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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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country. plus ome issues behind the scenes. why a high voter turnout caused major problems at the polls. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, 5:00 on this wednesday morning. february 24. we appreciate you being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. we are waking up to rain and freezing rain this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm fracker weather center with the town seeing the woors of it right now. >> shiri: mostly to the west of 495. parts of central massachusetts, merrimack valley and new hampshire under a winter weather advisory for icy travel conditions that goes until noon in the worcester area. 7 a.m. in nashua. keene, new hampshire, go through most of the day and the mountainous terrain stays coldest the longest. 31 in leominster. 31 in hollis, new hampshire. obviously we are freezing and
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and we have plain ol' rain areas like reading at 38. boston, 38. even 40 in brockton and 40 down into southeastern massachusetts into southeastern massachusetts. futurecast really show things lightening up as we travel through the morning hours. this afternoon, we do get pockets of steadier rain and we want you to be on the lookout for on-and-off showers, 40 and 50 for your late day highs today and we will look at when -- when even southwestern new hampshire starts to warm up in a couple of minutes. get over to jewel with live drive time traffic. >> julie: shiri, things are day. lute 1, fine. route it will fine. pike wide anticipate from framingham to 128 and the alston-brighton area. over to your live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495
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gene and sara, back to you. they will get bus' little bit later. meantime, fox25's michael henrich is on the road with our driving camera heading into downtown worcester at this hour hour. overnight to get those roads ready, michael. >> reporter: they have. we have seen a handful of crews on the pike when we were heading here to worcester, gene. at mcgrath boulevard in worcester to give you a sense of what is going on here. there is definitely been some sort of continue no. not even rain but some other precipitation here 3we7 saw it on a bunch of cars. sleet or snow buildup on them. mass dot crews are out in force considering the amount of precipitation. 562 crews according to a mass dot tweet sent out more than an hour ago. the roads wet but not too bad a this point, but we are going to keep an eye on it and give you an update in 30 minutes. for now head back to the studio gaap.
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weather update. we will be tracking the rain and whether there is anything left out there. and shiri will be back with the forecast. michael will be watching the roads an julie will have the drive time as well. and in holbrook. a mom vanishes when the time she should have picked up her 9-year-old son. when she didn't arrive, they called police. live outside the holbrook police station. and the search could lead to connecticut, catherine. >> reporter: one place they are certainly looking at, but now it has been almost more than two days since that woman was missing. dmebingd with holbrook place. but right now, they are pursuing every lead they have to find this missing monday. this is the woman police are working to find. she was last seen around 3:00 monday afternoon when she was supposed to pick up her son. her son now staying with relatives.
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he is 10 years old. a few hours after that, her husband went to police concerned when she didn't show up. investigators don't expect foul play but her cell phone is turned off. they stay last pinged in connecticut. her husband spoke briefly with the media saying that police haven't been able to tell him much. last seen driving a white toyota camry 19 t in 38. again her husband very quiet about any details in he might have. he is saying that police simply need to do their job at this point and certainly what they are working on. we were able to speak briefly with her husband and we will hear from him next hour. catherine parrotta. fox25 news. another missing person's case. police searched the charles river for the man that vanish in downtown boston. zachary marr was in boston celebrating his 22nd birthday at the bell in hand when he disappeared. surveillance video leads them to believe that marr fell into the water.
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has found nothing. this morning, billionaire donald trump celebrate donald trump celebrating a new victory on the campaign trail. fox25's daniel miller joins us for the outcome of last night's caucus in nevada. >> daniel: gene, they are technically counting the votes this morning, but trump was the clear winner in the republican caucuses. he claimed 46% of the streets. senator marco rubio appears to have second place locked up. he holds a 2-point lead over ted cruz with 97% of the votes counted. ben carson and governor john kasich will finish way behind the leaders. after being declared the winner nevada, trump told supporters that he will be the republican nominee. >> we weren't expected to win much and now we are winning, winning, winning the country. [cheering] and soon the country will start winning, winning, winning. dan according to a survey taken at caucus sites, 70% of nevada
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week ago picked trump. 40% that made their choice last week voted for marco rubio. and a republican official said there was chaos at several caucus sites. number of voters that showed up overwhelmed organizers a the some some sites near las vegas. the twitter feed of the nevada republican party said they have not received any official reports of voter irregularity reports of voter irregularities reports of voter irregularities. we will continue to follow as the news comes in from las vegas. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. and as republicans caucus, democratic candidates focus on south carolina where hillary clinton has a double-digit lead over bernie sanders. at a town hall last night, try put a dent. clinton caused for honesty clinton caused for honestly in issues of race. and sanders lacked on minorities in south. and sanders took a tough line
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tran scripts of the speeches to wall street banks. >> i am happy to release all of my speeches to wall street. here it is, chris. there ain't none. >> every single time people hurl these charges against me which they have done, it proved to be nothing. >> sara: the south carolina primary is this saturday and the massachusetts primaries are around the corner and fox25 has you covered. march 1 is super tuesday across the nation. we will have full coverage of the results on air, on our app and online at 5:07 this morning. we are following developing news in the south. severe tropical storms killed at least three people. winds pummel the area and spawn tornadoes across the gulf coast. strong winds and rain are still raging this morning. schools in southern california have been cancelled because the weather. some of the force hit areas a mobile home in nevada two people died.
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15 tornadoes touched down and brought down trees, homes and sent cars flying. meteorologists have flashflood and tornado watches and more severe weather throughout afternoon. rescue crews will get the first look at the damage when the sun comes up this morning. police discovered more than they expected inside of a new hampshire home which they thought was a meth lab. police from danville. a neighbor tipped off police thinking that drugs were being made inside. when officers got inside, they found dangerous explosive devices. the man in the home believed to have made. police and neighbors say they are happy they got there when they did. >> i really don't like it in a neighborhood, but it does happen. a lot worse things can happen. i was just happy that no one got hurt. i thought might have been a murder or something. >> 32-year-old matthew starbill was arrested and he lived at n his home with his mom and sister. this morning the headmaster of a local school is apologizing to students for failing to deal with race-based
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in a letter, in a letter >> gene: a recent investigation said that the school did not handle an incident where a black student was called a racial slur and several civil rights groups have called for the headmaster to be removed. a massachusetts state senator under federal investigation will not seek reelection. fox25 reported on the raid on the law office of state senator brian joyce. the search was part of an investigation involving both the fbi and the irs. last night his office released is a statement saying he worked hashed for his district while trying to abide by the rules. the milton democrat is the target of two ethics investigations in the last year investigations in the last year. the state republican committee called for him to resign last week. we will be working for governor baker's reaction to joyce's decision later today. despite widespread protests in boston and dozens of other cities, there is no movement in
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apple and the fbi. demonstrators rally demonstrators rallied outside of apple stores on this one outside of boylston street. they are supporting apple and fighting a court order of a iphone used by a san bernandino terrorist. apple did cooperate with law enforcement in the past, but suddenly stopped two years ago. >> it becomes an issue for law enforcement across the country and become even now in high-profile cases. >> apple says cracking the encryption on one between give the government access to personal data stored on every iphone. this week is the deadline for appear toll comply with the court order. microsoft co-founder bill gates is taking issue that he is siding with the fbi and not apple. gates does believe that the san bernandino case is a specific request a not a general action by the government; however, he says the fbi has to act within a set of safeguards.
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with the torder to gift fbi the day that that it wants. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes and today is one of the those days you will want to leave a few minutes early. 93 southbound, a 21 minute commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. mostly rain across eastern massachusetts now. travelers on 495, 95, 128. you are going to find plain rain. you hit route 2, and that's where we have a little bit of snow and freezing rain out there now. mass pike, you will have to head all the way to central massachusetts and western massachusetts to start getting into any freezing drizzle. i will time out today's warm-up next. 5:11 this morning. the alleged drunk driver and the person he hit are both recovering in the hospital. why witnesses say that crash on a busy road could have been worse. plus, new surveillance video of the uber driver to went on a killing spree. up next, what he was shopping for hours before he killed six innocent
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something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. 5:14. meteorologist shiri spear here and we have the back end of that steady that steadier rain moving toward us which means we will see things change to drizzle and a little freezing drizzle for those locations, leominster for those locations, leominster, gardner over to groton, brookline and nashua, new hampshire. though it is raining in spots like salem and portsmouth. we have the icy mix that extends into merrimack,
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be safe on those roads. breaking, a plane with 23 nepal. everyone on board was killed. the small plane was only supposed to be in the air for 19 minutes, but contact was lost eight minutes after takeoff. an army helicopter and two wreckage. clear when the plane disappeared. they are investigating what caused that plane to go down. new details this morning of the uber driver to confessioned to killing six people in kala plaza, michigan. jason dalton open fired on innocent people in michigan last weekend. this is a new surveillance image of dalton in the gun store on saturday. the owner who knew dalton said he strolled around casually, laughing and joke laughing and joking with staff. dalton bought a jacket with an inside pocket design with a handgun. authorities believe the semiautomatic handgun was used but not purchased that day. residents of watertown are being asked to make a difficult decision and could have some
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their lives. a movie company wants to re-create the shootout between police and the boston marathon bombers. filming will take place in the same streets where the battle happened nearly three years ago happened nearly three years ago. the film is called "pats day" and stars mark wahlberg. flyers are being posted in the neighborhood. for some, the tragedy seems like it just happened. >> every time i hear like a bang or anything like that, you immediately think, is that a gunshota. >> sara: as of now, filming will start in late april. residents will be given a choice to say in their homes or go to a hotel. compensation from the production company. fox25 investigates gives you an inside look at what is being done to protect our borders from terrorism. some called the northern border a weak link in our defense. just a few weeks ago, u.s. senators met to discuss the possibility of terrorists crossing the border crossing the border from canada and entering our country. whole u.s. we are the last line of
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>> the train is rugged, remote and vast. some 600 miles in maine. fox25's catherine parrotta spent two days with custom and border protection and discovered what is being done in the air, on the ground and on the water to keep our country safe. tonight on the fox25 morning news, see who they are stopping news, see who they are stopping, why there is a new concern, and how agents are still watching even in areas that are not manned. good morning, everyone, 5 good morning, everyone, 5:18. a look at the pike where things are moving along nightsly past 128 and into the alton-brighton area. 93 south, route 1 moving along at a decent clip. those roads are wet and you may have a little ice out there. shiri will detail those locations but overall your commute is pretty stress-free. here is look at -- a little windy out there. you can see the camera bouncing around the shot at the zakim bridge and volume is moderate. life drive times. 12 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 22 minutes on 39 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in bea body to the
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meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and shiri, i am seeing a rainy morning on a lot of my traffics morning on a lot of my traffics. we did a facebook video where we bounced back and forth. you have an eye on some ice out there and snow overnight. >> shiri: yes, the rain, fog. what don't we have. we have totals overnight that weren't that impressive. framingham, hopkinton, an inch of snow. westborough, .8. half an inch in worcester. trace amounts lexington down in boston. so wasn't that much snow that came through. we were expecting a pretty quick flip over to rain and freezing rain, and where you see the bink into central massachusetts, southern new hampshire, that is where it is still ice still icy. manchester we have a couple of snowflakes mixing in. your hour-by-hour forecast in boston really highlights the 40s pretty strongly here. showers will also tend to light showers will also tend to lighten up here in about the next hour. into worcester, we have freezing drizzle possible all the way through noon.
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warm-up through the 30s as we travel through late morning. by late morning most of us will be above freezing. temperatures get a little stuck here in nashua, new hampshire. most of the days, 30s. you will have the morning threat for some icy conditions as well, but town toward plymouth, mass. look how warm it is going to be. 42 degrees at 7 a.m. 52 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. so southeastern massachusetts definitely taking the cake with some of those warmer temperatures today. we have showers that turn more into kind of scattered drizzle after about 7:00 this morning through about lunchtime today. and though we do have on and off rain during the afternoon, the real heavy stuff will hold off until about 2 to 8:00 tomorrow morning. and we have got a band of heavy showers coming through with a cool front. don't be deceived. still very warm as those showers are coming through. very windy as well. and even though things dry out here for the middle of the day here tomorrow, you have some breaks in the clouds, the winds are going to come back into play during the afternoon
5:20 am
per hour with wind damage own southeastern massachusetts. so we are going to stay alert to that windy concern almost all day tomorrow. temperatures today will be slow to warm-up. hit highs in the 50s late in the day. stretch for 49 degrees in boston this afternoon. 47 in beverly. 57 in plymouth. 43 in worcester and 40 in nashua, new hampshire. versus temperatures tomorrow in the 50s across the board. all of southern new england up around 56 degrees tomorrow. very wet. and in the morning, we have a couple of late thursday night flurries into friday morning. the friday clear out. blustery. high 40 degrees. upper 30s with sunshine on saturday. a few more sunday clouds at 49. and we keep warming back into the 50s by monday of next week. back to you. >> sara: all right, shiri. we continue to watch the icy weather here, but severe weather has killed three people in the south. coming up next, what rescue crews are looking for this morning in the wake of more
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reports annual ranking of the top vehicles are in, and let's see if your car broke the top five. audi took the top spot followed bmw. the first american car is buick at number 7. it is based on a range of factors including safety, reliability, and driving quality. $5 million sounds like a lot for some dock space, but a reality on nantucket. according to "the globe" is 140 according to "the globe" is 140-foot boat slip from nantucket harbor sold for get this $4.75 million. the buyer is an executive at google's parent company. slip has enough space for a 156 slip has enough space for a 156-foot yacht. it also comes with a parking spot. let's be friends with that person. >> julie: whoo, fancy. "house of cards" fans know that kevin spacey's character --
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>> julie: he is getting recognition in washington. this portrait features him in his role of president is going on display at the smithsonian. it is a popular series about the dark side politics. >> gene: he has presidential qualities about him, kevin spacey beside being a brilliant actor. he looks presidential. getting faster stronger. the next generation of robots -- looks pretty real created by boston dynamics. lekly powered to operate outdoors and inside buildings. they balance, avoid obstacles and open doors and pick things up. the first toilet-cleaning robot to hit the market. i want to invest in that because that is going to be -- >> julie: you can be the test market. >> gene: that is pretty cool. they are getting more and more life-like. >> julie: a hit on our facebook page. a goat is caught on camera
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a customer snapped this video. sought goat hanging out in the front seat of the van. the owner had picked him up at a farm and ran to the store she thought the goat would behave for a few minutes, but when she came out the goat turned on the hazard lights, turned on the wiper, drank a cup of old soda, ate a little debby, and the goat left a little present on the driver's seat. a little something-something. and i read that the driver went and sat down -- >> gene: the driver came back the person with the phone said, hey, i got your goat. julie ba-ba-dum. lady ladies an gents, he will be here all week. >> gene: i am. >> shiri: i expected that baaaa-d from gene. oh! heavy winds and rain looking forward to tonight and tomorrow morning. i will time it out for you next. a man is in the hospital
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complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: a weather alert this morning. a live look at the mass pike.
5:30 am
you will want to slow down a little bit out there. julie has the latest drive times coming up in just a moment. >> sara: good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, it is hump day it is wednesday, it is hump day, and we are getting a lot of rain and some of it freezing of rain and some of it freezing. >> gene: meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center. which storms will get the worst by it. >> shiri: good news of travelers in eastern massachusetts. and we are above freezing. 39 degrees in the city. we are at 40 in we are at 40 in scott. purr lington. and you have to head into southern new hampshire to find some of those icy spots across eastern new hampshire. and massachusetts. and in fact southeastern mass. how about some 40s to get your day started. 31 in worcester. 31 in fitchburg 31 in amherst, new hampshire. so the is, we will have some icy spots and that's why we have a winter weather advisory here that lasts until noon in worcester. i do expect we will warm up for freezing a little bit before that.
5:31 am
freezing drizzle. 3 p.m., 45 degrees. and by 7 p.m., 50 degrees. i will time out the heavy rain and warm conditions overnight tonight. get you over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. julie, a good time to hit the roads. >> shiri: yes, no -- julie yes >> shiri: yes, no -- julie yes, shiri. 128 is clear as you head through canton, dedham and needham up to the pike. the pike looking good through framingham through 128 and what you will encounter through brighton. wet roads and a good idea to -- here are your live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. is it minutes on the expressway pike. 22 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. mass dot crews were out ahead of the commute to salt the roads. michael henrich is following the progress all mornings. you know the conditions before you leave the house. michael, you are in worcester county right now.
5:32 am
we just got off of 2 weston 12 south, and you can anniversary this drive cam, it is dark still obviously and the drive cam on the edge. there was some snow that fell on the sidewalks and on the grassy areas. the roads themselves are looking fairly good. they are simply wet. you obviously want to be careful, and that's why we are out here to get you ready for the day and let you know what to expect before you head out on to these roads. all in all, if you are careful, you should be okay. mass dot just tweeted me back about five minutes ago giving me an update on how many crews are out statewide. 465 is the number. that is down by about 100 from an hour ago. and most of those crews it says -- our focus is central and the roadways. we have seen a handful of mass dot crews out when we have been out on the pike, on 19 on 2 west. and now on 12 south as we drive right now. so, again, we are going to keep an eye on it.
5:33 am
report in a half hour. if we come across any trouble well. back to you, guys. >> sara: all right >> sara: all right, michael. download the fox25 weather app to stay up to date on the latest forecast and timeline throughout the day. tracking the rain and snow as it moves through our area and shiri will be back in just a few moments with the latest forecast. julie will have drive times all morning long. a person hit on a busy stretch of road is in the hospital with serious injuries this morning. and also in the hospital bed, the person who hit him. fox25's jessica reyes is live on washington street in weymouth where witnesses watch this whole thing play out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gene, they did. this is washington street and pretty early right now that you can tell. for most of the day, this was a very busy road right around lunchtime when this happened. we did talk to several people who were around here at the time yesterday, and they describe the scene as just very describe the scene as just very chaotic. not only are the suspect and the victim in the hospital, but this morning that suspect is also facing a very long list of
5:34 am
take a look. this is him right here. his name is thomas mohan and he is 51 years is 51 years old. police say he was not only drunk but also on drugs when he hit the 39-year-old man crossing the street here. this is a very busy road right in the middle of the day. and those who saw the whole thing said another car had to swerve out of the way at the very last second slamming into a sign. >> that pedestrian had been crossing the street. they ended up getting hit by one of the vehicles there, and it dragged him, and went up on the curb, and the other one swerved to get out of the way. >> reporter: police say mohan is in the hospital. sounds as though his injuries are pretty serious. it not clear if he is going to be arraigned on these charges today. our crews did speak to mohan's mother and coming up in an hour mother and coming up in an hour, why she said he shouldn't have been behind the wheel at all in the first place. live this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
5:35 am
say a cell phone may help them find a missing mother are holbrook. judith sales was seen leaving her job in taunton. her husband sailed she was on her way to pick up their 10-year-old financeda but never arrived. called police that track her phone to connecticut. her husband said had no idea why judith or her phone would be there but hope police are bring her back. >> i want her only safely. i cannot disclose that much information. >> sales driving a white toyota camry with 19 tm 38. if you have seen her or nowhere she might be, call holbrook police. we have the details up on our social media sites if you would like to share this. we will be updating the search all morning long. this morning police are trying to figure out why a little boy was wandering the streets alone in the middle of the night. a 4-year-old was found walking by himself in dorchester at around 3 a.m. yesterday morning around 3 a.m. yesterday morning. we covered the story as it was
5:36 am
have learned that the boy told police he left the house to get some chocolate. police took him to the hospital as precaution when they found him. he is back with his family now. new this morning, federal agents now say that an electron agents now say that an electronic ankle bracelet found in quincy belonged to the u.s. probation department. the bracelet is used to monitor criminals. fox25 investigates have been tracing the source of this bracelet wins is he first learned that police was circulating an e-mail trying to figure wrought it came from. someone found it and turned over to the quincy police department. the chief u.s. probation officer from massachusetts told us the bracelet belonged to that agencies and was cut off by a person in july. that individual was taken into custody the same month and is off the streets this morning. we are working today to find out why a person was ordered to wear that device. a local officer is recovering this morning after she was dragged by a car. this happened yesterday afternoon on route 30 in way afternoon on route 30 in wayland. sergeant jennifer ordway was
5:37 am
passenger window when the car started to drive off. dragged 15 feet until another officer stopped a car. the driver faces multiple charges this morning. and fire fighters in chelsea building. first responders were initially told that a woman was trapped in the upper floors of this multifamily home on garfield avenue; however, she and everyone else in the home did make it out safely. the fire damaged part of the building. so far no word on a cause. 5:37. the plan to house eventual nonous snakes on an island has residents rattled. we have been following this story. the state department of fishery the state department of fisheries reached out to residents. they want to put rattlesnakes on an island in the quabbin reservoir. reservoir. experts told residents that they have nothing to be concerned about but that did not ease anyone's minds. >> snakes do not stay put. they move. they slither places -- and these can swim.
5:38 am
danger to humans. >> now officials say snakes won't have any motivation to leave the island and the state chose the location because of its already off limits to the public. an 11-year-old boy says his hurricane over board wasn't worth it. and this morning he is advising other families not to get one. his burst into flames when he was riding it in his now chelmsford. we showed you the damage that it caused yesterday morning. that boy said he hopped off just in time, and he is lucky he wasn't hurt. >> i was just continue to like i usually do and then right when i -- it -- it just started smoking. and -- -- i don't know how this explain it. it started smoking. so i obviously got off, and then maybe a couple of seconds later burst into flames. >> fire fighters could see smoke spilling out the front door when they got to the house. the chelmsford fire chief told fox25 that testing inside the house revealed that the living room wall was heated to 270
5:39 am
well, this morning, home sales up across the bay state and real estate agencies say the mild winter weather was a huge help. the war ran group said 3400 homes were sold across the state. 800 more homes than the same time last year. real estate agents say warmer temperatures and drier weather made it much easy made it much easier to do business. chocolate maker mars recalling multiple candy bars after a piece of plastic was found in one of them. a customer in germany found bits of plastic in a snickers bar. the recall has not been in the united states. but they are recalling mars, snickers, milky ways and other snacks in 55 countries. the center of disease control are concerned that the zika virus is spreading in the u.s. through sex. the cdc say 14 new reports of potential sexual transmission of the zika virus. the agency did not identify the states where these cases are being investigated in addition,
5:40 am
tobago and the marshall islands to the list of countries where zika transmission is ongoing. and affects teenagers and adults. the american academy of dermatology say people may not be doing enough to fight acne. the organization says the 50 million americans dealing with acne should be combining two or more treatments to fight the outbreak. recommended treatments include antibiotics, prescription medications and birth control. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you, and right now, if you were using the expressway, you are looking at a 9-minute commute from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. shiri. >> if you were headed out to the door, eastern massachusetts plain rain. in southern new hampshire, we have freezing rain, and even a couple of snowy spots. we will time thought change to all plain rain and our warm-up when we come back. a college basketball player beats the buzzer with seconds to go. this video is taking off this morning.
5:41 am
is so surprising that he made that half court shot in the first place. could be months before one fills the empty seat on the
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5:44. and meteorologist shiri spear and rain across boston and eastern massachusetts. a little bit of freezing drizzle up to paxton, hubbards drizzle up to paxton, hubbardsson and sterling and clinton. every to pepperell, nashua, merrimack, milford. you can see the pink and the freezing drizzle in derry, kingston and watch if on the roads in central mass and southern new hampshire. check out this fierce rain and wind. developing this morning, severe storms have killed at least three people, and this morning, rescue crews are waiting for the sun to come up to assess the damage. fox25's daniel miller is here with the wicked weather across the gulf coast. >> yeah, a brutal night for
5:45 am
as you said people won't know how widespread the damage is until the sun rise this is morning. strong winds and heavy rain are still pounding the gulf coast. schools in southern georgia are weather. one of the worst-hit areas was a mobile home park in louisiana where two people died and at least 30 people were injured. tornadoes also left several people injured in pensacola, florida. one tornado ripped apart an -- ripped apart an apartment complex. only the bottom floors remain standing. here is one shaken couple. >> what is it like there. >> it is horrible -- >>reporter: at least 15 tornadoes ripped apart homes, sent down power lines an sent cars flying. flashflood and tornado and are expected more severe weather through the afternoon. forecasters are saying at least 20 million people across the southeast could face the risk of severe storms and tornadoes today. we will keep you updated.
5:46 am
miller, fox25 news. president obama running into more opposition as he lays out his plan to close the military prison at guantanamo. bay. >> this is what i think of the president's plan to send terrorists to the united states terrorists to the united states. >> sara: that is just one of american republicans who declare the president's plan dead on arrival. right now, 91 detainees at gitmo. under obama's proposal, 35 lower risk detainees will be transferred home or to another country. the remaining will be on a if silt to be built on u.s. soil. the president promised to close gitmo on his first day in office. more opposition for president obama in the supreme court. continue to senate republicans are refusing to even meet anyone that the president nominates to fill justin ca lea nominates to fill justin ca lea's seat on the bench. ca lea passed away earlier. democrats called the situation
5:47 am
trite vote no, but should not refuse to give a nominee a fair hearing. good wednesday morning, moving along from 228 in rockland past route 18 to the rain with. braintree split. 24 and 95 also clear right now. expressway starting to see the volume increase just slightly as you approach naponset. expect wet roads out there near the boston area. you can see some of those raindrops still on our cram len raindrops still on our cram lens as traffic passed the gas tank. here are your live drive times. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 13 minutes on 24 from 126 to 10 13 minutes on 24 from 126 to 108. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, you are watching icy conditions in western mass and southern new hampshire. >> shiri: yeah, the good thing is showers lightening up and will be a drizzle throughout rest of the morning commute. and road crews will have a good handle on the roadways. right now we have that surge of
5:48 am
toward us and that means that we warm up all day long, and by this evening and over night. this is the same storm system that to the south brought some dangerous tornadoes coming through. for us, it is going to mean rain and wind during overnight tonight. and early tomorrow morning. a whole lot of rain at that. now you can see that we have a rainy pick demur boston. 39 degrees. we are mild there across eastern massachusetts. temperatures now above freezing. we will stick with the rain showers on and off throughout the day and you can see temperatures here keep warming up. by 1 p.m., 45 degrees. 46 by 3 p.m. by 5 p.m. 47 degrees. 50s overnight tonight. versus somewhere like -- let's head out to keene, new hampshire or fitchburg at 33 degrees right now where we do have a threat around the area. of course, still some freezing temperatures and some icy spots temperatures and some icy spots. likely through about noon. you can see it is a little bit of a struggle to warm up. before noontime, we get stuck in the 30s here.
5:49 am
we get up to 40 degrees 24 we get up to 40 degrees this afternoon. not to worry you too overnight and inland get the 50s rolling in. takes a longer time to weed out the icy spots. 7:00, we still have some freezing temperatures in worcester, orange and keene, new hampshire. and head over to nashua, we are going to have to watch for slipping and sliding. to the east of that though, pretty mimed, 40 in boston 7:00 this morning. middle 40s in parts of the cape and the warm-up continues. at noontime, 44, boston. 38 in worcester. 50 in plymouth. 43 in beverly. and your noontime temperatures will come with a little bit of drizzle out there, and we are still going to have to watch spots like keene for a little bit of light icing out there. by 5 p.m., though, temperatures knocking on the door of 50 degrees even in boston. we do get a couple of bursts of rain coming through during the afternoon and by 8:00, there you go, there are your 50s in boston and close to it in worcester in afternoon 49 in boston. 50 in framingham. 57 in plymouth.
5:50 am
44 in worcester. 39 in manchester, new hampshire. further north and west you go, the cooler it is going to be today. almost feeling april-like if you go down into southeastern massachusetts. high temps tomorrow though. there are those 50s for everybody. even overnight tonight, real, real warm here. up ahead of our cold front. starting at 2 p.m., we get the heavy, steady rain that continues through the morning commute tomorrow until 7 or 8 a.m., along with strong gusty winds. this afternoon although the clouds are breaking apart a wind threat and damaging wind gusts of 60 miles per hour in southeastern massachusetts. so winds something to monitor all day long tomorrow, but the heavy rain really restricted to the morning hours. overnight thursday night into friday, a couple of flurries. friday night clears out. it is breezy. 40 degrees. a little cooler on saturday with a high of 38. upper 40s are back, though, on sunday with a few more clouds. and monday, 50s are back. and we have got some late rain rolling in.
5:51 am
a snowshoeing trip turns into a near tragedy. coming up next, the coincidence that ended up saving a young girl who fell into a snow cave. and stay with us for our news at 6:00 this morning. forgetting the wine for dinner?
5:52 am
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take a look at this incredible video from minnesota. a truck pulls away from a traffic stop, and a train barrels into it. the driver said he was looking back for other cars and didn't see the train or hear the horn. the driver miraculously wasn't badly hurt. a jury has awarded a family $72 million because of tall cam powder. the family -- talcolm powder. they said it caused their mother's ovarian cancer. >> the whole fight was not just for her ... but so many other women. that's why i continue -- that's why i continue to fight. >> sara: jacqueline fox died in october of last year. a near tragedy for a family out west is averted thanks to a bit of winter training. look at this video, a
5:55 am
with her parents and fell into a snow cave in california. her dad could not get her out and called 911, and they told them it would take an hour for rescuers to get there. then incredibly an entire team of rescue workers emerged from the woods. they were from a neighboring county and they were out practice practicing winter weather rescue maneuvers. >> they threw down a rope with a loop, and it went over my head and under my arms and they pulled me out. >> gene: the little girl is doing well this morning, and her parents say she wants to go back out snowshoeing again this weekend. in a push to make kids healthier, a middle school is making an expensive switch. a school in florida just installed standing desks for everyone where it is windy and rainy. we will tell that you the standing desks were provided by the national football league and american dairy association and american dairy association to help pay for those desks on video there. check out this video, a young mother's workout is going
5:56 am
>> it gets a little bit hard we are kids. >> april story calls it -- she posted it on her facebook page and it has been shared millions of times. i saw this. >> i saw the wine there and thought that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video. >> sara: story says she has had plenty of feedback both positive and negative, but she says the message is, you can workout anywhere with almost anything. >> gene: enjoy your wine. >> sara: two-pound weights, right. shiri, you want to do it with me? >> gene: go easy on it. 5:56 this morning. following develop news of a missing wife and mother. are take are taking a look at the woman's cell phone hours after she disappeared. does this hug with big papi mean an old feud is put to rest? the new bonds forming at red sox spring training. and right now, we have
5:57 am
to 40 degrees. there are some icing concerns far inland. most of you seeing plain rain
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, waking up to rain and ice. i am breaking down which cities and towns will face slippery morning commutes. >> reporter: we are out on the roadways during the morning
6:00 am
pictures toet you through the day. police are still searching for this missing holbrook mother. coming up, what her husband has to say. and another victory for donald trump, his third in a row. >> we weren't expected to win that much and now we are winning, winning, winning. the results of a very close race and why it is so significant. >> complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the station station. >> gene: good morning, thank you for being with us on this wednesday morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. our reporters are covering all the big stories of the morning includes the wet weather. to our storm weather center. and still slippery spots. >> reporter: carry us through the morning commute into central massachusetts.


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