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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now at 6:00, the worst is over. the damage from severe storms making the commute dangerous. which cities and towns clocked hurricane-force winds and when powerful gust also return. power outages will be a major problem. the worst area the south shore. downed lines like these left the entire town in the dark. we are live as progress is being made. the rain and wind is bringing some stormtage to some parts of boston. here is one example. the report coming up. this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> and good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this thursday morning, february 25. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. booms of thunder and lightning made it difficult to sleep. look at this shot from our beacon hill loop camera showing the lightning around the city around 3:30 this morning. >> gene: pretty amazing and be
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heavy downpours left big puddles like all over the region and if you look out the window your yard may be litter window your yard may be littered with branches, tree limbs. things of that nature. we have team coverage of the cleanup and commute and storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear. winds. >> shiri: milton, blue hill. winds gusting 70, 80 miles per hour. that is the reason behind that wind damage. we have some power of winds with overnight thunderstorms. the only flash is right around quincy. showers have lightened up considerably, but we still have rain in and around the boston area. winds will be gusting 24 hours. that is not strong enough to do any damage. we have a swath of heavier rain extending from hingham to holbrook down to brockton and over to marshfield right now. southeastern massachusetts for the next hour really going to be my wet spot on radar. braintree have scituate, hampton, middleborough. be careful for the heavier
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massachusetts into northern new hampshire. at least showers have been over for a couple of hours, and it means you are drying out, able to clean up a little bit here. winds are gusting 23 miles per hour in boston, but -- excuse me in worcester, but along with these morning showers, we are expecting the strongest gusts to really come out of southeastern massachusetts. by 7:00 this morning, last of the rain over the cape. we then dry out. nice breaks in the clouds around lunchtime today. the winds relax a little bit here but they actually come back into play this afternoon. that means at 5 p.m. here, we have got one or two spot work. in particular, again, southeastern massachusetts seeing some strong wind gusts. to 60. you are dressing for almost april-like weather here. showers are winding down and you will want that umbrella for afternoon spot showers and also brace yourself for some more afternoon wind. time it out for you coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, i have a feeling a morning all this be pretty
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>> julie: yes, i am, shiri because of that overnight weather. a road closure route 9 at speen street in natick. highly traveled part of the morning commute and closed because we have downed power lines. seek at in the route right now until it reopens. shifting north of the pike. things starting to slow down through the cloverleaf and through woburn and medford. volume is moderate at 6:03. live drive times. 13 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 26 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 and from route 1 in peabody. gene and sara, back to you. all right, julie, bolts of lightning brightening the night sky as the crew made its way to the south shore this morning. as the storm moves away, thousands of people are waking up without power. fox25's michael henrich continues our team coverage in marsh field where the whole town was in the dark in the early hours of the morning, michael. you have been without crews,
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lights back on. >> reporter: still a decent percentage of this town that doesn't have power. right outside the marshfield police department spoke to someone to get an idea how things are going with the cleanup efforts. things are moving along as quickly as possible. they had tree cutters out there. tree crews out there throughout the early morning hours since 1 a.m. to try clear roads as quickly as possible. i want to show you one scene that is still not clear and for safety reasons we were asked to leave. video of church street when a live power line was in the side of the roadway there and you can see the sparks lighting up as the fire department stood guard to keep people away and eversource crews did eventually show up to deal with it. one example what is going on in marshfield. i know gene will handle the specific numbers in just a little bit. we are monitoring the situation
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spots are for the police department and have a report for you in 30 minutes. live in marshfield. michael henrich, fox25. >> we have been w567ing power outages all long. and in the eastern part of massachusetts. national grid has large outages and 2,000 eversource customers remain without power in marsh feel. we will update you as things improve. destructive winds taking down limbs across the region. a live look from dorchester where a huge tree toppled on to a house. catherine parrotta continues our team coverage on milton avenue and residents are waking up to a huge mess. >> we were just able to speak with the husband of homeowner and the mess he woke up to. you can see that tree draped over the front of the building at 69 milton ave. if you look to the side
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point where it you snacked off. he will there to see if there was any. and elsewhere in dorchester, they have also seen pretty good they have also seen pretty good-sized tree limbs and branches strewn across the tops of garages and homes as well. in this home, there are three apartments in there. nobody was injured because of all of this. they got quite a shock when this happened. what the resident had to say. >> old junk. see it go and his wife owns the building and they are making plans to have this taken away. we have spoken with a worker from the tree service. for now, live in dorchester, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this tree limb that crashed on to a car in cambridge. it shatter 9 roof completely
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the owner woke up to an administer knocking on his door telling him with the crash. it is unfortunately but knows things could have been worse. >> it sucks, but at least no one was in there and no one got hurt. you work with what you got. >> this happened after 1:00 at calendar and dodge streets. police have closed the roads to clean up the mess. if you were heading out, download the fox25 weather app. you can tame with us all day and keep up to date and get the latest on storms as they move on through. shiri will be back in a few minutes so you can plan your day ahead. now 6:7. a brockton family is shaken. they want to know who filed shots nearly hitting a little boy. hit the window of the bedroom where the family's three sons were sleeping. another shot hit the house, and a third hit a neighbor's car. father of the boy spoke with fox25 last night, and he told us how close the bullet came to striking his-year-old son.
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it could be happen, it could have killed him. >> gene: so far police do not have any suspects. we are learning more of the cambridge police officer accused of hitting a woman on the bike with his car and then taking off. fox25 investigates first broke this story on monday. we have learned that the officer involved is rye man in calanan. wittnesses say calanan was not in uniform and driving his own truck when this happened. 's five-year veteran of the force and an iraqi war veteran. his superiors said he was one of the best they had. >> it's tragic. it really is. it breaks your heart when something like this happens. >> sara: officer kalanan has been cited. and they vice president had contact since the incident. the sentencing for boston fire chief found guilty of you
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prosecutor says edward cigliano stole money to pay his bills and buy personal items like a big-screen tv and a gas grill. he has been convicted tuesday and on paid leave since indict and on paid leave since indicted in 2012. the boston fire commissioner says he will move to fire him. the holbrook mother miss something found safe and sound. she was found at a connecticut mall after one recognized her car and called police. relatives called police after she never picked up her 10-year-old son from day care. she was in good health but requested to go to the hospital requested to go to the hospital. happening today, a family plans to sue boston's children hospital because doctors put their teenaged daughter in state custody. the family of justina pelletier say they suffered emotional pain for the 18 months she was removed from their care in 2013 removed from their care in 2013, the hospital had dcf take custody of the teen.
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tufts medical diagnosed.justina with a rare disease. the condition was psychological and that justina was being abused. the teen was eventually returned to her family. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. heading out the door on 93 southbound. looking at a 28-minute commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: still raining from boston southward. thankfully they are not severe thunderstorms, but the flash of lightning not out of the question in the next hour. so muggy and so warm out there with upper 50s now 57 at 7 a.m. and start to break apart. when the wind and the rain comes back this afternoon next. an e-mail alert has been sent to students this morning. coming up at 6:30, the local college campus where police are searching for a serial flasher. plus his law office was raided by the fbi just days ago. new at 6:00, the new twist into
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the embattled state senator. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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6:13. meteorologist shiri spear here and the rain continues from boston southward. you can see how light it is in the city, and we had a couple the city, and we had a couple blasts of heavier rain through cohasset through brockton all the way to the attleboro and taunton area. marshfield getting decent rain right now. this is the end of the morning batch of rain, but in a couple of minutes tracking some afternoon showers and stronger
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well, this morning a construction project at a local college will be linked to the federal investigation of a massachusetts state senator. fox25's daniel miller joins us now a look at why the project could lead to criminal charges. >> daniel: gene, last week fox25 was the first to show federal agents raiding the office of representative brian joyce. they removed boxes from the office in canton. it was part of a joint investigation with the irs. the globe reports that federal prosecutors have convened to investigate the state senator's involvement involvement in the solar project at stone hill college in easton. the law firm represented the college and the company that installed 9,000 solar panels. at the same time, the milton democrat supported a law which helped clean energy projects connected to the state's power grid. in the last year, joyce has also been the focus of two ethics investigation on beacon hill. on tuesday, he announced he would not seek reelection when
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yesterday, governor charlie baker who called for joyce investigated by the ethics committee stopped short of saying joyce should resign. >> i think senator joyce should make his own call on this stuff and the fact that he is deciding not to run for the election. >> the globe reports the grand jury is also looking into another incident involving joyce. last year, he admitted using thousands of dollars in campaign funds to pay for his son's graduation party and a local dry cleaner said the state senator received thousands of dollars of free services in return for legal work. now the state senator denies any wrongdoing. yesterday he did not respond to fox25 or the globe. we will continue to follow the story for you in the newsroom, the remaining five candidates for president will comfort final debate for a number of states open the polls
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donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich will be in houston for the 10th debate this season. super tuesday is next week, march 1st. more than a dozen states and territory also hold primaries and caucuses including massachusetts. and donald trump takes to twitter to blast former presidential candidate and mass governor mitt romney. romney told fox news that he believes there is a bombshell in trump's tax history. he demanded that the business mogul release all of thinks financial information and even insinuated that trump may not be as wealthy as he claimed. trump treated, quote, mitt romney who totally blew an election that should have been won and tax returns made him look like a fuel is now playing tough guy. romney has not responded. hillary clinton has scored a powerful endorsement. senate minority leader harry reid said he will back the former secretary of state. and reed is calling on his colleagues to back clinton over fellow senator bernie sanders.
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just five days away, and fox25 has you covered. they are on march 1, which is super tuesday across the nation super tuesday across the nation. we will have full coverage of the results on air, on our app, and online at president obama may surprise everyone when he announces his nominee for the supreme court. a source tells cnn that the president is looking at a republican to replace the late justice ton antonin scalia. brian sandoval is being vetted for the nomination. he is a former federal judge. a spokesperson for sandoval says they have not spoken to the white house about the nomination. 6:18. want to alert to you a road closure. route 9 is closed a 9 route 9 is closed a at speen street in both directions on natick because of power lines that came down overnight. find an alternate route. route 30 and the pike is a pwerlt option. swifting over to the freeway.
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furnacebrook parkway to morrissey boulevard. downed power lines and downed trees because the overnight thunder and lightning tampa take it easy in the back roads because you will see some the roads. a live look at the expressway where that volume remains stead steady. 26 minutes on the pike avenue. 28 minutes on the expressway pike. 32 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, the thunderstorms have moved out, but you are tracking -- tracking some wind that is coming in this afternoon. >>. >> shiri: absolutely correct and a couple of showers out there as well. looking forward -- i tweet the weather threats because this morning the threat for wlng, heavy rain. any almost every category and a low threat of seeing a couple of additional lightning strikes this morning. showers will be with us for the next two hours this morning, but, again this afternoon, we are going to get some showers. not seeing any flooding concerns.
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or very much heavy rain attached to those. damaging winds. i will back off a bit. this afternoon we still have a wind advisory in effect and still going to be pretty breezy out there and the winds are not going to be what they were overnight with the severe thunderstorms. even right now, look how warm it is. boston, rain and 57 degrees. 6 0 in mrinl mouth. 55, eye -- in plymouth. 55 hyannis. 56 in worcester. north and west of boston we are seeing things start to dry out. a couple of showers hugging the coastline and southeastern massachusetts. milton and blue hill. we had hurricane-force gusts for you guys. overnight boston clocking a gust at 69. 61 in chestnut hill and when we see gusts that strong we expect wind damage that is exactly what we got with so many reports of trees down, wires down and fox25 morning news is on that for you and we are covering that until 10:00 this morning for you and always at so futurecast with the wind gusts and the rain.
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of sprinkles at the coastline. steadiest rain is over the cape, and we still have gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. middle of the day is going to be the best part of the day. clouds break apart a little bit here. this is noontime today. we still have some breezy conditions. 20, 30-mile-per-hour winds are not now do any damage. but then this afternoon, as some spot showers start some spot showers start pop up as the kids are headed home from school. dinnersometime as well. a handful of showers on radar that kevin lemanowicz will be tracking for you and the winds start to pop back into the picture over southeastern massachusetts. gusts over 50 miles per hour. could do additional damage that's why we have the wind advisory in effect until 7:00 tonight for those gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the morning gusts to 70 miles per hour. those are behind us at this point. and you consider hour-by-hour forecast in boston has us really mild this morning. 8 a.m., 56 degrees. we sag into the middle 50s where we find the rest of the afternoon with on and off clouds. we go down 54 in beverly.
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54 in fitchburg. 51 in plymouth as well. overnight tonight, 20s and 30s are back. we will see the chance for any sprinkles or even a you are in far north and west of boston really taper off during the overnight hours and tomorrow stays partly cloudy. so much cooler though. upper 30s. all we are going to squeak out for your friday highs. stays pretty chilly on saturday with a high of 38 degrees. warm-up under way on sunday with 54. and 50 still on monday with late rain and makes way for cooler conditions tuesday into wednesday. back to you. >> gene: now 6:21. still ahead a outcome for a father hurt trimming trees. >> they told me i am lucky even to be alive. >> the youth pouring of support from his company -- his community rather and the help from a stranger that shocked the entire family.
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reaction to his the owner of the boston red sox is weighing in on the condition of the star baseman. pablo sandoval reported to camp
6:25 am
the man known as kung fu panda is coming off the worst season as a big leaguer and john henry is not worried about sandoval or his weight. >> he came in with a body fat ratio of 17%. substantially down from last year. that is what we were looking for. i don't think um ever see thin pablo. >> sara: fox25's tom leyden and sports reporter butch stearns are in ft. myers. you can see their live reports from jet blue park all week from fox25. follow along on twitter, gram and facebook for bonus coverage on social media. >> gene: 17%, really? really? by what measure -- >> julie: yeah. >> gene: anyway, supermodel and husband are getting a heat for choosing the sex of their baby. christie tiegen and her husband john legend.
6:26 am
chose an embryo that was a female. she wanted her husband to have daddy's girl. almost immediately after it became public, people were attacking her. gender selection a very controversial decision. she tweeted she is not bad about people's deleafs. to each their own i suppose. i prefer -- i never wanted to know the sex of the child until it was born. i love the last-second surprise. >> julie: the big reveal. >> gene: the big reveal. really old school. >> julie: love that by you, gene. >> gene: loving nice. >> julie: eating something hard in your pasta is not good. but for one woman $600 find. she bit into a pearl in her veryfood linguini. the pearl is rare worth $600. she only paid 35 for her meal. she plans to make that into that a necklace. >> gene: would you know is a pearl and it was worth something. i may have thought that is kind of odd and toss it aside. good for her. we all know grumpy cat julie oh, yeah.
6:27 am
mustache cat. [ laughter ] that is awesome. that is is just fantastic. oh, i love this cat. -- found in the salvation army donation bin in california but in morning she and her stash is rocking the headlines. you can see why. i love the stash. >> that stashed cat will go viral and needs to be adopted. gene, you could be the owner. >> gene: name it roly fingers, the huge reliever for the oakland as. a few lightning strikes possible. quiets down for lunchtime png evening commute involves winds and more scattered showers. and i will time that out for you next. a 17-year-old high school senior is killed in a tragic car accident on the way to school.
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this is a fox25 storm this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> shiri: now at 6:30, the weather is the big headline this morning. at one point during our 4 a.m. hour, we were clocking hurricane-force wind gusts atop the blue hill reservation in milton. more than 80 miles per hour gene-o argentina we are liven in dorchester. wind did damage like this. a huge tree fell on to a house. debris is everywhere and if you
6:31 am
became awake, the weather woke you up a little bit. you know -- it was flat out wild out there. thunder and lightning -- and the alarm clock didn't need it. >> sara: the drive into work wasn't easy but getting better. dpeenz gene-o it was crazy. >> shiri: totally backwards day start warm in 60s and temperatures drop a little bit. not by that much. temperature 57 degrees in boston. sustained winds 20. gust 25. not going to do any damage, but that is a breeze that you are going to notice. we go from that damp look in boston to the damp radar here. showers are still much lighter as we go from cape anne to boston down across let's say 95 and 128 we have showers into southeastern massachusetts. 57 in boston. 59 in randolph, how about 60 in hanover as well as west bridgewater and pen broke right now and we still have showers coming on through, and there are still pockets of heavy rain. this batch from marion is going to ride up toward plymouth and
6:32 am
nantucket at 56 degrees. dry weather in central massachusetts. 56, worcester. but 60 in lowell. 57 in amherst, new hampshire. and your day planner goes like this. 55 degrees at noontime. it will be dry and breaks in the clouds. this afternoon.slight risk for a shower out there and winds ramp back up specifically over southeastern massachusetts. we will take an hour-by-hour look at those winds coming up in a couple of minutes. i want to send you over to julie grauert right now live drive time traffic. julie, you are watching it right now. julie these are live pictures from skyfox. we are having trouble dial in the signal to take to you the map. route 9 is closed 59 speen street because of the downed power lines. detours are in place and route 9 in that area. you will see downed power lines and downed trees all over because of that overnight wind and rain. 93 south sluggish as approach the cloverleaf through medford.
6:33 am
drive times. 20 minutes from route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 30 minutes 495 to the leverett connector. and 28 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the tolls. thousands of people are still in the dark that morning. fox25's michael henrich live in with the police department in marshfield where police and fire where just like everybody else overnight, they were in the dark, michael. >> they were in the dark indeed -- you know i am going to lose this battle with this umbrella. this wind is so strong. i am going to put this down. the fire department said that it actually lost power. in fact eversource around 3 a.m. still had 100% of their customers in marsh field did not have power. first reon. >>the ers have back-up generators, and the rest of the town didn't. show you what happened on church treat. got this video late in the 4:00
6:34 am
showing a downed power line live in the middle -- on the side rather of church street. still sparking there. you can see it. it is pretty incredible video. eversource crews, of course, responded of the fire department blocking traffic to make sure everything was okay. as far as the cleanup is concerned, didn't see much of the downed trees. we saw the remnants of them. as police showed us 45 minutes ago as i walked in the station, the tree department came out around 1:00 and cut down the trees falling and we will continue to monomer continue to monitor that. live in marshfield. michael henrich, fox25 news. update the power outages. 18,000 homes and businesses in the homes at this hour in eastern massachusetts. national grid has a brand-new outage in billerica impacting 2,000 customers and a large out 2,000 customers and a large outage in chelmsford. eversource is dealing with that problem in marshfield where michael henrich is reporting from. and there are lots of messy yards out there this morning.
6:35 am
than others. fox25's catherine parrotta is live outside of a home in dorchester where crews are now on the scene to start working on a big tree there, catherine. >> reporter: good morning. you can see that tree behind me and it is draped over the front of that house. part of the roof is pulled apart along the edge. you might be able to look to the side of that home and you can see the trunk right where the tree was snapped off and there it is, draped in front of that home. we are able to speak with the husband of the homeowner here. he was telling me three apartments inside this building building, and he said he is lucky that tree didn't come crashing into that window. he and his wife were sleeping on second floor and thankful he as it as it crashing down. the tree service was here. they have since left the scene and very busy today and we spoke with one of the workers from the tree service to see dorchester. this is what he said. take a listen. >> we have seen a lot of fallen limbs, broken branches.
6:36 am
just due to the high winds from last night. pretty much -- not as extensive as a lot of people will think. kind of got lucky, but really won't know until daylight. >> reporter: and he said a lot of people are likely waking up this morning and just seeing this damage for the first time and maybe realizing they will need to take some action. of course it will be tricky. once travel gets unwade in morning and schools in session buses going down the narrow streets and trying to navigate some of the debris as well. we will hear more from the residents of this home in the next half hour. live in dorchester, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. >> gene: if you were heading out, download the fox25 weather app to keep up to date with us and the weather all day long. keep track of the storms as it moves through at area. shiri will be back in a few minutes and much more that you need to know as you plan your day ahead. happening today, grief counselors will be on hand at the high school in the tight the high school in the tight-knit community of barre
6:37 am
killed in a car crash. the popular teen was with her brother, and this morning he is also hurt. students are returning for the first time without their friends. jess. >> reporter: sara, this is the kind of school where everybody knows each other, a relatively regional school. not just for friends of the 17-year-old student but for her teachers as well. in less than an hour, all of them will be heading back into this building without her for the very first time. >> a tragic car accidents take the life of a high school senior months away from graduating. >> it will be really hard for the next week or so. she was driving with her 15-year-old brother driving from their bub barbaroston home to the high school. britney lost control of a car
6:38 am
britney died on scene and this morning her brother griffin is listed in serious condition at a worcester hospital. >> i knew her because of griffin. >> reporter: tyler rogers is a close friend of griffin and says everyone here is praying for -- praying for him and miss family. >> everybody will be pretty upset about it. >> reporter: and police say not too far down the very same road on the very same morning, another teenager got into a car accident but is expected to be okay. police say the road was icy and they are looking into both crashes to see whether or not speed was a factor. morning. jessica reyes, fox25 news. students at brandeis university are being warned about a man that exposed himself to on the campus. at the school they say the sixth incident since november. there have been several others offcampus as well. >> it's a little worrisome that we haven't found this person
6:39 am
mali -- they have to walk down the street every night. >> gene: the flasher is 5'8"and last seen wearing dark pants and a white hoodie. tomorrow, the sentencing hearing for a local teen convicted of killing his math teacher will begin. in december phillip chism was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of danvers teacher colleen ritzer. he was found guilty of rape and armed robbery. the charges carry a mandatory life sentence but not for chism because he was 14 at the time. a recent supreme court ruling say it is unconstitutional to give teen killers life without parole. so that means the judge may have to make chism eligible for parole in 15 years. >> somebody would appeal the idea that it would run against the whole thrust of recent case the whole thrust of recent cases that juveniles at some point at the very least have an opportunity to be paroled. >> sara: fox25 will have complete coverage of the sentencing cheering sentencing hearing including
6:40 am
and family f another round of legal trouble putting the construction of a construction of a casino on hold. a series of challenges against the $1.7 wynn casino development citing health and environmental impacts. they have carbon monoxideed the planned april groundbreaking and other events related to construction. >> today we are announcing that we are cancelling seven upcoming job fairs we were going to do in the first half of march. >> wynn is cancelling the job fair because company officials have imposed a hiring freeze putting job construction on hold. boston ended its legal fight with the casino last month. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. as we get ready to head out the door on 93 southbound. right now you are looking at a commute of 41 minutes. be careful for downed power lines and downed tree limbs. shiri. >> shiri: great advice, julie.
6:41 am
thankfully no severe thunderstorms. the ones damage having weakened the ones damage having weakened. gusts 30 miles per hour in new bedford. 26 in plymouth. 26 in hyannis. it will be very blustery. each of those dots a wind damage report. when the winds get strong again when we have a wind advisory next. an explosive situation at a convenience store. what caused a fire in this man what caused a fire in this man's pants. and where he ran for help that could have made things much worse.
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6:44 am
let's hope and rain continues here at 6:44. meteorologist shiri spear here with you now, and we do have a couple of showers. light stuff in and around the boston area where we have the
6:45 am
down to areas like west bridgewater. we have intense rain. it is actually pulling away from plymouth and the steady lighter rain ungoing across the elbow of the cape. when we will get afternoon showers and more strong winds coming up. sara, over to you. >> sara: all right, shiri. a local father left paralyzed after a tree-trimming accident is seeing a huge outpouring of support. he says a go fund me account now is over $60,000. strangers have stepped up to help them and their family. >> daniel: incredible >> daniel: incredible. they only asked for a little help but received so much more, over 280 people have donated in town help the carroll family. after hitting rock bottom. mike carroll and his family are slowly on their way up. he was on a ladder trimming a tree when a large limb hit him causing him to fall. he said he did not remember anything after that.
6:46 am
his wife lisa said everything that could go wrong did. >> the pneumonia and the blood clots and everything just -- for four weeks, it was every day, day to day, we didn't know if he was going to make it. >> the fall crushed three vertebrae and left mike paralyzed from the waist down. it could have been much worse were it not for the generosity of so many people including stranger who helped them and nearly $6,000 as you mentioned have been raised in a go fund me page set up for the carols. one anon news donor gave $15,000. that money will go forward taking the family's home accessible and mibling will need a vehicle to fit his wheelchair. to learn more how to help the carroll family, head over to my web site at in the newsroom, daniel miller, station news. our own idol hopeful once again blew away the judges but her place in the top ten not
6:47 am
i know you can feel it too . >> gene: local "american idol" contestant sonica gained high praises by j-lo and the rest of the judges but she still needs america's approval. we will find out if she will make the top ten. we have been following sonica since the beginning. incredibly talented kid and we are pulling for her. >> julie: yes, we are. >> sara: we are too, julie. >> gene: we are all -a. >> sara: all of us together. >> julie: sonica, sonica -- i am the only one starting the chant. thanks for leaving me hanging. 502 train is operating 5 to 20 minutes late because a tree on the tracks. the tree has been cleared out. we are also seeing cancellations on the commuter rate because of the overnight weather. double check with your line and see how it is impacted. a road closure on route 9 at speen street. both credentials are closed because of downed power lines in natick.
6:48 am
new accident on 128 southbound right before the pike in the weston area. we are starting to see the delays back up on to 128 and into waltham. the live drive times. from 128 to the tobin. 44 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. and just changed from yellow to red in front of our eyes. 33 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, dry weather -- dry weather just a couple of hours away. >> in boston i am seeing showers and drizzle come to an end 8:00 this morning. might take until 11:00 to really get the drizzle out of the picture over the cape and severe thunderstorms. those are far behind us. cleanup, of course, under way because we did have so much wind damage, an we will see strong wind gusts develop this afternoon, not as strong as the storms coming through, but a cold front will be clearing the coast and with it, say goodbye to the heavier batches of rain.
6:49 am
morning. i am sure many of you woke up hour before the alarm actually went off, but for the time being, all i got the lighter rain from cape anne to boston down across 95 and out toward southeastern massachusetts with a couple of towns and cities seeing a steadier rain. boston since midnight over three quarters of an inch of rain that is on top of the three quarters of an inch of rain that we had before midnight yesterday. gardner taking the cake here getting almost four inches of rain here in the next 24 hours. ashburnham two inches. 1.85. hopkinton over an inch and a half. a soaker of the overnight with the storms coming through. one of the many problems attach one of the many problems attached to it. visibility. we had some huge puddle puddles out there and the winds which were the biggest issue. by this morning, though, i am mentions 7, 8:00 with the end time with the drizzle in boston but probably not until punch in but probably not until but probably not until lunchtime over the cape. with the thicker clouds we still have the chance for one
6:50 am
morning and noontime looking good in boston at 55, beverly, 55. plymouth we drop you down to 52 plymouth we drop you down to 52. 51 in worcester. 53 in nashua with some breaks in the clouds. the clouds do thicken back up and produce one or two spot showers during the afternoon and the evening hours. this not going to be a soaking rain. this is not going to be a wide this is not going to be a widespread rain. but a couple of patchy showers here that will be a nuisance during when kids are coming home from school and also when folks are headed home from work. southeastern massachusetts in the meantime, 5 p.m., we are going to have to watch out for stronger gusts. this afternoon, we will see a steady, sustained southwest wind up to 35 miles per hour. gusts up to 50. and although it is not going to do quite the damage as the overnight winds, it still potentially could do additional damage out there. 55 this afternoon in boston and lawrence. 56 in norwood. 50 in worcester. check out the seven-day forecast where with the weekend always in view and the morning at 60 today.
6:51 am
tomorrow's high only 39 degrees. breezy and partly cloudy and the weekend starts chilly with a high of 38 on saturday. monday, still in the 50s, but we are we are bringing back rain by then. back over to you, sara. >> sarah: all right, shiri. fox25 investigates into the strugle that some parents face to pay child support. parents struggling to make ends meet because they hoe hundreds or thousands of dollars. >> reporter: i imagine you can $30,000. >> absolutely. it will pay a college bill or two. >> reporter: with one daughter in college and another one getting ready to go into school, money is tight and she is not alone. on fox25 news at 10:00, eric ras massen learns how wide ras massen learns how widespread the issue is and what the state is doing to help families. apparently isabel apparently isis doesn't like social media. why a new video from terrorists are targeting ceos like mark zuckerberg 237
6:52 am
6:53 am
the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard...
6:54 am
the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. a new isis video has surfaced and this time they are threatening social media moguls.
6:55 am
was pull of threats directed at the ceos of twitter and facebook, and in this video, the extremist shoot bullets or photos of mark zuckerburg or jack dorsey. they say in response to growing efforts by facebook and twitter to suspend isis accounts and delete their posts. 10,000 facebook accounts and 5,000 twitter accounts have been suspended. there are new reports this morning that apple has begun working on new technology to make people's phones impenetrable. the new york sometimes reports that the new security will make it impossible for the government to break into a locked phone. but it would also block apple from unlocking phones as well. this comes after the fbi demanded that apple unlock the phone of the san bernandino shooter. and yesterday, the justice department demanded that apple unlock at least nine iphones. air bag maker takada may have known about problems with their product for years before actually doing anything about
6:56 am
takada documents that the senate commerce committee obtained. they cited problems back in 2 they cited problems back in 2005 and continued all wait to 2013 after recalls were -- all the way to 2013 after recalls were already under way. 30 million vehicles have been effected. startling testimony in the cargo ship el faro. the coast guard did not believe the ship was at risk of sinking the ship was at risk of sinking. software problems arose while they were still preparing a response plan. the el faro sank during a hurricane in october. 33 people on board died including three crewmembers from massachusetts. 6:56 this morning. overnight storms leave a trail state. next at 7:00, we will go live to some of the hardest hit areas like this one where power crews have been working hard through the night to get all of the damage. we will show you video of that particular area coming up in just a couple of minutes. shiri. >> shiri: luckily, gene, drizzle out there.
6:57 am
not 60 degrees anymore and a little cooler in the 50s. spot showers and more wind. i will show you when the winds strengthen again next. and a local family now living in fear. next, bullets flight into their
6:58 am
6:59 am
how close one sho >> shiri: severe thunderstorms coming to an end and damage and
7:00 am
>> michael: power lines on the ground and entire town lost electron this morning. efforts to get people back online as rain and wind remains an issue. >> sara: damage around the region as thousands of people waiting for the lights to come back on. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, it is february 25th , hope your morning is off to a great start, i'm gene lavanchy. >> sara: i'm sara underwood. we are in the quiet before the next round of weather moves in, lots of people tweeting very early this morning as the up. >> gene: power storms left destruction across the area and clean-up in the boston and south shore and julie grauert keeping eye on the road and debris


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