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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> daniel: breaking news right now arrest where slammed into side of star backs overnight. why police had more than one mystery to solve at the scene this morning. >> michael: what some neighbors call massive party. >> julie: it is monday, february 22nd. >> daniel: sunny but chilly. >> shiri: it looks fantastic but word of warning this time around comes with 30s. we are in the process of warming up. 38 in boston, 35 in worcester, we actually started out below
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nashua now up to 34 , 40 no are wood, 39 in plymouth, plymouth kind of catching up to the sunny forecast the rest of us had had and going to be upper 30s for lunchtime today and although the drive home from work here at 5:00 p.m. is also showing off a lot of those upper 30s, highs going to peak from 38 to 44 today. nice and bright, seasonable, i do have the middle of the week warm-up but it is not coming with sunshine. it is coming with the grab bag forecast, snow, ice, rain, whipped, we got it all the, and show you when to plan around it coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning. hi, julie. >> julie: a little bit of progress has been made with rollover 24, within the last half hour reported the car -- truck has been righted and working to toe it out but still seeing massive residual delays on expressway southbound and on route 3 all the way back to 228
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93 south sluggish through medford, that's where the problem spot is north of town and look at shot of expressway, northbound traffic that's typical weekday commute volume, southbound that's residual delays because of the earlier accident. here are live drive times, an hour six minutes on route 3 from 228 in rockland to the braintree split. 44 minutes on 93 on expressway southbound from the o'neill tunnel to split, 53 minutes on 128 northbound from the split to 24. >> daniel: breaking now at nine, driver of overnight crash in norwood turned herself in. crash caused all this damage on route 1. woman initially put a huge hole on the side of the building and left the scene. jessica reyes now at starbucks with brand-new information. good morning, jessica.
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she was drunk at the time and crashed into the starbucks you see right here. this white van you see, blocking hole where she crashed into the building and happened at 12:30 this morning and have video of white car when it is still inside the building earlier this morning. it is unfortunate -- fortunate thing when she crashed into the seating area and eighting and drinking their coffee. throughout the morning we have video of people showing up to the star backs, going to the building scene and turned away and until the building inspector can get out here and build -- deem this building safe, it is going to be closed for the time being. now, the suspect, the driver, she is not arrested, going to be summoned to court and most serious charge she is now facing is leaving the scene. live here in norwood, jessica reyes, fox25 news.
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now prosecutor says 16-year-old boy under arrest for the stabbing death of another teenager. victim also 16 years old was killed yesterday afternoon outside convenience store. last half hour the suffolk county district attorney's office says the suffolk will be arraigned today in dorchester. the names of the suspect and victim have not been released yet. live to the neighborhood for the very latest in 30 minutes. 40 people were arrested at a house few miles from bridgewater state university's campus. fox25 michael henrich is on maple avenue outside the house which is now condemned. >> michael: dozens are expected at brockton district court and some are defending the people that left behind this mess outside the maple avenue house here in bridgewater. some other neighbors though very
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three day rager that led to this house getting condemned. condemned. more ways than one. >> we want quiet as well. >> michael: in front of maple avenue house in bridgewater. the aftermath of day's long rager resulting in 41 arrests. >> been going three days. >> going in the front of the of the yard. >> michael: many college-age kids tried working through first floor windows when they arrived get far. officers and code inspectors find minors drinking alcohol, several public street signs and enough evidence to condemn the
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21-year-old renting the property neighbors say they are glad this party is over. >> don't do stuff like this when you're young. don't want to ruin the rest of your life. >> michael: no smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and on orange notice and most of the 41 people arrested facing one combination of possession of alcohol and distributing alcohol, charges, plus disturbing the peace. looking to get more information from bridgewater police department who the people are and whether they might be students of naker by bridge -- nearby bridgewater state. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. for now reporting in bridgewater, michael henrich, fox 25 news. >> julie:woman mick kuhn arrested on friday and attacked a student with a gun inside a residents haul last week and
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got inside a dorm with another man. the student is expected to be okay. mccune faces multiple charges including assault and battery with dangerous weapon. >> julie: boston police find loaded handgun inside a home. this is getting a lot of attention. shows on baby seat and they found when searching home on norfolk in dorchester for drugs and officers also found heroin, cocaine and cash. both the people living in the home were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. >> julie: local civil rights leader calling for boston school to be removed. boston chapter of the naacp met to discuss the harassment of students in boston latin school. students held protest at school earlier this year. last week a report said administrators did not properly investigate the incident of racial abuse. no administrators were disciplined. they look forward to meeting with civil rights leaders.
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address students at umass amherst. voters in commonwealth will go to the polls in just eight days. tomorrow republicans will hold their caution in nevada. over the weekend hillary clinton won the democratic caution there and former florida governor jeb bush suspended his campaign after donald trump cruised to victory in south carolina primary. >> we started off with 73 people and hit 97 different angles and now down to i guess five. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> daniel: hillary clinton will be attending several fundraisers in california today. >> julie: local superstar rubio. he did not see eye to eye on every issue with rubio but trusts the senator. on stage last night the dorchester native said endorsing him.
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right now. i have never, never voted for a republican presidential candidate. >> julie: wahlberg says of the leading republicans marco rubio is one candidate. >> julie: join us here and online for the latest developments and up-to-the-minute election results. >> julie: drive times plaguing us all morning. still hour route 3 on 228 in rockland to the braintree split, hour on 128 for the 3-mile stretch from the split to route 24. shiri? >> shiri: anyone heading out right now to head into work, i got 34 out there, 35 at 10:00 a.m., and 11:00 this morning, 37 , all sunshine today
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week and time out the ice, snow, rain, next. >> daniel: a lot more coming your way. interview with 106-year-old woman that's going to be all
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>> julie: >> daniel: former face of
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his prison sentence reduced. child exploitation and distributing child pornography. fogle claim he had a deal with maximum of 12 years behind bars and judge in his case gave him longer sentence. >> julie: for months they have been worried about zica virus on pretty women and health official say zica may be causing rise in another deadly disease. the washington post says parts of columbia and colombia seeing spike of gin bar syndrome and the body attacks itself and results in death or paralysis. >> julie: people turning the bottled water after toxic chemicals came frost plant in petersburg and level are dangerously high and people in town allowed 2 gallons of water per person per household per day
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testing and hope to have water restored soon. >> daniel: eight remaining justices will hear oral arguments starting at 10:00. justice antonin scalia died earlier this month and john roberts is expected to mention his passing from the bench today. daniel: swag way urging people not to use boards until changes. they said all hover boards are unsafe and they have sparked fires and riders seriously hurt in falls. >> sara: ad. >> julie: violent wreck and
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people at the time and self victims and bus never slowed down before hitting the bridge. mega bus was going from chicago to milwaukee yesterday when it caught fire and drive pulled over with mechanical problem and some passengers smelled smoke and decided to evacuate. as soon as they left the bus, the bus burst into flames and one of the passengers was journalist that wrote a travel blog and trip probably won't get a good review. another thing not giving good review to is commute on 128 northbound this morning. very problematic because of a rollover accident that happened at 6:40 this morning and we are going -- we are approaching hour three of massive delays. zoom into the expressway where those residual delays have stretched all the way back southbound up to the exit for the o'neill tunnel. so i had avoid the expressway north or southbound today no matter what. you could still see the heavy
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pass the gas tank. over to those live drive times, hour on route 3 from 228 to the split and to the split and a little over an hour on 128 northbound as you head from the split to route 24. joining us. we have a clear day ahead, shiri. >> shiri: we have all the sunshine ahead in boston, julie, and not going to bungle today, temperatures have budged since the weekend. we have 50s and 60s, today it is 40s and that's normal, guys. tuesday night coating to two inches of snow and ice, so things are going to get slippery here tuesday night into the wednesday morning commute, and then it turns very mild and very rainy here, especially wednesday night into thursday. so we got a lot going on, a lot of changes as we almost transition from winter to spring as we travel to the middle of the week, 35 in worcester, 34 lawrence, 40 already in norwood, 38 in boston, and what you will find is the sunshine just rolls
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i mean 11:00 a.m. 38 , 40 at 1:00 p.m. with nice bright skies we got temperatures is that the start to drift downward after 3:00 this afternoon, so evening commute upper 30s, back to freezing by 8:00 this evening. future cast here highlighting that much and highs that get up to 40 in boston, 40 in plymouth, 42 bedford, lower 40s and upper 30s in spots like worcester and beverly, portsmouth, new hampshire, 38 this afternoon and future cast by tomorrow going to involve increasing tomorrow during the day with winds coming off the water and clouds actually increase from east to west tomorrow. now, 5:00 p.m. the evening commute, it is looking good, and cloudy, yes, not wet yet and evening hours that's when we get snow pushing up from the south could happen as much as
9:18 am
see by midnight, we have a little snow in boston and worcester, southern new hampshire quick flip over to plain old rain in massachusetts and tremendous amount of snow, like i said, coating before the flipover and problem is we flip to mostly rain here by wednesday morning, and still going to have a lot of icy spots, freezing spots north and west of boston and that's where we will have to watch for some pretty slick and travel here wednesday morning through noon time. i think that's when we get the last of the cold air kind of scouring out of those coldest valleys, so got all the warm air coming into play but look at all of those downpours stretched all the way back to almost a great lakes here. i mean it is going to be messy as we get into the middle of the week. 7-day forecast with weekend always in view. today 42 , increasing clouds tomorrow with high of 38, and does come with the wintery mix late. as for the icy spots here on wednesday morning, i'm going especially to the west of 495 where you could see in pink, we
9:19 am
thursday morning, you're going to wake up to downpours, gusty possibly damaging winds, warm day with temperatures in the 50s, maybe even close to 60 , but by friday the cooler weather is taking over, we got a couple friday flurries, sunday flurries as well and a lot on and off as we head into the weekend. >> daniel: death toll risen to 18 and winds topped out 175 miles per hour making this the strongest storm on record to hit the southern hemisphere. more than 6,000 people are living in evacuation shelters after their homes were flooded or destroyed.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial just settled with authorities that put seven million and millions how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> daniel: check out this, construction going on in kentucky on a full-size replica of noah's arc. it is a whopping 500 feet long and 51 feet tall and there will be 132 realistic exhibit bays with two of each kind of animal they can fit on board. the people that built it believed more than a million people will visit the arc each year. it will be complete and about five months. >> julie: i would like to see that. man grabs shark by the tail and a bunch of people watching whole thing taking pictures when the man gets it on shore and poses with it and pulled back on to the water and let it go. people could take selfies with it and died. a lot of people are commenting
9:24 am
side to get trouble for abusing it. >> daniel: woman in washington state turns 110 and local fox affiliate there and less than excited about it. check this out. >> you say you're tired. >> i am tired. >> daniel: she wanted to go nap but has to be awake for her birthday party and again, she is not thrilled about it. >> are you excited for your party? >> not one bit. >> you would rather be taking a nap, huh? >> daniel: she is quite the jokester and favorite thing to do is drink whiskey straight up and no key to living 110 years and don't fight it and just lives it.
9:25 am
>> julie: this one got to meet the president of the united states. take a look. >> want to say hi? >> julie: never thought she would be standing in the white house with black president. she is there to celebrate black history month and how proud doing that. >> daniel: talk about incredible ages for both women. 110, 106. gruel wonder. >> julie: wonder if they are related? >> shiri: we have got ice, we have got snow coming back into the picture on tuesday night. transition to heavy rain
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>> julie: over the weekend bill cosby's legal team wanted to prevent his wife to be deposed for the eight women that sued him for defamation. woman claim cosby led the defense team paint them as liars as they accused him of sexual assault. >> shiri: average high 40 and that's where we are going. 42 in born, 39 in plymouth, 39 in marshfield and boston at 38 and just kind of goes show you that couple degrees above average, 35 in wayland and woburn, 32 in haverhill, 35 in barre and in worcester, 34 in nashua, new hampshire. sunshine out there now and lasts
9:30 am
could be up near 40 in a couple spots in and around the boston area. 42 here at 3:00 p.m. and by 7:00 this evening, 32 as clear skies remain, fading fast though into the day tomorrow, show you when eventually the clouds lead to snow, ice and rain coming up. julie, let's get back to live drive time traffic. >> julie: massive delays, see the traffic flow backed up on route 3 all the way to 228 and on the expressway southbound where we are seeing more issue, more so than northbound and in this shot see the northbound lanes cruising, southbound lanes that are just crawling. look at these drive times, route 3 still an hour at 228 to a split, 43 minutes on the expressway southbound from the o'neill tunnel to the split and an hour and 15 minutes on 128 northbound that's a 3-mile stretch from the split to route
9:31 am
julie: arrest of 16-year-old boy in boston. district attorney giving update last hour and catherine parrotta live on columbia road in dorchester with where the biowas found dead. catherine, the suspect is 16 years old. >> catherine: suspect and victim both 16 years old and suspect expected to be arraigned at dorchester district court later today and hope to learn more at that time. as for the 16-year-old victim, police found him right there near the intersection with columbia road and devon street. show you video, this all happened during broad daylight, around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. again finding 16-year-old victim near the intersection we just pointed out, at first police thought he had been shot and later realized injury was stab wound. teen taken to boston medical center but didn't survive. police haven't identified him by name. police did check businesses nearby for surveillance video and they are continuing to
9:32 am
surrounding this. but again, the past hour d.a.'s office announcing arrest had been made and suspect also 16 years old like the victim in this case, don't know the name of either person at this time and get the latest person on this all day on website at and also at news tonight at six. live in dorchester, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: driver that caused all the damage overnight at starbucks has turned herself in. police say she hit the building and hit the road running away from the scene. on the scene in norwood for us all morning. jess, still closed. >> jessica: contractors still hard at work to patch up the hole and they said the driver of the 23-year-old with respect from brockton do not believe she was drunk when happened because coming home from work and lost control of her car.
9:33 am
from norwood police and you can see just how intense the damage was inside the store. this is the first look at actually the inside of the starbucks and you can see really plowed through several layers of cement, brick and glass and made quite a mess inside this store. we have been telling you all morning long, fortunate when this happened because drove right into the seating area. very busy starbucks in the morning, so if it had been open, it is likely she could have hurt people who would have been inside there, and thankfully closed and no one inside when this happened. now, we did talk to police, just about an hour ago, we did confirm this for us, not under arrest and going to be summoned to court. most serious charge she is now facing leaving the scene. live here in norwood this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: police were called to the home on knight avenue yesterday afternoon for a
9:34 am
fumes from making meth made him sick. police evacuated several homes nearby and state police bomb squad dismantled the meth lab. >> entire life never thought there would be a meth lab next to me. >> julie: suspect charged with making meth later today. >> daniel: learned what sparked fire at former mill and breaking news saturday morning. investigators will be back on scene at the mill on weaver street in fall river this morning. the fire chief told the fall river herald the fire is suspicious because the building had been vacant for years. >> julie: surveillance video checking out two other cars before taking off. this morning police say this may be part of larger theft ring. on saturday vehicles in millis, medway and medfield were broken
9:35 am
police believe the same thieves responsible for break-ins in westwood and she was in yoga class when her car was targeted. >> back passenger window was smashed in and purse was taken from the back seat. >> julie: they are looking for checkbooks and identification cards and it could be part of ring with florida and surveillance images up this if you would like to take a closer look. >> daniel: happening today man with campus wide lockdown will face a judge. william mccune was arrested on friday. police say he robbed and attacked a student with gun inside a residents hall last week. mccune was not a umass student and got inside the dorm with another man. the student is expected to be okay. mccune faces multiple charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. daniel: new hampshire man
9:36 am
robbing and attacking a store clerk in manchester, new hampshire and police were able to catch and arrested. >> julie: firefighters used a crane in farm field. suv crashed into the field but no one was hurt. julie: look at this. rhode island man intentionally drove his car into a river in swansea. they got several 911 calls and they had to rescue the driver from rock offshore and driver was drunk and did it on purpose after hitting several parked cars in the area. julie: theory based on crimes that were caused with help of surveillance video. this episode expected to show video from the five atm's she was forced to withdraw money
9:37 am
last june edwin alemany was sentenced for killing lord. >> daniel: stole $1,000 hidden in drawer and that money was rent money for the local animal shelter. the woman whose house it was for the treasurer for the shelter. shelter president now said it was hard for them to do the good work they have been trying so hard to do. >> we will find a way but it is so much harder for us. >> julie: today boston lawmaker make a push to come from commercial breeders. those animals are typically abused and neglected. one city councilor tells the globe the proposal cut back on breeding animal and unsafe conditions.
9:38 am
unveiled at mspca in jamaica plain. julie: see dog there without a way of getting down. he was about to rescue when owner came home and coax the dog back into the house. police say it is a great reminder to secure the doors and windows if you have any pets. julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and things target to improve slightly 128 northbound. we are now down to 50 minutes. it is still 3 miles stretch and very slow going for those 3 miles but we were at 76 minutes last time we checked in, so slow improvement after that rollover at route 24. >> shiri: mostly sunny skies and exact same temperature sending you home later today. what time temperatures peak and warmer midweek forecast next.
9:39 am
flames on the side of the road and people pulled the driver to safety. next what else is pulled from that car that has the story going viral online this morning. >> julie: whopping cough
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why the vac >> daniel: stock market open and 186 points continuing to go up. that's good for us. the uber driver that went on deadly rampage in michigan this weekend will be in court. jason dalton will be arraigned on murder charges. accused of shooting eight people, killing six, all while he was working on uber driver. this morning hearing from one of the people he drove just hours before he opened fire on innocent people. he says he knew something wasn't right when dalton blew stop signs and drove 80 miles per hour down local street. he says he reached out for help but nothing was done. >> tried contacting uber afterwards, after i talked to the police saying that we need to get the guy off off the road. >> daniel: the man says there should have been a faster response from uber and may not have been happened. they are investigating a facebook post that dalton was
9:43 am
at least one fare. >> julie: local doctors concerned whooping cough outbreak are on the rides. few weeks ago norwell public schools asked for signs of the illness after three cases were reported there. now new research shows new vaccine giving to kids could be to blame for the spike in the sickness. sara underwood has the story high. hacking cough, fever within congestion, symptoms that seem like the common cold could be much more serious. >> whopping cough could be fatal for newborns and young babies. >> sara: the tdap booster given to young adolescents only moderately effective for a year and provided very little immunity after two or three years. >> 25 years i have been a pediatrician we are seeing a lot more than used to.
9:44 am
>> sara: previous vaccine worked better. >> sometimes associated with seizures. we are now seeing outbreaks. >> sara: cdc reported 48,000 cases in 2012, most since 1955. fox25 learned whopping cough cases here in massachusetts are growing in children under four 65. both saw increase in 2015 compared to 2014. >> real reminder isn't about you and your kids and important to remember immunization protects everybody around you. >> sara: just because vaccine
9:45 am
you don't get one. >> it is everyone's responsibility to have kids vaccinated and protect those that are more vulnerable. >> this is something we want to prevent. this is not the average cold. >> julie: the whopping cost vaccine says it does work and medical researchers working on vaccines that are more effective more information about whopping cough and new study log on to the website and click on news tab. >> daniel: good news and bad news to prevent std. hpv hit market ten years ago and say it has already reduced virus that can cause cervical cancer by almost two-thirds and vaccination rates are low, only 40% of girl and 20% of boys have been vaccinated. researchers hope the proven
9:46 am
more people to get the vaccine. daniel: new concerns this morning about the overdose reversal drug called narcan. it is used by emt's and first responders on heroin addicts and there's a concern it could be enabling them instead. >> hit me seven times and looked up at roommate and gave head not like don't know what's going to happen. >> daniel: debate between saving a life and enabling an addict goes on and talks to first responders administering the drugs and addicts that are still alive because of it. that's on fox25 news at ten. >> julie: 9:46 and we continue to cover the traffic news and rollover at 128 in northbound. we are still seeing massive residual delays both on route 3 back to 228 and on the expressway. very rarely during weekday
9:47 am
southbound lanes so much drastically slower than the northbound lanes. that's the case right now. look at this. here are live drive times, hour on route 3 from 228 to the split, 47 minutes on the expressway from southbound to the o'neill tunnel to the split and then 42 minutes on 128 for a 3-mile stretch from the split to route 24. shiri? >> shiri: warmer temperatures on the horizon again and got to get to more february temps first and over the weekend we had 60 on saturday, 50 sunday and 40s tomorrow at 30s, and taking a little dip down not to worry wednesday to thursday and warm weather comes back but this time around it is not with sunshine. this time around it is going to be with downpours, whole mess of forecast here the middle of the week and this is what we have today, high pressure, clear skies, gorgeous monday with 40 at 11:00 a.m., 40 at 1:00 p.m. and then temperatures start to slide after 3:00 this afternoon, back into the 30s but the clear skies are not going anywhere.
9:48 am
come out of southeastern massachusetts and brockton and bridgewater and 43 and rule-of-thumb is going to be low 40s from boston over to lawrence, fitchburg and about 42, 39 in worcester, upper 30s as well manchester and portsmouth, new hampshire. near 40 degree readings this afternoon that hang tight across the cape and islands, meaning temperature are basically staying static where they are right now. overnight we have teens far inland but whole ton of 20s as you wake up tomorrow morning. once the sun comes up and warm-up starts, we are going to go into let's say upper 30s to about 40 but this time around is clouds. today is brightest day of the workweek as you could see tomorrow we got clouds increasing, coming in off the water and although at 5:00 p.m.
9:49 am
morning snow could arrive as early as 7:00 tuesday evening south of the pike and that's what we are seeing here with the latest update to future casts and blast of snow southeastern massachusetts and happening by midnight wednesday morning, rest of the area we get about a coating to two inches of snow and we get the changeover into new hampshire by the time you wake up wednesday morning there's a lot of rain over there and still be a lot of near freezing temperatures and that's why we have to watch out for slippery travel inland here wednesday morning. commute and that would be on top of this coating to two inches of snow expected on tuesday night and let's break down further the threat for icy spots here on wednesday morning. we start around 32 , especially to the north and west of 495 and webster, worcester, acton, lowell into nashua,
9:50 am
concerns about icy travel early wednesday and valleys, merrimac valley, it could end up getting stuck until noon on wednesday, heavy rain tuesday night and thursday morning and talking potential of two inches of rain and same time winds will really kick up and got 50 or even higher mild per hour gusts that could do some damage here early thursday in addition we will have to watch the southcoast for some potential splashover. friday it stays very blustery, but the cooler air going to be the end of the week and result could be couple flurries between friday and sunday. back over to you guys.
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9:54 am
and had the lowest batting average of the career in 2015. the sox still owe him $90 million in salary. spring training resumes this morning at fort myers. fox25 sports director tom leyden is heading south this morning and he will join butch stearns at jet blue park and live report all week here on fox25 and follow along on twitter, instagram and facebook for bonus coverage on social media. >> julie: car burst into flames with driver inside. once crews showed and put the fire out they found that only one thing inside the car was untouched. a bible. >> i don't know what to think.
9:55 am
car was treated for injuries and doing okay. >> daniel: plans for so-called snake island. the state division of fisheries and wildlife holding a meeting tomorrow on the issue and as we reported as they want to establish a colony, venomous rattle snakes in quabbin reservoir. residents are concerned the snakes will find their way off the island but experts say they will have plenty of space and food sources and won't have to leave. daniel: house in taiwan leaves everyone feeling like the room is spinning. house includes everything from a living room to garage, but the ceiling is the floor and the furniture is above your head. organizers say the project took nearly two months to build costing them approximately
9:56 am
>> julie: pair of twins have been playing lottery scratch tickets for years and first time they hit it big and all thanks to yellow lady bug. one of the sisters saw the bug on windshield and took as sign of good luck and picked up tickets for the two of them and scored them a 6 million-dollar jackpot prize. >> i was hyperventilating and i was like kardashian ugly crying. i didn't know it was going to be you, especially something that like big. >> julie: i didn't know kardashian ugly cry was a thing. two have been buying tickets since they were 16. >> daniel: they went to fuddruckers got food after they found out they won $6 million. >> julie: is it a winning
9:57 am
>> shiri: it is okay. not below average and any time february shaping up normal or warmer or in pretty good shape, 42 is typical and then it is really warm wednesday afternoon, thursday with rain, wind. we can do it. we can do it. >> daniel: we can handle it. thank you so much for joining us
9:58 am
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>> julie: you can i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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a paraglider crash landing on a rock you coastline is high drama, but i don't that is hollywood could even write the rest of this story, what happens when the pilot's pushing into a sea cave and his hopes for rescue hang on a drone? these guys can't believe they just found a baby elephant. see the journey to find out where he came from. a wife claims her husband fgs cheating on valentine's day. how she's going to river dance him right out of her life. plus the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. scaredy cat goat. and, do you mind helping me


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