she will never forget it. a bizarre piece of memorabilia sold at auction for get this, 35,000. a british collector bought a 4 a british collector bought a 4-inch piece of john lennon's
5:26 am
cut the beatles locks in 1957, and won r won two vintage paper and won r won two vintage papers. julie don't you think it is bob ward. he is a big beatles fan. >> sara: he said forget family disney this year. >> julie: british investors. secret is out. snow, ice, rain moving in. the chances increasing. i will walk you through hour by hour next. a pile of mattresses, couches and bicycles all on the front lawn. must have been some party. what offic the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: live pictures from norwood. it is not business as usual for this starbuck here as trucks are hide are hiding a huge hole in the side of the building and instead of customers, there are contractors signed that building taking a look at all of the damage. here is what happened. the car slammed into the building just a few hours ago. details live from that active scene on the way. good news if you want to get winter out of the way. this last full week of february this last full week of february. hard to believe it is flying by. >> sara: this winter has flown by. i can't believe it. >> gene: we are okay with that.
5:30 am
we are not looking so bad here. >> shiri: we are looking completely normal. over the weekend 50s and 60s. that is not normal. normal high is 40 degrees in boston. sun coming up at 6:317 sun coming up at 6:317. as it does a lot of sunshine. an okay warm-up. these normal temperatures come these normal temperatures coming into town. a lot of clouds over southeastern massachusetts with 39 degrees in marshfield and plymouth. 40 in provincetown. talking 36 in boston. but we are down to 33 in woburn but we are down to 33 in woburn. 29 in wayland. 33 in natick. so the burbs a little bit cooler. worcester waking up to 32 degrees. 26 in towns in new ipswich, new hampshire. 27 degrees. and the next couple of hours 34 at 7 a.m. 38 at noontime. lower 40s with sunshine. we will show you when the clouds with snow come back into play coming up. julie, over to you for live drive time traffic. >> julie: things nice and quiet.
5:31 am
decent clip. looking good down to the pike. the pike itself in these live pictures, volume increasing slightly since 4 a.m., but still very moderate. over to the live drive time. 23 minutes from 495 to mass avenue. 11 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. a wild house party has broken up near a local university and now 40 people will have to face the music in court. fox25's michael henrich is live in bridgewater this morning at the scene of this crime. michael, neighbors telling us that party lasted for days. >> reporter: days and days one of the reasons dozens will head to court sat some point working to find out exactly when. the remnants of this rageer are still clear to see, sara. just couches and mattresses and other pieces of furniture, bicycles all here outside of this maple avenue house in bridgewater.
5:32 am
and the two 21 moan lived here are forced to move out. the neighbors tell fox25 this party started thursday and didn't end until bridgewater police showed up 1 a.m. sunday and arrested 41 people. the two hosts were serving alcohol to minors. college-aged partygoers. not far from bridgewater state university but police didn't say whether any of the people are students. we were working to find that out as well. officers found several streets signs inside and neighbors said this rageer is out of control. >> the last three day -- has been gone three days. your typical frat party. >> they were going in the front yard from the house and urinatng. >> reporter: police say most. 41 people arrested many of whom who tried to run are being a minor in possession of alcohol and disturbing the peace. the two 21-year-olds are facing charges of giving alcohol to the minors. they are all expected to be arraigned at some point in
5:33 am
police said they heard something inside the house that caused them to make their way in after discovering people outside partying. that come that coming up ahead in our next report in 30 minutes. stay with us for that. live in bridgewater, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. new this morning, take a look at this picture. a car caught this megs when it slammed into a local starbucks. it happened just before 1:00. the driver took off, leaving the business too damaged to open this morning. fox 25's jessica reyes is live from that norwood star live from that norwood starbucks, and people keep showing up for their morning cup of coffee only to be turned away. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of disappointed people heifer disappointed people here this morning, sara. a couple of them go through the front door. a couple going through the drive through to find that this starbucks location is closed. you can see there is a big hole behind that pickup truck where the car plowed into that starbucks just a couple of hours ago. and inside there right now they are working to clean up the bricks and glass from inside the building.
5:34 am
are going to board up that big hole. this all happened around is it :30 this morning. police tell us the driver took off running and police searched the area with k-9s and just got an update from norwood police 45 minutes ago and they say the search continues for that driver this morning. now the driver drove into the seating area of this starbucks. there are a lot of tables and chairs set up here and a very busy starbucks location on route 1 in norwood. very fortunate that it was not open when this happened. now, again, the contractors are here right now. another contractor just showed up right now. at the moment i can hear them sweeping up glass and again bricks inside here. pretty clear that it is not going to open any time soon here, but we will keep you posted on that throughout the morning. another live look from this location in 30 minutes. jess yes, sir, fox25 news. developing right now, boston police say they now have a person of have in a deadly attack on a 16-year-old boy.
5:35 am
yesterday afternoon outside of a convenience store on columbia road in dorchester. the 16-year-old was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. police have identified a person of have whom they want to speak with, but no one has been charged. our catherine parrotta is in dorchester this morning land have a live report at 6:30. happening today, the man who sparked a campus-wide lockdown at umass lamar odom face a judge. william member cueen was arrested on friday. police say he rabid police say he robbed and attacked a student with a gun inside a residence hall. mccue sunshine not a umass student and got inside with another man. he is expected to be okay. mccueen faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. two students from unh will be formally charged with stabbing one their r of their classmates. eric denning and gibbons were arrested. the victim suffered two stab wounds and is expected to
5:36 am
both suspects will be in court today. the brutal kidnapping of the south boston woman will be featured in an upcoming tv show featured in an upcoming tv show. investigation discovery investigation discoveries, "see no evil" cover the death of amy lord. she was kidnapped and murdered in 2013. the series is based on crimes that are solved with the help of surveillance footage. the episode is expected to show video from the five atms lord was forced to withdraw money from before killed. edwin alemany sentenced to life in prison for killing lord. the wife of tv legend bill cosby is expected to answer questions in a massachusetts court room. camille cosby is expected to be deposed in a civil suit filed by several women who chairman her husband sexually assaulted them. the case in federal court in springfield. over the weekend cosby's lawyers filed emergency motions to stop her from testifying. the judge has yet to rule on the motion. the former face of subway
5:37 am
prison sentence reduced. jay red fogle is i pealing his 15-year sentence for child pornography. fogle said he had a deal to receive a maximum of 12 years behind bars but the judge in his case gave him the longer sentence. this morning, we are working to learn what sparked a fire at a former mill. we brought you this as it was breaking on saturday morning. investigators are back on scene at the mill on weaver street in fall river. the fire chief telling the fall river herald that it is suspicious because the building has been vacant for year. a fire levelled a building in gothstown, new hampshire. the restaurant owner said the fire spread quickly. >> come out, saw the smoke coming out of the building. >> investigators have not determined what caused the fire determined what caused the fire. this morning one of the largest hoverboard manufacturers in the country are telling people to stop using them. swag way is urging people not
5:38 am
safety standards are issued. earlier this year the consumer product safety commission said nearly all hoverboards are unsafe. the boards have sparked fire and people are seriously hurt in falls. former former nsa contractor edward snowden said he will come back to the united states if he gets a fair trial. he spoke to a number of reporters over skype. in 2013, snowden leaked secret government documents and fled to russia. he faces charges in the thank you could land him in prison for up to 30 years. a new headache this morning for commuters that rely on the red line. construction work begins on the mbta parking garage in braintree. hundreds of parking spots will be closed off. already difficult to find parking near that red line stop parking near that red line the construction will disrupt traffic. work is expected to last through august. bruins return home after the first time in two weeks
5:39 am
they had an overtime victory over the blue jackets. facing the nuggets in essential very. building a big lead. evan turner to the basket, nice spin move and up and under for 2. check out this play in the second half. celts get the steal. marcus smart also bat the ball all the way up to the other end of the court. turner chase it is down with the save to avery bradley. good hustle, nice play, celtics 121-101. red sox asking big questions of the health of a highly popular superstar. still a very big man. he did not weigh himself during the off season. the team did not order sandoval to lose a specific amount of a pounds but they want him in better shape than he was last season. red sox by the way owe him $90
5:40 am
spring training resumes in fort my percent. tom leyden heading south this morning will join them at jet blue park. you can follow along on twitter you can follow along on twitter, instagram and facebook for bonus coverage on social media. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. getting out the door on 93 south. a 22-minute commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> right now temps in the 20s and 30s and mostly cloudy skies and 30s and mostly cloudy skies. and we clear out. so headed home from work later today. near 40 degrees with sunshine. walk you throughout warming temperatures and a bigger of the week warm up. could be a new member on taylor swift's squad of stars. generous gesture to helping another singer's legal battles. this may make you think twice of what you leave in your
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take a look at this, a surveillance camera captures someone stealing a purse out of an unlocked jeep. they are on camera checking out the inside of two other cars before taking off. fox25's daniel miller is here with the story. and police say this is happening in multiple communities and extends far outside the state. >> daniel: police say that is part of a larger theft ring out of florida. the surveillance camera captures the man with the door open ever an unlocked jeep. they are also on camera checking out the inside of two other cars before taking off. on saturday, vehicles in millis on saturday, vehicles in millis, medway and medfield were broken into. they believe the same thieves were responsible for a rash of car break-ins in westwood too the victim was in yoga class when her car was targeted.
5:45 am
was smashed in and my purse was taken from the back seat. >> the thieves are looking to checkbooks and identification cards to perform bank fraud. they believe that one of the suspects was a woman. we have surveillance images up on our web site at if you want to take a different look. from the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. most parents get their kids vaccinate. the vaccination from one disease may not provide the type of protection. >> in the 25 years i have been a pediatrician we are certainly seeing a lot more now than we used to because of the vaccine. >> gene: we have learned that whooping cough cases are on the rise in young children in massachusetts. we will look at a vaccine, what doctors have to say about it and why some parent are rethinking vaccine strategies. good monday morning. 5:46. start south of town on route 3.
5:46 am
past route 18. 24, 95 also still light; however, we have a new accident on 95 right here. will give you those details and tweet it out. things are a little slow on the expressway. starting to see the some have increase even though it is dark and the headlights and tail lights are building. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 12 anyone from 106 to 128. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and shir, when enjoyed those unseasonably warm temperatures and back to normal today. >> maybe that means you with shorts as you are heading out. maybe some of you busted out the shorts for the 60s, the temperatures we had on saturday temperatures we had on saturday. 50s yesterday, and now back to the 40s. tomorrow is back to the 30s. a little dose of reality, everybody, it is still february. clear skies and will cool us down.
5:47 am
the thicker clouds and clouds breaking apart real nicely to the north and west of boston. check what we have rolling into the city today. 34 degrees at 7 a.m. with a couple of clouds left over by 9 a.m. 35 degrees and sunshine. 37 at 11 a.m., and by this afternoon, we will bump you up to 40 degrees in boston. hot spots though are going to come out of southeastern massachusetts. we have got the middle 40s today with 45 in foxborough and taunton. 44 in walpole. down to carver down to mattapoisett and 40-degree readings plymouth at 40, boston and lawrence as well. fitchburg, 41. worcester, 39. manchester, new hampshire, 39 degrees and upper 30s out across the cape. that is what i mean by cooling temperatures today. we really don't knee a huge warm-up, but this is where we should be and i think with the sunshine it will feel pretty nice. sunshine and light winds makes for a pretty nice day. tonight we will clear it out in favor of teens and 20s. we will wake up to those
5:48 am
39 in worcester. the in between get in the lower 40s. but we will see a lot more cloud cover develop during your tuesday that is actually moving in from the coast inland and on-shore winds on-shore winds dragging in the moisture. i will keep us dry. it is not until the evening hours that we start to see snow. i think future cast a little slow to develop it here, but by 7:00 at night tomorrow, we have the risk of snow south of the mass pike and quickly change over in southeastern massachusetts to some rain. by the time you wake up wednesday morning, the rain wednesday morning, the rain-snow line will nudge into southern new hampshire. the problem is even when you are seeing that green, merrimack valley we will still have freezing temperatures. on top of this we are at risk of getting freezing rain by wednesday morning. tuesday night, not a lot of snow. quick changeover. southeastern massachusetts. illswhere two inches expected
5:49 am
will cause slow going on wednesday morning. watch for icy spots through noontime wednesday, and we get scattered showers. high 48 degrees. it is warming up. for thursday, high 54 degrees. so heaviest rain wednesday night to thursday morning. on top of that, damaging wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. and that wind coming up from the out of which is goes to push the water into the coast -- for the south coast, cape, island. the coast of rhode island as well. that's where we will have to watch out for perhaps some splash over and minor coastal flooding. i do not have any watches, warnings and advisories issued as of yet. even into.friday, the winds keep on going with 45 lar degrees still blues irry. couple of flurries on friday and sunday and cooler and partly sunny skies for the weekend. back to you guys. the roof of a car barely visible over the pitch-black water.
5:50 am
this crash was no accident. stay with us or four news at 6:00 this morning. boston's latest murder victim a 16-year-old boy. developing this morning, how police a you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know
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5:53 am
crane to lift this suv out of a barn field. it happened last night on great road in littleton. officials say the suv crashed into the field but no one was hurt. and take a look at this. police say a rhode island man intentionally drove his car into the lease river in swaunnee in swansea. they got several 911 calls and they believed to rescue the driver from a rock offshore. the driver was the driver was drunk and did it on purpose after hitting several parked cars in the a area. snakes will be on the minds of lawmakers as they discuss plans for a so-called snake island. state division of fishery state division of fisheries and wildlife holding a meeting. they want to put timber rattlesnakes on an island in the quabbin reservoir. some residents are concerned that the snakes will find their way off the island but experts say they will have plenty of space and food sources and won't have to leave.
5:54 am
of the national wildlife refuge of the national wildlife refuge. the fish and wildlife wants to create a refuge that spans across six states from new york to maine. right now a portion of the bay state, plymouth, carver, wareham and mashpee. the proposal is still in the works. a pair of twins have been playing lottery scratch tickets for years, and the first time they hit it big all thanks to a yellow ladybug. one of the sisters saw the bug on her windshield and saw it as a sign of good luck. she picked up tickets for the two of them and score a -- scored $6 million jackpot. >> i was hyperventilating like kim kardashian, ugly crying. you never think it is going to be you. something, like, big. >> sara: awesome. the two have been buying scratch tickets since they were 18. sprit split the winning 60-40. the sister that got the ticket
5:55 am
"dead pool" destroys the competition. $55 million for a ten-day domestic total of $235 million. "kung fu panda 3 conscious "came in with $12.5 million. "and risen" about someone searching for the body of jesus took third. had a total of $11.8 million. now egyptians have their very own "saturday night live" in the all arabic cast is getting support from actors in new york. >> welcome to the "snl" family and good luck. >> bye. >> good luck -- they are doomed >> good luck -- they are >> that was a joke. the arabic edition did get the green light from snl supporters supporters. even weekly update. >> we are idiot comedians who try to get on tv and make
5:56 am
things we shouldn't make them laugh about. >> sara: they say they will poke fun at isis. and they hope that making people laugh, they will help people see there is more to the middle east than instability. >> gene: the more snl the better for everybody. more peace will result. >> sara: makes us all happy. 5:56. the privacy battle that everybody is weighing in on. the big deadline looming this week as both sides get new support. and cases of whooping cough are popping up in the united states and in massachusetts. this morning, fox25 investigates why the vaccine might not be effective, and why some parents are rethinking vaccination strategies for their children. as we head into the middle of the week. we have a period of snow and ice, and the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse
5:57 am
...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, developing news in boston where a 16-year-old is the latest victim of deadly violence. what police are saying this suspect. a car plows into this route takes off running. we are live with the damage and that driver. more than 40 people are arrested that neighbors say lasted for days. >> they were urinatig in the front of the
6:00 am
>> what tipped off police and had police jumping out the windows to get away. >> complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. were. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on the fox25 morning news on this. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. back to work, back to school. our team of reporters are covering all of the big stories of the morning includes a car into a parking lot. the weather center meteorologist first shiri spear meteorologist first shiri spear. pollen see of sunshine. >> reporter: clear up nicely an happening right now. where we have clear skies. and clear in worcester. but down to 31 degrees. beverly portsmouth. 34 in boston with just a couple of leftover clouds and more clouds with upper 30s from the south shore down to the cape


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