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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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ockerbloom. >> have a lot to get to before we will see it move out of here mark. there's heavy rain you are seeing it in hingham and westward right now but just spots of heavy rain. in worcester still relatively quiet. also along 190 headed toward leominster. amherst springfield all pushing off toward the northeast in the next hour towards fitchburg then it gets worse. new york city a severe thunderstorm warning toward connecticut eventually massachusetts. here's our future cast timeline showing that heavy rain coming through worster and boston after midnight. boston is yours just after 1:30 in the morning stretches all the way back to holyoke at that time. you can bet there will be some thunder and lightning in here along with the gusty winds. boston you will be in it until about 4:30 in the morning. it still has to go through cape cod and the islands until it clears out of here.
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the main body of heavy rain and thunderstorms tonight especially for southeastern mass. these are the wind gusts right now gusting up to 40 miles per hour in new bedford. notice the shape of this line here watch what happens with the temperatures -- it's mostly in the 30s. you go to the south it's 60, bedford 62 in norwood, right now as the warm air comes in so to do the strong winds. i'm tracking those thunderstorms an update on that live storm tracker radar. >> fox 25 morning news will be watching the weather and roads for you all morning starting at 4:00 a.m. icy roads one thing possibly to blame for a horrible crash that took life of one teen and put her brother in the hospital. this is all that was left of the car they were in after a crashed in barry today. kathryn burcham is live in barry the teens were on their way to school? >> reporter: vanessa a fact that hit students and staff here at the high school particularly hard. but the grief not just limited to these hallways.
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in town today who told us what happened, whether or not they knew those students struck this community. >> it was the daily ritual 17-year-old brittany driving her 15-year-old brother griffin from their home to their school. but today that 13 mile commute cut tragically short on slippery stretch of route 62. police say brittany lost control and struck a tree. brittany died instantly her little brother was seriously injured. farther down the same road police say another teen driver lost control and crashed and tonight investigators are looking into icy road conditions as well as speed. meanwhile griffin is in a worcester hospital room surrounded by family as his classmates worry about how the family will bear the
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-- will bear the weight. wire live in barry. mourn the loss of a classmate. hit and killed by a car in randolph last night just shy of her 16th birthday. she was a sophomore at another source college high school in brighton. police have not charged the 21-year-old driver and say the weather was a factor in the crash. >> a story fox 25 broke on monday night. fox 25 investigates told you about and new tonight we now know this officer is the officer allegedly who hit a cyclist in cambridge then left the scene. fox 25 reports. >> reporter: at 28 years old cambridge officer ryan calahan is well respected on the force. >> he's been an exemplary police officer. decorated many accommodations in his file. so he has been one of our
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>> a strong leaving the scene of a personal injury and operating to endanger. witnesses called police after they saw a pickup truck. she was a bicyclist that was stopped on broadway making a left turn onto portland street. she had reflective lights on and she was rear ended by place. on sunday night, he was off duty and not in uniform. at least one witness gave officers the license plate number of the vehicle involved. to snap a picture of it. fox 25 obtained the police dispatch calls. >> we have two calls from two r.p. one has pictures of the motor vehicle. >> cambridge observes say despite these allegations it
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a five year veteran followed the footsteps of his father who was also a veteran officer at the police department. he spent a few years. he was a decorated veteran officer. >> the 32-year-old victim has been released from the hospital. tonight he remains on paid administrative leave. his attorney he did return our phone call and says i just can't comment yet we will wait for our day in court. for now we are in cambridge tonight's, malini basu, fox 25 news. this video from waverly, virginia, this afternoon where a tornado passed through there. a 2-year-old child and two adults were killed. as you can see here the damage is catastrophic. >> it's tragedy.
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this before. >> wanted for allegedly stabbing a man. police are looking for 33-year-old ryan ryan divine. the victim was taken to south shore hospital. he claims a man exposed himself. fox 25 on the latest in a series of incidents like this. >> brandeis university is a busy campus. last night amid that hustle and busal man exposed himself to his student at the intersection of south street and highland. right near this blinking traffic signal and it's not the first time. >> i heard of one another. >> concerning living around here at night.
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>> reporter: a brandeis grad her husband a grad student. he sent this e-mail alert put out by campus police this afternoon. >> he sent me the e-mail, yeah. again it doesn't sound like it's a violent thing but it's not something that you really want to see. >> reporter: she is not alone. mented several women students telling fox 25 off camera they are concerned that this guy will be caught. >> it's worrisome that we have somebody doing this. there are people who need to walk down south street every night. >> reporter: police say there have been six similar incidents since november. justin carlyle is a senior and he tells fox 25 he knows of two more. >> this is about six to eight now. i guess starting since like last summer it's kind of crazy. >> until this guy is caught women around campus will be keeping a watchful eye. >> probably will be look around a little bit more than normal. >> reporter: here's a description of this suspect
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they say he stands about 5'8" tall stocky build wearing dark prants and a white hoodie. waltham and brandeis police guy. there is a shuttle bus on campus so they can feel safe. in waltham, john monahan, fox 25 news. a local mother missing for a couple days has been found in connecticut. judith sales disappeared on monday then never showed up to pick up her 10-year-old son from his daycare. she found at a mall in waterford, connecticut earlier today. someone saw her car and recognized it from a news report then called police. her husband has travelled to connecticut to be with her. convicted teen killer philip chism will learn this week how much prison time he will serve. his sentence could be a big test of the state's new juvenile sentencing law. the law deems life with no parole sentences are unconstitutional for teen killers. chism's sentencing starts on friday morning. his family, the victim of
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ritzer they will be allowed to make victim impact statements. plj from boston mayor marty walsh in lack of a school. a recent university found properly handle several reports of racism. the mayor says he's concerned that the incidents are making it hard for the students to learn and he's going to take the lead in figuring out how to solve the problems. family of justina peterier will sue the -- pelletier will sue the hospital. they claim she was wrongfully taken in 2013. the family claims she and her family were put through emotional, psychological pain for 18 months because of it. justina was eventually returned home to her family. two unh students were arrested and have been suspended. 20-year-old matthew givens and 21-year-old eric denning both of salem, hamp were arrested and charged with
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scely last saturday. the -- remains suspended. >> four massachusetts governor presidential candidate mitt romney is now a twitter amount. he told fox news he believes in trump's tax history. even insinuated he's not as wealthy as he claims. trump says mitt romney totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing the tough guy. new at 11:00 massachusetts lawmakers are hoping to release a bill soon aimed at uber and list. -- and lyft but said today longer. the bill filed by republican governor charlie baker would require criminal background checks on all drivers.
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begin fingerprinting taxi drivers to help police conduct more authoro background checks. -- authoro background checks. i'm tracking it all hour by hour. >> three kids asleep when a bullet was fired into their room. >> if they come on this it could be happening it could kill him up. >> next a father talks about community demands answers.
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three children were sound asleep when a bullet came applying through the window of their room. fox 25's jackie heinrich is live in brockton now. jackie you spoke with the father of those kids about this very scary close call. >> reporter: vanessa, that's right, that father told me if that bullet had entered the home just a few inches lower it would have hit that sleeping little boy in his bed. worst yet this was no accidental discharge. two other bullets also hit the house and the neighbor's truck. >> the question going to be why? >> reporter: and manuel says he has no idea why someone would have popped off three rounds into his house and his neighbor's car seemingly without any care as to what they might hit. his 7-year-old son asleep in his bed when that round flew through his window just
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>> thank god because if it come on this point it would be happening it could kill him. >> reporter: and the other manuel himself. it landed in the gutter but had it gone through the window just a couple feet away it would have hit manuel asleep in his own bed. the family next door called police when they heard the shots fired and tires screeching away. >> just pop, pop,. an officer showed john reid the bullet hole in his truck mirror. >> its ingredient you to think it is time to move, time to go. i don't know. >> now everyone just wants to know who is behind this. both neighbors say they have never had any problems on this street before. they just want the person responsible caught. so far though police have not made any arrests in this case. live in brockton, jackie heinrich, fox 25 news. kennedy cousin michael skakel is in court today is facing a chance he could go
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he wasic haved of killing martha moxley back in know that 75. he was sentenced to life in prison but in 2013 he was freed on bail after a lower court judge ruled his trial lawyer failed to argue that skakel's brother could have been responsible. today skakel appeared before the connecticut supreme court. prosecutors are calling for the state to reinstate the conviction. skakel's attorney claims all evidence points to skakel's brother thomas. skakel did not speak to reporters but martha moxley's mother did. >> i would like michael skakel to go back to jail and serve the rest of his sentence. >> skakel is robert kennedy jr.'s cousin. the court did not rule today. there are new reports tonight apple may be working on some technology that would only block governments from unlocking their phones but also block apple itself. this comes on the heels of the justice department telling apple they need to unlock at least nine more phones. the feds already told apple they want them to unlock the
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san bernardino shooters. apple is fighting the feds demands in at least seven of the nine other iphone cases. the tech company says it's an invasion of prooifcy and sets a bad precedent. >> her voice gave jlo goose bumps. >> giving it her all tonight to make it into the top 10. approval of america though. we have been following her since the very beginning. >> hopefully she gets those votes tonight. >> a lot of people talking on facebook saying they were calling in texting in hopefully she got a bunch of votes. >> some people are going in as the top 10 already. >> we'll find out tomorrow night. kevin? >> good night to be inside watching television here on fox 25 because it is getting nasty out there. boy this storm the second of
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days is the stronger of the two. this is the one that's produced the tornado from the southeast into the mid-atlantic today will be thunderstorms in new york city right now at this late hour it's all wheeling its way into massachusetts. western mass lit up right just lit. look at this thunderstorms in the berkshires heavy rain all the way east to amherst. heavy rain here in worcester county. clawson, mass pike, millville seeing some of that and to the north shore but you are getting some rain out to cape ann as well in gloucester. here in the is timeline. the heavy rain and thunderstorm activity making it into worcester county 1:00 in the morning. then eastward to boston by about 1:other. 45. this stretches back beyond worcester county still it will take until about 4:00 to clear worcester then
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to 5:30 in the morning. so a long way to go before we're done with. this i want think the relation between the temperatures and the winds. gusty winds up to 45 miles per hour now in worcester. notice that in bedford at 29 miles per hour. now the winds to the north worcester they're coming from the south. that collision right there is evident it's also in the fitchburg 35 58 . right now it's to the west 42 in nearby lawrence, 62 in norwood right now. beverly to portsmouth, new hampshire, 56 to 36 there as well. winds will gust over 50 miles per hour in southeastern massachusetts tonight. if you get a thunderstorm through the morning hours you can see gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. that's what they're looking for out in new york city right now. you get a thunderstorm that can happen and pull some of those stronger winds down. you will have a wind advisory in place through 7:00 p.m. here in south eastern mass because winds will pick up again in the afternoon with another disturbance coming on by in
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wind gusts as high as 50 miles per hour then. that means with the winds and the heavy rain the gust to 50 even potentially higher there's going to be that wind advisory and the overnight. threats include rain and wind and also moderate threats for lightning with now. here's the power outage index shows the highest risk here in southeastern massachusetts where the winds will be strongest. you can have those tree limbs come down just about anywhere with the gusts coming in with those thunderstorms. now your wake up forecast 55 the sun will start to poke out but early enough 6:00 in the morning for instance when you first get up rain and wind will still be out there especially boston and southeastward. here's your seven-day forecast. your weekend in view when we get to that it will be a lot quieter. a stormy night and stormy morning as cold air comes in and weekend looking good with a warm day coming up on sunday. tom lieden comes to you
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after the red sox guiding their first official before they took the field. many of the players were touched by his message of support and togetherness. nobody more zeroed in tharn hanley rmz. i noticed he getting a lot of help from dustin pedroia. he just wanted to make sure he's there for me. he was telling me right away
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give me some confidence. the popular topic even the owners chiming in. that's what we were looking for. i don't think you will ever see him pablo and i know he focuses on his weight but our focus was on the ability to feel the ball and throw the ball and hit the ball. i think a lot of people will remember that number 17%. let's talk a little hockey. pretty good game tonight. the penguins were in town and the bruins put on a good show it office national tv the whole country got a chance to see what they did at home. you got the scoring started had a penalty called which gave him the opportunity to hit a penalty shot. making it 1-0 he was not
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he steals the puck. you had chesz 2-0 early in the second. some concerns about how the bruins have played at home. really the nail in the coffin they bin it 5-1 they face the hurricanes on friday. we shall see what kind of car he arrives in tomorrow. that is the very latest from fort myers we will be back tomorrow i'm reporting live from jetblue park. tom lieden. fox 25 sports. maybe some thunderstorms. these are scattered about everyone will get the
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. by the way, these are kanye's words, not mine. >> i don't play like that! >> it kind of makes you think there's some reason he can't let go of it. >> this is yo gotti's party. this is his album release. why is kanye speaking for like 20 minutes? harvey: it's like hey, kanye, go out to the parking lot and tell every car that goes by. and then stick a finger up my ass! up my ass! >> full-on air between ciara and future. yesterday dodger stadium totally empty except russell wilson, ciara and baby future. >> what's the problem with this, though? harvey: you're just inciting the father. >> it's not ciara's responsibility to take care of


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