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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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charleston getting poured on over to summerville to malden everett melrose saugus also seeing some of the heaviest rain stretches to the southwest this bridge over norwood let me slide this over to the limits we get a better look at it. norwood to sharon over to mansfield seeing some of that randolph singer high park in boston over to the quincy area braintree swept there it was some heavy rain right along that split area which is a very busy traffic intersection as you know. and then this a pink showing about here along 190 just northeast or northwest of 290 to the city of worcester. highest elevations thousand feet and up the good have temperatures that can be at or below freezing can still be surprising even at this late hour. i'm tracking the strongest wanes where the ice is and when those powerful winds will arrive later tonight. >> target system is mentioned
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at 4:00 a.m. on fox 25 morning news fox25 shiri spear will be tracking high wind system as you head out to work or school. >> updating breaking news noah teenager killed in a car crash in the town of berry. 17-year-old emerged in a 50 oh brother griffin of harvest and were driving on route 82 this morning when the car drove off the road. britney died at the scene. her brother was rushed here to umass memorial medical center. this auto just into the fox25 news room at the scene from the words were i see this morning but so far no word and what led to the crash. we do have reporter on the scene gathering information and will bring it to you as it comes in.>> making news cambridge police officer accused of hitting a woman on a bicycle and driving off. tonight she's live in cambridge with an officer now facing charges. >> reporter: within the last hour we're learning so much more about officer cal a man
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but first about two hours ago spoke to the deputy commissioner chief here at the cambridge police department and have confirmed force officer cal a man never cited for that hit and run accident. as for the 32-year-old bicyclist were being told that she has been released from the hospital. able to get. of the five year veteran of the cambridge police department here officer ryan callanan is a photo of him. cabbage police department has confirmed force callanan has been cited for leaving the scene of a personal injury and operating to endanger. fox 25 investigates were told you about the story on sunday night just before 8 o'clock 32-year-old woman was on a bicycle on portland and broadway street when she was rear ended witnesses called 9-1-1 and got a description as well as the plate number to the truck which came back to officer callanan and kh police
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and he wasn't in his personal car. police are they are investigating just like they would with anyone else. >> is been highly decorated many accommodations in his file. so he is been one of our strong offices. it's tragic. talk about them all day long. it breaks your heart when something like this happens. >> tonight investigators also telling us callanan has turned in his gun and badge he is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation would also tell you that the investigation is far far from over. we're also been told that investigators are talking to witnesses that were on scene. one person even snapped a photo of callanan's truck. will stay on the story and update you at 10 o'clock. >> one week after we reported on the pews of handicap placards the state inspector general is weighing in.
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>> reporter: 's new report right here found misuse across the city of boston costing the city millions of dollars. found the state makes it too easy for people to abuse and misuse those packets. taking precious parking spots away from people who really need them. the problem is not just isolated to boston though. i recently spent a day with a burlington police department and they crackdown on the problem. they showed me a stack of forged counterfeit even photocopied placards. in one case police ticketed a driver for using a placket that belonged to a woman who died five years ago. among the recommendations in today's report, toughening the law including increasing fines and making a crime to use a dead person's placket. another implementing a
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cut down a parking meter abuse. only certain individuals will get a meter free lacquered and also revising and strengthening the registry's placket application process. where i spoke with the inspector general a few weeks ago, he told me the state should do something to stop this problem. >> in fact he was backing a bill that would stiffen penalties inspector general previous report recommend a placket to be task force that would group now meets quarterly is set to come up with its recommendations by the end of the year. >> view of something you want fox 25 investigates to check out email us at 25 investigates at >> 15-year-old killed and what appears to be a tragic accident. she was struck and killed walking across a busy street in randolph.
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right in with the victim went to school and crystal the victims classmates heartbroken tonight. >> reporter: boston public school say the going to have grief councils on hand for those students and staff members who knew laura the era that i can tell you that randa police continue to investigate this. she came out here on the bta to visit a friend in randolph. 15-year-old laura vera made it back to her east boston home. randolph police of the teen was struck in the crosswalk in the intersection of north main oak street around eight last night. later died at the hospital. a plane closed officer in the area at the time. >> chief william pace tells me a 21-year-old randolph man was coming home from work when he struck laura. it stayed on scene to cooperate with officers. pace says alcohol and drugs were not a factor. but snowy and our weather conditions were. >> randolph resident sandra
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street is dangerous she seen her share of accidents here. >> laura was just four days shy of her 16th birthday and was a student at another course to college pilot high school here in brighton. boston public schools day grief councils now made available to students and staff telling fox 25 quote of his condolences to family friends and classmates of laura vera during this difficult time. additional resources being provided to students teachers and families on how best to guide and support one another through their feelings of loss and grief. >> i can tell you that i did speak with laura's sister and
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stricken to really speak with me on camera. they're asking for the privacy tonight. meantime randolph police would not file any charges in this investigation. >> local mother reported missing since monday has been found safe in connecticut. judith sales disappeared never showed up to pick up her 10-year-old from daycare. she was found at a mall in waterford connecticut earlier today. someone saw her car and recognized it from a news report then call police. her husband traveled to connecticut to be with her. >> weapon used in the salt to put the umass amherst campus on lockdown last week was a bb gun. 19 william mccune framingham charged with hitting a student with that gun before stealing money during a drug deal in a dorm. but the tense moments of the umass campus told the shelter in place as breaking news on fox 25 news at six thursday. q1 is free on bail tonight.
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so it's casino in ever is now on hold because of the latest legal challenge the city of summerville has filed a series of challenges against $1.7 billion development. setting potential health and environmental impacts. the groundbreaking isn't the only thing that's been canceled. >> today we are announcing that we are canceling seven upcoming job fears that we were going to do in the first half of march. >> job fair cancellation come with a hiring freeze 4000 trade jobs related to the concert on hold when it helped a great break on the spring totally 2018 for its opening. when resort says it still committed to building the casino even if it means another legal battle. >> no explanation for what caused the manhole cover to fly off into the roadway and crashed to a local teacher's car killing her. we checked in with mass state police today to say they're still investigating. caitlin club that was on her way to work as an art teacher
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hit by the cover. inside the o'neil title. >> led school has been in the spotlight now for weeks after some students raised concern about several instants on the camps. fox 25's john monahan is live in boston. >> reporter: earlier the mayor said that more needs to be done to resolve claims of a hostile racial environment to the cities public school the boston latin school. this comes the day after the school's headmaster put out a letter apologizing to the boston latin community. the naacp now wants us attorney to step in to investigate those claims where walsh says he wants to put an end to this concern about the impact on the students there. we caught up with him earlier today. >> my number one concern of priority is a good strong education. >> mayor walsh said in a meeting set up with the naacp last week to discuss this but
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>> search continues for a man who disappeared in boston even as bad weather hampers the effort. zachary my was in boston celebrating his 22nd for the the bell and hand tavern when he walked off 11 days ago. some surveillance video led police to believe that mark fell into the charles river near north station. state police search of the river again today turned up nothing. >> free but for how long. prosecutors pushing hard to send a kennedy cousin back to jail for murder.>> ahead next half-hour the one thing that defense as it connected supreme court for tonight. >> teenager to the convicted one of the most brutal murders this area is ever seen. he's about to be sentenced but a judge has to make him eligible for parole. i'll explain. downpours coming to the boston
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evening commute. also you those strong winds expected later tonight.
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fox 25 elizabeth hopkins found out today this app is being worked on when your boss appeared. >> reporter: imagine a diary that writes itself what would it look like? you arty know. in fact you own one. looks like this. where you go how often you text make calls when you sleep and wake its information called trace data in your phone is full of it. now app using that information to help mental health care providers like at mass general hospital. mental health patients often keep diaries to help the doctors track their symptoms and care. >> the often unreliable. boston company called co-gino developed an after microphone for information. figures out whether physically or socially isolating yourself
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>> got judo teamed up with mgh to test the applicant for thousand mental health care patients to download it. for those on the verge of needing care got judo ceo joshua says they've also partnered with veterans affairs. maybe a little a lot of patient doctors problem for either even knows there is one. >> paper that's often complicated by mystery but he believes his app to clarify and illuminate. >> study will go on for two years participants have to have been diagnosed with a mood disorder to sign up you can head to
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this app or testing with a commons happened at the marathon finish line what was that app able to tell about how people coping? >> the apps created say what they saw was striking among those who would struggle with mental health issue in the past the bombings had significant impact in their stability in the way that was expressed very person to person common thread here was that for all of them their life pattern especially unraveled and it was at that moment the makers realized the power of what this app can do. >> one of the men charged in the murder of a mother of three has been released after new evidence shows plato part the killings. charisse hill found lung murray avenue worcester back in december surveillance video showed two-minute attacker and stabber multiple times. kevin moore and luis melendez were arrested for the crime lenders was released today. his lawyer expects the charge to be dropped next week.
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condition tonight after an accident at a local jobsite. happened ocean laughable witnesses told rescuers there unloading large glass panels for my flatbed when one of the panels hitting the 52-year-old in the head. he did suffer traumatic injury is being treated tonight at leahy hospital in burlington. >> so much of storms as of coming to the more powerful to storms affecting us last two days by a longshot. when we saw a week ago that was looking like the computer models might come up to the coast was out to be a storm for us wintry precipitation but there was some disagreement in the models and one had a coming inland that certainly has been the case the 20 spent a forecast this one in the this way we kept it mild and rainy this week in the forecast look at this it is really swirling out here with snow on the backside of it chicago indiana michigan and tornadoes here in
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of tornadic in tiffany in north carolina and damaging winds and fx county in virginia right near washington d.c. likely to be some damage in the metro area as well. in boston right now it's coming down hard right to the boston area to the north shore yellow and here along and shared drive inland area all heavy rain coming to boston proper north which is the vacancy southeast southwood over to quincy area south with through milton thing that is quincy right along the shoreline down to the braintree split it gets a little lesser have to go through all that the southeast expressway to get to and from the braintree split into the city' extends westward toward roslyn dedham west roxbury seeing some of that heavy rain right now we're seeing this out here to the metrowest area through framingham and into looks like the westborough area getting heavy rain route 30 that runs from the mass pike and route nine as well. and then to the west of there. worcester county.
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typically that's because ground temperatures are at or below freezing and what the computer does doppler radar storm tracker takes those temperatures and consideration gives us that colorations we can sell the potential for some icy spots. however looking at the temperatures around the area doesn't look like it's a widespread event report from bill he lives right near the airport light rain there no icing yet. you have to go to at least a thousand feet up at the airport in order to see where light snow last night but that washed away 32 at the airport. but it seems you go just a little bit down the hill from the thousand for high airport we're going to get into a situation where temperatures just above freezing so i took auburn it's 33 degrees they are checked fitchburg leominster holding all temperatures at or above 33 degrees. it should be just a very spotty situation with icing out there let me know if you run into any careful in case around the
6:21 pm
higher terrains of worcester county southwestern new hampshire and western massachusetts. the rain continues to come tonight more heavy rain later on that's a cold for the posits bring the severe weather to the mid-atlantic that's swings to later on tonight will have the same set appeared to produce severe weather but not out of the question we get a storm is a simple spot could reach severe limits something will be watching last night into the early morning hours tomorrow bright color showing up sherry tracking the last of it getting out of here first thing the morning the gusty winds. there likely to be power outages with the winds of the coming on in here look at this testing over 40 even 50 miles per hour during the height of the storm in the early morning
6:22 pm
was behind the front they stay gusty into the afternoon and evening. so it's going to be windy day tomorrow the wind advisory place goes until 7 o'clock tomorrow evening really doesn't start up until 10 o'clock tonight not sing those gusty winds yet that wins south we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two
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tornadoes killed three people overnight and left
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afternoon writing us this video of others left in this neighborhood. developing the risk for more terror still there. >> from pensacola florida to garland texas to the southeast and next is recovering from severe storms and tornadoes. national weather service says it received reports of 27 tornadoes headed down across the area. people inside this wheezy in a gym watching the strong storms build up the roof. elsewhere in the state field of debris is all that remains of these 160 motor homes and trailers. louisiana cover travel to the damage site declared a state of emergency for seven parishes
6:26 pm
apartments lift cars and down trees. >> is a weather system moves up the east coast for cancer predicting the carolinas and virginia will get the worst of it. >> race for the white house in super tuesday less than a week away message is one of the state boating real clear politics pull averages democratic presidential can bernie sanders he is leaning hillary clinton in massachusetts by four points. donald trump could just run ahead of the pack:24 point lead in massachusetts running in second place marco rubio ted cruz third governor john kasich is fourth. >> john kasich may not be questioning it in the polls but he did when the endorsement tonight from over massachusetts governor bill wells. >> i think asic has a lot of experience solving problems in government 's got the temperament to forge coalitions.
6:27 pm
trump is released a certain amount of energy in the campaign but casey is a necessary demeanor to be commander-in-chief.>> suspected drunk driver arrange afternoon. lycie slammed right into a father of two. >> i heard the boom and looked out and all i could see was dust and everything like that. >> what we have been able to uncover about the suspects passed. the company linked to the deaths of 10 people maybe have been manipulative it's research the shocking allegations about some of the doctoring at the
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break. knew tonight 20-year-old ryan callahan charged with leaving the scene and opting to endanger. the crash happened sunday night at the intersection of broadway and portland street in cambridge. the victim was treated and released. callanan now mystery of leave. >> the teenager died in a car crash 70 opera emerge the 15-year-old the griffin of harvest and were en route 62 this morning when the car veered off the road he died at the scene.
6:31 pm
memorial medical center the roads were icy in this morning but so far no word on whether led to the crash will have a full report at 10 and 11. >> hazardous road conditions continual right now radar showing heavy pockets of rain and kevin is a real chance the storm can produce power outages overnight. >> computer model data shows us the highest risk power outages this is what this map is showing this right now at least a 50 percent chance of having a power outage but everywhere has at least a slight chance of the higher potential the south shore just west of boston to cape cod and the islands that's with the strongest winds are going to be to go along with this heavy rain that's been coming on by tonight massachusetts getting a deluge of rain to the north shore tracking some of the rain right there i manchester the sea up to the west north of melrose went along 128 there into the boston area still some moderate rain coming to boston
6:32 pm
jamaica plain dorchester out of it wednesday as well light rain heavy rain off in tax get beach cohasset minutes ago shifted up to the water now and out to see to the west this am heavy rain right out here in the stow area yellow showing up back here to boston west over shrewsberry holden wooster that's forcing some pockets of temperatures at or just below freezing 32 degrees lows seen so far wooster airport. we have a long way to go. a powerful storm coming at us in the south to the northeast it's ringing severe weather to the mid atlantic states were going to see some strong winds over night it's a more heavy rain timeline and all that straight ahead. >> he was hit walking down the street and tonight he's fighting for his life. police a truck driver is responsible in some of the suspects behavior was caught on video right after the crash.
6:33 pm
the hospital arraignment we learn more about how drunk police say the man was. >> in that late afternoon bedside arraignment we learn that the suspect alcohol level was four times over the legal limit and video we obtained from an eyewitness it was clear that he was also having trouble standing. the eyewitness video shows the suspect tried to pass a field sobriety test when he goes over. this just minutes after horrible crash involving two victims. heard the boom and looked out and i could see was this dust and everything like that. >> everyone in the area heard the impact police say thomas mohan first hit another car that was coming out of monahans marine. >> then hit a man walking down the street. family of the 39-year-old man who was hit say michael fosdick is a father of two and just moved to weymouth. one cousin telling us they are furious after seeing the suspect in this video. police say mohan was drunk and on some sort of drugs.
6:34 pm
saw mohan on the road before the crash. >> mohan's mother talked to fox 25 news right after yesterday's crash. >> right now i don't feel so i feel that should not have been driving under the influence. >> we also pulled the hands driving record which had two pages of violations including several suspensions. states controversial new juvenile settings law but we put to the test center of it philip to the 60-year-old convicted of raping and killing his math teacher at danvers heiskell. chisholm said the senate for friday a new law philip chisholm must be held trouble for parole someday. >> reporter: the sentencing of convicted teen killer and rapist philip chisholm is
6:35 pm
ground in massachusetts. he was 14 years old when he attacked his math teacher in a bathroom and buried her body in with your danvers heiskell. but as brutal as a cases the judge cannot simply lock up to them and throw away the key forever. under new state law, the judge must let the ascendance makes to them one day parole but when boston attorney peter ellicott. the judge can determine whether parole in 15 years or 25 years however it's been clear about this it doesn't mean he's ever going to be paroled or ever see the light of day. there is a complication here chisholm was also convicted of aggravated rape and robbery in those carry some hefty jail sentences. the judge could send chisholm consecutively one after the other but that would push chisholm's parole back years if not decades if there consecutive sentences run consecutively it could be 90 years 100 years.
6:36 pm
the new law supreme court rulings based on the idea that juvenile brains are still developing during the teen years and therefore life no parole for teens like philip chisholm is unconstitutional the matter how brutal a crime. so a sentence stacking chisholm's punishment consecutively the two light legal trouble. neither the da or the defenses filed any legal paperwork suggesting what they think chisholm sends should be. sentencing is set for friday at 9:00 a.m. of course we will be there. >> revelations from the hearing into the sinking of the container ship el faro. testimony today revealed the coast guard did not believe the ship was at risk of sinking when it first received a call for help. and that software arose while
6:37 pm
sector hurricane october 33 people board died including three people from massachusetts. >> state senator the center of an fbi investigation will not seek reelection but he will step down either. today fox 25 sharman sacchetti s boaters what they think about this controversy. >> reporter: at one day after announcing he would not seek we left we stop by senator brian joyce's statehouse office and asked if we could speak with him. but he wasn't there. again the democratic state senator from milton still not directly answering our questions exactly one week after the federal rate at his canton law offices.>> governor charlie baker refused to call for senator joyce's resignation the way his own
6:38 pm
>> we went straight to senator joyce's district and asked voters at the decision to not seek reelection is enough. >> i think he should resign in step down. i don't think he'll be effective to our community at all. >> last month senator joyce came under fire for getting the dry-cleaning in a barter arrangement with a randolph drycleaner. also to pay nearly $5000 after using campaign funds to pay for son's graduation party. and last year joyce was
6:39 pm
taken after he gave out goldplated designer sunglasses as gifts to all 40 state senators. fbi only confirm this is all part of a joint investigation with the irs and senator joyce's not been charged with any crime. he has denied any wrongdoing. we asked but he refused to talk to us today. >> concerns about the zika virus button said on capitol hill today. experts from the national institutes of health to congress that early trials of the zika virus vaccine could begin this summer. cdc and i said the do more research to better understand the disease which is primarily spread through mosquito bites. >> were working around the clock to find out as much as we can as quickly as we can and we are learning more every day. cdc says all zika cases in the us so far travel related note seekers infection transmitted by the investigating new reports of sica being sexually transmitted.
6:40 pm
between the continental us and zika affected areas each year. >> police working track down this man accused of assaulting and injuring a fellow passenger. happened on sunday, february 14 or design platform at the forest hill station contact man. 41 years ago her life ended at the hands of someone swinging a golf club. a kennedy cousin was found guilty of the murder in 2013 that decision was overturned. fox 25 kerry kavanaugh tells us prosecutors went in front of the connecticut supreme court to ask them to send michael skakel back to jail. >> michael skakel his cousin robert kennedy junior and the mother of murder victim martha locksley were all court in hartford today. in 2002 skakel was convicted of killing martha moxley back in 1975 when the two were teenage neighbors. skakel was sentenced to life in prison in 2013 he was freed on bail after a lower court judge
6:41 pm
to argue the skakel's brother could've been responsible for the crime and failed to present a key alibi witness for him as well. fast forward to today would skakel appear before the connecticut supreme court. prosecutors calling for the state to reinstate conviction. skakel's attorney claims all evidence points to skakel's brother thomas they say skakel trial attorney did not do enough to pursue that possibility. the court did not rule today. skakel did not speak to reporters outside of the court but boston martha moxley's mother did. >> at the end put in 20 years of what they require. he's free to go. >> moxley went on to say she think the judicial system is quote wonderful and is glad everyone can get a fair chance. as for robert kennedy junior he told reporters outside the courthouse that he thinks two other men committed the crime. will be following story for updates will bring them to you.
6:42 pm
what's being done to protect our borders from terrorism some call the northern border a week link in our defense. just a few weeks ago us senators met to discuss the possibility of terrorist crossing the border from canada and entering a country. >> the train is rugged remote and vast sums 600 miles just in maine. she discovered what's done in the air in the ground and want to keep our country safe. tonight on fox 25 news at 10 sue this stopping and why there's new concerns and how agents are still watching even in areas that are not manned. >> the players are all in fort myers now so as a owner. >> for the team is trying to
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new danger which could have been prevented years ago. >> reporter: it looks kind of sinister. with at least nine deaths dozens injured by defective to cut backs to crash the safety known. but internal takada document commerce city obtained takada officials leslie knew for years about the danger. email finally back in 2006 engineering manager what about problems the lagrange georgia factory quote is yet another
6:46 pm
no real fix possible the plant should've been screaming cloudy murder long ago. >> the eternal warning state back to 2005 the airbags continue to be produced in atlanta home marks the spot where jackie took of metal writer 26-year-old christie williams airbag is severed her carotid artery. in 2013 a company director wrote in his notes that they weren't recalling enough vehicles calling" a violation of our moral obligation to protect the public.even now floor to senator bill nelson was a replacing airbags may not be safe. auto manufacturer installing new life grenades into people's cars as replacements. nelson all calling for even more recalls. >> national highway traffic safety ministration says three of the four recalled airbags are replaced with non-takada parts.
6:47 pm
actions by their employees documented in the senate investigation a quote inexcusable and will not be repeated. >> some places sing a break in the rain fall for now heavy rain evening drive really causing problems on the roadways were to come going to come was strong winds as well. his life storm tracker radar to the boston area break in the action city but there more at least downtown and just like that the break is over. the rain just moved right in life for you is watching and east boston southward to south boston roxbury brookline all sing that rain now most of it like a couple pockets of moderate rain to the north here kings below heavy rain shower moving right there toward 113 along 113 looks like north of 195 e. of route three it was to county tracking the potential for some icing see the areas in pink your holden northwood west
6:48 pm
westminster little pink showing up there continues into southern new hampshire southward into the city of worcester. that's where temperatures very close to freezing i want to check out some of the areas around worcester to see if there any freezing temperatures. the airport has been 32 minutes 34 auburn 33 leominster 34 north pearl close but should be safe enough it's just rain out there. still take it easy and worcester county just in case there's a winter weather advisory there for the national weather service to cover us through 7 o'clock just in case some of the spots are actually colder in between the reporting stations.again the airports and 32 although no significant icing is being reported. this is a powerful storm that snow in the northwest side severe weather to the mid-atlantic and that is swinging through here on
6:49 pm
there's a worcester airport 32 degree temperature look to the south warm air is arriving as a woman gets on and hear the whistle start to pick up its 55 in providence right now 56 in plymouth and new bedford that's how warm it is in southeastern massachusetts right now wins those our temperatures right now. here comes a heavy rain through the evening hours rotating on an comes a cold front is a squall line developing along the culprits wins on by there is a potential for a thunderstorm or two on this line and also the possibility of severe weather. you get wind gusts up over 58 miles per hour with a thunderstorm coming to have yourself a severe thunderstorm this wins to the overnight hours by three to 4:00 a.m. some of that heavy rain coming to boston sherry will be tracking this in the to start out the potentially dangerous for the first thing in the morning that swings on by we see some drawing coming on in. but the winds are going to be
6:50 pm
miles per hour 10 o'clock 50 miles per hour overnight through the morning commute tomorrow that's with the potential for some power outages and some tree limbs coming down especially in southeastern massachusetts those wins state estimates that to come down to the day on thursday. so best to 50 miles per hour very likely here in this region really north shore metrowest southeastern massachusetts an outside chance for gusts of 60 especially to get one of the storms come in through with the drying comes some cooler air coming on in rain showers change to snow showers northwest those floors make it in here early friday morning plenty of sunshine friday as well. seven day forecast shows that sunshine friday saturday and sunday after we dip down behind the front on thursday afternoon into friday, temperatures will bottom out saturday morning by sunday afternoon what a rebound
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break. i don't think you'll ever see a thin pablo. >> those were the words i'm sure have lit up sports talk radio boston all day people little skeptical by the 70 percent number supposedly down this time. john henry spoke with a real focus today besides his address was a first day of the official first team. workout. first if spring training is always may be the best day of the year unless you end of the podium at the end of the year.
6:55 pm
on wednesday. dave dombrowski patrolling the field a welcome sight. he's our boss he can do whatever he wants. john phil began the stay with a unique and personal message that hit home with his players. >> when you hear john talking you bang your head down and think about it. to come across struggles that were all going to have to contend with and deal with and how we can set that aside that is going to set a very talented group of part from the rest of the pack. loved it. i mean he understood that we have in fact he has our back as a team going out there having each other's back it's a good start. on wednesday in fort myers was on the red sox. together. and with that the is on the regular season has begun. purpose.
6:56 pm
hopefully the first time that championship team is got together on the same field. >> john henry spoke in a media for more than 20 mitts today after the workout had some wide-ranging questions admitted these backing away from a purely analytical approach to baseball after receiving the feel the last two years a change was necessary the changes what this organization got. so much more coming up for on fox 25 news at 10. but that is the very latest from a soggy fort myers florida.>> were in the same boat here. >> pretty powerful system stretches all the way down there now that the radars you can see it in fort myers were looks like right now. will be gone momentarily so tom you could be just fine in fort myers that call tracking heavy rain and strong winds would
6:57 pm
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tonight, celine dion's performance break down. all by myself >> she wasn't sure would have the strength to go back on stage withou renee. mid song she stoped. >> behind the scenes of her tearful return to the stage. she reveals she still talks to her lahusband. >> he's tell meg zip in and start singing. >> melania trump's one on one interview since his run. their surprising love story and "e.t.'s" interview with melania, what she said about her


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