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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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eric, they've now a nrowed down how many scenes they've been dealing with. have four scenes to deal with and also that this gunman shot one man in the leg, took off with that victim's car, drove to work, shot a person in the parking lot in the head, and then went inside and continued shooting. tonight we're hearing 14 people are injured. also at this hour, several wichita news outlets and the new york daily news are identifying this shooter as this man, sedric ford, a worker at that plant. according to the posts on his facebook page, he was feeling fed up. the situation started tonight just before 5:00. >> we heard a pop, pop and thought it was just metal falling on the ground, and then screaming coming out, saying go to the front. >> reporter: workers say there was chaos. people running as the shots kept coming, one after another at xcel industries in heston, kansas. scenario and i think for the most part people scattered. >> reporter: the shooter
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only firing inside the heavy duty lawn equipment plant, but before that from his car leaving several crime scenes behind, possibly as many as four. the suspect killed in the response. >> the shooter himself has been shot and killed. he's an xcel employee. >> and we're getting more clarification here. all four people killed including the shooter were killed inside that business, xcel industries. several of those hurt are still in critical conditioning tonight. eric as muse, fox 25 news. following breaking news in plymouth. one person has been killed in a car crash. the car went off the road around 6:30 on route 3. both people inside of that car were brought to jordan hospital. a 21-year-old man from providence rhode island died from his injuries. so far no word on what caused the crash. this man is accused of using a 12-inch knife to robin suspecting pedestrians in boston. and tonight police want to catch him before he strikes again. fox 25's john monahan is live in boston tonight with what we know about the suspect.
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>> vanessa, tonight we know what he looks like and that he robbed two people using that big knife. police say the last place he was seen was right here at the intersection near boylston and washington streets. is. >> that makes me pretty nervous. >> reporter: take a good look at this man, boston police hope you recognize him. they say he's been rock people near boylston and washington streets with a large knife. >> that's pretty scary, yeah. absolutely. >> reporter: the incidents both happening in an area long known as the combat zone, a place the city is aggressively trying to clean up. >> very disturbing. i already coop an eye out in this area. it's the combat zone, so i usually have pepper spray in my pocket. >> reporter: the area has changed dramatically in recent years, so a knife wielding robber caught others by complete surprise. >> i wouldn't expect that to happen in the middle of the city, you know. we're right in the middle of everything. >> police say there were two separate incidents, the first in late january. a man says the suspect pushed
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off with his computer case. a witness chased the suspect who he says pulled a knife on him. >> reporter: then at an atm about two weeks ago, the suspect proceeded a woman who was withdrawing money. he threatened her with a knife, which she described as a 12-inch kitchen knife, about the same size as this microphone. >> when you say he had a 12-inch knife, like it really, you know, sets the 80. >> reporter: and that's why police put out a warning to people, to be on alert. and until he's caught, people here say they will be on guard. >> i try to walk with my coworkers to work. so i will continue to keep doing that. >> and police say the suspect stands at about 5'7" and that he has one very noticeable feature, he is missing teeth. if you recognize him or know whoa is, boston police want to hear you from. we're live in downtown boston tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. the driver amazingly not injured when this tree fell on top of this car in charleston.
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morning. the damage was significant and the tree knocked out power to the area. crews worked most of the day to get the power back on. little rain still out there tonight after an unseasonably warm day. i will take it, by the way. fox 25's chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here. and kevin we could hit 50 in the coming days. >> yeah, believe it or not, several days in the forecast that will see near 50, if not over 50 degrees. there's some snowshowers out there tonight. looks kind wintery but really in the boston area and worcester areas, there's not much but rainshowers out there. live stormtracker showing you where those are. they extend from the coastline back into lexington and concord right now. just rainshowers. heavier through the south through holiston and medway. you'll find some yellow and orange in here on our live storm tracker radar. 126 to holiston, that's the moderate rain and parts of it as well out there traveling.
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of this, couple of snowflakes mixing in in worcester county. along 190 up that way, can be a couple of flakes. not a big concern certainly. but temperatures are falling. how cold it's going to get before the warm temperatures we spoke of. a maynard firefighter accused of sexual assaulting a child that's on paid leave tonight. police say james andrew mcgillry raped the victim in 1991. he was arrested this afternoon but placed on administrative leave three weeks ago when the accusations first surfaced. the 59-year-old has been a firefighter in natick since 1986. he'll be arraigned tomorrow. a defense motion to limit the number of victim impact statements against the convicted teenaged killer is denied. phillip chism's attorneys made the request late this afternoon, just hours before he's expected to be sentenced in the murder of popular math teacher colleen ritzer. prosecutors want chism to serve at least 50 years for the crime.
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patrol for juvenile offenders. and the garden at children's hospital has given generations treatment. there are now plans to expand the hospital, and that means the protea garden will soon be gone. but not if some people can stop it. katherine birch up is live in boston, and up at a meeting with people who want the garden to be saved. >> yeah, many saying hospital executives fail to look at any alternative sites for the expansion and now state officials are joining the chorus of questions asking boston children's to provide independent cost analysis of the project and of the destruction of the prouty garden. >> we said goodbye to our son in >> reporter: left a piece of his heart in this shady quiet spot inside boston children's. when murphy's 12-year-old son
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mark the prouty garden was the family's only escape from the sterile walls of a hospital room, and losing it would almost be like losing his son all over again. >> to sit there and rip it out is like ripping your own heart out. >> reporter: so many others feel that heartbreak after learning boston children's, wants to raise the guardton make way for a 12-floor clinical building that would house an expanded neonatal unit. for some who spoke at tonight's public hearing destroying the garden meant losing all they have left of a loved one. >> his ashes are scat scattered in the prouty garden. >> reporter: but hospital officials say there are those that are live who need the space more. >> i feel heart wrenched when i can't provide to a child in massachusetts because we don't have beds. >> reporter: dr. argyle mainy says last week he had to turn away a two-month-old baby who desperately needed surgery because of the rampant overcrowding in the existing space. >> we're the type of hospital
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>> reporter: and thus the future of those children and the history of others now rest in the hands of state health fishes. >> -- health officials. tonight's hearings lasted more than four hours and all of that testimony will now have to be submitted to the state public health council. they will be charged with making the ultimate decision here. we're live at boston children's, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. worth chester standoff is over and now a suspect is in custody. it resulted in the arrest of 38-year-old humberto nunes. police say he was wanted for a break-in earlier this week, taking a firearm from a home. multiple local police departments helped in the arrest. and nunes is being held tonight in worcester ahead of his arraignment tomorrow. to the race for the white house now, and tonight was their last chance for republican candidates to put themselves in the national stage before super tuesday. and it was donald trump continuing his feud with m.i.t.
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exchanges in the -- with mitt romney among the first exchanges in the debate. >> i criticize mitt romney for losing that election. he should have won the election. he had a failed president, he ran a terrible campaign and he was a terrible candidate. excuse me. he ran one terrible campaign. that's an election that should have been won. >> mitt romney has called out trump for not disclosing his tax and earnings statements, a common practice for candidates running for the white house. firefighters are monitoring the smolder embers of a mansion today. a massive fire destroyed this mansion in newport, ride yesterday that was worth around $3 million. the home known as stoner lounge was built in the early 1940s, and the day before president john f. kennedy's wedding, jackie onassis rushed to the mansion to escape the pressure of the wedding preparations. we are getting our first look at embattled state senator brian joyce since the fbi raided his canton law office.
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democrat at his first public appearance at the state house. the globe is reporting prosecutors are looking at joyce's role in a solar project at stone hill college as part of an investigation and possible criminal wrong-doing. there are questions whether or not joyce pushed legislation to benefit his own clients in the case. through are new allegations against whitey bulger tonight. documents obtained by the globe said bulger was allegedly touching himself in a sexual manner back in june in his cell with the lights on, against prison bureau rules. he says he was applying a medicated powder for an embarrassing medical issue. he told the guard he always keeps the lights on, a side effect after the alleged lsd prison spears in the '50s when he was serving time in georgia. he has reportedly appealed the sanction. investigators in newburyport are on the hunt for a man who tried to break into a home. new at 11:00, this is 33-year-old keith babcoch of seabrook, new hampshire. yesterday he allegedly tried to
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around noon and broke into a backslider starting the homeowner who was at home at the time. babcoch allegedly ran away from that scene. rain and snowshowers out there tonight. still couple of them coming down fairly hard. i'll show those to you and a report from the ground of sleet and snow actually happening out there in worcester county, as well. all ahead. >> first-time drunk driving offenders get a choice. get a device in your car or have your license is a spended. up next, a new bill in the works that's winning support of mothers against drunk driving.
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the state house there's a move to change the law to let first time drunk drivers keep their license but they have to install one of these. an ignition interlock device, a driver has to blow into this, and if the device
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alcohol, the engine is locked, the driver is going nowhere from the registry finds out. m.a.d.d. has come up with some startling status. since 2006, interlock devices have stopped 37,000 attempts to drive drunk in massachusetts and a quarter of a million drinking and driving attempts. extending the interlock to first-timers state senator says makes sense. >> i think it's safer in the commonwealth and we can save lives. >> reporter: i asked some massachusetts drivers what they think about this. do they think it's going too easy on first-time offenders? >> i think it's a good idea to give the people the choice so they can get their life back on track. because when they're off track, it affects everyone just as much as their bad deed. >> i think it's a great idea because people still have to go to work. >> the drivers would still have to pay for the cost of the interlock. it starts at $2.50 a day.
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offenders would have that system in their cars for four years, and it goes up from there for dwi offenders arrested three and four times. right now this is a senate bill, no timetable when the full senate might consider it. i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. three people were killed in a tornado in waverly, virginia. and today the virginia governor touring the devastation. a 26-year-old man, a 50-year-old man and a 2-year-old boy were killed in yesterday's toward, and at least eight others were hurt. the university of missouri professor caught trying to intimidate journalists during a campus protest is now out of a job. new at 11:00, a university board voted wednesday to fire melissa click. click was seen on video last fall asking for mustle to get rid of a video journalist trying to film a protestor over alleged racism in the university. she has been charged with third degree assault.
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vaccine cuts the chance -- the flu vaccine cuts the chance of getting the flu by more than 60%. by comparison last season's flu shot only reduced flu risks by just 20%. >> patriots having some fun with deserving kids. this morning julian edelman and ray flowers were at boston children's hospital and treated young patients and their families to a pancake breakfast. let's take a look. players even made themselves pancakes. >> i'm fortunate to come here and do this event, two years back, and it's good to be able to come back and do it again and try to put a smile on somebody's face. it really touches you. >> all of the the kids also got gifts for the patriots including signed footballs. >> still tracking a couple of showers out there tonight, even some could become stray showers. let's take a look at what live stormtracker radar is showing us
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area, and you'll see there are a couple of showers out there north of boston but they're weakening. they extend from rivera beach up to melrose to malden, arlington, belmont and lexington. just light rainshowers, though. to the south, a little steadier and heavier from medfield to norwood. actually yellow here and a couple of spots of yellow over in canton. you'll run into a heavier shower if you go out that way this evening or if you're in those towns. to the west, seeing some rainshowers through auburn and charlton. we saw some other spots earlier today, out here in spencer we saw some of that sleet and snow mixing in. temperatures are in the mid-30s, though. nothing would stick, it just happens to be out there. this is a report i got from twitter from cathy, snow in spencer, 31 degrees. it's since moved out of there but when she sent that about 15 minutes ago it certainly was happening. so ground troops, always put
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on the air quickly. mostly clear skies after midnight tonight. the last of the showers will go away. these snowshowers will try to dive you a of the mountains and hills and dry out. and with the drier air coming in, we'll wake up to some sunshine first thing in the morning. but also colder air coming, that's why the change-over from rainshowers to snowshowers in higher elevations. chillier day tomorrow, nowhere near as warm as it was out there today, despite the lack of clouds. a lot of sunshine for us. in fact, that sunshine will be prevalent in the seven-day forecast. you'll see that. these are the temperatures right now. worcester down to 35. fitchburg you're at 40 degrees right now. clear skies. going down to 30 first thing in the morning. you can have a couple of slippery spots first thing in the morning. here in norwood we have rainshowers coming through right now. when those go away, your temperature will get close to freezing overnight.
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careful first thing. nothing damaging anymore. tomorrow sunshine and 32. topsfield, 33 lynn. that's it, that's the best that sun. natick 33. dedham 35 degrees tomorrow, and boston at 34 degrees. back here through worcester county, not getting to freezer in worcester. afternoon. here in the southshore, 34 brockton, clearly much colder than today. seven-day forecast, your weekend always in view and look at the topsy-turvy weather we're having. cold by saturday morning but by sunday, 50 degrees, a rebound at the end of the weekend, right back to the levels we saw out there today. ken, it's another big night for the celtics at the garden. they are one boston team that actually plays well at home, and in spring training we've got the
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panda may not have wor unlike the bruins, their garden counterparts, the celtics looking to keep those good vibrations going at home and do so against the milwaukee bucks tonight. brad stevenson's team looking for their 9th straight home win. they get off to a great start
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first quarter point. led by 10 at the half and went up to 18 with this sweet pass to amir johnson from isaiah thomas. the bucks come back, though, and it's greg monroe with 20 off the bench and cuts the lead to 5. the celtics would take charge crowder, crowder hits the 3. that was a big one. 27 points for isaiah. celts with the 5 point win. the heat come to the guardsen on saturday. certain milestones in spring training that get major leaguers closer to real baseball, first full workout for the team happened yesterday for the sox. today live pitchers like david price throwing to live batters like pablo sandoval, sandoval hitting right-handed took price deep to the warning truck on the very first pitch he saw. pablo hitting right-handed this off-season. as for price, he also faced catcher dan butler. watching price in person this week, he's very deliberate and
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>> he looked fine. you know, first day of live bp, the normal progression towards games next week. but i think not just david, you know, i think our pitchers have thrown the ball very well when you look at stuff that they're throwing including the command that they're showing through their full side sessions sessions and now into bp. so another positive day so far. facing live bp was fun for these guys and as for david price, swayhart caught him today and going up against the big money >> it's amazing. a guy the same way everybody he is is, just has a couple more millions than everybody else.
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maybe you can do well. one week from today the nfl versus tom brady is back in court as the league appeals judge berman's previous ruling for brady. this appeal will be heard by a panel of three judges from left to right. they are robert catsman, barrington parker and danny chin, chin is one of the judges who put bernie madoff away for 150 years. he and kathryn were also appointed by bill clinton and tend to support workers and labor versus management cases. and finally tonight, we're gonna show you the little guy down at spring training. down there with him. his name is homer. he got a gole pro put on to follow his travels. fox 25 have an affiliation this season and will have special features like this to share with you throughout the baseball season. homer was there all spring, taking videos. he is mike tellmack's dog and really cool.
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welc >> today on "tmz" -- frs harvey: ufc cham many connor mg mcgregor saying he regrets whooping jesus christ's ass and taking it out on our photog. >> what could be better, getting trash talked from the best trash talker. >> do you get workmen's camp if you got hit? >> next time sigh him i'm going to ask another jesus question. >> big man, you could get jesus' answer! >> chris pratt at l.a.x. i go, do you ever miss being fat? >> i'm still a bit fat. >> no, you're not. >> it's just all hid anticipate. >> dude, he's right, he will never not be fat.


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