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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i could rise above now at 4:30. on a weather alert and breaking down the icy towns to keep you safe this morning and tracking how long the threat of icy conditions will last. developing right now. police are searching for a missing massachusetts mom. the important thing the mother never did that left her family really wrong. a gps bracelet to monitor city. the new information this morning about who it belonged to that is a relief when it comes to public safety. this is a fox25 storm this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> julie: good wednesday morning, everyone, 4:30 on february 24. i am julie grauert.
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freezing rain is moving through the area right now. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with the towns that have the biggest threat for ice, shiri. >> shiri: i have a little good news from the seacoast of new hampshire to boston at 39. we are above freezing across northeastern massachusetts, back through framingham at 34 degrees. randolph, 38. i mean we have temperatures already into the 40s. south shore down to the cape and the island. but these are the problem spots. worcester at only 31 degrees. fitchburg, 30 fitchburg, 30. amherst, 31. and a couple of snowflakes. that threat for winter weather and icy conditions will last us through noon time in central massachusetts. it will be kind of eaten away a little earlier than that in southern new hampshire. it is really our highest elevations that are going to see the problems the longest. 7:00 this morning about 35 degrees.
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temperatures now. that is really going to be an all day thing. noontime, 42 degrees with dress. at 3 p.m. 45 degrees with showers and really mild at 7 p.m. temperatures will be close to 50 degrees. and they keep rising overnight. warm air and the three for heavy rain coming up. back over to julie grauert with live drivetime traffic. good morning, julie. >> julie: pike is looking light as far as volume is concerned but wet because of the weather. route 1 moving along fine but the reflection of the water off of the pavement through the live shot of the zakim bridge. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 28 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: download the fox25 weather app to stay up to date on the latest reports and timelines throughout the day. we will be tracking freezing rain as it moves through the
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shiri will be back in just a few minutes with her latest forecast and julie will have her live drive time traffic all morning. developing this morning, this wife and mother is missing and the search for her is ongoing. the holbrook woman was supposed to pick up her son from day care but never showed up. catherine parrotta was live at the holbrook police station where the woman's cell phone was the only real crew right now. catherine. >> reporter: i dmebingd with police shortly after they arrived. they don't have an update for me on this case. they are checking cell phone records and working with outside agencies as they try track this mother down after she was supposed to pick up her son from day care but never showed up. take a look at this picture. the woman that police are looking for judith sales of holbrook. last seen 3:00 monday afternoon after she was supposed to pick up her son. according to the enterprise, that son is 10 years old. he is now staying with relatives. her husband went to police a
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investigators don't suspect foul play, but they say her cell phone is turned off. her husband spoke briefly with the media and police haven't been able to tell them much. last seen driving a white toyota camry 19 tn 38, license plate. did mention that the cell phone could have one clue, and that's about where it last pinged. tell you about that next half hour. live in holbrook. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. and in another missing person's case, police searched the charles river for a man who vanished in downtown boston 11 days ago. zachary marr was in boston celebrating his 22nd birthday at the bell in hand when he disappeared. new surveillance video that leads them to believe marr fell into the water. a search of the water has not found anything. the votes are still being counted in nevada this morning but billionaire donald trump is celebrating victory again. trump was the winner in the
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he claimed 46%. vote. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are running neck and neck for second and third place. right now the results too close to call. ben carson and governor john kasich will finish behind the leaders. after being declared the winner nevada, trump told supporters he will be the republican nominee. >> we weren't expected to win much and now we are winning, winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start, winning, winning, winning. >> ray cording to a survey taken at caucus sites, 70% of nevada voters who made up their mind more than a week ago picked trump. 40% of so who 40% of so who made their choice in the last week voted for marco rubio. the republican party said there was chaos at several nevada sites. the number of voters overwhelmed the organizers at some spots at other locations
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trump campaign shirts and hats. the twitter feed of the republican party said they have not received any official reports of voting irregularity reports of voting irregularities. supporters of ted cruz and conserve i have talk show host glen beck is talking about a surprise appearance by billionaire trump. beck was speaking on cruz. beck called the supporters with trump some of the nasty trump some of the nastiest people he has ever been with. as republicans caucus, democratic candidates focused on south carolina where hillary clinton has double-digit lead over bernie sanders. at a town hall, sanders tried to put a debt in clinton's support. sanders tried to relate to minorities in the south and took a tough line on clinton because of paid speeches she made to wall street banks. >> i am happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street.
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>> the facts are that every single time someone has hurled these charges against me, which they have done, has proved to be nothing. >> the south carolina democrat >> the south carolina saturday. the massachusetts primary the massachusetts primaries are right around the corner, and fox25 has you covered. march 1 is super tuesday across the nation. we will have full coverage of the results on air, online at an alleged drunk driver and the person he hit are both in the hospital this morning. weymouth police say thomas mohan of weymouth was crunch mohan of weymouth was drunk and on drugs when he slammed into another car and a man crossing the street. it happened yesterday afternoon on washington street. mohan's mother is devastated he is involved in something like this. >> shock right now. i really feel dizzy. and he is going through a rerough time, but that is no excuse for hurting other people dan the victim is in the hospital with serious leg injuries. mohan was taken to the hospital
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is released. trying to figure out why a little boy was wandering streets alone in the military of the night. a 4-year-old was found walk big himself in dorchester around 3 a.m. yesterday. wins is he first reported this story in the newscast. the boy told police he left the house to go get some chocolate. police took him to the hospital as a precaution when they found him. he has been reunited with his mother this morning. new this morning, federal agents now say an electronic ankle bracelet found in quincy belongs to the u.s. probation department. the bracelet used to monitor criminals. fox25 investigates have been checking the source of this bracelet when police were circulating. someone found it and turned it over to quincy police. after the first report last night, the chief u.s. probation officer for massachusetts told us the bracelet belongs to that agency and was cut off by a person in july. that individual was taken into you custody the same month and is off the streets this morning is off the streets this morning. we will be working today to find out why a person was order
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a massachusetts state senator under federal investigation will not seek reelection. last week, fox25 first reported on a raid of the law office of senator brian joyce. it was an investigation by the fbi and the irs. joyce's office released a statement saying he worked hard for his district while always trying to abide by the rules. the milton democrat has been the target of two ethics investigations in the last year. the state republican committee called for him to resign last week. we will be working to get governor baker's reaction to joyce's decision later today. the headmaster of a local school is apologizing to students of filing deal with faith-based -- race-based slurs faith-based -- race-based slurs. the headmaster said she regrets there was not more urgency in the school's response. a investigation said that the school did not handle an incident where a black student was called a racial slur and threaten and threatened. six other incidents were reported.
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for the headmaster to be removed. a plan to house venomous snakes on an island have many residents rattled. the state department of fishery the state department of fisheries and wildlife reached out for input last night. they want to put timber rattleneighbors on an island in the quabbin reservoir. they want to revive the en they want to revive the endangered rattlesnake population. they said nothing to be concerned about, but that didn't ease people's minds. >> snakes do not stay in one place. they move. these can swim. i think it is a danger to humans. >> daniel: officials say the snakes won't have any motivation to leave the island and the state chose the location because it is already off limits to the public. just put this way, an island i will probably not visit. >> julie: you will not take a kayak trip out there, see the sights.
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snakes on an island. here is a look at your drive times if you check weather and traffic every ten minutes. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. shir, you will probably avoid snake island too. >> yes, absolutely. not going anywhere near it. heading out in a rush central mass and southern new hampshire mass and southern new hampshire. that is where we are going to see problems. eastern massachusetts, rain. southern mass. ice on the roadways in southern new hampshire. even snow mixing with that ice out there. i will time out the very slow warm-up and when it is plain rain up next. a boston company is making a dynamic comeback. at o'clock, the brand-new look at the life-like robots being made in our backyards. the worst night of people's screen. >> i saw all of it from my window watching it.
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watertown residents feel 4:44. meteorologist shiri spear here on a wednesday morning. we have you worcester seeing light, freezing drizzle. the pinks, and leominster, ing where we have icy conditions that extend to shirley, got, pepperell this morning into southern new hampshire. in fact not just icy. you can see some snow mixing in hampshire. a local officer is recovering this morning after she was dragged by a car and it
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route 30 in waylan. jennifer ordway was talking to a driver when the car start today drive off. she was dragged 15 feet until another officer stopped the car. the driver faces multiple charges this morning. fire fighters in chelsea rushed on to the roof of a burning building. first responders told them that a woman was trapped on one of the upper floors. she and everyone else did make it out safely. the fire damaged part of the building. so far no word of the cause. people in watertown are being asked to make a difficult decision and could have some reliving the scariest moments of their life. a movie company wants to re-create a shootout wean police and the boston marathon bombers. filming will be on the same streets. the film was called patriots day and stars mark wahlberg. asking residents for their speedback posted in the neighborhood for some, the tragedy seems like it just happened. >> every time i hear a bang or
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you immediately think is that a gunshot? >> julie: as for now filming will be in late april. residents have a choice to stay in their homes or go to a hotel. those who stay will receive compensation from the production company. the mild winter weather was a huge help. the warren group the warren group says 3400 homes were sold across the state last month 800 more sales than the same time last year. real estate agents say warmer temperatures and drier weather made it much easier to do business. chocolate maker mars is recalling multiple candy bar brands after a piece of plastic was found in one of them. a customer in germany found bits of plastic in snickers bar bits of plastic in snickers bars. so far the recall has not been issued in the united states, but mars is recalling a wide range of mars, milky way and other snacks in 55 countries. 4:47. looking at the roads right now. volume light because it is so
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roads, and if you are coming from western, northern parts of the state, approximately be a little bit snowy and icy and shiri will detail that. leave yourself a few extra minutes before the commute today to allow for any troubles that arrive because of the weather. zakim bridge, you can see the wet pavements reflecting off the headlights. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 24 minutes on settle southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, how is it looking outs there at the moment? >> shiri: out there right now a little bit icy in spots, especially inland, julie, the icy conditions will be light. showers lightening up through the morning hours and of course we have to put that word of warning in there going in and out of central new hampshire, merrimack valley, where we have slippery conditions. look at all that warm air that will go toward us. this is the system bringing us overnight snow and ice. this is the one that will come in with heavy rain and wind
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day today and into tomorrow morning. right now in and around the boston area, it is just plain rain. and icy conditions and worcester and 31 degrees. fitchburg, 32. keene new hampshire 32 degrees as well right now. icy conditions and even a couple of snow flakes mix in from manchester, champ. it look how slow this is, a real big difference for somewhere like keene stay in the 30s and will see an extend the 30s and will see an extended period of icy conditions. should be over say in the nashua area by 7 a.m. northern worcester hills by noontime. keene could stay icy a good chunk of the day. plymouth at 40 degrees. we have plain rain out here. but look at these temperatures working their way well into the 50s today. just plain rain. and i will tell you north of boston and northeastern massachusetts. the seacoast of new hampshire as well. the icy condition is done in lawrence.
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temperatures do get into the 40s. so we are seeing a pretty different forecast between, say different forecast between, say, southeastern massachusetts and southwestern new hampshire where it will be so much colder and some of the higher elevations. by 7 a.m., things are lightening up. drizzle and freezing drizzle. you can still see freezing temperatures orange, keene, nashua versus those near 40 40-degree readings along the coastline. by the time we hit noontime, kind of drizzly out there. we have freezing temperatures that manatknock region and by noontime, most if not everybody will be above freezing. scattered showers on and off through the afternoon. here you can see the drive home from work will involve some wet conditions. but the showers will i think tense phi mostly during the overnight hours. show you how warm it is going to be here at 8 p.m. where even worcester is close to 50 degrees. boston is into the 50s if not the mid-50s by this evening, so a real warm afternoon.
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43 in worcester. 40 in manchester, new hampshire 40 in manchester, new hampshire. 57 in plymouth and 52 in hyannis. high temps tomorrow 50s for everybody. temperatures will peak when you are waking up tomorrow morning. so will the showers and wind. the snapshot of heavy rain. it continues especially along this cold front straight through 7, 8:00 tomorrow morning. we will have some visibility issues. we will have some water on the roadways here just because the rain is going to be coming down heavily. plus we have windy conditions. where we see southeastern massachusetts, highlighted in brown there. that is actually where we have a high wind watch going into effect because we could see some gusts both morning with the band of showers and afternoon high of 60 miles per hour. that means we could be cope that means we could be coping with some wind damage here during the day tomorrow. stays pretty blustery on friday stays pretty blustery on friday. got a couple of early morning flurries.
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weekend upper 30s on saturday and partly sunny. a few more sunday clouds at 49 degrees and the warm-up doesn't stop there because woulds are back by mid opinion monday. a lot of people run errands with animals in the car but a farm animal at a home depot. president driver that let a goat tag along regretted the decision as soon as they got back in the car. new guidelines for people who suffer from acne. introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet.
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take a look at this incredible video from minnesota right near. a truck pulled away from the traffic stop and a train barrels into it. the driver was looking back for other cars and didn't see lear the train at the horn. the driver wasn't hurt. a near tragedy for a family out west was averted thanks to a bit of winter training. a 10-year-old was snowshoeing with her parents when she fell into a snow cave in california. her dad couldn't get her out and when he called 911, they said it would take rescuers at least an hour to get there. the incredible -- then incredibly an entire team of rescue workers emerged from the wood from a neighboring county and out practicing winter weather rescue maneuvers. >> they threw down a rope, and.
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my arms and they pulled me up. >> as you can see the little girl was doing well this morning and told her parents she wants to go back out snow she wants to go back out snowshoeing this weekend. a jury awarded a family $72 million because of tall cam powder. a family said it caused their mother's ovarian cancer. >> the whole fight -- not just for her, but so many other women. that's why i continue -- that's why i continue to fight. >> julie: the woman who passed away was named jacqueline fox and she died last year. concern of zika virus spreading in the u.s. through sex. they have 14 new cases of potential sexual transmission of the zycha virus. the agency did not identify the states where these cases are being investigated. in addition, the cdc added
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countries where the zika transmission was on going. the american academy of dermatology believe people may not be doing enough to fight acne. 50 recommended treatments include skin therapy, antibiotics, prescription medications and birth control. a push to make kids healthier, a school making an expensive switch. a school in florida just installed standing desks for every student. the national football league and the american dairy association paid for the desk. >> julie: i think that would make them wiggle even more. a young mother's workout is going viral this morning. check it out. >> a little bit harder with the kids. >> julie: calls if the wine workout. posted it on her facebook page and shared millions of times. >> i saw the wine and i said that will be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.
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here she is doing pushups. she said she had plenty of feedback both positive and negative. the message is you can work out anywhere with almost anything. a new england man was arrested when police discovered ex-employee sniffs his home. coming up at 5:00. what neighbors what neighbors actually thought was going on inside and how the outcome have them relieved. up next, breaking news overseas. a plane crashes halfway through
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board. now at 5:00, we are on a weather alert this morning. we will show you when whether to expect icy towns. take you town by town and how long your front will last. developing news. the search is on for a missing mom who disappeared before picking up her son from day care. where police found her phone that has her family confused. in the race for president, donald trump secures a third victory in nevada. >> we weren't expected to win too much and now we are
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country. plus ome issues behind the scenes. why a high voter turnout caused major problems at the polls. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, 5:00 on this wednesday morning. february 24. we appreciate you being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. we are waking up to rain and freezing rain this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm fracker weather center with the town seeing the woors of it right now. >> shiri: mostly to the west of 495. parts of central massachusetts, merrimack valley and new hampshire under a winter weather advisory for icy travel conditions that goes until noon in the worcester area. 7 a.m. in nashua. keene, new hampshire, go through most of the day and the mountainous terrain stays coldest the longest. 31 in leominster. 31 in hollis, new hampshire. obviously we are freezing and


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