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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  WFXT  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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mourning tonight. >> reporter: the flag here at e merrimack police department is at half-staff we're told that flags will be lowered across the town tomorrow. tonight people are describing ashley guindon as a strong and caring young woman who served as a marine went to flight school then became a police officer. what happened to 28-year-old ashley begin don seems especially cruel. sworn in as a police officer friday. shot and killed during her first shift on saturday. she was in the military and she didn't deserve this at all. this was ashley guindon's 2005 senior class photo. i always remember ashley as
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so brave cared for everybody. had to break the news to officer guindon's family on saturday night. the fact that this is an individual who was a member of our community makes it even more difficult. heartbreak. in 2004, ashley's father sergeant david guindon took his own life after returning from a tour of duty in iraq. i just know the circumstances. so, i want to do something for her mom. people are being encouraged to bring flowers here to the merrimack police department and tomorrow, there will be a moment of silence at merrimack high school. reporting in merrimack tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> guindon's uncle is a detective with the police
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the west springfield police are with heavy hearts today after learning about the fatal shooting of ashley guindon on her first night of duty. ashley is the niece of west springfield police detective thomas guindon. stay with fox 25 on air and on-line for continuing coverage of offerings guindon's murder. we'll have complete coverage tomorrow. two people rushed to hospital after a van backed over them this afternoon. fox 25's malini basu is in worcester where witnesses say the couple's daughter watched the van run over her parents then drive off. all while their young teenage daughter watched in broad daylight. i guess there was a lady parked and she reversed and she was reversing i guess she didn't see the couple
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ran over the couple. >> ray rivera a long time vendor at the worcester plea market tells fox 25 a couple in their 50s to 60s was shopping here late this afternoon when they were victims of a hit-and-run accident. >> as she ran them over she put it in drive the daughter who saw the whole scene she was going stop screaming. >> the couple's young teenage daughter was banging on the woman's window telling her to stop you hit high parents. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon on in worcester. vendors ran over to help and tried to comfort the mom with blankets. to turn herself in she got her license plates. the teenage daughter was holding her mom and constantly telling her mom wake up, wake up.
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her. as soon as we learn more we of course will let you know. we're also being told the couple will make a recovery. for now we are in worcester. malini basu, fox 25 news. >> new at 11:00 a 23-year-old woman has died following a crash on 495. police say she was driving on the highway northbound in merrimack when she lost control and ran into the median. she tried to get back on the but that driver was not hurt. another driver is facing motor vehicle homicide charges following a deadly wrong way crash on the highway. police say a car lost control. the victim has been identified his passenger is still in the hospital with serious injuries tonight. >> new to the race for the white house supertuesday is just two days away and both democratic presidential candidates will be in
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hillary clinton will be holding events in springfield and boston. vermont senator bernie sanders will be holding an event tomorrow night at milton high school. the ohio what changes this place is my ability to win in ohio. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> it was no surprise that hillary clinton won the south carolina primary this weekend the surprise was just how big she won. crushing bernie sanders by almost 48 points in politics on a given night sometimes
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lose. taking a shot at donald trump in her victory speech. >> despite what you hear we don't need to make america great again america has never stopped being great. marco rubio and ted cruz also hammered trump on the campaign trail. >> he should sue whoever did that to his face. trump returned fire this morning going after rubio. >> i think he's a lightweight he couldn't get elected dogcatcher. >> reporter: trump is well ahead to most of the 15 states and% that vote this week. but rubio says he could still get the nomination even without winning a single supertuesday state. you can still be 0-15 that's not the plan but we will
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stay with fox 25 we are continuing to follow breaking news a suspect has been shot by police. at 10:00 we first told you that that suspect allegedly came at the officer with a knife. roar all is quiet in dartmouth but just hours ago this was a crime scene. the police officer involved not injured in this incident and the suspect at rhode island hospital in serious but stable condition tonight. the charges against that young man unclear. dart mouth police were called around 4:00 this afternoon to 779 dartmouth street that's less than a mile from where we are now. a full report of a domestic violence innocent neighbors
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confirmed the picture you are seeing to me. listed as a u-mass dartmouth studentful while police were en route to the home for this call he alleged took his mother's car and officers attempted to stop him right here. now police say he charged at them with a knife when they tased him he just wouldn't go down and an officer shot him once. kind of shocking. we know the family of the person who is involved. our hearts go out to the police officer who was involved and also to the family hopefully that will be a good result for everyone, obviously. it's a bad incident. but our hearts and prayers go out to both the police officer and to the young man. >> neighbors tell me he suffered a devastating loss in his well-known and well respected family here in dartmouth. mass state police investigating along with the d.a.'s office exactly what happened here again kafall in rhode island hospital in
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condition. now stay with fox 25 for the very latest on this developing story. reporting in dart mouth crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> another local city launching a new program to help addicts get help. brockton police are starting what they are calling the champion plan tomorrow. addicts must go to the police department then brought to the group's offices until they get that treatment. >> the problem is a prescription drug problem. the problem is that we overprescribe in america. the problem is that 80% of people who are dying from heroin started on prescription drugs. >> he made those comments today after being asked if he thought would help stem the opioid problem.
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tonight after police found a massive stash of drugs. >> he was out on bail. officers found more than 60 bags of crack cocaine on him. police are trying to track down the suspects involved in a string of vandalism across a local town. fall mouth police say the suspects are shooting b.b. guns through windows of homes and parked cars. the department posted the notice today they hope the public will have information that leads to an arrest. investigators are also trying to figure out the cause of this house fire. it started on lane street in lowell. the damage is expected in the tens of thousands of dollars. >> we're going to see more warmth on the way this week but it comes with the risk
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a man found dead on the street tonight police are still trying to figure out what happened. as fox 25 jim morelli found that the the victim was found this morning in a section of chelsea grappling with violence.
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nation -- necklace a mystery in chelsea. there they found a 34-year-old man on the sidewalk he was later pronounced dead. >> no, it doesn't surprise me really. it just annoys me like it's still happening. crime is not uncommon in this neighborhood. this whole area is part of what's known as sector 4 the local city councillor says this is the highest crime area in chelsea. >> that city councillor lives just a few houses away from this morning's crime scene. >> i have a daughter so on top of the fact that i am a councilmember i worry about the well-being i also have a child i'm trying to raise in this neighborhood it so hits home. >> reporter: it also hits home for neighbor franklin cruz who recounted a past violent incident in the neighborhood. it was like blood all over the street and the cops told us that someone was getting stabbed while running away and bleeding all the way down over there.
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call the sidewalk remains closed. behind fluttering ribbons of tape. some seemed hardly notice crime scene in their midst others can't afford that luxury. >> i won't sit here and pretend and act like everything is all butterflies and roses. we have an issue, an issue with crime we are working at it as we can. we have reason to believe that the family of the victim has been notified because we believe we ran into them here at the chelsea police station. we spoke with the gentleman who said he was the victim's brother but there was a strong language barrier so we just can't be sure. in chelsea, jim morelli, fox 25 news. police are now saying a woman shot and killed in new hampshire last year was specifically targeted. 62-year-old denise robert was shot in the head in manchester in august while taking her evening walk. tonight police tell the union leader that robert was targeted in a drive-by shooting. and a neighbor tells us she is still rattled by what
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knowing it was not random. this neighbor doesn't warrant for crazy things like that to happen. and so it would be nice to know that, you know, it wasn't just a random act. be comforting for people that love to bach in in this neighborhood and just enjoy the area. >> right now police are not saying what evidence they have that led them to believe the shooting was not random. a skier rushed to the hospital today after crashing into a tree. it happened this afternoon at waterville valley ski resort in new hampshire. now officials at the resort say that that man was brought down the mountain and treated at the scene until a helicopter arrived. we're still waiting word for that man's condition. boston city council will hold a hearing on monday to discuss the decision to arm campus police officers with semiautomatic rifles. some councilmembers think the move is unnecessary they don't like the fact northeastern did not include the community in its decision. the school officials, however, say they did tell police by the and the rifles
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emergency situations. >> spring like conditions as we close out february likely boston will one of the one warmest winters on record average lower 40s so we're going to continue this warm trend as we head through the week we'll be back into the 50s tomorrow a slight cooldown on tuesday right back at it by wednesday before we see temperatures fall below.
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will push eastward but tonight it's going to be dry it's still mild out there 43 in boston we do have a cool spots in the 30s but under mainly clear skies while the winds out of the southwest it will keep temperatures on the milder side. but it is adding a child it does feel like the 30s in some spots. waking up tomorrow to the upper 30s. typical high for this time of year but it will be bright and dry. i do want to point out that the clouds will be thickening up for the morning we will see that risk of rain. as that front comes on through. this is a look at your highs tomorrow. it will allow for the winds is to be gusty at times. but we're going to be well into the 50s. i want to take a look at when to expect those rainshowers. notice this is right around 8:30 in the morning we're seeing mostly sunny skies
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morning commute. but your lunch hour that's when we'll see the clouds around and the risk of these spot showers. now they will be weakening as they push eastward during the afternoon. by the evening hours sure enough we'll be clearing out once again. over the next couple days it will be a little bit of roller coaster with temperatures in the 50s a little bit cooler as you head to the polls but dry for tuesday then wednesday that's when we're atracking our next system. this one could be a little bit stronger and we're going to be talking about a mix. high pressure on tuesday pushes through the east. we could see cool enough air to start but a little bit of icing mixing occurring across the north and west. with the winds screaming out of the south it will allow to quick changeover. with some strong winds. notice this is by midday wednesday. rain pushes off to the east by late wednesday. would coil see some snow.
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show temperatures drop there after we'll also be watching a system late friday into saturday that's going to be well offshore but if it gets closer it could throw back more clouds and also bring us the risk of some snow. a lot to talk about this week. over to you. >> well, this warm weather and partially frozen water didn't stop dozens of people from getting out on the ice today. today was the annual ice fishing derby. as you can see conditions really wasn't much ice out there. but organizers and participants tried to make the best of it. >> we've been extremely lucky. we've had no problem. people have been very careful. >> most of the guys that are out there are real professional fishermen so they're checking the ice and doing well. joshua won with a 4.26 pound 21.1 inch rainbow
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>> you know what ice fishing is without the ice? drinking, typically. you know that parking in boston is tough. did you know certain streets where you're more likely to get a parking ticket compared to anywhere else in boston? >> so which signs do you look for. fox 25 analyzed a year's worth of data to find out the top locations monday night at 10:00 fox 25's john monahan shows you why these spots are on that list and the new tool that may help you avoid a ticket.
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next at 11:00 the . first responders say local home may collapse at any minute. crews discovered renovations being done to this house severely weakened its foundation. the home is on sylvester street in brockton and the building's superintendent says it's quote in imminent danger of collapse. in fact crews have been stationed outside to make inside. none of the surrounding buildings are in danger. the safety and security of our rail system will be closely scrutinized tomorrow. >> congressman stephen listen is holding a rail sum -- lynch is holding a rail
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mayor marty walsh will also be will and says he's looking forward to the summit. >> we have a lot of rail in our city i think it's important to talk about security and how we move forward with rail. congressman lynch says he is concerned about the funding and says there's a real need to assess any potential weaknesses. >> umbrellas tomorrow, sarah. >> we will need it but also going to be dealing with some warmth, too, i think we'll take that. >> thank you. thank you for making fox 25 your choice for news. our next newscast is at 4:00. let's send things over to sports director tom lieden for "sportswrap". >> thank you, guys very much. >> tampa was in town those two teams tied in the standings. we'll share with you don sweeney's thoughts on louie erickson. plus, butch stearns with me in studio to talk about what
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training and our thoughts on the bruins and celtics as well. we'll step aside for a short break get it going for you. we're here until midnight. hope you can stay with us. "sportswrap" is up next right after this.
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>> hey everybody what's up. we're with you until midnight. bruins on the ice face tampa bay. both teams died with four points coming in but the lightning struck quickly and deceptively. louis erickson played 21 minutes the bruins did strike first. six minutes in it and was


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