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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> what tipped off police and had police jumping out the windows to get away. >> complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. were. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on the fox25 morning news on this. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. back to work, back to school. our team of reporters are covering all of the big stories of the morning includes a car into a parking lot. the weather center meteorologist first shiri spear meteorologist first shiri spear. pollen see of sunshine. >> reporter: clear up nicely an happening right now. where we have clear skies. and clear in worcester. but down to 31 degrees. beverly portsmouth. 34 in boston with just a couple of leftover clouds and more clouds with upper 30s from the south shore down to the cape
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but by 8:00 look at that temperatures still hovering upper 30s. 39 degrees in boston. and although we have highs in the 40s. still clear but starting to cool down. 38 to 44 degrees. nice and bright and seasonable. we do have more 50s in the seven-day forecast and you might not like it comes with wet and windy conditions. send you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. two accidents. >> julie: south of boston. a car fire before mechanics treat? sharon. other 495 an accident after 123 in norton. not having a huge impact on the drive times. expressway. average speeds around 20 miles per hour a live look where you see volume starting to increase live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228
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is it minutes from 16 to 128. gene and sara, back to you. new this morning a car plows into the side of a local starbucks tables and shares knocked over from the impact. >> happened after 1:00 this morning. and police are still searching for the driver. fox25's jessica reyes is live on route 1 in norwood where contractors have been working on this damage since you first arrived, jess. >> reporter: they have, sara. as you can see right here even more contractors have showed up here in the past 30 minutes or so. typically around this hour this will be full of people, but it is close because of wedged into this building. look at this video. a consider plow the into the building around it :30. as you said the driver took off
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state police came out with the k-9 units. the search conditions for that suspect that the hour. and strewn all over the inside and where the car hit is actually right in the seating area. now right now the starbucks is closed as the contractors work to plug up the whole and the building inspector will be here to assess the structural situation and the area where they make the coffee and the food and the drive through. that part is actually okay. unclear when it will open again, but we will be here live all morning long and will be minutes. live in norwood, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and also new this morning, one person was taken to the hospital after this two-car accident in revere. one of the cars rolled over just before 1 a.m. only burbank highway. no word on the condition of the other driver. developing right now, boston police say they now have
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attack on a 16-year-old boy. the teenager was stabbed yesterday afternoon outside of a convenience store on columbia road in dorchester. the 16-year-old was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. they have identified a person of have who they want to speak with, but no one has been charged. our catherine parrotta is in dorchester this morning and will have a live report ahead at 6:30. debris on the sidewalks is all that is left of the house party that police in bridgewater lasted for two days before they broke it up. this morning more than 40 people are waiting to go to court. most of the people arrested were under aged. it the crowd has been at it. fox25's michael. the remnants of that rageer are piled up behind you. >> it is very obvious which house had the party. the couches, the mattresses,
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that i can't fully identify yet on maple avenue in bridge water the aftersmooth. they saw partiers on the lawn and went inside when they finally heard breaking glass. and neighbors are thankful for them breaking up this party. condemned in more ways than one. >> they are only here in college, but they don't have any respect for the neighborhood, for the other people in the neighborhood. we just want quiet. that's all. >> reporter: a stack of controlled couches, mikes and more in front of this maple avenue house in bridge water. the aftermath of a days-long rageer resulting in 41 arrests. >> the last three days. three days your typical frat party. >> going on the front yard of
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front of the yard. >> reporter: many college-aged kids started running away from first floor windows when they aid arrived and didn't aid arrived and didn't get far. they found miners drinking alcohol, several public street signs, and enough evidence to condemn the home and quick out the 21-year-olds renting the property. neighbors say they just glad this party is over. >> you are in college, young. don't do stupid stuff. that's why you are young. you don't want to ruin the rest of i didn't remember life. >> reporter: the two 21-year-olds recenting this house with a stoley flag in one window and stars and snrips another next to their eviction and condemnation. they are facing counts of giving alcohol to minors. most of the 41 people arrested facing various alcohol and disturbing the peace charges. they will head to brockton
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and whether any of the people arrested do attend bridge water state have reached out to police on that. as soon as i get word, i will bring that you update. live in bridgewater, michael henrich, fox25. local civil rights leaders are calling for a headmaster out of a boston school to be removed. the boston chapter of the naacp met to discuss the harassment of students at the boston latin school. students held protests at the school. administrators did not properly investigate one incident of racial abuse. no administrators were disciplined. school leaders tell the globe they look forward to meeting with the civil rights leaders. an attleboro man will go before a judge to face charges for cooking meth in his home. police were called to the home on knight avenue for a possible drug overdose. fumes from making the meth made him sick. police evacuated several homes nearby as the state police bomb squad dismantled the meth lab.
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what was happening so close to their home. >> i lived here my entire life. i never thought there would be a meth lab going on right next door to me. >> neighbors were allowed to return home. the suspect will be charged with making meth later today. today, a presidential candidate bernie sanders will be campaigning in massachusetts be campaigning in massachusetts. the democrat will address students at umass am mers. tomorrow, republicans will hold their caucus in nevada. over the weekend hillary clinton won the democratic caucus there and jeb bush suspended his campaign after donald trump cruised to victory in south carolina's republican primary. >> started off with 17 people and i have been hit by 97 different angels and down to 5. >> i am so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> meantime, hillary clinton will be attending fundraisers in california today. local superstar lending his
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rubio. last night in las vegas, actor donnie wahlberg gave his senator. wahlberg doesn't see eye to sigh with every issue in marco rubio and trusts the senator. on stage the dorchester native said endorsing a republican said endorsing a is a big change to him. >> i will be very honest right now, i have never, never voted for a republican presidential candidate. >> wallberg said of the leading republicans, marco rubio is the one candidate that democrats do not want to run against in november. super tuesday is just a week away. fox25 will have continuing coverage of all of the presidential candidates. voters in 14 states including massachusetts will make their white house picks on next tuesday march 1. join us here and online for the latest developments and up to the minute election results. happening today, the wife of comedy legend bill cosby is expected to answer questions in
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camille cosby is expected to be deposed in a lawsuit by several women who claim that her them. the case is being held in court in springfield. cosby's lawyers filed emergency testifying. the judge has yet to rule on that motion. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. if you get ready to head out the door and use the expressway northbound right now, you are looking at a 14 looking at a 14-minute commute from the braintree split to shiri. school. temperatures close to freezing. 31 degrees now. drop it by another degree by 7 a.m. and the warm-up starts. 8 a.m., sunshine and 31. i will show you how it last buffers we get clouds, snow and rain next. locked doors didn't stop these crooks. coming up at 6:30, the hundreds of miles the thieves may have traveled to grab purses out of local cars. good morning, i am daniel miller with the top national story this morning.
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shooting and killing six innocent people. who this morning the source
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back here at 6:13. a horrific shooting rampage over the weekend back in the news this morning. an uber driver is accused of killing innocent people over the course of a few hours.
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son. fox25's daniel miller is here with the latest on the investigation. gene, this morning, the motive for this crime remains a mystery. jason dalton is accused of shooting eight people killing six of them. -- killing six of them. started in an apartment complex saturday evening. >> these are very deliberate killings. >> reporter: describing the calm manner which uber driver jason brian dalton carried out saturday night's shooting spree saturday night's shooting spree. >> this wasn't hurry >> this wasn't hurried in any way, shape or form. they are on video. we watched the video with law enforcement. >> reporter: dalton's rampage played over seven hours starting at an apartment complex late saturday afternoon where police say he gunned down a woman in a parking lot. the victim is hospitalized and expected to survive. her neighbors describe the horrifying attack. >> he was killed. >> four hours later another attack a father and his teenage teenaged son shot and killed at a car dealership.
6:15 am
dalton open fired on five people in a restaurant parking lot killing four and injuring another. he was finally arrested just after 12:30 sunday morning. a passenger who rode with dalton before the rampage described the trouble described the troubling behavior. >> maybe a mile from my house, he got a telephone call. and after that telephone call, he starts driving really erratically. we were driving through medians we were driving through medians, driving through the lawn. once he came to a stop, i jumped out of car and ran away. >> reporter: perhaps even more bizarre, a source with knowledge of the investigation says dalton picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. investigators think he was looking for even more fares after the final attack. and uber has confirmed that dalton drove for them and say he had passed a background check and also issued a statement extending condolences to victims and family and offering to help with the investigation. in the newsroom, daniel miller,
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the former face of subway restaurants is trying to get his prison sentence reduced. jared fogle is appealing his 15-year sentence for child exploitation and distributing child pornography. he a deal with prosecutors to receive a max of 12 years behind bars and the judge in his case gave him a longer sentence. happening this morning, the u.s. supreme court will return to work for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. the eight remaining justice also begin hearing oral arguments starting at 10:00. scalia died earlier this month at the age of 79. chief justice john roberts is expected to mention scalia's passing from the bench today. good monday morning. new accident to tell you about. this is on 93 southbound right at daskim road in andover. overall volume still reasonable overall volume still reasonable, so not a huge impact on drive times; however, if they don't get it cleared soon, it will slow you down this morning. shifting south slightly, little
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build as you make your way to somerville. route 1 in saugus looking nice. it will start to build over the next half an hour or so is when we start to see that morning rush hour pick up. the live drive times. 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the token. 28 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 28 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and hope everyone had a great weekend because we are back to normal today in our temperatures. >> shiri: we are, but i will take this normal over the middle of the week which gets warmer but a whole lot wetter, windier and everything. so here is your weather headlines for this morning. we have temperatures back to normal today. tuesday night we have got a coating to 2 inches of snow, and a little bit of ice, and i do see some problems rolling into the wednesday morning commute. but then wednesday through thursday, it turns really warm around here and downpours. we get winds and we got the slight chance for coastal flooding along the south coast. now though, temperature-wise
6:18 am
at 31. fitchburg, 128 degrees. same in portsmouth, new hampshire. mild with additional clouds over plymouth. 37 degrees there but we are talking 34 right now in norwood and in boston. so you can see boston, we are hanging tight and just a couple of thin clouds and look at that sunshine for the rest of the day, by 8 a.m., 34 degrees. 10 a.m. noontime comes along, remember knocking on the door of 40 and we get there this afternoon with a high of around 40 degrees in the city itself. futurecast really highlighting these nice bright skies. today straight into the evening. a whole lot of nothing going on kind of zipping through and the clouds are going to be very few and far between this afternoon. 40 in boston and lawrence down to plymouth. 39 in beverly. upper 30s in portsmouth, new hampshire. we have worcester at 39 degrees we have worcester at 39 degrees. fitchburg and nashua, 41. 40, plymouth. down to hyannis at 38 degrees. tonight, i am going to keep us mostly clear. a couple of clouds passing across the cape, and temperatures that will be in
6:19 am
teens a little further inland. those are your wake-up temperatures tomorrow. and tomorrow's highs climb into the upper 30s along the coastline. we have a couple of pops of 40s out there, but we have got a lot more clouds that will start to roll in. you will see clouds will be increasing through the day. 5 p.m. still dry thank goodness for the evening commute, but then overnight, we do start seeing future cast a little bit slow to bring in the snow. it could happen as soon as 7:00 tomorrow evening south of the pike and a transition to rain with that rain snow line into southern new hampshire by the time you wake up on wednesday morning. the problem is, we still have a lot of spots to the north and west of boston that are going to be close to freezing so that's why there is an ice that's why there is an icy concern straight through noon concern straight through noontime on wednesday before we are above freezing and ball that warm air. a ton of downpours that will be moving toward us overnight wednesday night into thursday. so thursday, we are also going to have this windy set-up. wind damage possible.
6:20 am
still going to be pretty blustery at 45 degrees. i have got a couple of flurries here on friday morning. otherwise, a lot of lingering clouds and over the weekend cooler with upper 30s to lower 40s and again some sunday flurries. back to you, guys. it is now 6:20 this morning. a massive cyclone for through fiji, and a look at all the damage left behind. the damage from the weekend storm have risen to 18. it winds at 675 miles per hour make making this the strongest storm on record to hit the southern hemisphere. more than 6,000 people are living in evacuation shelters after their homes were flooded and destroyed. symptoms include hacking cough, fever and congestion. doctors say the whooping cough is more prevalent than ever. still ahead, fox25 investigate why the new vaccine may not keep kids safe for long. but first, it is the talk of the spring training.
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sandoval told reporters he did not weigh himself during the off season. john farrell said the team did not order him to lose a specific number of pounds but they want him in better shape than last season. sandoval hit ten home runs and the lowest batting average his career in 2013. the red sox still owe him $90 million in salary. and spring training resumes at ft. myers. fox25 sports director is heading south this morning. he will join butch stearns at jet blue park. you can see live reports all week long on fox25. we will also follow along on twitter, instagram and facebook for bonus coverage on social media. a woman in washington state turns 110 years old. and a local fox affiliate out there interviewed flossie dickie. the woman was not exactly excited about all this. check this out. >> flossie, you say you are a little tire this morning, is that right? >> i am tired.
6:25 am
she just wants to have a nap but had to be awake for a party her family was throwing, and, again, not real excited about it. >> reporter: are you excited for your party. >> not one bit. >> reporter: would you rather be take be taking a nap? >> gene: lighten up, flossie. have some fun. live a little. flossie's family said she is quite the jokester. she loves to drink a little whisky. no key -- my grandmother lived to be 104 years old and the key for her she thinks -- owe we think, southern comfort manhattan on the rocks. >> julie: every day. >> gene: a little elixir when needed, yes. julie living it up. >> gene: yeah. >> julie: another remarkable woman that lived well beyond 1 woman that lived well beyond 100 years. this one got to meet the
6:26 am
take a listen. >> oh, so nice to see you. want to say hi to michelle. >> julie: of course. that is virginia. she is 106. she never thought she would be standing the white house with a black president and his black wife. she is there to celebrate black history month. as you can see she is very proud to be there doing that. >> gene: a little more excited than flossie was. she is enjoying it. julie julie she is 106. flossie is 110. really heart stopping at the end. >> gene: if we are fortunate enough we can find that out for ourselves some day way down the road. >> julie: shiri. >> shiri: i love her energy. absolutely on monday morning. as we head into your tuesday, a chance of any rain, snow ice will be pretty low. once we hit the overnight, temp once we hit the overnight, temps are going way up. we will time out the changes up next. this weekend has a lot of people opening the windows to
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situation for this poor little now at 6:30. construction trucks are lined up at this local drive through this morning.
6:30 am
through as a car you crashes through this starbucks leaving a big gaping hole. those are construction crews investigating trying to clean things up so people can get their could have the morning. >> gene: it is still close and people are pulling up. what is a little hole in the wall. i need my coffee. >> gene: in any event looking at the last full week of february. a leap year. but we are getting there. >> sara: we really had an amazing winter. my husband and i were talking about this last night. >> shiri: i feel we skimmed through winter. that one cold winter and that was kind of it. i am hope if you go busted out the shorts over the weekend, i am hoping that you can do it as we hit the middle of the week. normal high 40 degrees. there is 100% normal forecast today. so we still have some upper 30s over southeastern massachusetts
6:31 am
marshfield, bourne all in the upper 30s with early morning clouds. we have cleared out in boston at 34. 34 in waltham. lower 50s woburn and millis. 27 in maynard. worcester, you are freeding at 31 degrees. same in leominster tampa 29 in bedford. new ipswich at 27. a little cool out there and look at all the sunshine we get today. and we get a sort of slow warm-up from this point forward. 8 a.m. 34. by noontime, 38 degrees. lower 40s here at 3 p.m. a lot of kids going back to school today. as they come home, it will be in the lower 40s. my 7:00 this evening 32 with clear skies. but things are warming up but turning pretty messy for the middle of the week. take you hour by hour through those changes coming up. now send you back to to jewel yule with live drive time traffic and over skyfox. >> julie: skyfox is over an accident in the final stages of clearing it out. a tow truck on scene. route 3 northbound.
6:32 am
we have a car off on the shoulder. gone. hopefully that will be clear. within the next ten or 15 minutes as they get the car on the tow truck and get it out of there. that is where we are seeing on the map, a little residual delay on route 3 as you approach the split. parkway. making your way through the tolls. your live drive time. 13 minutes on route 3 from 228 13 minutes on route 3 from 228. 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. gene and sara, back to you. well, developing in boston this morning, police say they have a person of have now in the stabbing death of a 16-year-old boy. he is the city's latest victim of violence. >> fox25's catherine parrotta is live where his body was found on columbia avenue and catherine, a lot of stores with cameras in that area, so police are going to want to look at
6:33 am
>> reporter: is something they said they will be checking. devon street on this corner. that is where you see the strip of stores. the 16-year-old victim in this case have died. they do say no charges have been filed and they have identified a person of have. now all of this happened in broad daylight around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police found the 16-year-old victim near the corner of columbia road and devon street. police thought he he had been shot but later realized that his injury was a stab bound. the teen was taken to boston medical center but didn't survive. by name. police checked businesses nearby for surveillance video and they are continuing to investigate. this. we did still see the police vehicle on scene earlier this morning just across the street and kind of diagonal from where we are standing right now. don't know what connection that building might have had to anything that unfolded here and that police vehicle was gone. i was on the boston police department's web site and i wanted to see how many homicides there have been so
6:34 am
stands at 4. does not include this one. the data has not been updated from the weekend. meantime, this scene is not too far from a scene that police were called to a couple 6 would of weeks ago. we will tell you about that next hour. live in dorchester, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. all new this morning, a drive through at this local starbucks. the car smashed into the building around 1:00 and right now that store still not able to open. that car is totalled, but police say the driver is missing. jessica reyes is live at the where they are having to turn people away looking to get their coffee this morning, jess their coffee this morning, jess. >> reporter: they are, gene. no closed sign so there are some confused people here having to go through the drive through, walking up to the door only to find out that they can't get in. take a look. the look at the scene here. you can see right behind that silver pickup truck that a hole in the wall where this driver crashed into this starbucks. this all happened around 12:30 this morning. a car slammed into the wall here.
6:35 am
did take off. state police and norwood police are still searching for him this morning. i called over to the norwood police department a little bit ago and that search does continue right now. the driver drove into the seating area. there are several tables and chairs. so it is very fortunate that this did not happen. just a couple of hours later when the starbucks gets very, very busy in the morning. at this point a number of contractors out here this morning. right now some of them are inside with hard hats. they are going through cleaning um the inside, sleeping up the um the inside, sleeping up the glass and bricks that spilled over into the inside of this starbucks. likely going to be closed for several more hours. another look at their progress in the 7:00 hour. live in norwood, jessica reyes, this morning, we are fire. it was breaking news on saturday morning. investigators will be back on the scene at the mill on weaver
6:36 am
morning. the fire chief told the fall river herald the fire is suspicious because the building has been vacant for years. take a look at this, a surveillance camera captures someone dealing someone stealing a purse right out of an unlocked jeep. they are on camera checking out the inside of two other cars before taking off. fox25's daniel miller is here with the story, and daniel, police say this is happening in multiple communities and extends far outside of the state. >> daniel: yeah, sara, this may be part of a larger theft ring out of florida. in this surveillance video, you can see someone dealing a purse out of that unlocked jeep. they are caught on camera checking out the inside of two other cars before taking off. on saturday vehicles in millis and medfield were broken into. police believe the same thieves are responsible for a rash of car break-ins. now vehicles parked at the medway shopping center were also targets. >> on saturday afternoons we
6:37 am
from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and some time during that class, three of our students cars got broken too. >> police tell us the thieves are looking for checkbooks and identification cards so they can commit bank fraud. they believe that one of the suspects is a woman. now we got the surveillance images up this morning on our web site, if you want to take another look. in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. happening today the man that sparked a campus-wide lockdown at umass amherst lockdown at umass amherst will face a judge. william mccueen. he robbed and attacked a student with a gun inside of a residence hall. mccueen is not a umass student and got inside the dorm with another man. the student is expected to be okay. mccueen faces numerous charges. a new hampshire man will be charged later today with robbing and attacking a store clerk.
6:38 am
on maple street in manchester, new hampshire. the clerk triggered the alarm, and police were able to catch and arrest him. thieves break into a woman's house in westport and do damage than they realized. stole $1,000 hidden in the drawer. that was rent money for a local animal shelter. the shelter president says now it will be hard to carry out the mission. >> there is a cat out there right now that needs us, and we will still bring it in, but we are going to be hard-pressed to be able to pay for the medical. it's so much harder for us. >> gene: the treasurer has installed a security system at her home, but the shelter is hoping to get that stolen money back. lawmakers will make a push to ban pet stores from selling animals that come from commercial breeders. those animals are typically abused and neglected. one city councillor tells the globe that the proposal will
6:39 am
unsafe conditions. the popular bill unveiled at the mspca animal hospital in jamaica plain. an unusual call for first responders in one local town when this dog got stuck on the roof of a porch. it happened yesterday on chapman street in greenfield. you can see him standing there without a way of getting down. fire fighters were just about to rescue the dog when the owner came home and was able to house. police say this is a great reminder to secure your doors and windows if do you have a pelt -- if do you have a pet. good morning, everyone. weather and traffic together every ten minutes for you. i do -- i am going to switch up my graphic, because i just got new information from skyfox, so i am going to pull it up for you right now. this is -- stand by. kind of bear with me here. we have pretty striking pictures now of a truck that has rolled over. here are those live pictures on 128 northbound at route 24.
6:40 am
sort of trash truck full of debris. right now, it is blocking two lanes. disregard route 3 northbound at bergin parkway. that is incorrect. 128 northbound at 24, and it is going to cause major issues for our morning commute. more information for you and bring it to you in just a few minutes. shiri? >> shiri: thankfully i am not adding any issues from the forecast here because conditions this morning will be nice and quiet with 20s and 30s out there. once we hit the afternoon close to 40 degrees with sunshine to get you home from work. i will take you hour by hour through a decent forecast today, but big changes involving some snowy conditions for tomorrow next. no, it is not just a pink floyd album, astronauts really did go to the dark side moon now more than 40 years later. the space mystery is being explained. but first, whooping cough is making a comeback here in massachusetts.
6:41 am
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it is 6:43. we want to get back to our breaking traffic news. these are images we definitely do not see every day. live pictures over a rollover. looks like it was carry some sort of scrap metal over 128 northbound. at route 24. skyfox arrived on scene less than five minutes ago. you can see the giant skid marks too that are leading up to where the truck tipped over. we will continue to have live coverage of this for you throughout the morning. i will show you how it is impacting your drive times as well. local doctors are concerned that whooping cough outbreaks are on the rise. just a few weeks ago, public schools warned parents to watch for three signs of the illness. and now new research shows the
6:45 am
may be to blame. >> reporter: hacking cough, fever, congestion. symptoms that seem like the common cold can be something much more serious. >> whooping cough can be fatal for anyone including young babies. >> reporter: the booster given to young adolescents is only moderately effective for about a year, and provided very little immunity after two or three years. >> in the 25 years i have been a pediatrician. we are certainly seeing a lot more of it now than we used it because of the vaccine. >> reporter: dr. claire mccarthy. a pediatrician at boston children hospital says the previous whooping cough vaccine worked better and more side effects. >> high fevers. sometimes associated with seizures and this worried people appropriately so they made a different vaccine. which doesn't have the side effects, but also doesn't protect as well. >> reporter: the cdc reported more than 48,000 cases at 20
6:46 am
1955. fox25 has learned whooping cough cases here in massachusetts are growing in children under 4. and adults over the age of 65. both saw an increase from 2015 compared to 2014. >> the immunization is just not but and your kids and really important to realize that immunization protects everyone around you. >> reporter: dr. mccarthy says just because the vaccine isn't as effective doesn't mean you shouldn't get one. we asked parents if the study would make them reconsider vaccines for their kids. >> probably i would not get the vaccine if it was proven to be less effective. it is everyone's responsibility to have their kids vaccinated and to protect those that are more vulnerable. >> this is something we went to prevent. this is not your average cold. >> sara: dr. mccarthy stresses
6:47 am
work and the best part is vaccination. work ago on new vaccines that are more effective. for more information on whoop for more information on whooping cough and new study. log on to our web site and click on the news tap. good news and bad news of a vaccine used to prevent a std. the hpv vaccine has hit the market a decade ago. proven effective. it has reduced virus that can cause cervical cancer but vaccination rates are low, 40% of girls and 20% of boys have been vaccinated. they hope a proven track record will help encourage more people to get the vaccine. new concerns this morning about the overdose reversal drug called narcan. being used by emts and first responders by erwin addicts, but the concern is it could be enable enabling them instead. >> they hit me seven times. and looked at my roommate and just gave him the head nod like we don't know what is going to
6:48 am
>> gene: the debate between saving a life and enable saving a life and enabling an addict continues at 10:00. >> heather: talks to first responders administering the drug, and addicts still alive because of it. coming up on the fox25 news at 10:00. good morning, everyone. 6:49. we want to get back to these pictures from skyfox. and just zoomed in. you can see there was some sort of scrap metal or garbage being carry carried in the truck. it has rolled over blocking two far right lanes on 128 northbound at route 24. no word on how the you driver getting by. a huge mess and going to cause major problems with your morning commute. it just happened about 10 minutes ago and we expect this to linger and stay with us for most of the morning. already seeing backups of course on 128 course on 128, almost to the braintree split. otherwise expressway slow in the typical spot from furnace the typical spot from
6:49 am
morrissey boulevard. 35 florida braintree split to the pike. 41 minutes on 93 south. 12 minutes from northbound university avenue to the weston tolls. not helping us though, because the accident takes place further back at 24. i am going to make a brand-new graphic and then we will really be able to see how that drive time is being affected because of that rollover. check in with meteorologist shiri spear for a look at a chilly but clear day ahead. >> shiri: cooler but call in the sense this is where we should be. 50s and 60s over weekend a little teaser headed toward the spring. 42 and 38 tomorrow. nothing abnormal about that. we have high pressure rolling in that will really push out any remaining clouds. we will be bright today. we are going to be a little bit on the cool side. you can so that he hour by hour warm-up in boston carryings us to 34 degree. 10 a.m. 37 degrees. upper 30s by noontime into the lower 40s here and simply
6:50 am
all of your monday. cool -- warm spots end up being here southeastern massachusetts here southeastern massachusetts. how about middle 40s in taunton at 45, foxborough, 45. walpole, 46 degrees today. 43 in bridgewater and in carver this afternoon and a lot of spots get up to 40 degrees including plymouth, boston, lawrence, framingham, 44. worcester today about 39 degrees. 39 in manchester, new hampshire 39 in manchester, new hampshire. tonight, we will stay mostly clear. we have temperatures back into the teens inland. 120s at the coastline. then tomorrow, upper 30s again in boston, plymouth, lawrence, worcester. couple of lower 40s on the map. clouds will really start thickening up as we travel through our tuesday here, but not until the evening that we start bringing in some snow switching over to rain during the overnight hours. problem is as you wake up here on wednesday morning, we will have some spots still very close to freezing and that will have some icy spots out there.
6:51 am
inches of snow overnight here tuesday night into wednesday, but, again, it is freezing rain on top of that wednesday morning. by noontime, plain rain, heavy rain wednesday night into thursday, and by friday, just a couple of flurries and cooling friends for the weekend. back to you, guys. >> sara: all right, shiri. pays to be part of taylor swift's girl squad. the celebrity who got a huge check from the celebrity to help with her legal bills.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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back at 6:54. doing messages overnight from the leaders of apple and the fbi. in the last hour, apple ceo tim cook sent an e-mail to company employees. he said a judge's order forcing a company to unlock the phone of one of san bernandino terrorists is unlawful and a dangerous precedent. this follows the release of an jim comey. he says apple is acting out of business interests while the fbi wants justice for the 14 attack. this week, apple faces a dead this week, apple faces a one of the largest hoverboard manufacturers in the country is asking customers to stop using their product.
6:55 am
to use the boards until new safety standards are issued. the consumer product safety commission said all hoverboards are unsafe. the board has sparked fires. riders have been seriously hurt in falls. samsung making a big move into virtual reality. last month the company unveiled a new camera that can shoot images when they are viewed in 3d. the south korean company also unveiled a newest smart phone. the galaxy 7 and galaxy 7 edge will go on sale later this week. this morning celebrities are showing support for a fellow pop star. kesha lost a legal battle. she claims that he abused her for more than a decade and she wants out of her contract. a judge ruled that she couldn't get out of it. taylor swift silently donated $250,000 to her, but that donation has caused a big of a stink. demi lovato called her out for making a donation without making a donation speaking out
6:56 am
she said she would be impressed if she actually spoke out. >> gene: cat fight there. "saturday night live". and getting help from actors in new york. >> good luck. >> yeah, good luck, her doomed. >> gene: that was a joke. arabic version did get a green light by snl greeters. it debuted in cairo. celebrity guests and a weekend update. the creators said they will joke about everything. >> idiot comedians to try to get on tv and make people laugh about things we shouldn't make them laugh about. >> yes they will even poke fun and isis and making people laugh and will make sure that there is more to the middle east than instability. >> sara: i would like to see that. >> gene: 6:56. a short trip turns into a wild ride. passengers run for their lives as a mega bus bursts into
6:57 am
one person on board who could cause the company big problems. and suns is up in duxbury. a view from duxbury beach as the clouds clear on out. you can send me pictures at fox25 shiri on twitter. as we head to the middle of the week for warmer, wetter weather next. and breaking news for the commute, skyfox finds a huge truck on its side right at the start of the morning rush.
6:58 am
6:59 am
you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
7:00 am
>> gene: live this morning as police search for a driver that hit a building and ran away. >> sara: developing right now, a 16-year-old the latest victim of deadly violence. nurse person of interest this morning. >> michael: mattresses and bicycle and all outside after what some neighbors call a massive party. what it being 32 to get police to take 41 people out in handcuffs and get this house condemned. >> gene: more troubling news about the zica virus. symptoms now being linked to the deadly link. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: 7:00 on monday morning, february 22nd, thank you for being with us this


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