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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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th sto tracker weather center. and shiri, wintry weather is making a comeback today. >> shiri: it is. not until later on for the evening commute, so let's savor the quiet conditions. 27 degrees in boston. still seeing those nice clear skies. we are down to 21 in burlington we are down to 21 in burlington. 22 in lawrence. 24 in dedham. there is that little bit of a chill in the air and still looking at clear skies in the air at 22 degrees. up to amherst, new hampshire at 21 degrees. some mid- to upper 20s for the south shore with a little bit of cloud cover out there now. clouds only get thicker as we go. so 7 a.m. temperatures right around 25 degrees. by noontime, 39 degrees. and then we turn cloudy for the afternoon at 40 at 3 p.m. by 7:00 this evening, the chance for know is going to start to rise and you can see it is peaking, the chance for snow and ice during the overnight hours and into your wednesday morning commute. we will take a look at how much snow and ice to plan around in
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over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. >> reporter: shiri, we are going to appreciate clear conditions for the morning because it is going to be a real challenge as you mentioned as the weather steps in for tomorrow. route 1, 93 south wide open pike through the weston tolls and the allston-brighton. 25 minutes from the pike to mass avenue. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split. and 25 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 4:31 right now. we are following breaking news a this hour. a 4-year-old boy found wandering in a neighborhood alone on a dark, cold night. >> julie: he was found less than two hours ago. fox25's michael henrich is live from the dorchester neighborhood neighborhood where michael, police got a call around 3 a.m. >> reporter: they were here within just a couple of minutes. and here is gaston and blue hill avenue. this is a strip here that if it were a few hours later would be very busy during the morning commute. so on one hand, thank goodness that boy wasn't out when it was
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at the same time, this little boy, 4 years old was out here in the middle of the night, and it is very cold out. it is below freezing at this point and he was out here all alone. what we have learned from our overnight crew here at the scene is that somebody happened upon this kid and called police. police came out. ems came out. checked the boy out at the scene. and ended up taking him to a hospital. now i have reached out to boston police media relations department which typically doesn't open for another few hours and i am already on the ball here trying to work to get more information how this person is doing first and formost. where his family is and how far he might have wandered. these are all unanswered questions at this point. we are working to get the answers for you and we will have more reports starting in 30 minutes. for now live in dorchester. michael henrich, fox25 news. a massive manhunt continues for a man they say attacked an officer and caused that same officer to have a violent car
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police say michael guthro and jacqueline murray were pulled over when guthrow tried to stab the officer with a syringe and sped away. the officer chased them into saugus until he crashed it into poles. they spotted the two in stolen car that crashed on the lynn fell. police arrested murphy but guthrow got away. guthrow is considered dangerous guthrow is considered dangerous. we are looking to get live report from police. a local officer is under paid leave and under investigation for a hit-and-run crash. a story fox25 investigates first broke on our news at 6:00 first broke on our news at 6:00. cambridge police tell fox25 it happened on sunday night. a pickup truck hate car. the truck did not pull over and the police officer did not turn him self in.
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most likely not wearing the university. witnesses took pictures of the vehicle and kept track of the license plate number. a clear description of the truck. >> a pickup truck with an extended cab on the back julie the name of the officer will be released if charges are filed. the victim of the crash was taken to mass general and is expected to recover. a group of men being blamed for a pair of terrifying home invasions in one small town. police in metheun said the break-ins happened saturday night. one on howell street. the another camden street. three masked men came into the home with guns. force the women who live it to lie on the ground while they took money and jewelry and they took one woman's cell phone leaving her with no way to call for help. >> she didn't have a home phone >> she didn't have a home phone. she went and found her husband down the street in a business and made the phone call together. >> reporter: neither victim was hurt. a stolen car used by the suspect as their getaway vehicle was later found on the
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4:35. boston police are called to a fight for a vigil for a death. they got report of a fight at the dorchester vigil and they didn't arrest anyone or find any weapons. the vigil was for 15-year-old dion hopkins. amari pope, 16, is charged with murdering hopkins. officials say pope attacked hopkins with a kitchen knife. hopkins' family said everyone involved has lost something. >> it is sad. my nephew -- two kids, two family families destroyed. >> julie: prosecutors say pope has a lengthy rap sheet and a history of skipping off on court. monitor. he is being held on bail until the next court hearing. dozens of people arrested after a three-day house party. neighbors tell fox25 the party on maple avenue in bridgewater started thursday and didn't end until bridgewater police showed
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police say two 21-year-old hosts were serving alcohol minors. the clerk's office at brockton district court tells fox25 the rest of the 41 partygoerers will be arraigned throughout the week. this morning a teenager charged with attacking a student at umass amherst is being held without wail. william mccuen pled guilty of charge of armed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. police say he and another suspect were involved in a robbery that triggered a campus lockdown. the victim was attack the in his dorm and hit in the head with a gun. prosecutors say the incident was drug related. a traumatic scene could come back to the streets of watertown. producers of the movie patriots day are asking watertown residents to ask them to allow them to re-create the shoot out between police and the tsarnaev brothers. some people in watertown say they feel fear and panic. many have bullet holes in their home. the flier said the movie would
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compensate them on the intrusion on their private property. it focuses on the boleings it focuses on the bole it focuses on the bombings and search for the tsarnaev brothers. students at the elementary school with bad air quality will remain home for the second straight day. the school did not open after school vacation week. tests taken over the break reveal concerning results in two sections of the school. administrators hope to have the problem solved today to students can return to class tomorrow. one day after visiting massachusetts, vermont senator bernie sanders will be campaigning in virginia. and he entertained a crowd at umass amherst. spoke to heards of the ironworkers union in south boston. the senator told the crowd his campaign is going strong despite the nevada caucus on saturday. >> we are in this campaign to the ends. we have gone much faster, much
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would have believed possible. >> daniel: today hillary clinton are bring her campaign to south carolina. democrats in that state will go to the polls this coming weekend. controversy for one of the leading republican candidates. texas senator ted cruz said he asked a campaign spokesman to resign following a tweet in wit staffer falsely accused marco rubio of insulting the bible. the tweet was deleted, but both marco rubio and donald trump blasted cruz over the incident. and today, the republican hopefuls will battle for delegates in nevada. the state is holding gop caucuses tonight. donald trump has momentum heading into the state. the billionaire is come off victory victories in the new hampshire and south carolina primaries. senators marco rubio and cruz have been balance ling for second place. we will bridge you the results tonight on fox25 news at 10:00 and 11:00. massachusetts voter also go to the polls one week from today. the presidential primary the presidential primaries in the commonwealth are on super tuesday.
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states will make their white house picks. fox25 will have continuing coverage of all the presidential candidates. join us here and online for the very latest developments and up to the minute election results. a brockton woman is facing charges for a crash that damage charges for a crash that damaged a local starbucks. breaking yesterday on the fox25 morning news. we showed you the woman's car left a large hole in the side of the coffee shop on route 1 in norwood. police said she lost control of her car on the way home from work and slammed into the side of the building. she was charged with negligent operation and leaving the scene of an accident. customers were turned away for hours while contractors repaired the damage. the store will be open this morning. and the mbta is making headlines again, this time over the agency's overtime policy. an internal audit uncovered the agency had no standard policies and procedures for regulating overtime. some employees were approving their own ot. the mbta said they are senior employees taking standard
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are weekends. they are looking to develop a policy to track and manage overtime. we are getting more insight into the amtrak signal failure that created a nightmare commute. officials were not able to fix the issue so crews had to be flown in from other states. the problem stranded commuter rail riders at south station for hours last thursday. frank depaula explains to fox25 why it took so long to fix the problem. >> amtrak resolved the problem by essentially wiping the program clean from the plc. '80s technology that controls both switches. the program itself had to be flown up from bc on a laptop so wasn't until overnight thursday into friday that they were able to do that operation. >> daniel: massdot said amtrak has promised to perform an after action review of how this handled the signature failure. we track traffic and weather for you every ten
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right now, here is a look at your live drive times. 23 minutes on 95 south from 495 and andover down to the leverett connector. shiri? >> shiri: grab a coat. temperatures in the 20s. and few clouds from the 5 p.m. drive home in from work. chance of snow with temperatures in the 30s. take you hour by hour through the snow, ice and rain next. >> julie: talk to you soon, shiri. double the blessing for a pair of sisters. they are twins and helped welcome twins, and why they now have people taking a triple look. big papi has arrived.
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>> the celtics are not been home since the all-star break. cs wrap willing up a a three cs wrap willing up a a three-game trip to minnesota. no kevin garnett for the timberwolves and plenty of score scoring. time running out in the third. a bank and hits the prayer. minnesota up 9. but the celtics come back. avery bradley hits the 3 to get boston within one. there it is. the free throw. and marcus smart with the chance to win it. come on ... no. shot is short. cs lose 124-122. the bruins return florida their 6th big road trip with win but picked up jet-lag. game tied at 2 and bruins don't
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shot home from the wing. later in the period blue jackets on the power play. here we he go. this shot slides into the net. and m+ aleski will get his second of the night. just not enough. columbus wins 6-4. down in ft. myers. the david ortiz retirement tour officially under way. big papi arrived in florida for the final spring training. during the off season ortiz said this season will be his last. he was in ft. myers taking swings from the cage and catching up with teammates. he and dustin pedroia are expected to be leaders from the team as they look to bounce back from the last-place finish in 2015. speculation of how ortiz would get along with david price in should clear up the mystery. big papi is following price on instagram. so everything is cool. the two had heated battles when price pitched for tampa and toronto but those days appear to be over.
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sports reporter butch stearns are in ft. myers at the start of spring training. you can see their reports on fox25. also bonus coverage on social media. state lawmakers are trying to reform a relatively new law that impacts divorced couples. the new proposal comes less than five years after the first alimony reform bill was passed. it was supposed to make big changes to the way pavements are awarded making it need are awarded making it need-based and ending alimony for life. critics stay only leads to confusion and misinterpretation confusion and misinterpretation. retired schoolteacher chester christian says hoping relief from the new law, but only cost him more in legal fees. >> over $800 a month going in that direction. and i read the law, i said there is a chance to get my life back in check. >> to have our case dismissed and really reject it, it was just mind blowing. i couldn't -- i -- to this day
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>> daniel: critics say some judges are misinterpreting the law and others are ignoring law and others are ignoring.tampa the new reform bill keeps the existing intent, but contains stronger language. now 4:47. if you were getting ready to head out the door, this is what you need to know. things moving along fine on the expressway. i am seeing a little slow spot southbound right around granite avenue. work crews are still taking their time out here wrapping up work for the day. but otherwise fly along 128 as you work your way to the pike. pike itself good from framingham through the tolls. what you will see through brighton. 11 minutes from 104 to 128. and 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us. and shiri, like i mentioned, quiet conditions right now. tomorrow morning will be more of a challenge. >> shiri: yeah, even starting as early as tonight. tonight and tomorrow morning we have snow and ice in the
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going to have some slippery travel. i have mild downpours wednesday night into thursday morning, and also the strongest winds that will roll in on early thursday. we have got this first system that is going to be coming our way. this is the one that will be cool now spread out some of that snow and ice, but this is the one that is going to bring us the wind and the downpours coming all the way from texas here. it almost has tropical moisture attached to it. but right now 27 degrees in boston. we have got increasing clouds today, but stays fairly quiet. 28 degrees at 6 a.m. 8 a.m., 32 degrees. we have high temperatures today coming close to 40 degrees in the boston area. i have us going to 41 there and beverly, lawrence over to lowell. 43 today in hudson. 39 in worcester. 41 in keene and milford, new hampshire. and you will see more of these lowers from hull to plymouth. 40 in hyannis. the clouds will pump in your town and cities. and they are coming in off the
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so keeping it dry but cloud the afternoon until we hit 4 to 7:00 tonight. that's when i have indications that snow is going to be moving in. it is going to be spreading up from the south. so during the evening commute, this doesn't need to stay at 5 p.m. we are still in the clear in and around the boston area. i could see snow in place during the evening commute. we see a pretty quick changeover to plain ol' rain for the cape and islands. minimal snow accumulation and the rest of the area two inches of snow likely possibly a little higher into central and western massachusetts. you can see by 1:00 tonight. this is 1 a.m. we have got that rain and snow line that is passing close to the pike and working its way northward, the transition to not just rain but freezing rain because cold to the north and west of boston and slow to warm up. tomorrow morning points north and west, we still got to watch out for ice out for icy travel conditions. in boston itself above freezing at 7:00 tomorrow morning. southeastern massachusetts.
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guys because it will be mild enough, but overnight tonight, a coating and a quick change to rain over the cape and islands from the south shore to the north shore, boston, southeastern massachusetts. a coating to 2 inches of snow expected. that is the general rule as we look inland as well. i just want to point thought deeper shading. may have a better chance of of seeing slightly higher totals. as much as 3 inches of snow, central massachusetts, merrimack valley, southern new hampshire. on top of that anywhere from trace amounts of ice to quarter inch of ice. again those areas inland are going to be more prone to seeing little bit thicker layer of ice. of course it takes only a trace to make travel conditions treacherous tomorrow. unfortunately our winter weather advisory goes all the way until noon especially spots like the merrimack valley because it is typically so slow to warm up in those spots. we have scattered showers. it turns warmer, but during the afternoon the overnight hours. here come those downpours along
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straight into thursday morning. at least we are not going to have icy concerns out there for commute. it is going to be messy between fog, rain, wind, and possibly even some minor coastal flooding along the south coast. still pretty blustery at 44 degrees degrees. saturday and sunday partly cloudy highs in the 40s and 48 late rain. back to you guys. soon. using your faith. coming up, why one company says selfies could be the best way to prevent identity theft. a big warning about credit card skimming. thieves are stepping up their tactics.
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police in one town make a dangerous and unusual find. this cup was found on a sidewalk in chicopee full of packets of heroin. police say they are thankful it did not fall into the hands of any children. health experts in the united states are working to get ahead of a dangerous outbreak. the team from the cdc arrived in brazil where they will work with scientists to investigate complications that could be caused by the zika virus. the virus is mosquito borne and pregnant women. may want to figure out if zika is causing a surge in birth defects. one case hand been confirmed
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a company with sources in massachusetts say they have been linked to cancer. certain kind of lumber intoings made from lumber liquidate made from lumber liquidator have a chance to cause the disease. those to bought the flooring say three times more likely to get cancer. the formaldehyde in the flooring. the cdc's revised calculation overestimates any potential health risks from these products and we are encouraged that cdc is seeking a broader review of their conclusion. there is a surge of people having their information stolen from an atm. across the country and right here. someone use something called a skimming device at two convenience stores. thieves are trying to cash in on debit cards before magnetic strips are phased off and security chips. >> atm skim something defense flitly on the rise. and as long as the chip and pin
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magnetic stripe cards are on their way out, the atm skimming will continue to rise. >> julie: experts say the best way to stop thieves from getting your information, cover up the keywad when you punch in your pin. the stolen credit card emergencies is use willing without it. a new way to pray using selfies as a security. mastercard has new mastercard has new technology for selfies. you have to snap a chevy to prove that it is you making the purchase. blank and use a different picture every time. selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than passwords. other companies are looking into identification and heartbeats and eye scans. 4:56 right now. breaking news. a little boy is found walking a busy road all alone. >> julie: we are working to get new details right now. where the boy was found and how that could lead police to his family. a cambridge police officer is on leave as investigators
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now a 5:00, a winter weather advisory in effect later today as snow and ice moves in by the evening commute moves in by the evening commute. how long in your town we deal with the slippery conditions. fox25 investigates. a woman is hurt in a hit-and-run crash. why police are take why police are taking a closer look at one their own officers in the case. and breaking news this morning, a 4-year-old wandering the streets alone in the dead of night. we are live from the dorchester neighborhood where he was found as police track down his family as police track down his family. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now, there are is the fox25 morning news. everybody. it is tuesday, february 23. i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. cold start to the morning.
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fox25 shiri spear ning us from the fox25 storm tracker weather center. shiri, looking at a mess moving in and pretty long duration too. >> it is. a couple of waves of it. the first wave arrives through the evening commute and lasts through the wednesday morning commute. things will get sloppy. we are talking increasing clouds. temperature-wise, we are in the 20s right now. 27 in boston. 22 in worcester. 27 in hyannis with mostly clear skies. future cast as we travel toward 7 a.m., notice we have increasing clouds. temperatures still in the mid- to upper 20s here. 20s are the rule this morning. sunglasses by noontime. i don't expect all this need them any more because the clouds will take over. 4 on the screen and seven here and we have that snow that be pushing in. during the evening commute, clouds taking over the daylight hours in with highs 36 to 42. not just snow that i am concerned with overnight. but ice as well.


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