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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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in the roof of this car this morning. we are tracking the damage, plus the towns that are waking up in the dark. this is a fox25 stormtrack this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> gene: mother nature with an early wake-up call this morning within the last hour. we got this incredible video from the roof of our beacon hill studio as lightning struck the boston skyline. it has been like this across the region all morning long. good morning, everybody. we are on storm tracker weather alert. appreciate you getting up with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. power. fox25 has team coverage. michael henrich and catherine damage. julie grauert following the start of the commute and, of course, meteorologist shiri spear is in the you fox25 storm tracker weather center as this area. morning.
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2, 3, 4 inches on n some spots on top of that damaging wind gust and all the lightning passing across the region in the last hour. we still have severe weather out there. going to check on the latest for that severe thunderstorm warning which isn't popping up on my screen anymore but i can tell you even with that. we still have strong storms focused across southeastern massachusetts that may have been cancelled in just at last minute and was on the map six seconds ago you. steady rain through marshfield right now. i have taken off the lightning so you can see to the rain under it. kind of clogging everything up. there will be lightning strikes there will be lightning strikes. waltham steady rain back to wayland. another batch headed up to norwood. boston right now all very light stuff. you drop down to 59 degrees. we were at 60 last hour and we are getting again that little bit of a breather for northeastern massachusetts. right now worcester at let's say 57 degrees. leominster at 59.
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just cloudy and the storms continuing for the next hour over southeastern massachusetts over southeastern massachusetts. i still have a very active line at 6:00 this morning. by 7 a.m., it is just going to be sitting over the outer cape and nantucket and that is the end of our strong storms this morning. this afternoon does look like very breezy. very blustery out there. and during university noon, we will see widely scattered showers. nothing as intensive. the next hour the big weather threat will be the damaging winds on top of that. the potential for some flooding where we get that very heavy rain and lightning a concern as well. i am going to continue to track this for you. and i will be back in a couple of minutes with the latest look at radar. to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. >> julie: before we get to drive times logan where there is several cancelled flights.
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flights leaving at 3:40 in the morning until 8 a.m. i will keep you posted and tweet out updates throughout the morning show. as for the traffic flow, things are light right now. very early; however, we are seeing downed power lines. we are seeing downed trees. that is what the problem is going to be on your commute this morning. otherwise, a little bit of slowing right now on the expressway southbound right around granite avenue. live look at the pike through brighton where those roads are very wet. over to your live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. from plit to the pike. 23 minutes on 93 south. sara and gene, back to you. all right, julie, this is the kind of damage that we are seeing all over our area this morning. a tree crashed down on to the front of this home. fox25 catherine parrotta is in dorchester with a family that is going to have a really stuff time getting out their front door this morning, catherine. >> yeah, the good news in all of that is that do see power still on in this home.
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in there for now. as you mentioned they will have a hard time getting outside of this home. draw your attention to the side of the home there because you are see that is where the tree broke off of the truck and now it is toppled over the top of this home. branches all over the place and quite a bit of root damage as well if you look along the roof line. every once in a while you are hear the metal squealing back and forth in the breeze. on the ground, you will see some cars parked in front there and they might have sustained some damage as well. so one side fierce storm that blew through overnight. the national weather service also has some reports of 69-mile-per-hour wind gusts for example that were recorded here in boston around 2:45. also elsewhere in south boston, a report of some wires down, but the wind was really gusting when we arrived here and was pouring a soaking sort of rain. you can see the situations really improved for now. no thunder or lightning anymore either. we weren't able to bring you a
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we had to be safe. fortunately the situation is improving and we will be on the scene all morning keeping you updated and letting you know what other source of damage happened in boston overnight. live in dorchester, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. take a look at the radar. the recent driving rain and lightning will greet anyone getting on the road this hour on the south shore. why thousands of people are now without power. fox25's michael henrich live in marshfield this morning. michael, around 3:00 this morning, eversource was reporting any customer in town was in the dark. >> reporter: and now just about 16% of them are without power. but right now, gene, it is hard to tell because still dark. with our drive cam, you can see in front of us the red flashing lights of first responders here and in between us and them, downed power lines right here on church street in marshfield. that's why there is still -- this is one example of why there is a bunch of people without power. eversource is saying a little
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without power in massachusetts. national grid has a little more than double that. 18,000 customers without power. those are the national grid numbers there. we have been driving around and we have seen the remnants of of what were several trees down. the cleanup effort has been swift. and weld stop by the police department in marsh field and they have been at it since 1:00. various first responders since 1 a.m. the only active situation of downed power lines was right here on church street. we want to show you what is still being fixed right here. we will monitor and give you answers on how long it will take for the rest of the customers here and the residents here in marsh field to get their power back this morning. and we will bring you that in an updated report in a half hour. send it back to you. >> sara: all right, michael. that raging wind and rain is create creating an absolute mess this morning. look at the damage in cambridge where a tree crashed on to a car. the windshield is shattered.
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the car's owner said he woke up to an officer knocking on his door telling him about the crash. he said it is unfortunate, but he knows things could have been worse. >> it sucks. but, you know, at least no one was in there. no one got hurt. work with what you got. >> this happened just after 1 a.m. at dodge streets. police have closed the roads to clean up the mess. and we will be here with you all morning. severe weather moves through. we are on the air until 10 a.m. download the fox25 weather app to keep up with us all day long. shiri will be back in just 5:7. a brockton family is shaken they want to know who fired three shots into their home 2345er nearly hid h hitting the boy. one shot hit the house and a third hit the neighbor's car. the father of the boys speak with fox25 last night and he
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came to striking his 7-year-old son. >> comes at this point, it could happen -- it could kill him. >> gene: so far police do not have any suspects. >> the holbrook mother who was reported miss has been found safe and sound. judith sales was arrested after someone called police. relatives called police when she never picked up her 10-year-old son from the day care. she was in good health but requested that she go to the hospital. a family plans to sue boston children's hospital because doctors put their teenaged daughter in state custody. the family of justina pelletier said they suffered emotional pain from the 18 months she was very moved from their care. in 2013, the hospital had dcf take custody of the teen. doctors diagnosed chris fina with a rare disease but doctors at children's said the
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that justina was being accused -- was being abused. to her family. the sentencing for a boston fire chief found guilty of cungs charges. edward conigli o paid his bills and pie personal items like a big-screen tv and pay his bill big-screen tv and pay his bills. the boston fire commissioner says he will move to fire him. >> the senate has approved a new commissioner of the fda. the appointment was protested by self-senators including new hampshire's kelly ayott. lawmakers also oppose the fda approving oxy con din for people as young as 11 years old people as young as 11 years old. just one week after fox25 investigates reported on the abuse of the handicap placards, the state's inspector general is weighing in. the a new report says the state
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abuse the placards and take sparking spots from people who cathedral them. increased fines for violations and making it a crime to use a deperson's mack card. it wants to revise the registry application process. donald trump takes to twitter to blast former presidential candidate and massachusetts governor mitt romney. romney told fox news that he believes there is a bombshell in trump's tax history. he demanded that the business mogul release all his financial tax and insinuated that trump was not as wealthy as he claims was not as wealthy as he claims. he tweeted that mitt romney that blew an election that he should won and tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. romney has not responded. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. expect to see downed power
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93 south from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge, shiri. >> shiri: what a difference an hour make. severe thunderstorms pulling off shore. we are left with shattered showers. slight risk to see lightning strikes in the next half our or so. so right now 59 in boston. 60 degrees at 6 a.m. 7 a.m., showers are moving out for good. 58 degrees. we will show you when they come back into play this afternoon along with the winds next. happening this morning, stud incidents are heading back to school in one local town after one of their friends died in a car crash. it the other student involved that makes it a double tragedy for one family and what police may think may have caused the crash. another round of legal trouble for a boston-area casino. up next, why all bets are on
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5:14 right now. meteorologist shiri spear here, and what a difference an hour makes. seeing improvements out here. if you were getting ready to leave the house in and around the boston area, i still have rain on radar. malden up to lynnfield in particular. we have got a batch of steady we have got a batch of steadier rain into dover as well. and then taking you down into southeastern massachusetts where really for the next hour and a half, we are going to see some of the steadiest rain. i am tracking not just that, but a resurgence of that wind once we get in the afternoon coming up. gene. well, this morning, the construction of the wynn casino
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could be months before that ball gets rolling again. daniel miller joins us now. daniel, the deslay impacting thousands of people who are hope hoping to work construction on the casino. >> daniel: wynn resorts is postponing it indefinitely and there will be a hiring freeze. a series of challenges against the $1.8 billion development. a groundbreaking ceremony was planned for april and this will delay things for months at the very least. wynn officials say they are not going anywhere because of this. >> i also want to make it clear that we are not going anywhere, that we will get this project started as soon as possible and we will get this amazing project done. >> daniel: wynn has cancelled their job fairs across the region and company officials have imposed a hiring freeze.
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construction project on hold. thousands more jobs that will depend on the opening of the casino will be pushed back as well. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news fox25 news. >> a local company is working on an app that can identify mental health problems before patients realize they have them. smartphone keep track of where you go, how often you text. a company is developing an app that mines through that data to determine when patients are isolating themselves or if they feel fatiqued. doctors say mental health patients usually keep a diary to track their systems, but the app goes one step further. >> a neat little feature that is quite fun and press a button and analyze your voice inflection and give you a feed inflection and give you a feedback on your mood. >> kijido teamed up with mgh to test the app and look for 1,000
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download it. good morning, everyone. volume is overall light because it is so early. what you will encounter on the roads this morning are downed trees, possibly trees, possibly downed power lines. 93 south route 1 moving along fine. if you see these icons a tree is down. in your neighborhood take it slow. allow for extra time on your commute because we will be dealing with cleanup after the overnight thunder and lightning. live look at the zakim bridge still still bouncing around a little bit. over to your live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. joining us now. and shiri, just because we are not hearing thunder and lightning don't be fooled. a big cleanup ahead a big cleanup ahead of us. >> shiri: i have a feeling you will be seeing issues all morning long. showers increasing and an showers increasing and an to
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fade fading to shades of green. showers getting lighter. good news, because we had serious wind overnight. the reason behind the severe thunderstorm warning is not because of the fact that there is lightning out there or because there are storms. the winds attach to them and the winds were up to 83 miles per hour. peak gusts reported by the national weather service in milton, blue hill 74 miles per hour. that is a hurricane-forced gust that is a hurricane-forced gust. boston 59 miles per hour. chestnut hill, 61 miles per hour. enough to take down tree limbs overnight resulting in power outages on the road. the kind of morning where you will really want to stick with us because julie, i am sure will are a lot more reports coming in throughout the morning hours. futurecast really highlighting the rain and the gust. pretty breezy out there. the 6 a.m. gusts could be 40 if not 50 miles per hour over southeastern massachusetts in particular between 6 and 7
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islands as the last of the rain moves overhead. 7 a.m. likely will be mostly cloudy in boston. still a little bit of lingering but you what find in the middle of the day, the clouds start to break apart. quiet for a period in the middle of the day and this afternoon we get more widely scattered showers popping up, but on top of that, southeastern massachusetts will see a return to some gusty conditions and gusts could get up to 50 miles per hour. so we have got winds at both ends of the day. thankfully we are seeing improvements on that front for right now. this morning -- i should say overnight, we had some of those gusts up to 70 miles per hour. but this afternoon, going be right here south shore, cape, islands. sustained winds 25 to 30 miles per hour. and gusts as high as 15 that can take down tree limbs. at 60 at 6 0 overnight. 58 degrees by 7 a.m. by 9 a.m. 64 degrees. temperatures hang out in the
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clouds. slight risk of an afternoon showers as we are back to 50 by 5 p.m. as you drive home from work. one of those backward day where is you start really, really mild and you get cooler as we go. this afternoon 54 in boston and beverly. 51 at plymouth. 48 in hyannis. 55 in bedford up to lawrence. 53 in nashua, new hampshire. lingering clouds so you have those breaks in it. i am anything the middle of the day is the best. if you want to get out there lunchtime is what i want to point you toward because the winds really start to come back into play. overnight breezy. chance to get overnight sprinkles out there. 2rurs trust are going to drop back to the 30s. they do not -- tomorrow's highs stuck in the upper 30s. so that is a really big turn of only 38 of only 39 tomorrow. still breeze still breezy with on and off clouds. start chitty and 38 on set and.
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a risk of some showers. back over to you guys. a local man falls off ladder and wakes up in the hospital. >> they told me, that, you know >> they told me, that, you know, i am lucky i am even alive. a. >> sara: coming up at 5:30, the surprise from a complete stranger help this family. the t stops can be a source
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students will be giving free planning health. the school of design is helping quincy with a class project. they are come wuping ideas around the four mbta. they want to improve options and adding housing and protecting open space. the students have already started asking local residents to fill out a survey. air bag maker takata may have known about problems with their products for years before they did anything about it. according to new documents. those showed problems dating back to 2005 and going all the way to 2013. 30 million vehicles have
5:25 am
startling new information comes out of a hearing that is examining the sinking of cargo ship el faro. testimony reveals that the coast guard did not believe that the ship was at risk of sinking when it first received a call for help. they say software problems arose while they were still preparing a response plan. the el faro sank during a hurricane in october. 33 people on board died including three crewmembers from massachusetts. all right, gene, check this out. most women wear yoga pants to run errands, right? all right. well, this morning we are getting buzz about hudson wore these 20-karat diamond earrings around town. she had them on the night before town for the golden globes. the next day she was spotted in los angeles wearing them again with jeans and a plaid shirt. and kate hudson is the hottest little ticket. she can wear anything. if she wants to wear fancy
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she gets a pass for me. >> julie: she gets more than a like on facebook. remember we were able to do a thumbs up. facebook is getting a lot more expressive. they ruled out all those other emotions and reactions and work the same as a like button. this is your page. why not. the story you posted yesterday. when you go to like, you have all of the different options. >> sara: this is awesome. >> i can be angry, sad, >> sara: very happy julie we have a wow. >> sara: this is huge because i am a giant fan of emoji and bit emoji. now that facebook is doing this now that facebook is doing this, i am all there. >> julie: shiri, we would give you a wow today for all of the weather. >> shiri: one of these faces like, oh, my gosh. thankfully things are winding down and we can take it lightly now. but check out some of these rain totals from the overnight
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens.
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thunderstorms no longer a threat. severe storms moved through. take a look. scattered showers moving through the area right now. we are getting a break, but it will be short-lived. a team of reporters covering damages, power outages and that commute. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center center and you say the most dangerous stuff is moving away shiri little bit of good news. and will shift toward marshfield. still reasons to be concerned of pockets of heavy rain, some lightning and the potential for stronger gusts but severe thunderstorm warnings have all ended at this point. right now in boston, 35-mile-per-hour gusts coming up from the south and south winds seriously warming us up. most of will you find 50s and 60s outside your door, marshfield, bridgewater, heavy rain that goes to hanson and scituate and slowly drift toward plymouth as well. southeastern massachusetts, this is where you have to be ready for not just the rain,
5:31 am
43 miles per hour. so there will still be stronger gusts. things have quieting down big time into central massachusetts and southern new hampshire. a little drizzle remaining but more than anything we are seeing the clouds out there. future cast by 6:00 this morning. the threat of storms really focused from plymouth down to the cape and islands and by 7:00 this morning, i suspect it will be pulling away from the souther cape. that leave boston with break in the clouds through the afternoon hour. not done with the wind yet. we will see an end to the damaging gusts this morning. the winds get stronger again this afternoon especially over southeastern massachusetts. we also have a couple of those showers. showers winding down for now. just getting ready for a couple of spot showers this afternoon. temps today 50 to 60 degrees. big cooldown by tomorrow. i will time it out for you next i will time it out for you next. but julie grauert up now with live drive-time traffic. even though my severe
5:32 am
i have a feeling that you will be watching problems all morning julie julie one of those problems is a road closure on one of our busy roads. route 9 is closed near speen street in natick because we have downed power lines. they are working to clean that up. i will let you know when it is reopened, but find an alternate route right now because it is closed in that area. we will be seeing downed treeen and downed power lines in a variety of different places throughout the morning. and volume is still light and those roads are soaked. live drive times 237 minutes on 495 to mass avenue. 11 minutes on the freeway from the braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. gusts of wind up near hurricane force helped knock this tree down in boston. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in dorchester where that family was woken up very early by this storm. catherine? >> reporter: yeah, the thunder and lightning was pretty severe in dorchester right up until an
5:33 am
but here is a look at that damage we are talking about. milton ave in dorchester. and you can see the tree there home. you might be able to see a man who is up there on the stairs. he is trying to knock on the door from a tree service. john michael's tree service and trying to see if they want assistance in getting that tree out of here but able to speak to him a couple of seconds before he went on the air and talking about what they were seeing. in dorchester, there are a couple of other locations where there are a few decent-sized branches that have fallen down because of the storm. right here right beside the house where that tree came from. you can see late to where the trunk has been severed and you can see some damage there along the roofline. undoubtedly the family will have a lot of cleanup to do. the good news is the power is still on for them. another live report coming up in half an hour. live here in dorchester. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. as the storm moves out to sea, thousands of people are finding that they are without power this morning. along the south shore, south shore got hit pretty hard.
5:34 am
marshfield. a lot of dan here, michael. also a rush to get the power back on right now. >> and the rush continues here, gene, on church street in particular. just as we showed you a half hour ago, the fire department was here, now eversource crews are on scene. they asked us to move back once to clear a little bit more space for them to work. tremendous tried to keep a disdis tans and need a little more. i want to show why you. take a look at this video that we just recorded within the past five minutes or so showing that live wire down on the ground on the street here on church street in the middle of this rain shower. now the rain did calm down a little bit but it intensified once again here in this -- in this area of marshfield here. as far as the power outages are concerned, you may remember just two and a half hours ago, eversource was saying that marshfield, 100% of the
5:35 am
have power. that number has decreased dramatically. in fact the web site still says about 16% of customers out, but i am also hearing now that the power has been prey much fully restored to this area 37 restored to this area restored to this area. that is something that we will continue to monitor closely here from marshfield as we give eversource crews a little more distance to get their work done. we will have an update in a half hour. for now reporting live in marshfield, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: as michael has been saying a big improvement in the power outage situation. large outages in lowell and duxbury has been fixed. problems in falmouth, boston, sudbury and burlington. nasal grid says outages in chelmsford. we will be monitoring this. we will be here all morning as the rain moves on through. we are on the air until 10:00.
5:36 am
download the fox25 weather app to keep you up to date throughout the day. shiri will be back in a couple of minutes with her latest update. a tragedy on the roads. the 17-year-old girl was killed in a car crash on her way to school with her younger brother in the passenger seat, and this morning, class plates head back to school without their friend. the school is prepared to help students who are grieve students who are grieving this morning. jess. >> reporter: they are, sara. grief counselors will be on hand at quabbin regional high school today. the victim's name is britney. she was a senior here providence regional high school. she was pretty well known by everyone from what students tell us, and she was set to graduate from here in just a few short months. it now she was just starting out her daily routine yesterday with her 15-year-old brother as they drove from their home in hubbardson to the high school here. the two of them were driving on ruth 62 when britney lost control of her car and hit a
5:37 am
she was 17 years old and police say she did die on scene. her brother, griffin, he is listed in serious condition at a worcester hospital. friends of britney's at their school say everyone here is just stunned by such a tragic loss. >> everybody in school is faulking about it. it is going to be really awkward the next week or so. >> reporter: school is set to start here at the 7:00 hour, and it is sure to be a very tough day for not just students and teachers as well. as for the investigation, police say the roads are pretty icy when it happened yesterday morning and they are looking whether or not speed was a factor here. live in barre this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. grief counselors will be at a boston school in morning where a student died days before her 16th birthday. a car hit and killed laura viera of east boston walking through an intersection in randolph on tuesday night. viera was a sophomore at a
5:38 am
her friends remember her as a bright girl with a big future. >> she was a nice girl. i can't believe this happened to her. i am surprised. >> gene: officers say that weather was also a factor in the crash. tomorrow, the sentencing hearing for a local teen convicted of killing his math teacher will begin. it in december, phillip chism was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of danvers teacher colleen ritzer. found guilty of rape and armed robbery. the charges carry a mandatory life sentence but not for chism because he was 14 at the time. a recent court ruling that it is unconstitution tool give teen killers life without parole. that means a judge may have to make chism eligible for pa control in as little as 15 years. >> so would appeal the idea of all the recent cases sake juveniles really should at one point at the very least have an opportunity to be paroled. a.
5:39 am
complete coverage of the sentencing hearing including the impact statements from family and friends of cool lien ritzer. we are learning more of the cam page police officer accused of hitting a woman on the bicycle with his car and then taking off. fox25 investigates. first broke the story on monday first broke the story on monday. and now the officer involved is ryan calanan. he was not in uniform and riding his own truck when it happened. he is a five-year veteran of the force and a iraqi veteran. his superiors said he is one of the best they have. >> it breaks your heart when something happens. >> the officer has been cited on paid administrative leave, and his superiors say they have not had contact with him after the incident. a man is facing charges in his hospital bed after he hit a man with his car. thomas mohan of weymouth was drunk and on drugs when it happened on tuesday eye cording to police.
5:40 am
his blood alcohol levels was four times the legal limit and you can see from this have a, it raps he was so drunk that he fell on his face while talking to police. we pulled his driving record and found two pages of violations including violations including many suspensions. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. the number of cancelled flights at logan is increasing. we have 15 flights that have been cancelled. i tweeted this out so you can double check. if you were heading out of town weather your flight is affected. a look at drive times. >> shiri: wet conditions. winds are at 43 miles per hour in plymouth. 31 miles per hour in hyannis. not necessarily damaging winds in place now, but look at -- each dot there, a wind damage report from the overnight. so we are tracking this very closely for you. an hour-by-hour look and when the rain comes to answered next the rain comes to answered next. and it really does happen.
5:41 am
but this one is a real doozy. the rare jewelry a woman got for buying aen $35 seafood dinner.
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meteorologist shiri spear here at 5:44. more heavy rain passing through rehoboth right now. to taunton and eventually brockton and cohasset. very showery over southeastern massachusetts. this batch of lighter showers across boston. hour by hour a look at the rainy and windy timeline next. a local father who was left paralyzed after a tree trimming accident is seeing a huge outpouring of support. fox25's daniel miller is here with his story, and daniel, complete strangers have stepped
5:45 am
>> daniel: yeah, sara, they only asked for a little help and 280 people donated money to help the carroll family. after hitting rock bottom, mike carroll and his family are on the way up. he was on a ladder trimming a tree when a large limb hit him causing him to fall. he did not remember anything after that. they was a coma for four weeks. his wife lisa said everything that could go wrong did. >> and then the tsunami and the blood clots and everything, just -- i mean, for four weeks it was every day, day to day we didn't know if he would make it didn't know if he would make it. >> daniel: the fall crushed three vertebrae and left him paralyzed from the neck down. strangers helped him. nearly $60,000 page have been raised on a go fund me page for the carrolls. one anonymous donor gave $15,000. that will go to help make the home accessible and mike will need a vehicle to fit his
5:46 am
to learn more about the carroll family, head over to our web sight at i am daniel miller, the fox25 news. and boston bruins needed a spark. came from a teenager. bs david pajernak. star of the night. he got the penalty shot. a little stutter and he buries it. that is the way to get it done. in the necked, him again that turns the pittsburgh turnover into a goal. bruins add some insurance after that in the third. brad marchand continues his hot streak. he has 31 goals on the year. how is that. bruins win big over the penguin bruins win big over the penguins. 5-1 at the garden. fox25 investigates, digs into the struggle that some parent face to collect child support. parents struggling to make ends meet because they are owed hundreds of or even thousands of dollars. >> i imagine you can used 30,000.
5:47 am
pay a college bill or two. >> one child in college and another ready to go into school, money is diet and she is not alone. tonight on fox25 news at 10, reporter eric ramussen show us how widespread this issue is and what state is doing to help family families. good thursday morning. it is now 5:48. i am starting with this road closure on route 9 in speen street in natick. avoid route 9. we have downed power lines there. the roads will be closed until it is safe for everyone to drive because of the overnight weather that shiri has been telling us about. and we are seeing downed power lines and downed trees in many other parts of town. any icons you anniversary neighborhoods is because the weather and what you -- expressway starting to see volume increase slightly and still very dark out there. the number of tail lights and brake lights increasing. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes from the ted williams tunnel. 5 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike.
5:48 am
joining now, and improvements are coming -- we aren't seeing the thunder and lightning now, but we will be cleaning up from it. >> we are and going to be cleaning up for a while. a lot of reports of trees down as well as power lines down. we have got severe thunderstorms over, but we do still have showers out there without the damaging winds or the lightning until about 7:00 this morning along the coastline. lingering flooding concerns because it takes some time for the water to drain away. in the typical spots. not going to get any reports of widespread planned toing. windy and stormy along this cold front. it will be pushing off the coastline this morning, and we will start to get into some of the drier air. these quieter weather conditions and not done with the winds yet. it comes into play this afternoon. a little closer look keeping an eye on southeastern massachusetts for a couple of pockets still of heavier, steadier rain and in boston just since midnight.
5:49 am
and .6 in norwood. keep that in mind it is still raining there and a quarter of an inch in boston last night. some of the rain totals are impressive. gardner 4 inches. ashburnham 1.96. springfield 1.8. and hopkinton an inch and a half. and lingering effects as far as flooding in those prone locations. temperature-wise 7 a.m., upper 50s if not 60 degrees on the map. this is really going to be the end of our showers in and around the boston area hanging continue to clouds. one two patches of drizzle. one two patches of drizzle steady line will be confined to the outer april. 51 in worcester. 54 boston up to beverly. 51 in plymouth. 53 in nashua with breaks in the clouds. thicken back up. we got wind turning active again over southeastern massachusetts. and we got just a couple of pots of showers out there. not a widespread rain and we
5:50 am
on the lighter side. nothing severe or intense like we had this morning. wind advisory though. the morning gusts of 70 miles per hour or stronger. those are behind us now. we will turn our attention to the afternoon with gusts up to 50 miles per hour from the south shore down to the cape and islands. so this afternoon temperature so this afternoon temperature-wise, we have 50s in and around the boston area. 55 in lawrence to 56 in framingham. 56 in norwood. 50 into boot. that means that you are holding steady and not going down by a couple of degrees. very warm and cooler and dip back into the 30s in most spots back into the 30s in most spots. for tomorrow, we see a warm-up with temperatures for your friday topping out just in the upper 30s. that is where we expected to be in february. not the 60 that we have already have this morning. morning thunderstorms coming to an end. it is going be too very breezy day although winds calm down for the middle of the day. they do tend to strengthen against during the afternoon.
5:51 am
blustery tomorrow at 39 degrees. on and off clouds. partly sunny. start the weekend cool and dry with a high. 50s for your sunday with a high of 54 degrees. we maintain those 50s. we do get late showers developing and cool us down by tuesday and 50s by wednesday. again a chance for some showers again a chance for some showers. we are track the showers all morning long. keep it right here on fox25 and keep that fox25 weather app extremely handy this morning. back over to you. >> sara: all right, shiri. a local woman takes matters into her own hand to find a kidney donor. coming up next, the creative way she found herself a match. stay with us for our news at 6:00 this morning. severe weather first thing this morning moving out. but. new video from rosalyn dwrail a
5:52 am
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5:54 am
another new england woman has taken matters into her own hand. she found a kidney donor in linda demming of maine.
5:55 am
and was told in 2014 that she needed a new kidney and could be two to six years on a donor list. she put up road signs saying i need a kidney before it is too late asking for live match. >> that's what we did went out for live donor. i am still amazed of the number of people that don't have a clue who i am but willing to give me a piece of their body to save me. >> sara: an amazing story. a maine waitress will be donate a maine waitress will be donating a kidney next month. a local police department touched tonight or this morning for the kindness of a little girl. 6-year-old brought portsmouth, new hampshire officers this gift. made the mailbox at home depot and asked to fill with treats. the officers are thankful of the great gift. a jewelry store forced from a neighborhood for 50 years is able to stay put. murphy's jewelry was facing
5:56 am
eviction because of they launched a go fund me page and spent a lot money to stay put. our own idol hopeful once again blew the judges away, and her place in the top ten is not set just yet. do you have i know you can feel it too . >> sara: local "american idol" contestant sonica earned high frays j-lo and the rest of the judges for her performance. but she still needs america's approval. we will find out if she will make the top ten. we have been following her since since to make the top ten. hope you voted because she is really amazing opinion and i really believe she will make it to the top ten and even go further. >> i am not familiar with the other contestants but i couldn't imagine anybody being better than that. >> she is beautiful, kind. >> gene: the judges seem to like her. >> sara: you will done, son
5:57 am
new information into the fbi investigation into a local senator. new at 6:00, new investigation questioning the senator's involvement. coming up, the cleanup as people come up to damage like this. and that is in fact what most of the damage reports are. the results of winds this morning. and we still have a flood warning in effect for southern new hampshire and small streams and rivers.
5:58 am
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now at 6:00, the worst is over. the damage from severe storms making the commute dangerous. which cities and towns clocked hurricane-force winds and when powerful gust also return. power outages will be a major problem. the worst area the south shore. downed lines like these left the entire town in the dark. we are live as progress is being made. the rain and wind is bringing some stormtage to some parts of boston. here is one example. the report coming up. this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> and good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this thursday morning, february 25. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. booms of thunder and lightning made it difficult to sleep. look at this shot from our beacon hill loop camera showing the lightning around the city around 3:30 this morning. >> gene: pretty amazing and be


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