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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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block or two away from cambridge police headquarters. this is where this pollution happened late this afternoon been able to confirm this cambridge police officers placed on ministry believe the police are not releasing his name because no charges have yet been filed. i can also confirm for you that now the massachusetts state police are joining this investigation trying to get to the bottom of what happened here. >> cambridge police confirming fox25 one of their own and off-duty cambridge police officer is now under investigation for a hit and run collision with a bicyclist. this happened surely before 8 o'clock sunday night at the intersection of roadway and portland bicyclist a woman was injured and treated at mass general hospital in boston with what we understand our non- life-threatening injuries. the off-duty cambridge police officer is on paid administrative leave mass state
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middlesex county da investigates. the scene of the collision is a well traveled route bicyclist take to the city at the time of the crash witnesses called 911. at least one witness gave police the license plate number of the vehicle involved. it was not a police cruiser but a private car. that car did not pull over at the time of the crash and the himself in. i'm told the police officer was off-duty sunday and likely not wearing his uniform. as for the victim i am told she is helping police as best she can and is due to be released for mass general hospital. >> this is a very serious case. i did some checking and if you're convicted of leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury, you're facing mandatory jail time. as of cambridge police not releasing the police officer's name they explained to me that's because no charges have
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following protocol the same protocol they would follow if you or i were involved in something like this. of course we're going to keep on top of this we will bring you the very latest as it develops. >> turning to the forecast now evening commute night not looking too bad out there. tomorrow is going to hold that story talks 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz in the weather center. >> the storm it's not going to be huge amount of snow to shovel but the timing is just bad weather it's morning or commute evening commute seems to be the trend this when smaller bed here's some rain happening the deep south will become our snow and eventually our ice as well. there are many facets to talk about with the system. new time tomorrow afternoon the clouds taken over by then maybe a flooring or two but nothing steady.the steady stuff comes in time for the evening drive. 4:30 snowing out west along the
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o'clock in the middle of the evening drive. and then the snow starts to change over out there on cape cod and the islands that change happens but it the change to ice and eventually went all of snow about a half inch to two inches the higher elevations by tomorrow evening. in fact that's a forecast coating to two inches part of the storm which will be talk about the timing of the heavy rain and strong winds. >> developing news search at this hour for the man accused of attacking an officer during a traffic stop last week. police were able to arrest the second suspect this morning after the pair crashed distal car fox25 stephanie coueignoux is live in saugus. >> stephanie: they been searching for that suspect for hours now it's now just a little bit dark but homes lined the street and taking a look behind me with that sandy patches that is where the suspect crashed into another car here along linville parkway.
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woman inside the car as for the man, well he got away. today dozens of offices and k-9 units searched neighborhoods in and around saugus looking for this man. michael grew throw. he was sitting down for lunch when he happened to look outside his window.i saw a guy coming up the hill in the back of my yard dumped over the little wall ran across a field. knowing police were looking for grew throw he jumped into action. police began searching for grew throw and this woman jaclyn murphy since last thursday. i revere officer had pulled through and murphy over when they say to throw tried to stab the officer with a syringe before speeding away. the officer chased them into chelsea before crashing his cruiser. today massachusetts state police spotted the pair again in a stolen car which eventually crashed into another car here along linville parkway. >> jim moretti was still in bed when he heard that commotion.
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murphy who was still inside the car. to throw the had already run off. moretti says the man ran through his front yard as don neighbors watched. >> as for the other driver involved in that crash, she is expected to be okay. murphy is expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow and police at this hour still looking for grew throw again they do consider him to be dangerous so if you see him do not approach immediately call police. >> happening right now camille cosby estimate continues in the lawsuit against her husband bill cosby related to the sexual assault accusations from several women.the comedians wife has been speaking with attorneys for hours now. fox25 crystal haynes joins us live now. >> crystal: we expected this deposition will go well past five but now we are just after six and we understand that she is still answering questions from attorneys and this defamation lawsuit.they say that her testimony is crucial
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the entertainers wife and manager for some time. >> camille cosby spent hours behind this black curtain at the marriott hotel in springfield today forced to cooperate in the defamation lawsuit by seven cosby accuses in federal court in springfield. lawyers for mrs. cosby had filed a motion for protective order exempting her from testifying last friday saying quote the deposition would be held at a public and unsecured venue creating an unnecessary media circus. and personal security threat that serves no purpose other her. but judge magistrate david hennessey ruled against her writing quote cosby decision to wait until the 11th hour to file the february 19 motion borders on bad faith and was reason enough to deny the cosby's protective order. mrs. cosby filed an emergency motion saturday night appealing that ruling but it too was
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with close to the media but the entertainers wife was expected to be asked about back surrounding the public claims of sexual assault by the seven women in the defamation suit. >> now we know that cosby denies those claims in this defamation suit and is in fact filed a counter suit against them. meantime we have not seen camille cosby yet today she slipped in and out of this hotel here and also we know again she's answering questions throughout the night and of course we're going to stay on top of this ring you the very latest at the fox25 news at 10. >> affords alert across the state today after threats were called in to nearly a dozen local schools. map of all the schools affected many reported getting robo calls style bomb threats this morning and this afternoon skyfox flying over the scene north high school shelter place order given please vipers check the building nothing was found.
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school students and staff also sheltered in place there while authorities investigated police there said they didn't believe this was a credible threat. local civil rights leaders are calling for headmaster procedures boston school to be removed. boston chapter of the naacp met yesterday to discuss so-called harassment students at the boston latin school. students help protest at the school earlier this year last week report said administrators did not probably investigate one incident of racial abuse. no administrators were disciplined. >> lanes back open route 120 tonight after a truck spilled dirt all over the highway skyfox flying over the scene here except 21 in newton this afternoon you can see that dump truck rolled over making a big mess on both sides of the highway. to lay the southbound side had
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crews to clean everything up. >> smoother sailing here on 128 and randolph tonight skyfox over the scene of a truck roll over the snow the morning commute heading north out of route 24 we broke the story on fox 25 morning news at six and follow the growing backups for you all morning long. still no word on the cause of that crash tonight. >> 22-year-old woman charged after police say she crashed the local starbucks. nor would please sharing this picture with us of the scene when they arrived after midnight at the coffee shop on route 1. you can see huge hole in the wall and all the damage inside as well. police of the driver lost control of a car on the way home to brockton from work and crashed into the side of the building. customers turned away this morning as the wall was repaired the drivers charged with negligent operation and leaving the scene of property damage.>> spring in the air
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a stream of players made their way into fort myers ready for 2016 campaign fox 25 which stearns has been with the team since friday. the big arrival of big poppy was a big deal. >> with david ortiz arriving with spring training on monday as farewell tour has already begun. and that means dustin pedroia soon take over the role of leader on this team. >> with dustin pedroia and david ortiz both in camp now this full squat is pretty much together and you're starting to see this team take shape. >> there are still many questions for this team like hanley ramirez making the transition to first base. but for now spring training is all about perspective. team has a lot to prove doesn't it? >> yes absolutely i mean it's an opportunity to go out and try to be the best of team. that's a look at every season. tamil joint butch deceiving down in fort myers look for the live reports here on fox25. man charged with architect to a campus locked
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tonight without bill knight your william jewett played not guilty in court today charges of armed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon police and heat another suspect robbed umass amherst students past week.and hit him in the head with a gun. prosecutors say that attack was drug-related. >> created nightmare commute last week mbta says local amtech workers were not able to quickly assess the issue so crews had to be flown in from other states the problem strictly to railroaders in south station for hours last thursday and today mbta general manager explained fox 25 white took so long the problem. >> mass dots as amtrak is promised to perform an after action review of how it handled
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>> clear out there tonight for the evening driver were tracking the storm system to affect tomorrow evenings there's already a winter weather advisory when the snow arrives. plus fighting opioid epidemic from the steps of the us capital the local legislators opposing a potential new hire
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with. gearing up for the next test nevada republican caucus is the last showdown before super tuesday on march 1. 11 states poll voters. new emerson college poll shows donald trump crushing his competition here. hope is 50 percent of the vote the next closest candidate rubio in just 16 percent followed by john kasich and ted cruz. democratic side is a dead heat hillary clinton and bernie sanders both have 46 percent of the vote. are sharman sacchetti caught up with ernie sanders today in boston where he picked up another canned endorsement.>> we hope to win here. and we hope to win in a number of other states. at ironworkers local boston tells us confident about his chances in massachusetts right now just over week to go before
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bernie sanders is what is endgame. i asked him. is a really for you i path to victory at this point given the amount of delegates you have the amount of delegates hillary and has? >> the short three letter answer is why es. sanders says it will be easy but his campaign is resonating with everyday people. he's here at ironworkers local seven aching up the endorsement a national restaurant group that said the fight for racial and economic justice. he tells us the road won't be easy.>> santos told this crowded dan up to corporate and crust criticized clinton on trade policy. he talked about how the loss of decent paying jobs have ravaged communities finally senator santos criticized those who write them off he tells us he's
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>> but the center sanders have a chance so far hillary clinton has amassed 502 delegates compared with just 74 sanders. you need 2383 to secure the nomination. >> and right after this senator santos headed out to umass amherst where he's holding in a bit tonight. right now supporters of bernie sanders gathering for that rally that will soon begin at umass amherst he's expected to discuss getting big money out of politics making college affordable and climate change. that start at 7 o'clock at the mall and center. fox25 will have complete election coverage every step of the way leading up to the primary in the november election.
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and online for how the candidates are preparing them for those results as they come in. >> presidential primary us travel association says campaigns and journalists filled more than 78,000 hotel rooms in the state. extra a $.9 million hotels in south carolina will book about 230,000 extra rooms during this month's primaries with an extra $24 million in revenue.>> each person visiting a town for campaign related reason spent on average $330 a day and transportation meals and hotels. >> if you're thinking it's beautiful outside why do we need a weather alert it's for what's coming. couple clouds floating by forcing outside with a sunset full moon rise to but there is rain to our south storm system
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coast toward us this week. last week we've been talking about this for a week about the potential for some rain and snow coming away turns out going to get a a lot of one. let's start here futurecast through time tomorrow the clouds increased aba florida two but nothing substantial until the evening commute just in time for you to hit the roadways for:30 snowing along the pike and probably on 495 celebrate as well into the boston area by 6 o'clock and then taking over the area by eight:30 so during the evening drive snow be starting up in most places that's what's going to get slippery be such a nuisance storm. here's the next problem that rain changeover going to be occurring during the evening snow will continue to fall lightly back here but the changeover is going to go to sleet and ice before ghost rain. those place that says cold off to the northwest have the
6:20 pm
on top of the snow. snow melts and were looking at my computer model not much clearly .3 inches in boston to which is in worcester according to two inches and was to bring a higher elevation getting that kind of snow that's what were looking for according to two inches generally across the area wash away quickly a special cape cod and the islands don't expect much out there. those two inch amount the worcester hills into southwestern new hampshire potentially also getting flattened by the rain on top of it. there's with a winter weather advisory is. everywhere you see her in purple is worcester county and west but also northwestern middlesex county essentially beyond 495 and west of 495. temperature staying at or below freezing the longest two corridors more susceptible to this southern new hampshire as well get some snow but then you get the isotopic in those
6:21 pm
here that we're going to see that snow excuse me the ice persist into wednesday morning as well. here comes the rain but again still some places below freezing north and west of worcester will have to watch that very closely. the heaviest rain arrives overnight wednesday into thursday morning commute so several commutes being affected by the storms coming our way. and the timing looks to be just perfect to really mess things up. gets out of here during the day on thursday after the thursday morning commute so here are the travel impacts for tomorrow evening commute expect for trouble conditions increasingly poor trouble conditions if you leave earlier be okay but the later you leave the better chance you running into some snow. tomorrow night still poor travel as well wednesday morning commute a little better although the place north and west of 495 will still have
6:22 pm
icing happening and then by thursday morning commute another commute that's going to be a mess this time with heavy rain and strong winds moving on through the wins will be gusting over 40 even potentially 50 miles per hour during that thursday morning drive. they'll be tree limbs coming down off the watch power
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seven day forecast weekend of
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flight from fitchburg that crash in new york coast guard resume its search for 23 victim from queens was still missing today. he and three other new york city natives were flying home after celebrating a friend's birthday here in massachusetts when the plane went down off the coast of long island saturday night. the other three men including the student pilot and his instructor were rescued quickly. >> accused gunman charged with shooting people in three separate attacks in michigan is now facing six counts of murder. 45-year-old jason dalton appeared in court first time today after prosecutors say he went on a shooting spree in kalamazoo.police a dalton opened fire of the course of nearly 7 hours saturday night picking up tears and uber driver between shootings. i said you not the shooter are you and he said no and i said you sure? a kind of just said no i'm just tired.
6:26 pm
>> uber now admits the company did receive a complaint about a radical driving by jason dalton on saturday night. the company will not say whether talk with dalton furthering question to law enforcement.the right handling services don't declare a background check. >> apple calling for government commission to settle heated debate on national security versus personal privacy. apple doesn't want to help the fbi hack into an iphone used by one of the san bernardino killers despite a judge's order. in an early morning on my post apple ceo tim cook said the fbi is asking threatens everyone's civil liberties. the advice is the case about one phone that can help them find other terrorists. both cook and call me have been invited to testify on capitol hill. >> fighting a drug abuse crisis by try to keep someone out of a jan. much more to come in fox 25 including the local leader hoping to have it a
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plus writers angry leadership frustrated fox 25 investigates answers from the mbta over
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but next the troubled we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. right skies sunday evening commute not too bad tonight either. hi
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and i'm trent i'm mark ockerbloom. it's clear now the storm system down the coast is moving toward us as rain within the south when he gets here run into some colder air follow snow over us first thing in the morning morning commute a problem. the base of closet start to move on and what you have some such start the day as well. then the evening commute becomes a problem at 5 o'clock it's knowing effect is be and hereby 4:30 by worcester by 5 o'clock it's january 01, 2028 just west of boston into boston during the 6 o'clock hour everywhere getting some snow all the way down to cape cod and the islands right through the evening commute that's why it's a problem with the timing not so much the amounts of the storm system expecting this to start to community a little bit with up to half inch to two inches that's why the weather
6:31 pm
weather advisory closer look at those amount of time at the next part of the storm to that's heavy rain and the wind. >> take a look now the top stories be beginning with cambridge police officer who placed on leave 25 first report today the cambridge police officer has been placed on paid leave following a hit and run crash that injured a woman. the woman was riding up icicle when she was hit at broadway and portland last night suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the officer's name is not been released because charges have not yet been while. also tonight search is still on for a suspect accused of attacking a police officer the north shore with a syringe. that suspect was with a woman during last week's attack in revere. today the pit was tracked down in saugus with a crashed stone car the woman is caught but the man is still on the run tonight. >> camille cosby continues a deposition in springfield. camille cosby has been given testimony four hours now
6:32 pm
o'clock fox25 is there watch for an update tonight at 10. >> parents of two teenagers leading to stop the violence one of the teens is dead and the others behind bars facing charges for his murder. justice. fox25 jackie is in dorchester now are 16-year-old amari pope was denied bail today. >> reporter: 16-year-old amari pope did show his face in court today a lawyer and did not guilty plea on his behalf. but prosecutors say he told a much different story shortly after he allegedly took another boys life. >> statements included i did something really stupid and mr. pope also admitted to at least one individual i think i killed someone. amari's popes story changed according to his lawyers who entered a not the plea during an emotional day in court. the victim's uncle turning away from news crews shaken and tearful. >> and prosecutors say it all started when 16-year-old amari pope was heading to the barber
6:33 pm
afternoon but wound up stabbing 15-year-old jan hopkins to death. after hopkins got into an argument with popes girlfriend. according to police pope led the two fighting the street went back into the house and got a kitchen knife and came back swinging.>> video surveillance shows moments after mr. hopkins fell to the ground, essentially lifeless, mr. pope standing over him in fact circling him with a knife visible in his hand. that's when police say pope ran into the house return the knife and changed his close. the victim's family now waiting for justice. >> it's not the first time pope has had trouble with the law. the judge denied bail after prosecutors brought up his lengthy rap sheet and record of skipping out on court still a juvenile multiple charges of assault and battery and robbery and an incident where he cut off his gps ankle monitor to leave the state.
6:34 pm
the heart. >> fox25 investigated covers more bad behavior involving the same town worker in rockland some asking what he still has a job. fox 25 dug up evidence that this employees been accused of using his position to intimidate people before. >> reporter: it all came out in the lawsuit when albert was caught dumping snow on the lawn of the local business this month he told me it was bad judgment now the emily of a former coworker says they said that before and they say the town let it slide. it shows you the kind of person he is. not exactly chamber of commerce greeting for the man sitting in the town of rockland. fox 25 investigates first reported surveillance video of 56-year-old albert did any almost running down the owner of this car lot dumping snow on his property.
6:35 pm
brother justin years earlier because he's developmentally delayed. the two worked together rockland highway department. >> it was chase who got let go. his family filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against jenny and the town. that's around the time chases mother snapped this photo. fox25 investigates tried again to talk to jenny was been on paid leave since this confrontation on camera. earlier this month rockland town administrator called it an isolated incident. a lawyer for chase says they
6:36 pm
town for an undisclosed amount and his supervisor refused our request for an interview today refers to rockland town administrator he told me the still deciding whether he will keep his job. >> the first of dozens of people arrested after a three-day house party face a judge today. it was tough fox25 the party on maple avenue in bridgewater started on thursday. it did not end until bridgewater police showed up around 1:00 a.m. sunday. police say 221-year-old host for serving alcohol to minors and neighbors told us the party was out of control. >> the clerks office at brockton to court cells fox 25 the rest of the 41 partygoers will be arraigned throughout the week host of facing alcohol-related and disturbing the peace charges. >> update to a story we've been following for weeks at a revere new procedure is out in
6:37 pm
open and high tide flooded the neighborhood. fox25 is to show you our chemistry encased in ice earlier this month during record cold snap department of public works automated system to control the gate failed. city says it will now manually shut the tied gate in advance of bad weather. >> boston city council was to change the way sold instead of ursula present for the rest of the state. calling at the puppy mill bill. but it will extend beyond dogs to cats and rabbits as well. the proposal would outlaw the retail and roadside sale of these pets because many times the animals are bred quickly and without the proper care. it's unfair it's inhumane i want to make sure that boston is known for taking care of all of its residents including the four-legged ones. >> the ill will be formally introduced the council meeting tuesday o'malley hopes mayor
6:38 pm
it comes before him. >> fox 25 investigates first uncovered some of the lines chronically delayed lasted 10 reports. >> kerry: delayed over and over again fox 25 investigates consistent trouble spots a commuter rail lines this comes after the state gave the operator of the commuter rail keolis and improvement plan following 2015 disastrous winter. under the plan keolis was to run the trains with an on-time performance goal of 92 percent. overall the results of extremely positive.keolis officials say that goal has been met when you look at overall adjusted on-time performance. but we examined each line from june to december 2015 and we found some continually missing the market for example the needham and providence line failed to meet the 92 percent goal four out of seven months the start line missed the mark
6:39 pm
>> state transportation secretary said during a public meeting monday amtrak is a common denominator. >> she acknowledges issues exist online with no amtrak connections needham western middleboro lines are missing the mark and all of those fall completely under keolis. she says it was the lightest basic construction issues and our tracks in need of repairs are underway. but she says that is definitely something the state can control. >> so i think that frustration is that we haven't had a role in working with amtrak to decide what their capital
6:40 pm
they decide whether going to fix and then they're going to fix it but we are effective. >> secretary says the state will be having an intense conversation with amtrak to begin the riyadh resolve some of these issues. >> reached out to amtrak for response we will update you with what they have to say when we hear back. >> internal audit mbta's overtime uncovered the agency had no standard policies and procedures for regulating overtime. the audit shows some employees were pulling their own overtime high earners city employees take instead overtime six nights and weekends on it did not turn up any findings of fraudulent conduct mbta said that working to develop policy that will track and manage overtime. the two people charged with dealing drugs and how to get done in a babies bassinet. arraigned in court.both base drug trafficking charges and gun charges. after police said they found
6:41 pm
the norfolk street home. officers also gave us this photo here that shows a loaded handgun tucked in the seat of the bassinet at the scene. police did not say if the child lives in the home. fire officials try to figure out the fire that destroyed a former mill was intentionally set. arson watch reward program posters were put up around weaver street in the fall river area today attempt to get information from the community. however investigators and have not determined that arson cause that massive ire on saturday morning. >> tackling drug abuse by fighting against a nominee to the fda.
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new trees across new england scribble to save lives senator ed markey says fda is filling to keep americans getting hooked in the painkiller. >> reporter: the number one right now. sinners and marking tool means is in the fda filling in the fight to contamination opioid posing nomination doctor rob caleb x fda commissioner of his touch the pharmaceutical industry else they will require outside experts approval. for new painkillers particularly for children. i believe the president should step in as a way to maybe we better rethink this.
6:45 pm
approved manufacturer 12 alien as last year just not doing the job making sure that each and everyone is safe for consumption. >> 80 percent of all people overdosing from heroine and the night states today started on these prescription drugs.fda just released a plan to stop opioid deaths which include expanded use of a wiser committee other treatment options boston massachusetts police chief cofounder a program that allows them addicted to seek help from law-enforcement without the risk of arrest. says they need help from the fda. >> the fda has a role to play they need to play that role so that local law-enforcement state law enforcement can get the job done on the streets. despite the senators objections they realize fda nomination as a snuff support to become confirmed with this week. said about tonight clear the way for confirmation. >> meantime new concerns about the overdose reversal drug called narcan is used by emts and first responders on heroin
6:46 pm
could be enabling them instead. >> they hit me seven times. the debate between saving a life and enabling attic continues tonight at 10. fox 25 investigates heather hegedus. >> nothing out there to alert you about right now beautiful full moan to look at is clear and mostly clear anyway getting colder but look down the coast you'll find our concern the system were learning about going to bring you precipitation tomorrow evening and make it slippery just in time for your evening commute that's the issue really no clouds and sun mixing together
6:47 pm
the middle of the day couple of floors to blowing off the ocean inconsequential but this has consequences. during the four or 5 o'clock hour snow spreading into the southern tier of massachusetts into worcester county went along the pipe by 5 o'clock into boston during the 6 o'clock hour and points southward southeastern mass have some snow falling during the evening drive pushes northward onto the north shore done eight to 9 o'clock hour. after the evening commute most sleep for the north shore but up until then during the evening drive to boston worcester and the south shore comes that mixing line over the 9 o'clock north of plymouth into boston by 11:30 tomorrow night still snowing back here though and that snow will continue and start to change over to rain rob him is here that pink is where temperatures are at or below freezing the rain falling on the air and freezing on contact. that's a bigger issue because
6:48 pm
amounts not very much half-inch boston two inch worcester 1.2 in norwood these are numbers from the commuter models i'm not forecasting down to a 10th of an inch generally according to two inches across the area and then the rain to wash it all away anyway you wouldn't have a chance of get out measure in most cases. a winter weather by three with that means is going to get slippery in these places especially this takes you to worcester county northwest middlesex county and points west from there. doesn't include areas east even olympia little bit of snow with the changeover have the rain will wash away a warm-up. it's back into worcester county especially northern worcester county around to northwest middlesex county back into the west even into your area southern new hampshire southwest especially where temperatures going to stay cold enough that you get ice on top of the snow that's where my biggest concern there's that pink color here for
6:49 pm
wednesday tomorrow evening little bit of snow wednesday morning commute most of us having rain showers but it's back here beyond 495 and along to especially going to have that ice persisting even into the afternoon still some spots of ice possible and then will warm up everywhere for just rain through wednesday evening look at the heavy rain it's going to come through during thursday mornings commute another commute affected by the storm system. two storm systems this now storm number two bringing the heavy rain to boston by 8:30 in the morning on thursday it will start to dry out and clear out. so here's a precipitation looking up tuesday evening snow hundred percent chance to go to see some snow out there tuesday night freezing rain along with rain either but obvious issues biggest problem in the rain and freezing rain for wednesday through the commute and then again during the evening commute some more rain coming on in heavy rain to thursday morning commute so much
6:50 pm
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us happy year with a spring training continues and the trend continues across majorly a small player showing up early for work out today to wiley but showed up early for the red sox. none bigger than david ortiz was by dustin joya allows flying down butch stearns here bright knowledge take it all in. >> david ortiz arrival at spring training on monday his farewell tour has already begun. and that means dustin pedroia will soon take over the role of
6:54 pm
>> with dustin pedroia and david ortiz holding camp now this full squad is pretty much together and you starting to see this team take shape. >> there's still many questions for this team like hanley ramirez making the transition to first base. but for now spring training is all about perspective. this team has a lot to prove doesn't it? >> yes absolutely i mean it's an opportunity quote try to be the best of the team. that's where look at every season. it's a fresh start to try to win the world series. >> for big poppy this the final go-round so we really is taking his time soaking it all in did talk with the media
6:55 pm
he is the mayor of fort myers certainly the leader of this red sox clubhouse. >> when things get challenging for us, typically he's one of the first that speaks up. to try to bring a sense of calmness. his consistent every day. the same guy walking in. he really cares about you as a person. that's why you love them. he always has your back. that's all you can ask for out of a teammate. >> yesterday the closest finish in the history of the daytona 500 today a chance to talk to check with the winner denny hamlin listen to this. i had a feeling but i wasn't sure i was waiting for confirmation on the radio i asked a couple of times all i could hear was the background people yelling and screaming so i kind of took that is yes you did it just took a while i
6:56 pm
straightaway when i finally came to realization that we did win it. just all does happen so fast on the last lap. busy night boston sports timberwolves host the celtics and minnesota bruins back home to face the blue jackets will be back your live at 10 o'clock with the very latest 20 or more red sox talk go to my facebook page butch stearns a live video for you in about five minutes hope you can join us there. >> good time in florida. the good to go. little snow little ice rain after that strong winds to essentially affect three days worth of commutes for at least part of each of those days before we quiet down the end of the week. latest timing on everything tonight with the newest information coming in to track that storm coming out of the
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
>> tonight, new kardashian backlash. ffnd out why kris jenner was booed in front of thousands. >> and kanye breaks up a violent paparazzi brawl. >> wait unti see the crazy way he broke up the fight. plus, we have t first photo of kim and kanye's baby boy. what camille cosby know? "e.t" is on the scene.


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