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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> saw the picture from our ticket health studio a gloomy looks is coming down hard especially for you was to county switchover to live stock ticker doppler radar see some of those pretty colors the yellows and oranges are here through worcester county into middlesex county even metrowest framing him sing the activity i want to point this out to as well. it is not for everyone thousand feet up or higher space likely worcester airport. that's because your temperature is still at freezing this evening you can get some icing. it is a spotty situation i want you to be aware of it because ice clearly is a big issue when you try to drive around. driving on worcester county especially the southwestern new hampshire you may run into a spot or two of ice in the higher elevations out there. heavy rain moving into souther worcester county milford in telling him as well into medway and look at this down the coast. plenty more heavy rain to come
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tornado watches and warnings in place right now off and down the east coast as far north as atlantic city severe weather may even affect us is to assist new york city this is a potent storm system that swirling off to our west. in bringing this activity. here's what it will look like tonight heavy rain coming on by get some of the heaviest around midnight just after the corporate approaches goes on by. it comes with some strong winds will tackle that hour by hour as well. >> remember there will be some heavy rains and strong winds while you're sleeping. so wake up with our fox 25 morning team sherry will have updated forecast for you. and i could be checking for any damage of power outages. get started tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.. >> breaking his teenager killed in a car crash town of barry 17-year-old britney murch and 50 brother griffin hubbard store driving on route 62 this morning when the car drove off
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her brother was rushed to umass medical center. the roads were icy this morning but so far no word on whether that led to the crash we have reporter on scene and we will bring you more information when we have it. >> following breaking is a 28-year-old came which police officer now charged in a hit and run said they buy silicas to a hospital. officer off-duty at the time and tonight is off the beat. fox 25 investigates first and cover the story in tonight 25 molly working to uncover new information on what happened. >> reporter: vanessa and mark within the last hour we met with a deadly beauty commission here the cambridge police department and he has confirmed with fox25 ryan calla man is now facing side for the hit-and-run accident for sunday night victim in this case she has been released from the hospital were able to get auto up after calla man here he is a five year veteran of the cambridge police department here. calamine has been cited for
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injury and operating to endanger. fox 25 investigates first told you about the story on sunday night. it was just before 8 o'clock and 32-year-old woman was on a bicycle on portland and broadway street when she was rear-ended. witnesses called police and they got a description as well as a late number to the truck which came back to officer callanan. came which police tell fox 25 callanan was not on duty and he was also not on a uniform wearing a uniform and he was in his personal car. police also tell us they are investigating like anyone else. >> it's tragic it really is. you could talk about him all day long. and it breaks your heart when something like this happens. >> it pulls us together when we are involved in something like this and thankfully is a very rare occasion that we have a situation that even remotely like this.>> tonight gone and bag has been turned and callanan is now on paid administrative leave investigation is far from over. coming up at 6 o'clock we're
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callanan is. >> local mother reported missing since monday has been found saving connecticut. judith sales disappeared the never showed up to pick up her tenure son from daycare. she was found in a mall in waterford connecticut earlier today. someone saw her car and recognized from a news report and call police. her husband has traveled to connecticut to be with her. search for a man who disappeared in boston continues to frustrate crews looking for him. zachary my was in boston celebrating his 22nd at the at the bell and hand tavern when he disappeared after wandering away 11 days ago. morris from the town of harvard surveillance video led police to believe he's fell into the charles river near north station. search of that river again today turned up nothing. >> shock and sadness tonight teenage girl hit while crossing died. laura vieira boston public school student was just a shy
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tonight investigators are still happened. fox 25 crystal haynes live in boston where family friends and classmates remembering laura. >> i can tell you that in the hallways of her high school right behind me the grief was palpable i am told randolph police are investigating this case but have not filed any charges yet. >> she came out here on to visit a friend in randolph. but 15-year-old laura vieira ever made it back to her east boston home. randolph police say the teen was struck in the crosswalk in the intersection of north and oak street around eight last night. later died at the hospital. a plane closed officer in the area at the time. >> chief william paste tells me a 21-year-old randolph was coming home from work when he struck laura. stayed on scene to cooperate with officers. pace says alcohol and drugs were not a factor.
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conditions were. >> laura was just four days shy of her 16th birthday and was a student another course to college pilot high school here in brighton. >> boston public school say grief counselor now being made available to students and staff telling fox 25 quote deepest condolences to family friends and classmates of laura vieira during this difficult time. additional resources being provided to students teachers and family on how best to guidance support one another through their feelings of loss and grief. >> i did speak with laura's sister and she tells me the family just to be stricken to speak tonight they asked for their privacy. but coming up at six the people actually have to travel that
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speaking out one woman tells me her story of almost getting bitterly hit herself. >> worker in critical condition tonight after asked a local job site it happened at ocean glass in lowell. until rescue crews unloading barge glass panels from our flat bed when one of the panels fell hitting the 52-year-old in the head. he did suffer a traumatic brain injury and was being treated tonight at leahy hospital in burlington. >> umass amherst campus on lockdown last week was not a real gun. prosecutors now say the suspect charged in the incident was armed with a gun. 19-year-old william q and a him charged with hitting a student with a gun instilling money during a drug deal in the dorm. we buy you the tense moments at the umass campus what was told to shelter in place as breaking news on fox 25 news at six thursday mcewan is free on bail. >> we will not chance to see surveillance video patriot lyman chili jones bizarre behavior of the foxboro police
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reported dropped to his knees in a parking lot was suffering a reaction to synthetic marijuana. foxboro police denied request to release their video of the incident citing privacy concerns. and today secretary of state will galvan upheld that decision. police warning people to lock the doors and windows after a homes in brookline. map shows where the workers have happen. the street include waverley elliott and roberts. police say that these are stairways and through backdoors windows or doors during the evening then take jewelry and electronics. >> on five transit police working to track down this man accused of salting and injuring a fellow passenger. it happened on sunday, february 14 on the orange line platform at the forest hill station. contact with the police if you recognize this guy. >> he said he's not seeking reelection and despite cost from the staff over fbi investigation state senator brian joyce stay in office
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january. fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti asked voters in his district if that's enough. we did asked voters in this district they were on board with the senator dishing out his term rather than stepping down it all comes one week after he publicly became the target of a investigation. one day after announcing he would not seek reelection we stopped by senator brian joyce's statehouse office and asked if we could speak with him. he wasn't there. again the democratic state senator from milton still not directly answering our questions exactly one week after the raid at his canton law offices. >> governor charlie baker refused to call for senator joyce's resignation the way his own state republican party has done. we went straight to senator joyce's district and asked voters if the decision to not
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>> he should resign. >> people see him for what he is. and when they elected him, they elected a person with integrity. and then what happened every thing fell through. i think you should resign in step down. i don't think he'll be effective our committee at all. >> last month senator joyce came under fire for getting the dry-cleaning in a barter arrangement with a randolph drycleaner. he also had to pay nearly $5000 after using campaign funds to pay for son's graduation party. and last year joyce was investigated but no action was taken after he gave out goldplated designer sunglasses senators. >> the fbi will only confirm this is all part of a joint investigation with the irs and senator joyce has not been
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issued statements however denying any wrongdoing. again we asked what he refused to talk with us today. >> ground baking for the wind resorts casino in everett now on hold because of the latest legal challenge bit summerville has filed a series of challenges against a $1.7 billion development citing potential health and environmental impact. when brooke took for an opening. >> tracking heavy rain during the evening commute coming was strong winds later on tonight. where the strongest was will be and when this rain will get out of here. finally tomorrow. >> mains border with canada is remote it's wooded and it's fast you can see what a challenge would be to patrol this from the ground that's what agents take the air.
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, know better sleep with sleep number. lot going on right now storm decorated heavy rains tonight keep falling the morning drive rosso expecting potentially damaging winds 50 miles per hour right now kevin is gathering less information updated forecast is for treasure through the rain three minutes way. >> roller coaster ride on wall street today one point the dow jones plummeted 240 points. at the close the rebound after
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nasdaq gained 39 points while the s&p closed up eight points. >> water worries another big us city tonight children a pregnant woman in jackson mississippi being told to steer clear of contaminated water. officials in the state capital made that warning today after lead levels were discovered three weeks ago high lead levels. the crisis echoes situation happening in michigan with thousands of young children have been exposed to unsafe lead levels in their jerking water. congress is now to decide $100 million in emergency aid to help the city replace contaminated pipes.>> lease five people dead tonight after while weather swept across the southeast tornadoes toward towns apart flipping of a cause of turning buildings and homes into piles of rubble. look like a war zone in some areas. pictures of the devastation and destruction just incredible tonight and dispenser reports are just beginning to assess the damage is done to pick up the pieces.
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florida to garland texas parts of the southeast united states are recovering from severe storms and tornadoes. >> for 30 seconds it was like a nightmare. and it was so sudden. >> the national weather service says it received 27 reports of tornadoes touching down across the area. people inside the louisiana gym watched as the storms peeled off the roof. elsewhere in the state a field of debris is all that remains of these 100 60 motor homes and trailers. louisiana's governor travel to the damage sites and declare a state of emergency for seven parishes. in floors panhandle a twister demolished carpets flipped cars and downed trees.
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up the east coast, forecasters predict the carolinas and virginia will get the worst of it. >> kevin the threat for severe weather isn't over the past two hours when the 500 miles the east coast under a tornado watch to raleigh to dc to philly. even into atlantic city new jersey seven julie saying that mark storms is a were talking about watches and warnings to the red boxes went along east coast there was a warning or talk about referring to that swirl to our west that storm center to a week ago or talk about the computer models saying could be a strong storm this week east coast the question was when i got to see our south be a snowstorm force will stay in line to become rain and warm weather. it stayed in land but it's every bit as powerful as with thinking it to the inland track keeping us in the warm side of things although still cold some spots out there we'll get to
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it's been producing tornadoes and the severe weather. not out of the question sea to be a thunderstorm during early morning hours overnight tonight. not being predicted as a severe thunderstorm watch for the national weather service but looking was happening to our south it's definitely not out of the question. receiving heavy rain come through right now switch over to livestock decorator and look at what shows up yellow here along 93 in and out of new hampshire to the lawrence area and lowell there is right down to wakefield lexington medford getting some of that into newton along the peg getting into some heavy rain as well. south of their framingham norwood milford as well over the mansfield back here at worcester county see the spots of the showing up those in the highest elevations have to go thousand feet to find temperatures that are at or
5:19 pm
with steve he's out there very trusted weather spotter in the area and he tells me ground temperatures are for the most part above freezing but going to some of the highest elevations you can find a spot or two of ice that's not widespread the winter weather advisory is intact out there. only covers those highest hills into southwestern new hampshire as well. this was happening this evening heavy rain coming to the area and waves or heavy rain around midnight this the cold front coming at us. this is a time when you're likely to see a thunderstorm or two across our area and will be watching closely for any severe weather to come on by during those early morning hours. by early morning right after midnight tonight. that front will continue to across the area start the morning drive. and when sherry is going to be here wanting the weather should
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thunderstorms along this front as well.swings on through. that we start to dry out. trying out measles he's abrasive son but also some chilly air starts to spill into new england will be here right away on thursday but by friday we'll see some of that colder air to buy the snow change over there in northern new england. look at the temperatures right now mr. airport cell thousand feet up 32 degrees you could down a bit to fitchburg it's 34 to come closer into one 2839 boston at 40 plymouth 56 degrees. 56 degrees right now while this freezing rain was the county. that's the difference were talk about with this front. that's why the winter weather advisory out here also in the foothills of the berkshires. these are the wind gust were talking about. after 10 o'clock tonight, over 40 miles per hour even gusting over to two miles per hour
5:21 pm
thunderstorm just between 55 and even city miles per hour. but you would need a thunderstorm to pull those winds on in here the wednesday gusty through the day on thursday even once the front crosses that's why we have the wind advisory in place for those gusts of 50 miles per hour tonight in southeastern massachusetts especially is futurecast showing the drying the city but the cold air coming this take a little father inland to the future into friday morning. going to be some snow flurries around new england early friday
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5 new issue states attempt to reinstate a murder conviction against him that was overturned in 25 kerry cavanaugh here now. michael skakel's cousin robert kennedy junior and the mother of murder victim martha boxes on court in hartford today. 2002 skakel was convicted of killing martha moxley back in 1975 when the two were teenage neighbors. skakel was sentenced to life in prison but in 2013 was freed on bail after a lower court judge ruled this trial are filled argued skakel's brother been responsible for the crime and failed to present a key alibi witness for him as well.
5:25 pm
skakel appeared before the connecticut supreme court prosecutor the calling for the state to reinstate conviction. skakel's attorney claims all evidence points to skakel's brother thomas. they say skakel's trial attorney did not do enough to pursue that possibility. the court did not roll today. skakel did not speak to reporters outside of the court but boston martha marks his mother did. >> moxley went on to say she think the judicial system is quote wonderful glad that everyone can get a fair chance as for robert kennedy junior he told reporters outside the courthouse that he thinks two other men committed the crime. will be falling start for updates will bring them to you i'm kerry cavanaugh 25 news. >> to students now been suspended from the university
5:26 pm
charged with stabbing a fellow student the schools is matthew gibbons and eric denning remain suspended pending outcome of the cases. stabbing it happened early saturday morning an apartment complex in durham new hampshire. >> money most pumps and get more involved to help students of boston latin reit that from the schools not properly an incident where black student was called the racial slur and threatened. six other alleged incident was reported now the mayor is concerned these instants are making it hard for the students to learn. >> my number one concern and priorities they could good strong education and other distractions around what's happening here taken away from the opportunity for these young women and the kids at school to get it strong education. >> the bears is going to take the lead and figure out how to
5:27 pm
send a letter to students headmaster says she regrets there was not more urgency in the school's response. >> coming up in the next half-hour video you have to see to believe a man badly burned while he's getting ready to pay the convenience store. will tell you what exploded in his pocket and burst into flames.
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li ,and storms moving into our area were expecting heavy rains through the night into the morning and that will be the only issue. storms also bringing wicked wins gusts up to 50 miles per hour hello everybody i'm mark ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch. more this finesse and that will at the wind on top of that heavy rain happening right now
5:30 pm
couple of the heavy spots takes is up to the north shore see heavy rain right along the new hampshire massachusetts border this takes a long 495 you look at the orange strung appeared 110 college avenue would erode seeing some of those heaviest downpours right in here along that stretch of 495 moving up toward amesbury southward into the boston area look at heavy rain falling in around the city of boston right now and just south of downtown boston this 28 runs toward the blue hill area some of the roadways around the dorchester and there's seven hill is getting some of the heavy rain along 93 southeast expressway into roxbury to we're seeing some of the quincy street winthrop street dudley street crossing some of that heavy downpour activity right now.southwest of a look at the orange yellow showing up norwood field back to medway and franklin at this hour and then to worcester county support because around the city of worcester were
5:31 pm
up what you along route nine for instance highest elevations to find this for instance the airport as been reporting 32 degrees anyway see the pink that's what temperatures have stayed at or below freezing. you got to go thousand feet up or higher to find these temperatures generally lower elevations and was the county above using just rain but watch out for a couple of spots of ice this evening whether temperatures are still cold. will tackle those winds as well hour by hour right to the morning drive. >> don't forget you can always get custom forecast even when we are not on the air our meteorologist but you know what's happening in your neighborhood just download a free fox 25 whether app. >> just drunk driver who fell over after he was arrested and arraigned from his hospital head. police a slammed into another car and that a man walking down the street. that man is now fighting for his life. >> . >> reporter: in the hospital raymond state prosecutor saying
5:32 pm
was four times over the legal limit and video we obtained from an eyewitness right after police arrived on scene you could really see that he was having trouble standing. the boom looked out and all i could see was dust and everything like that. >> everyone in the area or the impact police say thomas mohan first hit another car coming out of monahans marine he was pulling out into the breakdown lane the other guy was coming down the breakdown lane doing a high rate of speed. knocked him completely around. then hit a man walking down the street. >> knocked the pedestrian down. this is video of police giving mohan a field sobriety test they first arrived on scene. the da described some of it in today's corporate at the hospital to the judge. >> family of the 39-year-old man who was hit say michael wagner is a father of two and just moved to weymouth. one cousin telling us they are furious after seeing the suspect in this video. police say mohan was drunk and
5:33 pm
his mother talk to fox 25 news right after yesterday's crash. >> right now i don't think i feel that he should not have been driving under the influence. >> we did pull her hands driving record and found to pages of violations including suspensions tonight at six though were going to tell you what one woman was telling police arrived on scene. she saw him apparently driving for several miles will tell you what she told police. >> new at five nearly 59 pounds of cocaine in three accused drug deal is taken up massachusetts streets. two separate led springfield cash. the first raid happened friday night led officers to the second location just a mile away. pablo torres samuel hernandez and juan rosario all arrested their now facing cocaine trafficking charges. >> five tonight police working to track down this man the elvis bandit police say he stole merchandise from the
5:34 pm
and then led police on a chase to the rhode island line before getting away. >> walpole police want to know if you've seen these two suspects. there wanted in connection with this skimming incident at the cumberland farms on washington street earlier this week. skimming devices near gas pumps and atms are often use distilled victims credit card information. earlier this week fox 25 ward you skimming is becoming a bigger problem and community's all over our area. for more how you can protect yourself from this type of crime check out erica ritchie story on a website. >> donald trump is celebrating third straight victory in the campaign trail.with all of the votes now counted trump to clear winner of lessons republican caucuses in nevada with 46 percent of the vote. marco rubio earned 24 percent while ted cruz came in third with 21 percent. and cousin john kasich finished way behind the leaders.
5:35 pm
of the two so-called supporters were photographed outside the las vegas caucus site wearing ku klux klan plan wrote the men were holding signs saying they were members of the new england police tablets association. when doors trump in december group released a statement saying the nde pba denies refutes any reference to those depicted in these pictures as supporters members or in any way associated with the new england police benevolent association or our affiliates. >> bill weld forming his support behind john kasich tonight he says trump has released certain amount of energy into the campaign but the case it carries necessary demeanor. >> i think a sick has a lot of hillary clinton continued his report from democratic leadership today so that minority leader harry reid announced his endorsement of clinton is part of the adjustment about a democrat issued a plea for the rest of the democratics to rally behind clinton saying she's the best
5:36 pm
>> president obama says it will be difficult for republicans to explain any attempt to block a supreme court nomination. i recognize the politics but that's not our job. our job is to fulfill our constitutional duties. >> republican leaders said they will block any nomination for president obama to feel justice antonin scalia's place on the high court. right now sources close to the process say about his moderate republican governor is being added for the position. a pick that would serve as an all of ranch to senate leadership. >> convicted for the right murder of his high school teacher philip chisholm is about to be sentenced to a judge cannot lock them away forever. or kenny? of the story. >> coming up new report shows us the one distraction that is more dangerous than all of the others. >> stop whatever you're doing
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your tv scre five. e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket is paying off clerk and the kentucky gas station explosions at the man's pants and as he went outside to try and put the flames out eventually the clerk on the counter uses extinguisher
5:40 pm
reeling you can imagine from this expense. >> another customer drove the victim to the hospital suffered second-degree burns is expected to be okay. >> so scary. >> help us with told congress early trials of zika by restricting could begin the summer. top health officials testified for us to washington cdc nih to the need to do more research to better understand the to seek a virus. >> working round-the-clock to find out as much as we can as quickly as we can and we're learning more every single day. >> cdc says all zika cases in the year so far travel related no zika infection have been transmitted by mosquitoes in the continental us. cdc now investigate new reports of zika being sexually transmitted. >> about formula people travel between the cotton of us and
5:41 pm
>> doesn't department telling apple they need to unlock at least nine more iphones. had already told apple they want to unlock the phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters the new cases can delight today in a letter unsealed in federal court. apple is fighting the feds demand and at least seven of the nine cases the tech company says patient of diversey into the bad president. >> get ready facebook feed about a lot more expressive. to the social networking that will that reactions work exactly the same way as a like button but now you can love a status or photo you could also be angry about it or sad about it well even a hot reaction to can laugh at it. facebook says it tested these reaction a few markets last year received good reviews. new options are already available on every device. >> newest member of their durable family meet the brady pooches little addition. coming up. downpours of boston right now roslindale east boston
5:42 pm
through i'm tracking with heaviest rain is for your evening drive strong winds
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border. heavy rains moving to every right now strong winds still to come throughout the night back in about three minutes with timeline what you can expect your neighborhood. live talk about building a wall along the mexican border recently your senators a few hundred miles away from us they were about terrace coming in from canada. >> estate is very very remote.
5:45 pm
600 miles. blanketed in dense forest daughter with legs the border should by northern maine in canada is peaceful. those same features may also serve as a shroud of secrecy intentions. >> mike fuller been with customs and border protection marine operations in fulton maine since 2009. his mission is to be an eye in the sky. agent fuller took us with him about the border to get a firsthand look at the
5:46 pm
>> can't see can be seen by the helicopters camera system. it could direct ground agents to a location in real-time gps coordinates record and zoom in detected in heat. key piece of technology when trying to find a person on the ground. >> the efforts of 193 agents in holton are paying off last year they stopped 32 people from illegally coming into the us.most were canadian but some came from central america and palestine. but those in the border and in washington know more work needs to be done. >> but i say securing the northern border is about using the resources to work smarter to detect every evolving enemy
5:47 pm
>> above the northern border captain parrotta fox 25 news. patrolling from the air as one component tonight fox 25 news at 10, the troubles of the border patrol agent to show some of the challenges they face on the ground and how residents capture suspected war criminal. >> a warning for pickup truck owners of the past three weeks have been several reports of stolen tailgates the springfield area. so far that that's targeting for trucks parked in public places stolen tag lights until gets rather sell for up to $2500 on the internet please say to protect your tailgate back a truck up so the tailgate can't be open. >> one nasty storm moving across the northeast now it's already hit the southeast snow falling in places like michigan into indiana in the chicago area but also tornadoes along the east coast.
5:48 pm
from henderson north carolina tornado seems to touch down the going to be more severe weather reports coming toward the coast washing the city about to get hard here here in new england getting heavy rain not getting severe weather at least not yet watching for that tonight we monitoring of course every step of the way. heavy rain to talk about the first north shore heavy band coming through the amesbury area not too long ago that's offshore to newburyport off the coast of plum island now also there is some heavy rain down here to the stretch to peabody yellow but showing up there that stretches southward towards late and then into the boston area saw this heavy rain just come through downtown p into east boston at the airport most likely affecting some flights for short time coming down so hard hitting summerville in charleston right now up to the west of their through newton into brighton austin heavy rain near sudbury
5:49 pm
dedham sings of heavy rain in the areas well stretches toward torrential rain out here along route one and one a to rent them northward to franklin mansfield. the other part of this i want to make sure i showed you a little closer look at that charlestown east boston with rain closer look at the norwood medfield area heavy rain through there.accurate was to county something showing up you can see that you talk about a glaze using rain ice warming. have to go to the highest elevation of worcester county to find this thousand feet up the higher the airport for reference is 1000 feet up jonah hill in worcester county higher than that you likely going to have spots of ice and around your town. take it easy out there not coming down hard take a little device to cause him problems. this is the issue airport still reporting 32 degrees. 36 to 30 degrees most places on lower elevation up to about 900 feet to another hundred eight
5:50 pm
the problem the hills here back in the hills in the berkshires southwest new hampshire as well. that's what the winter weather wise we continues until 7 o'clock tonight for these areas clearly is a broad rush by the national weather service to protect you but it's going to be spotty in those highest spots we're going to find that icing potential. there's a heavy rain coming through tonight and during the early morning hours just after midnight strongest wayne and was will be coming across the area. in fact wind gust over 40 even over 50 miles per hour as a front comes on by and through your morning commute are likely with the system. it can be a dangerous situation that's weather winded is in place so be some tree limbs coming down likely going to see some scattered power outages with this. through the morning hours. prepare now for that we will
5:51 pm
and some cooler air is on the way to go to see that seven day forecast here we can in view is a nice-looking weekend i'll start out on the cool side and really warm up on sunday with some sunshine for you we got get through the stormy weather tonight can't even be a thunderstorm not sure if i mentioned that the maybe a thunderstorm with a heavy rain and wind to come by tonight that we got the strongest winds:friday morning as we started the weekend before s'more yep more rain arrives. >> grocery delivery service again delivering alcoholic beverages in boston is to cut deliver wine beer spirits through a local liquor store that liquor store is being shopped the newton needham brookline in boston. >> iconic but sandwich shop back in the map governor baker boston mayor walsh all visiting charlie's sandwich shop in the south and celebrate the grand reopening. the 90-year-old establishment known for its turkey hash close in 2014. it reopened today with a new owner at the same beloved menu.
5:52 pm
in it soon though you have to teach your dog to new tricks. how to eat in a restaurant. cafi in north pearl was to help the #of a plan to let dogs in the door. libby would open on main street in april. >> just when you thought the brady family could be any cuter. today they welcomed a new addition perhaps one that taken to a restaurant be the lucky dog adopted by the brady bunch and family to sell posting this letter to instagram saying fluffy was adopted from the los angeles rescue organization puppy joins fellow canines lula in scooby. welcome. >> our team working hard to bring you several new stores at the top of the hour. last week fox 25 show you how people fake handicap placards and take much-needed spaces. next at six new recommendations is released to stop this abuse. >> this team killer will not be locked up and have the keys thrown away. recent ruling that could grab philip to the another chance in the future outside of prison.
5:53 pm
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with sleep number. up. used to the winking the biggest distractions for drivers and surprisingly texting is not the top of the list. researchers found dialing phone was most dangerous distraction increasing as of crashing by 12 times. your 10 times as likely to
5:56 pm
next up reaching for an item that's followed by texting. your emotional state anger or sadness also played a big role. international study finds kids may learn more if the exercise during the lessons. dutch rhesus found children who had exercise into the lessons for higher math and spelling after two years. they did not examine why activity what activity learned to help them while they were exercising. >> fenway south wires red sox getting in the first full squad workout sports director tom light near fort all this morning. >> dark clouds over fort myers all day but the squad did officially get to work only player missing was the deal he was out for a few days with the flu according to john farrell optimism is always high but when you have the among the highest payrolls in the league that optimism might be fueled by expectations.
5:57 pm
today's story.>> red sox brass at spring training on wednesday. dave dabrowski patrolling the fields a welcome sight he's our posse could do whatever he wants. john phil began his day with a unique and personal message that hit home with his players. >> were going to come across struggles that were all going to have to contend with the deal with now we can set that aside that is going to set a very talented group of part from the rest of the pack. >> loved it. he understood that we have is back he knows that we have is back is a good start. on wednesday in fort myers was all the red sox full squad on the field the first time together.
5:58 pm
regular season has begun. >> with the red sox butch stearns fox 25 sports. >> tonight at six pablo sandoval way to discuss once again might be surprised by what red sox owner john henry had to say does that look like a figure with 17 percent body fat i relayed the message that was conveyed to me this afternoon more that additional parts of the red sox clubhouse as they begin spring training the first squad workout in fort myers. >> with the heaviest rain is falling right now during your evening commute more heavy rain overnight and when winds will
5:59 pm
a police officer charged in a hit and run after a fox 25 investigation. breaking tonight what the department is saying about one of their own. >> men accused of drinking and driving tried to pass a field sobriety test over here this parking lot it was all con video. >> mistry soft just how far away from home this holbrook mother was when police tracked her down. >> weather alert the rain is coming down wind advisory been issued for much of the region good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch. kevin you're telling us winds could reach 50 miles per hour. >> jason and i sarah tracking all afternoon weather team on this one very powerful storm coming in through seeing some very strong winds started to gust of the window because the advisory starts at 10 o'clock was overnight into the morning hours afternoon hours tomorrow but there beverly south to lynn also to the boston area seeing
6:00 pm
charleston getting poured on over to summerville to malden everett melrose saugus also seeing some of the heaviest rain stretches to the southwest this bridge over norwood let me slide this over to the limits we get a better look at it. norwood to sharon over to mansfield seeing some of that randolph singer high park in boston over to the quincy area braintree swept there it was some heavy rain right along that split area which is a very busy traffic intersection as you know. and then this a pink showing about here along 190 just northeast or northwest of 290 to the city of worcester. highest elevations thousand feet and up the good have temperatures that can be at or below freezing can still be surprising even at this late hour. i'm tracking the strongest wanes where the ice is and when those powerful winds will arrive later tonight. >> target system is mentioned


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