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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mild start to the day but meteorologist shiri spear says rain is on the way. she joins us from the fox25 stormtracker weather center with showers in the forecast. >> shiri: showers in the forecast, and not coming into town until you are already at work. so temperature-wise this morning, talk about warm. these are normal high temperatures for this time of the year. this is where we are hitting rock bottom this morning. 44 in boston over to plymouth. 44 in bedford. 45 in lawrence. 44 44, beverly, and even up to the seacoast of new hampshire. 45 degrees in plymouth. 39 in worcester. that is one of my cooler spots right now, but i want to take you through it hour by hour because the time we hit noontime today, temperatures will climb into the middle 50s. we got increasing clouds likely even into the boston air why. increasing clouds. the showers focused across central western massachusetts into southwestern new hampshire by lunchtime today. and they do alive in boston probably around or 2:00 this afternoon and we get some
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can see 4 p.m. temperatures still pretty mild. 50s on tap during the evening commute. you are going to see clearing skies and dropping temperatures skies and dropping temperatures. 54 to 60 today. enjoy it while you can. a cooler forecast coming up for the middle of the week. get you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic this morning. hey, >> julie: julie 60s, sounds like windows down if you were headed out for that part of the day. good morning, everyone. things looking good on the roads if you were one of those early birds that heads out the door at 5 a.m. route 1 moving along just fine. 93 south wide open from 495 through the north reading area into woburn and medford and somerville. a look at the pike nothing slowing you down from framingham through the weston tolls and making your way to the allston-brighton areas. you can hit the speed limit on the expressway and not just do bumper-to-bumper. live look at the pipe in bright live look at the pipe in brighton, count the cars sometimes because this i think so are nice and light westbound
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23 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the brain opinion is tree split to the pike. 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. happening today, emotional tributes to a new england native killed in the line of duty. this large crowd attended a candlelight vigil for police officer ashley guindon last night near washington d.c. she was shot responding to a call during the first ship with the police department in northern virginia. >> gene: the 28-year-old graduated from merrimack high school in 2005. catherine parrotta is live in new hampshire this morning where there is a moment of silence for her later today. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene. this is the high school right there. he graduated from merrimack high school in 2005. they are planning that tribute for her today as the school committee and the entire community of merrimack, new hampshire mourns her loss. you can take a look at this video because people across the
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know the officer left flowers and stopped by the home of her mother in town. ashley guindon was 29 years old on friday and sworn into the police department in prince william county. the next day she was shot that also left the sp's wife dead and two other officers critically injured. people in her home community are saddened by her death. >> a person who is looking toward making a drear in law enforcement to step on to the street and within virtually hours to be struck down in the prime their life and at a point where they are beginning a new career path is a horrible thing for anybody. >> reporter: the principal from merrimack high school shared some thoughts after learning of guindon's death. in a statement, at nhs we believe in the motto to go forward and inspire. she not only embraced this but personified it.
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of merrimack, new hampshire. not the only tragedy for ashley guindon's family. live in merrimack, new hampshire, catherine parrotta. >> meanwhile, the man accused of killing officer guindon. he is a staff sergeant in the were ay and worked at the pentagon. he killed his wife and then shot guindon and two other police officers who arrived at the scene. the other officers remain at the hospital. hamilton's 11-year-old son was home at the time hooting and he was not hurt. hamilton is facing capital murder and could face the death penalty. up to the minute breaking news while you are at work or on the go, download the app. super tuesday is tomorrow, and today, the presidential candidates are des sending on massachusetts before voters head to the polls. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be campaigning the commonwealth. hillary clinton will attend events in springfield and boston today. her husband former president
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in worcester later tonight. and vermont senator bernie sanders will talk to voters at milton high school continue to. and right how, hillary clinton has an 8-point lead over bernie sanders. that is according to a new suffolk university poll. experts say sanders needs massachusetts to pick up enough delegates to beat clinton. on super tuesday, it could be a republican that could steal delegates from sanders. independents can vote in either primary, and analysts think many independents here could be leaning toward john kasich instead of sanders. the poll has donald trump beating marco rubio 43% to 20%. kasich comes in third with 17%. the ohio governor is the only republican governor expected to campaign in massachusetts. the other are spread out across the other states holding primaries and caucuses on super tuesday. voters in 11 states including massachusetts will vote for candidates in both parties.
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fox25's blair miller has reaction from the campaign trail. >> we are not taking anything and not taking anyone for granted. >> reporter: it was no surprise that hillary clinton won the weekend. the surprise was just the surprise was just how big she won crushing bernie sanders by almost 48 points, leading in nearly every democratic, whites, blacks, seniors, women and men. >> in politics on a given night, sometimes you win, times you lose. tonight we lost. >> reporter: sanders expects to do well on super tuesday. but clinton is take but clinton is taking a pivot to the general election taking a shot at donald trump in her victory speech. >> des might what you hear. great again. it america has never stopped being great. >> reporter: republican senator >> reporter: republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz hammered trump on the campaign trail saturday. >> he should sue whoever did
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>> a great way to ged rid -- >>reporter: trump returned fire going after marco rubio. >> i think he is a lightbeat. he couldn't be elected dogcatcher if he goes back to florida. >> reporter: trump is ahead in the 15 states and territories that vote this week, but marco rubio said he could still get the nomination even without win the nomination even without winning a single super tuesday state. >> you can guilt be 0-15 and pick up the nomination? >> because we can pick up a lot of delegates sure. absolutely. that is the plan because we are going to pick up a lot of delegates. >> reporter: i am pwlairp blair >> reporter: i am pwlairp blair. >> sara: fox25 will have complete coverage of the massachusetts primaries. bell be live at trump, clinton and sander's headquarters tomorrow might. you can see up to the minute on air and online at :7 this morning. developing this morning, a couple remains hospitalized as police work to track down the driver who hit them with her car. the whole thing witnessed by the victim's teenaged daughter. fox25's jessica reyes is live from worcester and just the
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couple more than once. >> reporter: she is, gene. and people at the scene yesterday say it was really just an awful thing to watch. this morning police are still searching for 24 searching for this driver. still trying to figure out her name but thanks to quick thinking witnesses they have her license plate this morning. this happened at the worcester flea market. it was packed with people at the time right in the midle of the day and those who saw it said it was a absolutely horrifying scenes. one man we spoke with said that bomb in a goldish-colored van backed over the couple and hit them again when she drove off. even worse, their teenaged daughter watched the whole thing happened. >> as she ran them over, put in drive. the daughter saw the whole thing and she was screaming hysterically, and telling the lady to stop, stop, stop. >> the mother and father, they were both taken to the hospital were both taken to the hospital. the dad was released yesterday, but the woman, she is still in the hospital recovering this morning. now police, we know, this
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with witnesses working to get more information about the woman driving the car and the car itself. i just e-mailed the public inspection here at the worcester police department in the past ten minutes. as soon as we get more information on their investigation, we will keep you posted here and online. live from worcester, jessica reyes, fox25 news. police shoot a man they say charged at them with a knife and this morning he is in the hospital as officers investigate exactly what happened. fox25 on the scene as this was breaking news last night on our 10:00 news. dartmouth police were dueled a domestic violence incident between ryan kufal and his mom inside their home. police say kufal drove off in his mom's car and when they found him, he ran at them with a knife. one officer shot him after a taser didn't work. neighbors are shocked this family was involved in something like this. >> our hearts go out to the police officer who was involved and also to the family. hopefully it do be a big result
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obviously it is a bad incident. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the kufals is a well-respected member of the family and right now the son is in a rhode island hospital in stable condition. new this morning, the mbta expected to announce they have still cut the agency's budget deficit by nearly half. according to the "globe" they according to the "globe" they cut their deficit of 43%. that money expected to go to weatherization projects and repairs, to the aging signal system. however, it may make it more difficult for the t to convince critics they need to raise fare critics they need to raise fares. a group of local gross store workers are ready to walk off the job if a contract agreement cannot be reached. we have been following the developments. the local 1445 voted sunday to authorize a strike against top and shop. the union says they are looking to cut pay and benefits of a new contract.
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go to work as a show of good faith. >> right now we are working without a contract. the company makes any kind of moves in the wrong direction, we are out. we are willing to sit down and continue to talk and come to good resolve of this contract. a. >> sara: stop and shop are disappointed the strike was authorized. they are offering higher pay and general -- generous benefits. they are continue to work with the union to hopefully reach an agreement. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. getting ready to head out the door on 93 south. you are looking at a commute of just 19 minutes from 495 in and overto the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: temperatures out there in the 40s right now. 44 degrees outside with clear skies. keep it nice and clear through 7:00 this morning. by 6 a.m., 44. 7 a.m., 45. i am tracking today's warm-up and when to plan around showers next. 5:11 this morning. new details of one of the brothers behind the boston marathon bombing.
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tsarnaev took months before the attacks pledging his loyalty to america. the stars are out partying celebrating the ray wards in
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the big moment being celebrated in hollywood and right here in boston. "spotlight" taking home best picture at the 8 8th academy awards. otter big winner, leonardo dicaprio, he finally took home an oscar for his role in "revenant." he made a political acceptance speech connecting his film to his fight for the environment. and brie larson won an award for "room" a woman and son held in captivity. >> gene: not only the big topic. diversity the big topic. no one ignoring the issue. >> daniel: we knew going into the academy awards that diversity would be a big issue. host chris rock called attention to the controversy. >> i am here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> daniel: this was the second year in a row that all the actor nominees
5:16 am
prompted a boycott. spike lee and jada pinkett smith said they wouldn't attend and and sparked the hashtag, oscar so white an thank went while. chris rock brought actress stacey dash. she is a controversial republican commentator. introduced her as a director of minority outreach. >> please welcome miss stacey dash. >> i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month. thank you. >> daniel: earlier this year dash called for getting rid of both black history month and the network bet, but that joke did not land well. many in the audience were visibly uncomfortable. and this morning, the chatter on that continues online with people calling it the most confusing moment of the night.
5:17 am
night saying she did it to bring, quote, diversity to hollywood, not merely because of color and diversity as well. while one tv actress said it was her duty to attend the ceremony because of the lack of diversity. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. it is 5:17. good morning, everyone. take taking a look at the roads. things are moving along nicely on the expressway. 128 also wide open as you head from canton through dedham and needham to the pike. 93 south, route 1, slow right now. the zakim bridge. very light traffic at the moment. is it minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. if you were thinking, hmm, how should i dress today since our temperatures are all over the place. shiri has you covered. dress for the 40s is a good way
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>> shiri: starting off with the sunglasses, a light jacket because 40s are not that cold. this afternoon warm in the 5s. showers coming through especially noon to 5 p.m. today especially noon to 5 p.m. today. to tuesday night, that is our next round of kind of wet and stormy weather. it will come in initially as an ice icy mix possible in central mass and southern new hampshire and transitions to all this heavy rain for the day on wednesday, that will be a more significant storm than those scattered showers that we get out of this today. worse at only 39 degrees. one of the cooler spots on the map. nice clear skies and a little breeze which makes it feel like it is only 30 out there. kind of important as we send kids out to the bus stop early this morning. it will feel like it will feel liking even though temperature readings may not show that off. 39 degrees at 7 a.m. 9 a.m., look at the clouds coming into play. 47 degrees. and by 11:00 this morning. the first of the showers in the worcester area. i am seeing noon to 2:00 for the timing of showers passing a cross central massachusetts.
5:19 am
now. and we get sunshine to start seeing increasing clouds seeing increasing clouds. your best chance for rain will be from about 1:00 this afternoon through about 4:00 this afternoon. not raining the whole time. that is really the key here. it is the fact that we get these late morning through early afternoon, very widely scattered, patchy showers out there.look at these warm temperature readings, 56 boston to plymouth. 58 lawrence and bedford. even 60 in norwood. a little cooler in worcester at 51. keene at 51. portsmouth gets up to 56 degrees and hyannis about 50. futurecast want to pause it at 7 a.m. just to show off just how good looking that morning commute is. expect increase clouds up ahead of these showers, and by noontime, they stretch about keene. i wouldn't be surprised if they get into the worcester area by then. but boston will be a little later this afternoon. as i mentioned a moment ago about 1 to 4 p.m., your best bet for showers. evening commute, southeastern massachusetts. still seeing a couple of
5:20 am
back behind that cold front, we are going to clear out during the evening commute, and even tonight, mostly clear skies. during the day tomorrow. sunshine out there. the clouds will be high and thin. by 6 p.m. on tuesday night, we are still dry. now you are going to see all that moisture moving in with a little flash of pink here overnight into wednesday morning and that's where in the northern worcester hills, southern new hampshire, and southern vermont, we could see a little bit of an icy mix to get things started. you wednesday will be all about the showers in particular during the morning hours. and that means we get some clearing skies here late on wednesday. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view from 58 today to highs in the 40s tomorrow under mostly sunny skies. wednesday will be another warm and breezy one with those incoming showers and high of 56 degrees. cooldown, high back in the 30s thursday and friday and a little light snow friday night and again some light snow on sunday. back to you. a drug lord notorious for
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escape a mexican prison once again. coming up, why el chapo is asking to be extradited to the united states. a day after the oscars. all about the best and worst
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5:23 this morning. a carnivale cruise ship rescued a boatful of cuban migrants. the cruise ship had pittsburgh steeler legends on board. linebacker james harrison posted this video to his instagram page. the migrants were taken to the next port of call where immigration was there waiting for them. people heading to disney will have to deal with new ticketing prices but may make the parks a little less crowded the parks a little less crowded. the parks in california and florida will use demand-based pricing. it doesn't sound great. based on time of the year and day of the week. the calendar will be divided into value, regular and peak. they hope that the urge pricing will, quote, help spread out visitation.
5:25 am
i don't know how disney figures julie a little piece of sam smith singing the song from the oscars "the specter." he dedicated the win to the lbgt community. >> i stand here as a proud gay man and hope we can all stand together as equals one day. thank you so much. >> julie: congrats to him. emotional song and heartfelt speech there. you. >> sara: emotional and beautiful. we can't talk about the oscars without fashion. perfect weather made it easy for the stars to bring their best to the red carpet. let's first check out j-lo -- j let's first check out j-lo -- j-la, sorry, in dior. she looks smashing. real pretty on her. the perfect dress. julie her hair never looked better. >> sara: her hair, skin. >> julie: sophia vergara. i think she is always a stun
5:26 am
stunner. and this one seeped like a lot more fabric than it needed but she is so beautiful. >> sara: we turn on the television and my daughter emma said oh, my god, look how beautiful she is, but the dress beautiful she is, but the dress, it is plain-jane to me. and i don't know, not my fave julie not my favorite. cate blanchett in armani. >> sara: my favorite. >> julie: your favorite so far >> julie: your favorite so far. would you wear it? >> sara: just because it is a little different. color on her skin and it is just -- to me it is perfect for this occasion. i don't know where else i would wear it but i would wear it to this occasion. >> julie: not to work. my favorite. charlise jaw dropping. she looked like the statue in red. but home run. >> sara: she always shows up in a home run. always. simple, classic and beautiful. >> julie: that's our take on it. do you dry and disagree. shiri shiri i think all those lady ladies look nice and if we decided to wear gowns to work, it may be a huge hit. here is the deal, today we are dressing for sunshine and hos
5:27 am
showers moving into mix. and it will be pretty breezy from start to finish. i break down the wind chills next. one day out from super tuesday, and the candidates working the crowds in massachusetts. what the brand-new poll says of where they stand and voters here make decisions in the run for the white house put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: happening today, a local community in mourning for the death of a police officer killed in the line of duty. officer ashley guindon was gunned down one day after she was sworn in as a member of the police department. the tribute happening in the officer's hometown ahead in a live report. good morning, everybody. it is leap day, february 29. thank you so much for joining us. >> gene: comes around once every four years. a. >> sara: it does. >> gene: like the winter olympics -- that is "jeopardy." things that happen every four years. sorry, shiri, something weather sorry, shiri, something weather-wise we can talk about every four years? >> shiri: 100 inches of snow in a single month. in a single month. no, will come around every 100 years. winds are gusting. nothing you can't handle. sustained winds at 17 miles per hour. worcester, 14 miles per hour in boston.
5:31 am
breeze when you step outside. it won't will not do too big a number of wind chills versus temperatures. temperatures are pretty mild. we will break down the wind chills in a couple of minutes but in the time being, temperature 4 temperature 43 in watertown. 44 in boston. 45 degrees in lawrence. as we swing a little further south, 46, marshfield. 44 in plymouth and in brewster with nice clear skies. clear skies continuing into central massachusetts. worcester 39 degrees. fitchburg, 42. jaffrey, 41. windham, new hampshire, excuse me, 42 degrees. we start off in the 40s with the sunshine. noon, 57 degrees. central and western mass with a couple of hours 3 p.m. 55 degrees. eastern mass with a couple of showers. they are long gone by 7 p.m. time out when they clear what kind of wind chills as you leave the house. julie grauert with live drive time traffic.
5:32 am
roads julie quiet at 5:31. no issues. 128 moving along nicely from the randolph-canton through dedham and needham up to the pike. speaking of the pike, this is what you will encounter as you head out there. volume negligible right now. live drive times. 22 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 11 minutes on the expressway from the braintree threat to the pike. 21 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. super tuesday on our doorstep and the democrats about to campaign hard in massachusetts. the latest poll right now from suffolk university has hillary clinton with an 8-point lead over bernie sanders. experts say bernie sanders needs massachusetts if he hopes to pick up enough delegates to beat hillary clinton. the republicans poll here in massachusetts, donald trump leading marco rubio, 43% to 20% leading marco rubio, 43% to 20%. john kasich coming in third in the commonwealth at 17%. hillary clinton is hope hillary clinton is hoping to keep the momentum from her win in south carolina going with multiple events around massachusetts. the first one this morning
5:33 am
michael henrich joins us live right now. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, gene. the campaigns must think the bay state is very much in play because massachusetts has a packed political menu. two servings of former secretary of state hillary clinton in massachusetts. one helping of senator bernie sanders. and a side of former president bill clinton all, of course, appearing in the bay state. secretary clinton as you mentioned starts her day in springfield specifically behind me at the lyman and mary wood museum at springfield history at 9:15. the former secretary heads to boston for a get-out-to-vote event after into noon at the old south meeting house. this comes two days after her dramatic 3-to-1 victory over senator sanders who makes his own appearance at milton at the high school at 7:00 tonight after campaigning last week in amherst. here are the candidates after
5:34 am
in. >> in politics on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. >> we are not taking anything or anyone for granted. >> reporter: former president bill clinton will make a push for the former first lady in worcester after 11:00. but with so many eyes on massachusetts, perhaps the biggest wild card here is the role of independence or undeclared voters here in the bay state can vote in the republican or democratic primary. recent politician polling shows that undeclared voters lean toward bernie sanders; however, a push in some editor he had editorials and those in the bay state of undeclared voters voting in the republican primary voting against gop front runner donald trump. we will see how that all plays out. either way, secretary clinton starts her day in springfield in just over three hours and we
5:35 am
live in springfield michael henrich, fox25 news. and will be in plymouth after spending the morning in vermont. front runner donald trump has events in virginia and georgia. senator marco rubio will be in tennessee and georgia. senator ted cruz in florida before heading to his home state of texas which is one of the super tuesday straits. fox25 will have complete coverage of super tuesday and massachusetts primary massachusetts primaries. we will be live with trump, clinton and sanders headquarters. find up to the rain results on air, online at happening today, a community will honor one of their own gunned down in the line of duty. >> new hampshire native was killed on her first day on the job as a police officer in virginia. catherine parrotta live is merrimack where guindon grew up merrimack where guindon grew up. >> reporter: guindon went to merrimack high school and her community honor her and have a
5:36 am
community mourns her loss as well. ashley guindon was 28 years old and graduated from merrimack high school in new hampshire. and she just was sworn in on friday. the very next day she was shot and killed in a disturbance that left a suspect's wife dead and two other officers critically injured. family and friends left flowers. neighbors were shocked and saddened to hear the news. >> i didn't even know it was her daughter until this morning. very sad to see somebody so young, first day on the job to be killed. >> reporter: the principal from merrimack high school released a statement at mhs we lead by the motto believe and be inspired. we not only believe she led but personified it. ashley guindon referred to her dad in heaven.
5:37 am
returning from iraq in 2004. today the entire community of merrimack mourning the loss of this officer, but again that moment of silence happening here at the high school today as well. but ashley guindon grew up here in merrimack, new hampshire, have ties to massachusetts well. hour. live in merrimack, new hampshire will hampshire hampshire, catherine parrotta, investigators are working to find out if a man found dead on a local sidewalk was murdered. the man found lying around cottage street in chelsea. rushed to hospital but died a short time later. the man's name has not been released but we are told that he was 4 years old. a city councillor that lives up the street from where the man was found tells fox25 there is a crime problem in this area. >> i worebelt being being of my community. i have a child i am trying to flaherty this neighborhood, so it hits home. >> sara: investigators from the suffolk county district attorney's office are waiting for autopsy results to confirm
5:38 am
5:37. parents are demanding answers of toxic chemicals found in a local elementary school. grilled officials in millirk s. they want to find why dangerous solvents were discovered by air quality taste at the clive elementary school. the school was closed four days last week. they were warned that there was strong odors of mold in building. new details are out regarding one of the boston marathon bombers. >> gene: tamerlan tsarnaev was working to be a united states citizen months before the attack. daniel miller joins us with a new report. part of the process involves pledging that now ties to terrorism. >> daniel: tamerlan tsarnaev swore his allegiance to the united states three months before the bombing denying any ties to terrorism. and he passed his citizenship test. according to the "boston globe" tamerlan's test results were part of hundreds of previously
5:39 am
and his friend ibrahim and his friend ibrahim todashev. he told immigration that he left in october of 2011, the same month he allegedly helped tsarnaev with a triple murder in waltham. in may of 2013, todashev was shot and killed by fbi agents in his florida department questioning him about that murder. yesterday u.s. immigration told "the globe" that the cases for both men were handled cengtly. custom and immigration found no errors in the process of tamerlan 2er9 terrorist or ibrah -- of tsarnaev's actions. the documents were heavily redacted but no indication that the government missed any warning signs about the men's criminal activity. we will continue to follow this story for you all morning. in the nuts room, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. notorious mexican drug lord el chapo could be coming to the states. joaquin guzman says he wants
5:40 am
will plead guilty to charges he faces here that guarantees the transfer. guzman wants to be held in a medium-security prison once he is extradited. the drug kingpin has famously escaped from prison in mexico twice and was just recaptured last month. he wants the deal because he say that is guards at his current mexican prison will not let him sleep. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. on the expressway, things moving along at decent clip. 8-minute commute to columbia road. shiri. tell you what, wind chills in the 30s. temperature readings in the 40s boston. 30 in worcester. and you will see that wind chill will stay at or below 40 morning. we will show you how warm and wet it will be this afternoon next. we have all been there, crammed that airplanes, no room to move. still ahead on fox25 news at
5:41 am
6:00, the new push to keep airplane seats shrinking. red sox hitting field for their first game. how a couple of local college uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside
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happening today, four men suspected of breaking into local homes will head to court. bedford police say the four were arrested at a home on fletcher road. a neighbor called 911 after seeking people -- seeing people, that is, break into the house. police say three suspects were found inside. a fourth was in a jeep which was parked up the road. in the vehicle, officers also found a notebook with several addresses for the suspects may have also struck. happening today, local and state leaders are meetsing to talk about ways to make trains and the tracks safer. the group will be meeting in boston to discuss the state of our rail security and what needs to be done to enhance it. the governor and boston mayor
5:45 am
this meeting. >> we have a lot in our city and the congressmen ask us to come in. and i think it is important to talk about security and how we move forward. >> sara: congressman stephen lynch is hosting the summit. he is the lead senator on the subcommittee. city council will discuss a controversial plan to give police at one large university semiautomatic rifles. northeastern wants to arm some officers with a high-powered weapons. some councilmembers think the move is unnecessary. they also are upset that northeastern did not discuss the plan with local leaders ahead of time. school officials say they did inform boston police. 5:45, the boston bruins are on the clock. the nhl trade deadline is 3:00. the bs needed to find out what they need to do on forward louie erickson. he is a free agent at the end of the season. they can move him for draft picks or lose him at the end of
5:46 am
the season for nothing if can't resign him between now and then resign him between now and then. ericson was in the line-up. kevin millar fire a shot from the blue line that sneaks into the net and the bruins jump out in front by a score of 1- all lightning after that. harvard grad where they tie the game with the laser shot from the slot. in the second, watch as steven stamkos is taken down on the breakaway. brad marchand try brad marchand tries to take them out and stamkos is one of the best and bury the best and buries it. nice move to beat tuukka rask. bruins lose it 3-1. and the celtics are in action. cs have won ten home games in a row. the red sox will hope their spring training schedule thul afternoon. sox playing their traditional double header against boston college in northeastern today. look for bc johnny adams and cam hanley as people to watch. the games against the big leaguers are going to start on
5:47 am
great fruit -- grapefruit league play against the twins in ft. myers. now 5:47. good morning, everyone. let's start with route 3 south of town. happy to report things are moving along fine in rockland past route 18. the weymouth area and over into braintree. other artery looking good. 95, 24 mainly. still nice and light. even the expressway haven't started to slow down quite yet. the only discoloration i am seeing in my traffic flow is right around the naponset area but in orange. we are not into the red. you conditions quite yet. over to the live drive times right now. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. it 12 minutes from 124 to 28. nine minutes on the expressway to columbia road. shiri spear joining us now. don't be fooled by the clear skies, showers will be coming in. >> shiri: showers will be coming in in a scattered fashion around noontime today.
5:48 am
the fact that our normal shy 41 degrees for this time of the year, and look at your wake-up temperatures. 44. so we are starting out warmer than the usual high here for the last day of february. also 44 and clear in plymouth. and beverly and bedford, worcester at 39 degrees. these are just your starting temperatures too from here. kind of our launching point. we will go all the way into the 50s this afternoon. a very mild, somewhat breezy forecast today. this is a system that will come through around lunchtime, so we have some showers especially focus from lunchtime throughout early afternoon. noon times those showers making a pit tomorrow here and western central massachusetts into southwestern new hampshire, over the course of the next two hours, it will make its way toward eastern massachusetts, kind of falling apart as it goes. i expect about 50% of us today will see some passing showers. so 2 p.m., very good risk in and around the boston area. straight through 4:00 this afternoon afternoon.
5:49 am
for the early commuters. look at those clearing skies back behind that. that really takes over during the evening commute by 6 p.m. it is plymouth to the south and east a couple of lingering showers. the rest of the area not just dry but seeing the clouds start to break apart. hour-by-hour forecast, 7 a.m., 45 degrees and mostly sunny. initially 9 a.m., 50 degrees. increasing clouds. still dry at 11 a.m. in boston. 55 degrees. highs in the upper 50s with a chance for rain at 1 p.m. 3 p.m. in boston. at 5 p.m., at 5 p.m., i have a clearing out. and that means afternoon high temperatures get a chance to get in the 50s. 57 boston and framingham. 59 in lawrence. 53 new bedford. lower 50s in worcester, but 54 in manchester, new hampshire and 50 on the nose in hyannis with the incoming showers. low temperatures tonight into
5:50 am
it will get chilly overnight, but nothing unusual for this time of the year. mostly clear other than a little period there of passing clouds. we up too the 30s tomorrow and highs in the mid- to upper 40s. so it is going onto a spwhap swla mild day when you it to what is normal. will 3 in boston. 48 from nor wood. and are worcester 4 3 degrees in the afternoon. high pressure rolling tomorrow and all about the sunshine with increasing clouds. this is the next weather maker that comes in initially here very late on tuesday night. we could see a little wintry mix. by the time you wake up on wednesday you are expecting temperatures to be above freezing and you see a transition to plain rain. heavy rain during the morning. whole thing can end with a couple of snowflakes that we are fine tuning, but we do want to you plan around wet weather here wednesday morning between the rain and the wind and it gets warm again up to 56 degrees. highs in the 30s thursday and friday, cooler and nice and bright on thursday.
5:51 am
lead to a little bit of snow. we are keeping a close eye on a system that looks like it will stay offshore for now, but on sunday we will have to bring back that chance of light snow. back to you, guys. we seldom hear their names let alone hear their faces. why a navy sealer is receiving the highest military honor today. >> stay with us at 6:00.
5:52 am
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a local pilot recovering this morning after the plane he was piloting crash during takeoff tampa it happened at plymouth municipal airport. witnesses said it looked like a strong gust of wind was to blame. state police was doing helicopter exercises and air-lifted the man to the hospital. he hurt his ribs and head but he will be okay. a plane had to land without their engine gear. what the single-engine plane looked like when it touched down at the chatham airport. the 71 earlier pilot was not hurt nor was his passenger. the plane suffered minor damage. the third time was not the charm for the private space company space x.
5:55 am
launch of its falcoln 9 rocket after two cancellations in the past week. space x said in its web site that the rocket is fine and will not say why it was not launched again. it will bring internet and phone access to millions of people in data. a data preach may have been much, much worse than those previously thought. the irs said criminals used a tool on their web site to steal tax farms from 100,000 people. the irs said 720,000 people were victims. that is seven times what they originally believed. anyone is put at risk is offered free credit card protection and can expect the irs to get in touch beginning this week. happening today, the president will award the navy seal the highest military honor. edward byers will get a medal of honor.
5:56 am
the first person was killed. byers will be the 11th living service member to receive the afghanistan. recovering after falling 20 feet off a cliff, a man was flying a remote-controlled plane near a cliff and it crash plane near a cliff and it crashed on the rocks below. the man went after it, lost his footing and fell 20 feet down the cliff side. they had to air-lift him to the from a fractured leg. 5:56 this morning. developing this morning, a driver accused of running over couple right in front of their teenaged daughter. >> sara: coming up the key detail from the scene police are use are using to track down the suspect. plus a web site so powerful that one man lost his eye. a warning if you have contacts and what you can do to top the bug before it bites. we start and en the day dry
5:57 am
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growing everyday... (instrumental) now at 6:00, new details of the new england native shot and killed in the line of duty hours after she was worn in. >> she was in the military. and she was a police officer. and she didn't deserve this at all. >> gene: tributes happening this morning, and what we learned of the other tragedy her family has endured. plus a local couple struck in the street. and witnesses say the driver just kept going. >> the daughter saw the whole thing, and she was screaming hysterically. >> what we know of the
6:00 am
this morning and the evidence left at the scene. and only on fox25 this morning, a new warning for anyone who wears contacts. hear from a victim who faced the worst-case scenario because an eyeball-eating parasite. complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. gene gene-o sounds unpleasant. >> sara: sounds so unpleasant. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for joining ounce this february morning, it is february 29. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: a i am sara underwood >> sara: a i am sara underwood. this happens every four years, so happy birthday to all of the leap year babies. our team of reporters covering all the big stories of the morning includes a tribute new england native killed in the line of duty and super tuesday is just hours away. >> gene: first go to storm tracker weather center where shiri spear -- we have another mild day ahead. what a beauty yesterday. >> shiri: another april-like


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