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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> reporter: it was a very emotional day. until today this entire trial is been all about philip chisholm. well today it was time for colleen's family to say something. today they demanded justice and they talked about what they lost. >> a heartbroken thomas ritzer explaining to the court the devastation caused by the murder of his oldest daughter calling ritzer. she was 24 years old a math teacher timbers high school and she was murdered her family remarried calling and so much more they remembered colleen is a rend as a force for good in the world. someone irreplaceable.
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he had what this trial philip chisholm showed no emotion at a sentencing hearing. that infuriated colleen's family as he urged judge david slowing to structure a sentence in such a way that chisholm would never again see freedom even though life no processes for teenagers is now unconstitutional. >> from the bench it appeared the judge lowered agonized over the sentence after setting court that there is no right sentence in a case like this. this all means that the very earliest philip chisholm would be eligible for release when he is 54 years old. he is 17 now.
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continues a live team coverage tonight in salem. >> that's right the ritzer family standing with the essex da after causing the governor and legislature to amend this law they say that while it a not change calling which is case it could help out other families in the future. speaking in a news conference a couple of hours ago following that sentencing calling which is parents tom and peggy ritzer criticized the supreme judicial court ruling that now prohibits juveniles from receiving life sentences without parole. that ruling was on christmas eve of 2013 after two months after the beloved math teacher was raped and murdered by then 14-year-old student philip chisholm. her parents emotional today saying that philip chisholm
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should never leave prison. they say the decision by massachusetts highest court denied justice to her and those who loved her. >> we did try reaching out to chisholm's own defense attorney as well as his mother as they left court today we tried speaking with them but neither of them a comment on the case. >> more details on the change of law related to automatic life sentences without parole pertaining killers. the state supreme judicial court change the law in 2013 it was declared retroactive. which affected around city by current inmates.
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board to release christian christian was involved in a 1994 murder in brockton.>> diane chisholm saying quote words can't express the amount of pain and sorrow this past two years have been. however there was no one who suffered more than the ritzer family my utmost steam prayers and humble respect is with them today as they continue their journey to heal. >> always a now open for traffic is slowly starting to move after a bad crash shut down 93 s. the exit to route 24 s. a car slammed into the side of a guard rail and the seal what do the passenger side of
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live traffic map you can see the extensive delays crash backing up for many miles. making a friday night commute a very long trip home for some folks. skyfox showing midflight on the road as a driver was pulled from the car and put into the helicopter. the injuries of the driver are unknown.this crap getting to the area will still take you quite some time thanks to the residual delays. >> town of watertown announced patriots' day. crews want to re-create the shootout between the brothers and police on the same street where it happened. estate of the town's manager says the re-creation would not town. the film company will be looking for another location to film the scene. >> been arrested this week it was to have been involved death in the bacons he was arraigned in central district court today on a list of charges.
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investigated for 32 to 35 home break-ins thousands of stolen items were allegedly recovered from his home during to police searches. he was arrested by the worcester swat team yesterday after a standoff with police. >> suitable temps fox 25 chief neurologist kevin lemanowicz getting spoiled around here with 50 and 60 degrees days. >> tonight temperatures will be dropping even colder than what you see here these are the highs earlier today was to only getting to freezing at 32 boston at 41. look at the difference between today and yesterday more than 20 degrees cooler in boston most places back norwood 25 degrees cooler the high temperatures going from 60 five yesterday only 40 today. february supposed to be the school not the warm stuff we
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sunshine during the day clear skies tonight with the clear skies is futurecast here to stay clear all night long. with the clear skies and temperatures have the opportunity to drop so let's check out a few places are by our boston going from the 20s now to about 22 at 6 o'clock in the morning go to be cold night even colder out in wooster going from 21 down to 17 by 6 o'clock in the morning both places under clear skies those clear skies wake up sunshine temperatures will rebound woman gets by the end of the week stretch of warm weather that had picked. >> sewer main break that opened yesterday morning will now cause road restrictions to last through monday in wooster we first reported last night sewer work was expected to be done today but since then we've learned there have been some
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crews reported today electrical conduit was also damaged pushing back the timetable. >> federal safety officials investigate what happened. skyfox over the scene here on boulevard with a construction worker fell from a roof. that worker was seriously hurt working out to get updates on the person's condition.>> democrats heading to the polls tomorrow another round primary voting. south carolina last day to cast ballots before super tuesday went 11 states including massachusetts but the democratic as well 's republican primaries. >> after last night while gop debate donald trump picks up the endorsement of chris christie. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> new jersey governor chris christie endorsing leader donald trump in texas. >> governor charlie baker telling outside his office that what christie does should serve as an reflection on baker. >> days before the new hampshire primary cover baker
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is head of the association had helped a get elected. but days later christie dismal finish in new hampshire cost him to drop out of the race baker says he surprised christie waited back in because of his own man. >> in fact governor baker's gone on record wholeheartedly disagreeing with donald trump on a few points including lasting's plan to ban muslims is ridiculous. baker says he's not making any more endorsements in the future and when asked who he would vote for -- >> i can tell you this i don't anticipate voting for donald trump. >> governor baker's not the only one not endorsing in this race massachusetts senator elizabeth ward has yet to say who she will book for on super tuesday we did reach out to her office to ask but we didn't get an answer back. >> tractor-trailer crash caused big problems today in
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police tell us eric martin of alabama ran a red light of a lot of this gas station at the intersection of boundary and the turnpike. hit two cars in both of those drivers suffered minor injuries. cleanup took more than an hour because of a fuel spill martin was cited for failing to stop for a red light. >> fire damage cell to homeless families today in norwell. firefighters tell us they were called before noon and you can see the damage here this home is used for families in transition but fortunately no one was there at the time. the fire is believed to be related to an overheated electrical unit the family who lived there at the time is now being relocated. >> a mother and her kids getting a haunting surprise. >> police revealing about the suspect in our next half-hour. >> a man loses control of his
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i
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mostly because of the delay a cause for first responders. >> reporter: if you walk over
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streets are this one in particular down they see one car fumes goes off because here double park like that parked illegally. if a fire truck or inlets come down they might have trouble. >> it may be quiet now hereunder so street in west roxbury but not as people come home and lined both sides of the street with cars. people here say get so narrow first responders can get through and mark joseph words it could keep rescue us from helping his ailing mother. and not just here. in downtown the illegal parking on already narrow street is causing more more problems for
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we sent skyfox over the top of three areas the city is identified for illegal parking. from the sidestreets in fenway street around boston medical center and along longwood avenue we found several cars even delivery trucks parked blocking lanes of traffic boston ems chief jim hooley says what may seem like a quick stop can have serious consequences. >> so we mounted several cameras on our news vehicle to is. we drove the narrow streets of the south end and it didn't take long to find people causing some serious tieups this car blocking entire road for several minutes leaving us and other drivers behind us with nowhere to go. we also came across this man blocking another street. when we asked him about it, he admitted it wasn't the best idea. >> of course emergency responders are joking about
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me they will be stepping their enforcement on streets of like this one to prevent any issues for boston ems or fire.>> knew it six local man suing a water country claim he nearly drowned in a crowded wave pool. union leader reports needed filed a lawsuit this month in response to the incident he says happen in 2014. he claims he slipped under the water the deep end of the pool was knocked unconscious. the suit alleges not enough lifeguards on staff water country is not responded. >> cruise back out today searching for a man who disappeared after leaving a boston bar. skyfox flying over the scene this afternoon state police diver searched an area of water right near the bridge. looking for this man 22-year-old zachary mar of harvard. he led the bell and hand tavern two weeks ago and has not seen been seen since.
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>> video proof that been one mild winter. the beach may not be the place you want to start your weekend. >> it will be warmer by sunday for sure. this is the average high temperature for the day 41 degrees and we were there today in boston but there are plenty of cool spots out there. sunshine throughout the day did really warm us up all that much but clear skies tonight that will act to cool us down no clouds to blanket us temperatures drop for sure dropping down to 33 in boston below freezing cambridge to watertown go to woburn of leading to the west of boston up to the city of lowell temperatures drop to 30 chelmsford 28 pelham new hampshire down to 28 degrees already as well.
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for february little bit of a breeze feels cold out there. temperatures feel like the teens in many spots north pro 28 auburn 26 leominster down to 20 degrees already as well. hour by hour through the night temperatures dropping to the 20s early in the morning dropping to the teens especially was the county hour by hour snapshot between these times you can get temperatures a little cooler i expect they'll be more teens to the west of boston through the morning hours especially in by noon time rebound into the 30s in the 30s near 40 degrees in the afternoon as the sun goes down. another average february day coming up tomorrow low temperatures of talking about many more teens and those hour by hour show you 17 bedford 15 worcester dropping down to the low teens into southwestern new clear skies tonight futurecast timeline shows that happening will see sims clouds work in early and sunday leading edge
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front so that's going to bring the spike in temperatures were going to see by sunday afternoon. sunshine both days a few more clouds on sunday to start the day as that warm front slides by tour west northwest but once the clouds go by look what temperatures do 42 in foxboro on saturday 56 on sunday. 41 saturday 54 sunday in boston nashua new hampshire in the 50s on sunday cool here on cape cod winds up the water the reason you probably don't want to go for dip this weekend even if it does warm up 45 you in chatham on sunday afternoon. seven day forecast with weekend in view warm temperatures not to sunday but right through the middle of next week. wednesday the 21 thinking it's going to be warm here is that european computer model gfs model showing earlier storm system working in trying to bring us some rain certainly some rain a potentially changing over to snow on the backside it this way for to form on the front.
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likely situation right now i'm thinking more the warm side of things i wanted to keep this in the back of your mind as everything develops will see several days away. looking onto next wednesday at that point it does look like a little shop cold air behind it and of next week into the early part of next week and so there is the possibility of wintry weather once a cold air arrives will keep a close eye on the track of the few in the meantime with that we can view you see it's going to spike 50 on sunday pretty good-looking weekend coming up. >> 50 degrees on sunday just think one year ago we were dealing with a 100 inch of snow. >> it's true. the winters ever like the last. this time last year we were buried under hundred inches of snow snow is winter on record in boston with 110.6 inches. this year we seen less than a quarter of that which is nearly
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picked up in just one storm last year. largely due to very mild temperatures. we've seen 33 a record number of days where we've seen 50 degrees or higher in boston and dwell for 60 degree days we've seen about eight of those so the mild days in december january as well as this month so far put us in the number two spot for the warmest winter on record in boston. it has been mild we also seem a very active pattern that trend looks to continue. typically we see about seven inches of snow in march last year just a little bit more and what i want to point out one of boston's biggest snowstorms did occur in late march and april were we saw over two feet of snow. >> middle aged storm one of in the state. >> comes to the agents used to gain access to the building.
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has been identifie this afternoon we learn the killer was served with a protection from abuse order about 90 minutes before the attack began. people. new details this morning on versus deadly shooting in police confirm the identity of the shooter as
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three people were killed at least 14 others were wounded when he opened fire a little before 5:00 p.m. central time. >> harvey county kansas sheriff t will detail the timeline of the shootings which begin when ford allegedly shot a man driving his two children. he shot a second person before driving to excel industries a worked. >> share faults says for the circuit protection from abuse order is workplace just an hour and half before the shooting spree began and says he believed the order triggered the attacks. >> met gerald who works at excel industries and witness the attacks city never would've imagined his friend and coworker could've done
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>> police say the first law-enforcement officer to arrive at the scene took down the shooter single-handedly. sheriff what called him a hero. the investigation is ongoing. local superintendent acquitted of trespassing charges out of a job tonight. after more than four hours of discussion the school committee and the superintendent announced that quote amicably agreed to end their employment relationship and hyde was found not guilty on a charge of trespassing and breaking and entering after it ended a student's home to check for residency. >> fire officials to working to figure out what caused this fire that destroyed a mansion in newport flames broke out yesterday at the home of the famous bellevue avenue. home is worth $3 million held in the 1940s. several famous families and attain their including the kennedys.
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they say broke into a home with a mother and two children inside. the action police are now taking as a community is on high alert. >> classes back in session at a local school after air-quality issues hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come
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i'm bernie sanders,
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a cold stare from a killer just before he learned his fate.
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sentence for killing was high school teacher calling ritzer. >> calling ritzer spanish-speaking with the essex da at their side causing the governor and the legislature to make some changes to amen this law they say while the change may not affect calling was her case it could help families in the future also speaking justice they spoke at a news conference just a couple of hours ago following the sentencing both of colleen's parents tom richard peggy ritzer criticized the supreme judicial courts ruling that now prohibits juveniles from receiving life sentences without parole. that ruling was on christmas eve of 2013 two months after the beloved danvers high math teacher was raped and murdered i then 14-year-old student philip chisholm her parents of
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saying that chisholm will never be rehabilitated and he should never leave prison. >> chisholm will not get the chance to be out on the streets at the age of 29 nor will he be out by the time that he is 40 that's another age that we heard the defense attorneys mentioned in court during the sentencing phase but he will have the chance at read him at the age of 54 and while that's a long time from now 38 years the ritzer family says they are not comfortable with the idea that he could be out at all.
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chisholm's own mother as she left the court after sentencing today we also try to speak with his defense attorney neither of them would comment.>> the best way to get breaking news from your not your television it's free and easy to download to search talks 25 news in the app store. >> canton mother says she will fight to keep the man who murdered her son behind bars. sean will let beat to death with a bait baseball bat in 1986 the killer was a classmate then 14-year-old fox25 terry cavanaugh spoke with sean's mother about her reaction to learning matthews requested a parole hearing next month. >> three decades later jeannie quinn flooded with memories of her 14-year-old son sean roulette.
6:33 pm
hockey basketball baseball the boy who spent summers volunteering with children with disabilities the boy whose life was cut short. in 1986 a fellow classmate lord shone into the woods near his canton home beating him to death with a baseball bat. they came out trial that rod matthews was also 14 at the time just wanted to know what it was like to kill someone. he was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. talks 25 mark ockerbloom was there 2007 with the parole board tonight matthew's request to get out then matthew postponed another hearing in 2012. that brings us to this year and another chance for matthew to get out.>> quinn was
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once again asked to be released. quinn such been battling non-hodgkin lymphoma the last two years she will have the strength to fight for sons memory before the parole board next month. that's provided matthews to choose to postpone it once again. the owner of one of the northeast largest fishing businesses has been busted on conspiracy charges. authorities say carlos and his bookkeeper submit a false work is to abate fiddle " is for bedford company carlos seafood. undercover fbi agents poses organized crime members looking to buy the business and rafael allegedly told them he sold
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>> classes at the cliburn elementary school back in session after more testing from the school safe. there will be meeting on sunday to talk about the specific findings of the report. >> a water main break cancel classes today at a leicester middle school official said the damage is minor school tweeting out today that a dance plan for tonight was also postponed no word on what caused the main to break school officials did not say with a school would be canceled on monday and added the damage will be rescheduled. >> suv rolled into a woman's home while she was asleep. tonight police of the driver likely faces criminal charges. >> the impact rocked the house took out the entire front wall tonight police try to figure out if this driver was speeding distracted or even impaired down here you can see the tracks of the control suv.
6:36 pm
across the street john public works official has police scanner on. >> his heart sank when he heard the exact address. >> at first police but it was a pedestrian hit they quickly figured out the person pinned underneath was a driver. >> after his mother was upstairs when she heard and out the crash. >> it took firefighters a good 20 minutes to lift the suv off the driver. using these air jacks the driver was flown to boston hospital and police say he will likely face criminal charges
6:37 pm
there was at least one witness. >> if the crash happened 30 minutes later there would've been a group of students waiting for the school bus right along the suv's path. workers were able to patch of that front wall and john says she's doing much better. >> trying to hide his face in court today 59-year-old james mcgillivary has bill set at $15,000 for the child rape accusation. charge stems from a 1991 incident where he allegedly raped a nine-year-old boy. he has been a member of the fire department since 1986. >> the rest of longtime firefighter is extremely disappointing these allegations are deeply disturbing and are abusive public trust we offer our support to the victim and
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>> the former patriot now convicted killer was not there for the hearing this afternoon. at issue with a certain evidence in the custody of a third-party law firm but no longer represents hernandez prosecutors say that evidence would only be made available for a wart or a subpoena. hernandez accused of killing two men in boston in 2012 he's already serving life for murder. >> the woman charged the crash that left two people hurt was back in court today. prosecutors say of sandwich was hit a couple with a car in chinatown early this month the woman was dragged several miles into dorchester. she suffered severe injuries she is being held on $5000 cash bail she's due back in court and able. >> new hampshire police on the hunt for this man saying he robbed a convenience store happened last night a 7-eleven
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white man with blond hair and a full beard came into the store to many cash took off with about $140. >> is frustrating just to watch but for veterans try to get care it's all too familiar. this video going viral shows a local veteran try this try to make an appointment with the va in bedford after getting stuck in a cycle of messages eventually gives up. congressman posted a video from the staffer that now has more than 1 million views. he says the video highlights way a bill he's proposing to allow veterans to use a mobile app is the va appointment is being needs. marine veteran himself he says this experience isn't unusual. >> this is a real challenge that veterans face every single day. after the video went viral the better did riley get his appointment set up.>> congress today said that children who came to the us alone need protecting. >> they flooded the board is
6:40 pm
thousands of immigrant children trying to reach parents or relatives already living in this country. congressional democrats have their being unfairly rushed to immigration court. >> house democrats just unveiled the fair day in court for kids act. they say the legislation would ensure immigrant chosen in federal custody appointed a lawyer and provided other legal services. defendants in criminal courts have the right to return he's is not the case if you're an immigrant challenging deportation. children often face an immigration judge alone. but if they have an attorney there five times more likely to be granted asylum. >> democrats are also criticizing how the obama administration is dealing with a surge of child immigrants.
6:41 pm
raiding homes of undocumented immigrant families deporting them immediately. the home and study secretary has said recent rates are in line with deportation priorities. and needed to disgorge more immigrants from coming to the us illegally. red sox and acc baseball teams boston college paying special tribute. program is called the ban together strikeout als. baseball teams at any level can get the specialized wristbands and the donation goes straight to the fight against als. >> clear skies out there today warmed up a bit i guess
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please look out for the suspect away. >> you can imagine some truly writing moments for this family. newburyport police are calling this a brazen crime because this happened here in this neighborhood right in the
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>> 2 o'clock wednesday afternoon this newburyport weather called 9-1-1 will hiding in her bedroom with a three-year-old. >> her one-year-old still sleeping across the hall. police have no issued an arrest warrant for this man keith adcock of seabrook new hampshire police say he drove up to the house on turkey a road and smashed the glass sliding door in the back. >> police say after being scared off babcock set off nearly hitting an off-duty officer that officer was able to take down his license plate number. >> in just the past few months
6:46 pm
same area have also been broken into. right now police are sure of this latest breaking is related. they're not ruling it out. for folks living together on high alert. here in this neighborhood say they always keep a very close eye out on any suspicious activity because of this recent string of break-ins, newburyport police are now holding a communitywide meeting next tuesday and were going to be posting the information on a website >> clear skies this evening realize looking night out there feeling a little different february like temperatures after the warm-up we had in the warm-up to come let's first tackle this weekend because that's most important art of this forecast. for your plans this evening
6:47 pm
it's 25 in wooster keep that minor to let is under those clear skies temperatures dropping down to the teens out there wake up this afternoon despite the south north shore lawrence 30 degrees right now temperatures falling tonight feels like 18 with one right now going down to 19 as a sun comes up in the morning boston down to freezing now 32 degrees and going down to the 20s overnight tonight 22 degrees despite your sunshine first thing in the morning. i cold night the coldest of the stretch not that it's much of a stretch from today to tomorrow afternoon high temperature tomorrow to be more like they were today like they should be in february out of clear skies. waking up to sunshine a few clouds to the north but mostly sunny skies even in ski country tomorrow take this into saturday evening it'll be clear of your plans saturday evening as well. but clouds that moving from the northwest you see those especially the warm front
6:48 pm
clouds across the area earlier sunday. snow showers here up around sugarbush in vermont to north jp for instance might be a little bit of snow shower activity in western maine but generally a mostly sunny afternoon across new england these clouds start to lift outback as well it will be mostly cloudy the father not to go in new england for the weekend. the matter what your plans are no big weather issues this weekend at all. just a matter of a difference in temperature from one day to the next. for saturday tomorrow afternoon check out the temperatures for you 43 in arlington summerville 3941 boston quincy 42 degrees tomorrow afternoon. north shore temperatures about the same upper 30s to low 40s salisbury beach at 42 marblehead at 41 worcester county to the west you could be the upper 30s gardner rutland both at 38 northborough also at 38 degrees and the south shore finally to the south of boston plymouth 38 foxboro 42 degrees.
6:49 pm
the weekend because your plans want to go northward sunday river about 40 degrees burlington vermont 37 manchester portland maine 87 degrees tomorrow afternoon.if you're thinking skiing this weekend doing their best to make some of that snow up there and keep it on the slopes for you it's been a tough go this year but you know they're working hard to keep you in good conditions five degrees for high saturday afternoon bit of a breeze to so it will be cool but just bundle up in ski conditions after all. a cold night day tomorrow they'll make it snow set us up for a nice-looking day on sunday. seven day forecast shows your weekend always in view warming up on sunday have a 51 on sunday starting a stretch of degree afternoons anyway right through wednesday. significant rain or snow is more more like rain european model storm going to our west just like the stone we just had
6:50 pm
was in the rain heavy rain situation with when to go along with it push on out of here so unlike the other models i showed you this no snow potential with that storm system still being several days away and still being only the beginning of march we have to watch the storms of the come across like you're likely a mild rainstorm coming up by later next week. nothing like that this weekend looking pretty nice out there temperatures biking on sunday. >> she's so humble and so sweet nice girl. she's right in there with all of them. >> time now to welcome a new member to the fox25 team. very happy to be here as well coming up next in sports tom
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myers if you did love mresume. most red sox pitchers and catchers report for last week for joe kelly 's arrival came a little late but for good reason the birth of his first child knocks kelly great name by the way sounds like a future baseball player to me. for poppa keller he will be looking to build on last seasons strong with the socks. >> unlike most of his teammates joe kelly didn't want the 2015 season to end by the time october came around he finally found a successful groove. even still he did let baseball consumers thoughts for half
6:55 pm
>> off-season over so it's time to talk a little baseball for joe kelly that means trying to figure out a bottle up what he did at the end of last season and carry over to 2016. >> that's been the full use of his pitch mix. you know i got in a little groove.
6:56 pm
the more we learn about mookie more there is to like including his willingness to change position for the benefit of the team 's been a second iceman centerfielder this year is moving to write. >> i tell you this kids 23 years old make a little over half 1 million a year he picked up dinner for the entire red sox team last night. >> a big pay day ahead down the road. >> welcome. >> temperatures in the 50s all
6:57 pm
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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tonight, jennifer garner breaks her silence on her crumbling marriage, telling all about ben and the nanny and what she thinks about his giant back tattoo. struggling with the pain of the back? out why they're still living on the same property. behind the scenes kelley clarkson's "american idol" break down. >> i don't think there was a drew eye in the house. >> she takes a look back at her emotional performance. >> i am so disoriented. &-


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