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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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now at 10:00 breaking news a police officer shot a suspect. the device that failed forcing the officer to open fire. a couple was hit in front of this market not once but a couple times. we'll tell you why the driver isn't getting very far. more warm weather on the way but it comes with the threat of some showers i'm tracking. i'll have the latest timeline. >> a local grocery union votes to strike. the impact you will see the next time you head to the store. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is tax 25 news at 10:00. -- fox 25 news at 10:00. honoring the memory of a police officer killed in the line of duty. good evening everyone i'm blair miller. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. officer ashley gwyndon was gunned down last night. tonight the shooter is in custody he has been
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sergeant ronald ham ton after he opened fire on three officers. ted daniel is in merrimack, new hampshire where the entire town is in mourning tonight. >> reporter: yes, and a vigil was held tonight in the northern virginia town where the officer was killed hundreds came out to honor her and the two officers that survived the ambush. back here in merrimack we're learning more about a young woman who was described as strong, caring, she served as a marine, went to flight school before putting on a badge. we're often reminded of the dangers involved in law enforcement but what happened to 28-year-old ashley gwendon seemed especially cruel. sworn in as a police officer friday, shot and killed during her first shift on saturday. >> she was in the military
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didn't deserve this at all. >> reporter: kim mulhearn was a close friend and both graduated from merrimack public high school. this was ashley's 2005 senior class photo. >> so brave cared for everybody. she's so strong had the biggest heart. >> reporter: at the local police department chief mark doyle says one of his officers had to break the news to officer guindon's family on saturday night it. >> leaves a hole everyone in's heart. the fact that this is an individual who was a member of our community makes it even more difficult. >> reporter: for guindon's mom another heartbreak. in 2004, ashley's father, air national guard technician sergeant david guindon took his own life after returning from a tour of duty in iraq. >> i just know the circumstances that she's in right now because of what happened with her husband. i remember when that happened in high school with
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so, i wanted to do something for her mom. >> reporter: officer guindon's accused killer a u.s. army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. he heads to court tomorrow and could face the death penalty if convicted. also tomorrow, a moment of silence is planned at merrimack high school. reporting live in merrimack news. >> now guindon's uncle is detective with the west springfield police department. the west springfield police department are with heavy hearts today after learning the fatal shooting of ashley guindon on the first night of her duty. ashley is the niece of thomas guindon. stay with fox 25 on air and on-line for continuing coverage of the murder. we'll have police coverage on the suspect's day in court tomorrow. two people rushed to hospital after a van backed
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fox 25's malini basu is live in worster tonight where witnesses say the couple's daughter watched the van run over her parents then drive off. malini? >> reporter: blair a heartbreaking indeed. witnesses tell fox 25 tonight the woman ran over the couple not once but a couple of times all while their young teenage daughter about 14 or 15 years old watched and all this happened right here in broad daylight. >> a couple with a daughter coming out and i guess there was a lady parked in front and she reversed as she was reversing she didn't see the couple coming right behind her and ran over the couple. >> reporter: ray rivera a long time vendor at the worcester flea market tells fox 25 a couple in their 50s and 60s was shopping here late this afternoon when they were victims of a hit-and-run accident. >> as she ran them over, she put it in drive the daughter who saw the whole scene she was going screaming hysterically telling the lady to stop. stop, stop.
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young teenage daughter was banging on the woman's window telling her to stop you hit my parents. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon on south bridge street in worster. >> the lady she got run over her chest and again as she put it in drive. >> reporter: vendors ran over in help and tried to comfort the mom with blankets. >> turn herself in. they got her license plate. she ain't going far. >> reporter: witnesses also tell fox 25 the daughter was right there in the middle of the street holding on to mom telling her please wake up, wake up. tonight mom and dad are both in the hospital. hopefully making a full recovery, according to police. at this hour investigators are still trying to identify the suspect in this case. for now we are live in worcester tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> thank you, malini. now turning to the forecast what a day outside but the radar now shows some rain moving into our region. fox 25 stormteam
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wroblewski joins us with more. >> we will be dealing with clear skies tonight but tomorrow you want to grab the umbrella. it will lose some of its steam as it comes on through but still likely going to see a few scattered showers out there. but current conditions boy it's still mild after reaching the 50s today. we're in the 30s and 40s thanks to the clear skies that we have in place now. expecting to stay fairly clear but the winds out of the southwest will keep us mild. when you're waking up tomorrow. take a look at the temperatures in the 40s but notice the clouds begin to increase from west to east and by your lunch hour we're already starting to see some through. but look at the temperature into the 50s. we'll have a chance of rain also continues on wednesday of perhaps a more potent storm. i'll have the impacts of that coming up as well as how long we'll hold on this minutes. >> all right, sarah. now to the race for the white house supertuesday is just two days away both democratic presidential
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candidates will be in massachusetts on monday. hillary clinton will be holding events in springfield and in boston. vermont senator bernie sanders will be holding an event tomorrow at milton high school. now to the republican candidates, john kasich will be in reply mouth tomorrow. >> -- plymouth. >> since his second place finish in new hampshire the ohio governor has had some tough showings but still fighting for every vote. >> our campaign is to hold our own in some of these places we will. >> what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio. >> tonight here's a closer look at the supertuesday push. >> we are not taking anything and beer not taking anyone for grant. >> reporter: it was no surprise that hillary clinton won the south carolina primary this weekend the surprise just how big she won. crushing bernie sanders by almost 48 points leading in nearly every demographic, white, blacks, seniors, women and men.
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night sometimes you win sometimes you lose tonight we lost. >> reporter: sanders says he expects to do well on supertuesday but clinton appears to have begun a pivot to the jin election taking a shot at donald trump in her victory speech. >> despite what you hear we don't need to make america great again america has never stopped being great. >> republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz also hammered trump on the campaign trail saturday. >> he can sue whoever did that to his face. >> that's a very good way to get rich. >> reporter: trump returned fire this morning going after rubio. >> i think he's a lightweight. he couldn't get elected dogcatcher. >> reporter: trump is well ahead in most of the 15 states and territories that vote this week. but rubio says he could still get the nomination even without winning a single supertuesday state. >> you can still be 0-15. >> we're going to pick up a lot of delegates. >> sure. >> that's not the plan, by the way but sure, absolutely we can because we're going
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delegates. >> reporter: and stay with fox 25 for complete coverage of supertuesday. when those results come in we'll share them with you on air and on our app. breaking news tonight there has been an officer-involved shooting this happened in dartmouth. we want to get right to fox 25's crystal haynes who just arrived on the scene. crystal, what have you learned so far? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, you know all is quiet here in the area of the street but just hours ago this was a crime scene. that police officer uninjured tonight and the suspect in this case in serious but stable condition at rhode island hospital. take a look at the video we want to show this to you. dartmouth police were called around 4:00 this afternoon to 7779 dartmouth street less than a mile from where we are right now for report of a domestic violence incident between 23-year-old ryan and his mother. neighbors in this tight-knit community confirm the
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him to me. he is listed as a u-mass dartmouth student. investigators say while police were en route to the home for this call he allegedly took his mother's car and officers attempted to stop him here on brush street. now police say he charged them in that encounter with a knife and when they tased him he just wouldn't go down and an officer shot him once. >> kind of shocking. we know the family of the person who's involved our hearts goes out to the police officer and family. hopefully it will be a good result for everyone. obviously it's a bad incident. >> now neighbors tell me that kafal recently underwent a tragedy in his family experienced also to and perhaps some of that may have factored into this incident. but again we just don't know
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a developing story. mass state police are investigating with the d.a.s office and again kafall in rhode island hospital in serious but stable condition. stay with fox 25 for the very latest on this developing story. reporting in dartmouth, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. a driver is facing motor vehicle homicide charges following a deadly wrong way crash on the highway. this is the scene on 495 south in norton last night. police say a car lost control crossed the median and hit another car head-on. his passenger is still in the hospital with serious injuries tonight. another local city launching a new program to help addicts. brockton police are starting what they're calling the champion plan starting it tomorrow. it's modelled after a similar program in gloucester is designed to help addicts get treatment. addicts must go to the police department and then they will be brought to the group's offices until they can find that treatment. police are trying to track down suspects involved
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across a local town. the suspects are shooting b.b. guns or airsoft guns through the windows of homes or parked cars. any hope the public will have information that will lead to an arrest. tonight investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a house fire that displaced five people from their home. it started here on lane street in lowell around 2:00 today. the lowell son is reporting everyone was able to get out safely but the damage is expect in the tens of thousands of dollars. a community rocked after a sunday walk turns deadly. >> six months later the new information about this woman's death that could help lead to an arrest. we've got more warmth on the way but it comes with a risk of rain. i'll show you the latest timeline of when to expect
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a man found dead on the street and tonight police are still trying to figure out what happened here. >> as fox 25's jim morelli learned the victim was found this morning in a section of chelsea grap willing violence. >> reporter: a shirt a necklace, a mystery in chelsea. around 5:00 a.m. this morning police responded to 83 cottage street. there they found a 34-year-old man on the sidewalk he was later pronounced dead. >> that is surprising. it just annoys me why is this still happening. >> reporter: crime is not uncommon in this neighborhood. in fact, this whole area is part of what's known as section 4 the local city councillor says this is the highest crime area in
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>> this -- >> reporter: that city councillor lives just a dpu houses away from this morning's crime scene. >> i have a daughter so on top of the fact that i have a city councilman i also have a child it hits home. >> reporter: it also hits home for neighbor franklin cruz once again he recounted a past violent incident in the neighborhood. >> there was like blood all over the street and the cops tried to photograph and someone was getting stabbed while running away. >> reporter: and the sidewalk remains closed. behind ribbons of tape. some seemed hardly to notice the crime scene in their midst others can't afford that luxury. >> i'm not going to sit here and pretend then act like everything's all butterfly ies
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the family of the victim has been notified because we believe we ran into them here at the chelsea police station. there was a strong language barrier so we just can't be sure. 25 news. police are now saying a woman shot and killed in new hampshire last year was intentionally targeted. 62-year-old denise robert was shot in the head in manchester in august while taking her evening walk. tonight police tell a union leader that robert was specifically targeted in a drive-by shooting. a neighbor tells us she's still rattled by what happened but feels safer knowing it wasn't random. >> this area doesn't warrant for crazy things like that to happen. and so it would be nice to know that it wasn't just a random act. be comforting for people that love to walk in this neighborhood and just enjoy the area. >> reporter: right now police are not saying what evidence they have that led them to believe that shooting was not random. a group of local grocery store workers saying today they are ready to walk off
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agreement cannot be reached. local 445 voted this morning to authorize a strike against stop & shop. the union says the company is looking to cut pay and benefits in the new contract despite the vote though the group says they will still go to work as a show of good faith. >> right now we're working without a contract. the company makes any kind of moves in the wrong direction we're out. we're willing to sit down and continue to talk to try to come to a good result in this contract. >> leaders of stop & shop said today they're disappointed that the strike was authorized since they are offering higher pay and generous benefits. but they also say they will continue working with the union to hopefully reach an agreement. it was a gorgeous finish this weekend. temperatures climbed well into the 50s close to the record of 63 in boston but it was 58 well above the
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to our 50-degree days or higher this winter. most on record in boston. we have now picked up 34. last year we only had nine. typically it's about 12. worcester now coming in around 27 as well. it's still mild out there out there. we have some temperatures into the 30s in the interior 40s though across the coast. and we've got that wind that's active out of the southwest ahead of a cold front that's going to be pushing eastward and it's really got itself together pushing through the great lakes and ohio valley. but it will lose some of its steam as it pushes through our area by tomorrow. noneless this is what you need to know. those winds out of the southwest are going to keep us mild through the overnight hours. so despite seeing mostly clear conditions you're waking up to temperatures what we should typically see for highs this time of year. upper 30s to low 40s. so not a bad start in the city of boston. we'll see some sunshine as well. but those clouds will increase through the mid-morning with the risk of some scattered showers
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i'm thinking anywhere from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m. we could see a shower or two. then we'll see clouds break apart. but take a look at those temperatures once again well above average as we close out february. highs in the 50s across the area. winds will turn out of the west with that front coming through. could be gusty at times. gusts as high as 30 miles per hour are upon possible. by noticing through the interior here is that front and the green indicating some of the scattered showers that will begin to fall apart as this front pushes eastward. but again they're going to be hit or miss you may want to have that umbrella just in case. now to the north and west of that front notice by 4:00 we're already breaking back into the sunshine through the interior. we're going to end the day with mostly clear skies. so not too bad with the temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. it will get a little bit cooler as we head to the polls on tuesday but it will be dry out there. by wednesday we're tracking yet our next system.
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precipitation moves in it may be just cold enough for the interior we could see some icy conditions early wednesday for the morning commute. but it's going to change over to rain it and will be a rain event in boston as this front comes through it will be windy and wet during the afternoon and evening hours of wednesday. but notice there may be some cooler air on the back side of this system that may allow for some mixing to some snow. some of the latest models are indicating that moisture might be just off the coast before we see that changeover. something we'll be watching. that seven day forecast does feature the warmth wednesday. but once that system comes on through we drop back into the 30s. we'll hold onto the clouds friday into saturday as the system will be passing to our south. we'll have to watch it closely if it does get even closer it could bring us the over to you. a major security summit is set to take place tomorrow here in massachusetts. >> next at 10:00 the one thing you may use every day that this congress mane
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congressman feels >> listen to this. first responders say local home may collapse at any minute. crews discovered renovations being done to this house
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that home is on sylvester street in brockton. the building superintendent says it's "in imminent danger of collapse." crews have been stationed outside to make sure no one goes inside. none of the surroundinglings are in danger though. the safety and security of our rail system will be going up for debate tomorrow. >> congressman stephen lynch is holding a rail security summit in boston in the morning. transportation officials will discuss the state of our rail security what needs to be done to enhance it. mayor marty walsh is looking forward to the summit. >> we have a lot of rail in our city. i think it's important to talk about security and how we move forward with rail. >> congressman lynch says he's concerned about the decline in federal funding for rail security and says there's a real need to assess any potential weaknesses. >> final look at 50? >> another 50-degree day. there's more changes through the week. so i'll have the full-time line coming up at 11:00. >> thanks, sarah. thank you so much for watching us at 10:00 we'll
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a costly problem for all of us exposed missing and stolen state property is runninging up a bill for massachusetts taxpayers. >> these are runs hof items -- hundreds of items with millions involved. >> fox 25 investigates uncovers surprising ways that some high-tech gear that you paid for keeps disappearing. and our local borders open doors for terrorists. the work that's being done to try to keep them safe. >> nail salons across the state cutting corners when it comes to your safety. fox 25 investigates is with state inspectors as they uncover violations. your watching a fox 25 investigates special. fox 25 investigates did shine a spotlight on the issues that are impacting you the most.
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>> and i'm blair miller. over the next half hour we're taking an in-depth look into some of our recent investigations. hundreds of laptops, tablets even gold coins and cash. fox 25 investigates uncovered a long list of state property missing or stolen. the price tag nearly $2 million. you paid for it so we wanted to see how well the state of massachusetts is keeping track of that stuff. >> that's right. fox 25 investigative reporter erik rasmussen obtained a list of lost and stolen items and found some surprises. >> reporter: the r.m.v. had $24,000 disappear in their really still isn't much of an explanation for that. fox 25 investigates obtained a list through the massachusetts public records law and when we broke down the data it revealed all kinds of state agencies, courts and colleges have been affected. this is your baby right there. matt's laptop is his lifeline. >> it's very important. >> reporter: studying at u-mass boston. >> what would you do if you lost that thing? >> well, it's hard i would


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