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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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of a beautiful life tan too soon. the powerful words pleading for justice for colleen. a quenching emotional day and that salem courtroom as a judge sentenced calling francis killer philip to them to life in prison without a chance for parole. >> it was hard for anyone to the victim impact statements today family and friends paying tribute to the life of a blood teacher friend daughter and sister. to just sentence but will begin with bob water covered this trial from the very beginning and bob emotional powerful words this morning. >> it was an extremely emotional day here in court. calling ritzer was remembered
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loving young woman simply did not deserve this. her family in court today urging the judge to send philip chisholm behind bars forever. instead the judge in this case sentenced philip chisholm two decades behind bars but philip chisholm will be eligible for parole someday.he is pure evil. >> calling ritzer's mother leading with pure court judge david lowered to give philip chisholm a sense behind bars. philip was 14-year-old followed stampers high school math teacher calling ritzer to the bathroom where he attacked and raped her. shocking real surveillance shows chisholm using a recycle and to will the 23-year-old teacher's body of the school and into nearby woods where she
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leaves pick a jury convicted chisholm of murder activated rape and armed robbery. in court calling family urge the judge assented those convictions one after the other in such a way to keep chisholm locked up despite the fact that life no parole teenagers is now unconstitutional. calling which his father put simply. >> he's pure evil and must be punished. colleen's family also reminded the judge up special she was how she treasured every single day and now she devoted her young life to teaching helping others and they spoke of an unspeakable loss. >> today the good must prevail over the evil you need to remember that calling matters. >> from the bench the judge said there is no right sentence
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seem the judge lowy agonized over what you should do this is sort of uncharted legal territory here. philip chisholm now is 17 years old he sent back to dui us custody will stay there until he turns 18 years old and after that will be sent to mci cedar junction. >> bob was the earliest he could be eligible to be released? >> a little bit complicated but very earliest that philip chisholm could be released is in 40 years. 40 years after this all happened 2052 at that time chisholm would be 54. he was sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder they can parole eligible when he turns 25 in 25 years but still have to serve another 15 beyond that. little bit complicated bottom line philip chisholm has to serve 40 years in prison for
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>> philip chisholm's mother released a statement today diana chisholm saying quote words cannot express the amount of pain and sorrow these past two and half years have been. however this no one who has suffered more than the ritzer family. my utmost steam prayers of hubble press respect with them today as a continued attorney to heal. it's a family thing they are devastated and betrayed by the sentence handed down. >> callings family friends students and those who admired her have been given a life sentence without parole. but not the individual who wrong and unjust. >> fox25 steve mccarthy continues our coverage with more the family's reaction. >> reporter: both the essex da calling ritzer's family expressed extreme disappointment and discussed in this sentence and the simple fact that philip chisholm calling which is murder could
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free man at some point in his life that's a very powerful words for us at a news conference just about an hour ago calling ritzer's parents tom and peggy criticizing the supreme judicial court ruling that now prohibits juveniles from receiving life sentences without parole that ruling was on christmas eve of 2013. actually two months after the beloved danvers high math teacher was raped and murdered i then 14-year-old student chisholm. her parents emotional of course today saying chisholm doesn't deserve a second chance at read him because they daughter will never get one. they say the decision by massachusetts highest court denies justice to her family or friends and the students who loved her. >> we are devastated and feel betrayed with judge low's inability to give three consecutive life sentences that the eligibility parole to the individual set colleen's life and horrific manner. we discuss it and personally opened with the defenses repulsive recommendation that
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within 15 years putting them back into society at age 29 to kill again. >> chisholm will not be able to get back on the street at the age of 29 or by the time he is 40 we also heard the defense mentioned that court he would be 54 if you heard bob say before he gets a chance at freedom and again that is just a chance at freedom but nevertheless the family of calling ritzer very upset we did try to reach out to the defense attorney representing chisholm as well as chisholm's own mother we spoke to the upcoming out-of-court they refused to comment.calling ritzer known for sharing inspirational quotes or twitter and facebook pages this was one of the last tweets. it said quote every day may not be good but there's something good in every day. if you like to learn more about a memorial scholarship
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we put a link on a website >> we are falling more breaking news right now traffic is starting to move slightly again after a island crash down i 93 s. the exit to route 24 s. very busy area car slammed into the guard rail. >> reporter: they are just loading up this car the silver car you can see it on the wrecker right now. a little bit earlier it was on top of the guard rail. like the guard rail was impaled with in the car we understand there were two people in the car at least one was med flighted. at this point we don't know the condition of that person but take a look at the traffic headed behind it. pretty much every lane blocked as your further down and it starts to shake loose we start to get some movement of traffic the good news is what you get past it, the traffic is moving very well. obviously things will improve rapidly now that they've got the car out of this area. waiting to hear whether or not how badly that person was hurt.
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are mainly thinking when i we going to start moving and the answer is looks like fairly soon. >> terrify break your mother to children inside the own home. police on the lookout for the suspect took away. fox 25 stephanie coueignoux tells us people calling this crime unusual. >> reporter: as you can imagine some truly frightening moments for this family. newburyport police are calling this a brazen crime cousin this happened here in this neighborhood right in the middle of the day. >> 2 o'clock wednesday afternoon this newburyport mother called 9-1-1 while hiding in her bedroom with her three-year-old. >> her one-year-old still sleeping across the hall. police now issued an arrest
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babcock of seabrook new hampshire police say he drove up to the house on turkey hill road and smashed the glass sliding door in the back. >> police say after being scared off babcock sped off nearly hitting an off-duty officer. the officer was able to take down his license plate number. >> in just the past few months several of the homes that same area have also been broken into. right now police aren't sure if this latest break in is related but they're not ruling it out. for folks living here there on high alert. >> they always keep a very close eye out on every specifics activity but because
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break-ins newburyport police are now holding a communitywide meeting next tuesday and were going to be posting the information on our website. >> made a five-part accused of child weight trying to hide his face in court today. he had his bail set at $15,000. charge stems from a 1991 incident where he allegedly raped a nine-year-old boy he has been a member of the amended fire department since 1986. >> disappeared after leaving a boston bar. skyfox flying over the scene this afternoon state police divers searched an area of the water near the bridge. they're looking for 22-year-old thackeray mars of harvard. mars of the bell in hand tavern nearly 2 weeks ago it has been seen since. boston police say surveillance video leaves them to believe that more what into the water.
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major endorsement today new jersey governor chris christie. governor charlie baker endorsed chris christie so what does he think about chris christie endorsing donald trump? >> sunny day but still nicole side and clear night tonight meets temperatures that are going to be dropping how cold it will be in the rebound i had this weekend. >> that call went on for a very long time it's painful to watch a local veteran just try to get a doctors appointment at the va instead gets the runaround. new at 5:45 the new pushing our servicemembers the medical care
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town of watertown announced it will not allow filming for patriots' day is moving being about the boston math on bombing cruise when the recredentialing to the brothers and police on the same street where it happened. estate in the town's manager says the re-creates would not be the best of the town. the film company will be looking for another location to film the scene. >> out of control sub slams the door west water home early this morning a woman inside nearly thrown from bad during that crash.
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ended up pinned under his car. >> police tonight trying to figure out if this driver was speeding if he was distracted impaired in any way down here you can see the tracks left behind by this out of control sub right before harold into this woman's home. >> the 9-1-1 call came in from across the street. john public works official at his police scanner on. his heart sake when he heard the exact address. >> at first police thought was a pedestrian hit they quickly
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under the neath was a driver. she was in bed she was scared to death. >> she was okay but it took firefighters a good 20 minutes to lift the suv off the driver. using these air jets the driver flow 12 austin hospital and police say he will likely face criminal charges for losing control of the suv. there was at least one witness. >> john says his mother's back home she's doing much better the walls all patched up there able to turn the heat on inside tonight at six will tell you who would been standing in this area if this crash happened 30 minutes later. tractor-trailer crash causing
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eric martin of alabama ran a red light enough of a lot of this gas station the busy intersection. hit two cars of both of those drivers suffered minor injuries cleanup took on an hour because some fuel spill from the truck. martin was cited for failing to stop. x you may want to get your grocery shopping early done early this week and because 10,000 local supermarket workers are considering walking up the job on sunday. stop and shop is already posted ads on craigslist for replacement workers in case a workers union votes to strike. the union also posted a video online featuring some massachusetts workers hoping to sway public opinion. >> the union says stop and shop parent company looking to cut workers pensions and increase health care expenses.
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statement saying the company has history of working out contracts with unions without disruptions to workers or customers. >> beautiful looking day out there all kinds of sunshine hardly any clouds in southern new england but temperatures on the cool side at least compared to what we had recently about average for late every day though eyes across area in the 30s couple 40 degree readings boston hitting 41 degrees also noted plymouth at 40 degrees as well. these temperatures were nice but not the real warm temperatures we've seen as of late those are coming back. futurecast showing the timeline overnight into the middle day tomorrow all kinds of clear skies tonight and sunshine tomorrow. we'll see some clouds to do work and by sunday but with the clear skies tonight come the colder temperatures.
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to the waters going to about 16 in the morning underneath those clear skies. in boston temperatures drop to the 20s anyway heading down to 21 degrees with clear skies first thing in the morning one more time. it's going to be a chilly night no doubt about that. here's a rebound for the afternoon. still going to be coolish but on par with what should happen in february.temperatures in the 30s ipswich at 36 degrees as well.metrowest boston 3841 shirley. back into worcester county itself 38 was to tomorrow so deftly warmer for you there 86 in milford and 37 in harvard massachusetts and only check in with the south sure temperatures here are generally going to be in the 30s as well. middleborough 37 38 for you in marshfield. tomorrow the day we are going to have temperatures that are near normal for this time of year. check out what's happening in the seven-day forecast.
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sunday adding up to around 80 degrees most locations 40 to low 50s start of four days of warm weather. by wednesday we have a storm are going to have to watch that could cool things off on the backside of it and change raindrops to snowflakes. range drops on monday and again on wednesday but that weekend which of course is always in view your temperatures going to go from around 40 degrees on saturday to around 50 degrees on sunday as a warm front goes on by. certainly spiking those temperatures up and then keeping it for good part of that seven day forecast also want to point out the end of the seven-day looks like a return to some very cold air is going to come back in so winter not quite done yet but it is going to be a tough go of this week especially looking to get
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weekend into early next week hard to make snow with temperatures that warm. be tracking the temperature tonight is a down. we'll take a look at those wind chills as well to the night coming up in just a few minutes. >> moms and dads with little ones at home she wants to hear this a couples warning about something that could be in your kitchen right now. >> the disgusting discovery inside the little girls sippy cup and what the company is
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>> euro text dollars can. learning more about the gunman accused of a deadly shooting rampage in kansas. police comforted center for the factor was accused of shooting 50 people telling three of them. tonight police still 20 find a motive. >> reporter: he was randomly shooting people. new details this morning on thursdays the shooting in police can from the identity of the shooter as cedric ford. three people were killed and at least 14 others wounded when he opened fire a little before 5:00 p.m. central time. we have 14 people in various hospitals most conditions range from stable to can critical one going into surgery as we speak. harvey county kansas sheriff
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he later shot a second person before driving to excel industries along care company in heston where he worked. >> at that point shoots 14 more people. three of those were fatalities. sheriff walton says ford was served to protection from abuse order at his work laced just an hour -and-a-half before the shooting spree began and says he believes that order triggered the attacks. >> met gerald who works at excel industries and witness this tax that he never would've imagined his friend and coworker could have done something like this. >> police say the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene took down the shooter single-handedly. sheriff walt called him a hero. the investigation is ongoing.
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hearing this afternoon no longer represents hernandez would be accessible to police. prosecutors say that evidence should only be made available through a warrant or subpoena hernandez accused of killing human boston in 2012 he's already serving life for murder. >> bill cosby dropped a lawsuit against one of his accusers for now. lawyers say he can't fully participate proceedings against billy johnson cosby's attorney says he made the move to focus on his defense in a pennsylvania criminal case. they see the refile the demise mission syndicates lunch on the letter date just accuse act of sipping a drug in your coffee in the 80s. >> the owner of the north largest 50 basis 30 say carlos and his bookkeeper debra submitted false records to the government to abate fiddle fishing quotas for new beverage company carlos seafoods. rafael allegedly told
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under the table for acts of cash. he served our country and now he's eating the runaround just try to get the medical care he deserves. >> put on hold and transferred over and over again. see the bible pity of a local veteran papal call 20 get a doctors appointment at the va. we continue to follow the breaking news of violent crash and i 93 s. in the exit of route 24 s. a car slams right into the side of a guard rail. you can imagine the mess it's causing a bad traffic back about their during rush hour. traffic backed up all the way to the city of boston we will keep you updated was get more information. >> continue follow breaking news cold water killer chisholm sentenced to life behind bars
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traffic is starting to move again after filing crash should i 93 s. the exit to 24 s. car slammed into the side of the guardrail still actually went through the passenger side of the car. skyfox showing that flight on the road as a driver was pulled from the car into the helicopter injuries to the driver unknown at this time. crash happened around 4 o'clock is a live look at the situation right now. traffic still a mess we want to get by you said a mix of headway getting there that's a whole ordeal right now. far left travel lane remains closed in the area police have opened up the breakdown lane one other lane to get past the vehicle but getting to the area is going to take quite some time. take your time. >> devastated and feel betrayed with judge low's inability to give three consecutive life sentences about the eligibility of parole to the individual that took
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horrific manner discussion personally offended. >> calling richards teenage killer sentenced to life with a chance of parole tonight family says that's just not good enough. >> the ritzer family upset because massachusetts law doesn't allow juveniles to be sentenced to life without parole. christine emotionally draining day for this family so many levels. >> reporter: it sure was both the essex the end calling richards parents say that they are just disgusted in this sentencing they can't fathom the idea that calling richards murder chisholm could be back out on the streets of free man again at some point in his life. they had some very powerful words at a news conference following that sentencing. calling richards parents tom and peggy criticized the supreme judicial court ruling that now prohibits juveniles from receiving life sentences
5:32 pm
on christmas eve of 2013 two months after the beloved denver math teacher raped and murdered by then 14-year-old student philip chisholm but the decision has a retroactive effect on past cases her chisholm doesn't deserve a because their daughter will never get one. they say the decision by massachusetts highest court denies justice to her and those who loved her. >> was faced with a difficult decision one that was unfairly restricted by the prudent actions of the messages supreme judicial court to decide juveniles who deliver commit heinous crimes cannot be sentenced to life without parole. callings family friends student and those would mind her have been given a life sentence without parole. >> we did try to speak both
5:33 pm
court as well as his defense attorney after the sentencing neither of them would comment on the case. coming up at six hear from colleen ritzer's parents about the future of this ruling and who they're calling out to amend the law. >> we told you but the big news in the race for the white house new jersey governor chris christie endorsing donald trump it comes days before massachusetts voters will head to the polls on super tuesday. >> right now governor charlie baker is finding himself answering for his own endorsement of chris christie because chris christie endorsed donald trump does that mean baker does?
5:34 pm
i am proud to be here to endorsed donald trump for president of the united states. standing by his son calling in the longtime rent for more than a decade new jersey governor chris christie endorsed leader donald trump in texas. >> governor charlie baker telling us outside his office at the statehouse that what christie does should serve as any flexion what baker. days before the new hampshire primary governor baker endorsed governor christie who is head of the had helped baker get elected. but days later christie's dismal finish in new hampshire caused him to drop out of the race baker says he surprised christie waited back in but calls in his own man. >> in fact governor baker has gone on record wholeheartedly disagreeing with donald trump on a few points including blasting his plan to ban muslims is ridiculous. a set is not making any more
5:35 pm
what asked we would vote for, governor baker isn't the only one not forcing in this race the only other major elected official in massachusetts hasn't said is senator elizabeth warren. we didn't get an answer. >> a cold clear night in the city of boston temperatures dropping as the night goes on get ready for a warm-up just in time for the weekend. gorgeous sunset shot there. >> nothing surprising here vanessa or surprising how cold is going to be in the morning as of late these are the clear skies talk about their few clouds drifted by today but over all a clear night ahead temperatures already dropped down to the 30s up to about 40 boston now down to 35 degrees
5:36 pm
freezing close in his woburn 128 northwest lola 31 chelmsford 30 kings brought 31 degrees to worcester county temperatures here are in the 30s and 20s look at leominster and fitchburg 27 and 29 degrees. overnight low temperatures dropping into the teens and 20s cold start weight and up being a mild weekend. how warm are going to get. >> acquitted of trespassing charges of a job tonight cape cod times reports after more the four hours of discussion ryan hyde announced they had amicably ended their employment relationship. hyde was recently found not guilty on a charge of trespassing and breaking and entering after i did a students home to check her residency.
5:37 pm
year salary. >> woman charged in a crash that left two people hurt, in court today prosecutors say she was hit a couple with a car in chinatown early this month woman was dragged several miles to dorchester she suffered severe injuries. she is being held on $5000 cash april. >> he was sentenced to life in prison as a teenager convicted of killing a classmate now he's eligible for parole and local mother she is the reason so fight to keep her son's killer i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds.
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cars? congressional hearing today investigators say several agencies underutilized leased vehicles. auditors say one in 10 vehicles not needed and five agencies alone wasted $5.8 million in just one year. congressional leaders in the waste is much bigger if you consider the entire federal government fleet. >> agencies called out by the auditors to their keeping closer tabs on their leased vehicles in a removing underutilized leased cars to save taxpayer money. >> apple filed a motion to
5:41 pm
the government hacking an iphone used by terrorists. still have several hours to comply with the deadline set by the fbi tech giant father motion yesterday afternoon ahead of today's deadline. fbi asked apple to help them get into the phone of the san bernardino shooters in the legal brief apple argues the governments request would violate companies first amendment rights. apple also says fbi seeking quote ages power but undermining privacy. >> michigan's governor approving $30 million emergency aid to help pay for it wasn't water bills the eight comes as a city is modeled by the discovery of lead in the water. the plan will pay for 65 percent of the water bills but residents will still have to pay the sewer portion. >> instead when regulars failed to require flints treat river while the integrated chemicals back in 2014 allowing led into drinking water. >> women who want portions one
5:42 pm
hours before the procedure. florida appeals court the three-judge panel said the circuit court judge who initially blocked it didn't have enough facts or evidence to support doing so. american civil union is now suing to overturn the law. >> temperatures in the 20s in some parts of the area boston approaching reason how cold to be forcing the morning and the weekend rebound. >> a better looking to get a
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
va dealing with a n the videos going viral it's painful to watch frustrated local veterans stuck on the call to make an appointment with the va. posted the video that now has
5:45 pm
>> the videos for starting to watch for credits are trying to get care it's all too familiar. army veteran dennis now works for us salem, guzman self molten after two days of 27 appointment to see a va doctor he told his boss about the experience that's when they decide to record the next attempt. he tried to get healthcare. he ends up in an automated cycle. marine veteran himself he says this is experience not the usual. >> . >> but the appointment system itself which is weiss pushing the bill to fix it.the redford va one of the best in the country 's national phone
5:46 pm
would allow veterans to set up doctors appointment straight from the mobile app it's getting a partisan support congress and for veterans groups. this is perfectly aligned with ia va one of our top priorities which is reform of the department of veterans affairs making sure the department work effectively washington congresswoman kathy rogers cosponsored the bill and says is a common sense fix. >> a solution is available doctors offices should be available through the va. >> the call ends where it started with no appointment for him. >> after that video went viral he did finally got that appointment set up.>> high school students calling for the cancellation of concert by american pricing of don mclean because of a domestic islands charge. cape cod times reports student present while his prevention programs for highs on the cape asking constable schools to
5:47 pm
school officials are in talks over whether the concert should take lace mclean denies the domestic violence allegation. >> people charged with stealing from local cars. police believe that part of a nationwide group latest into the happen wednesday in salem new hampshire person stolen from a woman's car outside of a daycare. minutes later police track down these five suspects the nearby in. police said they believe they're a part of the so-called felony lane gang. >> police and heard of the gang before but had not realized until this incident that they made their way up to new hampshire. the group is known for targeting unlocked cars and take his grocery stores and gyms. >> fire official still working to figure out what cost this fire that destroyed a mansion in newport. the flames broke out yesterday at the home on famous bellevue avenue. the home is worth $1 million
5:48 pm
famous families were kennedys. >> the garden is in boston children's hospital last the public health commission heard testimony the plan to remove it the hospital's expanded parents in the garden provides a peaceful place for sick children hospital official said the expansion is necessary due to overcrowding. >> local school finally reopened today after discovered chemicals that cause serious health side effects in the schools air.classes at the clive brown element is going is back in session today after more testing from the school safe there will be a meeting on sunday to talk about findings. >> satellite writer all the sunshine we had out there today at least giving you sunshine clear night to but when you clear night temperatures can drop fairly quickly that sourcing out there.
5:49 pm
futurecast data shows how clear it's going to be from this point on through the night hours all over new england cold up north wing day tomorrow plenty of sunshine stick around into the afternoon as well for most places if you're heading north weekend that's we are plans taking you to more clouds into the mountains a few snow showers recently not anything of consequence travel problems will be found future temperatures already it's 27 here in wooster at this hour under clear skies like 15 with the winds out there going down to 16 actually temperatures by the morning so it's going to be a cold start your weekend for sure. in boston 35 degrees right now mostly clear skies a few clouds drifting by going down to 21 first thing in the morning up to the northwest and lawrence north was to boston clear skies going like 20 right now going down to 22 actual low temperature in the morning let's check out to the south of
5:50 pm
now 23 feels like and 19 year low temperatures overnight low tends to be cold a spot. teens and 20s for your low temperatures tonight start your weekend saturday morning. windsor still got the out there gusting over 30 miles per hour in boston really most places gusting in the 20s but of a breeze out there makes it feel little colder couple of those wind chills having you the temperatures these are the wind chills everywhere feels like 15 wooster 24 boston and 29 hyannis doing little colder than actual temperature.highs tomorrow will rebound back to the 30s around 40 degrees similar to what you saw today maybe a couple of degrees warmer but the real spike in temperatures will come with a warm front pushing on by and that's going to happen on sunday. you see her new seven-day forecast or weekends always in view there is going up to 51 on
5:51 pm
the milder aaron here tough to dislodge something that's very common this winter on monday a cold front goes by with some showers. a little for tuesday were back up with an affront on wednesday comes on bicycles back down for real by the end of the week but it's this time for them watching very closely because our computer model showing a couple of different things storms coming by with at least rain but computer model the gfs the showing another storm forming right along the front pushing toward us as a cold air arrives so the question will be will rain change over to snow by wednesday into thursday. clearly this is several days away so we can't really count on just one computer model and the not all in agreement as we seen a lot this winter as well. will be watching that timeframe very closely as to whether or
5:52 pm
wintry precipitation on in the bottom line is cold air and by the end of the week despite the mild temperatures for much of the week winter is over just yet will be tracking a very closely throughout the night drop in temperatures the warm-up coming potential. later on. >> boston red sox baseball teams including boston college paying special tribute to pete brady. i spoke to challenge this is the logo teams will wear on the specially made armed band this made. program called beer together strikeout als. baseball teams at any level can get the specialized wristbands and the donation goes to the fight against als. >> 93 s. a mess right now exit to route 24 s. car slammed into
5:53 pm
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disgusting amount of mold found in cb cups. >> when they went home to check their own cupboards they were shocked by what they found. >> reporter: sarah 50-month-old twin daughters have been tricked out of these a popular brand of sippy cup. on wednesday has been sought a disturbing story online about
5:56 pm
toppers of the particular brand. >> now the family is worried about the twins health. >> the company tommy to be is aware of the situation. the company says customers will get replacement parts plans on redesigning the product. it will be available the next few much picnics child safety seat maker recalled thousands of its products concerns children can loosen the internal harness increasing the risk of injury in a crash. the seats are made by evenflo the recall affects 56,000
5:57 pm
combination booster seats. so far no injuries have been reported evenflo says they will send owners a kit so they can fix the problem. >> major department store changing its policy on coupons macy says it will no longer take coupons for clearance items but they will still apply to full price and sale items. clearance items will still be deeply discounted. changes ever to make the shopping experience easier for customers. >> another department store offering some even deeper discounts play off of its name jcpenney sizzle start selling some items for one sent this weekend. it's called a penny's worth. the struggling still hoping this promotion will lore in more shoppers the first weeklong event start sunday and will feature arizona brand items from buy one get one for just a penny. >> . >> legendary connections. guitarist play by eric clapton
5:58 pm
office help also be guitars and felt it back to the 1880s and many instruments made by famous makers like d'angelo got gibson martin the auctioneer says these are some of the most unique guitars in the world. >> reaching names like eric clapton. stevie ray vaughn eddie van halen george benson. ringo starr and john lennon. tony magee told the list goes on and on picnics the auction takes place in new york city tomorrow at two if you can't be there in person you can bid online in real time. >> a one-way unit corporate cost came pouring into the california highway patrol. more than three hours later the mythical suspect was taken into custody. >> wears the horn for photos
5:59 pm
>> a careless judgment day. changes in the law giving philip chisholm a chance at parole in 40 years. >> the fall of a crime that robbed the world of calling ritzer. >> this is fox25 news at 6 complete new england news coverage. >> 18 killer was sentenced early this afternoon. philip chisholm will spend at least the next 40 years behind bars for the murder of danvers high school math teacher
6:00 pm
>> reporter: it was a very emotional day. until today this entire trial is been all about philip chisholm. well today it was time for colleen's family to say something. today they demanded justice and they talked about what they lost. >> a heartbroken thomas ritzer explaining to the court the devastation caused by the murder of his oldest daughter calling ritzer. she was 24 years old a math teacher timbers high school and she was murdered her family remarried calling and so much more they remembered colleen is a rend as a force for good in the world. someone irreplaceable.


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