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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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fox25 shiri spear ning us from the fox25 storm tracker weather center. shiri, looking at a mess moving in and pretty long duration too. >> it is. a couple of waves of it. the first wave arrives through the evening commute and lasts through the wednesday morning commute. things will get sloppy. we are talking increasing clouds. temperature-wise, we are in the 20s right now. 27 in boston. 22 in worcester. 27 in hyannis with mostly clear skies. future cast as we travel toward 7 a.m., notice we have increasing clouds. temperatures still in the mid- to upper 20s here. 20s are the rule this morning. sunglasses by noontime. i don't expect all this need them any more because the clouds will take over. 4 on the screen and seven here and we have that snow that be pushing in. during the evening commute, clouds taking over the daylight hours in with highs 36 to 42. not just snow that i am concerned with overnight. but ice as well.
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over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, as usual, a decent time to leave the house julie things are moving along nicely, route 1, 93 1, 93, bright green, nothing is slowing you down. pipe similar story from framingham to the tolls to the allston-brighton areas. 24 minutes from the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from route 1 southbound peabody to the weston tolls. back over to you. a little boy is found wandering alone in the cold and the dark. >> gene: fox25's michael henrich live in the dorchester neighborhood where police got calls about this 4-year-old just two hours ago and, michael, he was alone on a very busy blue hill avenue. >> reporter: the street gets very very busy in a few hour. it was relatively abandoned
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when this child was walking along gaston and blue hill avenue. i want to show this footage of the ambulance taking this young boy away. they took him to the hospital and checked him out on the scene. it -- he seemed to be okay and we are work working to find that out. and it was cold and somebody happened upon him and called police. police were out here in a matter of minutes, and when that call came in at 3:00, it was really only until 3:15 when the scene -- not did police respond, but they actually already cleared it. they were only out here for a few minutes getting that by to safety as quickly as possible, but so many unanswered questions as we first reported a half hour ago. we are working to find out where this boy comes from, how he is doing, where his family is, how far he might have wandered to get to this point in the middle of the night all are alone. as soon as we get those answers, we will, of course, bring them to new an update right here on the fox25 morning news. for now i am reporting live in dorchester, michael henrich, fox25 news.
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fire investigators are blame fire investigators are blaming a hoverboard for starting a fire at a home in chelmsford. the fire happened at 8:30 on mon mouth street. gift. but just this week federal safety regulators told people not to use them because they could easily catch fire. fortunately no one was hurt in this fire. this morning a local police officer is on paid leave in the wake of a hit-and-run crash. this is a story that fox25 investigates first broke on our news at 6 p.m. and are this morning. fox25 catherine parrotta is live in cambridge working to get new details as this investigation moves forward, and catherine, you are live where this crash happened. >> reporter: happened here portland and broadway street. so far no charges have been filed. fox25 investigates did confirm the officer's gun and badge were turned in. a firsthand account of what happened here. this crash happened sunday night at that intersection we just pointed out broadway and
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just blocks from the police station. according to the cambridge police dispatches obtained by fox25, officers were sent to the scene of a hit-and-run where a 32 where a 3 2-year-old female bicyclist was hit here is what that call sounded like. >> broadway and portland street for a motor vehicle accident, motor vehicle versus a bicyclist. black truck. >> reporter: witness gave police the license plate number the vehicle involved. the car didn't pull over and the driver didn't turn himself in. cambridge police confirm an off-duty police officer is now under investigation for this crash. the officer is on paid leave while state police accident reconstruction work with cambridge police on this case. now the reason why we are not telling you the officer's name because no charges have been filed. that nvlingts would only be released if that becomes the case. and we will continue to check to than. in the meantime, fox25 did go to the home where this officer was said to be living. the man came to the door and said that the officer does not
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we have not been able to get the officer's side of the story. we will be checking in with cambridge police today. in the meantime, we learned a little something more what something like could carry for penalty if charges are filed and a conviction happens down the road. we will tell you more about that next hour. live in cambridge, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. now 5:05. a group of gunmen now being blamed for a pair of terrifying home invasion in one small town. police in metheun said the break-ins happened saturday night. a home on howell street and another on camp den street. they came in with guns and forced the women who lived there to lie on the ground while they mook money and jewelry. and they took one woman's cell phone that had her looking for help. >> she didn't have a home phone >> she didn't have a home phone. she went down the street to a business and they made the phone call together. >> gene: the getaway vehicle was later found on the street
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from his dartmouth looking for two suspects that robbed a local chipotle. on sunday night the armed suspect forced employees into a cooler and in the back room. police say after the struggle, both suspects took off with the cash drawer and about $300. this morning, two local reminding residents to keep their cars locked. from his finchburg and winchendon said that several weekend. thefts in the area as winter storm winter stormier, summer, winchendon. police did arrest someone and found some of the stolen items. happening this morning, there will be extra security at several schools across massachusetts. there was a series of bomb threats made against nearly a dozen schools from a haverhill to chatham yesterday. many of the threats are made by computer generated phone calls. skyfox was over newton north high school after a threat was made to that building. police and fire fighters checked the school but nothing was found.
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high school. students and staff remained in their classrooms while authorities investigated. none of the threats were credible. the is part of the investigation into threats like these across the country. a judge will now decide if the families of 267 the families of 26 people in the sandy hook school shooting can sue a gun maker. lawyer for remington arms wants the wrongful death lawsuit dropped. adam lanza used a gun from that company when he stormed the school killing 26 first-graders and school employees. they said the gunman knew the sale of the ar-15 rifle was a danger to the public. >> all we want and hope to achieve to prevent other family families from going through this. if we can use sandy hook and our tragedy to help save the lives of others, then that's what we are going to do.
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they are pro effected by a federal law that shields gun manufacturers over most lawsuits of the criminal use of their products. family and friends will hold memorials of the six people killed by an uber driver. we have been following this story out of kalamazoo weekend since the weekend. jason dalton confessed to the deadly rampage in court. on saturday, he began firing at random people driving uber passengers around. he is a marry he is a married father of two with no prior record. they found a stash of weapons in his home. no word of a possible motive. he will be held on bail. bill cosby's wife will testify in the coming weeks in the wake of a sex assault scandal involving her husband. camille cosby was forced to answer questions for seven hours in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. seven women are suing bill cosby for statements that a spokesperson e-mailed made
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drugging and raping women. lawyers for the women say camille's testimony is key. >> she would have had and have been in an unique position to serve, to understand. without any communication from her husband as to whether or not whether or not this type of behavior was going on. >> sara: bill cosby was not at the hotel in springfield as she testified. she slipped in and out of the building without being seen. she will continue her deposition on march 14. with a disturbing internet crime. new hampshire police arrested henry stebbins on sunday. officers got a lead last december that stebbins was talking about having sexual conduct on with a child on a web site called meet me. police searched two homes and arrested stebbins after he was one of the homes. he is in court next week.
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6,000 drivers have their prints taken when they renew their licenses. it will be part of background checks. this is a big security stlang they have over ride hiring firms like uby. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a look at the expressway northbound as you head out the door. an easy seven minutes from the braintree split to columbia road. shiri. currently facing clear conditions at 2 degrees. temperatures to the 20s for the morning commute. 7 a.m., 25 degrees. clouds come into play when the snow moves back in next. 5:10 this morning. as we approach the anniversary of the boston marathon bombing, movie producers are asking some witnesses to relive the chaos, still ahead the mark wahlberg film of the water town shootout could bring neighbors back a tragic day that they try to put
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back at 5:13. voters will take part in the caucuses to pick a presidential candidate to stop the momentum of donald trump. daniel miller following the campaign for us.
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donald trump has won the last two primaries and today he is looking to win a third. his rivals ted cruz and marco rubio are going at it over a video. ted cruz's communication director resigned yesterday after the director distributed a video that falsely depicts marco rubio dismissing the bible. the youtube video misrepresent. got a good book there. not many answers in it. but what rubio said all the answers are in there making the video a blatant lie. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that is deceptive and untrue. >> we are not the cam >> we are not the campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. kasich may a comment about women leaving the kitchen to support him. mainstream republicans are throwing their support behind marco rubio as their best chance to prevent donald trump
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we will be following the nevada causes cause uses -- caucuses for you all day long on fox25. news. one day after being in massachusetts, bernie sanders will be campaigning in virginia this morning. the democrat addressed an energetic crowd of students at u.s. amherst. earlier spoke with leaders of the iron workers union. the senator told the crowd that his campaign is going strong and today hillary clinton will will bring her campaign to south carolina. democrats in that state will go to the polls this coming weekend. and massachusetts voter also go to the polls one week from today. the presidential primary in the commonwealth are on super tuesday when voters in 14 states make their white house pick. fox25 will have continuing coverage of all of the presidential candidates. join us here and online for the
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the minute election results. >> julie: good tuesday morning. 5:16 and one tiny little slow spot and southbound. and i am guessing construction crews still lingering there and that's why we are seeing slow conditions. 128 fine through dedham and needham. pike clear. it a live act the zakim. very dark out there and the highlights we can see a very few number of them. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 as you head to route 1 in peabody. we are enjoying the cool and quiet commute. tomorrow morning will pose some more problems.and not just head more problems.and not just headache weather. late tonight, tomorrow, beware.
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over the next 24 hours, some of you along the coast that will end up with rain. i don't see that as a huge weather threat. certainly not as much so as the slippery conditions that we will see develop. we have got cloud cover scooting up from the south right now and you can see boston at 27 degrees. still looking mostly clear to the north of the city but with partly cloudy skies. and now we end up turning mostly cloudy by r here by in just the next couple of hours. 7 a.m., 29 degrees. 9 a.m. 35 degrees. and highs up to about 40 degrees in an around 9 degrees in an around the boston area. a couple of cooler spots. 41 to boston and beverly and 42 in plymouth and bedford. 39 in worcester. 41 in nashua 40 in hyannis. you can see it is truly rolling in as we travel into the afternoon. by 5 p.m. though, we have indication that there will be snow out there. the greatest impact during the evening commute will be out across western massachusetts,
5:18 am
a risk say 5:00 this afternoon that will start to see a couple of snowflakes in boston especially when we hit about 7:00 tonight. there will be snow showers around. by 10 p.m. though which is where -- future cast. we are already seeing the snow mix out with rain over the cape and islands and got that rain and islands and got that rain-snow line from the mass pike by 1:00 in the morning and that is the time that we will start to see rain and freezing rain form. so by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, still not going to be snowing and a layer of ice points north and west of boston. and it will be slippery for that reason. a coating and a quick changeover of rain from the cape and islands. a coating to 2 inches on top of it from southeastern massachusetts from the boston area to the north shore. once you hit the merrimack valley, central massachusetts, southern new hampshire, that's where you could see a couple of spots get as much as 3 inches of snow and on top of that the potential for a quarter-inch of ice. now that is the kind of travel condition that has me worried here for the wednesday morning commute.
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traveling, you got to budget your time. it is going to be nasty out there. hopefully the roadways are treated any time we have a freezing rain situation, there is certainly danger in that forecast. the threat is going to last us through noontime tomorrow. that is when we should scour out some of those freezing temperatures in favor of an afternoon warm-up that takes us well into the 40s here. by 5 p.m., downpours forming again and pockets of heavy rain into the thursday morning commute. thursday morning not ice and snow but downpours, wind and down across the south coast, splashover and minor coastal flooding on top of that. a very sloppy next couple of days in the works here. thankfully thursday afternoon things start to break apart, quiet down a bit and a couple of lingering showers. look at these rain totals. we are getting anywhere from one and a half to two and a half inches of rain. that is a lot of rain so do expect we will have pretty big puddles out there especially
5:20 am
we will take on fwhawrs those locations specifically thursday morning. by friday, breezy, 44 degrees. 40s over the weekend with partly cloudy skies. late on monday we get up to 48 degrees. we will have to bring the chance for rain back into the picture. back to you, guys. >> sara: all right, shiri. the city of boston's latest murder involves a teenaged victim and teenaged suspect. the long history with the law and the new tlubl broke out a vigil for the victim. double the blessing for a pair of sisters. they are twins who each
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5:23 this morning. a california street becomes a runway for a small plane. the plane came down just outside of an airport and plowed into several cars. the pilot walked away and no one on the ground was hurt either. fire officials say the pilot was trying to land at the airport and lost control. the center of coastal studies snapped these shots of right whales.
5:24 am
marine mammals and congregate in cape cod bay every year. boaters and swimmers say it is illegal to come within 500 yards of a right whale. gene, for twin sisters out in utah everything comes in pairs, including their children pairs, including their children. check this out. kelly and carrie both welcomed their second set of twins each. there are now five sets of twins in one family. they both started off trying to have kids but had fertility issues. they went to -- and had the invitro route, and had their first sets of twins and now they have plenty of kids to go around. >> she has four children, 5 and under and i have five children 4 and under. and it is kind of fun because i had a boy-girl first. she had the two girls and then we flip-flopped and she did the boy girl and i did boy, boy. so we got our bases covered. >> julie: wow. kelly said they are both done having children. she said her husband would die if he heard they were pregnant again.
5:25 am
reunions must be amazing. >> julie: i bet no shortage of hand-me-downs from all the kids kids. >> sara: around and around. >> julie: with service comes love, right? [screaming] cheering] >> julie: cheers all around. two newly appointed deputy sheriffs in los angeles are getting hitched. an officer got on one knee just after their graduation ceremony. the los angeles involves posted it on their facebook page and it is taking off. >> sara: what a cute couple. we talked to you about furry nails and an interesting style. check thought haircut. very interesting. it starts with a stylist cutting severe layers into long blonde hair and gets even more drastic. she leaves the back long and eventually you will see she tease it is out. >> julie: do you think that is real? >> sara: i just feel like you know those times when you go to
5:26 am
like it is going wrong and you go outside and you cry. >> julie: yes. >> sara: i feel like maybe this may be happening to her. >> julie: yes. [ laughter ] there are tears. she is holding back tears. >> sara: hold back until the photo shoot is over. >> julie: shiri, i don't know if we can full off. could not pull it off. >> shiri: i love you too and i think you are gorgeous but i am going to say nope. i am going to say nope. snow and ice moving in. tomorrow, we have an icy morning commute. things end up warming up by tomorrow evening, but i will take you hour by hour and show you when the travel conditions are going to be pretty dangerous out there next. the search continues this morning for a man accused of trying to stab a revere police officer with a hypodermic needle. >> a guy coming over the hill, jumped over the little wall and ran across the field. >> where he was spotted yesterday and the person now in the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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5:30 am
to cause headaches and create a mess. >> you only need that little bit of ice on top of this, and that is exactly what we have, snow and ice starting as soon as 4:00 tonight when i got that winter weather advisory going into effect that lasts us all throughout tomorrow morning. let's enjoy the quiet weather while we can. 27 in boston. 25 in watertown now. 22 in framingham. north of the city still looking nice and clear even into worcester at 22 degrees. you got a touch of cloud cover. in pepperell and amherst, new hampshire. the clouds are thicker over southeastern mass with temps in the upper 20s in marshfield. 33 degrees in sandwich, and temperatures that should hold steady for the next couple of hours. 7 a.m., 25 degrees. still getting a little bit of partial sun out there, especially points north, but we do have that increasing cloud cover as we travel through the day through noontime, 39 degrees. 3 p.m., 40 degrees. it will be cloudy at that point it will be cloudy at that point, and by 7:00 tonight, we have got a risk of snow going up, peaking overnight into wednesday morning.
5:31 am
coming up in minutes. julie grauert standing by with live drive-time traffic this morning and julie, you have slow spots. julie i do, route 9 boylston street partially blocked because of an accident. overall volume is light so not impacting the drive time, but you will see a little bit of police act any of the that area as they clear it out. otherwise, pike moving along just fine from framingham through newton and into the alston-brighton area. live look through brighton, very reasonable as far as volume is concerned. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. sara and gene, back to you. all right, julie, develop all right, julie, developing this morning, a dangerous man is on the run, and police are warning people across several towns to be on the lookout. >> fox25's jessica reyes is live at the revere police department, and, jess there are all started with the chase last week. >> reporter: it did, gene. the suspect's name is michael
5:32 am
he is accused of stabbing a revere police officer with a hypodermic needle. the woman he was with, she was arrested but the search for him continues. just yesterday, he and that woman jacqueline murphy were spotted in a stolen car on lynn feld parkway. the two tried to take off but eventually ended up crashing into another car. police arrested murphy but he got away we understand. police have been searching for the two of them since last thursday when they were pulled over in revere. police say guthrow took out his syringe and stabbed that police officer before speeding away. the officer chased him into chelsea and that's where he ended up crashing his cruiser. he was taken to mass general hospital for his injuries. now one man we spoke to yesterday was sitting down for lunch when he saw guthrow sprinting through his yard. >> i saw the guy coming up the little hill and jumped over the little wall and ran across the field. the first thing i did was grab my bat and call police.
5:33 am
to the hospital and later moved to the state police barracks. she is expected to be arraigned at chelsea district court later this morning. we have been following this story for a better part of the week since last thursday. right now we are working to bring you the latest information on this search, and we are going to continue to do that all morning long here. we are live in revere, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. breaking news, a 4-year-old boy found wandering a neighborhood alone in the dark on a very cold night. >> right now he is being evaluated at the hospital. fox25's michael henrich is following this investigation, and michael, two and a half hours after this boy was found, we still don't know if his parents have actually been tracked down. >> we don't know where his family is. we don't know weather police have found them. we don't know how the boy is doing at this point, and we don't know what he was doing out here. so a lot of things we don't know. what we do know, that he was here at blue hill avenue and gaston street in dorchester in the middle of the night. 3:00 in the morning, somebody just happened to come across
5:34 am
boston police came out and checked him out at the scene. this 4-year-old boy and brought him to a hospital in unknown condition. we don't know if the kid had a coat on in the 20s, the high 20s at that point in the early morning hours. so, of course, this is concerning when ever a child is alone on the street. blue hill avenue a couple of hours will be a very, very busy street. just in the last hour we have seen an uptick in the number of cars and passersb y+. we are working to find out more and answer a lot of those unanswered questions reaching out to police and ems and as soon as we get answers for you, i will bring that you important update on how the child is doing on for now live in dorchester, michael henrich, fox25 newspapers. boston police are called to a fight at a vigil for a 15-year-old teenager who was stabbed to death. this morning police got reports of a fight at the vigil, but
5:35 am
find any weapons. the vigil for 15-year-old dion hopkins. 16-year-old amari pope is charged with murdering hopkins in dorchester sunday night. prosecutors say pope was headed to the barber with his girlfriend when hopkins and the girl got into an argument. officials said that is when pope attacked hopkins with a kitchen knife. hopkins' family says everyone involved has lost something. >> like i said, my nephew -- two families destroyed. >> prosecutors say mope a lengthy rap sheet and a history of skipping out of court and cut off gps ankle monitoring bracelet. pope is being held on bail until his next court hearing. 5:35, and a traumatic scene could come back to the streets of watertown. producers of the movie "patriots day" are reportedly asking watertown residents to allow them to re-create the shootout between police and the tsarnaev brothers.
5:36 am
they feel fear and panic in the wake of the shootout. they still have bullet holes in their homes. they will work with homeowners land compensate them on intrusion into their property. the movie focuses on the search for the tsarnaev brothers. a elementary school's bad air quality, students will stay home for a second straight day. the clive brown elementary school did not reopen after vacation week. concerning results in two sections of the school. administrators hope to have the problem solved today. a brockton woman facing charges for a crash that damage charges for a crash that damaged a local starbucks. breaking yesterday. we showed. the car lost a hole in the wall in norwood. she lost control on her way home from work and slammed into the building. she was charged with negligent operation and leaving the scene of an accident.
5:37 am
hours while contractors repaired the damage. the store will be open this morning. the mbta is making headline the mbta is making headlines again, this time over the agency's overtime policy. an internal audit show the agency had no standard policies and procedures. the audit showed that some employees were approving their own ot. the mbta said the high earners are largely senior employees taking standard overtime shifts on nights and weekends. the mbta said they are working to develop a policy that will track and manage the overtime. we are getting more insight into amtrak's fail their created a nightmare commute last week. the mbta says local amtrak workers were not able to quickly fix the issue. so crews had to be flown in from other states. the problem stranded commute rider for hours. frank depaul la explained to fox25 why it took so long to fix the problem. >> amtrak resolved the problem
5:38 am
program clean from the plc. this is '80s technology that controlled those switches. the program itself had to be flown up from bc on the laptop. so not until overnight thursday into friday that they were able to do that operation. mass dot says amtrak has promised to perform a so-called after action review of how this handled the signal failure. police in one local town make a dang thursday and unusual find. this cup was found on a sidewalk in chicopee full of packets of heroin. it did not fall into the hands of any children. health experts in the united states are working to get ahead of a dangerous outbreak. a team from the cdc arrived in brazil where they will work with scientists -- scientists to investigate complications that could be caused by the zika virus. the virus is mosquito borne and especially dangerous to pregnant women. they want to figure out if zika is really cause is really causing a surge in
5:39 am
one case has been confirmed right here in massachusetts. a foreign company with storing in massachusetts now being linked to cancer. certain types of laminate flooring made by lumber liquidate liquidators have a greater risk of causing the disease. people who bought the flooring are three times more likely to get cancer. the problem is the formaldehyde in the flooring. the company responded saying the cdc's revised calculation overestimates the health irs frx these products and we are encouraged that the cdc is seek encouraged that the cdc is seeker a broader review of their conclusions. the city of revere is making changes to prevent a neighborhood from being flooded again. it an update to a story we have been following for more than a week. fox25 was first to show you the layers of ice along arcadia street. a gate which keeps seawater from flooding the area failed to close during the storm. the gate will be closed manually when bad weather
5:40 am
we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. at the top of the hour i told you -- nine minutes ago i told about this accident on route 9 eastbound. we now learned that all of those eastbound lanes are closed because of the accident near hammond street in newton. until they reopen those lanes. shiri? >> shiri: pretty easy going out there, julie. temperatures in the 20s and only a couple of clouds around. heading home from work, a slight chance of snow at 5 p.m. much better chance by 7:00 tonight. i will time out the overspreading snow and ice next overspreading snow and ice next. back to dry land for the gronk party boat. check him out. some people are probably extra thankful that it is over. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, at 6:00, the unwelcomed unwelcomeed surprise for some people who booked a ticket and ended up with all of plus, your debit card at risk. scam artists working fast to steal your information.
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this morning, police are noticing that more and more people are having their information stolen right from an atm. fox25's daniel miller is here to explain. and daniel, experts say that new technology is to blame. >> daniel: that's right, sara, credit cards are being phased in with new security chips. those chips look something like this. on the corner of your card. they are being brought in to replace the magnetic strips on the back to help with security. now personal security experts tell those magnetic strips are how the skimmers get your information. local police are issuing warnings this morning after a surge of people have their information stolen right from an atm. it is happening across the country and right here. attleboro police say someone used a device like this one called a skimmer at two convenience stores last weekend
5:45 am
our expert says technology can't keep up with the bad guys can't keep up with the bad guys. >> atm skim something on the rise and longs the chip and pin cards are being destroyed and the magnetic strip cards are on their way out, the atm skimming will continue to rise. >> daniel: the best way to stop thieves from getting your information is to cover up the keypad when you punch in your pin number. stolen debit card information is useless without it. if your deb wit card does not have in feature, contact your credit card company to let them know you want a new card. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. celtics have not been home since the all-star break. wrapping up a three-game trip. no kevin garnett for the t-wolves but a lot of scoring in this one. time running out in the third, calling the bank and the prayer, goes. minnesota up 9. but the celtics come back. avery bradley buries a three.
5:46 am
t-wolves make a throw. marcus smart with a chance to win it. he puts it up ... and it is short. celtics lose 124-122. bruins return home from their six-game road trip with four big wins, but they also pishingd up a little jet-lag and bruins were a tired-looking bunch against columbus at the garden. whack the shot to the wing. carlson. and later in the period, the blue jackets on the power play, the puck slides rooirt into the net. and then in the third, mat maleski the second of the night and not enough. columbus comes into the garden beating the bruins 6-4. down to ft. myers, the david ortiz retirement tour of officially under way. big papi arrived in florida for his final spring training. through off the season he said that will be his last season. he spent the first day at ft. myers take myers taking a few swings in the cage and catching up with his teammates.
5:47 am
expected to be leader this was year's team as the red sox look to bounce back from a last to bounce back from a last-place finish in 2015 last-place finish in 2015. sports director tom leyden and butch stearns are live. you can see their reports all week long and follow along on twitter, instagram and facebook for bonus coverage on social media. hundreds of used cars are for sale with a hidden risk. fox25 investigates when undercover and found used cars with open recalls just waiting to be sold. >> does it concern you that you got a couple of cars with safety issue? >> you know, it is concerning. i am not going to lie to you. a tedious tough process. we try to do the best we can. >> sara: reselling used cars with open recalls is not against the law, but eric ramussen said the problem is so big that dealers ha having a
5:48 am
what is being done to protect buyers and the action you can take tonight at 10. good morning, everyone. it is now 5:48. i am keeping a close eye on this accident on route 9 eastbound in newton. right now, the eastbound lanes still blocked near hammond street. we also have the entry ramp closed eeked at center street because of that accident. we have word that there are some power lines that are down because a car hit a pole. so a little bit of a dangerous situation. i will avoid this area and find and alternate route around it eastbound into boston. otherwise, things starting to slow down on the expressway and right around the braintree split. average speeds of 23 miles per hour. over to a live look at the expressway where volume increasing. seeing quite a few brake lights than the last time we checked on that shot. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 24 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear
5:49 am
today's commute will be a cinch compared to the weather we are dealing with tomorrow. >> shiri: absolutely. because late tonight. kind of just arriving during the tail end of tonight's evening commute, and still going in full force tomorrow morning. we have snow and ice coming into town. so then we transition to a milder forecast during the day tomorrow for when the downpours wednesday night to thursday. strong winds early thursday. we got that grab bag. very messy forecast starting tonight and all the way into thursday. this is the one that is coming in tonight. it will be cold enough to fuel some snow, some ice, but this is the one that is going to move in late on wednesday through thursday morning. this is the one with downpours and the one with winds, real messy stuff coming in. 27th street in boston. the calm before the storm, because although we have clouds spreading in today, daylight hours will remain dry. notice by 9 a.m., 35 degrees. 38 degrees by 11:00 this morning. we really end up topping out
5:50 am
so boston, i have got 40, 41 beverly up to lawrence over to lowell and nashua, 43 hudson over to westborough. over to westborough. 39 degrees in worcester. 40, hull to marshfield to plymouth and 39 in hyannis. all of these locations pretty quickly today end up turning cloudy. so you will see it is pretty quiet yet until we freeze things up at about 5:00 this evening and that's when we have some snow into connecticut, rhode island, western massachusetts. i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of flakes getting close to boston. so, again, this will be moving in during the evening commute. most likely south of the mass pike. but between 4 and 7, i would plan on snow moving in. it makes pretty quick changeover to rain. 10:00 you can see we are changing over to rain over the cape and islands and by 1 a.m., change coming to the mass pike and comes into southern new hampshire. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning,le be raining and not snowy anymore and cold enough north and west of boston for that to be freezing upon contact with the ground which means we have an icy wednesday
5:51 am
so only a coating before that change of rain for the cape and islands. a coating to 2 inches from the north shore to boston to southeastern massachusetts with trace ice you on top of it. the real trouble spot merrimack valley where we can see as much as three inches of snow and a quarter inch of ice on top of that. the slowest spots to warm up by about noontime tomorrow. our winter weather advisory will expire meaning temperatures will be likely above freeze approximating am sometimes we get stuck with the freezing temperatures in the merrimack valley and we have to watch that for extended icy concerns, but we do turn very warm here late on wednesday. you can see downpours flowing wednesday night, thursday morning, thursday morning, we are going to have a windy set-up with gusts up around 40 miles per hour. downpours in place. let's check thought seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view, because after that, we get some breaks in the clouds late on thursday. it will stay very blustery. high 55 degrees. just a sprinkle oar a
5:52 am
thursday but dry and blustery on friday with a high of 44 degrees. 40s and partly sunny over the weekend. back to you, guys. all right, shiri, it is a new way to pay for things using your face. next, why one company says selfies could be the best way to prevent identity theft. stay with us for our news at 6:00. a new law aimed at easing the
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
but s the capitol calling for federal help in a heated debate over national security and the privacy. apple has refused to let the fbi hack into an iphone used by one of the san bernandino killers despite a judge's order. apple's ceo said what the fbi is asking threatens everybody's civil liberties. hope the government commission will weigh in. both sides have been ordered to testify on capitol hill. free shipping is a little easier to come by for amazon shoppers. amazon has raised the minimum amount to get free shipping to $49 before an order ships for free. that is a 40% increase from the previous minimum of $35. amazon prime memberships which cost $99 a year are not
5:56 am
starbucks overhauling their reward program. the goal is to speed up service at the checkout. members got one star per visit. as a result, customers were asking baristas to ring up as separate transactions, one at a time and slowing down the process. the new program is based on how much the customer spends, not the number of transactions. there is a new way to pay using selfies as security. mastercard is launching new technology that uses selfies to approve online purposes. you have to snap a selfie to prove it is you making a purchase. you have to blink and use a different picture every time. the company says selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than passwords. other companies are looking into voice authentication, heartbeats and icons. 5:56 this morning. a woman is hurt in a hillsborough county crash. fox25 investigates why officers are take are taking a closer look at
5:57 am
plus are local home nearly caught on fire. what is behind this scorched floor as warnings surround the danger office popular toy. and the morning com look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, the calm before the storm. we have a quiet morning on tap before snow, rain and ice move in. my new timeline to prepare you
6:00 am
local police and ems called out the mide of a cold night. what we are learning this morning about a little boy found wandering on the streets. >> gene: fox25 to investigate reports a local police officer is under investigation for a hit-and-run crash. what we uncovered from the scene of the accident that put a woman in the hospital. complete new england new england coverage starts right now this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. this tuesday morning, february 23. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. we have got a cold morning on tap. some of us waking up into the teens and the 20s. our team of reporters covering all of the big stories of the morning including a 4-year-old boy found wandering the streets all alone in the cold. but first, let's go to the fox25 storm tracker weather center. snow and rain moving in for the evening commute, shir. >> yeah, it will be moving in as you are headed home from work later on today.


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