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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> shiri: weather alert for cities and i will show you which is dealing with icy conditions. >> sara: >> sara: a missing mother and where she was last seen and how the cell phone is tracking her this morning. >> gene: donald trump secures a third victory. this one in nevada. >> we didn't expect to win too much and now we are winning, winning, winning. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: it is wednesday, february 24th, i'm sara underwood. >> gene: i'm gene lavanchy. delays and this errunning on your screen and there will be a little bit of reward in terms of temperatures.
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in the stormtracker weather center. she has a look at transition temperaturewise for us. >> >> shiri: always find the silver lining and temperatures later today and freezing point and worcester potential for icy through noon time and winter weather advisory. until then they are out towardman, nashua, portsmouth, goes until 10:00 a.m. and most of the day in keene. so temperatures getting a little stuck, especially at higher elevations. right now 31 in worcester, 32 in leominster, 31 in hollis, new hampshire, 32 in londonderry, those are freezing spots. look at how it warms up in eastern massachusetts. 33 in westford, 33 lexington, 39 boston but already talking 40 in lynn, 41 in brockton, 40s going strong here southeastern massachusetts with just a little bit of drizzle in place, so kind of wet and drizzly morning here. showers tend to lighten up as we head toward noon time and on
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worcester and southern new hampshire for a couple icy spots until then and then during the afternoon we get some waves of showers coming on through. 40 to 50 for the highs today. we will see some slippery conditions just through noon time today, and then i think everybody is safely above freezing, but i have another batch of heavy rain coming through tonight and time that out coming up. send you over to jonathan hall with live -- julie grauert with live drive time traffic. >> julie: framingham on the pike eastbound but not too problematic. slow spot south of the pike as the expressway which we are used to seeing from the braintree split up to columbia road. north of the pike 93 south very sluggish from woburn to somerville and route 1 in saugus, visibility low, it is rainy and foggy out there right now, so leave few extra minutes for your commute this morning. 28 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 47 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett
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southbound from route 1 in gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: all right, julie. inside 495 the roads aren't so bad, but outside 495 central mass different story. fox25 michael henrich continues the team coverage. he and photographer on the road right now on 190 northbound in sterling, michael. >> michael: good morning, gene that's right. if you look on the sides of your screen -- well actually on the center, somebody didn't clear the roof off. some of the snow and ice flying back under the car behind them. that was two cars up the ice was flying off of. on the sides of the roads you can see in the shoulders there's icing up, and some of. some of that is helping on the main roadways, and it is clear very clear massdot did treat material and bunch of the areas we have been driving around, it is evidence in the contrast between the actual roadways and shoulders themselves. we have been driving all around this morning from from the pike, 190, on two in both directions
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the roads, if you were careful, if you drive a little bit slower than you're used to and aware that it could be slick on those on and off ramps you should be okay, but things are more intense with the icing and keep an eye on it and up-to-date show of thely. >> gene: fox25 weather aplatest timelines and tracking rain and snow as it moves through the area. shiri will be back in a few minutes with the latest forecast, and, of course, julie update the drive times for us, that's coming up as well. >> sara: we continue to follow developing news out of holbrook where the mother has vanished. she never showed up to get her son from daycare, but this morning there's one lead. fox25 catherine parrotta is live outside the holbrook police station where they tracked her cell phone to another state, catherine. >> catherine: police say the last time the cell phone pinged it was in connecticut. they say it has since been turned off, so they are looking for any sign of missing mother, and pursuing any leads to find her.
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picture because this is the woman that police are looking for today. this is judith sales of holbrook, she was last seen around 3:00 monday afternoon when she was supposed to pick up her son. the enterprise reports he is ten years old. the son is now staying with relatives and couple hours later the husband did go to police. now, investigators say they don't suspect foul play but again, they do say sales' cell phone has been turned off. her husband spoke briefly with the media saying they have not been able to tell them much. she was last seen driving white toyota camera. mostly the family has been pretty quiet but her husband did speak briefly with the media last night from the couple's home and you will hear from him in the next hour. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> sara: it is three in a row for donald trump. the billionaire frontrunning winning another landslide victory in nevada.
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race for 2nd place was settled this morning. >> daniel: after 5:00 this morning, sara, all the votes were counted in nevada, and donald trump is the clear winner of the republican caucuses. he claimed 46% of the votes. florida senator marco rubio defeated texas senator ted cruz in a tough battle for 2nd 2nd place. rubio earned 24%, cruz took 21%. ben carson and governor john kasich finished way behind the leaders. after being declared the winner in nevada trump told supporters he will be the republican nominee. >> we weren't expected to went through much and now we are winning, winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> gene: according to the washington post this morning trump won many voters, education group, racial and ethnic group. republicans that voted for trump say they are angry with the government. also this morning the republican
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there was chaos at several caucus sites. the washington post also says the number of voters who showed up overwhelmed organizers at some sites near las vegas. at other locations they were spotted wearing trump campaign shirts and hats. however, the twitter feed of the nevada republican party has not received any official reports of voting irregularities. in the newsroom, i'm daniel miller, fox25 news. >> sara: as republican caucus democratic candidates focused on south carolina where hillary clinton has a double digit lead over bernie sanders. at a town hall last night sanders tried to put a dent in clinton's support. clinton called for honesty, particularly on issues of race. sanders lacked support among minor independent tires particularly in the south and clinton took a tough like of clinton and transcripts of speeches she made of wall street banks. >> i'm very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris.
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>> the facts are that the every single time somebody has hurled these charges against me, which they have done, it has proved to be nothing. >> sara: the south carolina democratic primary is this saturday. the massachusetts primaries are just around the corner, and fox25 has you covered. march 1st is super tuesday across the nation. we will have full coverage of the results on air, on our app and >> gene: severe storms that killed at least three people. take a look at this video in louisiana where a gym got the roof and wall ripped off. winds pummeled the area and spawned tornadoes across the gulf coast. strong rains and winds still raging this morning. schools in southern georgia have already been canceled today because of the weather. one of the worst hit areas was mobile home park in lunes where two people died and at least 30 people were injured. 15 tornadoes touched down and ripped apart homes, brought down power lines and sent cars flying
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flood and tornado watches and expect more severe weather through the afternoon. >> sara: happening today kennedy cousin michael skakel will be in a courtroom where his lawyers will argue he deserves a new trial. he was convicted in 2002 of the 1975 of the neighbor marathon moxley. 2013 a judge granted him a new trial and he was released on high bail. the judge says skakel's lawyer did not do a good enough job of representing him. after today's hearing it could still be months before state supreme court justices decide if he should get a new trial. moxley was beaten to death with a golf club. >> gene: new at 7:00, robberies. there have been burglaries at six home and police say all similar. thieves forced way through back evening. they take jewelry and small electronics. take look at screen for the list of the streets where the burglaries are taking place there on waverley and robert
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and sumner road and davis avenue police say lock your doors and windows. >> sara: this morning the headmaster of a local school is apologizing to students for failing to deal with race based slurs. in a letter to students at boston latin the headmaster says she regrets there was not more urgency in the school's response. a recent investigation found the school did not properly handle an incident where a black student was called a racial slur and threatened. six other alleged incidents were also reported there. students in civil rights groups have called for the headmaster to be removed and this morning the naacp also wants the justice department to investigate. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now on 93 south a little wet out there. you're looking at 48 minute commute andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: 95 and 28 seeing plain rain showers, drizzle on 495 right now and headed out to the mass pike. it goes from drizzle to a little
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massachusetts and still pretty slippery on route 2. we will time out the warm-up next. >> gene: 7:11, the family didn't want an autopsy but the supreme court justice had a long list of health problems. the many conditions that doctors say contributed to his sudden death. first chilling new surveillance video of the uber driver accused
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>> shiri: a batch of showers coming out of rhode island. this one is going to move toward the boston area as light rain. >> gene: new details about the uber driver confessed to killing six people in michigan. new surveillance images of dalton in the gun store on monday. owner says he strolled around casually and jacket with inside pocket designed for handgun and authorities believe semiautomatic handgun was used but it was not purchased that day. >> sara: residents of watertown being asked to make a difficult decision and some reliving the scariest moment of their lives.
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the shootout in the police and boston marathon bombers. filling take place in same streets where battle happened nearly three years ago. the film was called patriots day and stars mark wahlberg. flyers asking resident for feedback posted in the neighborhood. for some the tragedy seemed like it just happened. >> any time you hear a bang, you think is that a gunshot. >> sara: residents will be given choice to stay in homes or go to hotel and those that do stay will receive compensation from the production company. >> gene: state department fisheries and wildlife reached out to residents for input last night. they want to put timber rattle snakes on quabbin reservoir. it is aimed at reviving the rattle snake population. exerts told residents they have
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but that did not ease the mind. >> snakes don't stay put, and these can swim. >> sara: man saw the goat hanging out in front seat of the van in oxford. we know the goat's owner picked him up at a farm and had to run into the store. she thought the goat would behave for a few moments, but when she came back, the goat had actually turned on the hazard lights and wipers, drank cup of soda and ate a little debbie present and left present. >> a little momento. things still sluggish on route 1 southbound as you head through
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93 south also slow through woburn and medford into somerville. expressway is where we are seeing heavy volume as well from the membrane -- braintree split up to columbia road. these are conditions telling us and they are slowing down the morning commute. live drive times, 29 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 35 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. almost an hour on 93 south from 495 in andover down to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and, shiri, this kind of messy weather will little while. >> shiri: framingham, hopkinton, stratum, new hampshire, half inch in lexington, trace amounts of snow and snow stopped falling and see we still got sloppy set-up out there in worcester stuck to the cars, guts this from alex on
7:19 am
there, help me keep track what it looks like in your town, shiri, this one comes from pembroke, new hampshire and going to be more slippery conditions than slick roads than snowfall that i'm concerned about, this one from methuen and have a little bit of salt on the roadways there as well, just little coating there of ice and good news we are warming up, so anyone traveling along or east of 495 is just going to be plain rain out there, but to the northern worcester hills into southern new hampshire, although it is fading fast and turning just into freezing drizzle, freezing is keyword there, and we have the potential for icing continuing, not so much the boston area, 41 at 9:00 this morning in boston. we work our way up to 45 by 1:00 p.m. we got 50s this evening, but on and off rain continues and gets a little steadier again in time for the evening commute and worcester though 33 by 9:00 a.m., even by lunchtime
7:20 am
so if temperatures stall out at all, we could have a couple towns and cities in central mass that stay icy through noon time there. that's why the winter weather advisory goes until noon. same deal in nashua, new hampshire. look at how much lower the warm-up is here. nashua, southern new hampshire, you guys stuck in the 30s for most of the day, beverly, going up to 46 , 45 in lawrence, 47 in bedford later today, 49 in boston, and how about those 50s over southeastern massachusetts. it is not going to be 50s and sunshine though. it is going to be 50s with rain shower. noon time comes along and light and scattered shower, pockets of rain passing through during the evening commute here, but here comes all the warm air, and that will continue to warm us after the sun goes down, so this evening, overnight tonight, it is going to be 50s, it is going to be very warm as heavier steadier rain really takes over between two and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. this will impact the morning commute.
7:21 am
visibility, gusty damaging wind, clear the coast by 8:00 a.m. and dry out and get breaks in clouds and get another surge of whipping winds that come into play. this one will be focused over southeastern massachusetts and gusts up to 40, 50, even 60 miles per hour, could end up doing some damage here both early in the morning and late tomorrow afternoon and evening. so a lot to focus on besides the high temperatures tomorrow, at least we dry out, anticipate the wind. plus overnight into friday morning we get a couple flurries friday stays very blustery, highs at 40 . saturday a little brighter, high 38, upper 40s back by sunday and by monday we are back on track with the 50s but we got more late day rain to keep track of. back to you, sara. >> you can get food and groceries delivered to your door, and now if you want a glass of wine with your meal you
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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>> sara: first american made call on the list is buick at number seven and rankings based on range of factors including safety, liability and driving quality. >> gene: family no from alabama said tall come caused ovarian cancer. >> this is for so many other women. that's why i continue the fight. >> gene: jacqueline fox died in october of last year. >> sara: middle school students will start seeing the classroom from a whole new angle school in florida just installed the standing desks for every student. exerts say they will help
7:26 am
help students stay more engaged. new at seven, the kids seem pretty excited about them as well. >> easy to move around. >> sara: wearing the latest trends easier for kids with disabilities. tommy hilfiger creating exclusive clothing line. collection helps standard and styles but pieces are modified so they are easier for kids with disabilities to put on. some of the clothes have magnets and buttons and adjustable sleeves and pant legs. >> shiri: low threat category because not too many impacted
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>> sara: it is warming up. >> shiri: going to be 50s and right now talking about drizzle and icy spots tomorrow, it is going to be warm, warm, warm, and also going to be soaking wet and very windy. and 39 in boston, and 40 in swampscott and scituate. today really going to take until then to start seeing that threat
7:31 am
noon about 42 , 45 at 3:00 p.m., 50 by 7:00 this evening, and time out the warm-up and rival of the next batch of heavier rain coming up. julie grauert up now with live drive time traffic. hey, julie. >> julie: watching volume and route 1 as you head southbound through saugus, 93 south as you head from medford and from woburn down through medford into somerville. expressway also jammed from the braintree split up to columbia road. this is what you will see out there. we have a lot of rain on the lens of our camera and slow going as you head past exit 13 freeport street and live drive times, 47 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 35 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and to the leverett connector.
7:32 am
>> sara: traffic looks okay there. >> michael: definitely more cars on the road at this point than we saw earlier in the morning and two west in the fitchburg area and icy west going up 190 north. something that the we have been keeping an eye on as well as massdot, of course, has been having crews out throughout the night trying to get this situation settled before it even really begins. they started the morning with about 560 some odd crews. now as of last hour they are down to 415 crews throughout the commonwealth. we are keeping an eye on it and keep checking out roads and once we hit trouble spots we will let you know. key thing is if you take it slow, aware of the conditions before you head out the door, you should be able to get to where you're going safely and soundly. back to you. >> sara: you can download the latest weather app.
7:33 am
snow as it moves through our area and forecast and we will have drive times all morning long. >> gene: rubio 24% to cruz two took home 21 and ben carson and john kasich finished well behind them and after declared winner trump told supporters he can be the republican nominee. >> we are winning, winning, winning the country and soon the country going to start winning, winning, winning. >> gene: 70% of nevada voters who made up their mind a week
7:34 am
40% of people who made the rubio. >> sara: drunk driving crash sent two people to the hospital. jessica reyes live at the scene on washington street where at the time of the crash means there, jess. >> jessica: it does, sara. happened right around lunchtime, a lot of businesses on the streets, so it was very busy when this happened. getting first look at washington street in full daylight, and you can see it is fairly busy. we know that the victim did have life-threatening injuries and people that saw the whole
7:35 am
yesterday, they say he is lucky to be live here this morning. >> saw couple people in ambulance and hectic. >> jessica: chaotic scene in weymouth where a drunk driving hit person and leaving him with life-threatening injuries. >> big bang, stocking shelf and heard a big crash like that. >> jessica: 51-year-old thomas mohan, both he and victim are still in the hospital this morning. people that were in the area say another car had to swerve out of the way at the very last second, slamming into this sign. >> i was told pedestrian crossing the street, ended up getting hit by one of the vehicles there and dragged them and went up on the curb and other one swerved to get out of the way. >> jessica: mohan's mom tells fox25 her son just got the chrysler pacifica a couple days
7:36 am
>> right now i don't feel so wonderful and i feel he should influence. >> jessica: not only the influence of alcohol but drugs too. clair says her thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family this morning. can be all right. that's all i can say. >> jessica: last ten minutes or so, i heard from the norfolk county d.a.'s office, because he is still in the hospital, it is not clear it is going to be there today or wait until released from the hospital and arraigned him in a courtroom. following up this morning, live in weymouth, fox25 news. >> gene: judith sales was last seen monday afternoon. her husband says she was on her way to pick up ten-year-old but never arrived. he called police who tracked her phone to connecticut. her husband says she has no why idea why judith or her phone will be there and hopes they can
7:37 am
>> i hope they bring her back safely. i can not disclose much information. >> gene: 19tn38. if you have seen her or know where she is might be call holbrook police. gene: little boy found wandering is back with his family. four-year-old found walking around dorchester around 3:00 a.m. and cover the story as it was breaking yesterday morning, and since then we learned the boy told police he left the house to go get some chocolate. >> sara: police discovered more than they expected inside a new hampshire home which they thought was a meth lab. police in danville were called to home in park and thinking drugs were made inside and when officers got there they found explosive devices man in home believed to have made and they are happy they got there when they did.
7:38 am
but it could happen and happy no one got hurt. >> sara: local officer recovering after she was dragged by a car. >> gene: police say sergeant was talking to driver through passenger window when the car started to drive off and dragged nearly 15 feet and another officer stopped the car and driver faces multiple charges. >> sara: bracelet used to monitor criminals. fox25 investigates tracing the source of this bracelet and circulating e-mail trying to figure out exactly where it came from. someone found it and turned it over to quincy police and after our first report last night the chief u.s. probation officer from massachusetts told us that the bracelet belongs to that
7:39 am
person in july. that individual was taken into custody that same month we are morning. we will be working today to find out why the person was ordered to wear the device. >> gene: 11-year-old says hoverboard burst into flames and he hopped off just in time and says he is lucky he wasn't hurt. >> i was on it like i usually do and it just started smoking. just like i don't know how to explain it. just started smoking. so i obviously got off and then maybe a couple seconds later it burst into flames. >> gene: firefighters could see smoke and chelmsford fire chief testing inside the house revealed the living room wall was heated to 270 .
7:40 am
expressway northbound looking at 19 minute commute up to columbia road. shiri. >> shiri: one thing going to be a little bit of fog and fog and rainy across massachusetts and tracking freezing rain and drizzle and tell you how long it lasts next. >> gene: family adventure in the know and rescue mission and group of people that appeared out of nowhere to save the little girl. next water flying into the air busy intersection. what it took to stop the geyser from mornings.
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>> sara: tornadoes taken at least three lives and same weather is heading our way. fox25 daniel miller is looking through all this video this morning and so heartbreaking. >> gene: >> daniel: strong winds and heavy rain and one of the worst hit areas was mobile home park in louisiana and two people died and at least 30 people were injured. tornadoes also left several people injured in pensacola, florida. one tornado ripped apart an apartment complex only the bottom floors remain standing. tornado ripped off roof inside to the building. no one was hurt fortunately. at least 15 tornadoes touched
7:45 am
brought down power lines and sent cars flying. they expect more severe weather there through the afternoon. at 20 million people across the southeast could face severe storms and tornadoes today. shiri says the same system that's producing severe weather on the gulf coast will bring heavy rains and winds. i will keep you updated. in the newsroom, i'm daniel miller, fox25 news. >> sara: firefighters eventually able to turn off the water supply to the hydrant. fox25 investigates gives inside look at what's being done to product borders from terrorism. some call northern border a weak link in our defense. just few weeks ago senators met
7:46 am
terrorists crossing the border from canada and crossing the country. >> access to the u.s. and last line of defense. >> sara: terrain is rugged, remote and fast in maine and catherine parrotta two days in border patrol and discovered what is done in the air on the ground and on the water to keep our country safe. tonight on fox25 news at 10:00, see who they are stopping, why there's new concern and how agents are still watching even in areas that are not manned. >> julie: 93 south jampacked from woburn down to medford and into somerville. take you out to route 1 right now. this is what i mean below visibility. we have rain still falling in
7:47 am
few more minutes to your drive times. speaking of those drive times, here they are, route 1 southbound 41 minutes from 128 to the tobin and hour and 93 south to the leverett connector and 45 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us and expect skies to hinger. >> shiri: cloudy out there and widespread fog and mist and he damp as well. see that we got the surge of warm air that's going to be moving into place that's really going to help weed out the icy spots by lunchtime today, but this weaker system fades away and we got the second system on the way, this is the one that stirred up tornadoes yesterday. as it gets to us, obviously going to be a little bit modified and still going to have heavy rain and gusty wind, that comes through tonight along with just some really warm temperatures. 39 right now in boston, you're going to find it foggy, drizzly
7:48 am
breeze, so a little breezy now and winds overnight tonight and 9:00 a.m. in boston, 41 , 45 by 1:00 p.m., we get up to 51 by 7:00 in the evening. southeastern massachusetts ends up being real real warm this afternoon, but check out keene at only 32 now. we got a lot of clouds, there has been some passing freezing drizzle up that way this morning temperatures really end up getting stuck in the 30s most of the day out there, so big concern especially southwestern new hampshire into some of the higher elevations is that it is going to warm up very, very slowly and central mass, southern new hampshire see by noon time and temperatures just above freezing and that's around the time that winter weather advisory and end up expiring and otherwise along the coast eastern coast and new hampshire temperatures in the 40s by lunchtime, plymouth at 50 and then during an afternoon we get
7:49 am
so after kind of drizzly lunch break the shower end up picking up in time for the evening commute. temperaturewise here tons of mid to upper 40s and by the time we hit the evening hours, you can see 50s not in eastern mass in the boston area, all the way back to worcester, 50s on tap by 9:00 this evening and then overnight temperatures just keep going up. so today i want you to dress for about 49 this afternoon in boston, 43 in fitchburg, 53 in norwood near 60 in plymouth and 57 later today and looking for the 50s and don't get it and give it a day and time you wake up tomorrow morning temperatures here in the 50s, so going to be mild from start to finish here, problem is it is not mild and sunshine and going to be soaking rain here between two and 8:00 in the morning and
7:50 am
have concerns for some poosh -- poor drainage and water slow to drain and definitely going to have water on the roadways, visibility will be poor and strong gusty winds with the batch of mourning rain and in the afternoon despite the fact it is drying out here and clouds are even breaking apart it gives windy again in the afternoon and evening and going to have to watch for damaging gusts, up to 60 miles per hour at both ends of the day on thursday. still pretty blustery on friday with a couple early morning flurries and then gradual clearing, high 40 , upper 30s on saturday, partly sunny, few more sunday clouds and warm-up continues through the weekend. straight back into the 50s by next monday. back to you. >> sara: finding good place to park the yacht isn't so easy and eye popping price tag on nantucket and hydrating during exercise is always essentially
7:51 am
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internet with her new i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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7:54 am
>> this is what i think of the president's plan to send terrorists to the united states. >> sara: that's one of president's plan. there are 91 detainees at get mow under obama's proposal 35 lower risk detainees transferred home or to another country and remaining would be kept in new soil. the president promised to close get mow on first day in office. and more opposition for president obama at supreme court top senate republicans are refusing to even meet anyone the president nominates to fill justice antonin scalia seat on the bench. scalia passed away earlier this month and democrats called the move to block a nomination sad saying republicans had right to vote no but they should not refuse to give nominee a fair hearing. sara: this morning hearing
7:55 am
released incident report his body was found at pillow case covering his eyes and lying on three pillows. breathing apparatus was on the table next to the bed, and it was switched off. scalia was not a healthy man. he suffered from coronary artery disease, diabetes and other ailments and also a smoker. scalia's family decided not to do an autopsy. >> gene: zica virus is spreading through sex. 14 new reports of potential sexual transmission of the zica virus. the agency did not identify the states where the cases are being investigated. in addition the cdc added trinidad in marshall island in countries where zica transmission is ongoing. academy of american dermatology says people may not be doing enough to fight acne. organization says the 50 million americans dealing with acne should be combining two or more
7:56 am
recommended treatments include skin therapy, antibiotics and birth control. >> sara: young mother's workout is going viral. check it out. >> sara: april story has called it wine workout and shared millions of times. >> that would be funny to workout video. >> sara: she has positive feedback positive and negative and workout you can work out anywhere with almost anything. sara: just latest company
7:57 am
>> gene: next at 8:00, why a mayor actually wants people to come out and shoot heroin on city property. >> blair: are we got drizzle out there now and temperature 32 to 42 means there are icy spots. i will break it down town by town next.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sara: another clear victory for donald trump. overriding emotion that is supporting him. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: thank you for join think us on w. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: thank you for join think us on wednesday morning, february 24th. >> sara: team of reporters are covering everything to help. shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center and following the approach the next few days. >> shiri: a little icy spin on it and winter weather advisory noon time in worcester area until about 10:00 this morning
8:01 am
coast area and even going a little bit later than that out toward keene, so some of the higher elevations going to be the last to warm up. speaking of some chilly temperatures, worcester at 31 . we got l. weminster right now at 32, also 32 in ringe, new hampshire, londonderry, 33, so great to see we have some towns and cities in southern new hampshire now getting back up to the freezing point. hey, boston 40, so not too shabby, 34 in tewksbury, 40s already brockton over to humarock and 40s filling down the south shore, down to the cape and islands and travel through the rest of the morning, most of what we see will be drizzle and far enoto theh inland, a little bit of freshireing drizzle into the afternoon we get more substantial pockets of rain that redeveloo gr. 40 to 50 today aftersome slippery spots through noon time, we got late day high temperatures and then another round of heavy rain overnight tonight. latest time lien on that coming up. here is julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning.
8:02 am
>> julie: show everyone the traffic camera monitoring and majority of the cameras are fogged out right now, still barely make out the zakim bridge route 1 in saugus and stonew how drive. so budget few extra minutes because visibility is low. slow on 93 south as you head from woburn down through medford and somerville. 128 southbound also starting to see the volume build there as you work way through lexington and waltham. things slow on the expressway and we have an exit ramp that's partially blocked. this is on expressway southbound right at freeport street. here are live drive times, 35 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 34 minutes on the expres leay froow the braintree split to the pike, almost an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. >> gene: we continue the team coverage of the roads witppe3 michaeen henrich. he has been out checking conditions all morning. michael, you guys got c baght up on backup in westminster, and appears to be weather reenated.
8:03 am
weather related, gene. see the marks in the icy slush on the left lane o ftwo east in westminster. back just a few miles behind us and tracks led all the way into a bolder in the center median. suv that hit it had pretty extensive front end damage there and we saw it get loaded up on the flatbed and by the time we got up to it on the eastbound lanes, it had been cleared. got a good look at it when going westbound. now over in leominster here on two east again, and there's definitely been an increase in traffic over the last hour as typically what happened, but one thing that we are seeing, a lot of cars that clearly packed outside overnight, apparently they don't own a snsteaper or don't use it very well and black windshield blocked by ice thas, w3 k tight hdere minid off the roof on to that area so just one bit of warning here when coming out on roads. be aware of that and if you have
8:04 am
the ice and clear it off. take an eye on things two east in leominster and back to you shortly. back to yo sguhec. >> sara: we have been showing you this picture all morning long. this local mom is misne she never showed up to pick her son up at daycare. she is from holbrook and family is so worried. fox25 catherine parrotta is live outside the holbrook police station where officers traced her phone and really not close by, catherine. >> catherine: her phone has been turned off but last time it pinged it was in connecticut. investigation is continuing to pursue any leads to try to find the misne judith sales' husband spoke to us and giving few clues where
8:05 am
>> i cannot disonose where she had be. >> catherine: according to enterprise she l apt her jher at taunton walgreens an hour earlier and headed to pick up ten-e iar-old son from daycare. she never showed up. her husband went to police a few hours later. >> they are still working on it. i got to let them do their job. >> catherine: police donrl suspathet foul play but sales' phone turned off and last seen driving a white toyota camera with license plateon t9tn throw eight and for now her son is staying with relatives, husband waiting in the home as police pursue every lead they have. meantime they are hoping keeping the pictster e out there somebby y might have information and asking anyone to come forwaes' who might hdere information. live here in holbrook, catherine parrotta, foxup to news. >> sara: it was a long night of waiting but around 5:00 this morning the results of nevada caucus were official. donald trump won by landslide
8:06 am
danieen miller is in the newsroom, and daniel, you have come ist a >> daniestm donald trump is clear winner of the republican caucuses in nevada. he claimed 46% of the votes. florida senator marco rubio devoted ted cruz in tough battle for 2nd place. soubio earned 24% as you could see. ted cruz took 21%. ben carson and governor john kasich finished way behind the leaders. trump also told supporters he will be the repielican nominee and posted about the people who stm ted for him. >> we won with evangeenical, old, educated. i love the poo3 tyy educated. >> daniel: trump won every group and even racial and ethnic re reeen tse.icans that voted for trump government.
8:07 am
party official in nevada says there was chaos at several caherius sites. ltmber of voters organized sites near las vegas and other locations others were spotted wearing tsouuth campaign shirts and hats. twitter feed of the repielican party has not rathesusved any official reports of voting irregularities. in the new moom this morning, i'ow danieen miller, fox25 news. >> sara: democratic candidates foine hillary clinton has double digit lead over bernies. at town hall last night they tried to put a dent in clinton support and called for honesty, particshowarly on issmats of race. sanders lacked support among minorities particularly in the south and sanders took tough line against clinton calling on her to release transcripts on wall street ban 40. >> itte happy to release all of
8:08 am
here it is. there ainrl none. >> every single time somebody has hurled these charges against me, which they hdere don sp it is proved to be nothing. >> sara: massachusetts primarer hs are around the corner and fox25 has you covered. march 1st super tuesday across the ta,tion. we will hdere fshowl coverage of the results on air and app and online at >> gene: happening tby ay kennedy cousin michael skakel will be back in the courtroom to argue he deserves a new trial. he was charged with murdering martha mathley and reeneased ota, high bysl. the judge says skakel's lawyer did not do enough jher representing him and it could be months before state supreme court justices decide if he should gn the new trial.
8:09 am
a golf club. >> sarourt police say there hdere been bster glarer hs at ne police say they are all similar. ther hves forced way to back window or door dster ing the night, and they all take jewelry and small electronics. take a look here at snsteeen for list of the streets where burglaries took place. wave3 tyey and rherert street and greeno circle. police say lock doors and windows. >> g cove: headmaster apologizing for failure to deal with race base slurs. headmaster says she rwith rets there was not more urgency in the school's response. recent investigation found the larihool did not properly handle an incident where black student was called raorgal slur and threatened six other alleged incidents also reported. stureents and civil rights groups called for the headmaster to be removed. this morning the naacp wants the justice department to
8:10 am
gene: massachusetts state seta,tor who's under federal investigation will not seek re-election. fox25 first reported on rysd at law offices of state senator brian joyce. the search was part of investigather an ircolving both the fbi and i.r.s. last night office released statement saying he worked very haes' for the district while always trying to abide by the rules. the milton dnaocrat has been tatreet of two ethics investigations in the last year and state repielican committee rene working to get governor baker's reaction to the datheisher an later today. >> julie: 93 southbound foggy and wet. >> shi tb: 495 even mass pike thet is mostly just drizzle and
8:11 am
they last nexsim >> g cove: the new robot will help transform the american
8:12 am
>> sarourt controverne the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> sarourt contilteduing t be3 l rack drithicle and as we slide into new hampshire from kingston l o epping and over to areas loce mejustimac, hillsborough, peterborough and keene and that's where we still hdere m eezing drithicle on radar. be very careful, traveling in or out of southern new hampshire. >> has ne: brein cing plane with 23 people on board has crashed in nepal, happened before 4:00 this morning and officials confirm everyone on board was killed. to dall plane was oury supposed to be in the air for 19 minutes but contact was lost susght minute after tin ceoff. army heenicopter and two private choppers found in the wreckage and official say the weather was onear when the plane disappeared and investigating what c. thised the plane to go dowide >> sara: gene: new detail about the uber driver killing pcihas ce in michigan. spent hours before rampage in gunshot.
8:15 am
people in michigan last weekend and new surveillance images of dantson and gun store on satster day the owner whobe inew dalton said he strolled around casually, iltking and l. thighing with the staff and p ryket designed with handgun and believe semi. thitomatic handgun was used but not pster chased that day. >> sara: wild fight caught on camera atbe iid's b jthday party. woliers say at c& ck e. cheese as many as 12 people throwing c&nches. there hdere been a string of incidents lately and now hired security guard to keed the peace. >> g cove: federal agents raid compound of religious 60 and mormon sathet which beener hves in polygavel and they are charged with conspiracy to commit welfare fraure and money laundering. d'> kee
8:16 am
with controversy way of dealing with growing herwiln etbdemic. it is in ithaca, new york upstate and mayor proposed they have a superutesed injathetion demorgliand n. they will be allowed to shoot up with medical professher ata,tio nearby. it would provide safe space, clean needles and watchful eye and in theory it could heenp gn the people off the drugs. meanwhile, more than two bags of heroin off the streets in 19ringfieend this morning. police raided house on lebanon stren the last night and found the stash loon with $4,000 in cash and police arrested and all face heroin tracking chatrees this morning. >> gene: movie company wants to create the shootout bn theween police and boston marathon bombers. filming take place on same
8:17 am
nearly three years ago. the film was called patriots day flabors asking residents for feedback are now being posted in the nsusghborhood for some trrvedy seems loce it just happened. >> every time i hear a bang you immediateeny think is that a gunshot. >> filming set to start in late april and given a choice to stay in home or go in hotel. those that stay will receive compensation from the producther an cotaranfil >> sara: plan to house rattled. we hdere been following the story for several weeks now. state department of fisheries and wildlife reached out to residents for input last night. me sta,kes then the quabbin reservo j. the process has already begun and aimed at reviving the endangered rat. me sta,ke population. they have nothing to keep cownerned about and doesnrl seem
8:18 am
>> snakes don't stay put, they slither and they can swim and i think there's a danger to humans. >> sara: there will not be motittltion to leave the iomoand and state chose the location because it is already off limits l o the pieli3 >> julie: it is 8:19, good morning everyone, one lane bl ryked and on exit ramp near m eeport street on the expressway. you will see residual delays on southbound lanes bathe. thise of that northbound still slow going from the braintree shas cit up t be3 and olestigbi proad. shtrrting north of the pike things slow on 128 southbound as wedere way throalth lexington, 93 south sluggish medford into somerville. live look at the zin cim brisine where you can see where it is heavy and steady and overcast me bit. over to live drive times, 31 minutes route 1 frohas rttsara: tto the tobin,lie3 minutes on se t south from 495 to the leverett
8:19 am
soutwneound routesw in peaboe a to the weston tolls. weston tolls shiri spear jwilning us now with look at what you can expect the rest of the day. shiri? >> shi tb: drithicly fog and he remainder of the morning and as we head to spots like central massac& settxi southern new hatarsh j> k that's where we have a couple icy spots or at least potential for icy spots where the roaanf haven't been treated until about lunchtime today. otherwise how about somed h0s with rain and wind overnight tonight. shtknow thed hhe the rmansn it is gwilng to be coming down just in buckets overnight tonight, and the winanf have potential of doing some damage. right now though really not a very busy picture here from radar. showers have considerably so it is really just some freezing and misty conditions in and around the boston area. you're gwilng to be une windshield wipers bathe. thise it is still pretty damp out there. just the rmansn i inrl very steady, issattl aery hedary. 40s almost all day long, showers do turn steadspor again
8:20 am
over to the worcester area notice that we stay in the 3he throalth about lunchtime tessay and that's why we got the winter weather advisory that genss until noon and tnapera gures bdvton getting to 49 , north shore we got beverly at 47, even portsmouth, new hampshire 4154 in new bedford today. so in i where from thebe thed hhe are, still expect drizzle around at lunchtime today, showers on and off dster ing the aovernernoon, there's the surge of warm air that really takes over this evening and ove willight tonight
8:21 am
8:00 a.m. heavy rmansn coming throaltdaryand this is when it is going to be coming down in buckets and have to monitor for wind dustage and clouds start to break apart and might look good as far as the weather conditions go. it is still going to be very windy. in fact, winds strennd shen again me to have to watch southeastern massachusetts in partiff lar for some high winanf and fster ther wind damage. widespread 50s if you're not there tessay, be there by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, very mild, windy, mosbou3 thf the rmansn faltio early in the mo willing, get flurries overnight into friday morning, friday mostly clopery, breound y high 40 and quiet with 38 on saturday to 49 on sunday and 54 is back for next monday with some more late rain. back to you.
8:22 am
trmansn plows right through tractor-trailer. coming up why the driver never saw the train coming.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
incredible price tag >> sarght swug-foot bplt slip in nantucket harbor sold for $4.75 million last month. the buyer is an exeff tive at google's parent company. the slip has enough space for ez6-foot yacht. also comes with parking spot. >> julie: use different kinds of sensors to balance, avoid obstacles and 10 pounds. not that strong.
8:26 am
transform the work comhas cn theing tasks faster and cheaper. >> gene: check this out, woman the leeetio down to pn the the elephant. he keeps rolling around on top of her and one pwilnt ele tagant gets down and more ff ddle time and it made her day and wanted to tin ce her home. >>swie:, 2t i poundxi thallins heavy
8:27 am
of ice out there, thallins gwilng to be small weather tt aneat because area is pretty small as we head into the satheond hald of the day and ove willight thoalth rain and wind. i will time it out for you nexre g >> sarght nd l aideo this mo willing of man failing a sobriety test when he falls right on his face.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
investigated for whe >> sara: shiri has timeenine for hean a little bit later on tonight. but good morning, eveutheboe a, is exustine thank you so m and ah for join us. >> gene: commute has been wors> k a lit. me tricky in some orkots foo5 and later and powerful winds we need to be aware of. >> sio us: potential for damaging winds all day tomorrow and more of springtime forecast verses a winter foratheast which is what i have in the morning, pelham, new hampshire still m eeng randolph, already at 40
8:31 am
40s have taken over southeaste will massachusn thets. it is mild now and going to get even warmer this afternoon, our chilly spots really rnamansn out across central mass from auburn to worcester up to fitchburg this morning. even loweenl still just at 32 . we got 32 in temple, new hampshir> k jafm ne , new hatarshoin > k so thallins where we have and potential icy roadways and knorain a lot of mmansn roads have been treated now but winter weather advisory goes until noon and central massachusetts untilsw0:t i this morning in southern new hampshire for the potential here of slippery spots. otherwise 40 in boston, got icy towns that were still monitoring in central massachusn thets but noon time 42, it will be a little bit drizzly this morning, ing a more pockets of steady rain by 3:00 p.m. at 45 , how aboutd h0 ery 7 rn0 this evening. yes, mild. but wait until you see how warm, how wn the, how wine a it is gwilng to be by tomorrow morning, those details coming up. now gwilng to send you to j >spo
8:32 am
and, julie, haven't had problems thn the rpld so far. >> ht.lits you typically see during the morning comavte and rplally are a little wn the but not ce sne issue. 93 south slow from woburn throalth medford into somerutell> k 128 southbound sluggish as you work your way south through the lexington area. darer32 e speeds on 128 northbound right now about 14 miles per hoster , want to tin ce you out to live look at the pike. this is what we mean below utene veuthe slow gwilng eastbound as you head through the brighton area. here are lteme drive times, 35 minutes on the expressway m om the braintree split to the pike. almost an hour on se t south from 495 to the levern thet connector and 40 minutes on 128 northbound sorom university avees,e in westwoess to the weston tolls. sara and gene, back to you. >> sa all right, j >spo. it has been a wn the and slishowery ride on roads west of the city this morning. fox2 plmichael henrich conties,es our team coverage on the roads, and it is important to rnaind pemeale, michaeen, you`
8:33 am
one that's driving. >> michael: right. veuthe itarortant. all morning i hdare been in the passenger seat. one of the best a lgs all dorn i have to admit. my photographer, ken, is doing the driving, and big thank you to him for dwilng so for so many hours. we wanted to show people what it is loble with the winter weather adutesouthe out and we just got off of route 2 and are on 190 south at this point in lour miasster. you can see as julie mentioned and as shiri, they were all talking about the mmansn rplally have been treated, and actual lanes are pretty good, all that said edges, thallins where you will find the icing up and outer lanes you want to take a little bit of extra care and on and off ratars as well. we did see and talk about that actes dent in westminster on two east and weseaminster on last half hour, so there are intes dents out there and if you're not caref >, be careful, drive safe, we will continue to
8:34 am
hoster . back to you. >> sara: one man put 1 foot in m ont of the other dster ing so2 spos and k test. man car drunk when struck a man crossing the street in wne mouth. fo3 m pljessiccrre cs got the video and witnesses took with cell phone right asposer the crash, jess. >> jessica: witness said it was very chaotic and seen last hoster and worked right aeatdvs the street and know that sobriety test all took place in parking lot right here moments asposer the suspect seen in the video allegedly hit and nearly killed a pedestrs and k n who was crossing this street you see right here. just moments after he is accused of man crossing washington street in weymouth, cell phone video shows thomas mohan taking so2 spos and k test and falling on his
8:35 am
his feet. >> staund big crash like that. >> jessica: another car had to slked away at last second mankedming into the side. >> pedestrian crossed in the street, ended up gn theting hit by thne of the vehicles there and dragged them and went up on the t uprb and another one swerved and went on the worn. >> jessica: mohan's mom said they just got the ct anysle po3 pacaiticcrcrher 1 fda wa ago. >> right now i don't feel so wonderful. right now i -- he sho >d have been been driuteng under the influence. >> jessica: not only alcohjul ing a she is praying for them. >> i pray for them and i hope that they can be all right. that's all i can say. >> jessica: mohan, he is still
8:36 am
sorom the norfound spokesperson the last couple hoster s and not clear id he will be arrmansgned from the hospital bed today or if that arraignment will wmanst until he is eventually released. live in weymouth this morning, fox25 nd s. >> genliv witarlall thebe aotes now counted trump is clear winner in nevada. he claimedent6% of thebe aote. marco rub by dnt eated senator ted cruz for tough battle for 2nd mohad has cace. phbio earnedhbou4%, crews took home 21. john kasich and ben carson soerothndez weenl bre nd those three. trump told supporters he will be >> we weren't eray. jted to win
8:37 am
winning, winning the countuthe. >> gt sliv super tuesdorn march 1st and around the nation we will have full coverage of res >ts on aoin and on ashow and online at >> sara: police conties,e search for local woman who nsder showed up to pick up her son from daycare. juyouth sales last seen monday. her husband says she was on her way to pick up the ten-year-juld ing a she called police who tracked her phone to connecticut. her husband sorns he has no idea why judith or her phone would be there but hopes police can bring her back. >> hmeae she comes home safely. i can not disclose much informat byn. >> saron 19 sales was last seen driving white toyota camera 19tn38. if you hdare seen her call holbroyot pjulice we will be updating search the rest of the
8:38 am
littaue bned wandering streets in the middle of the night back in the family. foster , a fojuld was found walking in dorchester around three in the morning yesterday. we covered the stouthe as it was 2 and since then we have learned the boy told police he lespos the house to gn the chocolate. >> gene: police discovered more than in new hampshire home which they tho>> jht was mn theh lve . police in danville called to the home in the cotton home mobile home farm and when they got inside they found dangerous devices mabe in the -- man in the home beenspoved to hdare made and police got there when they did. >> a lot worse things can happen and no one can hster t and might have been murderer or something. w > gesec: 32- caroxho was arrested and ltemed in the home with mother and sister. >> saron 19 lat al ot ticer recovering this morning asposer
8:39 am
man tecuoon on routewhe0 in wornland police say sergeant jennifer order way talking to driver thro>> jh the passenger win aow when the car started to drive off. she was dra9ted nearly 1 plher n the until another ot ticer stopped the car. the driver faces multihas ce charges this morning. w > scsec:ster ,1-year-old boy says his hoverboard wasn't worth it. his bster st into flames while riyoung it in chelmsford. showed you the damage it caused csterday morning. the boy hmeaped just in time and he was lucky he wasn't hurt. >> i was just on it like i us. >> jlly do and it just started smoking. >> gene: chelmsford fire chint toho us testing iasside the house
8:40 am
was heated to 270ter. w > juliliv how badbe aisibility is right now, expressway rained out, so add few extra minutes for the comavte b. jause ilne shiri? >> shiri: one uniform thing is fog, otherwise rmansn and drizzle at coastline, inland still got icy spots, sho1 fwhat you time we are warm above freavting next. >> sara: teacher heads right m om class to dat tor and state lab running tests on coffee cup. and look at what is trending right ne o on myfoxbostone,om. the biggest story are the
8:41 am
because of the weather.
8:42 am
they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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switch to fios. >> seneri: freezing drizzle continues asby to nation, ne1 fhatarshoin wor pn theerboro>> jh and greenfspoho >> sara: three people dead and long jsb of clean-up begins man ter toroth ao. storm is heading our way and look at destruction. w > daniel: thousan r of pour has ce in a tornado and sent cars flying. strong rains and heavy wind pounyoung g >f coast right ne o. schools in southern georgia
8:45 am
one of the worst hit areas is mobile home park in louisiana where two pour has ce dspod and at least 30 pour has ce were injster ed. tornadoes also left several people injured in pensacola, dd orida. one toroth ao ripped apart an apartment complex. only bottom floors remmansn stanyoung. here is one shaken couple. >> what it is like down therehap3 w > horrible. >> dght nhe phone video inside a gold's gym. tocuado rishowed ot t roof iasside the b seho ng. no one was hurt fortunately. 20 million people aeatdvs the southeast couho face the risk of severe storms and tornadoes today. shoin i sorns the skede s watem that's produg rng severe weather on the gulf coast will bring us heavy rmansass and win r later on tonight. we will keep you updated this morning. in the nd sroom, i'm danspol miller, fear-pou5 news. >> gene: truck pulls away from trman : cc stop and train barrethe right into it. driver says he wasn't looking
8:46 am
hocu or see the train. the driver was not badly hurt. gene: coffee cup sent to lab for testing. thne are not sure why someone would want to hurt. >> it isgnt right. w > sa . >> gene: he is back to work and the school is taking it >> sar s iasside look what's being for border for terrorism. some call northern border and her w weeks ago and terrorists crossing the border from canada
8:47 am
w > last line of dnt ense. >> sara: what is done in the ground and water to keep the country sman e. tonight on fox25 news at ten. see who they are stopping, why there's nd concecu and he o th ients are still watching even in areas that are not mannemout >> an he mocuin5 n roads still slippery out there and closer into boston have warmed up and aregnt seeing too much ice but shiri will detail that in a moment. thin1 fh slo1 fon theis orayremocway fros,fucuace brook parkway to columbia road. 128 northbound average speeds 14 miles per hour tt anough needham as you approach wellesley and are it 93 south s279tish tt anough medford into somerville, 128 still stop and go tt anough lexington. live look at the zakim bridge where that volume remains steady on the brine e and on the leverett connector. here are live drive times, 27 minutes on routester , fros,nseareto the tsbin.
8:48 am
to the leverett connehe ior, almost an hour on nse8 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorjulogist shoin i n couear ideining us ne o. shiri, still fog and he drizzly out there. >> seneman e: it is going to stay fog and he drizzly and rain much more intense as second s watem trdos worn te oard us. get ready for the surge of warm air. it is gn fng to bust all of us into the 50s ovecuight tonight and into the day tomorrow, and we hoth e still in the meantngee got icy spots out there, freezing spots, including worcester and onlywhe1 ,whe4 in lawrence, so at least we are above freezing there, manchester, new hampshirewhe3, teen atwhe4 v but check this out fitchburg 33 with freezing drizzle out there ne o. we got te intperatures that are uthe.nd of slow to warm-up which means before noon time tetareratster es will be lnseeny in the mimeale 30s. a little too close to freezing for comfocoas which is wast we got a winter weather advisory until
8:49 am
we do gn the into the 4cui but it aoesgnt hke pen until m`oh later in the afternoon. somewhere like pted thmoutmout dd ip sid wor27 incredibly mild, kind of mist and he foggy out there, but. hou will find te intperaneeres here sailing well into the 50s later on today. the fster ther south andis oast you go, the warmer it is, the further to the north to the west you go cooleut so hou al`w-hour warm-up, noon time today 44 in boston, 41 in lartence, 45 in nor trenc, wa in ht wilouth, and about 38 worcester up to fitchburg up to keene, ne1 fhatarshoin e. so that meaass we are really going to be weeding out icy spots by lunchtime tencorn, and get woth es of wn the weather, scattered showers expected, 5:00 p.m. for the drive home. a lot of middate27 map, but check out this warm-up that just keeps on gn fng by 10abov0 tondo ht,is oven trll the 50s, got about 55 in boston and bedford and nor trenc aown to pted thmouth,,2 in b maerted th, so you could see that the warm
8:50 am
hou don't gn the into the 50s today, most of the afternoon right around err in boston, is in respoass wor27 new hampshire. therrtes the,cui over southeastecu masthat anust wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow hou ws see uford we wilonn3 be in the,cui, highs in the 50s across southern new anust rain that moves in,is on cou ially two to 8:00 in the morning with heavy rmansn into the foin st half at least of the morning commute, but we will have some strong winds amancached to these showeerr . so we got torrential rain in the morning, for visibility, 60 miles per hour gusts, perhay stronger than that if we have embedded thunderstorm and second half of the dorn we at least start to clear out. get another surge of winds that develoy dster ing the afternoon andis ovening. this one is going to be focused over southeastern massachusn thets with potential more her t miles per hour gusts and more wind damage. so tomorrow iss seeery wind blohe w. we gn the hea he f rmansn in the morning, couple overnight
8:51 am
m idorn does duthe out. we clear out, going to be blustery at about 40 . upperwhecui here on satster dafur by trendorn a few more clouds, also a few more degrees at 49 . was are back on ns sot monday with late rain. back over to you, sara. >> sara: all rdo ht, shiri. it is not. hour normal workout.
8:52 am
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
8:54 am
>> gene: near tragedy averted thanling to winter training. ten-year-oork was out snow chewing with her parents when fell into a snow coth e this califocupeop. her dad couldn't get her out and when they called 911 they smansd it trtchd ts see at least an hour for rescuers to get there. then entire team of resllyers came fros,the wooet.
8:55 am
maneuvers. >> loop with over my head and under my arms and pulled me out. >> gene: as you can see, the limancle goin l is dn fng weenl this morning and told her parents she wants to go out snow shoeing this weekend. >> sara: april's story calls it the wine workout. she pe mted on facebook pfocue and it has been shared millions of times. she has plenty of feedback positive and negative but. hou can work out anywhere with almost anything. >> gningorko mother diske pears
8:56 am
the clue local police hope to clend that couork heenp them reunite the family. >> shiri: only reason don't have good travel conyoutions is we h dne icy spots left. we will time out another batch of hea he f rmansn and wind. >> sarf. energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do.
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>> daniel: new video from the scene of crash that has facing charges far more serious than drunk driving. >> julie: five months out from tretimer oted thtarics in brazil and
9:00 am
how everyone will be protehe ied. igh>> cotarlete nd is ongland nd s coverage starts right now. s. anork nowntyit is 9abov0 on her cluuary 24th, i'm julie. >> daniel: telling you about the rmansn and is and conyoutions. rain out there light right now but that will change. >> saraa.: check this out, m ee cng temperaneeres and worcester, winter weather advison' until noon for the potentpeopl of some is and spots from nashua over to the sea coast, goes until5 m0:00 this morning, moothdnon,ling, got it gn fng most of the day because going to be slow to warm up, worcester, you h dne been sitting at 31 all morning since we went on air at 4:ng not b`tged there, leominster at 32, hollis, new hampshire at 32


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