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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 27, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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now at 10:00 a father heartbroken. >> truly she was daddy's little girl. >> today's sentence is unacceptable and the laws must be changed. >> a brother and sister sending a message. >> put this animal behind bars for the maximum possible sentence. a teen killer sentenced but has a fed up family demanding change. i'm tracking falling temperatures under these clear skies and the weekend warmup ahead. then -- >> i got a notice from the bank that there is something very important that they wanted to talk to me about. >> cash disappeared from his account. new at 10:00 the bank's internal investigation that
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the act. and that's a wrap. watertown turns down hollywood in filming the marathon bombing shoot-out. why the decision surprised people who live there. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. first at 10:00, the mother of this local high school teacher raped and murdered which one of her students says the sentence handed down to the teen killer is unacceptable. philip chism was sentenced to life in prison but he is eligible for parole in 40 years. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. tonight that sentence has colleen ritzer's family demanding change when it comes to the law. facts 25's christine mccarthy is live outside of superior court where the killer learned his fate today. >> reporter: colleen ritzer's family said today was supposed to finally be about her, about the good, kind loving young woman who wanted to make her students
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also about justice and the family says they didn't get it. >> colleen was my daughter, my friend, someone i could go to for anything. >> reporter: the family of colleen ritzer has endured immeasurable heartache in court. viewing video of the beloved danvers high math teacher moments before her own student would rape, strangle and stab the 24-year-old in her own school then dispose of her body in a recycling bin. >> i wish i could have helped colleen but no one could have helped her that day. >> reporter: but friday's sentencing may have been among the hardest days in court. >> there is no "right" sentence. >> reporter: as they learn now 17-year-old philip chism will have a chance at freedom with a sentence of life with the possibility of parole after 40 years. >> today's sentence is unacceptable and the laws must be changed. >> reporter: the ritzers had pleaded for life without parole but a supreme judicial court ruling two months after ritzer's 2013 murder prohibits juveniles
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sentences without parole. >> because of the restrictions our family will be forced to attend parole hearings beginning in 38 years which is simply unimaginable to us. >> reporter: chism's mother sentencing. >> no comment. >> reporter: his defense attorney also declined. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: the ritzers are calling on the governor and legislature to amend the new law hoping to help other families seeking justice. >> we pledge that colleen's loved ones to apply the same vigor for life that colleen demonstrated every day to righting this wrong. >> reporter: now we spoke with a local justice expert about this case. he says that the ritzer's pleased this and allow judges to impose a life sentence without parole if that judge deems that to be the sentence. live in salem, christine
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>> today the teen killer's mother released a statement. diana chism said words can't express the amount of pain and sorrow these past 2.50 years have been. however there is no one who has suffered more than the ritzer family. my utmost esteem, prayers and humble respect is with them today as they continue their journey to heal. >> beloved high school teacher colleen ritzer was known for sharing inspirational quotes on her twitter and facebook pages this was one of her last tweets it says "every day may not be good but there is something good in every day." if you would like to learn more about a memorial scholarship established in colleen ritzer's memory please put link on our website now to a live look at the current temperatures outside. as you can see it's freezing out there. 20s all over the map. fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is in the storm tracker weather center. we all want to know what the weekend forecast looks like. >> it's that time everybody having plans for the weekend. if you are out and about on this fried night you know
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doubt by the all of them are literally below freezing these will get colder and the reason is first of all we have cool air but we also have clear skies we have clear skies your temperature can certainly drop more quickly it's doing that tonight. out to boston we go. going down to about 21 first thing in the morning as the sun comes up warming you through the 20s during those morning hours. in worcester dropping down to 17 tonight so it is going to be hate to use the word bitter cold but it will be frigid out there. 21 in chatham and 24 in nantucket right around 20 in boston for a low temperature. you will wake up to sunshine and that will do its best to warm us back up through the middle of the day all kinds of sunshine for you. those high temperatures will be about average for this time of year. warmer by the end of the weekend though. how long it lasts straight ahead. tonight a local bank
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>> the bank did its own investigation and caught the video. new at 10:00, fox 25's john monahan is live in west boylston after speaking with one of the victims. john? >> reporter: that's right, that man says he did not even realize money was stolen from his account. tonight fox 25 news has learned the woman who stole money from him and at least one other man was voted by her west boylston high school class to be most mischievous. >> because i use the same one here in town all the time. >> reporter: donald coxe is talking about his local bank. clinton savings. right around the corner from his west boylston home. in january, the bank asked to see him right away. >> i got a notice from the bank that there is something very important that they wanted to talk to me about as far as my account was concerned. >> reporter: some of donald's money was missing. >> they found money had been taken out of my account. >> reporter: this is
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rutland after an internal investigation by the bank, using their own surveillance footage, she was arrested. >> when they're doing it they must have some kind of an idea who it is and what kind of -- >> reporter: she is charged with stealing at least $11,000 from the bank accounts of two senior citizens. one a 92-year-old man, the other donald. >> you got to be in some kind of desperate thing to try and take advantage of older people. >> reporter: and tonight fox 25 has learned this former high school cheerleader was arrested in 2011, for writing forged checks. that case was dismissed. it's unclear if that would show up on a background check by the bank. donald says he is just glad the law caught up with her. >> whatever comes down should. >> reporter: donald got his money back the bank is checking to see if any other
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tampered with. they promise to repay everyone every money. live in west boylston tonight. john monday a hang, fox 25 news. tonight we know a man accused of stealing a police officer's gun from his home could be tied to 35 other home burglaries. roberto was arrested in or arraigned in central district court on a laundry list of charges. the assistant d.a. says he has been under investigation for up to 35 home break-ins. thousands of stolen items were allegedly recovered from his home during two different police searches. now he was arrested by the worcester swat team yesterday after a standoff with police. tonight we are learning new information about a violent crash that tied up traffic during the rush hour on 93. the crashed that one car slamming into the guard rail. the guard rail actually pierced right through the car barely missing the driver. fox 25's jim morelli covered the breaking story on fox 25 at 5:00 and 6:00. he spoke with investigators about if that guard rail did
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jim? >> reporter: well, mark in short, no, that guard rail did not do its john. here's what's supposed to happen when you hit a guard rail. have you these vertical pieces here these are supposed to collapse accordian style to effectively slow the vehicle down. 10 at the same time this horizontal part here is supposed to safely follow away to the side. to say the least, that did not happen today. traffic stopping crash an exquisitely close call and a frightening encounter with a highway guard rail. >> at approximately 3:15 p.m. a 2004 honda accord was travelling southbound on route 93 in randolph when it struck another vehicle. >> reporter: that collision set off a chain of events which culminated in the honda effectly getting impaled by a piece of the guard rail. so this is caused unbelievable luck. take a look at how this guard rail went into the car. now the state police tell me these guard rails can slice you right open.
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the driver entirely passing over his legs and pinning him in. >> he was trapped in the vehicle for 35 minutes. >> the driver a 32-year-old male from brockton was freed then med flighted to boston hospital where he is expected to survive. >> if that guard rail had been a little bit lower and further back it would have pierced his body and been a fatal crash. >> reporter: guard rails aren't supposed to act like giant daggers in a crash. >> when he struck the guard rail when it separated it came into his vehicle it's not supposed to do that. >> reporter: tonight highway workers repair the damaged section of guard rail on interstate 93, even as questions remain about how and why it nearly became a lethal projectile. >> this is one lucky guy, very lucky guy. >> reporter: now fox 25 news has covered the issue of defective guard rails before and in 2014 massachusetts stopped using the certain type of guard rail precisely because of the kind of thing
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however, a source tells me that it does not appear at least on early investigation that the guard rail involved in today's crash was inherently dangerous. live in newton, jim morelli, fox 25 news. a pilot is forced to land a huge plane after the nose gear fails. tonight all new on fox 25 news at 10:00, the cell phone video showing how the tense touchdown ends. plus, an s.u.v. slams into a home trapping the driver underneath it. hear from the town worker who responded to the scene only to realize it was his mother's home. but first, watertown shuts down hollywood when it comes to filming the marathon bombing shoot-out scene.
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decision went agai hollywood filmmakers wanted to re-create the
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>> they denied producers they are not allowed to produce in the same place. new at 10:00 fox 25's that neighborhood where people actually feel let down by this decision. kathryn? >> reporter: vanessa a source close to the filmmaker tells me they were prepared for the fact that people who live here in this neighborhood might not want it to be filmed here, instead producers say they were surprised by the overwhelming support from residents for the project and just as surprised that town officials wanted to stop it. >> i have amazed at what i was seeing. >> reporter: brad mullen watched the police shoot-out a bullet hole from the quest to capture dzhokhar tsarnaev still marks his home. as horrifying and frightening as that night one mullins says most importantly it was his -- >> it's a story that a lot of people would like to know. >> reporter: that's why mullen and a majority of residents who live on laurel street tell us they supported plans by
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walhberg movie patriots day to re-create the shoot-out on the very site it happened. >> we need to show people this is the truth what happened in watertown. >> reporter: a source close to the filmmakers tells fox 25 a neighborhood questionnaire about the project was 90% positive, which is why today's reaction from town officials was so jarring. in a statement, officials announced upon further reflection filming the re-creation of the watertown shoot-out when police encountered the boston marathon bombers is not in the best interest of watertown. >> it's a shock. >> let the people know right there at that post. >> reporter: residents tell us watertown should play its own important part in the movie and they don't understand why town leaders have moved to stop it. >> i'm upset about it. i think they have a hell of a nerve we talk to so many people as we're talking to you right now. no one knows why. >> reporter: now we did
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concerns about filming here but she did not respond to our request for comment. the filmmakers say they will continue to look for a new location but it will still be in the boston area. we're live in watertown, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. a maynard firefighter accused of child rape kept part of his face from public view in court today. 59-year-old james had his bail set at $15,000 for the child rape accusation -- acquisition where he allegedly raped a nine-year-old boy. he has been a mother of the maynard fire department since 1986. still no sign today of a man who went missing after leaving a boston bar. skyfox flying over the scene this afternoon as state police divers were out again searching an area of water near the zakim bridge. looking for 22-year-old zachary mar of harvard. he left the tavern nearly two weeks ago and hasn't been seen since. boston police say surveillance video leads them to believe mar went into the water. two crashes happening on
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today and one left a local man dead. skyfox over the scene here on route 195 west in somerset. state police say a 55-year-old fall river man swerved this morning to avoid some debris in the road and his car flipped. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the second crash involved two cars was not related to that first accident. skyfox also flying over somerville today where a construction worker was severely hurt after falling from a roof. it happened early this morning on powder house boulvard. we are working to get an update on that person's condition. officials are investigating what caused the fall. take a look at this. first responders race to the scene trying to free a man from underneath an s.u.v. after the driver crashed into a home. it happened in west bridgewater. the person under that s.u.v. was the driver and as fox 25's robert goldsston shows us the home belongs to the mother of a town worker. >> reporter: the impact rocked the house and took out entire front wall. tonight police are trying to
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was speeding, distracted or even impaired. down here you can see the tracks of the out of control s.u.v. >> yeah, yeah we have a under guy under a van. >> reporter: the 9-1-1 call came in from across the street. >> i heard a call come in to a potential pedestrian struck and a house was struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: his heart sank when he heard the exact address. >> this is my mom's house. >> the guy he's under a van. >> reporter: at first police thought it was a pedestrian hit. they quickly figured out that the person pinned underneath was the driver. >> it looks like he hit the front steps and he was ejected as the car came down it came down on his right arm. >> his mother was upstairs when she heard and felt the crash. >> my mother was in bed at the time. very sick but she wasn't injured. >> reporter: it took firefighters a good 20 minutes to lift the s.u.v. off the driver. using these air jacks the driver was flown on to a boston hospital and police
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criminal charges for losing control of the s.u.v. there was at least one witness. >> speed was obviously a factor. it appears he overcompensated on the corner and went directly left and you can see the two tire marks went straight up are. >> reporter: if the crash happened 30 minutes later there would have been a group of students waiting for the school bus right along the s.u.v.'s path. >> had it been later it would have been a lot worse. >> john says his mother is back home and she's doing much better. in west bridgewater, robert goldsston, fox 25 news. tonight people are talking about a surprising twist in the race for president. >> new jersey governor chris trump. what it means moving forward and how governor charlie baker is reacting after endorsing christie and openly disapproving trump. then the chilling encounter when a man busts into a home with a mother and her two young children
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fall the news out of kansas where four people were killed and another 14 people were hurt in a workplace shooting. the gunman identified by co-workers as 38-year-old cedric ford who was shot in an exchange of gunfire with police. we learn today he had just been served a restraining order before the rampage. police say ford targeted his victim's randomly it and was the first officer to arrive that single-handedly took out the shooter. authorities did not confirm the shooter's name or motive but they said terrorism is not a factor. to the race for the white house now. south carolina democrats head to the poles tomorrow. hkz hillary clinton holds a significant lead. south carolina is the last state for either party to cast ballots before supertuesday that's when 10 states including massachusetts will vote in the democratic as well as the republican primaries. tonight donald trump has the full support of a former competitor new jersey governor chris christie.
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the move means in the race for the white house moving forward. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie helped donald trump try to shift away as attention as a debate drubbing to a news conference and epic rally in fort worth lasting nearly three hours. in which he ridiculed marco rubio as a nervously sweating lightweight scared little puppy. >> he was just trying to cover up the sweat that pours, did you ever see a guy sweat like this? it's rubio. >> reporter: yet to win any state rubio today marked trump's vanity after ridiculing his tweet. >> lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night, this is true.
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chalker then he asked for a full length mayor i don't know why because the podium goes up to here maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet i don't know. >> reporter: ted cruz was in the tennessee and attacked trump for regularly touting his personal greed. >> his actions demonstrate that the only thing he's cared about is putting money in his bank account. >> reporter: rubio and cruz hit trump from both sides on his business record last night. >> you're the only porn this stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. have you haven't hired anybody. >> that was carl cameron reporting. rubio referred to trump as a con man or con artist at every event today. the front-runner was clearly on the defense but he's still leading in most of the polls in the supertuesday state. >> just a few weeks ago governor chris -- charlie baker endorsed chris christie ahead of the new hampshire primary. we spoke about christie's endorsement and trump and
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surprised christie waded back in on the campaign but calls him his own man. >> i made it clear in the early days how i feel about donald trump. >> baker has gone on the record as disagreeing with donald trump on a few points including blasting his plan to ban muslims as ridiculous. baker says he's not making any more endorsements in the future and says he hasn't decided who he will vote for on supertuesday. >> he served our country next at 10:00 the viral of a man trying to get an appoint at the local v.a. a plane is forced to land without a front wheel. see how it ends next. temperatures dropping fast out there today how
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>> he served our country now he's trying to get healthcare stuck to an automated call. >> it's a video with more than a million views after salem congressman and vet seth molten posted it. that video and what the congressman is doing to fix the problem. >> please hold while you're being transferred. >> reporter: army veteran now works for salem congressman seth molten after two days of trying to set up a appointment he. >> if you need assistancents. >> just frustrating to watch but you are trying to get healthcare. >> reporter: he ended up in an automated cycle. >> hello, welcome to the bedford v.a. >> a marine veteran himself molten says this experience isn't unusual. >> it's not an extraordinary video about some made up situation this is a real challenge that veterans face
1:29 am
>> reporter: molten says this case really has nothing to do with the v.a. center but the appointment system itself which is why he's pushing a bill to fix it. >> the bedford v.a. is actually one of the best in the country. it's this national phone system that was broken. >> reporter: the bill would allow veterans to set up doctors appointments straight from their mobile app that's getting bipartisan support in congress and from veterans groups. >> this is perfectly in in-line with one of our top priorities which is the reform of the department of veteran affairs making sure that the department works effectively. >> reporter: washington congresswoman kathy rogers co-sponsors the bill and says it's a common sense fix. >> a solution that's available in doctor's offices and should be available through the v.a. >> reporter: hello. >> reporter: the call ends where it started with no appointment for him. >> that was george cali. after the video went viral he did finally get his
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there goes the sun but it was a beautiful sunset to the west of boston from our beacon hill studio clear skies as it went down this evening. when you have clear skies like that your temperature can fall quickly as that sun did in that time lapse photography thanks to that great shot from down there. 21 in worcester right now boston has fallen to 28. now in worcester have you clear skies it feels like seven right now with the wind chill. your temperature in the morning going down to 17 for a low. boston 28 there will be towns in and around the worcester area that will be lower than that. that's just at the airport and the city. 28 here in boston. feels like 17 . by the morning it will be down to 21 so below freezing everywhere in southern new england right now. reply mouth at 27 . feels like 17 with the breeze out there. breeze not too strong but enough to give you a wind chill and it's going to be 20 first thing in the morning for new reply mouth as well. so the gusts are out there have been some and i wanted to look at them. it's really hitting the house hard in one area. so gusts are over 20 in some
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this is nothing like some of the wind gusts we've seen earlier this week. still getting those reports out there. ron says when kevin is blasting the side of my house that's why i wanted to check it out. we're not talking about damaging winds there nonetheless there is a wind out there between 20 and 30 miles per hour. great night for a cozy fire to sleep in late tomorrow. i plan on sleeping late. what a difference a day no kidding. i thought i would check that out too. yesterday 62 in boston today 21 that is quite a difference. a 21 degree difference as well. clear skies over us tonight after a sunny day and those clear skies are allowing that temperature to drop and during the morning you are waking up to sunshine because of the clear skies we have now. no clouds moving in just yet. can be a couple snow showers on the mountains my sunday morning all of us get some clouds. it's leading edge of some
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a warm front going to our west. all that means to you there will be some clouds not precipitation and then we'll be mild because watch how the clouds lift out of here for the afternoon. sun takes over and warm air is in place. high temperature also really respond as well. tomorrow will be more like today an average february day in the boston area 42 quincy, 42 bribe line and 43 for new newton. to the north and west of boston 42 in redding and in lowell. out around cape ann 40 in essex for instance. now back here to worcester county. temperature also stay in the upper 30s. a few 40s like douglas at 40 tomorrow afternoon. but it gets warmer on sunday. in fact look at the difference between and saturday and sunday. notice there will be some clouds like we mentioned but its definitely going to jump that temperature as the warm front goes by. if you are looking to do some skiing this weekend great idea. it will be colder tomorrow but sunnier. you will have those clouds and a few snow showers around depending on which mountains you go to. into the 30s on sunday more
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temperatures anyway. but over the weekend. here's your seven-day forecast with that weekend in view as always. look at the stretch of mild weather starting sunday continuing through wednesday temperatures in the 50s. wednesday is our next storm system coming our way. a storm that will go mostly to our west bring us another batch of warm rain. we'll look more at how it's going to be ahead in a few minutes. amazing video as pilots of an asia pacific airways cargojet made a spectacular emergency landing today in guam. >> the nose gear of that plane failed to deploy so the flight crew had only the rear wheels to touch down. you can see the front of the plane hitting the ground as it landed. only three people were on the flight and none of them were hurt. >> great job. >> skills.
1:34 am
imagine keeping your feet off the ground as you are moving down the tarmac. >> this spring baseball teams up and down the east coast including the red sox will be wearing a unique tribute to a local hero. >> boston red sox including b.c. of course are honoring pete frates the former b.c. ball player who inspired the ice bucket challenge. this is the logo teams will wear on a especially made wrist band this may. baseball teams at any level could get these specializing wrist bands. and the donation goes straight to the fight against a.l.s. right now police are looking for the man who broke into a home when a mother and her two young children inside. >> that's the mom trying to keep her kids calm while hiding from the manch ahead at 10:00 what she did that made the guy run away. >> but first the clock is ticking will apple comply with the f.b.i.'s deadline town lock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters?
1:35 am
the way all of us use our cell phones. you have to see this. a 2-year-old boy battling cancer lights up when he gets to be a firefighter for
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1:37 am
it's all new on fox 25 ne a battle between the f.b.i. and apple on whether to unlock a terrorist iphone could reach the supreme court. >> one presidential candidate says it could be handled with just one meeting at the white house. kevin corke has that story all new at 10:00.
1:38 am
of privacy, those were the words of apple c.e.o. tim cook who today told company shareholders that the the tech titan would resist the government's demand that it unlock the iphone so the f.b.i. could access its data. >> tim is absolutely right. the problem is not breaking into one phone the problem is the precedent no, i don't necessarily agree. >> reporter: while shareholders strongly did not the company's strategy, others have been equally vocal in their criticism of president obama's refusal to personally intervene in the fight. >> where's the president been? you sit down in a backroom and you sit down with the parties and you get this worked out. you don't litigate this on the front page of the "new york times". >> a better leader would say to the american people we're entering a whole new age now i'm your president and i'm going to guarantee not only the privacy of the american people but the security of the american people. >> reporter: but instead of the president f.b.i. director james comie has become the face of the administration's push to get
1:39 am
10 days ago a federal judge order the company to help comie's f.b.i. unlock that phone. but in its response on thursday apple asked the court to vacate the order saying it violated the company's first and fifth amendment rights. while the court considers apple's request other tech giants including facebook, microsoft, twitter and google say they plan to file briefs in support of apple's rights to refuse. >> we're talking about a phone that was owned, not by the terrorist but by the local government. the need to extract as much information as possible to learn as much as we can about that incident is something that our law enforcement officials have concluded is a priority. >> reporter: that was kevin corke reporting. apple argues the government is essentially asking them to create a hacking program that would impact its own product. congress will have its say on the matter next tuesday. bill cosby has dropped a lawsuit against one of his accusers at least for now. he can't fully participate
1:40 am
beverly johnson. he made the move to focus on his defense in the pennsylvania criminal case. they say they'll refile the defamation suit against johnson at a later date. johnson accused the actor of slipping a drug into her coffee in the 1980s. a local superintendent is out of a job tonight despite an acquittal in a trespassing case against him. the mashpee school committee and superintendent have amicably agreed to end their employment relationship. hyde was recently found not guilty on a charge of trespassing and breaking and entering after he entered a student's home to check for residency. hyde gives up his $154,000 a year salary. next at 10:00 a local mother and her two young children frightened when a man breaks into their home. >> 9-1-1 what's your emergency? >> somebody broke into the house. >> hear what that mother did to make the man run away. and a 2-year-old boy battling cancer leaves the hospital and hops onto a
1:41 am
>> did you get to ride in the fire truck. was it fun? >> yes. >> the big lesson he taught
1:42 am
1:43 am
fox 25 news at 10:0 >> did you hear the glass break. >> i heard a big crash and i opened my bedroom door and i heard footsteps and i said hello and i heard footsteps run. >> that's a mother calling 9-1-1 after a man busted into her home in the middle of the day when she was with her two young children. >> fox 25 stephanie shows us
1:44 am
to keep her kids call well a wanna-be burglar ready to strike. >> 9-1-1 what's your emergency? >> somebody broke into the house. >> reporter: 2:00 wednesday afternoon this newburyport mother called 9-1-1 while hiding in her bedroom with her 3-year-old. >> it's okay. >> it's okay. it's okay buddy. >> reporter: her 1-year-old still sleeping across the hall. police have now issued an arrest warrant for this man, keith babcock. police say he drove up to the house on turkey hill road and smashed the glass sliding door in the back. >> did you hear glass break. >> i heard a big crash. then i opened my bedroom door and i heard footsteps and i said hello and i heard footsteps run. >> reporter: he sped off nearly hitting an off duty officer that officer was able to take down his license plate number. >> that doesn't happen too often. there's not a trend there has been some breaks in that
1:45 am
>> reporter: in just the past two months several other homes in that same area have also been broken into. right now police aren't sure if this latest break-in is related but they're not ruling it out. for folks living here they're on high alert it. >> means people are desperate. a lot of traffic around here a lot of people in and out. >> reporter: people we've spoken with here in this neighborhood say they have always keep a very close eye out on any suspicious activity but because of this recent string of break-ins newburyport police are now holding a community wide meeting next tuesday and we're going to be posting that information on our website in newburyport, fox 25 news. sewer main break in worster will now cause road restrictions to last through monday. the first reported last night sewer work was expected to be done today but since then we've learned there have been some complications. crews reported today an electrical conduit was also
1:46 am
timetable. the majority of a maine supermarket no longer planning to walk off the. four of the five unions have postponed votes to authorize strikes just in case they posted ads on craigslist for workers. any also posted this ad on-line featuring in massachusetts workers. >> when we're valued by stop & shop for the work that we do it makes a difference. rewarding hard work with better wages and benefits. >> the union says stop & shop's parent company is looking to cut workers pensions and increase healthcare expenses. stop & shop denied those claims saying they offered to give workers more pay and their healthcare benefits are cheaper than the market average. a heartwarming surprise now for a little boy after he finished some tough cancer treatment. >> look. do you see that fire truck. >> 2-year-old jace is
1:47 am
cancer and he loves firefighters. his family decided to surprise him this week an oklahoma city fire truck met him outside of the hospital and took him back to the fire station. through it all ja cbs e was all smiles and he asked a ton of questions. >> you have no idea the joy on his face there has been so much hurt on his face from pain seeing him happy he needed it and we deserves it. i can't thank the fire department enough. this is something we'll all remember forever. >> the firefighters say they got just as much if not more out of this experience. they say they learned how important it is to enjoy life and to have fun. >> how adorable is he in his cute little fire jacket there. >> he is a cutey and he loves pulling that water hose. >> his mind was not thinking about the hospital. at that moment it was just thinking about being a kid who was having a lot of fun. >> firefighters are awesome.
1:48 am
the brurns are only out of town for bruins are only out of town for one night before opening up a four game home stand at the forward on sunday. short but sweet road trip all of the bruins bringing dad along for the night. to the ice no score midway through the first period. gets swiped by brett connolly 1-0 bs. didn't take long to double up the score two. minutes later blue line to blue line watch matt put in the work passes to himself off the board. really tough angle from the shot right there. fast forward. teed up from ryan spooner one timer it's golden. boston adds an empty netter 4-1 the final. it's win number 388 for claude julian he needs two more to tie art ross for the bruins career coaching meter. senior night for the b.c. eagles taking on u-mass
1:49 am
the shot but ryan fitzgerald swats it out of the air. eagles take the lead. later in the period b.c. on the attack. alex tuck with the shot. dougherty puts in the rebound. perfect way to celebrate senior night for him. eagles go on to win 2-1 the final. after some early season struggles red sox pitcher joe kelly really found his way into the rotation. at one point he won eight straight starts. kelly has a fresh perspective on 2016. he's ready to build off that hot streak he rode just a few months ago. from fort myers. tom lieden has more. >> reporter: unlike most of his teammates joe kelly didn't want the 2015 season to end. by the time october came around he finally found a successful groove. even still, he didn't let baseball consume his thoughts in the 4.50 months since. >> i just focused on my family time. went to one of my brother's basketball games and hung out with my sister just did
1:50 am
any time anyone asked me about baseball it's not baseball time it's just time to be with the real world and connect. >> it is february now the off season is over so its time to talk a little baseball. for joe kelly that means trying to figure out how to bottle up what he did at the end of last season. >> the biggest thing to me joe has learned about himself what's made him more effective that has been the full use of his pitch mix. it's what helped joe take a step forward last year particularly in the second half. groove. once you feel confident and mechanically sound it all comes together and it's pretty fun if you have a good time out there pitching. so just a little bit more of pitchability rather than grooving fast balls in there. >> never going to be a finished product there's always room for improvement. >> reporter: in ft. myers with the red sox, tom lieden,
1:51 am
a lot more sports headed your way in the next half hour, including mookie bets doing all the right thing for the red sox. that's coming up at 11:00. back to you. >> all right, courtney. a lot more news to come. here's what we're working on right now. coming up at 11:00 if you're just joining us here's our top story. a teenager has been sentenced to life for killing his teacher. >> today you need to remember that colleen matters. >> why colleen ritzer's family is not satisfied with the verdict and how they plan to fight to change the law. then stealing from the elderly. a former bank teller accused of ripping off two customer. one of them a retired teacher talks about how he found out he was ripped off. but first and next at 10:00, fox 25 exposes a public safety threat plaguing the city of boston.
1:52 am
about a (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about
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staying clear all night long that will allow your temperature to drop with sunshine everywhere it will be in the teens or many places to the west in boston. the sunshine is with us in fact hoping that sunshine is with us. the weekend temperature rebound ahead at 10:00. tonight a public safety problem racing to only hit the brakes and swerve around cars. >> reporter: it may be quiet now here on desoto street in west roxbury but not as people come home and line both sides of these streets
1:56 am
people here say it gets so narrow that first responders can't get through and mark joseph worries it could keep rescuers from helping his ailing mother. >> it will be very tough if pressure spots could get through it. >> reporter: not just here. in downtown, the illegal parking on all ready narrow streets is causing more and more problems for fire and e.m.s. it's trust iting they don't know when 30 second delays there's going to be police, fire ambulance street. >> reporter: we sent skyfox over the top three areas the city has identified for illegal parking from the side streets in fenway to the streets around boston medical center and along longwood avenue. we found several cars even delivery trucks double parked blocking lanes of traffic. boston e.m.s. chief says what may seem like a quick consequences. >> it could come at the worst possible time for us where we now have to find an alternate route to get around somewhere.
1:57 am
cameras on our news vehicle to see just how widespread the problem is. we drove the narrow streets of the south end and it didn't take long to find people causing some serious tie-ups. this car blocked an entire road for several minutes leaving us and other drivers go. we also came across this man, blocking another street. when we asked him about it he admitted it wasn't the best idea. >> i do, i should probably not be doing it. >> reporter: parking officials tell me they will step up some of their enforcement out here to prevent any problems from
1:58 am
1:59 am
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