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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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local police and ems called out the mide of a cold night. what we are learning this morning about a little boy found wandering on the streets. >> gene: fox25 to investigate reports a local police officer is under investigation for a hit-and-run crash. what we uncovered from the scene of the accident that put a woman in the hospital. complete new england new england coverage starts right now this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. this tuesday morning, february 23. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. we have got a cold morning on tap. some of us waking up into the teens and the 20s. our team of reporters covering all of the big stories of the morning including a 4-year-old boy found wandering the streets all alone in the cold. but first, let's go to the fox25 storm tracker weather center. snow and rain moving in for the evening commute, shir. >> yeah, it will be moving in as you are headed home from work later on today.
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i daresay even grab the sunglasses if you will be out there in the next half hour because we have got the sun coming up. and north of boston, a little sunshine out there. beverly, 24 degrees. fitchburg, 23. boston itself waking up to 28 degrees and 25 in plymouth. the clouds are going to continue to thicken up, so by 8:00 this morning, we have 31 in boston. but we have 20s across the burbs. the warm-up continues. so at noontime, get ready for near 40 degrees. mostly cloudy. and dry as you have any afternoon plans. it is more between 4 and 7 that you will see that snow pushing up to the mass pike. so that means during the evening commute, especially south of boston are going to start getting slippery. 46 to 42 the range of highs. clouds take over with that late snow moving in and how long it lasts before making that changeover to rain coming up. now julie grauert with live drive time traffic starting at route 9. julie shiri route 9 in the
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a rollover accident that took out a power pole. there are some lines down. the eastbound lanes are still closed near dudley road in newton. the entry ramps also closed. entry ramp to route 90 fought entry ramp to route 90 found at center street. avoid this area until it reopens and i will let you know when it does. otherwise things slowing down around the braintree split. average speeds of 23 miles per hour. live look at the expressway where volume is still steady at where volume is still steady at. am 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 27 minutes on 93 sfrouts 495 to the leverett connector. and -- i am going to double check that, but you know what, 20 minutes 20 minutes actually correct from the split to rule 24, but it was so high yesterday because -- i am not used to seeing three minutes. i am used to seeing an hour. you are doing fine on 128 northbound. gene and sara, back to you. an ambulance rushes a 4-year-old boy to the hospital. the child was found wandering the streets of boston alone at 3 a.m. >> sara: the temperature below
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boy and called police. fox25's michael henrich is live on blue hill avenue as police work to find his family, michael. >> reporter: the boy was found about three hours ago, and sara and gene, as you said, we still don't know whether police have found this boy's family in that amount of time in fact, it was in the high 20 degrees here around 3:00 at blue hill avenue and gaston street when somebody happened to find this 4-year-old boy walking alone. it was cold and we don't know if this poor kid had a coat on. how he got out here by himself or how far he wandered from his home. as we started with this live report at 4:30 a.m., we are working to find out all of that ems. i have even been speaking with a couple of people off camera to see whether or not they saw anything a couple of hours ago. as soon as we get some of these answers, and to find out how
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of course, bring you the update here on the fox25 morning news. for now live in dorchester, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. developing this morning, the toy that has caused fires across the country is to blame for a new one right here at home. investigators say a hoverboard started a fire at this house in chelmsford. the fire happened at around 8 the fire happened at around 8:30 last night on monmouth street. these are pictures showing what is left of that toy. the toys were a popular holiday gift, but just this week, federal safety regulators told people not to use them because they could easily catch fire. fortunately no one was hurt. a police officer on paid leave this morning accused of hitting a woman on a bicycle and leaving the scene. it is a story fox25 investigates broke during our 6:00 newscast last night. fox25's catherine parrotta works to get new details on the intersection on broadway where police are investigating one of their own. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, i checked with cambridge police
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at this point in charges have been filed against this officer been filed against this officer. fox25 did confirm he is on paid leave. take a look. the intersection in cambridge where this happened. we also know that the officer turned in his gun and badge as all of this is under investigation. the crash happened sunday here at the intersection we just broke out broadway and portland street just blocks away from the police station. according to cambridge police dispatch obtained by fox25 investigates, officers were sent to the scene of the hit-and-run where 32-year-old female bicyclist was hit. a witness told police of a license plate number of the vehicle involved. the driver apparently didn't pull himself over or turn himself in. a cambridge police officer is under investigation for the crash. that officer is on paid leave while state police accident reconstruction works with cambridge police on the case. how serious any charges could be. former prosecutor brad bailey said the conviction of leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury will carry
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of course we want to emphasize that no charges have been file against this officer which is why his name is not being released. as for the bicyclist taken to mass general with nonlife-threatening injuries. is expected to be released. as mentioned fox25 did obtain those police dispatches right after the crash. we will hear that coming up next hour. live in cambridge, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. good morning, being blamed for terrifying home invasions in a small town. break-ins happened seattle. one on howell street the other on camden street. in both cases, three masked men came into the homes with guns. forced the women who live there to lie on the ground while they took money and jewelry. they took one woman's cell phone leaving her no way to call for help. >> she didn't have a home phone. she had to leave and found her husband down the street at a business and then they made the phone call together. >> sara: neither victim was hurt.
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suspects as their getaway vehicle was later found on a street in lawrence. this morning from his dartmouth are looking for two suspects that rabid that robbed a local chipotle. the armed suspects forced employees into the cooler and robbed the manager in the back room. both suspects took off with the cash drawer and about $300. bill cosby's wife will have to testify again in the coming weeks in the wake of a sex assault scandal involving her husband yesterday, camille cosby was forced to answer questions for seven hours in a deposition of a defamation lawsuit against her husband. seven women are suing bill cosby for statements that his spokesperson made about them after cosby was accused of drugging and raping the women. lawyers for the women say camille's testimony is key. >> she would have and would be in an unique position to observe, to understand without any discussion of any communication with her husband
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of behavior was going on. >> bill cosby was not at the hotel in springfield as his wife testified, and she swept in and out of the building without being seen. march 14 march 14. state lawmakers are trying to reform a relatively new law that impacts divorced couple. it comes five years after the first alimony reform bill is passed supposed to make big changes of the way payments are awarded making it needs base and ending alimony for life. critics say it leads to confusion and misinterpretation confusion and misinterpretation. retired schoolteacher chester chin says he is looking to get relief from the new law but only ended up costing them more in legal fees. >> going that direction. and i read the law, i said there is a chance to get their life back in track. >> and to -- and really reject it, it was just mind-blowing.
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can't understand how it happened. >> crit sakes say some judges are misinterpreted the law. others are reforming it. the newest bill has the existing law but contains stronger language. a city councillor wants to change the way pets are sold in the city by changing a precedent for the way pets are sold in the state. he is calling it the puppy mill bill in jamaica plain. he will outlaw the roadside sale of dogs, cats and rabbits because many i'm they are bred quickly without proper care. >> it is unfair and inhumane and i want that boston is take caring of all of their residents, especially the four residents, especially the four-legged ones. they hope that mayor marty walsh will support it when it comes before him. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes and skyfox over that accident.
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-- of that coming up for you in just a few minutes. 93 southbound, you are looking at about a half hour commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? and 20s barely budge morning. 21 degrees outside now, but the warm-up will start shortly. in the next hour bump up to 23 degrees. 27 at 8 a.m. loads of clouds. i will show you when to anticipate snow, ice, rain next anticipate snow, ice, rain next. a manhunt is under way this morning for a dangerous suspect who tried to stab a police officer with a syringe. coming up at 6:30 coming up at 6:30, how close police came to catching him and where they are searching now. good morning, i am daniel miller, donald trump is looking to claim another caucus. the big lead he hodes ahead of today's voting, plus we are following turmoil within the
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something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. back here at 6:13. boaters in nevada will take part in caucuses for the presidential nominee. they are trying to stop the momentum of donald trump. daniel miller is following the campaign for news morning. billionaire donald trump has won the last two primaries, and today he is looking to win a third. and meanwhile, his rivals ted cruz and marco rubio are going at it over a video.
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communications director. he distributed a video that falsely mis represents him talking about the bible. the video makes him look like he says got a good book there. not many answers are in it. what rubio says all the answers are in there. he said the video was a blatant lie. >> something comes out of the cruz campaign that is untrue. >> we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another can't another candidate. >> daniel: john kasich is in hot water for a comment he made about women leaving their kitchens to support him. now donald trump leads the precaucus polls in nevada but mainstream republicans are throwing their support behind marco rubio as their best chance to prevent donald trump from running away with the nomination. we will be following the nevada caucuses all day long for you and have the results here on fox25.
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news. and one day after visiting massachusetts, last night the democrat addressed an energetic crowd of students at umass amherst earlier in the day, spoke with leaders of the iron workers thousand in south boston. the senator 20e8d the senator told the crowd his campaign is going strong despite a loss in the nevada caucus on saturday. >> we are in this campaign until the end. we have gone much faster, much further than any then many people would have believed possible. >> sara: hillary clinton bring her campaign to south carolina. democrat also bring to the poll democrat also bring to the polls this coming weekend. massachusetts voter also go to the polls one week from today. the presidential primaries in the commonwealth. that is when voters in 14 states will make their white house picks. fox25 will have continuing coverage of all of the presidential candidates.
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for the latest development and up to the minute election results. well, tonight, president obama is expected to give congress his plan to close the prison for terror suspects at guantanamo, cuba. the president pledged to close the center when he took office seven years ago but there are reports -- there are 91 terrorists still being held there. now the white house wants to transfer most of the remaining cap toyvs other countries. congressional republican are expected to oppose the plan. good tuesday morning, 6:17. still following this accident on route 9 eastbound in newton near dudley road. the exit ramp to route 9 eastbound closed at center street. avoid route 9 eastbound through newton until it is cleared up. as soon as it is, i will tweet it out and let you know on tv as well. shifting north of town, volume still pretty moderate as you head through the cloverleaf and 93 south into medford and somerville.
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increasing slightly as you approach lynn felled parkway. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 30 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, you were forecasting that snow to arrive between 4 and 7 p.m. tonight. >> yeah, that's when it gets up to the mass pike. will move in during the tail end of the evening commute which is probably decent timing which is probably decent timing. the problem is, we have ice and snow that will impact your wednesday morning commute as well. the next 24 hours, i am not as concerned about rain as i am little bit of snow and on top of that especially the ice. now we are turning cloudy already spots like norwood and already spots like norwood andwood at 21 degrees. 25 in plymouth. 28 in boston now. although we have the clouds. a pretty quiet yet set-up for your daylight hours. by 8 a.m., 31 degrees. upper 30s here at 10:00 this morning. we should get up to 40 degrees this afternoon in boston where
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getting thicker and thicker as we go traveling from south to north as we go through just the morning hours today. it ends up being mostly cloudy really across the board with 40 in boston and plymouth. 44 in norwood. not sounding too bad. 42 in bedford. 41 in nash with. 39 in worcester. 37 in chatham today. but yesterday, we had the sunshine and those lower 40s. it will feel cooler just because of the clouds today. notice, though, this is 5 p.m. and we are still in decent shape to get you home from work shape to get you home from work. we have just got snow arriving in western massachusetts, down into connecticut i. i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of the snowflakes by 5:00 this afternoon but the real snow will move in during the evening hours here and this is a brand-new futurecast. if you take a look. it is newly updated and a stronger burst of snow initially into the evening hours. but we will quickly change over by 10:00 tonight by plain rain over southeastern massachusetts over southeastern massachusetts.
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to about the mass pike. i expect by 1:00 in the morning continuing to move northward, but the problem is still going to be cold inland. so even though we are changing over to rain, it will be freezing rain. not in a liquid form, it will fall as a liquid and freeze to the ground. freeze on top of the snow and big problems for the morning commute. we have got a coating and a quick changeover to plain rain for the cape and islands. north shore, boston, southeastern massachusetts, a coating to 2 inches will be the general rule. you have trace ice on top of that, but by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be just plain rain in those locations. see that deeper shading, a coating up to 3 inches of snow possible, and on top of that, a quarter inch of ice. and these will be my slow spots to warm up tomorrow. those are the problem spots when you wake up and you try to get into work and school in the morning and those spots are going to stay chilly all the way to noontime. notice that the rain really not all that heavy between 7:00 and
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it is going to be some freezing -- freezing drizzle out there. expecting you to be kind of light and patchy during the morning. still icy though. as we head into the afternoon, a surge of warm air that comes into play, so we will all be pretty mild. we have downpours coming in here for wednesday evening and overnight. the heaviest rain of all expected as we head into this thursday morning commute. we will also see some winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour gusting up to 40 miles per hour. we could see a passing thunderstorm. and with that practicesing thunderstorm, the potential that we are going to get bursts of stronger wind that could do wind damage. things are pretty sloppy for ice icy concerns over90 tonight and tomorrow morning and then we have those heavy rain concerns for the thursday morning commute opinion but look at that thursday, up to 55 degrees that thursday, up to 55 degrees. 40s are 40s are back on friday. skies. over the weekend highs in the 40s with on and off clouds. back to you. 6:20. at m skim remembers are a forecast problem at gas
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going to get worse. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, why there is an uptick uptick this in type of crime and what you can do to protect your account every time you swipe. laugh hundreds of people on board the gronk party boat! some are happy to be back on dry land.
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after this. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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down at ft. myers. the david down at ft. myers. the david ortiz retirement tour is officially is official is lily under way, big papi arrived for final season of training. this season will be his last. he spent his first day at fort myers taking a few swings in the cage and catching up with all of his team mates. the slugger and second baseman dustin pedroia are expected to be the leaders of this year's team as they look to bounce back from a last-place finish in 2015. a speculation how ortiz would get along with dave price. this post answered that mystery this post answered that mystery. big papi is following price on instagram. they had bitter rivalries but those days appear to be over.
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leyden and sports reporter butch stearns are in ft. myers for the start of spring training. you can see their live reports from jet blue park all week long on fox25. also follow along on twitter, instagram and facebook for bonus coverage on social media. the gronk party boat has already sailed back to shore. the folks on board are ready for peace and quiet actually. take look. >> julie: hello, gronk posted that video of him cut you go a rug. the "globe" report some people had no idea when they signed up for a norwegian cruise that they were being booked on gronk ship. only 700 of the 2300 people were there because of that majestic dancer. even still, the "globe" said most people still enjoyed the cruise. >> he will have fun no matter what he does.
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>> hold on, he is going to get hurt. millennials reclaimed vinyl which is cool, another way to listen to music is making a comeback. the cassette. it was on the market in 1962 but retail stores geared toward my men yell are stocking tapes. lana del rey and justin bieber and and they released latest albums on the cassette. used to be huge. i had cassettes. they had suitcases where you put them and carry them in your car. you had to have a car with a cassette. my old 1976 valari. i had the old -- i had an am-fm cassette put in and the coolest thing in the world. >> all the ladies cruising around with your cassette. >> gene: i cannot a lie. cassettes are the way julie mr. casanova. >> gene: they are coming back
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>> gene: the playa is playing. >> shiri: my kids said what is this. they had no idea what it was. it snow and ice. by the time you wake up tomorrow, ice and rain. they are getting dangerous. the worst of the weather coming up. and the night that they
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i'm hillary clinton and i
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complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: and now at 6:30, winter weather advisory for the evening commute. shiri is tracking snow, rain and ice will be part of the mix. and calm morning out there, but it is going to be pretty messy after that. so make your plans accordingly so the next, what, several communities i would think, right, shiri. >> shiri: tomorrow morning is the one i am really concerned about. yeah. >> sara: how early in the morning are we talking about? >> sara: tomorrow morning all about the ice and winter weather advisory and goes into affect late tonight. and the big issue with that. you can see it on your you can see it on your screen and break down the snow and ice totals as we travel through the fox25 morning news here. and you can see 28 degrees in boston. 6:00 out there. we are still seeing plenty of
6:31 am
hampstead, new hampshire at 19. 22. 21 wyndham over to amherst, new hampshire. and we start fetting into that cloud cover a little further south. worcester, auburn, milford in the lower 20s. bridgewater, 25. plymouth, 25 degrees and you could see a couple of breaks in the clouds this morning but the clouds are going to tend to only get thicker as we go. by the time we hit -- you know what, i am going to simply fast forward past that one if you will. by the time -- that is when the chance of snow is really going to start to blossom by 7:00 expecting a little bit of know. by midnight, chance of snow and ice will be peaking straight through the morning commute tomorrow. we will take that hour-by-hour look coming up in just minutes. now over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning. julie. >> julie: shiri, seeing improvements on route 9 after an early morning accident near dudley road. skyfox live over the scene and tow trucks on scene and one
6:32 am
we had several lanes closed eastbound portion of route 9 eastbound portion of route 9, but one lane now open, that far left lane, we still have trucks on dudley road. tow trucks and an electrical company because we have a power pole down still blocking the right lane. so you will see delays on route 9 stretching back to route 128. and perhaps may even go a little bit further until they get that clear. things still looking okay on 93 south and on route 1. here are your live drive times. 31 minutes on the pike eastbound 49 to mass avenue. 22 minutes from the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 24 minutes on settle southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. we continue to follow developing news this morning in revere where a manhunt revere where a manhunt is under way for a dangerous suspect who tried to prick a police officer with a syringe. >> he led police on a chase that ended in a crash, but he still managed to get away. jessica reyes live at the police department in revere and
6:33 am
canvassing neighborhoods. these guys. >> they are, gene. they will continue to do that all day long. this is the man that we are talking about. his name is michael guthrow, and he did get away from police again, but this morning, officers are hoping the woman he was with may help them lead them to him. >> reporter: a manhunt continues on north shore this morning for this man. >> i saw guy coming up the little hill in the back of my yard, jump over the little wall, ran across the field. >> reporter: angel said he knew police were searching for immediately. >> the first thing i did was grab my bat an call police. >> reporter: police was searching for him since last thursday when he pulled over had revere. he took out his syringe and tried to stab the officer before speeding away. the officer chased him into chelsea where he ended up crashing his cruiser. state police spotted he and this woman jacqueline murphy in a stolen car on lynn fell parkway.
6:34 am
eventually eventually crashed into another car. police arrested murphy. >> i knew it was an accident because one of the -- one of the other vehicles was stuck. >> reporter: jim was in bed when he heard the commotion. he said his neighbors watched as guthrow ran right through his front yard. >> we were in the house and stay in because one of the gentleman they were looking for was dangerous. they said he was dangerous. >> reporter: after she was arrested yesterday, murphy was taken to the hospital and to the state police barracks up in danvers. today we know that search will continue. i checked in with police working to get an update on where they will be searching today. i will bring that you brand-new information as soon as we get it this morning. for now, live in revere, i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. new this morning, we are monitoring a situation in boston where a little boy was found alone in the cold this morning and rushed to the hospital. fox25 michael henrich live on blue hill avenue where this has
6:35 am
michael, and that child could have possibly walked into busy traffic. >> reporter: yes, if it happened now, a lot more cars coming on blue hill avenue. right by gaston street. the intersection where somebody just happened to find this 4-year-old boy. now in our video, you can see the top of his head through the window of the ambulance. nothing identifiable. we are not releasing his name. but you can see anymore that ambulance fetting taken away by ems to a hospital to get checked out. the call came in to boston police around 3:00, and they were here within five minutes. and the scene was actually clear about ten minutes later. our overnight crew with a close enough to get this footage for us and gather some of this information, but there are so many unanswered questions. that we have been reporting since we started going live here at 4:30 this morning mop is this child? how did he get out all alone when it is 20 something degrees without his parents?
6:36 am
and have they been reunited just yet? all those questions we are working to find out from boston police from ems, and as soon as we get an update, we, of course we get an update, we, of course, will bring you that information right away on the fox25 morning news. for now, though, reporting live in dorchester, michael henrich, fox25 news pus. boston police are called to a fight at a vigil for a 15-year-old teenager who was stabbed to death. this morning police tell us they got reports of a fight at the vigil, but they didn't arrest anyone or find any weapons. the vigil was held for a 15-year-old dion hopkins. 16-year-old amari pope charge. pope was heading to the bash we are his girlfriend when hopkins and the girl got into an argument. officials said that is when pope attacked hopkins with a kitchen knife. hopkins family said everyone involved has lost something. >> you know what i am saying, my nephew -- two kids, two families destroyed. >> gene: prosecutors say pope has a lengthy r ap sheet and a
6:37 am
court and he also cut off his gps ankle monitor. . >> morning expert activity at several schools across massachusetts massachusetts. a series of bomb threats of a dozen schools. many of the threats were made by computer generated phone calls. skyfox was over newton north high school after a threat was made. police and fire fighters checked the school but nothing was found. there was a similar scene at arlington high school. students and staff remained in their classrooms while authorities investigated. none of the threats were credible. the fbi is part of an investigation and the investigation into threats like these across the country. this morning a teenager charged with attacking a student at umass amherst is being held without bail. 19-year-old william mckeo n pled not guilty of armed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. he and another suspect were involved in a robbery that triggered a campus lockdown last week. the victim was attacked in his dorm and hit in the head with a
6:38 am
prosecutors say the incident was drug related. people arrested following a three-day house party will be in court over the next several days this week. neighbors tell fox25 that the party on maple avenue in bridgewater started thursday and didn't end until bridgewater police showed up 1 a.m. sunday. police say two 21-year-old hosts were serving alcohol to minors. the clerk's office at brockton district court telling fox25 that the rest of the 41 partygoers will be arraigned throughout the week. this morning police in one local run to glad this did not fall into the hands of children. look closely. this cup found on the sidewalk with full pockets of heroin. they took it into evidence and their investigation continues. this morning, boston police want to fingerprint every driver in the city. more than 6,000 drivers have their prints taken when they renew their licenses. the process will take place every year as part of the background check on the drivers background check on the drivers. local condition companies say a
6:39 am
firms like uber. making headlines over the agency's overtime policy. an internal audit showed that the agency had no standard policies and procedures for regulating overtime. some employees were approving their own overtime. the mbta said earners are senior employees taking standard overtime shifts on nights and weekends. the mbta said they are working to develop a policy that will track and manage overtime. a tra natick scene could come back to the streets of watertown prop duesers of the movie "patriots day" are asking watertown residents to allow them to re-create the shootout between police and the tsarnaev brothers that will include simulated gunshots late at night. watertown residents say they still have panic following the manhunt. many still have bullet holes in their homes. the movie producers will work with homeowners individually to
6:40 am
on to private property. it involves the bombing and the search for the tsarnaev brothers. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. back live outside with pictures over skyfox with the accident at dudley road. we have one lane blocked and one lane standing by. we will show you how it is impacting your live drive times impacting your live drive times. here is shiri. >> shiri: temperatures in the 20s. quiet start to the day. a lot of clouds around at 5 p.m. i am expecting snow just after that. we will see what time it moves into your town and city coming up. 6:40 this morning. the days of remembering passwords, they may soon be over. coming up at 7:00, when we might all be using selfies to unlock our account. a company with dozens of stores in massachusetts at the center of a cancer scare. the health scare abou i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be
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police are noticing more and more people are having their information stolen right from an atm, but there is one simple way to protect yourself. fox25's daniel miller is here to explain. >> daniel: sara, credit cards are being phased in with new security chips that look just like this. they are being brought in to replace the magnetic strips to help with security, the strips that are on the back. personal security experts tell us those magnetic strips are how the skimmers get your personal information. police giving warnings after a surge of people report having their information stolen fright an atm. ing it happening across the country and right here. attleboro police someone used a device like this one called a skimming device at two convenience stores last weekend convenience stores last weekend. our expert says that technology can't keep up with the bad guyings, and he offers this advice to keep your information safe. >> probably the most effective way to thwart atm skim something also
6:45 am
keypad with your other hand as you are entering your pin code. >> reporter: our security expert say the information that the skimmer collects is no good without, you pin number. thieves will often have a hidden camera on the machine to record that code. that's why it is so important to cover up the keypad when you punch in the pin number. if your debit or credit card doesn't have that chip feature, contact your bank to let them know that you in need a new card. 6:45. a flooring company with stores here in massachusetts now being linked to cancer. certain types of laminate flooring made by lumber liquidators have a greater risk of causing the disease. cdc said people who bought their flooring have three times more likely to get cancer. the problem is in the formaldehyde in the flooring. lumber liquidate lumber liquidators have ten stores in massachusetts. the company has responded in part by saying the cdc's
6:46 am
overestimates any potential health risks pardon me from these products and we are encouraged that the cdc is seeking a product review for these conclusions. well, hundreds of used cars are for sale with a hidden risk. fox25 investigates went under cover and found that used cars with open recalls just waiting to be sold. >> does concern you that you have a couple of cars out here with safety issues. >> you know, it is concerning. i am not going to lie to you. a tedious, tough process. and we try to do the best that we can. >> sara: reselling used cars is not against law with recalls. but our reporter eric ramussen found that the problem is so big that dealers are having a hard time keeping track. fox25 seingts somewhat what is being done to protect buyers and the actions you can take tonight at 10:00. 6:47. good tuesday morning.
6:47 am
route 9 right at dudley road. we have one lane blocked. one lane of traffic is an improvement on a closure we had an hour ago. take you out to the maps to see the delays stretching back to 128 and the weston tolls right now. otherwide another accident to tell you about on the expressway northbound right before furnacebrook parkway. here are those live drive times. i built this traffic so you can see we are at a 24-minute commute on a route 9 as you cathedral 128 to ma'am monday street. average speed just 10 miles per hour. 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 37 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. we are starting today in the 20s, but then we have snow to end our day and challenges the morning commute tomorrow. >> that is absolutely correct and the winter weather advisory has extended to lowell and lawrence closer to metro west. expect
6:48 am
those locations into tomorrow morning. snow and ice into the morning commute tomorrow. that is some of the biggest concern right now because that means that we are going to have dangerous roadways and travel conditions. heavy rain on wednesday night into thursday, and strong winds as well on thursday morning. so we have got two systems. kind of a one-two punch. one that comes no tonight as pretty chilly out there. the snow changing over to rain and freezing rain and this is the one that will bring us heavy wednesday night and thursday morning rain, but the calm and quiet before the storm. 28 degrees. we have increasing crowds in and around the boston area. you will see a couple of thin spots in the cloud cover, but here. turning mostly cloudy today. 36 degrees at 10 a.m., by noontime, 35 degrees. we should peak closer to 40 in boston. 39, 40 degrees there for your high. 41 in beverly down into shirley. worcester, 39 degrees. 44 framingham down nor wood.
6:49 am
40 from marshfield down to plymouth. 41 in sandwich. 43 in bridgewater. everybody gets those clouds and mostly dry weather today. really not until later tonight that we have the first of the snow moving in. i can see some of that snow pushing in between 5, 6, 7:00 this evening, which means it is going to be moving during the evening commute, especially areas south of the mass pike. you may be able to get home before the snow office in. by dinnertime snow overhead. by 10:00 tonight, already changing over to some rain over the cape and islands and going to be a slower process the further north you go. so we got that rain-snow line up to about the mass pike by 1 a.m. it continues to track north ward, after we get minor snow accumulation, we got rain and freezing rain on top of it. inland is where you have that best chance of getting some ice best chance of getting some icy conditions. so although we have that quick slip to rain over of the cape and islands, from the south shore into southeastern mass, the boston area and north
6:50 am
inches of snow plus a trace amount of ice on top of that. those locations, icy concerns likely melt away by 6:00 in the morning where we have that deeper shading and we can see slightly higher rain totals up to 3 inches possible. and a quarter inch of ice. these are the spots that will strugle from central mass to the merrimack valley into new hampshire. those are the nights will really struggle to warm up tomorrow morning by noontime. those spots as well should be above freezing and ice above freezing and icy concerns melt away. i should point out the wet weather tomorrow morning isn't going to be all that heavy during the morning commute, but it only takes trace amounts of ice to, of course, make a mess of the morning commute. so you need to be very careful even if you don't see those downpours developing until we hit wednesday evening, and the second of those two storms downpours straight into the thursday morning commute, and we will see winds gust 40 miles per hour if we get a passing thunderstorm. you can see stronger winds with
6:51 am
so today, kind of easy part of the day right now. we get up to 40 degrees. starts turning slippery this evening. we got icy concerns into the wednesday morning commute and scattered showers during the day and heavier rain overnight into thursday morning. windy 55 degrees thursday. 44 and blustery on friday. saturday and sunday's high into the 40s. back to you, guys. all right, shiri. the motive for murder remains a mystery this morning but we are learning more of this uber driver accused in a deadly shooting rampage. coming up, the arsenal of weapons police found inside of his home. the fbi battle with apple is coming to boston.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
. today family and friends will hold memorials for the six people killed in a random shooting by an uber driver. we have been following the story out of kalamazoo michigan story out of kalamazoo michigan. 45-year-old uber driver jason dalton confessed to the deadly rampage in court. on saturday he began firing at random people while driving uber passengers around. dalton is married father of two with no prior criminal record. they found a significant stash
6:55 am
no word on a possible motive. dalton being held without bail. police are las vegas are investigating an unusual death death at a hotel. a 26-year-old was found inside a laundry chute. police say she had a medical episode and fell into the chute and homicide investigators were brought in because it seemed suspicious. the woman has been identified a as legal secretary in vegas celebrating her birthday with her husband and friends. >> sara: tragic new details of this incredible chopper crash this incredible chopper crash. the youngest passenger on board has died. the 16-year-old and three people from canada were on a tour when it crashed. two other family members are in the hospital and are expected to survive. the cause of the crash is stilled under investigation. and a california street becomes a runway for a small plane. the plane came down just
6:56 am
plowed into several cars. the pilot walked away. no one on the ground was either no one on the ground was either. fire officials say the pilot was trying to land at the airport and lost control. new report shows how fast sea levels are rising around the world. at rutgers said ocean levels rose faster during the last century than the previous 27 century than the previous 27.century 27.centuries. the authors blame global warming caused by man-made pollution. impact is leading to more devastating storm suvrjs devastating storm surges at cities along the coast. since 1990 -- since 1900, sea level has increased by 5.5 inches. this after being steady for nearly 3,000 years. now 5:56 this morning. a local police officer no longer has his badge or his gun longer has his badge or his gun. coming up at 7:00, why that officer is off the job this investigation. and an easy going for the morning commute today. i only have the clouds moving in but by the evening commute tonight into tomorrow, swlipry because of the ice, snow and
6:57 am
i will time out for you hour by hour coming up. and next, a new england mom become the victim of an internet hoax. how thieves stole a pictu new england's energy comes from eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. ever new england. eversource. r again!
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potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> shiri: advisory for a
7:00 am
>> sara: four-year-old wandering and police work to track down the family. >> sara: >> gene: major company replacing passwords with selfies. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everybody, it is tuesday, november invent third, thank you underwood. >> gene: new details coming in about winter weather that we have been tracking. shiri spear has update for us. >> shiri: we been breaking down winter weather advisory later today through tomorrow morning and extends a little closer to boston, so anybody outside of 128 or 95 should be ready for some slippery travel tomorrow morning. right now we are starting out in the 20s, but only got the


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