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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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falling in the city right now actual outside of the city of burbs especially south of worcester 395 to oxford wanted to study a snow band same with webster into northeast connecticut run taunton north cloverdale break and seeing some of that light snow falling at this time more moderate bandits know the south coast of massachusetts includes cape cod falmouth to mashpee over south yarmouth out to the outer cape things of snow noticed this a change of already having a nantucket terrain from the snow that was falling change during a 10 and 11 o'clock newscast early morning hours out there northern was to county we see some of that pink is still happening seven new hampshire back into the berkshires that we get some icing or freezing rain that certainly an issue check in with natick earlier no snow now to the report coming in angie handful flakes from natick.1 to 3 inches north and west of
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tracking snow hour by hour through all these newscast. >> breaking news at six fox 25 confirmed embattled massachusetts senator brian joyce will not run for reelection. this decision comes in the middle of an fbi investigation. fox 25's sharman sacchetti joins us with what she's learned five. >> .>> reporter: brian joyce decide not to run for reelection but he still not stepping down for public office. even amid a federal investigation and ongoing questions about whether not he can be an effective senator for his district tonight however senate president stanley rosenberg is praising joyce someone he chose for leadership roles including on the committee on government transparency. in a statement rosenberg is saying that during joyce's more than 20 years in public office he helped secure funding for school buildings protected
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elderly but joyce's time in office has been littered with scandal. six days ago we first wrote the story about the fbi raid at senator joyce's kent law office. we know as part of a joint investigation with the irs but the just not saying anything more than that. just last month we told you the governor called for an ethics probe into whether or not joyce took it advantage of his relationship with a randolph drycleaner to get as many as much excuse me of tens of thousands of free dry-cleaning also in january office of campaign a political fun is announced joyce agreed to pay nearly $5000 for using his campaign funds to pay for his and last year joyce came under fire for handing out gold plated designer sunglasses as gifts to all the state senators. joyce has always denied any wrongdoing and since the raid has refused to talk with us and
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statement saying i have worked hard for milton and achieved results while always try to abide by the rules all continue to work hard for milton and all of the district but will not seek reelection. on a personal note mary and i very touched by the many kind gestures of support and love for my neighbors and friends. brian joyce the job he holds it state senator made $75,000 last year according to open checkbook. >> cruiser racing to home in chelsea after getting reports of an elderly woman trapped by flames. fox25 kathryn burcham muncie right now. >> reporter: i just spoke with fire chief he tells me that right now fire crews are just finishing up a knockdown the fire and they're going through this apartment building making sure that everything is taken care of after those flames engulfed the back of this welding. no a woman who lived on the first floor told me that she
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again pounding on her door. she said at first ignored it until they began yelling higher. fire crews from everett chelsea and revere responded to knockdown the flames initially there was a report that a woman may have been trapped on the third floor here but witnesses tell us that she had everyone else got out safely. >> the fire chief did tell me that everyone here is very lucky he says or at least it doesn't people so far who will be without a home tonight he said the damage inside is extensive they say fire marshal's office on scene investigating the cause though that woman lives inside to tell us that her smoke detector did not go off. >> fox 25 investigates and mystery electronic monitoring device like the kind used to keep track of a criminal is turned into quincy police so far they've not been able to
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this is a story only see on fox 25. heather hegedus is live in quincy now. >> heather: that's right vanessa hears a bracelet in question. we've been asking questions working all day trying to figure out where it came from why no one knows and whether the person belongs to is someone dangerous who now is it being monitored. a person recently turned this electronic ankle bracelet into the quincy police department lost and found. we don't know who was last wearing it or even what ranch of the actual system the bracelet came from.fox25 obtained this email quincy police have been circulating amongst local law enforcement agencies asking for help from other departments. to track down the owner. in the email quincy police of the braces monitoring center was unable to match the unit as belonging to them. the email went out a number of
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the bracelet has a clearly marked serial number. we asked bristol county sheriff tom hodgson why these braces are so hard to track. >> there is one national system that law enforcement apostates can enter numbers like this one into and find out where that monitoring device belongs. to my knowledge you cannot at this point. we contacted both the parole or probation department who told us it doesn't belong to them but couldn't tell us what belongs to. they denied a request for interviews but in an email probation told us specific device has never been utilized by their agency. it is a massachusetts bracelet that means it had to come from a local sheriff department. but there is no singular database sheriffs in massachusetts can use to keep tabs on these braces. >> is difficult to know who that person is and whether background is. >> the present could be a few
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understanding this is the radiofrequency bracelet as opposed to the gps bracelet to use more more these days. and we also know that these kinds of races are often used for monitoring people with curfews be in addition to checking with the bristol county sheriff i also check with the norfolk county they tell me this bracelet also does not belong to them. more details now this comes on the heels of a recent fox25 investigation that revealed in massachusetts criminals are cutting up the braces once or twice a day. as many as 700 wards are issued each year in massachusetts for people who are tamper with the strap. roughly 25 percent of the people who are wearing them. >> skyfox over the scene of this tractor-trailer rollover in mansfield where the foxboro line the police investigate
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mansfield firefighters sharing these ground photos of the scene with us. just learned the rep for 95 north to 95 north is now open the ramp from 95 to 495 that remains closed. police officer is recovering tonight after being dragged by a car working on details it happen this afternoon 30 sergeant jennifer ordway dragged nearly 15 feet police say she was talking to a driver through the passenger window when a car started moving 20-year-old william pruitt of concord was charged with such an odd way was not seriously hurt. >> daily developing news in weymouth pedestrian sears hurt after being hit by a car just before five and the driver is suspected of being under the influence. fox25 is live in weymouth what she's learned it's five. >> reporter: within the last hour police have confirmed warns that 51-year-old thomas mo one double charged with ui operating under the influence at this hour a 39-year-old man injuries.
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you what happened right here in front of that canine take care. let me take you back to the scene all of this happened just before 1 o'clock this afternoon. it dirty nine-year-old man was hit by a car on washington street right near the intersection of federal and king street. the driver of the black construction type vehicle then slammed into that sign at this hour we can tell you that police charged 81-year-old thomas mohan with all ui moments after the crash. witnesses tell us the drivers of both cars were seen arguing in place in the ambulance. one man working nearby heard the crash. >> big bay stocking shelves that i heard a big crash like that. a pedestrian crossing the street ended up getting hit by one of the vehicles there that dragged them. went up on the curb the other one swerved. get out of the way. >> 51-year-old thomas mohan taken to south shore hospital where sosa tell us they did blood work there thomas mohan also under arrest right now at
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>> investigators on the hunt for a man who's wanted in three states lease but they cornered him twice in the revere area but he managed to disappear both times. the suspect woolford was arrested yesterday and as bob ward tells us she went before judge today.>> reporter: michael might be the most wanted man in massachusetts right now 44-year-old man has twice escaped from police after pursues in the last week. a revere police officer was injured during the first pursuit when he crashes police vehicle into a utility pole in chelsea. just before the crash police say he tried to stab the police officer with a syringe. while police searched for cutthroat the girlfriend is in custody and faces a judge. she was with him during both pursuits and was captured monday after the second in saugus. an arrest report mass state trooper said i asked why they
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he just started acting crazy. new hampshire police also have warrants out for him. she said ever since her daughter and michael have been on the run from police. >> a judge ordered jaclyn murphy held on $1000 bail. i asked her mother if she might post that bail she said she's more interested in trying to get her daughter into rehab. in the meantime michael gautreaux is still out there there is real concern for police that if he's involved in another police pursuit someone might get killed. if you've seen michael to throw contact police. >> a week -and-a-half since local man disappeared in boston. divers raped very cold conditions today later on at six while their searches
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>> playing on a tour leads to a call to the fire department. >> for the first time here from local boy whose hoverboard caught fire at home.
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live pictures throughout worcester area snow but coming down fits and starts nothing coding the ground. the snow that come down and melted across the windshield not a big deal as of this report but there is some snow continue to pick up intensity along the south shore moving northward to bristol county plymouth county cape cod as well. also metrowest sinks known to sell the worcester county tracking it by step including when the changeover will have religion and report back in just a couple minutes. >> apple supporters of purchasing outside the company store on boylston street video just into a newsroom in the last few minutes protesters part of a nationwide effort to support apple 's battle with the fbi. apple does not want help the fbi cracked a cell phone that belong to one of the san bernardino shooter saying it would potentially give the government access to data on every iphone. fox25 learned their cases in massachusetts were police
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get access to phones as well. new at six is it about criminal cases fox25 ted daniel leiva norwood with the story. >> reporter: we are coming to you from the norwood public safety building where inside the regional law enforcement association operates a computer forensic lab. know what police tenet peter kelly runs a lab he spoke with us short time ago when he talked about his frustration with apple frustration that he says should by law enforcement agencies across the country. lieutenant kelly said cell phones other electronic device investigators attempt to access the most in the cases run the gamut including child porn bank robbery and murder. just to name a few. according to kelly apple use to answer unlock request but he says the california-based tech giant stopped assisting investigators a couple of years ago. kelly doesn't buy apples claim that the creation of a backdoor
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phone would be detrimental to the security of all iphones. >> in the case of a motor vehicle accident a missing juvenile foes been left behind just looking to hold onto something from that a child. >> as you heard that from kelly it's not just criminal cases he says apple restricts any kind of axis on the phone is locked including remember of a deceased loved one trying to get into the phone just to get something like pictures. apple has until friday to officially this point it appears they will not
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start to fly out there metrowest area worcester county as well snow moving into an evening drive expected only have in some spots pinpoint a couple of those locations live storm tracker metrowest area seeing snow falling lightly in places like needham over the natick and hopkinton braintree split right there bring two of the norwood. light to moderate intensity small area not much happening out here in the city of worcester. couple of floors and that's it steady snow southward along 295 oxford webster 146 through sutton into the whitinsville area report from steve out there that snowing a little harder in those areas as well. that verifies were seeing on radar. really love the reports. stretch a little hillier tends to get a little steady snow stick more quickly be careful of that year driving around this evening snowing over to walpole mansfield lightly as well cape cod steadier band
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continue to progress northward out here change to rain already over nantucket and just approaching the vineyard so this changeover going to occur tonight we're going to see rain and snow falling talking to you at 10 o'clock here some of those reports this one from worcester no snow yet not sure when it will start again floors on and often worcester the snow is trying to work in there but it's a south of the city right now. finally some light snow falling and west natick things and reports from the area this afternoon. >> snow tonight at 10 o'clock falling mostly to the north and west southeastern mass changing over boston during 11 o'clock newscast is back your northern worcester county route two and northward at 4:00 a.m. when she was taken to the air tomorrow morning update on the situation that's what should be focusing the ice threat right there into southern new england the rest of us wet at that point on top of whatever snow you had have already changed over and heavy
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with part two of the storm before that happens will have one to three inches of snow northwest changing over and washing away. boston southward also be washing away will be of the measure it. because of the slippery roadways 128 and westward south i-95 going to get some winter weather advisory for the slippery roads because of the snow and potentially some ice on top of it later tonight but that's mostly focused northern worcester county. temperatures down below freezing worcester 31 northern worcester county 36 not getting snow yet 36 in boston 85 in plymouth clearly to want to get sticking snow in cape cod right now nantucket rating and 40 degrees. worcester your issue here worcester county points northward by 6:00 a.m. above freezing in the city but northern worcester county likely still be freezing or below. look at the heavy rain that comes in part two second storm this is the storm is producing
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now it's going to bring heavy rain here wednesday night into early thursday morning look at all those bright colors there is going to rain hard and strong winds come with a custody over 40 near 50 miles per hour height of storm as a front crosses thursday morning rain total three quarters of an inch by 6 o'clock wednesday in boston but check this out. over two inches by thursday morning very possible sometimes i have to watch this computer models can be a little overdone in the situation but the bottom line is going to rain hard with that front crosses the area. it's going to cause problems during all of these commutes. be watching the soul more closely bottom line is going to get slippery out there tonight. >> seven day forecast take you
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week spread of the zika virus us health officials knows that the more than dozen possible zika infections maven spread the sexual contact. the cases involve in business areas with zika virus outbreaks in the affected women would not travel. zika virus mainly spread by mosquito bites in brazil health officials report a link between zika and a rear birth defect. >> gun shop owner is a man charged the kalamazoo should came into the store hours
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in michigan over the weekend knew tonight the owner of self books gun stores as taught was saturday says alton was laughing and joking gave the manager a one armed hug before he bought a jacket with an handgun. he says did not buy weapon there. authorities believe my automatic handgun was used. >> can donald trump make it three in the row republican front runner the odds on favorite to win his party's nevada caucus tonight. as rival ted cruz works to fix another pr problem. it's a snippet of video the cost has crews commute dexter his job allegedly adding the clip to make it appear like marco rubio leaves the bible for advances but there's one problem this is what rubio really set on tape.>> ted cruz calling the edited video a
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continuing his damage control slammed in recent weeks for using dirty campaign tricks today is back on message. for me it's real simple of got two guidebooks the bible and the constitution. never missing an opportunity to go on the attack donald trump pouncing on cruise using his weapon of choice. ted cruz now apologized to marco rubio and ben carson for fraud and dirty tricks. no wonder he's lost evangelical support. trump meanwhile also battling out with john kasich the billionaire beating the ohio governor in a new tri-state pole just three weeks before the primary there. >> four days ahead of the south carolina democratic primary bernie sanders picking up a celebrity endorsement. spike leasing sanders will do
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>> donald trump steam all over even typically liberal places like here in massachusetts. up next sharman sacchetti talks with a political expert who says trump could forever change the republican party. >> tracking where the snow is falling right now with the changeover already occurring in massachusetts a i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest.
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still to continue breakout your furnace and that his fox25 headquarters in dedham meteorologist jason brewer observational side thanks jason snowing lightly outside of studios here continue to move on and right now this is where you find it for boston booklet over wellesley dover framingham southward to dedham over braintree weymouth in quincy start to see some flex fly there worcester not so much in the city but you got southward to auburn oxford sutton grafton northbridge route 12 s. was ups bridge and snow coming down lightly instead here in the bellingham franklin to foxboro
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that way the southeast massachusetts area cape cod little letter now long south coast of cape cod rating on nantucket approaching martha's vineyard right now that'll be the rule tonight rain changeover happening nothing snow little bit report it's not that way let me know if you get some. visit changeover happening tonight right to austin during our all of the clot newscast requesting northward by 4:00 a.m. still sing some snow and freezing rain out there. freezing rain issue along to hear northward to counting southern new hampshire rest of us be warming up for this to be rain during the morning drive. not before 1 to 3 inches to fall nor the west of boston washing away. slushy inch and the city were tracking it by minute update a way that snow is falling coming up. >> meteorologist sherry spiro will be tracking tomorrow's wintering conditions tomorrow morning as she keeps tab fox25 morning new starting at 4:00 a.m. will let you know if there
6:32 pm
or cancellations big heartbreaking update now to the search for young man who disappeared after leaving the well in hand tavern in boston. police now believe the 22-year-old ended up in the frigid waters of the charles river. fox 25 robert goes to bring this up to date. >> robert: investigators have gone through quite a bit of surveillance video all indicating that sac mars it up in the icy waters of the charles. what happened that night has been a mystery to a boston police divers searching the frigid waters of the charleston north station. investigators believe the young man ended up in the water when he led the well in hand tavern more than a week ago. divers searched all morning and early afternoon police do not suspect foul play. they found several security images of sac mars seen here on cameras near the bell in hand near the location where they are searching. he was celebrating his 22nd
6:33 pm
police say he stepped out to have a cigarette but never return. >> by the time his cousins got back outside within 10 minutes he was gone. >> fell in hand on union street across from city hall police believe he may have started walking towards north station to catch a train. police indicated he ended up in the water near the locks by the zika bridge. >> 's family has been working closely with police they tell investigators he recently lost his mother who he was very close to the was upset about it. it's unclear how much more had bar. investigators have been searching this area of the charles since he went missing. >> skyfox over the scene of this tractor-trailer rollover mansfield where the foxboro line is feel five for sharing these ground photos of the scene with us. state police investigating what happened there not far from the
6:34 pm
learned that all ramps that were closed have now been reopened. >> right now police are looking for the government wanted pair terrifying home invasions with the winds of the break-ins happened saturday night one happened at a home on howe street the other on camden street old cases three mast men came into the home with guns. forced the woman who lived there to line the ground while they took money and jewelry they also took one woman cell phone leaving her no way to call for help. >> now the victim was hurt stolen car used by the suspects as a getaway vehicle that was later found in a street lords. >> former providence mayor benicio the unexpected death last month was caused by sudden blood loss. cianci's nephew says next mayor lost a lot of blood following a bowel obstruction died hours
6:35 pm
seven if your old cianci was taping his weekly tv show in january we began experiencing severe abdominal pain he was taken by evidence to hospital and died the next morning. >> new movie in the works about the boston marathon bombing terrifying night in watertown police got into a shoot out with the bombers. the film will be called pages day fox 25 elizabeth hopkins reports from watertown the produces a hoping to be of the film on the very same street with a show down a raptor. >> these were quite literally the crosswords the story of the boston marathon bombings the place where police took on the men behind the attacks and while chewed out in one. it's the stuff of movies and now it will be. watertown's jean mcdonald to want to go on camera but on the production company said this flyer alerting residents to a movie in the works.>> the movie is called patriot day
6:36 pm
want to shoot watertown scenes with a happened. everyone we spoke will was in favor of it. boston police superintendent chief dan linsky says wahlberg will play one character based on several of the first responders the bombings shooter in the bowl boat hideout. watertown city counselor shared with me this email to those on the movie which she raised concerns it reads in part i can only say in the past residents specifically stated to me why neighborhood back. as we know the area is quite congested.just ask for almost 2+ weeks of neighborhood interruption be challenging. neighboring boston police commissioner 11 said it opens sensitive spot for all of us.
6:37 pm
manager for a comment we have not heard back from that location manager in the meantime if this filming does go on as scheduled here in watertown the plan here is to start doing with the calling set dressing basically prepare the houses for filming in april second. >> several times even the car stolen from local chlorella like tonight please try to track down who was responsible. sharply say that that happened yesterday during the day in downside of the parking lot. retards are stole from several cars the car was stolen anyone with information is urged to contact sharon police. >> historic covered ridge badly damaged lisa now looking for the driver responsible. this is covered bridge and cornish new hampshire was overnight in new hampshire on saturday. police recovered pieces of a broken strobe light at the scene that may be locked the
6:38 pm
if you have any information about this crash contact cornish police. >> nevada republican caucuses start in just over an hour donald trump wins it be his third victory in a row. something that potentially makes him unstoppable as a republican nominee. fox 25's sharman sacchetti spoke with an expert today who believes trump is a game changer for the republican party. >> sharman: ask anyone about donald trump and you're sure to get an opinion. trump is going to make things happen and i call him the republican batman. i don't like a smug man he doesn't care what he says to people to offend them. voters in massachusetts cast a ballot on super tuesday in exactly one week and so far trump is ahead here by a lot. >> mainstream publicans including our own governor have criticized trump for his rhetoric in fact this barely a group donald trump has insulted
6:39 pm
disabled reporter. still so far, trump has amassed 67 delegates before nevada. >> purple strategies pat griffin says trump has defied expectations this entire campaign. he calls them figure than life and says republicans still aren't certain what to do about him. we are looking at a complete redefinition of what it means to be republican. >> the weather giving massachusetts home sales a big boost in january the worn group says over 3400 homes are sold across the state last month. in january 2015 just over 2700 soul. nicer weather made it much easier to do business this year compared to last. >> iconic retailer may be coming back to boston under new ownership.
6:40 pm
jersey have paid $400,000 for the city's sports ran a logo on customer list. the men will launch a website next few weeks than they plan to open stores in boston and new york city. city sportsmen bankrupt last year after spinning too much money on new stores in suburban areas. >> new way to pay using self is as security. mastercard lodging technology that uses self is to improve online purchases. step a selfie to prove it you making a purchase you have to link and use a different picture every time. company says selfie's and fingerprint scans are safer than typed passwords other companies looking into voice authentication as well as heartbeats even i scans. >> popular candy bar being recalled and 55 countries. ours is recalled candy bars many in the netherlands after plastic was found in one of the products. voluntary recall affects mostly european comedies covers mars milky way snickers and other candy items.
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the commitment speak at northeastern university spring northeastern's present the announcements they think kerry is a powerful example for graduates. >> secretary said he is grateful for the opportunity is looking forward to returning to his hometown commencement is may 6. >> following allegations of the so-called ghetto themed party was held over the weekend. school officials that fairfield university so they came across social media post from students to attend the party instance also saw pictures from it said they were appalled. >> the school will be holding several meetings and discussions to address the issue. >> we've shown you these pictures of the char board coming up on new tonight the boys board cut fire talks about the scare that brought the fire
6:42 pm
>> the world a president has to sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the
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...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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days. knew tonight were hitting the young owner of the hoverboard. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh with what happened. >> 11-year-old own city saw
6:45 pm
he jumped off his hoverboard moments before ignited this is what's left of the chart toy the caught fire monday night inside his chelmsford home. >> owen said he his sisters went outside and called 9-1-1. voters from the chelmsford department showed extensive damage inside the living room the fire chief told fox 25 testing inside the home revealed the living room walls was heated to 270 degrees. >> fire chief believes this is second hoverboard related fire in massachusetts. but the us consumer product safety commission this month said it attract 50 to report the fire that uses they were caused by hoverboard's in 24 states. those buyers led to $2 million in property damage. the governments cracking down on hoverboard's the feds unveiled new safety standards and test they want hoverboard
6:46 pm
and currently nonmeat. officials say the riga family is extremely lucky and a one now has advice for other young hoverboard writers. >> fire chief city rec men's hoverboard only be used outside he also says should not even charge the battery if it's left unattended. >> know across the area many places may be snowing but just to warm for the ground to sticks was chaining to water new windshield and cars services but still this of snow out there other place flat out changed over to rain. into boston will light snow is falling now westward to cambridge out to newton and alston brighton with east seeing some of that snowfall right now going out to the western millbury auburn grafton sutton just a southeast of worcester but the southern part of downtown was to getting into some of that snow right now this mixing that looks like
6:47 pm
temperatures just to warm going to see some of that look like rain on radar the computer all the radar operator goes in and does a computer calculation algorithm figure out where the snow the rain the mixing is happening right now has some trouble sometimes distinguishing when temperatures are marginal like that.most of it if not all of his no-fault melting when it gets down to ground level going to northwood with them all pull to the south of reagan the action around plymouth harwich and northwood on the national seashore rain a tug out positive and you're right now reported from winchendon via twitter thanks for the report likes flying in winchendon in light lori's for you out there in worcester.snow was certainly flying in worcester just coming down lightly the snow continued to take over the area tonight mixing happening to boston northward morning news fox25 morning newscast talk about ice and northern worcester county along route to sell the new hampshire snow will be pushed farther to the
6:48 pm
that point on light break in the action mill the daypart to down to the attleboro's getting into that winter weather advisory to some snow and ice making it slippery this evening. talk about bedford boston norwood maybe snow is going to melt one gets to ground level worcester county coming down little steadier little more steady south coast of new grassy surfaces coming down harder but most places going to melt there as well. falls. pockets of heavy rain tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night
6:49 pm
heavy downpours with the cold front part of the system coming through early thursday morning another commute and the winds will pick up with those range as well testing 40 miles per hour perhaps as high as 50 miles per hour couple of spots out there. rainfall were talk about three quarters of an inch plenty and then tomorrow night into thursday morning double that in many locations. watching it closely as well. a lot to talk about first snow ice to rain tonight heavy rain comes after the along with strong winds weekends always in view it be nice to get to that with some sunshine coming back. >> on the other side of the break were going to hear from secondary storage big story big poppy this beginning of his final spring i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here?
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campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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kind of a surreal day here in fort myers it's beginning of the season but many ways it's beginning of david ortiz is last season so there's some finality associated with that. as which stearns tells us now there was a lot going on today that david wanted to talk about he started by addressing the relationship with david price. >> were playing together now we're here to they brought him in to try to win the championship here. in my case i'm going to be number one supporter. for him to come and get me to make me feel as comfortable as he did that was definitely something i needed something i was very appreciative of. >> davidson first got a bring that guy into his family. that was no surprise to me. what else is no surprise to anyone is ortiz never ending
6:54 pm
>> i've been playing this game for so long i'm still learning about the game you never stop learning i'm ready to pass the torch. when i see guys like where they get that from they watch the how they learn. >> him being on deck sometimes he sees stuff he will like whistle to me or tell me you doing this you doing that be aware of this pitch for david ortiz this will be his 20th and final major league season or so he says. every city goes to for the final time there will be a big celebration. >> nothing is forever. time to do different things.
6:55 pm
with such short stop boger he might be the first names you think of anything of the team he really should be. last year finished second american league adding range only behind miguel cabrera he told me today tries to emulate as a hitter. it's remarkable the guy who won the silver slugger award for shortstop last year as a second paragraph guy on this team. is still learning says he's okay with where he is on the totem pole. >> those are the big guys i mean if i'm under that even a little bit below have no problem with that. less attention better no pressure although playing in boston the pressures already. >> go about your business the right way and hopefully have a good year. just to the link to the full conversation you can check it out on a website at
6:56 pm
>> great ballplayer. like tom is dealing with a little bit of humidity down there. good. >> here back home more importantly level snow flying out there right now it is light for the most part spots are moderate snow there be some sticking this evening just a slushy inch boston southward into two to the northwest three it is not that your town is target three inches ran a few places get three inches of snow mainly the higher elevations watching transition to rain typing that out northern worcester county especially so basically what the west of interstate 495 watch for the rain to change over to freezing rain because the temperatures was be that cold. icy spots out there as well something else will be tracking later on tonight
6:57 pm
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tonight ins an erin andrews court ca >> her most private moments recorded through a peephole. >> why she's now bringing the hotel for the stalking scandal. then inside charlie sheen's legal battle with denise richards. >> $55,0 a month tax free. >> her allegations of disturbing texts.


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