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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  July 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> investigators say willis slipped away from the day camp. a lifeguard pulled his body out of of the waters off crescent beach. >> there's thousands of parents that have young people that use our facilities. and our facilities work hard. in this situation, it's a tragic loss. >> tonight, the question the circumstances surrounding the accident. telling fox 25, willis was an avid swimmer from an early age. skilled in the either with a. willis's cousin also leaders failed to notify willis's mother that he was missing. it was willis's cousin who got access to his cell phone on the beach and called to tell his mother that he was gone. the mayor and the police commissioner didn't want to express specific details about what happened. but say they are working to determine who last saw him and how he ended up in the water when it was originally reported
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live in curly center, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> we want to give you an idea of the timeline. kyzr's mother dropped her off at 10:35. the camp opens at 10:00. he was last seen at 2:05 or 2:15. first police thought he may have wandered out the door before heading west out of the day camp. the police commissioner says search crews were dispatched immediately. kyzr's mother tol she arrived to pick up her son shortly before 3 p.m. they found his body not too far from the camp three hours later at 7:00 or 9:00 p.m. by the boston police marine unit. we continue to stand by mayor marty walsh, we'll bring that to you live when it starts. fox 25 investigates public records about this camp all day long. including who is supposed to be watching the children every day. we uncovered coming up in the next hour. >> jason: we're following breaking news right now on the cape.
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area. we understand there may be some kind of standoff situation happening at the dear crossing plaza and south cape village area on route 28 near the falmouth town line. mass. state police posted on facebook that this is not an active shooter situation but asking people to stay away any way right now. sky fox on the way there and we'll have a crew headed to the cape on the ground as well. bring you updates and live pictures as soon as we get them here. >> elizabeth: a man and a woman were killed in a wrong way overnight near exit 13 on i495 near the foxboro line. we were there as this was breaking this morning. right now fox 25 crystal haynes is live at foxboro police barracks where the investigation is still very active. >> reporter: elizabeth, they're still trying to term did how this 24-year-old middleboro woman was able to get on the highway where she was able to get on to the highway and travel
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it was around 2 a.m. on 495 in mansfield near foxboro. police say there was almost no one on the road. but tragedy struck when a 24-year-old middleboro woman travelling northbound in this southbound lane in a nissan sentra struck and killed a 27-year-old taunton man in his chevy cruise. both pronounced dead on the scene shortly after first responders arrived. they were called there when another driver came crash and called 911. the names of the victims were withheld late wednesday. because police were still notifying family members. >> i spoke with the woman who says it was her boyfriend who was struck and killed by that middleboro woman in this crash. she says one of his last text messages was to her, saying he was getting ready to leave work and that he was coming home. this was at least the second wrong way driving incident state police have responded to this
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you can see 22-year-old steven esry of rockport drive more than 20 miles down route 128 and i-95 before he was stopped by police early sunday morning. no one was injured. but according to an ntsb investigation, 300 to 400 people are killed in wrong way driving crashes every year. more than half involve alcohol and the overwhelming majority of wrong way crashes happen between 6 p.m. and 6 ask if alcohol or any other substance was involved. i was told the toxicology reports would take several weeks to get back to have a definitive answer on that. meantime in our next hour, i did ask state police how often these wrong way crashes actually happened. and what's being done to prevent them. the answer coming up. reporting in foxboro tonight, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> jason: all right.
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humid weather continues. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now. boston may have not seen rain for at least a week. >> kevin: it seems that way. i was hoping to get this thing rolling. boston shot up to 87. looked good and sea breeze knocked it down to 81 just a matter of an hour. now bouncing back to 81 to 82 degrees. we know we're going to hit the 90s tomorrow. so why not boston temperatures the official one for the heat wave. and right now 5982 degrees. can it bounce all the way to 90, certainly can. just a little wind shift will do it. to do that, get up to number six, longest consecutive heat wave days in boston on record. but it's going to be sunny through the rest of the day, until sunset tonight. wake up tomorrow sunny as well. tomorrow another hot day coming our way.
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timeline just ahead. >> big night at the democratic national convention on the way. this as a live look at all of the action in philadelphia right now. tonight the president hits the stage for another democrat in the white house. live at the d.n.c. in philadelphia, sharman sacchetti and also a big night for presidential nominee. >> absolutely. tonight we're expecting to hear from tim cain, hillary clinton's choice for vice-president. earlier today, he walk-through on stage. cain, of course, the senator from virginia. he's set to give the biggest speech of his career. not because of who is in the convention hall but because of everyone watching at home. today while speaking at a florida delegation breakfast. he held the party line and blasted donald trump. >> donald trump has been very willing to make fun of people with disabilities. donald trump uses racist and demeaning language.
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language when he talks about women. the next president is going to be the one celebrating 100 years of women getting the right to vote. is it too much to ask for it to be a woman than it to be someone who offends women every time he opens his mouth? >> reporter: and of course today we are also expected to hear from vice-president and president obama as well. they are expected to speak to hillary clinton's credentials as a leader. li sacchetti, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: boston mayor marty walsh is speaking about the death of a city boy at a city run camp in southie. >> jason: let's listen in. >> any support they needed certainly we have counselors helping them and working with them on arrangements and working to try and get them through this very difficult period of time in their life.
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no family ever has to go through this type of loss. this is a tough day. it was a tough day yesterday. you know, for -- just a horrible day. and i want to just, you know, very difficult to put in words. thousands of families entrust their kids every single day to us here in the city of boston through our different programs. and we take this trust very we're immediately taking and then talk more and take some questions. the first, we're placing the director of the curley community center on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. our plan is to reopen the facility tomorrow for adults. there's three different entrances in the can you remember -- curly. and we're going to reopen it
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our arrangements same as today, vans available to take any parents and kids who want to go to a different facility tomorrow and over the weekend, we'll have access for them to get there like we did today. today went well. i'm not sure the exact number of kids we had that showed up there. but on any given day between 50 and 70 kids that use our facility at the curley community center. depending on the weather and the ability of what the parents can do with their we'll launch an immediate review of all of our protocols at all of our centers. all of the protocol through our entire system. the buses the families operates 37 facilities across the city. those facilities host hundreds of summer programs, including 50 truck and day program and summer camps of the incident occurred at the summer youth activities program, a free drop in center at the curley community center.
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affordable options for parents, looking for summer activity for their kids. we also have -- different from summer were ca, we have boston center center for youth and families a little more flexible for their families. this has been the program in the city for a long long time. an assessment of all of our camps and free drop in will be completed this week. we started that process. actually, will morales started that process last night. and we continue that process through today and it will be complete by the end of the week. we're going to ask quickly potential improvements if it reveals in the study or report reveals any improvement we'll do that. and my office open daily to monitor and discuss all of the review.
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to make sure that nothing like this tragedy ever happens again in the city of boston. outside, as far as the investigation, it's still somewhat an ongoing investigation, we still don't have a lot of questions that people asked earlier this morning. you can ask them again. if we have answers we'll give them to you, if we don't, we'll get them to you when we do have the answer. i want to end with thanking the press for your patience, i guess, for understanding and we went by and other times of the day. so thank you for that. and i'll open up for questions. let me just -- i'll get -- >> reporter: you said going to be moved to -- [inaudible]. >> no. what was happening was the counselors came in to the curly center today to sit down with professionals to talk about what they experienced yesterday. and i believe they're going, they went back to other sites
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sites and will be coming back to this site. they're still going to continue to work on the site. we're reviewing what exactly happened. because you can't blame 28 people working the center for what happened. again, we don't know what happened. so we're going to find out what happened and we'll take appropriate action when we do. >> reporter: reports that a counselor failed to notify the mother immediately upon the child's disappearance? >> no. there's a little bit of a -- i'm not sure exactly. we're frame together. we're not exactly sure in the paper it reports that at 2:15 one of the counselors or lifeguards saw kyzr come out of the water. at 2:45 the police were notified. there's a half hour period there. i'm not saying he was missing the entire time. we're not sure, we're trying to piece together. when exactly did the center realize that he was missing. we don't have all of that information yet.
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as soon as i get all of those facts, you will have them. >> we were talking today about -- [inaudible]. >> reporter: that a woman not be allowed to see the child's -- [inaudible]. >> i don't know if that's a question all the way through today. that's a question you have to ask the medical examiner's office. the mayor's office does not control the medical examiner's office. sthats a state run facility. that's a question you have to ask the state. i'll get to you everybody. >> reporter: with regard to who made contact with the famil cousin? >> yeah, i can't speak to that right now. all i know is what was in the newspaper. we're piecing all of that together. >> reporter: lastly, they claim their older child, the 9-year-old, heard their brother scream prior to the camp -- >> the family told me the same thing today. and, again, i have not had a chance to debrief with these guys about that yet because i came back from the family a few minutes ago.
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>> reporter: who regulates it, how many children, are there how many counselors are required? >> so as the mayor talked about earlier, the program is a drop in program. on any given day, it's not in line with enrollment camps you know who is coming in, this is more drop varies day to day. we have a counsel director, program director, who oversees the staff program, just a director and assistant supervisor and then we have -- this is just a rough number, 25 counselors. that work there and then above that, we have city of boston full time staff that there's two supervisors above that camp
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director program. and 8 lifeguards down at the beach as well. >> reporter: who regulates the program different from the camp? >> the city of boston. >> reporter: this morning, you said you only had -- there was no video for -- no video day boulevard, i asked if the state police had -- >> it's all -- state is supervised all by state police. we supervise boston police department supervises the front door curly recreation center out to the back as far as public safety goes. the curly facility, including the beach are behind curly, the city of boston, everything else around it, all of the other beach is state and all of the roadways in front of state, all of the walkway in front of state as well. we just have the building.
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unless something comes up. >> no. >> just to clarify what we understood earlier that the boy was last seen in the facility? >> just to be clear and just so we get it right, you know, the last -- we're working on exactly the time frame, the last time the boy was seen, according to the "boston globe" story, if i read it correctly, i believe it's at 2:15, the young boy come out of the wa supervisors, lifeguard or somebody saw him at that particular moment. and then from 2:15 until 2:45, we're trying to piece that piece together until the police were notified. i know at some point, again, i don't want to get into it right now. because i want to get the full report. so we can go over the course of next few hours, tomorrow, we can get the fulfill story out. exactly what happened inside, when the search began inside the building for this young boy and then what was the time lapse
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>> reporter: your police department [inaudible]. >> conflicting reports on where he was last seen. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> 50/50 yesterday. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> 22 staffers. let me just clarify the staffing positions so you know. center, the executive director of the center is kind of the boss that oversees the whole program, sees the drop in center but all of other programs that goes on in the facility. that's the gentleman placed on administrative leave. then you have this particular program supervisor, we have an assistant supervisor, we have roughly 28 successful counselors that work with these -- these
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from 15 to 18 years age. also on top of that, 8 lifeguards that patrol the curly record center. and the -- where the kids are, there's always at least two lifeguards on duty, every single time. so that's kind of the staffing of the two -- that's kind of the staffing of this particular facility. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> no. yeah. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> i'm not there's -- >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> i don't know. i don't know the answer to that right now. i'll have to ask that question i'm not sure. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> again, it's about how is the program run. that's what we're looking at right now. because of the programming, because it's a drop in center, i don't know if anyone is familiar with a drop in center, anyone who goes to a boys & girls club,
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you're in an organized effort and sometimes you have open gym. drop in center is like an open gym, where they kind of come and do different activities across the board, that's the difference with having a summer camp and drop in center. the drop in center kids come in, go out the back. staff throughout the facility, where they manage the program. we don't have the particulars of what happened. there's a lot of questions that we have to figure out. >> reporter: away. because these kids that come to our center, their families have no other option for them. they don't have the ability to send them to summer camp, tutoring if they want to send them. this is a last resort for a lot of families and these drop in centers aren't just during the summertime. they're all year long. sometimes this is a safe haven for a lot of our kids in the city of boston. that's why it's important to get the summer help through -- that's why we fund
4:20 pm
the kids that are part of our 10,000 summer jobs, that's how we do that, so we can get young people working in our centers as well. >> . >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> well, we don't know yet. obviously we're awaiting the autopsy results as far as how i can't tell you in the water probably about 15 yards from the shore behind the bath house. and so, again, we worked hard to find that child. like i said, you know, we had a lot of conflicting information. when the mayor talks about, you know, certain people calling -- you can imagine, we had a lot of different kids telling us different things. it's hard to figure out what actually happened.
4:21 pm
on land, we had copters up and unfortunately, around 7 p.m., we made the worse discovery we could. and that was the young child in the water. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> 3:00. part of the house. if you go around the centers today and i'm sure you have. and i would suggest you go around to different centers you see our centers are parents in our city, some parents in our city don't have other options for kids. and they were able to drop them off at our facilities today and we're going to continue to work and take this tragedy and see how we can improve what we have. it's not going to bring back kyzr. and i talked to the family about that today. and i think it was the grandfather said, if something positive can come from his
4:22 pm
give us a little bit of peace. but they were very upset today and very devastated. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> no, i went there to pass on my condolences. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> >> again, we're still working through this. i just ask when you report this, make sure you confirm that we get the right information out on the street. >> . >> because you asked me a question i didn't know. i was following the newspaper account. you asked me a specific question
4:23 pm
and i was using the newspaper as a point of reference, that's why. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> again, no, i'll comment on that later on. all right. thank you. >> elizabeth: we've been listening in to mayor marty walsh address the death of kyzr willis. we understand he's now replacing the director of the curley community center. that person on administrative leave. they're also reviewing er we heard eric rasmussen ask the mayor about the timeline of everything happened. >> jason: there's a big gap. >> elizabeth: there's a big gap. they're trying to figure out. also asked where he was last seen. the mayor said there was conflicting reports where he was last seen. >> jason: you've got to remember there were lots of kids witnessing pieces of information. he was last seen 2:05 to 2:15. you're talking 30 to 35 minutes in between. >> elizabeth: in the meantime,
4:24 pm
how devastated they were. they still have to be in shock over this. and still a lot of questions to be answered that we have to stay on top of. >> jason: we do have a team of reporters and investigative reporter eric rasmussen there and they'll bring that information to you next. >> elizabeth: in the meantime, we'll turn to the weather. >> kevin: let's do that. i know we've had a heat wave going on since last thursday. 6 consecutive days. today, haven't quite done it yet. you're asking what do you mean, there's a lot of 90s on there. sure, but reports come out of logan airport. that's where the heat wave would have to continue. today has hit 87. it is now 82. it dropped back to 81, back to 83 and fall back to 82 degrees. we're forecasting 90s today. it looked like it was a shoe in when it zipped up to 87. that sea breeze knocked it back down. still some time for the wind to shift a little bit and drop it back up to 90 with nearby suburbs up to 90s.
4:25 pm
we are confident we'll get into the 90s right now. today is the only day we'll break up the streak. up to 85 by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. got a hot day coming our way. at lunchtime, be in the 90s, already in the suburbs. same thing on the south and north shores. it will be the 80s on cape cod by lunchtime. future cast shows we have the clear skies this evening. wake up to sunshine tomorrow morning. the humidity is going to be going up. you'll feel a difference in the air tomorrow once couple of isolated showers. a higher chance of scattered showers, even thunderstorms headed northward toward the lakes region into vermont and new hampshire tomorrow. that's where most of the activity will be and the best energy to kick off anything the hot humid air. sinks southward toward massachusetts in the night time hours, tracking those tomorrow evening. to keep an eye on them. i don't expect much. by friday things may change a little bit. beach forecast for tomorrow. looks nice. mixture of sun and clouds.
4:26 pm
90 on the north shore. cape cod. get to go see 80s. it will vary little bit from beach to beach tomorrow. in the boston area, no problem getting into the 90s. 92 boston. 96 in watertown. it is going to be a hot day. no doubt. worcester county in the 90s everywhere. bellingham to 92 degrees. cape cod. generally daying in the 80s, feeling in the 90s. so sticky out there. great looking beach weather for zip trip for friday, looks problematic. need rain to plan the zip trip. we'll be tracking when the rain starts to arrive. future cast on friday. the rain coming up that front that's going to be the stalled over the top of us, the one pushing the showers toward us thursday night. this may be a significant batch of rain. the highest rip, though, is southeastern massachusetts. may include boston and worcester. watch future cast data and put a
4:27 pm
get closer. certainly optimistic for part of the area to get a good soaking rain. whether we all do is the question that we're going to be tackling this evening with the newest information. stick around with those updates. >> elizabeth: kevin. thank you. the mayor has removed the director of a summer camp where this boy died as he tries to get answers about what happened to that child. mayor updated the case moments ago, saying there was conflicting reports about what happened. live update in just instructors trusted by parents.
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>> elizabeth: breaking information on the death of a little boy who drowned behind the community center where he was attending a day camp. in the last few minutes, boston mayor says you can't blame all 28 people at the community center for kyzr willis's death. >> jason: but the mayor is let's get to mark ockerbloom with the latest on the investigation. mark. >> mark: moments ago, the director of the community center has been placed on paid administrative leave. the 28 counselors are back at work. the mayor says they all can't be blamed for this tragedy. the center will reopen for adults tomorrow and children won't be allowed back until monday. however, like today, vans will be available to parents and children to take them to a different facility until then. the mayor said he and the police
4:31 pm
and offered support from the city. >> it is my hope and expectation that no family ever has to go through this type of loss. this is -- this is a tough day. it was a tough day yesterday. you know, for -- just a horrible day. and i want to just, you know, just very difficult to put in words. >> reporter: now the city has launched its own review what happened yesterday separate from the police investigation. reviewing facilities. the mayor says odd at this timing its review and getting updates from from bcyf leader every hour. jason. >> jason: live breaking news over mashpee. you can see tactical officers surrounding a building at the dear crossing plaza in south cape village area. on route 28 near the falmouth line. mashpee police posted on facebook that this is not an active shooter situation. but they're asking people to stay away right now.
4:32 pm
with the latest details as soon as we get them into the newsroom. >> elizabeth: it is a very busy day in the newsroom. >> jason: yeah, tonight, a 40-year-old karate instructor is locked up accused of having sex with an underage student. he began a relationship with the girl when she was only 13 years old. >> it's very puzzling why any man would go ahead and take advantage of a 13-year-old girl the way he did. >> richard clifford works out of the rule taught tie quan dough part time. he admitted having a month long relationship with one of his 13-year-old students. >> i got to admit i was a little upset about that. >> someone posted a note at the front of his door in north attleboro, asking reporters to stay away. rule told investigators the girl's parents would drop her off here thinking she was baby-sitting their children.
4:33 pm
rule told investigators that he and the girl always had sex at his home. he didn't know the exact number. but he said it was less than 12 times. but the girl, according to report, told investigators that it was around 20 times. the girl also told police, they had sex at the ymca two to three times in the rack adequate ball courts downstairs. the report says police were tipped off by a witness who heard about the relationship from rule's mother. rule's mother says her son had confessed to the the girl was pregnant with his child. >> if he was guilty of what the police accused him of, what do you think should happen to him? >> a very long jail sentence. i'm not going to say a number. but a very long jail sentence. >> jason: a judge had set rule's bond at $500,000. >> elizabeth: new at 4:00, a man faces charges of exposing himself to two children at a mcdonald's in auburn. he was arraigned today on the charge of gross and open
4:34 pm
left the restaurant and brought it to police. arrested him on previous interactions found him on a nearby boss bus and arrested him. >> jason: blaming nick receipt for a fire at this home in lawrence. sky fox on the scene at 11:00 this morning see crews cleaning up a badly charred second floor porch. no one hurt there, the fire cost $65,000 in damage. well, the extreme heat continues as we look out skyline. fox 25 kevin lemanowicz is tracking these. we're just short of 90 degrees. >> kevin: we are. at least we were in boston. many places away from boston away from the 90s. this is was our heat wave going back to thursday. nearly a week. forecast today 90 degrees. all the way without a problem earlier today. that's where it stalled in bon of. bedford, boston.
4:35 pm
here are the temperatures right now. 28 in boston. while still 93 in bedford and norwood. there's still time for the wind to shift a bit and jump back up. we saw that happened early this week. it's looking more and more likely that the heat wave will be open at logan airport officially dropping from the 80s down through the 70s. the humidity on the rise tomorrow. where the storms will start to be fed up. more significant rain likely to arrive by at a fire in dorchester. three people lost their homes yesterday. no one was hurt but one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. a neighboring home was also badly damaged. fire investigators examining the residue from monday night's massive fire in worcester in hopes of determining a cause there. the diesel truck dealership on route 20 had heavy damage but remains open for business. the owner says they lost 80% of
4:36 pm
they're hoping insurance will cover their losses. >> elizabeth: stay inside and close the windows if you live in methuen. the city spraying for mosquitos from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. >> jason: the dog 245 chewed off part of its paw to get free of a tether is undergoing surgery this afternoon. he is expected to make a quick recovery and will be put up for adoption in the next week or so. the mspca says it already has more than 1 requests and received more than $57,000 in donations for his care. >> elizabeth: pok?mon go players will not be able to look for peek cachew and his friends 59 the memorial park. they asked for the app to remove the memorial site as a location for one of the games gyms where virtual the characters do battles the more side commemorates more than 100,000 people who were killed in the nuclear attack. >> jason: you don't see these around here very often of a huge
4:37 pm
what aquarium experts are saying about this big guy. >> elizabeth: temperatures making it tough to work out. how you can still stay active in extreme heat. >> jason: still following breaking news in boston, a community center put on administrative leave after a little boy drowned. >> elizabeth: live drive time traffic, look to the right side of the screen, you'll see most traffic moving slow. both sides during a closer look, 93 between boston and quincy, heavy delays leaving the city. >> jason: live drive times, 27 minutes from the o'neil tunnel
4:38 pm
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public safety officer and his wife was a cop in the area. last night family members held a vigil for sawyer. >> she was bright, smart, fun to be around, a ray of sunshine. >> jason: after her death, police say lara went on a crime spree shooting a man in hotel before car jacking in a nearby gas station. >> elizabeth: after stolen radioactive material is recovered in connecticut. police say a crook stole the
4:41 pm
bridgeport. it measures soil density. the suspect is now under arrest. federal investigators are looking into whether the employee who car the device is stolen from violated any protocol. >> jason: pope francis arrived in paris for youth day. the six day festival will draw in hundreds of catholic youth all armed the world. day after dinner. >> elizabeth: save your energy for cooler weather. that's the advice of doctors across the country during this heat wave. suggest drink plenty of water and outside for long time, take several breaks. if you're outside for a walk. suggests leaving any activity until after the temperatures cool down. >> this isn't the week to set your personal best for the
4:42 pm
try to do so as early in the day and late in the day as possible. >> elizabeth: i set bench press records all the time. i got to pump the brakes it's hot out. as many as 28 states have been affected by this heat dome affect. >> kevin: well, she's obviously doing that in boston because it's much cooler there. 82 degrees. still in the 90s. see if we can jump up and make that heat wave. more importantly rain in this forecast. >>li me. but i challenge you to arm wrestle. >> jason: i believe you. >> elizabeth: thank you, jason. milestone still ahead, what's happening with the iphone that's ensuring the its place in the best selling products ever. >> jason: hibachi restaurants like to have a little bit of fun with well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ.
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4:44 pm
>> elizabeth: we want to update
4:45 pm
the boston mayor put the director of the summer camp on administrative leave after a boy died there yesterday. kyzr willis died in the shores off south boston. they're still trying to figure out how that child ended up in the water and determine the exact timeline. team of reporters trying to get answers and we'll bring you any details right here on fox 25. >> jason: meanwhile a woman claims she was sexual assaulted when she was squirted with water from a boy. it happened chi restaurants outside of nashville tennessee. >> the folks at the japanese steakhouse say along with dinner, diners get a show. but now one of diners says last night, she thinks the here showed too much of the little guy in the cook's hand. >> i hold the water just like that. >> reporter: here's a closer look. >> you hold a sign. and that goes up.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: a plastic toy that sprays water made to look like the figure is urinating when its toy pants are lowered. last night at dinner the restaurant owner admits some of the guests shot some of the water in the face of one of its customers. >> he peaked on me. basically. >> isabelle here on a job from texasing say they were mortified when the the toy urine nature water on isabelle. >> in front of our minor children and grandchildren. >> they were so upset they even called the police citing assault. >> it was a sexual assault or what. >> police also noted the doll wasn't anatomically correct. but isabelle and james says that doesn't matter. >> just because he doesn't have a weenie. >> just because somebody may cut off that little piece of plastic
4:47 pm
that you're getting ped on. >> i would say, yes, it does. first of all, we're talking about water here. i hope they avoid every public fountain there is which are more correct than that one. >> it's a little gross. something i think my grandmother would do. kind of a lame joke, you know. >> it just seems like, she -- that's her opinion. i certainly draw the line at sexual assault, though. >> the gm at that restaurant apologized to the family. that's a start. he says complaint about that toy before. now he says the chefs will ask permission before showing more of that toy again. >> elizabeth: we can't make this stuff up. it is being billed as an easier way to a healthier you. instabit. the latest in stores this week. supplements in the u.s. range from 12 million to 37 million each year but many of those pills go unused. the doctor behind it says he got the idea of a spray after having
4:48 pm
>> forget. i couldn't carry it around. so i have to think of something that was very quick and easy to use, was portable, potent and powerful. and that's where we came with the spray. >> elizabeth: i think it's a clever idea. users customize their dose based on guidelines. many sell them online and in stores like the vitamin shop. >> now your forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz team. >> kevin: there was no way we would get the record, that's 90 set in 1912. we had a strong possibility to get 8 days of the longest heat wave. it almost goes down to the dinosaur records, there was nobody writing down records then. it would've been day 7. but here's the problem. the high temperatures so far at logan airport is 87 that's where the official observations are taken. that's where they have to hit 90
4:49 pm
knocked it right down. down as low as 81. jumped back to 8. now back to 82. waiting to see if it will come back at all. if it doesn't get to 90. at this point, the heat wave is over, cut it off at six days today. and 7 today. through this evening. temperatures drop through the 80s. 83 by 6:00. by 8:00. >> 78. not all that humid. just slitl more humidity in southeastern massachusetts. where you're surrounded by water any way. tomorrow rush pushing 9o one more time. today would be the one day that messes everything up as far as recordkeeping. that's how tough it is to get these records changed sometimes. some clouds start to filter here at lunchtime. want you to know what's happening to your north. front passing toward us, showers and thunderstorms essentially
4:50 pm
evening a couple of those pop up in southern new england ahmed of that front a little more humidity in the air and certainly more heat. we'll have to watch for that threat. isolated showers, immediate thunderstorm. that's all expecting at this point tomorrow evening. those start to fizzle after the sun goes down. you see that here. still something worth keeping an eye on. that's not the hopeful rain we get on friday. going to tackle that next. first of all the temperatures tomorrow. into the 90s, boston 95 framingham. would get 8 days after heat wave. push 80 today. 80s on cape cod. nantucket getting to nearly 0 degrees. see out here the beaches of nantucket. hampton beach. marks view getting to 90 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. sounds like a pretty good beach day. fast forward into friday. pushing rain in here by 8:00 in the morning. looking like a solid batch of
4:51 pm
push this on through. heaviest in southeastern massachusetts. this is what we've been thinking. boston to worcester. heaviest rain, official rain. our latest data showing that rain moving farther north into the north shore. zip trip forecast. rain in the forecast for the zip trip for friday morning in scituate. upper 60s rising through the 70s. seven-day forecast shows that threat for rain on friday. can't lock it in beyond 75% just models flipping back and forth. see where the front stalls and a few other ingredients have to come together to make that happen. but i'll be tracking it all night long and tracking that timeline for you. >> elizabeth: thank you, kevin. celebrating the end of july, with our zip trip on friday. in the beautiful town of scituate. living and working here so great, we celebrate towns all over the area.
4:52 pm
broadcasting live from cold parkway arena. come by, say hello and get your picture taken in the photo booth. the morning team will see you friday in scituate. a hingham teen spotted a large sting ray just off of the coast. the aquarium says it is a common to the area, rare seen so close to shore in shallow waters. can grow up to 7 feet wide and a few hundred pounds. despite their usually pose a threat to people. >> jason: one way made a wish. coming up at 5:00. the reason a little boy wanted to be a garbage man for the day. coming up next, here's vanessa welch. >> vanessa: the director of the community center now off of the job after a boy's drowning. the reason the police commissioner says it's so hard to figure out exactly what happened to that little boy who
4:53 pm
family will held to lowell for
4:54 pm
? ? bend me shape me, any way you want me. ? ht. ? ? bend me shape me, any way you want me. ? shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store.
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4:56 pm
the new planes won't arrive
4:57 pm
though. jetblue is exploring options and sees great opportunities in routes between the east coast and europe. the smithsonian has an unusual job owning. the national museum of american history is searching for a beer historian. i think you know a few of those. the museum wants a researcher to study the history of brewing in america, specifically local an regional beers made from the 1960's until current day. the $64,000 salary is being paid for by the brewers association. not too bad. new at milestone for apple. the tech company sold its 1 billionth iphone on sunday. half of the iphone sales have come in just the past two years. >> vanessa: tonight's powerball jackpot has soared to $422 million. it's been nearly three months since the last winner. if the winning numbers are drawn tonight, it would be the 11th biggest jackpot in history. the estimated cash option is
4:58 pm
dreams come true for kids since 1980's, but the foundation's laysest wish is something they've never seen before. ethan dean asked if he could be a garbage man and the city of made it happen. his only goal was to clean up the city, so the police chief and hundreds of volunteers made that dream come true. >> i like to pick up garbage. i practice at home. >> they're going to give him a vote of confidence and he'll remember this for a long time. >> i was going to say, his etan rode around town in a garbage truck and met dozens of new friends. he stopped off at the fire house and state capitol in california. breaking right now, changes at a boston city summer camp after a young boy drowns. >> >> vanessa: we have live coverage right now on fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. now at 5:00 p.m., questions begin to mount after a little boy dies during summer camp. >> everything is under investigation, there's no surveillance cameras. >> the reporter: our team of
4:59 pm
his life. plus, what we've uncovered about the program the boy's mother trusted to keep her son safe. >> mark: without an. >> kevin: without an evening push, the heat wave will be over in boston, but we're heating up again tomorrow and whether rain finally arrives. >> the reporter: new safety measures in place for the lowell folk festival. the concern for organizers as they're getting ready to entertain 150,000 people. >> mark: plus, a no comment sign on the door of a karate teacher suspected of rape. the police the suspected crimes took place, that is drawing even more outrage from the >> mark: breaking tonight, a boy who knew how to swim drones near a south boston kay camp an within the last hour, we have learned the mayor of boston said he's taking immediate action and replacinged the directsor at the -- replaced the director at the facility where the child died. good evening everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. we have team coverage tonight.
5:00 pm
rasmus looked into how this community works and the mayor is reviewing all protocols at camps all over the city. >> the reporter: yeah. that starts with putting the second testify director of this building on paid administrative leave tonight and more than two dozen other staffers, who work under him, as part of that camp's drop-in program are also under scrutiny, as city officials work to investigate how this all unfolded. now the mayor says that camps across the city, part of program, will be part of those review of safety protocols. als the investigation moves forward, the mayor says police are trying to hone in on a 30-minute gap if the timeline of yesterday's tragic events, from the report of kyzer willis' disappearance at 2:15 p.m. and 2:45 p.m., the 30-minute window where no one at the camp called them. family members tell fox 25 they're upset because they first


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