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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and damaging winds. which town gets hit the hardest. this is the kind of dangerous situation people are waking up to. a large tree falls on a house pulling down the gutters and crashing in front of the door. we are tracking the damage plus widespread power outages. plus happening this morning plus happening this morning, students are heading back to school in one local town after one of their friends died in a car crash. what the school is doing to help those who are grieving. >> this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> julie: good morning, there is severe weather to start your thursday, february 25. this is a live look at the boston skyline. there have been lots of lightning out there earlier. a little quiet right now, but i bet if we -- we would get a flash of lightning. good morning, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: and i am daniel miller. people are waking up to thunder and lightning and debris is scattered across our yards. and shiri, we can hear the
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studios. >> shiri: shake >> shiri: shaking a little bit here. and the lightning passed through and the city is start through and the city is starting to see improvements. we still have a pretty dangerous situation out here over southeastern massachusetts over southeastern massachusetts. over mrich over plymouth county a severe thunderstorm warning in effect through 5:00 this morning. after that, i expect it will be extended down to the cape and islands. here is boston, 37 degrees. and you can see we are getting a little breather. showers have lightened up. we have lightning now passing out. it is still going to be pretty breezy. we have gusts at about 37 miles per hour. sounds a lot better than the 69-mile-per-hour gusts that we have reported last hour. beverly up to salisbury and gloucester. heavier rain and it is going possible to a little tough to navigate, but these locations are getting in on the worse of it and we have downpours from scituate down to hanson, middleborough, marion and new
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and with this we have gust he winds at or over 60 to 70 miles per hour. as we have seen with these storms, we have those strong gusts over worcester. now drying out. we will have a lot of lingering clouds this morning. still gusting up around 25 miles per hour. but obviously travel is going to be much, much easy to be much, much easier if you are headed out in central mass or southern new hampshire. future cast through 5:00 this morning have most of those storms sitting easy over southeastern massachusetts, and barely budging as we head to 6 a.m. plymouth is going to start to dry out. the cape is still going to be pretty treacherous between the wind, the lightning, the downpours. coming to an end around 7:00 this morning. after that, we can all sigh a little relief here because we have the clouds breaking apart afternoon. still a threat for widely scattered plain ol' rain showers. still pretty breezy this afternoon as well and will not winds. damaging stronger gusts that
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couple of hours. temperatures today, 50 to 60 degrees. a mild one ahead. take you hour by hour well into the evening coming up. now over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. >> julie: we want to update you on how the airport is looking. no delays or cancellations of airports in new england but will keep you posted if that changes. a tree blocking both travel lanes of route 3 in duxbury, and lots of trees down in neighborhoods, side roads. be very careful as you head out the door. volume is light. still very early, but i see some of the yellow icons along route 3 and that goes on to road. very wet out there. live look at the pike through brighton. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. is the kind of damage we expect
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a tree crashed down on the front of this home. fox25 catherine parrotta is in dorchester where the family is going to have a hard time getting out their front door this morning. >> this is just one area here in boston that is seeing some damage from the storm. a home here in roxbury, 69 milton avenue. i want to give you a look at the damage here because this tree just came toppling down or at least part of it anyway. if you look all the way to the roofline, you will see pieces of the roof dangling off at this point. especially over on this side of the house. not sure if you can see but over on the side the part of the roof is very damage and. you come down to the ground you can see cars parked air long here. here in roxbury and other parts of boston, it is raining still as you can see. the wind gusts every now and then. they are also dealing with large puddles in the street. i am not sure if you can see over this way. some of the water on the road some of the water on the roadway over here, and we do have a crew on the scene pointing out other areas where there are some minor street flooding as well. we will keep you posted on that we will keep you posted on
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but as you can hear, thumbeder and lightning in the area. this needs be too short report so we can also stay safe. we will bring you a longer report when we can. in red sox burry, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. the raging wind and rain that shiri has been talking about create about creating an absolute mess this morning. look at the damage in cambridge where a tree crashed on to the car. the windshield is shattered. the roof nearly caved in in the car owner told us he woke up to an officer knocking on the door telling him about the crash. he says it was unfortunate but knows things could have been worse. >> it sucks. but no one was in there. no one got hurt. work with you whats got. >> daniel: this happened after 1 a.m. at calendar and dodge streets. police have closed down the roads to clean up the mess there. at this hour widespread power outages in some areas. large sections of marshfield, scituate and duxbury have no electricity and power is getting back on for the north
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significant out najs lowell, chelmsford and beverly. we will be watching these numbers and updating them for you. we will be here all morning as the severe weather moves on through. on the air at 10 a.m., and if you are heading out down load the fox25 weather app to keep up to date with all of the severe weather and weather in general. shiri will be back with a forecast coming up in just a few minutes. it is now 4:37. grief counselors will be on hand at a local high school this morning after this 17-year-old student died in a car crash on her way to school. the girl and her brother were on their way to quabbin regional high school in barre when they crashed. britney was driving her 15-year-old grower griffin when she lost control and hate tree. she died on the scene and her brother is in serious condition. classmates are devastated for their family. >> everybody in the school is talking about it. it will be really hard for the next week or so.
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from hubbardson and drive will to work every day. speed and icy road conditions may have played a role. a teen from quabbin high school crashed into a tree in the same area yesterday. grief counselors will be on hand in a boston school are a student died days before her 16 student died days before her 16th birthday. a car hit and killed laura viera of east boston while she was walking through an intersection in randolph tuesday night. viera was a sophomore at a pilot high school in brighton. friends remember her as a bright girl with a promising future. >> surprising. he was a good girl up wouldn't believe this kind of stuff to happen to her. >> daniel: police is not charged the 21-year-old driver who hit her. this crash. this morning, police on the south shore are searching for a man suspected of stabbing someone at a local shopping plaza. hingham police are an arrest warrant for 33-year-old ryan devine of weymouth.
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this morning, students at brandeis university are being warned of a serial slasher. tuesday night the man exposed himself to a student and the waltham campus. the 6th incident since november. students we talked with say several others off campus as well. >> a little worrisome that we haven't found this person yet because people who legit platly need to walk down the street every night. >> julie: the flasher is 5'8" and last seen wearing dark pants with a white hoodie. a family is shaken. they want to know who fired three shots into their family home nearly killing their little boy. one of the bullets hit the bedroom where the family three sons were sleeping. another shot hit a house and the third hit a neighbor's car. the father of the boys spoke with fox25 and showed us how close the bullet came to striking his 7-year-old son. >> if this come on this point, it could have happen -- could have killed him.
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not have any suspects. we are learning more of the cambridge police officer accused of hitting a woman on a bike with his car and taking off. fox25 investigates first broke this story on mind we know the officer involved in ryan calaman. he was not in uniform and when driving his own vehicle when it happened. 's iraqi war veteran. his superiors said he is one of the best they had. >> it breaks your heart when something like this happens. >> julie: officer callahan has been cited and on paid administrative leave. they haven't had any contact him since the incident. a man faces charges from his hospital bed just hours after police said he hate pedestrian with his car in weymouth. while he is recovering from bumps and bruises the man he hit is in critical condition. thomas mohan was drunk and on blood. his blood alcohol was four
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can see in video we have, he fell on his face during a society test. we pulled the driving record and two pages of violations including many suspensions. the holbrook mother of two who was reported missing on monday has been found safe. judith sales was found at a connecticut mall after someone recognized her car and called police. on monday, relatives called police when she never picked up her 10-year-old son from the day care. the "globe" said she was in good health but requested to go to the hospital. after two days of searching the charles river for a missing harvard man they haven't found any clues. zachary marr was in boston celebrating his birthday in faneuil hall when he disappeared. surveillance video led police to believe that he fell into the charles river near north station. the dive team is expected to continue their search later this week. happening today, a family plans to sue boston children's hospital because doctors put
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the family of justina pelletier said she suffered emotional pain during the 15 months they were out of their care. her parents said doctors at tufts diagnosed justina with a rare disease. but at children's they said it was psychological and that justina was being abused. she is now back with her family she is now back with her family. downed tree branches and power lines which are dangerous out there. be careful as you head out the door. right now a 25 right now a 25-minute commute on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. shir. >> shiri: the biggest things i am worried about with these storms are the wind gusts. strongest gusts out of southeastern massachusetts. gusts 41 miles per hour new bedford. 44 in plymouth. could get as high as 60, 70 miles per hour. an idea of how destructive these winds have been, every dot on my map goes along with a wind damage report. we will take you through it
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. 4:44 is the time. meteorologist shiri spear here. busy morning in the fox25 storm tracker weather center because of these storms. thunderstorms rolling through a
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franklin over to milford and medway, but this is the real concerning stuff. scituate to marshfield. pen broke as well as halifax. severe thunderstorms coming through not just with heavy rain and lots of lightning, damaging wind gusts. that threat continues all wait to plymouth. over to middleborough this morning, and coming up, we are here for you every tempt way. we will take you hour through hour of how long these last in your town next. daniel. >> daniel: connecticut's high court is deciding if kennedy cousin michael skakel should go back to prison. he was convicted of killing his neighbor martha makes lee. the case was overturned. prosecutor asked the connecticut supreme court to overturn that decision. moxley's mother said skakel sentence. >> put in 20 years whatever was required and he was freed to go. it would have been much easier
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>> daniel: his conviction was overturned when a an appeals court said his attorney did not provide a proper defense. the decision is not expected for several months. the boston bruins need a little spark to play for the playoff spot. david pasinack is the star of the night. he earns a penalty shot and he buried the puck in the net. this time he turns a pittsburgh turnover into a goal. bruins will add a few insurance dwols in the end. brad marchand continues his hot spring, 31 goals spring, 31 goals on the year. cs win -- bs win big 5-1. dig into the drugle some parents face to collect child support. parents struggling to make ends meet because they are owed hundreds or even thousands of dollars. >> i imagine you could use 30,000. >> absolutely. it would pay college bill or two. >> daniel: with her daughter
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go to school., that mom tells us that money is tight and she is not alone. at 10:00, eric ramussen shows us how widespread the issue is and what the state is doing to help families. 4:48 4:48, and you are going to deal with challenge on the roads this morning because of the weather. right now on our map, we will see traffic flows already changing color on the expressway northbound from furnacebrook parkway up to -- around granite safe, and southbound. still few problems around morrissey boulevard. you may see downed trees. may see downed power lines. time. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us. shiri, you are recommending if you can to try wait it out and
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minutes or so. >> shiri: i am thinking in boston conditions will be better to head out there. driving into some of those stronger storms in southeastern massachusetts. southeastern mass. again, that situation if you can wait it out, you are in a much better situation. here is kind of the breakdown of your weather headlines this morning. severe thunderstorms expected for the next hour. specifically southeastern massachusetts where gusts are going to be at or even over 70 miles per hour. we have seen that so far this morning with these storms coming on through. lingering flooding concerns in the typical spots. nothing widespread coming through right now. but remember, it takes a while for the water to drain away. we have those storms passing through boston. even a half hour ago it was a mess in the city. and now there you go, south shore, south coast. next it will be the cape where we have these strongest storms. these totals since midmight. over half an inch of rain around the boston area.
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hours ago, two inches of rain. and inch and a half in brockton and still raining outs there. by 6:00 this morning, the sweat will be from plymouth down across the cape and islands. we are slowly going to see a drying line work its way from west to east here. temperature-wise at 6 a.m., incredibly mild. you are dressing yourself and the kids for the 60s this morning. by 7:00 this morning, we will go down by a couple of degrees and we still have a couple of storm by the cape and nantucket storm by the cape and nantucket. the last of it though because the clouds break apart a little bit here. a lot of on and off clouds. by lunchtime a couple more degrees into the middle 50s, that's where we will stay steady through the afternoon. afternoon does bring us the potential for a widely scattered shower. obviously nothing as severe as what we see this morning. you might want to keep that umbrella handy. a wind advisory is in effect until 7:00 tonight, and that's because this morning we are getting gusts, 60, 70 miles per
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hour with these stronger storms. this afternoon, we will see another batch of wind develop over southeastern massachusetts over southeastern massachusetts, and there gusts could still be at 50 miles per hour. so we will see additional problems as far as any power lines go, downed tree limbs. just a sloppy, very windblown day. this afternoon, we have got 54 boston up to beverly. 51 in plymouth. 55 in bedford. 50 in worcester. 50 in keene. we will drop you all the way down into the upper 40s for the cape and islands later today. tonight we drop it back to freezing. partly cloudy skies. we will have a couple of evening sprinkles out there. nothing heavy. then for tomorrow, on and off clouds, but look at where temperatures are going. tomorrow's highs are simply going to be in the upper 30s. that is going to be an extreme hee different feel from what you have out there right now and into the afternoon. you can savor the warm conditions. may not feel that warm when you start adding in that wind. travel with extreme care this morning. fox25 morning news is on until 10:00 this morning.
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radar every step of the way. back over to you, guys. >> julie: shiri, we will talk to you soon. your phone helps you, now it may help with stress. a new app that can monitor a person's mental health. a local woman takes matters into her own hands to find a
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the 4:53. incredible video as a e-cigarettes explodes in a man e-cigarettes explodes in a man's pocket. it exploded while he was paying a clerk at a kentucky gas station. he ran outside to try to put out the flames. eventually a clerk uses the extinguisher. the clerk can't believe what he saw. >> i was like -- what was that. off bomb in your pocket. i was like that -- you carry a bomb in your pocket. i was totally shocked. >> daniel: another customer drove the victim to the hospital. he suffered second-degree burns, but he is expected to be okay. it is a video all over facebook right now. a father in tears after someone describes his son's down syndrome as an illness. >> down syndrome is literally one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to my life. it's fun. it's brilliant. it is amazing.
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it's kind. it's loving. it's cuddly. it's -- they are great teacher it's -- they are great teachers, people with down syndrome. it is not an i willants. >> julie: that is rob scott. he was devastated that he didn't step up and say something to the parent though. he said it to the world instead. the video has been viewed nearly 1 million times. another new england woman has taken matters into her own hands and found a kidney donor. this is 63-year-old linda demming of maine. she has end stage renal failure and told in 2014 she needed a new kidney and could be three to six years of waiting on the donor list. so she put up road signs saying i need a kidney before it is too late asking potential volunteers to get tested to see if they were a match. >> that's what we did. we went out in search of a live donor, and, you know, i am still amazed at the number of people who don't have a clue
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give me a piece of their body to savior me. >> a maine waitress will be donating a kidney to lisa next month. a local police department touched tonight -- this morning by the kindness of a little girl. a 6-year-old brought portsmouth new hampshire officers this gift here you see. she made the mailbox herself at home depot, then asked her parents if she could fill it with treats for police. the officers say they are thankful for the great gift. am jewelry store forced from the neighborhood it has called home for 50 years will in fact stay put. we first told you last month how murphy's jewelry was facing eviction because of skyrocket eviction because of skyrocketing rent in southie. the owners launched a go fund me page and raised enough money to stay. our own "idol" hopeful blew the judges away, and her place in the top ten isn't set yet. do you i know you can feel it too 13 .
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"american idol" contestant sonica. the weston native still needs america's approval. we will find out tonight if she made it to the top ten. hundreds of handicap placard steal important parking spots from those who really need them. how the state is recommending to tickets uncovered abuse. we are still following the severe thunderstorm warning across the area. people are waking up to power
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now at 5:00, we are on a storm tracker alert. severe storms move across eastern massachusetts. i am tracking how long that threat will last. the damage reports are coming in, across boston. a massive tree slips the -- clips a side of the house crashing to the ground. the long morning that is just starting right here.
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in the roof of this car this morning. we are tracking the damage, plus the towns that are waking up in the dark. this is a fox25 stormtrack this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> gene: mother nature with an early wake-up call this morning within the last hour. we got this incredible video from the roof of our beacon hill studio as lightning struck the boston skyline. it has been like this across the region all morning long. good morning, everybody. we are on storm tracker weather alert. appreciate you getting up with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. power. fox25 has team coverage. michael henrich and catherine damage. julie grauert following the start of the commute and, of course, meteorologist shiri spear is in the you fox25 storm tracker weather center as this area. morning.


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