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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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be now the a 6:00 officer killed during her first day on the job. the local connection to that officer's shooting that's garned national attention. and where suspected shooter was employed. plus teacher sickened because of her students. three teens facing felony charges tonight. why investigators say it wasn't a prank. it was revenge. >> mild fin toish weekend. more warmth in the forecast. but i am also tracking our next chance of showers. my latest time line ahead >> and gave her chance to do anything. >> well don't look nice another reason because they can just stay dirty and -- it get worth. how girl brain cancer benefitting community. way they never imagined.
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coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 6:00. >> local community mourning loss of one of their own. officer ashley lost her life during her first day on the job. officer also 25 graduate of mer make high school in new hampshire. hi. >> she killed responding to domestic call in virginia. police say this man are ronald hamilton is man who pulled the trillioning ger. from his maaamham shot his wife, then shot three police officers including gwyn don he in chael yale tonight on murder charges we have team coverage of this heart breaking story fox 25 is speaking with residents reflecting on aol of that young officer. but let's begin tonight fox 25 ted daniel that live latest information on that shooting investigation. >> ted? >> hearts heavy here in merrimac and across the country wakes of officer ashley gwyn don's death
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than be 100 patrol cars, lined the streets and escorted her body to medical examiner. she was one of three police officers shot saturday evening while responding to domestic violence call at home in wood bridge virginia. she had just been sworn in and it was her first day on the job. the shooter has been identified as 32 y ronald hamilton. an active duty u.s. army staff sergeants assigned expect. authorities hamilton shot and killed his wife during an arguments it at their home when officers gwyn don and her two fellow officers responded, the police chief says hamilton, ambushed them. >> when they arrived on scene, they approached front door of the home. and the subject inside of the home later as the accused. opened fire striking three officers, who are sustained
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later in the afternoon, officer gwyn don died from her injuries. >> the other two officers remain hospital used at this hour. but the chief does expect them to survive. he expectations them to pull through. as for the shooter, in this case, ronald hamilton, he could face the death penalty in convicted. reporting live in new hampshire. i am ted daniel fox 25 news. if you beyond read more about investigation you download our fox 25 news app. it has articles covering new england and around the globe including this story. we get for free on apper and on going the play. >> man found dead street tonight police are still trying to figure out what happened. police chest see say 34 year old victim was found this morning in section of the city gramming with violence. now we are joined live with more on the reality facing these residents. >> lids we got reports on and o crime in that neighborhood is pretty common. in fact one gentleman toll us,
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happening on sidewalk in fact he was approached last night for money. as for exactly what happened to 34 year old man, police are largely not talking details. >> a shirt. necklace and mystery in chelsea. around 5:00 am this morning, police responded to 83 cottage street in bellingham section of city. there they found a 34 year old man on the sidewalk. he was later pronounced dead. >> that didn't surprise me. just annoys me because like what is this still happening? >> crime not uncommon in in neighbored into. . in fact this whole area is bart of what's known as the sector four. local city council lower says, this is highest crime area in chelsea >> this district couldn't beans city counselors lives just a few house way from this morning's crime scene. >> i have daughter. so i am worry about the well being of my community, i also have a child in neighborhood in. you no hits hopes snms also hits home for neighbor franklin
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he recounted past violent incident neighborhood. >> it was like, blood all over the streets. and comes told us that someone was getting stabbed while running way. bleeding all of the way down over. hours after police got the call sidewalk remains closeded. behind fluttering ribbons tape. some, seemed hardly to notice. crime scene be in their mist. others, can't afford that luxury. >> i am not going to sit here and pry tend. and then act like you know everything all butterflies and roses. we have an issue. an issue with crime and we are working at it as blist as we can. >> now owe reason believe that the family was notified because we believe we actually ran into the family here at the chelsea police station. we spoke with gentleman who claimed he was brother of the victim. however, there was a strong language barrier so we just cannot be sure. so far we have not had the identity of the victim released. live in chelsea. fox 25 news.
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been following for months now. police are saying a woman shot ask killed in new hampshire last year was intentionally targeted. 62 year old denies robert was shot in head in man chester in august while taking her evening walk tonight police tell union leader robert specifically targeted in drive by shooting. neighbor tells us, she still ratted by what happened. but feels safer knowing it was not random. >> this area does not warrants for crazy things like that to happen. and so, to would be nice to know that you know, it wasn't just random act. it would become for thing for people who love to walk in this neighborhood sxupt jeb joy area police aren't say what evidence they have led home believe that it was not ran don't. >> all eyes on super tuesday. more than zone states including massachutes, cast ballots in both republican and em dem >> we reports biggest contest so
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there lot on-line for both of the parties. >> major victory in south carolina, hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum going across mup til of southern states ahead of super tuesday day. sunday clinton traveled to tennessee where she spoke to a congregation in memphis while attending church service. tuesday. primary here in tennessee very important. i am who you will come out and vote. of course i would honored to earn your vote. >> as part of his super tuesday strategy, senator bernie sanders skipped state on primary day and moved on to texas and minnesota. >> i am going to be asking for your vote on tuesday. but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election. because i can't do it alone. >> i trump trump who won three of the first g.o.p. races is confident he will sweep super tuesday states and john kasich agrees.
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strong showing in his home state next months will provide boost he needs. >> think trump probably going to win -- all of them. but you keep holding your own. our campaign plan was ultimately to you know hold our own. and we will. >> what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio. >> senator ted cruze however, believes trump can be beat. >> our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday and if you want to stop this trump train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. >> now senator ed marquee showed his support for hillary clinton at event in boston today. and he tells us he believes that she will win massachutes. on tuesday. >> the momentum is on her side. she going to win in states all across the country and we now believe that we can take massachutes, as well. >> mark key enattorneysed clinton back in october and also tells us think she best
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she spoke news conference in support of hillary clinton. tay along families impacted by the opiate ep dimic. >> they clinton was first presidential candidate to release comprehensive plans to address the drug crisis. >> and three candidates will campaign in massachutes tomorrow. in last ditch effort gain support before super tuesday. clinton hole rallies in springfield and boston tomorrow morning. meanwhile bernie sanders will hold rally in milton. and on the other side of the ill john kasich holding town hall meeting in plymouth. two days way from super tuesday. and people in more than dozen states inincluding here in massachutes, will go to polls. we will have full coverage of the results both on air and on our app and on-line. at >> it is 51 in boston. as sunsetting. we got more warmth store tomorrow but comes with risk of showers. i am timing out when you will need your umbrella also ahead tonight. she had one wish and give to others. how brain ka cancer brings out best in young girl and in turn,
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# 250e flow of says heart broken and her career will never be the same after incidents involving 312 year old girls and according to the police, it is not first time. they have gotten into trouble. >> three middle schoolers facing felony charges accused spiking their teachers a soda. girl all ages 12, remain locked up juvenile detention. investigators say on tuesday, two of the girls poured crushed red pepper flakes into their teacher's drink while another i did attracted her. that teacher 52 year old jane morgan suffered sore throat. stomach pains and shortness of breath. investigators say this was done in retaliation. after morgan sent one of girls to the principal's office monday for dumping glue into another students backpack and for suspension of stealing a laptop. >> it is terrible thing. i don't understand why kids have
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the teacher neighbor mark how ware says those girls should be held accountable. >> they got to be held responsible for their action or they are never going to are stop >> one girls told investigators in original plan was to vandalize morgan's car with paint. the three yu niles were arrested and charged with poisoning, and tampering. >> morgan also released this statement right here. she writes i want thom have a consequence that teaches them a lesson. i did not want them to be arrested and go to jail. teachers are out there doing the best we can for students. i love my students. they broke my heart. my career, wouldn't be he the same >> teenager under arrest tonight after police say is he stabbed man at party. police are called to home early yet morning when they got there they say they found 19 year suffering from several stab wounds. 18 year old aaron foss was later picked up by the police walking down the road they charged him with assault >> local town toll residents
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have been found drinking water. testing found higher levels the chemical one of maynard's town wells. tone officials by product of disinfecting process and water still safe to drink and cook with. but precautions being taken. >> town will be flushing our waterlines. in the attempt get rid organic matter that might be in the lines that through you know poor flow. so flowing in the tankses >> officials is a water may be risk pregnant women and infants they should talk to their doctors if they notice any >> water will tested again tomorrow. town also be working with dep to create long-term plan. and tonight officials hope >> inform parents about air quality issues at school in mi liveis. it was closed for first half of the week because test found chemical in the area inside of that building. which can cause serious health issues. meeting going on right now we will update with what health
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>> now your local forecast. from meterologist -- and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> it was incredible today. temperatures were so mild lots folks got outside and enjoyed. i mean we climbed well into 50s. average high this time of the year 41. yesterday we were in 30s so it was nice it happen tap into that it was still now, sun by you have been telling me on twitter how amazing the sunset was. i want to show you some of the pictures coming in of course this one saying may new hampshire very months no right here in. beautiful sunset picture here. this is overlook in boston look at that beautiful sky after the sunset even in hampton beach we having beautiful summer-like sunset. february. i am sure it does feel like spring as we have got warmth we will hold on to the warmth over next couple of days. notice the clouds that are pushing over new england, around for gorgeous sunset not much happening to our west. so this is going to be what we
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mainly clear skies. and ahead of a cold front that's punking on through parts of ohio valley as well at great lakes. is our next chance of rain and it arrives tomorrow. so we do expectations to see some scattered showers out of but not tonight. in fact we are looking at temperatures right know 40s and
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abducted earlier awebbing. police wolf point men tan that four forth year old macy lily on indian very version witness told officer they saw young man take lily from park on friday. 20 year old john leva in police custody in connection with that case. >> draws ship full professional athletes picked up group of cuban migrants stranded a sea. they said ship came across make shift raft with 16 people on board in agooul. crews legends of pittsburgh and pro foot baum base you will, hockey players their fans were all on board yesterday.
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next port where officials were waiting for them. >> a 23 year old man convicted of identity theft for posing as high school students, now faces statutory sexual assault charges those new charges against the native stems from relationship he had with a 15 year old girl when he was two it two. police say he changed his name and enrolled as freshman as scoot pennsylvania back in 2012. >> everybody >> even, some people feel sorry for him because they knew they knew he meant well or at least as as far as they knew. everybody shocked in talk about an all day police say man stayed in u.s. after his visa had expired enrolled the school. officer arrested him on tuesday. >> the diagnosis terminal. but her outlook all positive. still to come on fox 25 news at 6:00 as girl inspiringors a granted wish to turn the table. plus stop and shop employees threaten walk off the job what's keeping them at the bargaining
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as talks stand on thin ice we follow heart story out of irhave vir new hampshire native killed
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local police officer. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. morning loss of one of their own. hundreds of miles away. it is story would been following all day long here object at fox 25. hi everybody. >> officer ashley guindon lost her life during her first day on to deas police officer in virginia.
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graduate amerrimack high school in new hampshire killed last night responding to doe me call in virginia. police say this man ronald hamilton man who pulled the trigger. police hamilton shot his wife and then three police officers including guindon. he in jail tonight on murder charges. fox 25 is talk to her home town neighbors tonight. >> christine? >> well just last hour, i spoke with a close high school friends of officer ashley guindon she of course tells me that she is just devastated over the loss of young woman who not onlying on the police force, but she had also served in the past in marine corn she says that she very proud of her and she perhaps brave em person she has ever met this entire town of merrimack grieving including police officers here at the police department they tell me they have very difficult job of moat fying officer ashley guindon's mother of her death
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airport so that key is leave for virginia. it is breaks my heart. pretty much. i be think just breaks my heart those loved ashley guindon, are shocked. by her death. >> i he can would up this morning to go to work and i had gotten message from my friend that was pretty much everywhere but not surprised she died serve willing her community. 500 miles away from the merrimack maui knew neighborhood where she grew up. >> she was really good person and she probably bravest person i know right now >> day of being sworn in to department the 29 year old prince he william county virginia police officers was fatally shot responding to domestic disturbance that also left the suspects wife dead and two other officers critically injured. >> is it puts hole in everybody's heart. >> flag lowered and solemn message displayed at the max lucado police department sunday for person who is look towards making a career in law enforcement, to step out street
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struck down prime of their life at opinion this time where they are beginning new career path, is horrible thing for any one. guindon was 25 graduate of merrimack high school. and her yearbook she wrote live for something, rather than die for nothing. the merrimack high school principaling said in statement quote, at mhs we lived by the motto believe, go fooshgsd and inspire. we believe that ashley not only embased our not toe but personafied it >> fact we have something that's this personal to us this much our community. and much our law enforcement family. makes us think twice about what it is that we do every single day. >> and this is not first major heart break unfortunately for the guindon family. according to -- ashley guindon a father in 2004 took his own life. after front-runnering very difficult military deployment in iraq. now talking to the merrimack new
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me that and other officers will be attending her funeral where ever it may be. we live in merrimack. fox 25 news >> well as you might imagine other massachutes police departments are expressing sadness ashley's uncle is in fact detective with the west springfield police department and they wrote the west splinting field police department are heavy with heart today after are learning fatal shooting of ashley guindon on her first knife duty. ashley is neefz west springfield police deke testify thomas guindon if you read more about investigation download our fox 25 news app it hazard cans covering new england and around the globe. you get for knee on app store and on google play >> after yesterdays chilly temperature today felt like another great spring day. >> we are going to pay the piper at some point our caught some kids playing soon basketball outside and others were riding their bikes. turning to storm tracker weather meterologist looks like it is going to be pretty mild? >> yes. let me remind you we did pay last winter. remember?
6:31 pm
temperature i mean today, 58 degrees in boston. five degrees away from record high. closer to than our normal high of 541 it was just to really nice to get out this still pretty nice. and quiet this evening. although we have few clouds out 50s. north. we were track some snow all thanks cold front but it never made its way further south. so we enjoyed dry conditions. not for long. take a look at this bands of showers. this is all going to be moving east ward but ahead we got clear skies. so this going to our weather overnight tonight. so hour by hour in boston temperature really don't drop too much we stay on mild side. only falling back into low 40s. when you wake up you are waking up to some sunshine out there. there may be few spots that but you know what? that's typical for what we see for highs for this time of year so again, mild start with that sunshine. but i have to point out we are going to continue to be tracking those showers moving on in. so coming up be will continue
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i will timing out those monday showers. and also, tracking system for mid week. that could bring know the only chance of rain, but also some snow. i will have that time line just ahead >> man found dead on streets and tonight police still trying figure out what happened. politics in chelsea say the 34 year old victim was found this morning. in section of city that is gramming with violence. now fox 25 # joins us live with residents. >> a shirt, necklace and mystery in chelsea. around 5:00 am this morning, police responded to 83 cottage the city. there they found a 34 year old man on the sidewalk. he was later pronounced dead. >> that didn't surprise me. it annoys like when this still happening. neighborhood. in fact, this whole area is part of what's known as the sector four. local city council lower says, this is the highest crime area in chelsea >> this district -- city council
6:33 pm
live just a few houses way from this morning's crime scene. >> i have daughter. so am i am >> he worry about well being and my community. also have a child in neighborhood. so you know hits home. there is hits home for neighbor franklin cruise once again. recounts past violent incident in the neighborhood >> it was like, blood all over the street. and car -- they toll us someone was getting stabbed while running away and bleeding all of the way down over there. hours after police got the call, the sidewalk remains closed. behind fluttering ribbons of tape. some, seemeded hardly to notice. crime scene in their mist. others, can't afford that luxury. >> i am not going sit here and pretend. act like you know everything all butterflies and roses. we have an issue. an issue with crime and we are working at it as best as we can. >> we reason to believe that the family of the victim has been notified. because we believe we ran into them here at the chelsea police station.
6:34 pm
he was the victim's brother. but there was a strong language barrier. he would just can't be sure. >> in chelsea. fox 25 news. >> man recovering in hospital tonight after plane crashed during take off. it happened yesterday at plymouth municipal airport you can see some video from scene it is initial moments were captured on the fire department's radio calls. >> we got report of plane crash it is upside down. fire and ambulance responding. >> witness tell fox 2563 year old pilot was able get himself out of that plane. before first responders got there. he suffered some broken ribs, head trauma and some cuts on his face. state police were doing soon helicopter training exercises, in that area at that time so able quickly fly the pilot to the hospital. faa investigating what happened. but witnesses say strong gucht winds caused plane to flip there on to its roof. >> and another airport was also closed for several hours after plane there landed with out its
6:35 pm
north say plane belly landed at the chatham airport yesterday afternoon. pilot was not hurt. neither was his 72 year old passenger. that plane though suffered some minor damage. four suspect around arrest in connection home invagus. police say they could be linked to a large crime. these four men were taken into custody after homeowner on fletcher road in bed ford saw them breaking into neighbor's hood. police arrived they found three of men inside. and fourth in a black jeep up the road. officers searched that car they found note book with several adresses that could link suspect to other crimes around new england. tonight police are not saying that they -- they are saying they may disreported crime ring here. >> be there were addresses to certain homes in different communities and when we started calling around toes no communities they were connected to other be and es they were rained concorde district court monday. massachutes marine killed in the chatham tennessee sheetings was honored by him home town.
6:36 pm
reception honoring thomas sullivan and his family. sullivan was chosen as marshal for city saint patrick day parade. he was one of five service members killed last year when gunman opened fire on military feys in tennessee. >> and well stunning update we have been following for months police are now saying that woman shot killed in new hampshire last year was intentionally targeted. 62 year old dein roberts pass shot head in manchester in august while taking her evening walk. tonight police tell the union leader that robert was specifically targeted in drive by shooting. neighbor tells us, she still watt willed by what happened she feels safer knowing it was not random. >> this area does not warrant for crazy things like to be that. >> and so, it was nice to know, you know, it wasn't just random act. >> testimony would comfort being for people that love to walk in this neighborhood. and just enjoy the area. >> right now police are not
6:37 pm
that led them to believe the shooting was random. group of local grocery store workers saying today they ready walk off the job if contract agreement cannot be reached. ufcw local 1445 voteded this morning authorize a strike against stop and shop. they say company looking to cut pay and benefits in new contract. despite vote, though the group says they will still go to work as show of good faith. >> right now working without a contract. the company makes any kind of moves in wrong direction, we are out. >> we are willing sit out and continue to talk try to come to a good resolve of this contract. leaders stop and shop said today they are disappointed strike was force rised. since they are offering higher pagenous benefits. but they also say they will continue working with un phone hopefully reach an agreement. >> tonight police have ended their search for person in a marsh on cape. the department got called around 10:00 am from want saying, she heard some one calling for help from the marsh near great western road. multiple rescue searched area
6:38 pm
search was called off. now, here bob ward. >> time again fox 25 viewers been able to help the police track down local criminals in fact, the mass most wanted tip program even rewards viewers who help in identifying certain suspect. so watch closely and see if you recognize any of these criminals. now for in week mass most about 430 afternoon this man was scene rock the salem five banking. he entered bank wearing face mask and gloves and as you can see he was wearing bright yellow t-shirt. suspect justed over the teller counter can stole money from the drawer. he then quickly left the bank. and any one with any information asked to contact the f.b.i. bank robbery task force. to quincy where these two suspects man and woman are wanted ford armed robbery in area of the 9 woodbine street. woman held knife to victim's throw the while by the suspects we are freeded steal victim
6:39 pm
around quarter panel >> tem us male suspect has facial air night difficult to see in these photos. . contact quincy police if you know either of them. >> and at the target in kingston in guy stole a female wallet from shopper. who with a trying to report if lost. suggests sfeblth to from law enforcement web site math most wanted. we also have them up on our web i6. for mass most wanted. fox 25 news. >> turning now race for white house. and as democratic and republican presidential candidates look to sun tuesday. so too are massachutes volters. bay state one of more than 12 casting ballots in two days. fox 25 caught up with senator ed marqui today who gave his support to hillary clinton. and tell us he believes that she
6:40 pm
>> momentum is on her side. she going to win in states all across the country. we now believe that we can take massachutes as well. >> marquee endorsed clinton back in october and also tells us he thinks best candidate take on donald trump. marquee spoke news conference in support of hillary clinton along family impacted by pope yacht ep dimic. in clean was first presidential candidate to release comprehensive plans to address the drug crisis >> three candidates will campaign here in massachutes. in last-ditch effort gain support before super tuesday. clinton hold rallies in springfield and boston tomorrow morning. bernie sanders will host rally milton. and, on the other side of the ill john kay sake holding town hall in plymouth. . would now just two days away from super tuesday. people more than dozen states including massachutes as he we caned go to polls. we will have full coverage for you of the results as they come in on air, and on our app and on-line at >> and college hockey game has been postponed.
6:41 pm
college contracted the number bes. players are students at saints anson college and school cancelled game against stone hill last night because of that issue. saint analyst director health service tells us quote, we have verified the vaccination status of all our students and our stew been notified to report any symptoms of low grade fever, jaw pain or swelling. or headache or muscle aches. >> watch out coming up on fox 25 the active investigation into how a dump truck boon crashed right through an intersection but next wish from cancer patient. comes true. but it is not for her.
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6:44 pm
commun he an under pink hat and brows blue eyes is an eight year old girl fighting brain cancer. >> some kids might want to go disney world and stuff or meet famous people i really feel like i picked right wish.
6:45 pm
christed about tomorrow. she said, i am so ex craw the i said. why? she goes get pick up trash. >> i found this piece in water make a wish gave her chance to wish for anything. all she asked for was to pick up trash. >> well don't look nice. another reason because they can just stay dirty and if >> well pulled site at kansas city's park fit foe queen by. they are best friends. >> i known them since preschool. she just been my very best friends. >> she been to really, supportive of mean when i have ruf. is they are years. her wish. comes true. >> and eight year old girl giving back to the outdoors that
6:46 pm
>> that's what i wanted for her. i want her to be a kid. >> they go back way back to preschool. >> to us a tough watch. wonder you know whether her her write. that, you can have any thing in the world, he want to help >> rour you by all of those kids. i loved it. >> great story >> all right dump track crashed multiple cars slammeded slew con clean go on workday. the company changed up its pricing model for disneyland out in california and disney world
6:47 pm
park during most popular time year like school say sdrags time unless those tickets have risen to $112. particular to go monday through thursday during dimes in xhoo $95. >> only. only. >> let's go! . >> now you are local for cast, from meterologist, is and fox 25 storm tracker weather steam >> well it is sure feels like we are no florida or perhaps california. we have got such unbelievable mild conditions out there. of. record high in boston was 63. but 58 where we climbed to. i will take it. upper 40s p for the cape and island. is this just really pleasant with the sunshine breaking out during the second half of the date in and sure enough. i think you even moat confused here got coming on. no flowers yet. i got picture on facebook here from daniel, but sure enough, the before you know it. spring is going to be moving on in. although it remember already
6:48 pm
we got temperatures in 40s in and 50s it is 51 fill in boston. we have some high thin clouds through. we made for beautiful sunset. but notice we have got clear skies. clear conditions what we moving in through overnight hours. ahead of the this line of showers. this is our next cold fronts. going to be minking the east of >> ahead. winces staying active out of the south southwest. right now. so, bit of breeze fill feels pretty mild going actually help temperatures, stay mild over night tonight. really wouldn't fall back too much despite clear skies out there. so, look at overnight lows, perhaps in upper 30s through parts the central areas of state into parts of new hampshire. but low to middle 40s in across east areas.
6:49 pm
work and school, looking for clouds. and then the chance ever showers move on in i think best threat will be from ten to about 3:00 pm. can then sunshine will break out. look at the high temperature. climb once again into the 50s tomorrow, with that winds starting out of south but then switching direction as that weak cold front come on it you could. surrendered few gusts near 30 miles per hour. so, sunshine notice even by your lunch hour. southeastern mass dealing with clear skies but through enterror bands of showers. really weakening. as it push east ward. still umbrella may be handy tomorrow. 3:30 when kids come home from school noticing the sun breaking out as the rest of the those lingering showers and push to the east. we the evening, we are clearing out. a little bit cooler too for our ties days a well. >> and some clouds. from time to time. but temperature mainly 40s in. by once wack 50 in the.
6:50 pm
want >>. >> eye across higher terrain of northern, and as well as western parts of the state. but going quickly thank over to rain. but latest model right now that's what it looks as though, as we head through wednesday we will doing dealing win plus rain as this cold fronts pushes east warted late wrens day afternoon. >> we could see enough cold air on back side this i will maybe few wet snow flakes on the tail end of that systems. buttery now don't really look that significant. and, in fact the rain look to be about half an inch two main threat but winds pushing those temperature into the 50s. there after, we dropback into 30s. as we head through the rest the week into the the weekend. also storm system off shore right now as though if may miss you the but i will latest update coming up at 10:00. >> rodriquez how bad is that knee injury wham?
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fast approaching is louie ericson staying or going? find out with what don betweeny i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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>> way tv one. key game standing both teams inned with 74 points. but frankly bruin fans keeping
6:55 pm
ware. fudge last night he got done against miami. and they are third place eastern
6:56 pm
tomorrow night. jinl me john so did want any year. caution flag. ryan neumann spun out which brought field back together. johnson had 6-second lead on kevin but had beat him and rest field on restart. jonathan got off he held on to win in it is >> at least. one race. down stretch honda classic adam one. like scott out of sand on 12. he birdie that. go ten under. made push today. on here. only way this could better >> help. . . >>
6:57 pm
shot clear garcia. >> please join us tonight on fox 25. with me wrap up our week floor are red sox. plus, some thoughts on what the bruin should do if anything before tomorrow deadline that's tonight. at 11:30. >> hopefully they get a went. yes. tonight. and we louie does not get hurt they was playing he was louie would play and he out there which runs a little bit of risk. for guys on trading block. stay healthy >> final look at weather we will be staying mild again not too bad but we will tracking few showers for tomorrow. they will hid or miss we have bigger storm heading our way. and then some thing perhaps late week. i am will have latest details coming unlater on. >> >> we are wait and see >> thank you for making us your choice for local news our newt cast at 10:00 for update any time check our news app or
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homer: d'oh! (clears throat) yes, uh, the students of springfield elementary have each created an alternative energy vehicle. one of which will ensure the future of humanity as determined by a short race across the parking lot. (mumbles): yeah, yeah. and now, uh, what is your car powered by, uh, fat little boy? hydrogen-powered fuel cells. ah, hydrogen-- yeah, yes, wonderful. my car is powered by the wind! oh, how it blows. mine is potato-powered.


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