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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> and i am vanessa welch. our cruise of seam trees smashed in cars homes in the social all the way up to new hampshire. >> we do obtain coverage with chief neurologist kevin the minutes keeping an eye on the strong winds out there right now but we beginning kitten for one neighborhood as a blood cleaning up to do tonight. >> cleanup actually continuing at this hour taking a look behind me you can see crews are still working to install this new power pole to hopefully restore power very shortly to folks height of the storm residents are telling us that the high power is frightening you can see what was left of this tree pure thankfully nobody was hurt but it was a very close call for some officers. >> we were watching it we heard a crack started coming toward us we ran. after responding to the storm
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scary situation as a telephone call came crashing down while crews were fixing power lines. >> looking at the damage just outside his door june considers himself one of the lucky ones his power stayed on in his house untouched but feet away toppled trees and power lines covered the ground. >> it's a mess that many woke up to this morning. it dorchester dennis white found this massive tree just outside his home on milton avenue. >> skyfox flew over the scene in walpole after massive pine tree came tumbling down across high street.and yours had said this dozens of photos including this one from the south end. you can see a massive tree fell on top of a car along milford street.
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damage. for residents they can't get over how her was dangerously cold two weeks ago and now warm temps and thunderstorms. >> it's very bizarre. >> and it really is people walking around in t-shirts now we're in a bit of a break we did see those winds taking up. so again crews are going to still be on high alert. and coming up at 6 o'clock the action some residents told me that taking to protect themselves in future storms. >> still pretty windy other tonight but nothing like the winds we saw earlier today. cheap neurologist kevin lemanowicz was been busy all week tracking of love changes out there kevin it sounds like bit. >> but still changes on the way this time it will be temperatures look at these wind gusts crazy 83 miles per hour that's top blue hill observatory blue hill area down lower 74 miles per hour boston
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mind hurricane strength is 74 greater that's well the damage out there from the storm. this is what you're looking at right now for current wind gusts as high as 41 miles per hour boston 40 new bedford to nantucket but it's down enough to calm down enough that the national weather service is now dropped that when you rise really originally place until 7 o'clock this evening no longer the case. next up we track some showers around the area. we decline storm tracker and south of boston yellow showing up in your abington brockton east bridgewater heavy rains falling their down wars approaching three s. west expressway evening drive keep in mind still showers out there will be content with the to the evening i keep tracking them and then the temperatures drop the zoo be going down but still 50 to boston right now dropped county. say is going to go
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not surprisingly. he always love to see your weather pictures so when a storm hits and if it's safe to take photos send them to share at if you'd like to see some pictures of today's damage we put together a slideshow for you on just check out the latest photo section on our homepage. >> defense motion to limit the number of victim impact statements against a convicted teen killer has been denied philip chisholm made the request late this afternoon hours before is expected to be sentence in the murder of popular math teacher calling writer. prosecutors want chisholm to serve three life sentence for his horrific crime. fox 25 ted daniel live in salem with the developments. >> reporter: the hearing wrapped up just about an hour ago philip chisholm was not in attendance. the defense request to limit the number people allowed to give victim impact statements tomorrow one of several issues discussed in advance of tomorrow.
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chisholm to spend 50 years at least 50 years behind bars which would keep him in jail until at least his mid-60s. in december chisholm was found guilty in the heinous attack on danvers high school math teacher calling writer. fox 25 has obtained and reviewed a copy of the state sentencing request in advance of tomorrow's hearing.with parole eligibility given hears with the state wants. for the murder life in prison. with parole eligibility after 25 years. and then after that term ends, prosecutors are asking that the clock be reset and chisholm serve another 25 years the rate. >> for the rape.
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there he will begin to make up his mind tonight the defense has shed on the start they believe chisholm was deeply disturbed and suffers severe mental issues that is expected to be a big portion of the argument they will have tomorrow when they tried to keep philip chisholm from spending the time the prosecution wants him to spend. the defense doesn't want him to spend anymore time that obviously they have to they want him out by the time he's 40 years old or even sooner than that. a couple of other issues were brought up during this hearing will have more for you coming up at six. >> a drug bust with a twist when undercover cops got to make an arrest they realize one of their own from a town away was involved. our cameras caught up with the salem office after he left court this afternoon and he
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robert goulston was there.>> robert: vanessa yeah that officer is on the tonight while lynn police and is on department here in salem investigate. the cheetah and calling the whole matter a serious break and trust. >> salem police officer matthew shelton only seen here in the suit but of a judge after being picked up by undercover police detectives and drug charges. salem police chief mary but look a call from lynn pd said officer was with three other men when a drug deal what down on the corner of chatham and mary on a street yesterday afternoon. police say shelton only stopped after the and he tried to hide oxycodone pills as the officers approached his vehicle. police say he told officers his friend was paying off a fantasy football debt with the two others not buying drugs. we try to get more of the side
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>> officer schulte only did volunteer in court today to get drug addiction help awaiting trial. his attorney would not say whether his client has an addiction issue. >> we've had no issues or problems with him. shall tony has served as an officer for three years in salem working mainly the dayshift as a patrolman. >> unclear tonight when the officer is going to voluntarily admit himself. we are live in salem. >> new allegations against whitey bulger servicing tonight from an incident that happened last june behind bars in florida. has to do with sexual activity documents obtained by the globe showed he was allegedly cut by god touching himself a sexual manner. something against present bureau rules. when confronted about it bulger
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powder and embarrassing medical issue. when asked why he had the lights on older told the guard he always keeps them on. a side effect after alleged lsd prison experiment in the 50s serving time in georgia. he has reportedly appealed the section. >> boston police looking for them in these photos is wanted for questioning related to armed robbery all over the city. he's about five foot seven missing some teeth and has been seen holding a 12 inch knife. he was less but downtown in the area of washington in boylston street.if you can identify the sky call boston police.>> former boston fire chief found guilty of corruption was sent today to probation and community service. stone every $50,000 a public money to pay his bills by personal items like a big screen tv and a gas grill. he will be on probation for three years he also has to complete 750 hours of community
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he was convicted on tuesday he's been on paid leave since he was indicted in 2012. >> busy hostile new someone mistakenly set out in active shooter alert raising alarm hospitalwide wellesley hospital testing its emergency alert system with someone sent out the message reporting in active shooter in the west lobby. hospital says looking at how the mistake happened and working to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> close call a school in springfield take a look driver crashed into the donati elementary school up to 1230 p.m. today driver taken away by ambulance but we're told there were no serious injuries. classes at the school were not disrupted the crash. >> skyfox flying over sewer main break in worcester the repair work is happening at the intersection of shrewsbury street and elmont street. cruise telus traffic will be interrupted by this work for the next 24 to 36 hours while
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>> truck if you doubt paul's force right now showers appeared with the winds are starting to die down the wind advisory has been dropped now we're tracking the colder temperatures on the way to start the weekend. 17-year-old killed a horrific car crash that left a rather badly injured. >> knew tonight first responders tell fox 25 the stretch of road is particularly dangerous what neighbors want to happen to make it safer. >> thousands of parents dropping the ball when it comes to paying child support. fox25 investigated and covers how many families are affected and what happened we try to help one mom collect.
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boston obtain new video battle state senator brunch was the democrat in his first public appearance of the statehouse since fbi raid his law office synergy was ignoring watches as he walked in chambers caused to step down growing louder in the wake of new information about the fbi raid a scalar office a week ago. prosecutors looking to his role in the solar project stonehill
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wrongdoing. which is about whether or not joyce push legislation to benefit his own clients in the case. sharman sacchetti will have a full report on the joyce investigation at six. >> know at five take a look at the surveillance video showing attended robbery a convenience store and methuen. a man go to the side of the snow gone pelham street and then walk in jump over the counter and threaten the clerk with a knife.coming up right here the clerk backs off and then will run out of the store followed closely by the robber. the robert took off once he was outside the store no one was injured. >> to people in children after 9-1-1 call that a fight was insulted in one police officer getting punched. manchester new hampshire police investment in 19-year-old christian that the officer when he responded to a scene early this morning. the two other people try to pull officers away when they tried to arrest him. edwards a charge with hindering arrest.
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state custody after being treated at boston children's hospital is now suing the hospital. doctors there believe the girl was being abused. now after long custody battle the family of the justina pelletier is now suing the hospital for emotional damages. the story we've been following for years now. tonight boston children's hospital says it plans to defend itself and defend the care they gave justina. >> surrounded by her parents justina pelletier tackled her next obstacle. i don't understand how this happened and i really don't want this to happen ever again to any other family. >> family filed a lawsuit against boston children's hospital and for doctors accusing them of mistreating justina and violating the civil rights. they were treating me badly. they didn't really care. it was awful. justina was being treated for the disease at tufts medical
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brought her to children's doctors they are diagnosed with psychiatric problems and accused her parents a medical child abuse. the court agreed. for the next 18 months tina was in state custody. it's about ensuring that no family anywhere ever in america should have to endure what the pelletier's had to endure for 18 months. in a statement children's hospital said quote welcomes the opportunity of figures the defend the medicare provider is committed to the best interest of our patients health and well-being. according to the high standards we follow for every patient placed in our care. >> the pelletier family seeking unspecified monetary damages but said that's not their overall goal.>> this is not about revenge. this is about making people accountable making the medical community stockpicking twice before they take action that can do damage to a child to a
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irreversible. justina is in a wheelchair now but a family helps with therapy she can walk again. she said she's glad to be back in school and back with her family. >> i just really really want you know to get what they deserve and everything and -- and i really really want to walk again. >> more changes in this weather pattern unbelievable to see this happening what we saw last night the first severe thunderstorm watch for boston going back to 1970 that's as far back as the accurate records go. first time in february for boston unusual that was tonight we're tracking some showers coming on through. live storm tracker take it down south shore couple of spots of
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from place to place hanover goes over toward scituate like showers diminished somewhat. all green here at a moderate rain sharp the evening drive coming down hard here the new seabury area falmouth making the way across the upper cape anyway. and then to the north shore and beyond up to middlesex county in the local area. rated billerica lincoln over stoneham back here into worcester county things showers here as well. scattered in the immediate vicinity of worcester or steady up towards spencer and beyond. futurecast a few showers coming on through right now continue on and off to the evening austin get some shower activity through 10 o'clock tonight was snow flurries starting to show up as well.cold air is coming in so any rain showers lingering back here in the hills change over to a few places not be concerned a few flurries the significance no comparison anyway would be back into the mountains.
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colder air so as we clear out tonight into morning wake up to sunshine it's going to be chilly out there and that chilly air is going to stick around for about a day and half. let's talk about those wins. we've been having incredible wind gusts last couple of days. and the still dust over 40 miles per hour boston showing up right now 40 miles per hour couple of spots but these are lower than wind advisory criteria for the national weather service now dropped that when advisory was originally placed until 7 o'clock tonight. that means to you is don't expect any more damaging wind gusts come on by with that said any weaker trees or branches some limbs could come down with gusts of miles per hour certainly not totally awkward but mostly all clear. the winds still moderate threat to the evening southeastern massachusetts overnight tonight showers at moderate threat also some out there. the low threat for those
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towns worcester county especially. still 50 boston right now temperature going down first with the county with any showers temperatures will drop down to below freezing overnight you have to watch for some of that black ice first thing in the morning scattered about. 34 low switch up to the showers clear boston going down to about 36 degrees tomorrow morning staying above freezing anyway even after the showers. quit seven-day forecast shows up and out of this one going colder by saturday morning only 16 rebounding to near 40 and then on sunday we turn the corner one more time getting up to about 50 degrees this weekend always in view with temperatures near 40 and 50 so again getting well above
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next. tonight we know three federal judges will hear the nfl's appeal of the ruling that tossed the company's four-game suspension. judges or chief judge robert a katzman barrington parker and each and they will decide whether local court was correct when overturned brady's suspension. arguments will be made before the circuit court of appeals on march 3 in new york city. fox25 will be there and of course will let you know what happens.
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company down it sucks spring training on the second day of full squad workouts it was light was therefore dull tom it sounds like a fun day. >> you know what happens mark these guys go off into the own little world turn off season don't face any sort of live competition that all changed today the headline with david price against pablo sandoval either one of those guys were to talk afterwards but little bit or juice always work out this afternoon. >> most of spring training is routine focusing on fundamentals and repetition. there are few moments that provide more unpredictability than live adding practice. >> got pitch against guys you know you got to talk trash to the locker room here someone on the back end of it but it's fun it's definitely kind of for printers at the start of us getting going to get more game speed get that can benefit edge back. certainly some thought that
5:26 pm
the hitting groups as well as the matchup against typically going to take our everyday players and put them in against guys when opening a striate throw strikes over the plate for obvious reasons. prices sandoval did talk about but will keep at suazo-based price today wasn't faced with a guy on the mound. >> a few extra million any well-earned reputation. mookie was excited to face the ace. it should be noted that pablo sandoval while he didn't talk to us afterwards did have the most effective hit against david price he had a one hopper to the gap left center that you some booze and asked the crowd which little bigger today than it was yesterday. yesterday's weather wasn't very cooperative.
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dollars in unpaid child support payments. i imagine you could use $30,000. absolutely. >> coming up at 5:45 fox 25 investigates how many dead he parents the state is looking for what the doing to get families the money that owed. >> right now massachusetts. for drunk driving you lose your drivers license but at the statehouse's new proposal that would keep you behind the wheel and mothers against drunk
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local road the we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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not nearly as windy as last night was a hurricane force gusts but still another windy night out there. hi everyone i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom.
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all should be 60 degrees like it was last night in some places much warmer than that. there are some showers out there tonight i want to track those for you see what's going on questions via twitter and facebook about the dark skies out there showers nothing like last night the showers have weakened the moving along the line between scituate marshfield right now south heavy winds over there toward osterville place in cape cod love that area. right now some heavy rain happening zoom right down the five storm tracker see what's happening in the area there's farm valley road wintergreen circle all getting into the heavy rain right now just south of 28 osterville off to the north shore we've been seeing some rain showers merrimack valley around lowell 495 billerica seeing some of those stone northwood tort for 95 to the west of worcester city still having spotty showers but west of the city dispenser some more moderate rain showers
5:31 pm
we tracking these the wind gust finally coming down in the cold weather i had to start the weekend. >> don't forget a meteorologist can give you customized forecast for your neighborhood. all you have to do is download the free fox25 whether app. >> calls for change after a deadly accident in barry. fox25 speaking with a buzz who wants something done about through 62 it happened-year-old died at the scene wednesday morning that your brother seriously injured. tonight fox25 invested terry cannot live in derry with the reason first responder say this is notoriously dangerous stretch of road. >> highway 62 is long winding and hilly we spoke with retired firefighter who says it's these trees that line the entire stretch of decorate such a dense canopy the sun does not reach like ice that may form. >> sadly this road has claimed a lot of people's lives and accidents over the years. dennis fleming knows route 62 well as a retired area firefighter he said to respond
5:32 pm
road that serve as one of the main thoroughfares to town. >> he says he lived it all over again when wednesday morning britney was driving her 15-year-old brother to school yesterday when police say she lost control of her car striking this tree. he died on scene. whether griffin was left in serious condition investigators say speed and icy road conditions have caused the crash. >> fleming said the tall pine trees wrap around the road preventing the sun from signing on parts of it and bad weather black ice never melts. >> fox25 investigates also spoke with the very fire chief he says parts of route 62 are notoriously dangerous he says during 2015 historic winter his department responded to calls him multiple times per week.
5:33 pm
for action wanting trees along the roadway back. >> meanwhile fleming says he reached out to state representatives about running to assess and possibly start cutting back some of these trees. this afternoon we spoke with the very police chief he said at last he heard the 15-year-old griffin remains in serious condition will let you know for any new information about how he is doing. >> a suspect wanted in connection to a homicide 27 years ago in philadelphia was finally caught lowell. please say three old was founded low last night after philadelphia police officers obtained award. he is wanted in connection with the shooting of an eight-year-old man.he was held as a fugitive from justice lowell today. >> massachusetts drunk driving laws may soon getting something of a makeover.
5:34 pm
that would give first-time offenders a chance to keep legally driving up to dwi conviction. the registry will be watching. fox25 bob ward was at the statehouse state joints now bob the state of artie made this change. >> reporter: massachusetts uses ignition interlock devices for repeat drunk drivers new proposal would make those devices available first time drunk would also give them a choice and allow them to keep legally driving. it's a choice drivers and 25 other states have right now. >> passages its drunk driving laws are tough. first opened lose your license for six months. strong medicine but it doesn't mentee you won't keep driving on a suspended license. sober or inebriated. that's why the statehouse is a move to change the law to let first time drunk drivers keep their license they have to install one of these. >> in addition interlock device a driver has to flow into this and if the device
5:35 pm
alcohol the engine is locked the driver is going nowhere in the registry finds out. frank harris is a national director of government affairs for mothers against drunk driving and matus come up with some startling stats. since 2006 interlock devices have stopped 37,000 attempts to drive drunk in massachusetts and quarter of 1 million tricky driving attempts. extending the interlock the first-timers state center says it makes sense. >> i asked massachusetts drivers what they think about this. do they think this is going to easy on first-time offenders? >> i think it's a good idea to give people choice so they can get their life back on track. >> why the drivers would still have to pay for the cost of the interlock it starts at two
5:36 pm
under the bill second offenders would have that system in the cost for four years and it goes up from there for dwi opened his arrested three and four times right now this is a senate bill no timetable when the full senate might consider it. breaking news right now mated firefighter accused of sexual assaulting a child now on paid leave lycie james and gilbert ripped the victim in 1991 arrested earlier this afternoon placed on administrative leave three weeks ago when asked station surface. he will be arraigned tomorrow. >> circus operator testing finds propose in the wake of a deadly tent collapse in new hampshire. on february 4 walker international offense was cited more than $3000 by osha. yesterday both sides met and walker decided it's going to contest those fines. i fathered a sexual daughter died last august with strong winds blew the tent over. osha claims they ignore the
5:37 pm
that tent up quickly. >> local school closed for the fourth day in a row now after testing discovered chemicals that can cause serious health side effects the school there. classes at the clyburn elementary school were canceled for the first half of this week for more testing. the school was supposed to reopen today but instead remained closed for further testing. >> tomorrow at the school's not ready to be a reopened round students they will have their classes at the tiller high school.>> one of these could have made the difference in a fire here that killed a woman now the near law that could be coming. a local man takes it upon himself to fill in a pothole in
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switch to better. switch to fios. us coast guard swung into action after fishing boat got york. rough wants to cause a problem with the coast guard. when the boats help capsize. five coast guard numbers on the boat were able to safely take it to the beach. >> apple has asked a federal magistrate to vacate in order that would compel the company to help the fbi package will locked iphone.>> apple said the fbi seeking dangerous power to the courts they worry it could lead to more hacking request. this the first time apple
5:41 pm
asked to break into an iphone owned by one of the san bernardino shooters. today fbi director back until congress the case will be setting any legal or technical precedents. >> the code the judge is directed apple to write works only on this one phone. and so the idea of getting out in the wild working on my phone your phone the experts tell me it's not a real thing. the fbi says questions about law enforcement access to encrypted data should ultimately be decided by congress. apple claims it will take this all the way to the supreme court if needed. >> to the race for the white house now former massachusetts governor 2012 republican nominee romney called front-runner donald trump to release his tax documents is common for presidential candidates to release the this
5:42 pm
is to plug it calls for him to disclose his earnings and donations. on twitter trump fired back segment romney who was one of the dumbest worst candidates in the history of republican politics is now putting me on tax returns. romney he shot back a few minutes later we think that donald doth protest too much. >> on the life republicans in tonight's debate in texas. rest of the kids not named donald trump are trying to stop the front runner lesson a week before more than 10 states full on super tuesday that includes us here in massachusetts. the debate tonight is the last one before super tuesday. >> hillary clinton ticked up a local endorsement ahead of super tuesday today the massachusetts woman leaders group endorsed clinton setting her expense and record of results. the group is made up of elected woman leaders across the state and includes treasure deb goldberg auditor susan bach as well as local senators and represent us. a few showers out there tonight
5:43 pm
our changed over to snow so the vermont idea of how cold air is that's moving in for a couple
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
the end of the weeken uncovers millions of going unpaid. >> parents contacted us about problems collecting child support. eric you found some extreme cases. >> interesting as soon as we started talking about the story on tv and social media to say we heard from even more families who are affected by all of this. thousands of parents of more than $60,000 in back child support and that's just here in massachusetts. getting some of them to pay up isn't easy. >> that's how much kim
5:46 pm
owes their two daughters. she says child-support payments have been few and far between in the eight years since her divorce. whitcomb turned to fox 25 investigates as a last resort. fox25 investigates discovered whitcomb's case is one of 28 thousand in new hampshire with overdue unpaid child support. in massachusetts the numbers at least 59,000. fox25 found what comes x online and got him on the phone. >> he denied dodging child-support and said disability is made it tough to pay. in massachusetts the department of revenue can withhold the
5:47 pm
suspend drivers licenses even seasoned lottery winnings while new hampshire has similar tools whitcomb says it's not enough. when we try to get the names of who owed the most child-support fox25 investigates discovered massachusetts exactly stop using one very public strategy to collect that money is just part of or putting together for our full report tonight at 10. >> villas on the way and regulating ride helicopters like huber and left yesterday house speaker robert hope to have the bill file before the end of the viewer. but he said today that will take a bit longer. a bill filed by republican charlie baker would require criminal background checks on all drivers all of this has boston police begin bigger printing taxi drivers to help police conduct more thorough background checks.
5:48 pm
turn deadly sell the peer 16 tornadoes reported florida to pennsylvania state of emergency declared in virginia where tornadoes killed at least for a left dozens more injured some critically. one driver says he's lucky to be alive he was in his truck when he suddenly was launched into the air. >> glastonbury caving in on me. everything coming off the roof. i didn't know what to do i just it was scary. >> three more tornadoes touched on the sunshine state packing ferocious winds. >> five tornadoes caused a massive path of destruction one woman posted this video on facebook of a twister henderson. the damages so widespread dozens of cities and towns to get the pieces home zero ripped apart trees toppled in this is now just a massive pile of rubble. >> wild weather brought heavy rains to the mid atlantic rain fell fast and furious and alter more living one of its biggest
5:49 pm
underwater and trapped drivers. >> midwest they're dealing with severe weather as well snow fell quickly here in indiana and drivers couldn't handle it part of this highway had to be shut down while crews work to clear the snow and help cars. here at home we're still dealing with strong winds out there. >> things will start to calm down a bit.>> houses are happy to head to fix the fence outside my house today that have come down attach it. showers out there but changing to snow southern vermont live storm tracker into a couple of these places not a lot out there but there are some you can drive through yellow showing up between halifax and whitman looks like south of 14 some of the roadways and hit the getting hit pasture lane for instance heavy shower right there so there are a couple of them out there coming down hard
5:50 pm
here in cape cod one of those coming to osterville now into the dennis brewster area along 6a on the northern fringes of cape cod over to boxford visa falling apart a couple of speckles up this way out to worcester county this is building back in here so was to now more solidly in the light to moderate rain around the city points north and south of you two in wooster there some showers out there through the evening takes you to 7 o'clock and beyond the by 11 o'clock most of us out of it but notice in the hills any showers that remain can change over distilleries in the high elevations just because a colder air is working in thing that happened in vermont elevations so the vermont those i could to make it toward us the going to stay there but don't be surprised if you're in the worcester hills especially if you see a couple of flurries
5:51 pm
clear it up for the morning sunshine clouds blowing offshore but staying away from us. sunshine sticking around until the afternoon. it's going to be a whole lot different by tomorrow afternoon as well. wind gust about 40 miles per hour some locations boston for instance out here nantucket were seeing new bedford had a 40 mile power wind gust this past hour here significantly lower last night with gusts up to 83 miles per hour the blue hill observatory the wood advisory has been dropped at the national weather service no longer concern for severe winds to the night.gusty winds out there hold onto your hat. showers out there as to the low threat those i mentioned out in the worcester hills. temperatures now are 50 boston to bedford northwood to lawrence and beverly but dropped to 42 was and 45 orange 43 for you in keene new hampshire. elevation helping out in a couple of those spots. high temperatures tomorrow but different than you saw today how about 39 cambridge
5:52 pm
degrees. back in the worcester county 31 gardner 32 worcester 35 in air. february more like day coming up tomorrow. seven day forecast and show you the roller coaster ride were going downhill as far as temperatures for friday into saturday saturday morning only 16 degrees for saturday morning this weekend we rebound always in view check out sunday going right back up to 50 degrees on sunday on average across the area. seven day forecast shows no bitter cold outside maybe saturday morning in the seven days ahead and these are rain showers early monday and again early wednesday with cold fronts that approaching our area that seeing any snow this forecast at least not for southern central new england still hoping for some skiers i'll keep looking. >> crystal haynes kerry cavanaugh showing fox25 cares i riding in a fundraiser today. >> if you want to learn more about the mission the link to the website is on just click on
5:53 pm
crystal kerry looking fabulous. great job good for them. ahead at 6 o'clock we continue to track breaking news in the trial of a convicted killer. philip chisholm's legal team was to limit the number of people give impact statements
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5:56 pm
hood. so-called pothole robin hood in a local town patched whole or in a manhole cover zone. some people are not too happy with this man's work fox25 crystal haynes is live in millbury with this controversy. >> reporter: market vanessa residents in this area very happy there glad that this pothole was patched up in the town of very they're also glad that they just wish them and that didn't have actually asked for permission to do it first. >> neighbors say it was a nuisance white on north main street. millbury restaurant owner karen tells me the pavement around this manhole cover had been deteriorating for months and her customers were expressing concern for the cars. 15 to 1800 customers come in a week. >> last sunday local road repairman tom harry stepped in. karen tells me she. talked about the condition of
5:57 pm
more concerned than ever after a young teacher was killed when a manhole cover on i 93 went airborne. >> but town manager tells me tom perry is no good samaritan perry is a new england outside sales manager for paving maintenance apply operated in spain says when the town didn't give them the permission to demos project to them right away he did anyway.
5:58 pm
i did speak with tom perry on the phone very briefly he defends his actions he did not want to do an on camera interview today and meantime the town says the going to leave the patch as it is because they say there's nothing wrong with that. >> i spoke with the town today they did not want to do an interview as mentioned so going to move on to the nest story now. patriots player traded and the helmets for chef hats today. pages wide receiver julian edelman defensive lineman tray flowers were boston children's hospital they traded young patients in the family still pancake us. the players made those pancakes themselves. >> when you think those players to do all the kids they got tips from the patriots
5:59 pm
>> killers request the voices he does not want to hear at his sentencing tomorrow. massive trees toppled over power lines down the action neighbors are now taking to keep them safe in future storms. >> don't put your life at risk over a few dollars. one of these could have made the difference in a fire here that killed a woman. now the new law that could be coming. and a police officer runs out of court. the trick of the trade that landed this cop on the wrong side of the law. >> with breaking news this is fox25 news at 6 complete new england news coverage. >> breaking right now judge just denied a request some call unthinkable. good evening i'm vanessa welch. and i'm mark ockerbloom the tino killed the rate his
6:00 pm
number of people who give impact statements at his sentencing is set for tomorrow. that's we find fox 25 ted daniel tonight. >> the judge wasted no time this afternoon he denied that request from the bench keep in mind this is the same judge that sat on the trial and he's well aware of all the pain and suffering endured by calling which his family and friends. her killer chisholm was not court this afternoon. is that issue and others were hurt in advance of tomorrow's big day.>> is judgment day approaches for philip chisholm a last-minute request by the defense. during this afternoon's hearing chisholm's legal team asked the judge to limit the number of people allowed to give victim impact statements. the defense arguing that some of the people on the list similar by the prosecution are not backed relatives. prosecutor wired back saying


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