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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and i am vanessa welch. >> reporter: the video appears to support how police and the shooting happened. 29-year-old peter was killed and what the district attorneys office is calling a gunfight. comes from a surveillance camera in the areas dan would investigate that fan fan top right first officer arrived on scene you can see at some point there's another person with fen/phen who appeared to be injured when fan fan raises hand possibly with the white glove that's when the officer came up behind the car there the other car in the video backed away down the street officers moved in to find fen/phen has been shot. in a recording of the police dispatch audio offices could be heard ordering the suspect to drop that gun during the confrontation. the shooting happened up back on figure 12 at the time police told fox 25 fen/phen had previous gun convictions and been charged with assaulting an officer. new video comes from the
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attorney's office which investigates police shootings the da says no conclusions have been made at this point. is releasing video now after fen/phen's family had a chance to see it at the das office is asked not be be made public until after his funeral which was his past weekend. >> presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail hard the night before super tuesday. >> 13 states and one territory will either bow or caucus. super tuesday not decide the rate person publicans because the number of candidates in the race but it could have a significant impact on the democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders which is why both candidates are here in massachusetts today. political reporter sharman sacchetti was on the campaign trail with clinton. >> she spent several hours here in the state this morning and this afternoon to try to shore up support get out that
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>> after a rousing speech in a hug from boston mayor marty walsh she takes a microphone and tries to fire up hundreds of supporters of the old south meeting house in boston. while her words to her confidence level here --i want to set some big goals. her presence in massachusetts on the day before super tuesday says otherwise. right now hillary clinton is running only slightly ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders here. she spoke to an overwhelmingly young crowd apology students from her on the modern of wellesley. >> she told the crowd she wants them to be able to refinance student loans as a work to bring down the cost of college. she did target bernie sanders but she did draw distinction. >> all the while she took aim at the republicans and donald
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>> i am not going to ask you to pay taxes to send donald trump free to college. i'm not going to do that. secretary clinton has a support of nearly all of the state's congressional delegation many here today except senator elizabeth warren and the mystery remains as to who she is supporting. we have learned she's voted by absentee ballot tomorrow. >> suffolk university poll shows clinton leading santos by eight points but with nine percent still undecided this raises up for grabs. both candidates hope to pick up the last votes. right now vermont senator bernie sanders helping town hall meeting in milton. >> publican race there are plenty of delegates up for grabs 1237 delegates are needed to clinch the gop nomination. tomorrow. poll out today shows donald
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percent of the republican primary votes. ohio governor john kasich the only republican campaigning in massachusetts today he held a town hall meeting in vermont this morning before heading south to a townhouse in plymouth. the gop front runner donald trump will be in florida watch the results come in tomorrow senator marco rubio also be in florida. senator ted cruz will return home to texas which is the most delicate rich super tuesday state. >> secretary state william gavin predicting a very strong turnout tomorrow. he's expecting as many as 700,000 voters to cast gop ballots. he says he's not certain about the turnout for democratic votes. he says 1.2 million residents cast a vote in 2008 democratic primary.we do have several reporters traveling to the kids headquarters on super tuesday. watch for live reports sharmann saccheti with the truck came panning trump palm beach. ted daniel will be following the sanders campaign live in
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keep it right here with fox25. >> temperatures tied the record high for this day. a lot of people took advantage of it. >> kevin lemanowicz joins us now. >> back to 1976 got up to 57 degrees after 11 o'clock this morning stay that way before it starts slip away behind the front. 56 that old record boston time that record that goes back to 1880 though about that. 64 degrees warmest it's been since 1880 and the stay pretty amazing. temperatures out there right up your dinner plans are still in the 50s. 54 in boston 52 in bedford slipped into the 40s in worcester that's because of the front that went on by. might have seen a shower out there if you are out and about for short time this afternoon.
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through and now we are clearing out once again. a couple of sprinkles here in rhode island i've been watching just in here that could clip southern portions of bristol county not a big concern. next arms at the potential for some ice will track it for tomorrow night straight ahead. >> patriots nation could get much better news in this the pages reportedly extending tommy's contract for another two years. espn reported the extension this morning. >> a lot of people happy about this one. >> as they should be not only does it all but guarantee that brady is going to retire a patriot be the team's going to enjoy flexibility at the beginning of the 2016 financial year approaches in the next few days. rady originally signed a 2017 a total of $19 million in that time keep him in foxboro until he's 42 years old. also spread some of that money out and minimize the salary cap
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brady has been 16 seasons and nfl all of them with the patriots the next focus for the pats should be and likely will be locking up some of their standouts defensive players including jamie collins and malcolm butler. good news for patriots fans. at least four more shots for the title for brady who already has played in six super bowl winning or of them and three super bowl mvps. >> police have found the car connected to a hit and run at the popular fleamarket it was found just a mile from the scene with a different license plate. tonight lisa still try to track down the driver who ran over a couple. fox25 stephanie quinn you live in worcester tonight. >> reporter: police are telling us the husband is now out of the hospital but his wife is still in serious condition. it was right here right outside the worcester fleamarket with that driver hit the couple as
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people that i've been speaking with said they just can't understand why that driver wouldn't stop. >> it sickens me to think that people are in the hospital because of this person. on a busy sunday afternoon outside worcester fleamarket police a driver ran over a couple crossing the street and in horror. >> the poor woman everybody off. >> david mott says it was incredibly emotional the couple's teenage daughter witnessed everything. even banging on the drivers window to stop her. worcester fleamarket on the game avenue only open on sunday attracting hundreds of people every week. owner was there when this phone. >> the couple will stir together on the ground on the street. >> this morning worcester police released a statement saying they had located the monster involved in a hit and run but had a different registration plate.we went to police headquarters where the
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the car and police declined to speak with us on camera. mark who says he hit and killed a pedestrian back in the 90s told us he couldn't imagine not staying on scene. >> police actually found that car just about a mile away from the fleamarket right here so far police still haven't released the names of the victims were continuing to reach out to them. but coming up at 6 o'clock the additional evidence that could help track that driver down. >> memorial growing today for a police officer gunned down on the first day of the job. she was killed saturday while responded to a domestic violence:virginia. this police cruiser has been transformed into a memorial for her and she was a merrimack new hampshire native and she was reminded today at her high
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>> she graduate of the class of 2005 which chose a model for every young school's principal spoke fondly about her legacy today. >> i think what most people will remember is this was a young lady who chose to move forward in her life. a commit to a life of public service at one point it was discussion about medical aeronautics marines ultimately she goes to work for the police force in virginia. >> 32-year-old ronald hamilton been charged in the shooting of her and two other offices of being held without bail the injured offices are expected to recover. >> after more than a week on the run local man wanted in connection the solder revere police officer has turned himself in. michael will throw surrendered at the revere police station he pleaded not guilty at his
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$100,000 bail tonight. go throw was accused of threatening officer with a hypodermic needle left an officer injured after his cruiser crash. just days later gouthro another suspect was spotted in a stolen car setting off another chase and a manhunt on the north shore. jaclyn murphy the woman accused with gouthro was arrested but go throw escaped until today. >> a group of spoken to this peppered home right to this window over the weekend. coming up the unusual investigating involving asian restaurant owners and a high stake car game operation.>> unfair increase how much your ticket to ride the t could go up and why late-night service is about to go off the rail. >> a record data in the month of february march will not start why i was family weather can be some ice in the early morning hours. >> do you work contacts if you do this is a story you cannot miss. parasite so powerful you could lose an eye and what you can do
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5 new after police said they stole a cell phone right from a little girl.happened and stored tilt new hampshire.
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old fortunately was not hurt if you recognize is to contact tilton police. >> moms and dads consider keeping the kids home. the word about students help after the school detected a high concentration of chemicals in the air. elizabeth hopkins what for district. >> with the strain clear in her voice the mother of a elementary school child isn't sure what to do. in front of a meeting of school official sunday night she laid out her son's recent battles. >> earlier this month classes were canceled appearance their received information from the school district that raised alarm. the district says they been
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safety of the building because of a leaky roof at the school which has a potential for creating mold. >> board never said the issue is not black mold a toxin which strong health concerns the parents of this meeting that have more questions than answers. >> here's what we do know on february fourth first a series of air-quality test done in the school the first of those results came back on february 17 detecting chemicals that are sometime used in cleaning products in the dry cleaning process. >> the board says those levels have now dropped to within acceptable limits but parents are still concerned about what
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>> school committee tells fox 25 that reached out to the department of public health they feel they do not have any reason to be concerned about the health of the students in that school. >> were going to tell you how they're addressing the building concerns that led to this issue. >> public safety department is preparing a statewide test of its emergency notification system in alerts smart phone app this week. the lurch will go to people who sign up and ready sometime between now and friday. state encourages residents to sign up for the free system. >> 64 times a record going back to 1880 boston wasn't even the warmest on the map though norwood 66 degrees this afternoon about that for a little taste of springtime. sure look like it out there weymouth the center by twitter can always hit me at k lemanowicz. clouds and showers did move on through a broad and some cooler
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you seeing a worcester to orange keen dropping through the 40s while the rest of us mostly in the 50s a course cape in the 40 to be water going to be cooler on days like this. showers fast came on through a couple of them have your most of them in the light to moderate side and all of them offshore except a little sprinkle is still around narragansett bay but continue to fade not concerned about those tonight. clearing skies overnight already in boston going down to 33 first thing in the morning. cool air coming in was to even colder dropping down to the 30s and bottoming out at 28. you wake up to sunshine in a futurecast timeline shows that we are going to have sunshine through a good part of the day. some clouds start to work in the afternoon by the afternoon a mixture clouds and sun to the north mostly sunny skies to the south. that's a little bit milder air starting to work in here but still going to be rather chilly over all in comparison to today
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cooler in boston at 43 framingham 47 but still at or above average for the day some cooler spots out there cape cod tomorrow's tomorrow night to see the clouds increase your comes a limitation to the front moving toward us but all the colors again. rate in green and yellow pink freezing rain so temperatures going to be tough to scour out did this last week it stayed below freezing almost the entire day out worcester county so we're going to watch that area again for the potential for freezing rain and icing one more time. end up being a widespread slippery problem but slippery spot in that concern appear it will be snow ski country at least early parts of the storm system midnight tomorrow night fast-forward to 1 o'clock in the morning snowing up here they needed there's a freezing rain hanging tough while the rest of us get the rain situation. by 2 o'clock in the morning the northern tier only if worcester
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southern new hampshire vermont and over to western mass that's we're going to look at some icing tomorrow night before change to just rain during the morning drive wednesday rain come on through the end of the morning drive c heavy rain come on by. moves up shall we start to see some clearing by wednesday afternoon. problem time is going to be essentially midnight late tomorrow night into wednesday morning this is the only place for winter weather advisory right now close to us. that southern new hampshire watch to see if it gets extended into worcester county national weather service evaluating that this afternoon. seven day forecast with that weekend in view 46 tomorrow 53 on wednesday when the rain arrives going to bring in the warmer air one more time arch begins tomorrow and check this out we get a most an hour -and-a-half by daylight by the end of the month average high for the month five degrees but we do get over seven inches of
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we'll see if we get that this year. >> parties over cox party cruise may land him in hot water. also ahead festus going patch
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gratitude navy seals and all our professionals. >> present brock obama awarding a navy seal the highest military honor to edward myers first living active duty member in the navy to get the middle of honor since the vietnam war. >> like so many of our special operators deep sense of humility he doesn't seek the spotlight in fact he shuns it. is a consummate quiet professional. i imagine there a lot of other places he'd rather be than in front of all these cameras. >> myers only the six abc to be awarded the highest honor of valor in combat he was a member of seal team six the elite group that killed osama bin laden. he helped rescued american doctor kidnapped by the tele-band buyers fired an enemy at the himself on the doctor to shield the hostage bullets. >> this humble hero spoke about this mission.>>
5:25 pm
edward by his junior is well acquainted with danger the night of december 8 2012 brought plenty of it. to us that is in no fill mission objective our goal is to bring back an american hostage alive picnics and that he and other seals did rescuing doctor from the taliban in afghanistan holding captive for about four days. >> for his heroic effort president obama is awarding buyers america's highest
5:26 pm
>> the buyers also dealing with another reality. he was a second seal to first into the taliban hideout to free doctor joseph the first seal nicholas check was killed. >> nick was an embodied essence of what it is to be an american hero. he will forever be remembered in the page of history for the sacrifices that he made. people calling buyers a hero as well what his young daughter might not be one of them. >> my daughter knows that i am daddy. she loves me just for that. if you talk to her one-on-one should tell you the five different nicknames she has for me i don't think one of them includes hero. >> congratulations much deserved. he is not said what on earth for nearly a year. is getting ready to come home kelly and russian cosmonauts
5:27 pm
international space station. nasa trying to determine if the human body can handle a trip to mars. kelly will return on wednesday he spent the most curative time and space of any american in history. >> is ready to see his family. >> do you wear contact lenses. >> if you do we have a warning for you you need to hear it. >> on 57 years old. i never thought that i would end up at a point where i would have to lose an eye. >> how you handle your contacts could exposure to an eye eating parasite. coming up at 5:45 how you can prevent it from happening. >> you plan to go out in the city and take the midnight train home think again why the mbta is about to ditch night service and what is planned for
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>> h it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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housebreaking being collected to a larger crime ring. >> heather hegedus was the only reporter in court today. >> heather: bizarre allegations outlining the court documents for law-enforcement sources tell me they said the suspects were involved in high stake car games they forced losing players to share with them the addresses of prominent restaurant owners so they could rob them. >> two of four suspects caught in the middle of the house reagan in bedford friday face a judge in concord today. the defense attorney said 21-year-old boston and 34-year-old of medford both have jobs in the restaurant
5:31 pm
>> the peer into other suspects to show up for court of to the breaking into this bedford home by prying open this window try to steal jewelry chinese coins and at least $6000 in cash. fox25 spoke with the homeowners off-camera they ginger a japanese restaurant in bedford. they recognized two of the suspects as employees of a supplier they once used. police believe the bedford homeowners are just one of any asian struck owners. these break and suspects were targeting hoping to find stash of cash in their homes. >> that notebook was found
5:32 pm
are driving friday police it contained pages and pages of addresses trying the suspects to other housebreaking all over massachusetts as well as new hampshire and rhode island. >> suspects attorney tells me the suspect had no previous criminal record and he says the evidence is circumstantial one of the suspects bailed out this weekend and failed to show up for court today so police are actively looking for him. he remains at large. will tell you what happened to another one of the suspects this weekend. >> new details out to a marathon farmer past his citizenship test just months before the attacks. according to the boston globe denied terrorism length swore allegiance to the us as part of passing the citizenship test. the results were parts of hundreds of previously confidential documents leased by homeland security us immigration told the globe the cases were handled correctly. saying while customs and immigration found no errors in
5:33 pm
applications we are always seeking to strengthen our very intensive screening processes. >> six months after woman gunned down in a quiet neighborhood police still working to figure out who did it and why. 62-year-old niece roberts killed in august while walking in manchester new hampshire. yesterday local paper reported roberts was specifically targeted but police tell us today they're not sure if that was the case or if she was a victim of random violence. officers do believe the suspect is a white male was driving a red truck. bob ward talking to police and have more on the investigation coming up at 6 o'clock. >> tells the police asking the public for help in the suspicious death of a man and a local sidewalk. 34-year-old alex perez of chelsea found lying on cottage street around 5 o'clock yesterday morning. city council in the neighborhood tells fox 25 there is a crime problem here but
5:34 pm
violence or trauma.the hoping autopsy results are any possible witnesses will help explain how perez died. >> last month zach was in critical condition after he was shot while sitting at his apartment. police in the shootout near his home in one of the bullets went through a wall. he thanked everyone for the support and social media announced he would return to school this week. >> a sunny warm day in boston temperatures here in the cities tied for record high for this day and look at that gorgeous shot here the sun begins to separate chief neurologist kevin .64 times a record from 1880 norwood hit 66 degrees beverly you get 65 degrees today as well look at this these are the records were talk about boston tying it was to breaking it by one degree. still a broken record is what
5:35 pm
boston dropping down under mostly clear skies a few clouds and 33 degrees or thing in the morning and it was a big change here to cooler air come on in going down to 28 in the morning that cold air coming behind the showers coming on through they raced on by this afternoon couple of sprinkles in a few big downpours and then clearing back to some sunshine behind it before went down this evening sets stage for cooler day tomorrow potential for some icing a timeline when you can expect that problem. >> getting a great look at the new government said the t station finishing touches going on there before the station opens an us in the month. station has been closed for two years for $82 million. mbta meeting today to discuss several things including late night tea service and how it plans to address its budget deficit.that could include their hikes which would also create a heap heated debate. >> physical control board met today and they did vote to suspend late-night service
5:36 pm
i can tell you that this is a packed meeting to dozens of because of the discussion over proposed rate hikes of people on both sides were very vocal. >> ride is rally two weeks hikes. >> the mbta looking to close at $242 million rejected deficit on the table to proposals which would raise fares 6.7 or 9.7 percent on average. under option one it would go up to $2.20 or $2.25 for option two. >> the can't spend more than they can show that they have revenue for. they have to figure out how to
5:37 pm
all add up. opponents of the hikes say raising fares unfairly targets low income students and senior riders who depend solely on the mbta to get to work and school. they cannot afford to pay more for the tea. >> when you increase transit fares those people disproportionally suffer health effects. >> coming up in our next hour many opponents including several elected officials say they have a compromise make sure that if you have a high don't go over five percent they point to what they say is a promise by lawmakers years ago.
5:38 pm
>> a serious car crash guardrail slicer carpeting the driver inside. what investigators believe this was the drivers fault and not an indication of a flawed guardrail. >> running into troubled waters why the nfl maybe take a
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justice clarence thomas asked questions during the supreme court argument. he broke his silence in a minor case on to mystic violence convictions and gun rights. this was a second time supreme court has heard of humans since justin incidents glee's death. he self-conscious about the way he speaks having been teased after growing up and roll georgia. state senator sparking outrage tonight across the country.>> i know senator pete olson made those comments while debating a bill requiring women who want to get an abortion to begin list of places they can get free ultrasound. he said he would about the idea years ago but couldn't remember where. >> one doctor says that no scientific evidence to back up
5:42 pm
come from the fact that sometimes connex stress affects fertility. that that would not be the case for a victim of rape. >> tearful testimony having right now sportscaster erin anderson waking down crying while testifying on the stand. this is in the case against a man posted nude use of her online. and are suing soccer michael there for $75 million for using a peephole for joining hotel room to recorder back in 2008. she's also suing the hotel and they take this position he said he didn't so we could sell the videos. he spent two one half years in prison for his admission. >> nfl may want to throw a penalty flag at rob mikulski that has nothing to do with his dance moves conflicted reports out today say gronk's party cruise maybe under investigation potentially violating the nfl's gambling policy. to place a norwegian cruise line with an onboard casino nfl knew about the cruise for months before set sail and did
5:43 pm
>> you might have missed them but behind them some cool air moves and tomorrow setting the stage for potential for some icing in part of the area with a winter weather advisory is already in place.
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30 million americans wear contact lenses cdc reports as most of you likely putting you in your eyesight at risk. >> carelessly showering a swimming and sleeping in your lenses actually attract a parasite that eats eyeballs. if you don't believe it listen to one man talked with us just us days before losing his i-4 good. >> on 57 years old. and i never thought that i would end up at a point where i would have to lose an eye. this is the eye he is talking about. it's frosted and deformed. and this is after three surgeries.
5:46 pm
organism seen only with a powerful microscope. it's called camp amoeba. doctors are convinced his contact lenses is a parasite welcome mat. i surgeon barry says he's seen an alarming increase in the number of infections he suspects too many patients spending too much time wearing their lenses. cdc researcher doctor jennifer cope published a stunning report in august on lens wearers and their routines. it was very concerning that almost all the people we asked had at least one ski behavior. of those surveyed 50 percent said they slept overnight in their contacts. 85 percent have showered in them and 35 percent actually tap water.
5:47 pm
lenses to water your potentially putting yourself at risk. the slip everywhere including chlorinated drinking water. inserting your lenses with wet hands even washing your lens case with water invites the bug. no one is sure exactly how maccallum got infected he spoke to us just days before spinal surgery. >> in the worst possible outcome he lost his eye. he now wears a prosthetic and is adjusting. >> maybe my story can help somebody else not have to go through what i am going through. and maybe there's a reason for it. the cdc really focusing on things lens wearers can do first change your lens case every three months or not top off a solution dump and replace it every night. i do not sleep in your contacts closed i could help act as an incubator and remember what we said at the story the parasites live in drinking water.
5:48 pm
>> meeting held today at us funny blowup 2014 more than 70 people were arrested or summons police were forced to use pepper spray to break the crowds up. last year concert was held more police brought into patrol the situation similar plan is in the works for this year. >> this year's event will be held at the mullins center the band capital city will be one of the three acts playing headliners will be announced his week. >> another local city logical program to help drug addicts brockton police starting the champion plan modeled after similar program in gloucester. rather than facing arrest they can now go to the brockton police department to meet with a specialist who will help get them into a recovery program. vermont one step closer to having legalized marijuana and it went about it differently than any other state.
5:49 pm
possession of up to an ounce of the drug so it's now up to the house if it passes vermont will become the first state to legalize marijuana through the legislature rather than a voter referendum. >> marbling of the records going back to 1880 for boston and tying it today but occurred to me it's february 29 it's leap year that means that records only actually 34 years old. not over hundred years old. but by the date still pretty amazing back to 1880 to find another figure 29th where it's 64 degrees we tied the record for the day and was to break the record for the day 57 degrees 1976 for the last time was that warm at 56 bit beautiful shot of one of the nicest beaches in massachusetts. did one of our beach live shot there couple of years ago fell in love with that place. temperatures in marshfield 83
5:50 pm
you in cape cod cold water surrounding you after all so it's in the 40s there right now the highs of the day for sale yarmouth 4547 in boston it still over 50 degrees at this hour the sun goes down 53 boston cambridge at 52 local area temperatures pretty close to 50 but some upper 40s here now chelmsford kingsborough pelham low self degrees. back in worcester county dropped into the 40s as a cool air works in the showers you had early today. 42 known fitchburg 47 leominster 47 northborough squeaking the top of the screen to get up tv you'll see that royalston is 40 degrees right now so all reports to drop into the 30s they are. 20s back into this part of the stay overnight tonight austin going down to using or below right in the city. this is behind the showers cooler air rushing in behind them. high temperatures be about 20 degrees cooler or more. tomorrow than they were today. despite the fact we're going to
5:51 pm
have sunshine to the first part of the day tomorrow. a few clouds filtering wild airs just to make it in tomorrow. it's going to be cooler than today still above average for the day. your temperatures are going to be generally in the 40s tomorrow rather than the 60s and 50s six cambridge 43 boston 45 for you in quincy back here to worcester county just about 40 or 41 gardner 42 rutland mid-forties in southern worcester county uxbridge at 46 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the clouds increase tomorrow night and we see the precipitation move in next door system already in the way tracking it this is freezing rain in pink you're right just about midnight tomorrow night tomorrow night will be talk about precipitation gets in here with these temperatures will be like in northern worcester county watch northwest middlesex county southern new hampshire western massachusetts much like the storm we saw last week.
5:52 pm
allows warm air to come on in here most of us to get rain from this. there will be some snow sleep using way up to the north and west snow and ski country freezing rain as far south as northern worcester county though this will gradually change over to just rain during the morning hours and then sherry will track more rain in here during the morning commute and then gets on out of here by wednesday afternoon. tough go of things late tomorrow night into wednesday morning that's why the winter weather in riser he southern new hampshire right there not massachusetts at this .7 day forecast your weekend always in view it's going to come with potential for some snow especially on friday computer models something to show you more of coming up next. >> spotlight one of the best pictures last night oscars tonight's reaction is pouring in. >> and the oscar goes to -- spotlight. >> the film tells the story of the boston globe spotlight teams investigation of the pre-sex abuse scandal the boston archdiocese.
5:53 pm
boston's mayor who says he was moved by the film. >> spotlight also won the oscar for best screenplay. >> over the next hour his a look at what we're working on now. new at six. >> i can't relate to death and serious injuries across the country involved in a serious crash on 93. why investigators say that guardrail did what was supposed to even though it pierced through this car. >> her death shocked cute community 62-year-old woman gunned down the street while out for a walk. new at six what are bob ward denise robert. exposed. the massachusetts police department is doing to keep their officers safe.
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credit card chip technology one of the fastest-growing types of identity theft. skims interpersonal and from open up a new credit card then going shopping spree. never pay the bill. the best way to protect yourself from new account is to check your credit report regularly. be aware of online scams. >> your typical airline seat should stop shrieking at some lucky makers get their way senators introducing a proposal to require a minimum amount of
5:57 pm
he says average amount of legroom decreased by four inches and the average city is now two inches narrower. the proposal part of a funding bill for the federal aviation administration. >> price of the bump continues to plummet aaa self-service down to 12 consecutive week by the way the prices have fallen. seven cents lower than the current national average. >> the owners of the twin river casino want to build a second gaming resort in tiverton this week what island general assembly expected to vote on the bill to put the proposal on november ballot. >> union represented stop and shop workers voted to offer others strike you cannot reach an agreement on a new contract with the company. to about 2000 members of united food and commercial workers 1445 took part in the boat. contract expired on saturday the union members will continue
5:58 pm
union spokesperson did say the company's wage proposals are an adequate wants to cut pensions raise healthcare costs and give new employees to her benefits. stop and shop is calling the boat unfortunate. >> nbta asking what is tonight to please leave the extra seats at home someone posted this on twitter over the weekend. man lounging in office on the red line. see a lot of things on the red line. transit police made their own etiquette post asking to keep chairs at the office where they belong. the t is trying to crack down on rolling objects on trains and buses. >> danger on the roads. fox 25 investigated undercover new details on the crash that tied up traffic for hours. >> hillary clinton and ernie seems both in boston as the pressure mounts of the democratic party. new poll shows donald trump doubling up his opponents in the baystate. >> today showers moving to
5:59 pm
next batch of rain in colder temperatures. also honoring a real live hero at the white house. >> the heartbreaking story of one man's actions that led to the medal of honor.parents concerned for the safety of their kids. >> the school now under fire from the community about the safety of their facility. >> with breaking news this is fox25 news at 6. complete new england news coverage. >> deadly shootout involving boston police. competition happened earlier this month in dorchester. ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch officers responded to reports of a home invasion with a person shot. >> reporter: is a critical piece of evidence investigators
6:00 pm
acted appropriately. 29-year-old peter and then killed what the district attorneys office is calling a gunfight.das office also released the police dispatch audio which we matched as closely as possible with this video just into our newsroom this afternoon. >> the video comes from a surveillance camera in the area of stanwood laredo street as we back the video up to the beginning investigators say that's been fan appearing on the right side of the screen as a worst officer arrives in a cruise on the left another person with fan fan was already injured and fen/phen seems to raise one hand at one point that's when the officer had his gun out and comes as you saw there from behind unmarked cruiser as the other car on your screen backs down the street officers moving in to find that ben had been shot.


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