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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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brings to us -- us their reaction from salem. >> reporter: colleen ritzer's family said today was finally supposed to be about her the kind, good loving young woman who wanted to make her students lives better but today it was also about justice and the family says they didn't get it. >> colleen was my daughter, my friend, someone i could go to for anything. >> reporter: the family of colleen ritzer has endured immeasurable heartache in court viewing video of the beloved danvers high math teacher moments before her own student would rape, strangle and stab the 24-year-old in her own school, then dispose of her body in a recycling bin. >> i wish i could have helped colleen but no one could have helped her that day. >> reporter: but friday's sentencing may have been among the hardest days in court. >> there is no "right" sentence. >> reporter: as they learn now 17-year-old philip chism will have a chance at freedom with a sentence of life with the possibility of parole after 40 years.
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unacceptable and the laws must be changed. >> reporter: the ritzers had pleaded for life without parole but a supreme judicial court ruling two months after ritzer's 2013 murder prohibits juveniles from receiving life sentences without parole. restrictions our family will be forced to attend parole hearings beginning in 38 unimaginable to us. >> reporter: chism's mother refused to comment after sentencing. >> no comment robert his defense attorney also >> i have no comment. >> reporter: the ritzers are calling on the governor and legislature to amend the new law hoping to help other families seeking justice. >> we pledge as colleen's loved ones to apply the same vigor for life that colleen demonstrated every day to righting the small wrong. >> reporter: we did reach out to a local justice expert that the ritzer's plea for the law to be amended could happen. the legislature could do the same exact ling that the supreme court did and allow
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sentence for a juvenile without the possibility of parole if that judge deems that to be the most appropriate sentence. in salem, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. philip chism's mother released a statement saying words can't express the amount of pain and sorrow these past 2.50 years have been. however, there is no one who has suffered more than the ritzer family. my ultimate most' esteem, prayers and humble respect is with them today as they continue their journey to heal. our coverage continues on log on to read more about the sentence. more on the family's impact statements and there's information about the colleen ritzer memorial scholarship. a much colder night out there tonight. it feels a little more like february. our chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is standing by now tracking a return of some warmer temperatures for the week, right, kevin? >> yes, meteorological winter is about to be done. march 1st we start spring recordkeeping. today we will finish with the second warmest winter on record.
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feel like february at least for a day it will feel that way tomorrow, too. when you wake up going down . plenty of sunshine tomorrow to rebound those temperatures back up to near 16 to 17 in worcester. some of the suburbs in both cities will be colder than those temperatures under these clear skies. it will stay clear through the middle of the day into the afternoon tomorrow. nice looking day in boston. but temperatures they're going to be in the upper 30s to around 40 which is about average for this time of year. notice more clouds the farther north you go into central for a couple snow showers to come on. in here are some of those highs no matter where you 38 in worster to the south and 35 hyannis. a february day to be sure won't feel that way sunday. how warm we're going to get. a man arrested in worcester may have been involved in dozens of break-ins. 38-year-old was arrested today on a long list of charges. the assistant d.a. says he
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for 30 to 35 home break-ins. thousands of stolen items were allegedly recovered from his home during two different police searches. he was arrested by the worcester swat team yesterday after a standoff with police. >> two seniors one 80, the other 92 both taken advantage of by someone they trusted. new tone their former bank teller allegedly stole more than $10,000 from their accounts. fox 25's john monahan is live in west boylston. john, you talked with one of the victims. >> that's right, mark. he tells fox 25 he didn't stolen from his account. alone. that teller stealing thousands from this man. >> because i use the same one right here in town all the time. >> reporter: donald coxe an 80-year-old schoolteacher. >>.
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was concerned. >> some of donald's money was missing. >> they found the money had account. this is 23-year-old kayleigh quist after an internal investigation by the bank using their own surveillance footage she was arrested. >> when they're doing it they must have some kind of an idea who it is and what kind of account. >> she is charged with stealing at least $11,000 from the bank accounts of two senior citizens. one a 92-year-old man, the other donald. >> you got to be in some kind of desperate thing to try and take advantage of all the people. >> and tonight fox 25 has learned donald says he was is just glad the law caught up with her.
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should. >> she has been fired. if convicted she could face up to five years behind bars. live in west boilsston tonight. john monahan, fox 25 news. >> 21-year-old man has been killed in a crash in plymouth. tonight police have identified the victim as joseph samp -- sampson. the driver drove off the road on route 3. sampson was the passenger in that car. no word on the drivers condition or what caused the crash. a nasty crash on 93 in the middle of the friday afternoon rush. the driver slammed right into a guard rail. now state police are taking a very close look at that guard rail. something fox 25 has investigated in the past. tonight fox 25's jim morelli is live in newton with what an expert had to say. jim? >> reporter: well, by the
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accordian style to slow the vehicle down then this bar here is supposed to harmlessly fallaway. well, that definitely did not happen today. >> reporter: a traffic stopping crash an exquisitely close call and a frightening encounter with a highway guard rail. >>ed a approximately 3:15 p.m. when it struck another vehicle. that collision set off a chain of events which culminates -- culminated in the honda getting impaled by a piece of the guard rail. this is called unbelievable luck. these guard rails slice you right open. and spinning him. in he was strapped inside the vehicle for approximately 35 minutes. >> the driver a 32-year-old male from brockton was freed then med flighted to boston hospital where he is
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>> a little furtherco vuld been a fatal crash. guard rails aren't supposed to act like giant ja daggers in a crash. >> when he struck the guard rail it came into his do that. >> reporter: tonight highway workers repair the damaged section of guard rail on interstate 93 even as questions remain about how and why it nearly became a lethal project style. >> -- projectle. >> this is one lucky guy. >> very lucky guy. >> now state police tell us that it appears speed was a factor in this crash but they also say witnesses saw the driver of the honda slumped over the wheel right after he that it other vehicle so they can't rule out a possible medical condition as well. live in newton, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> an s.u.v. brld into a woman's moment while she was asleep and the driver will likely face charges that
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the car in the process. the s.u.v. landing on top of him after it hit the house. >> my mother was in bed at the time very shaken up obviously but she wasn't injured it took firefighters a good 20 minutes to lift the s.u.v. off the driver. >> 59-year-old james had his bail set at $15,000 for the child rape accusations. >> the charge seems from an incident where he allegedly raped a nine-year-old boy. he has been a member of the maynard fire department since 1986. >> five people are dead tonight authorities say a man called police this morning saying he shot his family is threatening to kill himself when police arrived they found four people dead after hours of negotiations the suspect reportedly walked outside the home and killed himself. the 12-year-old girl related
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standoff and was taken to the hospital. >> tonight we continue to follow the news out of kansas where four people were killed and another 14 were hurt in a workplace shooting incident. >> the gunman identified as 38-year-old cedric ford and was served a restraining order. it the first officer to arrive that single hangeddedly took out shooter's. >> now to the latest on the campaign trail. >> donald trump picking up major endorsement today. new jersey governor chris christie throwing his support behind the g.o.p. front-runner. this comes after trump faced relentless attacks from marco rubio and ted cruz. governor charlie baker had endorsed christie before he suspended his campaign but
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not be voting for trump. >> 30 second spot focuses on clinton's positions on stopping gun violence and tightening gun control laws. the former congressman who was shot and severely injured in 2011 says she's counting on clinton to handle the nation's gun violence problem. the ad is running in massachusetts through tuesday. bernie sanders was campaigning in south carolina tonight. in tuesday's massachusetts primary sanders and hillary clinton are very close in the latest poll. with 7% of voters still undecided. >> clear skies over much of new england tonight allowing for temperatures to drop wait until you see the rebound how long it's going to last. 90% of people were in favor of it. up next why a movie re-creation of the shoot-out with the tsarnaev brothers in watertown will not be going forward. >> five people charged with
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police think this is a sophisticated operation.
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investigat a chuteout between the tsarnaev brothers and police will not be re-created. kathryn burcham is live in watertown where many residents were on board with it town officials were not. >> yeah, mark those close to the film tell me that they were prepared for the fact that people who live here on
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the movie to be shot here. instead they say in the recent weeks they were actually surprised by the overwhelming support for the project and they were just as surprised that town officials wanted to stop it. seeing. >> brad julien watched the police shoot-out from the second story window a bullet hole from the quest to capture dzhokhar tsarnaev still marks his home. as horrifying and frightening as that night was mullen says most importantly it was his story. >> a sense it's a story that a lot of people would like to know. to re-create the shoot-out on the very site it happened. we know to though people this is the truth what happened in watertowna source tells fox 25 a neighborhood question air about the project was 90% positive which is why today's reaction from town officials was so jarring in
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announced monday further reflection filming are the creation of the watertown shoot-out is not in the best and interest of watertown let the people know right by my windows. residents tell us watertown should play its own important part in the movie and they don't understand why town leaders have moved to stop it. i'm upno one knows why. >> we did reach out to a town councilwoman those close to the film tell me that producers will look for a new location to shoot however it will be in the boston area. live in watertown, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> a local man is suing the
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the union leader reports haverhill native filed a laud this month. he claims he slipped under the water in the deep end of the pool was knocked unconscious. the suit alleges there were not enough lifeguards on staff. water country has not responded. >> five people have been charged with stealing from local cars and police believe they are apart of a nationwide criminal group. this latest incident happened on wednesday in salem, new hampshire a purse was stolen from a woman's car outside of a daycare. police say they believe they're part of the so-called felony gang. a lot of working parts they've been stretch all over the country. that they made their way up to new hampshire a group is known for targeting unlocked
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stores and gyms. >> clear skies allowing those temperatures to drop. worcester is at 20 everybody below freezing all nantucket. making you feel just a little bit colder. 16 in boston ainley in plymouth. low temperatures will be about what those wind chill temperatures are right now but worster will drop into the teens down to 19 on martha's vineyard. if you are waking up to sunshine. some in northern new england as some milder air works in this weekend. you get clouds and precipitation and cold enough in high elevations for snow showers up that way. well the clouds are going to
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warm air takes over. by sunday afternoon we are tomorrow afternoon you will be in the 30s. 40 out there in cape ann and rockport. 37 native, back here farther to the west in through worcester 38 in the city of worcester. brockton to about 37 in in the afternoon it will be colder on saturday milder sunday, but you get more clouds on sunday and in between the potential for those snow showers that i talked about especially into new hampshire. here's your seven-day forecast on saturday 40 , sunday 51 that's your weekend in view it's looking like a pretty good rebound isn't it from one day to the next. feel much more like february
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sunday. we will increase this count winter january, february, we will hit 50 on sunday and monday in boston. about that seven-day forecast notice that string of 50s in here. by wednesday, have some storminess painted on in here. but looks like it's going come right over us to the west. the one thing we'll have to watch for as this front comes on through. but everything leaning to far what that storm system coming in on wednesday and colder air coming on in it. >> thanks a lot, kevin. coming up next sports the nfl deflategate appeal resumes next week but will tom brady be in attendance. plus, the bruins try to hit a mid-season off streak.
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the bruins are trying to build off an impressive win over the penguins they were down in carolina tonight to face the hurricanes and really quick road trip but a special night for the bruins they all brought their dad along for the ride. no score midway through the
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gets swiped by brett connolly finds abergeron for the easy chip in front. didn't take long to double up the score. two minutes later blue line to blue line. watch matt put in the work. he finds net from a really tough angle. fast forward third period. ids golden needs just two more. i think our team is doing a great job.
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first period with the save. third period 3-1 avalanche. vintage ray bourque with the goal. avalanche win 5-2. mookie betts is 23 years old hardly the highest player on the team but that didn't stop him from playing the role of sugar daddy last night. inviting the entire red sox roster out for dinner on his dime. surely a team player off and on the field. this year he will start the season playing next in right field. that line it's 290 a lot of ground to cover. guys me or jackie has ever run it down. break some hearts that's what we're trying to do. >> so the nfl appeal the
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is on thursday. tom brady is not expected to be in attendance. roger goodell not expected to be there either. figures, hey, at this point just leave it up to the lawyers. sick of hearing about it. speaking of brady, the royal family of boston sports are celebrating their seven anniversary seven years two kids, a couple of dogs houses all over the world and most importantly that one big beautiful super bowl ring they share together. remember, tom won a bunch before. you probably seen this of tom reenacting the lion king with his family's brand new puppy. well, it already has 2.5 million views. most of us will say we post a video we're happy with like 20 likes on facebook. i don't know you about guys what you think about that. >> i say the same thing. a lot of people talking about it. >> i think tom brady sneezes he gets two million views probably. seven day forecast includes
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: louis tomlinson is going in one direction, custody court. >> louis tomlinson thinks brianna jungwirth, baby mama, is not allowing him access. he feels she's trying to get a big payday out of him. harvey: oldest trick in the book. . >> taking a chick home from the nightclub and getting her pregnant. >> he must be shave shaking his head. that's the most expensive one night stand ever. >> jamie foxx. oscars sunday. he's been also catching a little flak about some jokes he's been making. >> let's not take everything too seriously, man. i got these jokes. >> also been throwing a little shade -- harvey: a little?


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