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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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now at 4:00, we are on a storm tracker weather alert. severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now for boston and most of eastern massachusetts. i am tracking the timeline on heavy rain, thunder and destructive winds. i will tell you which town also get hit the hardest. watch out for damage like this, a tree completely smashed in the roof of this car this morning. how the owner found out he need needed a new way in for work. an even more dangerous situation in boston. a massive tree clips the side a front door. we are tracking the damage. plus the towns that are waking up with no power at all. this is a fox25 storm stormtracker weather alert. >> daniel: severe weather out there this morning to start
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this is video we just got in from the city of boston. lightning and driving rain at this early hour. good morning, i am daniel miller. grauert. thousands of people are without power right now a and if twitter is any indication, the thunder and wind have a lot of people actually awake right now people actually awake right now. fox25 shiri spear and the storm tracker weather center. shiri, a 70-mile-per-hour gust in boston already julie 60 miles per hour. really dangerous stuff. we have a situation that we will urge all of you to be extremely cautious. although we love pictures there are not the moment to go outside and try to snap a shot. dangerous storms in fact. we have a severe thunderstorm watch that goes into 5:00. until 5:00, the potential for this destructive storm. where we have the deeper shade where we have the deeper shading a cross eastern massachusetts is where we have severe thunderstorms happening now. severe because of the wind that goes along with them. these will have destructive winds. you will see very mild as the
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area right now at 61 degrees. mild weather, yes, but that is part of the reason, part of the fuel behind these storms. we have strong storms stretching up to cape anne right now. especially down to randolph, west bridgewater and norton. some of the worst of it heading through right now as we speak toward bridgewater. next to see this will be marshfield, plymouth, and we already had damaging wind gust there is. we already have tree down reports coming out of those cities. this will only add insult to injury. thankfully they have those storms out of worcester. fitchburg, pepperell. we had those severe storms planted overhead for you guys. by 5:00 this morning, most of those storms passing into southeastern massachusetts. for the south shore, business concern through 6 a.m. and the case through 7:00 this morning. even though you see the clouds are breaking up a little bit here during the afternoon, we are still going to have widely scattered not damaging thunderstorms, but we are still
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gusty winds. so this morning, i can't say it enough. the big concern will really be those winds and the damage they can do. we are here for you all morning long. remember fox25 news until 10:00 and check the storms every stretch way. julie, over to you for drive time traffics. >> julie: the airports if you are getting ready to fly out of town so far no delays or cancellations. as soon as we get updates we will let you know. roads, volume is light. it is 4:00 in the morning. as shiri was telling us and we will show you, trees down, power lines down, and roads are very wet. morning. i am glad nobody is out through brighton as you can see just dead out there. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. we want to go now our live drive cam, and these are the
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we are on route 3 south headed through braintree. you can see -- it is dark out there and the rain is coming down hard, and chances are very good that is lightning that is lighting up the sky, and it is going to stay like that until shiri tells us otherwise. so stay with us. the raging wind and rain that shiri is talking about created an absolute mess. look at that damage in cambridge where a tree crashed onto a car. the windshield is shattered and the it is almost caved in. he woke up to the officer knocking on his door telling him about the crash. it is bad but it could have been worse. >> it sucks. but at least no one was in there. no one was hurt. work with what you got. >> daniel: this happened just after 1:00 at calendar and dodge streets. police have closed the roads to clean up that mess. more damage in dorchester where a tree crashed down on a
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you can see it ripped off part of the roof and appears to be on that van. a long morning here to clean up this mess. boston police tell no one was hurt. this hour, widespread power outages in these areas. latest numbers we are getting. eversource says most of marshfield, scituate are no electricity. large outages in lowell, chelmsford and beverly. we will be watching these and updating numbers with you all morning. we will be with you all morning as the severe weather moves through. we are on the air, as shiri mentioned, until 10:00. it if you were headed out the door download the fox25 weather app to keep updated on weather throughout the day. shiri will be back in a moment with her update. three grief counselors will be at local high schools after that 17-year-old girl died in a car crash on the way to school.
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were on the way to school in quabbin. she have driving her brother when she lost control on route 62 and hit a tree. she died on scene and her brother is in serious condition this morning. classmates are devastated for their family. >> everybody in school are talking about it. it will be really hard the next week or so. >> she was from hoverton and drive to school every day. speed and icy road conditions may have played a role in the crash. another teen from quabbin high school also crashed into a tree in the same area yesterday. grief counselors at a boston school where a student died days before her 16th birthday. a car hit and killed laura vier a as she was walking through an intersection. friends remember her as a bright girl with a promising future. >> surprising. she was a good girl.
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i am surprised. >> julie: police have not charged the 21-year-old driver who hit her. officers say that weather was a factor in this crash. police on the south shore is searching for a man suspected of stabbing someone at a plaza. an arrest warrant for ryan divine from weymouth. accused of stabbing a 36-year-old man at the shipyard complex. the victim is expected to be okay. this morning, students at brandeis university are being warned about a serial flasher. tuesday night a man exposed himself to the student on the waltham campus in an e-mail from the school, the 6th incident since november. students we spoke with last night say several others off campus as well. >> a little worry and quite worrisome we haven't found this western yet because people that legitimately need to walk down south street every night. >> daniel: the flasher is 5'8"and last seen wearing dark pants and white hoodie.
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a brockton family is shaken. they want to know who fired three shots into their home nearly killing a little boy. at least one of the bullets hit the window of the bedroom where the family's three sons were sleeping. another hit a house and another a neighbor's car. a father spoke to fox25 last night. he told us how close the bullet came of striking his 7-year-old son. >> comes at this point, it could happen -- it could have killed him. >> julie: far police do not have any suspects. 9:08. we are learning more about the cambridge police officer accused of hitting a woman on a bike with his car and taking off. fox25 investigates first broke this story on mind today we know the officer involved in ryan caladan. he was not in uniform and was driving his own truck when it happened. he is a five-year veteran of the force and an iraq war veteran. his superiors said he was one of the best they had. >> it's tragic. it really is.
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something like this happens. >> daniel: the officer has not yet been charged. he is on paid administrative leave and his superiors said they haven't had contact with him since the incident. this man faces charges from his hospital bed just hours police say he hate pedestrian with his car in weymouth. while he is recovering from bumps and bruises, the man he hit remains in critical condition this morning. thomas moh a+ n was drunk and on drugs when it happened on tuesday. his blood alcohol was four times the legal limit and as you can see in this video here he was so drunk he fell on his face while talking to police. we pulled mohan's driving record and pulled two pages of violations including many suspensions. happening today, a family plans to sue boston children's hospital because doctors put their teenaged doctor in teenaged custody. the family of justina pelletier
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abuse while she was taken from their care. the doctor diagnosed justina with a rare disease. but at children's they said the condition was psychological and the teen was being abused. she was eventually returned to her family. >> a boston fire chief found guilty of corruption charges. edward cigliano stole money to pay his bills and buy items like a big-screen tv and a gas grill. he was convicted on tuesday and on paid leave since he was indicted in 2012. the boston commissioner will move to fire him. tomorrow is the sentencing hearing of a local teenager accused of killing his math teacher will begin. phillip chism was convicted of first-degree murder in the danvers death of colleen rit danvers death of colleen ritzer. the charges carry a mandatory life sentence but not for chism because he was 14 at the time. a recent supreme court ruling says it is unconstitutional to
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without parole. a judge may able to make him eligible for parole in 15 years eligible for parole in 15 years. >> it will run against the thrust of recent cases saying juveniles really should at some point at the very least have an opportunity to be paroled. >> julie: fox 25 will have complete coverage of the sentencing hearing including impact statements from family and friend of colleen ritzer. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a look at your live drive times. you are cruising right now; however, the issue is the thunder, lightning and wind that you was going to make your drive a little problematic this morning. here is shiri with more. >> shiri: i have to say look at radar. if you have the option of waiting an hour, i would do exactly that. strong damaging winds, a lot of lightning, torrential rains. the roads will be extremely tough to navigate in and around boston until 5:00 this morning. temperatures upper 50s to lower 60s. by 6 a.m., i do see the
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and hour-by-hour look at that coming up next. a former massachusetts governor is taking on donald trump. coming up why mitt romney says a bombshell behind the billionaire's money. a local man falls off a ladder and wakes up in the hospital. >> they told me that, you know, i am lucky i am even alive. >> daniel: coming up next, the surprise donation from complete strangers. and before we go to break. show you this video. one of our editors slowed down for us this morning. this was shot from the roof of our beacon hill studio. lightning striking.
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welcome back at 4:15. meteorologist shiri spear here and severe thunderstorms moving across eastern massachusetts. i am picking up the lightning -- taking out the lightning so yech zoom in seeing very heavy rain attached to gusty winds. down to manchester-by-the-sea. things are lightening up in boston. a lot of rain quincy down to hingham. oranges and red noting the torrential downpours. stretching all the way down to wareham and plymouth, and we will continue to track the progress of these eastward. for now, daniel, back to you. this morning neighbor are coming together to help a local father left paralyzed by a tree trimming accident.
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this morning, the man's family asked for a little help but received a whole lot more. >> they told me that, you know, i am lucky i am even alive. >> reporter: after hitting rock bottom, mike carroll and his family are slowly but surely on the way up. >> the things you thought were important are just not important anymore. >> that change real quick. >> reporter: mike wagon a ladder trimming a tree when disaster struck. his two younger boys were there with him and witnessed it. >> the limb turned and came in the wrong direction than i expected and ca came toward me and i dropped out of of the tree and i don't remember anything after that. >> reporter: mike was in a coma for four weeks. his wife lisa said everything that could go wrong did. >> and then the pneumonia and blood clots and everything. i mean four weeks every day, day to day we didn't know he
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>> reporter: the fall has left mike paralyzed from the waist down. it's bad and family of five know it is could have been much worse if not for the generosity of family, friends and total stranger. in a month's time 288 people have donated nearly $60,000 to a go fund me page set up for the carrolls. >> it's just overwhelming. the kindness of everyone the such lest thing. people dropping meals off at the house. >> one anonymous donor gave $15,000. >> dpw, blue collar. i don't know anybody that can come up with that kind of money, so a real shock there, and it is great to see how good people are. >> reporter: i am ted daniel, fox25 news. >> daniel: there are good people out there. the money donated will go toward making the family's home accessible. mike will also need a new
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to learn more of how you can help the family, go to our web site at it is now 4:18, and let's take a look at the roads right now. as you can see, things are really wet out there on the pike. maps show that the traffic flow maps show that the traffic flows are light. it is early and what you will en count remember wet roads like you will anniversary this picture. you will see downed tree limbs. you may see dangerous downed power lines. leave extra time if you are getting ready to head out the door or shiri said wait it out because it will start to improve. 13 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 29 minutes were are from 495 to the leverett connector. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. here is shiri with a little bit more. your advice was to try wait it out because things are going to improve? >> shiri: visibility is the least of your concerns right now and that will be a huge issue because the rain is so heavy. we have the strong winds.
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not a very safe traveling condition at all right now. and that problem will remain in boston for about the next hour. you can see those storms hanging tight across eastern massachusetts. in the next hour, it is going here. i do want to highlight where we have those threats going on. we have a severe thunderstorm watch -- stretch all the way down to the cape until 5 a.m. even though we are not seeing severe thunderstorms there yet, the potential is there. we are prime. and i am expecting that the warming -- the warnings that it is happening now will roll down to the cape and islands. the severe thunderstorm warning will go until 4:30 this morning in and around the boston area down into southeastern massachusetts. these storms are nasty, and one of the big reasons why are the winds attaching to -- attached to them. the peak wind gusts, reports from the national weather service this morning. in milton, 83-mile-per-hour gusts. hill. you know what that is? that is hurricane force wind gusts.
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miles per hour. chestnut hill, 61 hours. those obviously enough to take down trees, cause power outages and why we are telling you these storms are so dangerous. futurecast. i want to highlight the winds and the rain for you here through 5:00 this morning. we will see a lot of those heavier showers exit the north shore and boston. severe thunderstorms. it is southeastern massachusetts really seeing the worst of it. norwood, plymouth, new bedford getting in on it. i can tell you though we will see consistent gusts up around 40 miles per hour, there will certainly be stronger gusts than within the severe thunderstorms. at 6:00 this morning, that threat will be from plymouth down to the cape and islands and here timing it out, lost of it over the outer cape around 7:00 this morning, and then it will pull on out. this is where the gusts stay really handy. even though the middle of the day for noontime, a couple in
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look better from up pov. gusty. per hour. even stronger gusts developing again this afternoon over southeastern massachusetts. so the threat for damaging winds is not done by the early batch of storms. we will have to watch the potential again this afternoon as well. afternoon, we have a couple of widely scattered rain showers. not the severe storms that we are getting this morning. very light, very patchy stuff into the overnight hours. wind advisory will be in effect until 7:00 tonight in eastern massachusetts. back to worcester and southeastern massachusetts. morning gusts over 70 miles per hour. and even this afternoon, sustained winds 25 to 30 miles per hour and gusts up to 50. a rough day. i know 60 out there right now and temperatures will start to sag as we get into the middle of the day and into the afternoon, 54 in boston and beverly, 51 in plymouth. 55, bedford. 50 in keene. cape and islands.
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for the weekend falls view. thankfully i don't have any more veer weather in the forecast. it will be pretty breezy with highs only at 39 degrees. talk about going from april right back to february. over the weekend upper 30s on saturday, partly sunny. big warm-up back in the middle 50s with a few more clouds and we will have to track widely scattered plain rain showers with highs still in the 50s. back to you. >> daniel: those temperatures swings are incredible, shiri, wow. a bedroom window is shatter a bedroom window is shattered by a stray bullet. how close a little boy is to danger.
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appear toll make a iphone today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. yeah, click 4:25 right now. the storm now battering the northeast carved a path of destruction off the east coast. three people were killed in virginia yesterday. one was a 2-year-old boy one was a 2-year-old boy.officials believe those deaths were caused by a tornado. a wind advisory is still in effect in virginia, and another -- for another two hours. the storm claimed the lives of four others earlier this week as it for through the south. it is now 4:26. a new isis video has surfaced
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threatening social media moguls threatening social media moguls. the 25-minute propaganda was directed to the ceos of facebook. and twitter. they say it is because of the growing efforts of them to block their accounts and delete their posts. 5,000 facebook accounts and,000 twitter accounts twitter accounts have been suspend. apple is working on new technology to make people's phones impenetrable. nut security will make it impossible for the government to break into a locked phone and it will prevent apple from getting into phone too. yesterday justice department wanted apple to unlock nine iphones. president obama takes romney says there is a, quote, bombshell in trump's history.
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release all his financial information and insinuated that trump may not be as wealthy as he claims. trump tweeted, quote, that romney who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. romney has not responded. a heightened warning from police at a local college. >> daniel: that's right. the string of disturbing incidents that have students on alert this morning. waking up to howling winds and the sound of thunder. we are under a severe thunderstorm warning right now. it ended in boston and continues for other parts of southeast mass. we are tracking the worst of it
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why you should wait to leave a storm tracker weather alert at 4:30 this morning. severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now for southeastern massachusetts. i am tracking the timeline on
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and damaging winds. which town gets hit the hardest. this is the kind of dangerous situation people are waking up to. a large tree falls on a house pulling down the gutters and crashing in front of the door. we are tracking the damage plus widespread power outages. plus happening this morning plus happening this morning, students are heading back to school in one local town after one of their friends died in a car crash. what the school is doing to help those who are grieving. >> this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> julie: good morning, there is severe weather to start your thursday, february 25. this is a live look at the boston skyline. there have been lots of lightning out there earlier. a little quiet right now, but i bet if we -- we would get a flash of lightning. good morning, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: and i am daniel miller. people are waking up to thunder and lightning and debris is scattered across our yards. and shiri, we can hear the


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