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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  July 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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night, more than four hours after he disappeared. while there's no surveillance video of the incident, the mayor says he is reviewing safety protocols. but other employees will continue working, even as the director remains on paid leave. >> they're still going to continue to work on the site. we're reviewing what exactly happened. because you can't blame 28 people working the center for what happened. again, we don't know what happened, so we're going to find out what happened and when we do, we'll take appropriate >> the reporter: the mayor met with the willis family this afternoon, he says they are completely devastated, earlier today, he also met with. so of the teen counselors at the center. hization they hop to reopen the bath -- hope to reopen the bath house tomorrow. >> mark: police are still putting together a timeline of exactly what happened. here is what we know so far. kyzer's mom reportedly dropped off her son at the camp at 9:45 a.m.
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2:05 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. at first, police thought he may have wandered out the door before heading west away from the day camp. the first call to 911 was made at 2:49 p.m. the police commissioner says search crews were dispatched immediately. kyzer's mom told the "boston globe" she arrived to pick up her son shortly before 3:00 p.m. his body was found in the water not too far from the camp at 7:09 p.m. by the boston police ma >> vanessa: fox 25 investigates is digging into hour the city day camp operates and the rules in place to keep children safe. investigative reporter eric rasmussen live at boston city hall where eric, you got answers today about how many supervisors are supposed to watch the kids. >> the reporter: we did, vanessa and if you go by state law, we're talking about one supervisor for every ten campers. now when we did come up here to hear the mayor's news conference
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floor at city hall, we learned there were a couple of supervisors, they're called, and 25 counselors. those are people between 15 and 18 years old, yesterday at the camp. so not all adults, but within within the ratio required by the state, -- but well within the radio required by the state. boston mayor marty walsh has been meeting with the staff members to find out how the boy ever got out of the sight of an adult at that camp. a missing poster for kyzer to save the boy, found his body in the water. >> it was a troubling discovery, you know, i visited my harbor unit this morning, to talk to the guys and making sure they're all right, you know, no one likes to pull a child out of the water. >> the reporter: but boston police commissioner bill evans the city are not ready to confirm exactly when and where willis was last seen near the curley community center and the area of the m street bath house. according to state police, willis had been missing about 15
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made, but others suggested the delay could have been longer, while investigators say law enforcement worked together to find willis as quickly as possible, his disappearance happened in an area with a murky jurisdiction. dave boulevard along carson police is patrolled by state police but the buildings that make up the community center and bath houses belong to bpd. the beach it's specific is state jurisdiction but not water, that's also boston police. late this afternoon, mayor marty walsh said he launched an happened. >> we are hearing reports that a counselor failed to notify the mother immediately upon kyzer's disappearance. can you say why that didn't happen? >> i'm not sure exactly. we're trying to piece the time frame together. we're not exactly sure. >> the reporter: the city reports willis was one of 56 kids between six and 12 years old at the drop-in camp, a number that can fluctuate from day-to-day. and has this afternoon at the news conference, i got a chance to speak with some other members
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they clarified, there in fact is a section of fenced off beach right behind the community center that is also part of boston police jurisdiction. we should also note, there were eight lifeguards on duty at the time of this boy's disappearance. we are hearing this community center could open again as early as tomorrow. live at boston city hall, eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: we continue to follow breaking news from mashpee. mashpee police are asking people to avoid area on route 28. there was a distraught man there with a gun. fox 25's robert goulston getting updates from authorities and police are keeping you pretty far away. >> the reporter: vanessa, yeah, they have a large section of route 28 here, near the mashpee-falmouth lynn line. police activity is on the mashpee line. police have had this blocked off since early this afternoon. you can see some of the equipment just over the crest of the hill. police telling us they got a
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man at audio visual solutions, which is in mashpee. she immediately determined the man was distraught and he was armed. they have a tactical team here an they are trying to talk to the man and get him to surrender. police say he does not have any hostages. in fact, police were able to clear the other people who work at the other businesses in the building out. police have not id'd the man or released what he is upset about. right now, they are just working to focus on getting him out safely. back live here, you can here, they are being detoured around the area. mashpee police have been working to try to get the word out on their facebook to try to keep people from this area. again, this is an active scene. we'll be following it throughout the newscast and tonight on fox 25 news. we are live in mashpee, robert goulston fox 25 news. >> mark: let take a live look inside the democratic national convention where it is another big night for the democrats. star-studded lineup, set to take
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president obama obama, vice-president joe biden and vice-presidential nominee tim kaine. the president will make his capacitor hillary clinton. clinton also getting support from third-party candidate, former massachusetts governor bill weld. political reporter sharman sachetti caught up with weld today. >> the reporter: of all places the democratic national convention, we caught up with former massachusetts republican governor, bill weld, who is now a libertarian candidate for president. he says, he wants to offer people a third choice. we found former massachusetts republican governor bill weld within the halls of the democratic national convention. and right away, we asked him about donald trump's suggestion that russia attacked hillary clinton's emails. weld didn't hold back. >> i'm sure he'll say he wasn't serious but he often says stuff that is totally inflammatory and then later says i'm kidding. you can't do that as president of the united states.
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south korea should get nuclear weapons. >> the reporter: weld is running as a vice-presidential candidate and he says he's trying to show theme there's a third choice, but when we asked him about hillary clinton, he basically gushed. >> i know her very well and i've known her since the 1970's and one thing she does lack is experience. people who say she's unqualified to be president of the united states, that's laughable. people who say, she's a crook and she belongs in jail, that's laughable. >> the reporter: another person expected to be touting hillary clinton's credentials -- president barack obama, who will be speaking tonight. now according to excerpts that have been released of his speech, he's expected to talk about a rather touchy subject, the 2008 primary, where he beat hillary clinton and he'll also mention 2004, in boston, the first time he really came upon the national stage, when he
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back tournament. >> mark: sharman, the president has a lot to lose as well, if in fact, trump is elected, this is as much about the president's legacy as anything else. >> the reporter: it sure is. he has a vested interest in ensuring that a democrat follows him in office. otherwise, what does it say about the last eight years that we've had, if a republican gets in to office? so he's making a concerted effort, we understand, his staff has cleared his schedule through ocbe can be almost out there daily campaigning for hillary clinton. >> mark: sharman, another big night ahead. we look forward to seeing you again at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> vanessa: republican nominee donald trump making his own headlines today, encouraging russia to spy on hillary clinton. here's what he tweeted. if russia or anytory country or person has hillary clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the f.b.i. later in a press conference, he was asked if he was really urging a foreign nation to hack
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>> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> vanessa: the clinton campaign accused trump of both encouraging russian espionage against the u.s. and mettling in domestic politics. c.i.a. director lee i don't know panetta calmed the statement keep it right here for complete coverage from the d.n.c. sharman sachetti and blair miller will bring you you live reports through the rest of the week from philadelphia. >> mark: turning now to the weather and the streak is snapped. i know some of you are disappointed. probably a lot of you. there are a few of us here rallying, around this whole thing. boston's heat wave appears to have ended after six days in a row of 90 degrees or higher. a sea breeze kept the city cooler. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us now.
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we had no chance of hitting the record, which is 9/9/09 9/9/09 n second -- which is nine consecutive days, but it would have been nice to get to eight days. only hit 87 for the high temperature at logan. 90 beverly. 93 norwood. 94 in fitchburg. so the heat wave is over. there is the updated graphic, today's high temperature, 87 degrees. tomorrow, go right back to 93 without a problem getting to 90 tomorrow, but it won't be considered part of a heat wave anymore, because we had temperature at dinner time, 80 in boston. 93 in fitchburg now. sunny until the sun goes down, clear all night and sunny when the sun goes back up tomorrow morning. we'll be tracking some storms tomorrow afternoon. i'll show you those and when heavy rain looks like it's going to arrive. >> mark: patriots fans, one question for you. are you ready for some football? so am i. training camp kicks off tomorrow and things are a little bit different this year, because tom brady will miss the first four games for deflategate.
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without a new superstar quarterback. >> vanessa: sports director time leyden was there and this is the first time the pats have not started brady at qb since 2001. >> it has been nearly a year and a half and bill belichick has not said much about deflategate and it turns out he didn't do so, because he doesn't like to deal in hypotheticals. today, belicheck addressed the issue without even being asked. >> we have finally definition with priority now then is to get jimmy ready for the start of the season, for the arizona game. so that will be obviously a comprehensive process. tom will return as the starting quarterback when he comes back. >> just in case you were wondering. ahead in sports, what offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels had to say and also some of brady's teammates. we'll be all over it. tom leyden, fox 25 news.
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karate teacher. police say he raped a teenage girl. the reason the teen's mom had no problem dropping her daughter off at his home. >> mark: could a well known mob boss in boston hold a key clue to addressing a mystery. >> i know where it's buried, it's in the cellar and he said do you have anybody that can move it. >> mark: this former gangster talking to our bob ward.
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>> i was a cop in the philadelphia family, i was -- >> boston mobster turned southern pastor says he has information that could unlock one of new england's most enduring mistress. 26 years old, thieves sold works of arts worth millions. the paintings have never been found. >> vanessa: as bob ward found might have given the fed a valuable clue and that man is talking about what he knows. >> he sure is and what he is saying suggests that members of the boston and philadelphia mob had control of the stolen gardener artwork the a one time. now, this confirms what the boston office of the f.b.i. told me two years ago. and this is not the only surprising part of this great mystery. >> hello, i'm pastor, i'm so happy you joined us today.
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memphis tennessee, pastor, who now posts his christian teachings on line and in a new book, but before he was pastor, before he went into witness protection, he was a made member of the mob. >> my main business up there was loan sharking, book making, extortion, and drugs. >> the reporter: he tells us he didn't take part in the historic gardener heist, but in 1997, he found out his crew member did. who this dorchester garage where the paintings were discussed. in 1997, he tells us, his partner started talking about the gardener heist while they were watching tv in a waltham safe house. >> i was sitting in the living room in bobby, and he says, i know where the art, is it's buried in the cellar in florida, he said, do you have anybody that could fence it, can we get rid of it? i said, i don't know. you know, where to get rid of the art.
6:17 pm
any more questions about the paintings, he didn't need the money. >> i was making millions of dollars worth of drugs. all these other things didn't really matter to me. >> the reporter: bobby died in prison. he never found out where in florida that artwork may have been stored. but he thinks there are still old time mobsters in boston who could know. he has this message. >> you know, they could get in touch with me, i'm a pastor, you know, i could help them, you know, i could middleman for them if that's what they >> the reporter: well, he told the "boston globe" that because he has turned his life around, he's not afraid about going public, and now, talking about his past. now, the gardener artwork, it's still missing and there's a $5 million reward for its return. i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan is being released from a mental hospital where he spent last 35 years. today a federal judge ruled john
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danger and will be released to his mother next week. he will have live with her full time for one year. hinckley shot the president and three others in 1981, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors in baltimore dropped charges against three officers in connection with the death of freddie gray. gray died after sustaining a neck injury while in police custody in april of last year. three of the six officers charged in the case had already been acquitted. >> vanessa: governor charlie bar on copycat assault weapons. in a letter, governor baker asked a.g. maura healey to clarify the warning she sent out against the warning. sale of the weapons. a spokesperson for healey says the governor's letter was a surprise, given what appeared to be his initial public support. >> kevin: temperatures in the 80's right now, most of the areas around here. a little warmer away from the
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there in northern worcester county in fitchburg, 93 degrees right now. boston couldn't hit that, so the heat wave officially ends at six days. it would have been day seven. only hit 87 at logan. sorry, you lose. futurecast shows it is clear out there tonight, going to stay clear all night long and clear through your morning drive. sunny start to the dave, looks nice through the morning. here's the temperature trend in boston. tonight, dropping into the 70's and staying there, right through the morning. low 70's when you wake up first thing in the morning. in worcester, cooler in the upper morning after a clear night. and on cape cod, a mostly clear night there too and 71 first thing in the morning. sticky out on cape cod. dewpoints are higher out there. let's pick up futurecast from the morning, which we showed you was already going to be nice and middle of the day. few clouds start to appear, watching a front cutting from the north to the south. that's why the thunderstorms are there and that's going to move in through central new england during the afternoon, so at 4:00 p.m., watching some isolated showers starting to develop here in southern new england.
6:20 pm
our north. that slides southward in to boston and worcester, just again, isolated showers during evening your hours. i'll be tracking those at this time tomorrow with you if anything develops. but again, the ingredients that are there are just marge nam. so i'm not -- marginal, so i'm not concerned about a wide outbreak of showers and storms, but a few isolated not out of the question. we'll stop is there in the late night morning hours. temperatures at lunchtime tomorrow, already pushing 90. 91 to the west and nohw boston at 89. hit the 90's tomorrow, almost certainly. hampton beach, going to be controls. nantucket, the cooler spot. race point beach winds off the water from cape cod bay. cooler in provincetown. winds off the land in quincy at that beach will keep you plenty warm. indication of how hot boston is going to be tomorrow afternoon as well. here's what it's looking like. boston up to 92. maldin, 92. cambridge, 95. somerville up to 88 degrees tomorrow afternoon. cape cod, expect 80's from west
6:21 pm
to the north. there's province 84. wellfleet, 87. out in the vineyard, around 80 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow afternoon and then there's friday. expecting some rain the last couple of days we've been talking about this, but just so hard to see rain coming in a drought situation like we've been in. all of our models are showing us storms developing to our southwest and moving up the coast and bringing us some rain here during friday morning. now, keep in mind, the storm hasn't developed yet, so we're still looking at model data, but some sort of rain, we get more and more confident. we believe the heaviest rain is going to be to the southeast like the futurecast model is showing. boston and worcester can get a goodenching rain from this. it wouldn't be drought busting, but southeastern massachusetts has a chance for significant rain. this looks way overdone to me at eight inches, but one to as many as three inches of rain, certainly a possibility, but it also means if you're going to the zip trip on friday in sciate, better be prepared for rain out there. bring an umbrella with you. here's the seven-day forecast.
6:22 pm
things start to clear on out. temperatures in the 80's. shop for rain on fly and we need it. we'll talk about the rain totals and where we stand with drought conditions in a few minutes. >> the reporter: a major festival is getting tougher safety measures. the new security as 150,000 people get ready to head here for the lowell folk festival. >> mark: before you start cooking dinner, you'll want to hear this. 8800 pounds of raw ground beef being recalled because it could be contaminated with e. coli. the new england farm that could
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>> mark: check your freezer or refrigerator. nearly 9,000 pounds of raw beef being recalled, because of e. coli. >> vanessa: it is a recall we first told you about last friday and now the health department believes it knows the source. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins here now with new information. >> elizabeth: the tainted product has been traced to a company in new england. p.t. farm in north haverhill new hampshire recalled 8800 pounds of raw ground beef products today. the usda is still puttg products were sold to and they include locations across new england. today we learned there are now 14 case he was of e. coli linked to this investigation, which started just a few weeks ago. five people had to be treated at the hospital. symptoms of an e. coli infection include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting. we posted a full list of the products on our web site, so you can take a look. in the newsroom, elizabeth hopkins. fox 25 news.
6:26 pm
dirty after all. the environmental protection agency gave the charles river a b plus water quality grade today. it means the river is suitable for swimming about 70% of the time. we reported earlier this month the charles river conservancy proposed a permanent swimming spot on the charles. >> vanessa: stay inside and close your windows if you live in methuen. the city will be spraying for mosquitoes from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the crews will be releasing a mosquito killing mist along all the main roads. >> the reporter: state police investigating another wrong-way driving incident on local highways. tonight, we asked them how often does it happen, and what's being done to prevent them. >> mark: also ahead a karate instructor accused of raping a teenager several times at his home. why the girl's mom didn't question that anything was wrong when she dropped off the teen several times. >> vanessa: but first, the city of boston taking immediate action after a little boy drowns at a day camp in south boston.
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>> mark: if you are just joining us at 6:30 p.m., we continue to follow breaking news from mashpee. police are asking people to avoid a well known shopping area on route 128. >> vanessa: there is a man there with a gun. fox 25's robert goulston has
6:30 pm
>> the reporter: police say they have this man contained in a building apparently where this person may work. the road is blocks off here. this is it route 28 near the falmouth-mashpee line. you can see the police equipment out of view over the crest of the hill. they are working about a half a mile down. you can see some of that equipment. police telling us they got a call to do a welfare check on a man at audio visual solutions. they immediately determine the man was distraught and he was armed with some weapons. we and they are trying to talk the man out into surrendering. police say he does not have any hostages. in fact, they were able to clear the other people who work in the building where this business is. police have not id'd the man or released what he is upset about. right now, they say the focus is getting him out safely. police have also been trying to reroute people from this area. you can see they do have a
6:31 pm
again, this is an active situation, we're trying to get a better handle on where they're at in the negotiations, of course, we'll have much more tonight on fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. for now, we are live in mashpee, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: now to our other top stories. boston mayor marty walsh has placed the director of the curley community center on paid leave one day after a boy drown. police are still trying to figure out how kyzer willis slipped away from a day camp at the center. the mayor said the city is looking into the p center programs. >> vanessa: also tonight, a mother thought she was dropping her 13-year-old off at a babysitting job, but attleboro police say the girl was being raped inside that home by her karate teacher. we first reported this disturbing story last night. >> mark: fox 25's jason law went to the suspect's home where he was greeted by a sign that read, please go away. >> the reporter: it's. >> it's just very puzzling. why any man would take advantage of a 13-year-old girl. >> the reporter: richard
6:32 pm
rule taught taekwondo part time. rule admitted to having a months long sexual relationship with one of his 13-year-old students. very unprofessional. >> half my workout, i was a little upset about that. >> the reporter: someone posted a note to the front door of rule's home in north attleboro, asking reporters to stay away. rule told investigators the girl's parents would drop her off here, thinking she was babysitting their children. according to the police and the girl always had sex at his home. he didn't know the exact number, but he said it was less than 12 times. but the girl, according to the report, told investigators it was around 20 times. the girl also told police, they had sex at the ymca two to three times in the racquetball courts down stairs. the report says police were tipped off by a witness who heard about the relationship from rule's mother. rule's mother says her son had
6:33 pm
the girl was pregnant with his child. >> if he is guilty of what police accuse him of, what do you think should happen to him? >> a very long jail sentence. you know, i'm not going to say a number, but a very long jail sentence. >> the reporter: jason law, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: police from all over the state are expected to rally against the black lives matter banner hanging above summerville city hall tomorrow and tonight the city's mayor announced that banner will not come down. fox 25's jackie heinrich was mayor gave a very passionate response to the union's request jackie to remove that sign. >> the reporter: police union here has asked the city to remove that banner right there, and replace it with an all lives matter sign in light of the recent violence against police officers. but tonight, the mayor announced that banner does not show support for violence against police. its purpose is to address racial injustice and it was put up nearly a year ago to do just that.
6:34 pm
comply with the police union's request at this point, it would be tantamount to picking a sign. there's a banner honoring slain dallas police officers above baton rouge police officers which is evidence that the city backs its force. but the banner has been the subject of an intense and public disagreement between the city's police union and city hall with the somerville police employees association saying the banner "paints police officers police officers as killers of innocent victims of competing rallies and press conferences shows a disconnect between the force and the city. here's what he had to say. >> as the head of the patrolman unions wants to be step up and be part of the solution, that door is open for him. the rally here tomorrow is being held by the municipal police coalition, being hosted by the union president. that begins here at 5:00 p.m. -- or 5:30 p.m., right here at city human services. there's also a counterprotest
6:35 pm
supporters, that counterprotest is beginning at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. for now live in somerville, jackie heinrich, fox 25 news. >> mark: turning now to the weather, the streak is snapped. unless temperatures skyrocket shortly. boston's heat wave is over aft six days in a row of 90-degree days or higher. a sea breeze cooled things off at the coast. >> kevin: it is now 75 degrees in boston. 75, th right now. it's cooled off quite a bit. temperatures in the 90's in boston today. 86 back in watertown. quite a difference just going inlands. off to the northwest, temperatures 92 in pepperell. 90 up there in nashua. there are still some 90's out there. check this out, metro west, marlboro, 94 degrees. cooler at cape cod. more refreshing here like it is in boston, with some
6:36 pm
70's. now, we've got this happening, we've got clear skies out there tonight. we really need some rain. there are a couple chances for that in the forecast, especially on friday. stick around, i'll show you what's brewing for a storm coming at us. >> mark: a man is facing charges for exposing himself to two children at a mcdonald's in auburn. >> vanessa: steven sullivan was arraigned today on a charge of open and gross lewdness. kids' mom took a picture of sullivan as he left the restaurants and brought it to police. officers recognized him from previous interactions and they found him on a nearby bus >> mark: boston police are investigating an early morning stabbing near a mcdonald's in brighton. in this video, you see police searching for clues near the intersection of commonwealth avenue and harvard street in brighton. police tell us a man was stabbed before 5:00 a.m. this morning. he's at beth israel hospital with severe injuries. police say no one is in custody at this time. >> vanessa: three people were wounded by gunfire in mattapan and tonight, police are trying to find the shooter.
6:37 pm
so far, no arrests. police say all three victims are expected to be ok. >> mark: a man and woman were killed in a wrong way driving crash in mansfield overnight. crystal haynes spoke with a devastated woman who says her boyfriend died in that crash. >> the reporter: it was around 2:00 a.m. on 495 in mansfield, near foxborough. police say, there was almost no one on the road. but tragedy struck when a 24-year-old southbound lane in a nissan sentra struck and killed a 27-year-old taunton man if his chevy cruz, both pronounced dead on the scene, shortly after first responders arrived. they were called there when another driver came across the crash and called 911. the names of the victims have been withheld by law enforcement, but friends identify the taunton man as adam santos. i spoke with a woman who says it was her boyfriend who was struck
6:38 pm
woman in this crash. she says one of his last text messages was to her, saying he was getting ready to leave work, and that he was coming home. and while santos is being remembered as hard working and caring, state police are investigating now a second wrong way driving incident this week. in this video sent by a viewer, you can see 22-year-old steven esslery of rockport drive more than 20 miles down route 128 and i-95, before he was sto esslery is due in court tomorrow on drunk driving and wrong-way driving charges. no charges have been filed in this case because both drivers passed away and it's unclear if alcohol was a factor. reporting in foxborough, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: a woman was rushed to the hospital after this bad crash in grafton. this is video from the town common late last night. you can see a car flipped over
6:39 pm
her car across an intersection. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., an everett police officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing for shooting and killing a man armed with a knife. this is surveillance video showing the incident back in april. today, the middlesex district attorney's office released the results of the investigation. the report says the officer was in imminent danger because mario martinez refused to drop the knife, then charged at the officer. >> mark: rushed to the hospital because of something they ate. hingham police say they quickly sick was laced with marijuana. the teenager showed police this package and said they got it from a friend under massachusetts state law, people are immune from prosecution if they call for help from someone who may be overdosing. >> vanessa: investigators are blaming a cigarette for the fire that tore through this dorchester home. this was the scene ton sawyer avenue yesterday. thick black smoke, pouring out of the home. the boston fire chief says the fire did about $500,000 in damage. a neighboring home was badly
6:40 pm
examining the residue from monday night's big fire in worcester in hopes of determining a cause. the drunk dealership on route 20 sustained heavy damage but remains open for business. the owners say they lost 80% of their inventory, but are hoping insurance will cover their losses. they've been in business for more than 50 years. >> vanessa: a new federal complaint says the mbta violated federal guidelines with the cancellation of the late night t service. the complaint says the t did not cancelling service would have on low income and minority drivers and claims the data the t used to support its position was flawed. the t's fiscal control board ended the service in march to cut down on expenses. parts of the mass pike will be toll-free when the highway switches to open road tolling. drivers who travel between exit 10 and 11 in the worcester area will not have to pay the currents 25-cent rate. the same thing is happening in the stretch between west springfield and ludlow.
6:41 pm
the final toll road schedule will be released in september. >> kevin: looks like it will be official -- 87 in boston, that's it. the heat wave comes to a crashing end. another one starts tomorrow. not a heat wave, but it will get back to the 90's and we'll show you when beneficial rain is on the way. >> the reporter: new safety measures in place for the lowell folk festival. the concern for organizers as
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> mark: they are stepping up security in lowell before the country happens this weekend. 150,000 people are expected to attend the festival. >> vanessa: our stephanie coueignoux found out because of the terror attack that happened in nice, lowell police are adding extra security measures and changing their plan to keep everyone safe. >> the reporter: it was a busy day as lowell city employees were moving concrete barriers ahead of this year's folk festival, an event set to attack 150,000 people from all around the world and this year the
6:45 pm
in the heart downtown. i'm at one the areas that will be blocked off by the concrete barriers. also new this year, police are going to be using dump trucks to block off intersections just like this one to prevents anyone from driving through. >> people are just roaming around, it's not like going to gillette or fenway park where you have to go through turnstiles to get in. it's wide open. around it makes a lot of fun for everybody because it is that way. >> the reporter: festival organizers had previously increased securi boston marathon bombing, but say the attack in nice was a wakeup call as dozens were killed after a terrorist drove through a crowd gathered along public streets. >> this is just a little bit more of an extension of what we have been doing, because there's new things that keep coming up with in terms of terrorism. >> i definitely and absolutely 100% agree to them doing this every safety measure that they can take. for many, having more security, let's them focus on what the festival is all
6:46 pm
comfortable, especially with the family and the kids coming around. >> the reporter: the festival kicks off with a parade friday night and runs through sunday. we put all of the information about the closure and details on our web site, in lowell, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: people will be campping out on city hall plaza in boston next week. lynnfield based hood will be handing out samples of the new ice cream sandwich from noon to 4:00 p.m. on tuesday. that's also national ice cream excuse there to eat an ice cream sandwich. the plaza will be made to look like a campground with tents, trailers and campfires. there will also be a few outdoor games and camp tunes to enjoy. >> mark: anyone who released a statement ridden the t would recognize his voice even if they don't recognize his name. for more than 20 years, the voice of frank has announced everything from last stop, park street, so no smoking, please. i don't know if that's a great impression, but i'm sure people know him.
6:47 pm
frank held a number of different day jobs at the t dating back to the 1980's. frank says he hopes to pursue a career invoice acting now and will continue recording new t announcements as long as they let him. >> kevin: logan airport is down to 80 degrees. we've seen some spots in boston reporting in at 70 from our spotter network. 75 degrees actually. we expected that today. thought we would get to 90 after it zipped up to 87 after 1:00 p.m., but fell right back down. the heat wave is over, clear out there. sunny for now. sunny right true the morning hours too after a clear night tonight. so a nice start to your day coming up. in boston, the temperature in the 70's from here on out, bottoming out at 71 degrees with sunshine when you wake up. worcester, 70's dropping to the upper 60's. warmer out there to start this
6:48 pm
through the 70's. 71 degrees on average for a low temperature. futurecast shows we are sunny to start. humidity starts to creep up tomorrow. and as it does, we'll watch a couple of isolated showers developing in southern new england, while a front drops at us from northern new england. it's this front that's going to bring the potential for showers and thunderstorms through northern and central new england in the afternoon and by evening, to southern new england. see that come this way. we'll be watching those isolated showers starting to pop up here during the evening hours. of course, i'll be tracking them for be sure you have the fox 25 weather app for you. then the clouds start to are really take over later overnight tomorrow night into friday morning. that's when we have to start talking about some more significant rain. let's stop there and talk about the lunchtime temperatures. around 90 at lunch tomorrow. low 90's, metro west. 89 boston and plymouth and 80's out on cape cod. high temperatures getting into the 80's out here, provincetown to hyannis and falmouth, 82 degrees. farther north and west you go, 91 bridge water.
6:49 pm
southwest from falmouth to sandwich, it's going to be warmer on that side, blowing across the land. not quite as warm as inland areas, but getting into the mid 80's in sandwich for instance and that's why the temperature difference there. look at this. southwesterly winds blowing toward the coast, norwood, boston, mid 90's. mid 90's in the merrimack valley. mid 90's back through worcester county and southern new hampshire. cooler on cape ann. same idea. the wind blowing across the water here picks up some of that cooler ocean air and keeps your temperature down just a bit. south shore and around boston, so revere to wollaston, 94 degrees. nantucket, cooler, with those winds coming off the water at 78. friday, our latest futurecast model data, updated it evening, shows the rain coming in during morning hours. 9:30 a.m., it's rang fairly steadily and in some places heavily south of boston. more is coming through the afternoon. and into the later part of the day and evening hours. that rain starts to pull out of here as the night comes along,
6:50 pm
storm forms where it's supposed to, we are going to get a good soaking and boy do we need it. hour-by-hour forecast shows the rain coming in, by 11:00 p.m. friday night, one to as many as three inches potentially, boston and southeastward. we need it because we've been in the drought conditions. look how far below average we have been for rainfall, as many as 8 inches below in worcester. seven-day forecast shows you with the rain or not, we get cooler air to work on in here saturday and sunday. i say rain or not, because there's the risk of that new model runs coming in an update the forecast for you at 10:00 p.m. >> vanessa: patriots coach bill belichick not the only one responding to deflategate related questions as the pats are getting ready for training camp to open tomorrow. >> mark: matt damon also sounded off about the deflated football scandal. the actor believes tom brady will be so fired up when he returns the team will actually benefit. damon told "u.s.a. today," as a patriots fan speaking on behalf of other patriots fans, we are looking forward to tom coming
6:51 pm
>> red sox headed out-of-town with a bitter taste in their mouth. something happened today that hadn't happened all season. we'll get into that plus that countdown almost over. it's go time for the pats. training camp begins tomorrow morning. it will be ?? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances.
6:52 pm
that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money.
6:53 pm
so much. >> mark: going down memory lane, talking about an injury to brady but not an brady. >>ist going to be an odd
6:54 pm
this is the first time the patriots have had to prepare for the reality of tom brady not being the starting quarterback for new england since he stormed on the scene in 2001. it will be a strange training camp, but overall, bill belichick pleased with what he has, his arsenal under center. we have a good situation. we have three players we want to work with around the league. look at some other years, i've seen teams, you know, probably don't feel like they have anybody or have one. we're in a good situation, see how it plays out. the spotlight will be wide on bread and garoppolo, who plays, for how much and how well they play when they're out there. everybody is on board as they've got to be. understanding it's a unique situation and they're just getting ready as best they can. >> we have a lot of things to put in, a lot of things to work on. bill will decide how all those other things go in terms of reps and what we do in the games and all that. >> we have a lot of good players, we have two other quarterbacks that have been very competitive.
6:55 pm
play, they want to beat us, we want to beat them and whether tom is out there or not, they still want to beat us and we still want to beat them. target on their backs. for the first time this season, the sox have been swept. the tigers came to town, they did it every way you can. good pitching, unlikely power and some expected fireworks. today it was miguel cabrera who did the most significant damage. bottom of the first, dustin pedroia steps in. that's a deep homerun for a little guy. 1-0 lead. eddie rodriguez too far inside. that scores a pair, the tigers are on top. sox did slice the lead in half in the seventh. xander bogaerts, 12th of the year, unbelievable hitter. mookie betts, deep center, collins lays out, can't get it, mookie wants to motor home. turns out that was the right call, it was a triple that scored the run, tied the game
6:56 pm
it's bounced off the wall and in to the bullpen. that ended up being your game-winning homerun. the red sox swept by the tigers, 4-3 the final from fenway. >> there's no quit, no giveup. on the flip side, whether we score, the shut down inning is so important and that was elusive in this three-game series. >> so a guy that dave dombrowski signed to a huge contract comes back and beats the red sox today. >> vanessa: i don't like it. >> not good when you get to l.a., they play the angels. >> mark: turn the page on that and the heat wave. >> kevin: california, in the 80's for them for game one tomorrow night which is 10:05 p.m. our time. back lear in the 90's. tomorrow, heat wave is over officially at logan airport. in the 90's tomorrow and rain, beneficial rain for friday. watching the latest track of that storm system. watching the latest track of that storm system. i'll have it for you starting at fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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tonight, an "e.t." exclusive -- keshia knight pulliam, the adorable rudy huxtable in tears, her pregnancy divorce scandal. >> i'm doing ttis one interview and i'm done. >> dumped by her husband, is he really demanding a paternity test? >> did you cheat on him during your marriage? did he cheat on then -- what you didn't see on tv at the dnc in ppilly, we're backstage with the stars. plus, a beatles exclusive. ?? >> the rare home movies, the untold stories, your first look at ron howard's new documentary. >> you thinkkyou know the beatles. you really don't. "the bachelorette" drama boiled over. the shocking behind-the-scenes behavior at the men tell all special they didn't show you on tv. >> i could go off right now.


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