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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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into worcester county especially in making its way toward boston now this is where looks like out that way. worcester grafton leicester auburn just checking into auburn gloria tells us it's snowing lightly out that way. temperatures marginal for relations right now but as the snow falls and evaporates on the way down some of it will evaporate cool off the air and temperatures will drop. snow started to break out around barry and the quabbin reservoir which is backyard that snow shield to the south were seeing snow here martha's vineyard getting some snow right down here but over to nantucket looks like a mix is now happening checking to see some ground out there as well. the progression tonight is for that rain snow like to make it through boston around midnight northward to 495 new hampshire border by about 2 o'clock in
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here in northern worcester county for the morning commute that's the one area i am concerned that the b towns that is still at or below freezing even as the rain moves in. that can customize on the good news is with a bit of snow 1 to 3 inches back there a slushy and in boston southeastward on the ground already the ice would be a quest on top of that rather than just bas day getting on the roadways were tracking progression of the snow change of her right now. >> snow starting to arrive just in time for the drive home you looking live at worcester right now the snowflakes are starting to fall. the roads us low drive but about to change for you live updates over the next couple of hours picnics as its no changes to rain live tonight it could cause a big problems during the morning drive you wake up early with us sherry will have your update forecasted julie should be keeping an eye look commute in any trouble spots that come along. talks 25 morning news get
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>> breaking news from chelsea skyfox over the scene right here you can see heavy fire presence here this is a 15 garfield avenue fire grew quickly but cruise seem to have a handle on it right now. crews are searching the building now the woman was reported trapped in the second-floor we have not been able to confirm that there were any rescues or anyone is hurt here. as we learn more we will bring it to you. >> more breaking news at five the past 30 minutes fox25 confirmed embattled massachusetts or brian joyce will not run for reelection. decision comes in the middle of the eye investigation. fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti joins us now with latebreaking story.>> sharman: they do confirm he won't seek reelection. it comes six days after i first reported the fbi rate at his law offices. this investigation also includes the irs as well. our cameras were there all day and night as investors went in and out of those offices.
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governor was calling for an ethics probe into whether or not joyce took advantage of his relation with the randolph drycleaner to get as much as tens of dozens of dollars in the dry cleaning. also in january the off the campaign and political finance announced to his agree to pay nearly $5000 for using his campaign funds to pay for son's graduation party. and last year joyce came under fire for handing out goldplated designer sunglasses a gift to all four state senators. his office putting out the statement in the last half hour.i have worked hard for milton and achieved results while always trying to abide by the rules i will continue to work hard for milton and all of the district that will not seek reelection on a personal note mary and i very touched by the many kind gestures of support and love from our friends and neighbors. we are continuing to work on getting reaction to this development i will have much
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>> skyfox over the scene of his tractor-trailer rollover in mansfield. write the foxboro line state police responding investigate what happened there not far from the interchange for 95 mansfield viper assuring these round photos of the scene with us. we're told the rep there is closed while the scene is being cleaned up. >> helping story tonight weymouth person rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car that collided with another vehicle. it happened here on washington street just before 1 o'clock. fox25 live there. police are still 20 figure out exactly what happened here. >> reporter: as a matter of fact within the last three or four minutes weymouth police have confirmed for fox 25 that 51-year-old thomas moment from weymouth has been charged with operating under the influence and at this hour there is a victim a 39-year-old man who was in serious condition at the hospital he was hit right here
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in front of that canine daycare center take you back to the scene this just before 1 o'clock this afternoon. a man a 39-year-old man was hit by a car on washington street. right near the intersection of that on king street. the driver of the black construction vehicle they are slammed into that canine daycare sign moments after crashing into the gentleman there. right after the crash witnesses a telling us the driver of both cars received arguing and put in the air blitzes. one man working nearby was stocking shelves and he heard the crash. >> within the last five minutes we've learned that 81-year-old thomas mohan of weymouth has been charged with ui he has been placed under arrest at south shore hospital. for that 39 -year-old victim who from weymouth be being told he's has serious life-threatening injuries. we will be out to bring you more at 6 o'clock for now we live in weymouth. new at five police officer
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dragged by a car near a worksite. this happened this afternoon of 30 weymouth. sergeant jennifer ordway was dragged nearly 16 feet police say she was talking to a driver to the passenger window when the cost of moving. 20-year-old william cruette of concord was charged sergeant ordway was not seriously hurt. >> breaking development search for missing man lasting outside of austin your daniel hall haymarket. police now believe sack mars fell into the icy waters near north station. that's a rubber austin is live and robert divers were back in the water there today searching for any sign of zach. >> robert: investigators went through quite a bit of surveillance video concluding that zach my weight in this area icy water today divers were in that water with some very difficult conditions. he's a good kid this is really
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what happened that night has been a mystery today boston police divers searching the frigid waters of the charles near north station. investigators believe the young man and it up in the water we let the bell in hand tavern more than a week ago. divers searched all morning and early afternoon police do not suspect foul play. they found several security images of zach mars seen here on campus near the bell in hand and you the location where they are searching. he was celebrating his 22nd birthday with cousins when police say he stepped out to have a cigarette but never return. across from city hall. police believe he may have started walking towards north station to catch a train. today police indicated he ended up in the water near the walk by the deacon bridge. >> 's family has been working
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investigators he recently lost his grandmother who he was very close to it was upset about it. it's unclear how much more had to drink before leaving the bar. >> investigators have been searching this area of the charleston since he went missing back on the early hours of the brewery 13th we did try to reach out to his family but we have not heard back. >> massachusetts state police are on the hunt for a man who was wanted in three states. police thought they had the suspect corner twice in the revere area but he managed to disappear both times. fox25 bob ward joins us live now from revere police headquarters. by the suspects girlfriend who'd been with him went before judge today.>> reporter: that's right the girlfriend was captured after the second police pursuit yesterday. but according to this arrest report she is not cooperating with police.
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today we learn more about her past and the troubled past of her boyfriend who is still on the run. >> i asked why they fled she stated she didn't know he just. >> 32-year-old jacqueline murphy of revere lynn district court under arrest facing charges of her involvement in two police chases in less than a week but a 44-year-old boyfriend reichel throat was still on the run still the focus of a state police manhunt. police say murphy was with guttural last week as a two fled from police and revere that cruiser strut crash in chelsea injuring the revere police officer. police allege guttural try to stab that revere police officer with a syringe just before the chase began. and then on monday police say he and guttural were together again when another state
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car and try to pull them over but the car took off and crashed in saugus. he was arrested but a bloody to throw disappeared. in an arrest report state trooper wrote of murphy i asked why they fled she stated she didn't know. he just heard acting crazy. michael guttural was also wanted out of florida. this is broward county mug shot and we learned he is also wanted out of new hampshire for probation violation. jaclyn murphy's mother diane toby off-camera her daughter who has a history of drug abuse was clean until she recently relapsed with guttural and ever since she said the two up and on the run from police. >> declan murphy was ordered held in $1000 bail i asked her mother scored a post that bail to get her daughter out of jail she said no she should try to get her daughter into rehab she wants to find a bed in a hospital for her. in the meantime michael to throw still out large if you go to website see his face if you know where he is call police there very concerned that if you get involved in another
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get killed. >> president barack obama announced his plan today to shut down the detention center at time obey once and for all. and cost for moving most of the detainees to other countries. today just moved to the attention facility in the us. were told the plan would also save the government up to $85 million per year. president obama says the closure will hurt terrorist organizations. not help them. >> it's counterproductive to buy against terrorists. because the use of this propaganda and efforts to recruit.republicans in congress already voiced their opposition to the proposal. house speaker paul ryan saying today is against the law to move terrorist detainees to us soil. >> pregnant snow moving in evening commute right now spreading across massachusetts turnpike especially out toward worcester when this changes to
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second part of the storm coming tomorrow. >> hoverboard sparking trouble on the 5:30 here at one local terrifying close call with his toy car fire inside his home. looking for good deal on a used car the potential problems to
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you about and busy storm tracker radar tonight snow rain ice all moving into the area the timing
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his wife. no change of the rain late this evening it could create some slippery spots tonight and during the morning commute right now the roads still looking good here in worcester as we went along but the snow has started to fall as well. kevin gathering this information updated forecast less than four minutes away. >> story that has an awful lot of people talking a crew filming a movie based in the boston marathon bombing hoping to re-create one of the darkest days in our recent a scene most of us will never forget. the world watched as the streets of watertown returned into a war zone gunfire erupted bombs exploded swat teams swarmed searched house to house for the denial brothers now produces a moving patriots day what to re-create it all. there. >> reporter: that is the question you know you walk
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that there are lot holes in the homes that still remain here. it really is incredible to go up to them to touch them to see them so yes the question is is it too soon? the sites and the reaction to sound is evidence of what 2013. these were quite literally the crossroads in the story of the boston marathon bombings the place where police took on the men behind the tax in a well chewed out and one. it's the stuff of movies and now it will be. once downstream adult didn't want to go on camera but told me a production company sent this flyer alerting residents
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the movie is called patriot day starring mark wahlberg and the director wants to shoot watertown scenes right where they happened. everyone we spoke to is in favor of it. told me wahlberg will play one character based on several of the first responders to the bombings the shootout in the hideout. boston police commissioner evans had this to say. it opens a real sensitive spot for all of us. >> know i did reach out to location manager for i've not heard back from him in the meantime if the filming were to move forward it would begin may 2 with some set dressing couple
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meantime despite everyone we spoke to and everyone we spoke to today happen to be in favor of this, we did hear from one city counselor whose raised some concerns. going to share those with you coming up at 6 o'clock. also ask your facebook followers at the producers of patriots they should be of the film the movie in watertown right now the nose out pace yeses 53-47 percent. if you want to weigh in just head over to fox 25 news facebook page. >> microsoft founder weighing in on apple's battle with the fbi over unlocking iphones. gate saying he supports the fbi's demand that apple give them access to the encrypted phone of one of the san bernardino attackers gates says this is a specific case in the fbi is not asking for access to phones in general. boston's police commissioner echoing that sentiment today. >> we get held to a higher standard in the police department especially on our if
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going to help us bring some satisfaction to a family whose grieving i think we should have access to that phone. >> commissioner evans tells us that a homicide case right now where they can't get access to a phone that may provide evidence. >> happening right now apple supporters getting ready to gather outside the apple store on wilson street is part of a nationwide effort to back the company and its battle with the ei. apples is breaking the security features on the phone would potentially give the government access to data on every iphone while more on the local protests as he gets going coming up for you on fox 25 news at six. >> we expected the snow to arrive for the evening drive there it is moving across massachusetts turnpike zoom in and find a couple of spots to see exactly where it is snowing right now. looks on live storm tracker radar like the snow was
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the map but not coming down hargis light flex right now starting to see a breakout as baristas framing him over to westborough along the pike or that there into northborough as well seeing reaching up to hudson at this point as well western shrewsbury light lakes flying ground truth meeting your reports appreciate that lester stay light snow picks up a little bit farther south a look at this band coming to dudley webster in oxford but across interstate 95 s. worcester county. northern worcester county peter sam templeton evanston westminster all sing just in flurries at this point with a little steadier that a while ago. but now it's flurries steadier band coming across the northern part of martha's vineyard 20 s right now headed toward cape cod this band coming through connecticut rhode island right now pushing into massachusetts in the next hour has been
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he aware of that going to get slippery very quickly as the snow arrives. i'm talking to you at 11 o'clock tonight will be talking about the slashing us on the south shore the snow changing to rain snow continue to push off to the north and really changed rain through 2:30 am boston in the rain you see the pink and here that's where you're getting some freezing rain meeting it's raining but it's too cold for to be melting when it hits the ground and it becomes a sheet of ice. here's a good news. you get a coating of snow one inch of snow or to even in some places in the ice on top of that becomes just across the top of the snow. the places that are cleared off watch where the worst go of it
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the rain will hit the surface and make it become a sheet of ice. to the north keeps snowing into the morning hours the rain continues northward progression again morning commute have to watch northern worcester county talking to a special route to the northern worcester county into southern new hampshire back here to the berkshires. lower elevations for holes of the berkshires temperatures can still be below freezing and you getting some icing on the roadways. i don't expect an ice storm. i don't think ice is good take of a pulldown tree limbs and power lines but it will be slippery and spots. a bit of a break late morning into the middle of the day and then here comes part two of the storm. rain coming down heavily at times and the showers in the
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we'll revisit that in a moment. expecting slushy into boston southeastward to plymouth little bit of snow now coding it's going to wash away so quickly it will be inconsequential. points back your northwest of boston 128 we could get 1 to 3 inches of snow much of this will wash away as well. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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local police trying some new ways to ensure the safety of people use taxes. possibly started fingerprint and taxi drivers back on checks done on them local cab company say this is a big security advantage they have over righteous companies like huber. boston police commissioner says he doesn't understand why huber wouldn't want to take part. >> i don't see any drawback someone coming in as we seen yesterday basically takes eight minutes to have your driver checked out by us. i don't see why someone other than you know getting as many people out there as quick as possible. any drawback to it. >> huber tells us the background checks are incredibly thorough and they don't want to use finger printing because they feel is discriminatory.
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the lookout for a missing woman from holbrook police say to sales is not been heard from since yesterday afternoon. although they don't suspect foul play they do want help finding her. she was last seen driving a white toyota camry. if you've seen her call hope police. >> department of to the families investigation after chai was found wandering the streets of loan early today. please got the call about 3 o'clock this morning a little boy was walking by himself in dorchester new blue hill avenue gaston street. the four-year-old was located brought to the hospital where he was reunited with his mother police said the boy told him he left the house to get some chocolate. >> how much would you pay for some dock space on nantucket. it could set you back several million dollars. the boston globe reporting a 140 foot boats the nantucket harbor so last month for four point seven $5 million. the buyer is an executive at google parent company out of the ink.
5:28 pm
dock a 156 foot yacht and also comes with a parking spot. >> indeed very expensive. hundreds of used cars for sale and risk. fox25 investigate what undercover. >> reporter: what's being done to protect buyers in the action hoverboard blamed for a house fire 11-year-old boy now shares a scary story of his ride ended with a call to 911. >> tracking snow moving right now twitter and mike says now
5:29 pm
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flakes out there snow starting phone every right now not to pile up a lot but the timing middle is what's going to cause problems.
5:31 pm
in the middle of the evening drive home. tomorrow morning we had to work and school, you be dealing with rain and ice. hi everyone i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm tran trim mark ockerbloom. take your dementia was beyond you going to see little north of framingham were talk about before the marble southborough sudbury it's a very light snow starting to fall floor is really most places back into worcester and leicester seeing some light snow shoes. mincing some flurries to picks up a little bit around west berlin oxford south of worcester in the spin here see the deeper blues and show up to continues back into the deadly massachusetts as well to the north some lower is left over for the spam with little more impressive earlier in templeton
5:32 pm
down hard but now it's really snowing at all there. this and the deeper blue band out here just off of martha's vineyard coming up elizabeth islands falmouth now that's also coming across chatham two. looks like it's about to come into chatham that will come down steadily for short time as a band rules by expecting this changeover to occur tonight. you see the change of alignment up pink light northern worcester county temperature staying at a below freezing into the morning commute that are most concerned about any kind of icing in the southern new hampshire as well. when you get some freezing rain to make it a really treacherous drive first in the morning. keep timing this part of the storm the next part of the storm to talk about the updated amounts. >> snow started to arrive just in time for the drive home looking live at worcester snow started calling about a half hour got the roads don't get wet out there now continue to keep an eye on the conditions of bring you live updates for
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>> you can always get customized forecast even when we are on the air meteorologist let you know what's happening in your neighborhood just download our free fox25 whether app. >> breaking news in chelsea fire crews responded to a report of an elderly woman trapped in a fire at a home in garfield avenue skyfox see over the scene right here this is in garfield avenue. crews searching the building right now the woman reported trapped on the second floor we have not been able to confirm if there were any rescues or if anyone hurt. never tells a cruise on scene that the fire seemed to start the back porch will update the story for you at six. >> 11-year-old chelmsford boy talk about the very scary moment this hoverboard ignited while he was riding inside his home. firefighters say when they got to the home they could see smoke spilling out the front doors. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh joins us live. >> he was riding his hoverboard inside he's done any times before only this time is
5:34 pm
that he saw smoke and then he heard a few pops. he jumped off his hoverboard moment before a ignited this is what's left of the chart toward that caught fire monday night inside his chelmsford home. owen said he the sisters went outside and called 911. photos from the chelmsford fired to show extensive damage inside the living room. the fire chief told fox25 testing inside the home revealed the living room wall was heated to 270 degrees. fire chief believes this is the second hoverboard related fire in massachusetts. the us consumer product safety commission this month said it attracts 52 reports of fires that uses they were caused by hoverboard in 2014 fires led to $2 million in property damage. the governments cracking down on hoverboard's. the feds unveiled new safety
5:35 pm
hoverboard manufactures to follow in currently 90 meat. fire officials say the family is extremely lucky and all when now has advice for other young hoverboard writers.>> he recommends hoverboard only be used outdoors and even suggest owners don't charge the battery of hoverboard if it's unattended. >> nevada voters back a post nightly republican caucus a donald trump hoping to seal another win while marco rubio has collected the endorsements of former senator bob dole minnesota governor tim bloody. ted cruz working backlash former staffer distribute video falsely showing marco rubio dismissing the bible. >> if trump wins it would be his third in the row. something that potentially makes him unstoppable as a republican nominee. fox 25's sharman sacchetti takes a look. >> third straight when move forward and yes secure that
5:36 pm
ahead here in massachusetts where voters cast ballots in only a week. ask anyone about donald trump and you're sure to get an opinion. trump is going to make things happen. i call him the republican batman picnics i don't like a smug man like that doesn't care what he says to people to offend them. voters in massachusetts cast of alice on super tuesday and exactly one week and so far trump is ahead here by a lot. >> mainstream republicans including our own governor have criticized trump for his rhetoric in fact this barely a group trump has insulted. muslims women mexicans even a disabled reporter. still so far trump is a mast city seven delegates before nevada. purple strategies as trump has
5:37 pm
campaign he calls them than life and says republicans still aren't certain what to do about him. >> the republican party becomes the wild wild west it will be donald trump's party. we are looking at a complete redefinition of what it means to be republican. >> last poll closes tonight at 10 1237 delegates needed to secure the republican nomination. secretary of state john kerry will deliver the commencement speech at northeastern university the spring northeast and present made the announcement today take care is a powerful and sample for all graduates. secretary said he's grateful for this opportunity is looking forward to returning to his hometown. the commencement is that on may 6. >> a bracelet monitoring device like the kind used to
5:38 pm
in the quincy police department lost and found it only on fox 25 at six y police are having a hard time figuring out who it belongs to. >> workout video taking the internet by storm the unusual way one busy mom is relieving stress and enjoying exercise at
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5 jason dalton accused of killing six people of the week and knew tonight the owner the gun store says dalton was caught on surveillance video saturday. he says dot was laughing and joking give the manager a one armed hug before he bought a jacket with an inside pocket design handgun. he says dot did not buy a weapon there authors do believe the nine millimeter semi automatic handgun was used picks new england university must incident following allegations so-called kettle themed party was held there this weekend. school officials say fairfield university etiquette say they came across a social media post from students who attended the party and student also saw just from it say they were appalled. the school will be holding several meetings and discussions to address the issue of students who attend the party could face
5:42 pm
>> eight people stepped high school ontario canada student said female student armed with two large knives tour through the hallways police a six and two staff members had been taken to the hospital the injuries are all considered minor the attacker was arrested. >> snow moving across the area right now appreciate your reports coming in tell us exactly where the legs are flying to go along with radar for back to our sports are tracking when the change of
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
>> snow rain and ice moving across our area timing of the storm caused the problem so snow falling now here was to see the on your right by tomorrow morning we're
5:45 pm
of the rain and ice it will change update you on the forecast be back in less than four minutes the very latest. >> fox 25 invested uncovered potential surprises for used car buyers and dealers don't have to tell you about it. late last year the consumer group mass for focus on used car dealer carmax that had us wondering how many used cars on fixed safety recalls are on sale in local used car lots. >> eric you found widespread problems. >> we did we found cars with open recalls that every lot we visited that not everyone is issue the same way we should point out used cars dealers are not breaking the law by selling cars that still need those repairs and whether they tell you about it is up to them. >> armed with a free app fox25 investigates found six cars with open recalls. in less than an hour at this parking lot we discovered those
5:46 pm
easy to find on used cars for sale around boston. two cars had a lot of norwood to more west roxbury fox25 investigates verify the recall status of the vehicles for free using the federal safe car .gov and use car history about a carfax. according to carfax almost 1 million cars in massachusetts have open recalls that's one out of every five on the road. some salespeople couldn't tell me if the cars we asked about had open recalls but another offer to check. dealerships to sell new cars with open recalls used car lots don't have the same restrictions. the owner of this lot told us he chooses to tell customers a deal. >> used car dealers are
5:47 pm
recalls right now some lawmakers want to change the rules as part of what we're putting together for a full report tonight at 10. >> popular candy bar being recalled 55 countries. mars recalling candy bars made in the netherlands after products. the voluntary recall mostly european countries and covers candy items. >> tuesday 3422 homes were sold across the state last month. january 2015 2736 were sold nicer weather made it much easier to do business. local sports store could be making a comeback. boston globe reporting two brothers from new jersey eight $400,000 for the city sports and name logo and customer lists. metaplasia launch a website next few weeks looking to open stores in boston and new york city.
5:48 pm
year after going bankrupt. >> new way to pay using your own face mastercard watching some new technology that uses self is to approve online purchases. you have to blink and use a different answer every time. companies that sell these fingerprint scans a safer than type passwords other companies looking into voice authentication as well as heartbeats and i scans as well. >> i'm getting reports authenticated snow falling out there right now or sing in place blogs south coast is with the heaviest and is its rain temperatures are large sticking still getting reports of grassy services a coating of snow on them right here southern rhode island southern connecticut right across southern massachusetts as well. let's go enclose and find a couple of the spots the snow is coming down to the west here
5:49 pm
flurries framingham to needham sing that to just flurries once again shrewsbury to worcester light snow reported northborough was the county flurries right now grafton seeing a light snow band come on through the coming down little steady here through oxford over northbridge area to the south here that some flakes lying around franklin in bellingham even in this area that's white sometimes you don't have snow reaching the ground in this case from franklin medway it is it's just very very light. that steadier snow band reaching cape cod we've been tracking this one from the vineyard now to falmouth along the coast here through south yarmouth into yarmouth port over to dennis and harwich out there to chatham as well the band of snow on the outer cape later on tonight 10 o'clock i'm talking to you during the fox 25 news at 10 we'll have mix in going on south shore that line reaching boston love o'clock news and then progressing
5:50 pm
3:00 a.m.. still at or below freezing northwest of boston problem to be slippery right into the morning commute everywhere else changes to rain not freezing second part of the storm ring the heavier rain. it's talk about temperatures right now snow starting to melt for massachusetts temperature very close to freezing get some sticking out there weekly reports of twitter just under snow in north grafton that the worcester county very massachusetts northern will know the worcester county was still no snow in natick flurries around framingham looks like either it stopped and started or it never got to natick very possible hit or miss in the spots where it's very lightly coming down. expecting one to three inches boston northwestward through the storm system and the overnight tonight as rain and freezing rain. a slushy inch before changeover down in these locations were seen some of that in the grassy surfaces and southernmost massachusetts and rhode island
5:51 pm
winter weather advisory all these areas and purple means going to be some slippery roadways that's a long 128 and westward even on i-95 heading to southwood toward providence from the boston area. temperatures 32 worcester right now clearly you can stick and 37 degrees at whether or not going to get snow to stick at least to the pavement grassy services first. hour by hour today out worcester temperatures hold close to freezing that's why my concern for worcester county but in places like the north shore getting above freezing and staying there for the changeover boston will be the same way temperatures staying at above freezing for the changeover and you will have an icy situation there. seven day forecast keeps your weekend always in view going to
5:52 pm
we get there we have the slippery conditions tonight we have to talk about our two of that storm for thursday all-time and when the heavy rain and strong winds will move in.>> boat getting into a lot of trouble local home depot parking lot and yes there is video. check it out john miller took this deal when he saw the goat just hanging out in the front seat of the van and oxford the owner them up at a farm and had to run into the store quickly for a toilet gasket which came back she found the goat it actually turned on the hazard lights and wipers drinking old cup of soda and ate a nutty bar and its wrapper and left a present were told the driver seat. >> she eventually got the go home. >> quite a story.
5:53 pm
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young mom posting a popular exercise video online this no whining about this workout. 20-year-old april tells the call of the wine workout poster these for patients by other new moms to smile maybe get moving a bit. her unique take a multitasking is busy and more than 25 million times. incorporate wine into the workout video. >> work it out with wine she said she had plenty of feedback
5:56 pm
the messages you can workout anywhere with almost anything. her advice don't forget the corkscrew. >> the price is right with david ortiz no bad blood between the fox news face embracing david price at training camp to david sports director in fort myers live in tom it seems like the past is history for these two. >> there are so many different stories just running david ortiz it was a big day here in fort myers frankly it's going to be a big story throughout the 2016 daily baseball season. butch stearns here i was here david spoke for 32 minutes today as you hear from which one of the first things he addressed was putting that relationship between he and david price. were playing together now we're here to they brought him in to try to win the championship here. i'm going to be a number one
5:57 pm
>> what else is no surprise to anyone is ortiz never ending passion heading into his final season. i'm ready to pass the torch. he sees stuff he will like whistle to me or tell me they are doing this you doing up be a way of this pitch. for david ortiz this will be his 20th and final major league
5:58 pm
in every city goes to for the final time there will be a big celebration. >> he told everybody that when you look around and everyone else on the field is 20 and your 40, that's when you know it's probably time to go. just sit down with david today will share part of that conversation with tonight coming up at six. >> tracking of snow moving into the area the changes to ice and rain tonight winter weather advisory in place. >> fox 25 investigated a mystery even for police a modern device meant for criminal ends up in a lost and found so who's running around unchecked?
5:59 pm
two chases and that just last week alone is still at large but his girlfriend is captured. >> apple and the feds fighting about unlocking a gunman's iphone do it six the cases in massachusetts where phone accesses desperately needed. >> snow starting to fall parts of massachusetts right now live look worcester not a lot on the way but it's going to be enough to cause problems on the roads overnight into the morning commute. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> kevin lemanowicz in the weather center watching those conditions very closely. >> farther south you go the heart is knowing in someplace right now but the snow rain mix out that way couple of spots to see where the snow is falling takes you to metrowest so light snow but is coming down those locations now take shorter was
6:00 pm
falling in the city right now actual outside of the city of burbs especially south of worcester 395 to oxford wanted to study a snow band same with webster into northeast connecticut run taunton north cloverdale break and seeing some of that light snow falling at this time more moderate bandits know the south coast of massachusetts includes cape cod falmouth to mashpee over south yarmouth out to the outer cape things of snow noticed this a change of already having a nantucket terrain from the snow that was falling change during a 10 and 11 o'clock newscast early morning hours out there northern was to county we see some of that pink is still happening seven new hampshire back into the berkshires that we get some icing or freezing rain that certainly an issue check in with natick earlier no snow now to the report coming in angie handful flakes from natick.1 to 3 inches north and west of


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